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February 11, 2016

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8:03 p.m.
‘Doc Fix’ Heads to Obama: GOP Senators Switch Votes Within Minutes
3:56 p.m.
Reid: Unemployment Benefits Extension Will Pass This Week (Updated)
3:27 p.m.
CBO Calls Baloney on Using War Money to Pay Medicare Docs (Updated)
2:54 p.m.
Minimum Wage Debate Awaits Unemployment Extension Vote
5 a.m.
In First Tests as Finance Chairman, Wyden Pushes Against Patches
10:35 a.m.
Unemployment Extension: How Did Your Senator Vote?
3:16 p.m.
Jeremiah Denton, Former Alabama Senator and Vietnam P.O.W., dies at 89
6:11 p.m.
Landrieu, Begich Among Moderates Pushing Obamacare Fixes
1:36 p.m.
Senate to Vote on ‘Doc Fix’ Monday, Wyden Looking Ahead (Updated)
1:29 p.m.
Unemployment Extension Clears First Test Vote in Senate (Updated)
11:35 a.m.
FBI Agent ‘Severely Disciplined’ for Misconduct in Ted Stevens Case, Director Says
8:40 p.m.
Unemployment Benefits Headed for Senate Vote (Updated)
4:45 p.m.
Online Gambling Foes Raise the Stakes
2:41 p.m.
On Obamacare, Harry Reid Says the Joke Is on Boehner
2:36 p.m.
Reid Plans to Have Spending Bills on Floor in June and July
3:49 p.m.
Durbin, Democrats Rip E-Cigarettes as ‘Candy-Flavored Poisons,’ Want Ban on Sale to Children
3:25 p.m.
Unemployment Extension Vote Likely Delayed Until Next Week (Updated)
12:33 p.m.
Reid Dropping IMF Provision From Ukraine Bill (Updated)
12:27 p.m.
Come Memorial Day, Mikulski Wants the Floor
11:32 a.m.
McConnell: Ukraine Aid Bill Won’t Pass House Without Changes
8 p.m.
Unemployment Extension Fight Pits Portman Against Boehner
7:35 p.m.
Ukraine Aid Advances in Senate but Cruz, Barrasso Push for Votes on Amendments
3:33 p.m.
Reid Wants to Pass Unemployment Insurance, Ukraine Aid and ‘Doc Fix’ This Week
2:36 p.m.
Heller Seeks Answers on NHTSA’s GM Investigation
11:43 a.m.
Warner Calls for Cybersecurity Partnership With Ukraine
4:25 p.m.
Sparring Resumes Over Wind Tax Breaks
3:41 p.m.
Senate’s Top Law Enforcement Officer Confirms Progress on Investigation Into CIA Spying
12:26 p.m.
Schumer Bullish on Media Shield Bill Passing This Year
4:33 p.m.
Sergeant-at-Arms Terrance Gainer to Leave the Hill
3:12 p.m.
Reid Features in Gray Campaign Mailer Reminding Voters ‘Who Stood Up for Us’
11:17 a.m.
Reid Orders Probe of CIA Spying, Warns of ‘Intelligence Community Run Amok’
5:56 p.m.
Ron Johnson Lacks Standing in Obamacare Lawsuit, DOJ Contends
4:15 p.m.
Senators: No More Excuses to Deny Unemployment Benefits Extension
Unemployment Benefits Extension Could Be Delayed Months, Even if Congress Acts Now (Updated)
11:46 a.m.
Holder Acknowledges DOJ Review of CIA Spying Allegations
6:02 p.m.
Senators Push Security Clearance Overhaul After Navy Yard Shooting Report
5:44 p.m.
Lawmakers Push Executive Order Banning LGBT Discrimination by Contractors
4:35 p.m.
McCain Seeks Military Aid for Ukraine After Russia Annexes Crimea
1:32 p.m.
83 Senators Send Iran Letter to Obama
3:18 p.m.
McCain Demands Firmer Obama Ukraine Response
1:50 p.m.
Senate Ban on iPads, Kindles Under Fire
11:17 a.m.
Obama Announces Russia Sanctions, Warns More to Come
4:11 p.m.
McCain Suggests Russians Will Someday Oust Putin
3:48 p.m.
Heritage Drowns Cruz’s Perfect Score
11:52 a.m.
Obama Will Reduce Deportations if GOP Doesn’t Act, Schumer Says
9:59 a.m.
Reports: Utah Prosecutors Call for DOJ Probe Into Reid, Lee
9:40 p.m.
McCain Rails GOP on Ukraine Bill: ‘Don’t Call Yourself Reagan Republicans’ (Video)
6:11 p.m.
Top Intelligence Appropriator Blasts CIA, Wants Torture Report Released
4:20 p.m.
Bipartisan Unemployment Extension Deal Reached
4:15 p.m.
Amid Spying Debate, Senate Confirms Top CIA Lawyer
2:54 p.m.
Reid Sees Hope for Unemployment Insurance Extension, but No Votes Expected for Weeks
2:46 p.m.
Graham to Kerry: ‘Let Me Know What I Can Do’ to Help With Boehner (Video)
2:37 p.m.
GOP Could Force Vote to Negate Obamacare Carve-Out for Unions
12:27 p.m.
Reid, Durbin Accuse GOP of Putting Koch Brothers Ahead of Ukrainians
7:27 p.m.
Chambliss Declines to Back Feinstein’s CIA Charges, May Call for Special Investigator (Video)
6 p.m.
Obama Wants to Avoid Crossfire Between CIA and Senate
5:14 p.m.
Ukraine Aid Bill Faces Filibuster Threat
4:01 p.m.
Unemployment Benefits Extension Vote Likely Delayed
4:04 p.m.
Reid Disappointed CIA Unrepentant, Backs Feinstein
12:55 p.m.
Brennan Denies CIA Spied on Senate; Graham Calls Allegations Nixonian (Video)
11:18 a.m.
Read Feinstein’s Full Speech Blasting the CIA (Updated) (Video)
10:21 a.m.
Feinstein: CIA Spied on Intelligence Committee (Updated) (Video)
7:02 p.m.
Next Nasty Nomination Fight for Obama: Michael Boggs on the Hot Seat
10 a.m.
Unemployment Insurance Plans Duel in Senate
6:34 p.m.
Whitehouse, Waxman Offer to School McConnell on Climate Change
4:03 p.m.
McConnell Renews Skepticism Ahead of Democrats’ Climate Change All-Nighter
1:44 p.m.
McCain: Cruz’s Criticism of Bob Dole Crossed a Line
12:09 p.m.
Alexander, Feinstein Restate Displeasure With In-Flight Phone Calls
6:14 p.m.
Ukraine Bill Could Attract Amendments on Iran Sanctions, Natural Gas Exports
3:02 p.m.
Climate Change All-Night Session Set for Monday
2:41 p.m.
Senate Blocks Gillibrand’s Military Sexual-Assault Bill (Updated) (Video)
10:59 a.m.
Dalai Lama Gives Senate Opening Prayer (Video)
9:12 p.m.
Harkin Calls DOJ Vote Lowest Point in 30-Year Career (Video)
5:21 p.m.
Democrats Face Perils of Controversial Nominees in ‘Post-Nuclear’ Senate
3:32 p.m.
Mark Udall: ‘CIA Tried to Intimidate the Intelligence Committee’ (Updated)
12:47 p.m.
Democrats Defect, Sink Obama’s Civil Rights Pick (Updated) (Video)
11:50 a.m.
Joe Biden Could Be Tiebreaker for Debo Adegbile Vote
8:12 a.m.
Did the CIA Spy on Senate Investigators?
6:39 p.m.
Democrats Take Aim at Ryan Budget Senate GOP Doesn’t Want
5:15 p.m.
Would McConnell Have a Governing Majority?
4:01 p.m.
McCain Raises Prospect of Russian Incursion Into Poland (Updated) (Video)
11:46 a.m.
Ukraine Aid Bill Could Move Next Week, May Include Sanctions (Updated) (Video)
6:18 p.m.
Reid Backs Ukraine Economic Aid; Menendez Preparing Bill
1:33 p.m.
Snow Delays Senate Votes for Another Day
2:48 p.m.
Weather Delays Vote on Contentious DOJ Nominee

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