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February 12, 2016

When 94 Percent Isn’t Pure Enough for Conservative Republicans

Walters is running for congress. (Douglas Graham/CQ Roll Call)

Walters is running for Congress. (Douglas Graham/CQ Roll Call)

Republican state Sen. Mimi Walters has a 94 percent lifetime rating with California’s anti-tax group, but that might not be enough for her to avoid a anti-tax primary challenger as she runs for Congress.

Walters is the early front-runner to replace retiring Rep. John Campbell (click here for Roll Call’s interview with her). And by every traditional measure, she should win the seat easily. But one vote for a Democrat-sponsored tax extension (SB 11) is being viewed as ideological treason by some anti-tax conservatives.

Even though Walters has been a friend for nearly a decade, some fiscal conservatives (including the California-based Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association and Americans for Tax Reform) view SB 11 as a tax increase and are searching for an alternative to Walters in the congressional race.

It remains to be seen whether they will be successful. But the fact that Walters isn’t conservative enough for some Republicans is a great example of the civil war within today’s GOP.

California’s 45th District is rated Safe Republican by Rothenberg Political Report/Roll Call.

  • Gregory Williams

    The extremist are restless and itching for a good old ideological purity hunt – democrats could capture her seat in the state and take the federal seat as well.

  • stevefromsacto

    “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

    Democrats have made the perfect the enemy of the good for years. Eugene McCarthy gave is Nixon and Ralph Nader gave us George W. Bush because they said Hubert Humphrey and Al Gore weren’t “liberal” enough.

    The Republicans will soon learn the same lesson. Thanks to ideological zealots like the Tea Party and Americans for Tax Reform, the Democrats will take control of Congress and Hillary Clinton will be the next President of the United States.

    • Mikal Gastpipe

      The SMART money MAY be on HILLARY, BUT, let’s see what happens in the mid-terms. THAT will tell the tale! Obama’s a SHREWD politician. Not GOOD, but awful shrewd. He delayed full implementation of the ACA until 2015 which, if he hadn’t, would have DOOMED the mid-terms for the Democrats. In the meantime, all the reports I’ve been seeing about the RICH FLEEING the U.S., and renouncing their citizenship is EXACTLY what I predicted would happen 6 years ago. I said THEN, and I will REPEAT IT again, the RICH can AFFORD to move wherever they want when taxes get too high The poor and middle class CAN’T. So the tax monster will never be sated, and the TAX BURDEN will fall on the poor and middle class. The American Dream has ALMOST been OBLITERATED by this asinine President! Just MY opinion.

      • stevefromsacto

        The American dream has almost been obliterated, all right, but the fault is not with the President. It is with those corporations that don’t care enough about their workers–those responsible for their success in the first place–to pay them decent wages and benefits. It’s the fault of the companies that refuse to pay health insurance for their workers by moving them to part-time and then blame Obamacare, when the fault lies with them for putting their profits above social responsibility.

        The rich people who move abroad and resolve their citizenship because they refuse to help pay for our nation’s needs are not heroes, they are unpatriotic at best, traitors at worst.

        • Mikal Gastpipe

          BULLSHIT! For the SAME REASON they LEFT England to come to America in the 1600’s, is the SAME reason they are LEAVING America today! The Government has NO MORE right to STEAL MORE money, in the name of FAIRNESS, from them NOW, as they did in the 1600’s! Life is INHERENTLY NOT FAIR! And NO amount of FAIRY dust (and I’m being kind) that is SPREAD around by YOUR MESSIAH is GOING to CHANGE that! Apparently you BELIEVE that the Government taking SOMEONE else’s HARD EARNED DOLLARS,and STEALING ALL but a FEW PENNIES to GIVE to the huddled MASSES, while STUFFING their OWN bank accounts and those of their SUPPORTERS, is ALRIGHT! I say it is WRONG! But since it’s NOT YOUR money, WHY should you CARE?!!!

          • stevefromsacto

            Jesus said: “Whatsoever you do for the least of my brothers, you do for me.” That’s why I care. BTW, it is my money. I pay taxes just like you do, but I don’t begrudge doing it.

            The greedy pigs running away and denouncing their citizenship are the polar opposites of Jesus’ teachings.

            Speaking of the English, the patriots who came to America stayed and fought the British (remember the real Tea Party) and didn’t run away. They cared more about their country than they did their wealth. The runaways don’t.

            I don’t have to use capital letters or profanity to make my arguments.

          • Mikal Gastpipe

            You make an AWFUL lot of ASSUMPTIONS, which is S.O.P. for liberals! How do YOU know that the SO CALLED RICH make little to NO contributions to “…the LEAST of my brothers”? HOW DO YOU KNOW? I know how you KNOW. You DON’T! You’re making an ASSUMPTION! How very LIBERAL of YOU!
            Lastly, WHY did the ‘TEA PARTY’ PATRIOTS fight the REVOLUTIONARY WAR? What did they FIGHT against, BESIDES TYRANNY? IF you KNOW, ANSWER THE QUESTION!

          • stevefromsacto

            There is tyranny from the Right as well as the Left. For every communist, I’ll give you a Nazi. For every Socialist, I’ll give you a right-wing “conservative.”

            And once again you use CAPITAL letters and lots of exclamation points, but are short on facts. How typical Tea Party of you.

            I’m trying to have a rational discussion here. But if all you do is scream and shout when you don’t agree with something I’ve said, there’s no sense in even trying to continue.

    • john hall

      Actually George Wallace gave us Nixon.

      • stevefromsacto

        Sorry, John, that won’t fly. Are you saying that people who voted for Wallace would have voted for Humphrey or McGovern iif Wallace hadn’t been on the ballot? I don’t think so. They would have voted for Nixon.

        • john hall

          I assumed you wrote that Eugene McCarthy gave us Nixon. I replied that Wallace gave us Nixon

          • stevefromsacto

            OK, please explain how Wallace gave us Nixon.

          • john hall

            Under normal circumstances before Goldwater, most of those Southern Democrats would have either voted for Humphrey over Nixon or maybe sat the election out, out of party loyalty. That changed with The Southern Strategy of the G.O.P.

          • stevefromsacto

            Unfortunately, the Southern Strategy was in play in 1968. Indeed, Nixon and his advisors helped create it. The southern Democrats would never have voted for Humphrey, primarily because of the Johnson Administration’s support of major civil rights legislation. They would have voted for Nixon or sat the election out. By 1968, you could have branded most southern Democrats as DINOs (Democrats in name only).

  • ID-2

    Primarying a candidate does not count as a Civil War.

  • David Jenkins

    It is not really accurate to label groups like Americans for Tax Reform as “conservative.” Their agenda is mostly anti-government libertarian in nature. In fact, much of what we hear on the political right today reflects libertarian ideology, not genuine conservatism. If the GOP wants to be successful going forward, it needs to reject the libertarian radicalism of groups like ATR and start embracing the original conservatism of Edmund Burke, Russell Kirk, and Ronald Reagan that places a premium on prudence, responsibility, stewardship and ordered liberty.

    • stevefromsacto

      Please do not blame this right-wing brain lock on libertarians. Real libertarians are for individual freedom and limited government, not targeting people because of their sexual orientation, denying women the right to choose, continuing the totally wasteful and unsuccessful war on drugs, and supporting empire building in far off lands like Iraq.

      • David Jenkins

        In essence you are saying real libertarians largely agree with liberals, which I think underscores my point that you cannot call them “conservative.” What you ignore is that libertarians are more fearful of government than either liberals or genuine conservatives. They do not want any kind of restraint on behavior. It is not limited to social issues. Limits on pollution, energy efficiency requirements, you name it, any limit on freedom is rejected. Russell Kirk best expressed real conservatism when he said “Every right is married to a duty, and every freedom owes a corresponding responsibility.”

        • stevefromsacto

          I’m really glad to learn about the Kirk quote. That is the precise reason that today’s “conservatives” bear no resemblance to the “real” conservatives of which Kirk speaks. Today’s conservatives do not believe they have a duty or a responsibility to society. It is all about getting the most and keeping the most. Their motto is “winner take all” or “survival of the fittest.”

          • David Jenkins

            The problem with libertarian thinking is that it is rooted in selfishness. I view it similarly to the “if it feels good do it” mentality of 1960s left wing hippies. Responsibility to the greater good does not really factor in much. I see a lot of Ayn Rand like thinking at the root of this. Kirk also said:“the devil was the original libertarian.”

  • Bob Schneider

    Poor Mimi, she has neanderthals for constituents

    • Mikal Gastpipe

      Neanderthals, maybe. BUT, it’s STILL better than the KKK, the Marxists, the Leninists, the Maoists, the Anarchists, and EVERY OTHER LEFT WING group that WANTS things GIVEN to them or they DESTROY whatEVER they want, with IMPUNITY! I urge everyone to read up on James Cagney, and John Lennon, both in their later lives. They were 2 VERY POLITICAL left wing activists until they OPENED their eyes and saw the leftist radicals for who they were! Not at ALL interested in fairness, just DESTRUCTION! LEARN from them! To QUOTE Mr. Cagney after he left the political left wingers: “…a totally NATURAL REACTION once I began to SEE the UNDISCIPLINED elements in our country stimulating a BREAKDOWN of our system…these FUNCTIONLESS creatures, the HIPPIES, just DIDN’T appear out of a VACUUM!” And John Lennon WAS going to CAMPAIGN for Ronald Reagan before he was ASSASINATED, according to his PERSONAL Assistant, Eliot Mintz! But I KNOW I’m talking to ideologically blinded sycophantic BOBBLEHEADS on board the O-bow-to-me EXPRESS, heading STRAIGHT for the bottomless ABYSS, that believe that O-bow-to-me will bring them a FAIRNESS in LIFE that will NEVER MATERIALIZE! Again, MY opinion!

      • stevefromsacto

        The KKK was a “leftist” group. LMAO!

        • Mikal Gastpipe

          Read your HISTORY books about the RECONSTRUCTION of the South and Politics after 1865. ANY history book, until liberal editors whitewash them, will TELL YOU the same thing. The disbanded KKK moved north and entered politics in the Democratic Party becoming the MILITANT wing of the Democratic Party. Here, then are some HISTORY questions: Who do YOU think wrote the Jim Crow laws? The 2/3’s law? The poll tax laws? Who do YOU think tried to deny blacks and education through the 60’s? Who do you think set the water cannons and dogs on black marchers in the South? And FINALLY, what was Robert K. Byrd’s TITLE before he JOINED the Democratic Party (oopsy, showing the answer…dang!)? When you find the answers, get back to me, OK? OK! (Hint: The answer is only THREE words long!) T– D——— P—-!

          • stevefromsacto

            Who do YOU think wrote the Jim Crow laws? The 2/3’s law? The poll tax
            laws? Who do YOU think tried to deny blacks and education through the
            60’s? Who do you think set the water cannons and dogs on black marchers
            in the South?

            The answer is Southern Democrats, who were about as far removed from “Leftists” as it is possible to be. They were the Democrats who overturned Reconstruction, kept the KKK alive, and fought against the civil rights movement for more than a century.

            But they have about as little to do with today’s Democratic Party as the Tea Party has with Republicans like Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Eisenhower and others who fought for civil rights.

            Indeed, the so-called Southern Strategy, created by Richard Nixon in the 60’s and perfected by the Republicans in following years, was responsible from moving the Southern Democrat anti-blacks into the Republican Party en masse. So if you remove the sheet from a KKK member today, you’re likely to find a Republican.

            Don’t know what history book you read, but it was obviously not the correct one.

          • Mikal Gastpipe

            It’s just like a LIBERAL to try and throw the STENCH of LIBERAL corruption and HISTORICAL TIES off on someone else. How do YOU explain Sen. Robert KKK Byrd? How do YOU explain Bill Clinton’s MENTOR William Fulbright? How do YOU explain Al Gore’s DADDY? READ up on THEM! THEN get back to me!
            BUT, I will AGREE with you on the CURRENT RINO-publican Party! They’re being PLAYED like a STRADIVARIUS violin and BEAT like a drum by the left. Quite WELL too! They’re the THREE STOOGES meets the KEYSTONE COPS Party! They are NO BETTER than the left. And i would say MAYBE WORSE, because they’re AIDING and ABETTING the LEFT!
            By the way…how do YOU explain the left’s CONNECTION with the MARXIST Party of America? The Communist Party of America? The Maoist Party of America! Occupy Wall Street? The NEW Black Panther Party of America? The Anarchists Party of America? And THAT’S just a PARTIAL list…you’re throwing BRICKS in a GLASS HOUSE!

  • edwestrfld

    This is the Republican application of the Deep South’s miscegenation laws, as used in the political arena: even one drop of “liberal voting” gets you primaried.

  • bpai99

    These people are fanatics and a threat to democracy. It is impossible for a representative government to function without some degree of flexibility and compromise.

    • SammyBaxter

      They certainly are fanatics, but this is hardly a threat to democracy. This is democracy.

  • Guest

    It’s important to note he voted for a $2.3 BILLION tax increase. The post should have mentioned that.

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