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February 12, 2016

Hillary Clinton, John McCain Are Keynoters for ‘Big Ideas’ Conference

Kerry Nomination Hearing For Secretary of State

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The nonpartisan New America Foundation has landed John McCain and Hillary Rodham Clinton as keynote speakers at its annual conference May 15-16 in Washington. McCain, the Arizona GOP senator, speaks on the 15th, and Clinton, the potential Democratic presidential candidate, appears on the 16th. Democratic Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick also will participate in a “keynote conversation” with CNN anchor Candy Crowley on the 16th. In an email invite, the foundation says the conference will address these and other “Big Ideas for a New America,” many of them emphasizing tech topics:

Measure Education by Learning, Not Time
Make Everyone a Political Donor
Prepare for a World Where Big Data and Warfare Merge
Restore the Second-Chance Economy
Transform the Economy with the Internet of Things:  The Future of Manufacturing is Services
Leisure is the New Productivity
Manage What Matters, Measurable or Not
Create a North American Passport: The Future of America is the Americas
Launch a World-Class Newspaper in Every State
Build an Internet for Everyone, Everywhere. Really.

UPDATE: The full agenda for the conference has been posted on New America’s site.

  • AZ WI

    I can understand having Hillary, but why a has been old senile liar like McCain?

  • mthammer

    McCain knows he is on his final path to become a forgotten Republican & Senator in Congress. He is just as big a liar as the Clintons & Obama’s , loves to chastise the real Conservatives in Congress by assassinating their character , trying to tell the new leaders in the Senate like Rand Paul & Ted Cruz that filibustering against Obama Care and allowing the Justice department to kill American Citizens with Drones. His buddy Lyndsey Graham both RINO’s have disappointed their constituents both in their own Countys in Arizona & South Carolina have censured both Senators from not voting a long conservative lines as they were elected for in both states. We in South Carolina are trying to make it known what a liar and a fraud Graham is especially when it comes to handing out Government grants & Contracts to his Monetary supporters for his reelection. They both need to be put out to pasture and or punished by not following the Constitution, that they made a oath to support.

  • Barack Mao

    Big ideas aren’t likely coming from these two.

  • Grin Olsson

    Both McCain and Clinton are Sunni Muslim sympathizers that are deeply involved in the mass transfer of Sunni Muslims to the United States using the American refugee process. Clinton’s husband received millions of Saudi dollars for affording intrusion into the White House under the disguise of inter-faith organizations, while Bush and associates received over $1.5 billion dollars in Saudi contracts. It seems these people were not educated on why the Allies partitioned the Sunni Ottoman Empire after WW1 when they murdered over 7 million Balkan Christians and 1 million Armenians forcing the Armenians to secure their country and faith by joining the Soviet Union for their very survival. It’s time to clean our government by ridding itself of those Americans who would sell America to the Muslims for financial gain via treasonable alliances.

    • fuzzball

      McCain I can believe but then he signed a pact with Norquist to obey him and Norquist is certainly a Muslim. Of course so did most (over 90%) of the GOP and Tory party, jokingly called the Tea Party to add insult to American patriots… Look it up, he is married to a Palestinian Muslim and you cannot do that unless you join them! Hilliary is female and Muslims HATE females so we know she would never support them. McCain is so anti-chritian he was required to sign a secular pledge to not have affairs when he married his current wife. He married his High school teacher at 19 (she was 26) what do you want to bet he was underage when it started?

  • talksense

    By a look at the topics, it’s rather small time and cliche.

    A bunch of political fossils. There must be some thing wrong with the election, it can’t be people being stupid to let them in senate for this long.

  • fuzzball

    Looking at the topics I can understand why the USA is a joke.

    1. Measure Education by Learning, Not Time
    I am 40 and I still cannot understand 2+2 …That is OK we will give you another year at tax payer expense

    2. Prepare for a World Where Big Data and Warfare Merge
    Brought to you by big business, rich people and weapon manufactures…or just simply the top 1%

    3. Restore the Second-Chance Economy

    Unnh? what happened to just the original economy?

    4. Transform the Economy with the Internet of Things: The Future of Manufacturing is Services

    Excuse me, what are you going to service if you do not manufacture anything? And who will pay for it?

    5. Leisure is the New Productivity

    OK, great I will sit on a beach, and pay for it by not manufacturing anything and the service workers gives me my drinks out of the goodness of their heart.

    6. Manage What Matters, Measurable or Not

    If it cannot be measured how do you know what matters or how progress is made or if you should spend more money???? Think McFly

    7. Create a North American Passport: The Future of America is the Americas

    I never needed a VISA to travel all over North America, where did you come up with this ?

    8′ Launch a World-Class Newspaper in Every State

    Nobody read newspapers, there is the internet…get a life…where would you find the money?

    9. Build an Internet for Everyone, Everywhere. Really.

    It already is evrywhere. Even in China where they say Facebook, YouTube, foreign films, and the New York Times are blocked I get them all. Facebook I see no need for.

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