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February 12, 2016

Ratings Change: Kansas Governor

Is Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback at risk of losing re-election in a state Mitt Romney carried with 60 percent? An automated poll showing the GOP governor behind, a Democratic challenger who raised $1 million, and a group of moderate Republicans threatening to oppose Brownback have some people calling Kansas a sleeper race for 2014. But how vulnerable is he really?

State House Minority Leader Paul Davis, the likely Democratic nominee, looks like a credible contender. He has quickly consolidated the Democratic base while Brownback still has some work to do in rallying Republicans. Until that happens, we’re changing the Rothenberg Political Report/Roll Call rating of the race to Republican Favored from Safe Republican.

A just-released Republican poll showed the governor leading Davis 42 percent to 31 percent. Brownback also had 45 percent favorable and 41 percent unfavorable ratings. The survey of likely voters was conducted on Jan. 29 by WPA Opinion Research.

You can read a more complete analysis of the race in “What’s the Matter with Brownback” ($), in the latest edition of the Rothenberg Political Report.

Updated 3:52pm to clarify the difference between the automated survey from last year and the new GOP poll from this year.

  • wifenum2

    So really how accurate is the Republican poll? What is the plus or minus? Mean, Median or mode? Do pretell, tell me!!

  • wifenum2

    Forgot: who is your sample: give me the detail NOW!!

  • Kansan

    If the public really begins to grasp the extent to which the theocratic stooge Throwback has sold out to the Koch brothers, even removing their liability for state income tax, combined with his ineptitude for governance, he could lose this despite an enormous campaign funding advantage.

    • James Adams

      Why do you hate God? Would you rather keep worshipping at the false religion the atheist Jews provide you with their control of the media and education.There are reasons to despise Brownback (I do)but religion isn’t one of them.Besides Brownbacks religion is social justice not the Gospel.

      • Kansan

        I don’t hate God.

        Let me ask you why you hate:
        The poor?

    • redcoalcarpet

      Actually King Sam’s campaign funding advantage is a lot of smoke and mirrors. He only raised $1.1M on his own which is $100K more than Paul Davis but his Lieutenant Governor “loaned” the campaign $500K on December 31st last year…

      • Kansan

        Thanks for the info. His Lt. Governor was elected to the legislature from an unfinished house that no one had ever lived in, though he pretended to live in a rented apartment in the district in which he also did not live.

        Expecting honesty from theocrats is a bit much, I expect.

  • James Adams

    Love to see the amnesty loving Brownback defeated.Be rid of the RINO’s.

  • Mensch1351

    The 45% who give Brownback a favorable rating better wake up and take a really hard look at what he’s doing to their state!!

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