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May 23, 2015

Wheeler Talks Net Neutrality, Municipal Broadband at NCTA

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler spoke at the National Cable & Telecommunications Association convention in Los Angeles, and the video’s below in case you weren’t able to make it to sunny California.

Here are a few quotes about his proposed rewrite of “net neutrality” rules that’s been circulated at the FCC after an appeals court struck down the majority of the agency’s 2010 rules:

  • “Reports that  we’re gutting the Open Internet are incorrect. I’m here to say to you, wait a minute, put away the party hats. The Open Internet rules will be tough, will be enforceable and with  the concurrence of my colleagues will be in effect with dispatch.”
  • “Let me be clear – if someone acts to divide the Internet between haves and have-nots we will use every power at our disposal to stop it. And I consider that that includes Title II.”
  • “We will not allow some companies to force Internet users into a slow lane so that others with special privileges have superior service.”

On municipal broadband systems:

  • “I have said before that I believe the FCC has the power, and I intend to exercise that power, to pre-empt state laws that ban competition from community broadband.”

Wheeler was president and CEO of the industry group from 1979 to 1984.