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February 10, 2016

The Wonkiest ‘Silicon Valley’ Character: Jared

Although the regulars on HBO’s “Silicon Valley” are all nerds in one way or another, there’s one with a definite Washington wonk streak. Note the Capitol Hill connection in the bio for Jared Dunn, the head of business development for fictional startup Pied Piper:

jared_silicon_valleyJared’s early life is best passed over, but he managed to rise above it thanks to a series of largely well-meaning foster parents, and went on to receive a B.A. from Vassar College in Economics. During those too-soon-over happiest of years, he was proud to sing second alto with the “Joyce Carol Notes A Capella Confrontation.” At Vassar he was also coxswain for Women’s Heavyweight Crew, writer and assistant stage manager of the opera “American HerStory XX,” and co-founder of Take Back “Take Back the Night.” After graduation, he worked for Google and Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi before becoming a  a director of special projects at Hooli, working closely with CEO Gavin Belson, before moving to Pied Piper in 2014.

The Pelosi connection, of course, makes perfect sense. Jared’s general disposition fits the profile, too. As the A.V. Club puts it, “He’s still so composed and polite that he’ll gently plead with a drone to stop buzzing around his head, but he’s also learning he needs to voice his concerns before he winds up in another shipping container.”

About that shipping container … unlike D.C.’s recent brush with driverless cars, Jared’s experience was more intimate. A tale of technology in three clips:




Zach Woods, the actor who plays Jared, previously had the part of the less certifiably wonky, but still uncomfortable Gabe Lewis on NBC’s “The Office.” The character joined the office as an employee of Sabre, which bought the paper company Dunder Mifflin.

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