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February 6, 2016

Majority Willing to Pay to Curb Climate Change

Bloomberg: “Americans are willing to bear the costs of combating climate change, and most are more likely to support a candidate seeking to address the issue.”

“By an almost two-to-one margin, 62 percent to 33 percent, Americans say they would pay more for energy if it would mean a reduction in pollution from carbon emissions, according to the Bloomberg National Poll.”

“‘It is a rare poll where people responding will stand up and say ‘tax me,’ said J. Ann Selzer, founder of Des Moines, Iowa-based Selzer & Co., which conducted the poll.

“A majority of Americans see climate change as a threat, with 46 percent classifying it as a ‘major’ threat and 27 percent as a ‘minor threat.’ Half would like the federal government to adopt policies to combat it in the next decade.”

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Comments (5)

  1. daddyoyo

    June 16, 2014
    7:24 p.m.

    You mean Republicans are on the wrong side of history again? Who’d a thunk it?

    • Biff Wellington

      June 16, 2014
      9:21 p.m.

      Global warming is nothing but a hoax, That our Liar in Chief and his minions continue to spread this farce doesn’t make it any more credible. Nor does it change the facts. But the weak minded have always been easy prey for a slick talking snake oil salesman, and there has not been a better one than BH Obama in a long while.

      • Keith

        July 9, 2014
        3:42 a.m.

        Climate change caused by man made global warming is only a hoax to those who are unable to understand basic common sense science. You remind me of the righties last week who were attempting to claim that ice melts as it gets colder and forms as it gets warmer, their belief that sound scientific findings on climate change are false led them to that conclusion which anyone with common sense knows is foolish.

  2. Biff Wellington

    June 16, 2014
    9:22 p.m.

    Yeah, as if anyone believes that nonsense….what this “poll” is saying is progressives are always in favor of someone else paying for all of their alarmist garbage.

  3. tom

    Nov. 29, 2014
    4:35 p.m.

    Good start is to limit any illegal immigration resulting in lower wages and greater government expense for things like health, schools etc that put more pressure on taxpayers or that increase debt.

    Especially in states like California all the illegals are putting unnecessary strain on the environment and need to be eliminated.

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