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February 8, 2016


Collins is a safe bet for re-election. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

Collins is a safe bet for re-election. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

When Democrats float the idea of a Republican senator joining President Barack Obama’s Cabinet, it usually means they know they can’t defeat the incumbent in an election.

Democrats appear to have thrown in the towel on defeating Republican Sen. Susan Collins in Maine. When party strategists discuss offensive opportunities, it is usually limited to the open seat in Georgia and challenging Minority Leader Mitch McConnell in Kentucky.

So, even though Collins is the only Republican senator seeking re-election next year in a state that President Obama carried in 2012, she looks to be in fine shape for another term next year.

We’re moving the race from Republican Favored to Safe Republican.

  • EdWalton

    The Republican Party will come out ahead, by allowing the rino
    jump ship.

    • nhshoals

      Please stop with this RINO BS. It is a losing proposition for Republicans. Holding this train of thought has given us candidates like O’Donnell, the idiot in Missouri and Sharon Angle. These are all states that should have Republicans in the senate and you mental midgets cost the election of.

      Are you better off having some ridiculous “ideological” high ground and standing out in the rain or having Republicans who can be more reliable to support Republican issues?

      Once you realize that the issues cannot be changed over night you will be better off. The liberals did not get to this stage overnight, but over a long term. That has to be the goal. Immediate gratification is not workable.

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