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February 13, 2016

RATINGS CHANGE: Michigan Governor

Schauer is running for governor. (Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

Schauer is running for governor. (Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

Former Rep. Mark Schauer announced his gubernatorial campaign in late May, rejuvenating Democratic hopes of defeating GOP Gov. Rick Snyder in Michigan next year.

Schauer defeated GOP Rep. Tim Walberg, 49 percent to 46 percent, in 2008. He then lost to Walberg, 50 percent to 45 percent in a 2010 rematch. In spite of his loss, Schauer should give Democrats a credible candidate to take on the governor.

Snyder was elected with a whopping 58 percent in 2010. Of course, that was a great Republican year: His was the largest percentage for a non-incumbent Republican nominee for governor since Kim Sigler in 1946.

But Snyder’s first term has been a bit rocky, and Democrats believe the governor overreached by pushing right-to-work legislation. Schauer will still need to raise considerable money to compete with the incumbent, who is personally wealthy.

We’re moving the race from Tossup/Tilt Republican to Pure Tossup in the Rothenberg Political Report/Roll Call ratings.

  • Bye Bye Jobs

    Go Rick.

  • Sally

    Snyder will do anything ALEC and the Kochs direct him to do. His overturning of the will of the people regarding Emergency Managers, and his flat out lies about Right to Work have shown him for what he is: a liar and a con artist. I pray the Kochs can’t buy MI again..we won’t survive.

  • ronb28135

    Snyder is a disappointment to the non-RINOs of the party. He may very well be facing a primary challenger who will offer the voters a choice between the Democrat’s best Obamacare hustler in Michigan, Rick Snyder, and a real Republican who won’t raise vehicle registration fees, increase the sales tax, tax senior’s pensions, implement Obamacare exchanges, expand Medicare or steal an international bridge from a private entrepreneur and turn it into a government boondoggle.

    RINO Rick can’t make those promises as he has or has promised to try to do all of the above. Snyder’s credibility as a conservative Republican has eroding faster than the Establishment monied Republicans would like to admit.

    The next state convention should be a real hoot as Snyder’s best Republican bud, the state party chairman, Bobby Schostak, narrowly missed getting tossed out on his RINO ears at the last state convention. We’ll have to see if a challenger emerges next election.

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