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February 8, 2016

Republicans Can’t Win on August Recess

(Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)

(Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)

In politics, it’s often damned if you do, damned if you don’t, and Republicans and August recess is no different.

Last week, some Democrats criticized Republicans for taking the traditional August break.

“House Republicans just fled the scene of their crime, skipping out on the American people for a five-week vacation without lifting a finger to fix the mess they have created,” Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Steve Israel said in a press release.

“House Democrats stand ready to stay and get the job done for the American people, even as House Republicans flee the scene of their crime,” the New York lawmaker added.

That is a very different tone from a Tuesday video message from DCCC Executive Director Kelly Ward, who encouraged supporters to embrace Republicans’ exit from the nation’s capital.

“That is 37 days that the House Republicans should be home in their districts listening to you,” Ward said. “But it is also 37 days that you have to hold the Republicans accountable and make sure that they hear your concerns. And we at the DCCC we really encourage you to take advantage of that opportunity.”

Of course, if the two parties were in different positions, Republicans would be playing the same games.

Five years ago, a small band of Republican lawmakers took to the House floor in public protest after the Democratic majority adjourned for August recess.

“Many of us speaking on the floor today, including the Republican leadership, believe the president of the United States should call this congress back into session immediately under Article II of the Constitution, and demand that this congress deal with the issue of energy independence,” then-Rep. Mike Pence, R-Ind., told Fox News.

“Who cares? I’m in a meeting actually working,” one Democratic aide said in the article at the time.

The game is timeless; the parties just switch jerseys from time to time.

  • libglib

    The recess resolution was approved without objection in both chambers. Nobody can legitimately run on the fact that they should still be in at this point.

    • johnblack45john

      Maybe so . but the three week work weeks a month and working Monday thru Friday 8 to 1 was started when the republicans took over the house.

      • libglib

        And yet the House has worked more days than the Senate.

        • johnblack45john

          They worked the same amount of days. You should really learn to read your own links

          • libglib

            Maybe you need to learn to count. House 102 > Senate 94. And even if they are even, the Senate is not better than the House.

          • johnblack45john

            And in 102 days how many bills did they past? 22. Last year at this time? 18. The least effective congress in American history. Is this something to brag about? Pelosi did three times this amount the first year she was house speaker.

          • libglib

            Now that you lost that topic, you are going to another one? The House has passed at least 126 bills this year. Oh, you meant laws. Anybody can pass more laws when you have a one-party monopoly.

          • johnblack45john

            What topic did Ioose bagger? The house may have took on this many but how many made it though the senate and was passed into law? 22

          • libglib

            Can’t have a discussion without calling someone a name (a wrong one at that)? How many of the Senate bills have they passed that have made it into law? 22.

          • johnblack45john

            Is there an echo in here? what do you think I just said.

  • Chredon

    Of course, staying to work on energy independence (an issue that can only be resolved by taking America off the Oil Standard, which the GOP will never approve) is hardly on the same scale as staying to work on a budget bill that prevents America from defaulting on its sovereign debt.

  • The Spirit of the Laws

    Darwin’s theories of evolution were preceded by theories of cultural evolution regarding the relationship of Sanskrit to the Greek language.

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