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February 12, 2016

NFL Blackouts Face Sustained Drive by McCain, Blumenthal

Two senators are asking the FCC to quickly bring an end to blackouts of National Football League games and other sporting events on local TV stations. Democrat Richard Blumenthal and Republican John McCain are keeping up their push on the matter, since the comment period for a proposed rule ran out in March. Niels Lesniewski has more at Roll Call’s Senate blog, WGDB.

  • Winston Blake

    McCain should just retire and go watch football…

  • Yonatan YONATAN

    The Republican and democratic parties, have both FAILED the millions of unemployed families without an UNEMPLOYMENT EXTENSION since late last December. For over five months now, the republicans have held the extension bill “HOSTAGE” in the senate, for political leverage, and party agenda. While millions of these families were facing EVICTIONS, HOME FORECLOSURES, BANKRUPTCY, AND HOMELESSNESS, the politicians were playing “party politics” and using them as bargaining chips. Both party’s have totally walked away from this crisis, preferring not do anything further more about it. When so many families are struggling, and hurting financially, and watching their credit becoming destroyed, the congress approved a foreign aid package for the Ukraine, worth BILLIONS of tax payer dollars. How can this be possible? What ever happened to taking care of Americans here at home? Both parties have shown a total lack of human compassion, and common decency towards these unemployed families. Americans need to demonstrate out in the streets across this country, and demand CHANGE. We need to REMOVE these career politicians, and replace them with “PUBLIC SERVANTS” again, that will truly represent the people.

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