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February 14, 2016

Rating Change: Wisconsin Governor

Republican Scott Walker of Wisconsin isn’t your typical governor running for re-election. He initially won in 2010, then two years later became the first governor to survive a recall attempt.

But with nearly a full term under his belt, voters may not be as willing to give him the benefit of the doubt in his bid for a second term.

The Badger State is one of the most polarized places in the country. Walker and Democratic nominee Mary Burke are likely battling for just a small percentage of people who are truly persuadable in the race.

Republicans are trying to brand Burke, a former executive for Trek bicycle company, as an outsourcer and tie her to unpopular former Gov. Jim Doyle (she was his Commerce secretary).

Democrats are going to pound away at Walker’s campaign promise to deliver 250,000 jobs during his first four years. The attack is exemplified in Burke’s latest television ad.

For the last year and half, we viewed Wisconsin as a polarized place but had difficulty seeing how Burke could get over the top. Now, even though midterm turnout should benefit Walker, the potentially potent attack on his jobs record is enough to erase Walker’s advantage in the race at this point.

We’re changing The Rothenberg Political Report/Roll Call rating of the race from Leans Republican to Pure Tossup.

  • Phillip McAllister

    If Walker is not re-elected, it will mean that most voters in Wisconsin get their salaries and/or their pensions from taxpayers. And those that don’t, get their money from taxpayer entitlement programs — Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, disability.

    And what that means is, the 51% who DO work — and work in the private sector — are going to have to pay for all of these freeloaders.

    • wifather2000

      A wage earner that votes for, and supports repuglican’ts is analogous to a calf bragging about the great quantity and sweetness of the milk while being the odd man out of a group of 4 on a 3 teat udder!

  • itismeso

    He did not win recall … there was election fraud using some of those 3000 electronic voting machines operated by some two bit outfit operating out of a strip mall with a PO box in Minnesota… these are of the type used in the past to steal elections. probably why they were offered as a free upgrade in a two for one offer before the recall election… they were dispersed in 46 of the 72 counties.

  • itismeso

    When idiots by chance have be bred (Republicans);
    the need to be cared for and fed,
    and, although asylums are there, it’s expensive for care;
    so fools send them to congress instead.

    • Typical Sheep

      typical liberal name calling instead of intelligently discussing the issues. Please grow up some day….

  • meanmarine

    Did anyone notice how this article begins with; “Republican Scott Walker of Wisconsin isn’t your typical governor running for re-election.” while the article about Senator John Walsh the plagiarist doesn’t even mention that he is a Democrat until well into the article about him dropping his bid to run for re-election well into the story and even then it is done obliquely. Just saying.

  • Phillip McAllister

    They are entitlements whenever government mandarins think that their benefits are immune from reduction–which is all the time.

    If Democrat (and some Republican) elected officials have squandered your “earned” benefits, go after them. Leave the taxpayer out of this. We paid once for government services. We will not pay again.

    Private sector workers have had to settle for 75 cents on the dollar or less on their gutted pension plans. It’s time for public sector parasites to take the same medicine.

  • itismeso

    Gov. Walker reminds me of Richard Nixon when he said “I am not a crook” but, we have Tapes to remind us. … #TeamBurke

  • itismeso

    Here are some of the dirty little tricks the Wisconsin Republican party and friends of Scott Walker play and evidence of collusion and illegal coordination that may be just the additional evidence the 5 county probe needs to file their case and get an indictment…:

    Learn more:

    • nadadhimmi

      Yes. Much better for Wisconsin to be hundreds of millions in debt and have skyrocketing unemployment. Much easier to build lifelong dependence on Democrat welfare that way. Much better huh, Comrade!

    • nadadhimmi

      Dirty little tricks like Democrat/Liberal Dr’s writing out fake excuses for Democrat Teachers Union thugs to miss work and occupy Public places with intimidating and threatening “protests”, while defrauding the Public and getting paid leave thanks to the conspiratorial fake excuses. Dr’s have been disciplined by the State Board of Medical Examiners for those crimes. Surely, THAT must be the dirty tricks you speak of, Huh??

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