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February 6, 2016

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11:54 a.m.
Reid, McConnell to Testify at Campaign Finance First Amendment Hearing
5:54 p.m.
Citing Isla Vista, Boxer to Introduce Gun Violence Prevention Measure
12:21 p.m.
Senate Appropriators Plan Funds for DOJ Probe of VA
3:45 p.m.
Orrin Hatch, Mike Lee Diverge on Gay Marriage’s Fate in Court
12:14 p.m.
Justice Department Already Involved in VA Scandal
4:03 p.m.
In VA Scandal, More Senators Call for Shinseki Ouster, FBI Investigation (Updated)
5:41 p.m.
Vietnam Veterans Group Joins Outrage Over Burr’s VA Letter
11:30 a.m.
Schumer’s Newest Foe: ‘Phrostee’ Alcoholic Slushy Drink (Video)
12:15 p.m.
Portman Never Pressed Boehner on Unemployment Extension
3:21 p.m.
Elliot Rodger Shooting Prompts Feinstein to Blame NRA ‘Stranglehold’ on Guns
2:23 p.m.
Burr: VFW, DAV More Outraged by Letter Than by VA Scandal
11 a.m.
In VA Scandal Fallout, Disabled American Veterans ‘Outraged’ at Burr, Blames Congress for Lack of Funding
9:36 p.m.
VFW Torches Burr in Spat Over VA Scandal, Shinseki (Updated)
3:41 p.m.
Sanders to Introduce New VA Accountability Bill
2:23 p.m.
Mikulski Concerned by National Weather Service IT Failure
9:10 p.m.
No Action on Unemployment Extension as Senate Leaves Town
6:40 p.m.
Senate Bill Puts Guantanamo on Path to Close
2:26 p.m.
Drone Memo Author David J. Barron Confirmed by Senate (Video)
1:43 p.m.
Reid Signals Quick Action as Appropriators Back VA Firing Authority
1:42 p.m.
Harry Reid Offers 2017 Effective Date for Immigration, Sets August Deadline (Video)
1:21 p.m.
McConnell Wants to Keep Filibuster if GOP Gets Majority
9:13 a.m.
50 Senators Tell NFL to Rename Washington Redskins (Video)
8:51 p.m.
In Wake of VA Scandal, McCain Proposes Private Health Option for Veterans
6:17 p.m.
McConnell Returns to Capitol, Makes 2014 GOP Unity Pitch (Video)
12:39 p.m.
Paul Predicts Democrats Will Back Barron, Doesn’t Plan Extended Speech (Updated) (Video)
5 a.m.
Unemployment Extension: Jack Reed Hasn’t Given Up
7:16 p.m.
When Could the Senate Debate the VA Scandal? (Video)
5:14 p.m.
Democrats Eye ‘Nuclear Option’ Redux
4:30 p.m.
Rand Paul to Take the Floor to Again Contest Drone Policy, White House to Release Memo (Updated)
3:58 p.m.
Reid: No Obamacare Amendments on Tax Cut Bill (Video)
11 a.m.
Reid Hints at ‘Nuclear’ Summer Over Debate Time (Video) (Updated)
4:26 p.m.
Lewis Opposition to Boggs Judicial Nomination Could Be Final Blow
1:57 p.m.
Durbin: Pentagon Should Allow DREAMers to Enlist in Armed Forces
John Lewis Opposes Boggs Nomination (Updated)
5 a.m.
Elizabeth Warren Leads Progressive Charge, but Has GOP Admirers Too
2:15 p.m.
Dianne Feinstein: John Lewis Thinks Georgia Judge Deal With Boggs ‘Was a Good Ticket’
5:38 p.m.
Unemployment Extension Amendment Offered on Tax Cut Bill
6 a.m.
McCain: ‘We Should All Be Ashamed’ of VA Health Scandal
3:47 p.m.
Senate Tax Cut Vote: Republicans Filibuster $85B Bill
2:17 p.m.
Reid Sets Barron Vote After Meeting With White House Lawyers, Paul Plans Filibuster (Updated)
2:14 p.m.
Reid Reiterates He Opposes Boggs Nomination
1:36 p.m.
Reid Responds to Obama’s Comment on Changing Filibuster
11:51 a.m.
Shinseki Faces Barrage at Veterans Affairs Committee, Won’t Resign (Video)
3:14 p.m.
Reid Opposes Boggs Nomination for Now, Will Consult John Lewis
1:28 p.m.
Unemployment Extension May Be ‘Back to the Drawing Board,’ Senator Says
1 p.m.
Democrats Plan Student Loan Push in June
11:28 p.m.
Democrats Hint DOJ Misled Court on Surveillance
4:26 p.m.
Medical Device Tax Repeal Vote Sought by GOP (Video)
3:33 p.m.
Reid Hopes for Senate Vote on Barron Nomination ‘Soon’ (Video)
1:44 p.m.
Judicial Nominee Michael P. Boggs Disavows Votes on Confederate Flag, Abortion
7:51 p.m.
For Tax Cut Bill, Senators Face Vote on Boosting Deficit
7:14 p.m.
Energy Bill Filibustered, Keystone Pipeline in Limbo After Reid Blocks Amendments
6:01 p.m.
Tax Bill Highlights Split Between Grover Norquist, Club for Growth
3:55 p.m.
Democrats Not Cheering Walsh Proposal for Budget Balance Before Recess
1:55 p.m.
Manchin Mourns Mother’s Death
11:58 a.m.
Schatz Defends East-West Center From Ted Cruz, Pigs
1:44 p.m.
David Vitter’s Beef With the NFL
5:41 p.m.
Democratic Senator Proposes Banning Recess Until Congress Adopts Balanced Budget
4:34 p.m.
Reid Says Koch Brothers Are ‘One of the Main Causes’ of Climate Change (Video)
4:13 p.m.
Heller May Try to Attach Unemployment Extension to Tax Cut Bill
12:21 p.m.
Superstorm Sandy Aid Worrying Senate Democrats
10:07 p.m.
Senator on Veterans Affairs Allegations: ‘Just Because CNN Says Something, Doesn’t Always Make It The Case’ (Video)
6:16 p.m.
Rand Paul Holding Up Tax Treaties With Switzerland, Other Countries
2:44 p.m.
Keystone Talks Fail; Reid Blocks GOP Energy Amendments
1:28 p.m.
In Midst of Earmark Discussion, Group Releases Pig Book, Live Pigs
9:02 p.m.
Obama Should Address Nation, Come to Congress on Ukraine, Graham Says
7:42 p.m.
Reid Says There Will Be No Senate Committee to Investigate Benghazi (Video)
5:55 p.m.
Leahy, Grassley Weigh-in on Barron Nomination, Drone Memo
5:09 p.m.
Deal on Keystone Vote, Energy Efficiency Elusive in Senate (Video)
4:55 p.m.
Harry Reid Does Love His Earmarks (Video)
4:41 p.m.
Female Senators Push for Sanctions Against Nigerian Terror Group (Updated)
3:57 p.m.
Top GOP Senators Call for Shinseki’s Ouster (Video)
11:44 a.m.
GOP Like ‘Greased Pigs’ on Energy Efficiency Bill, Reid Says (Video)
11:16 a.m.
Post-Nuclear Senate: Rand Paul Can’t Slow Nomination Tied to Drone Policy (Updated)
7:44 p.m.
Aide: Democrats Offer Vote to Approve Keystone XL Pipeline — With a Catch
5:24 p.m.
McCain Not Calling for Shinseki’s Resignation — Yet
3:58 p.m.
Legislative Prayer Wins Broad Endorsement From Supreme Court
10:44 a.m.
Democrats Plan Push to Refinance Student Loans (Updated)
4:32 p.m.
Republican Wants to Revive Earmarks — With Transparency (Updated)
3:33 p.m.
Hoeven Predicts Keystone Vote Even if Energy Efficiency Bill Falters
3:56 p.m.
Unemployment Extension Stuck in Legislative Limbo
12:56 p.m.
Coburn, Udall Pushing Senators to Keep Earmark Moratorium

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