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November 30, 2015

Citizens United Joins Vitter Push Against Health Benefits for Congress, Staff (Video)

(Chris Maddaloni/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

(Chris Maddaloni/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

Sen. David Vitter took his campaign against federal employer-provided health benefits to a new level on Monday night.

The Louisiana Republican appeared on the Fox News program “Hannity” along with David Bossie of the conservative group Citizens United to launch a new advertising effort in favor of the Vitter amendment that includes a fundraising effort for Citizens United.

“We’re really excited about this, being able to take it to the American people so that they can rise up and say look, enough is enough. Congress, you can’t pass a law that by the way is so bad it can’t be rolled out in a competent way for anyone but themselves,” Bossie said. “That’s just plain wrong.”

Vitter said he’s still seeking to get a vote on the amendment that would overturn an Office of Personnel Management ruling allowing members of Congress and their staffs to keep the federal contribution to their health care as they transition onto the exchanges set up under Obamacare. Vitter and like-minded colleagues consider the continuation of the benefits an “exemption” from the health care law.

Host Sean Hannity had an exchange with Vitter in which the two discussed potential effects on Democratic incumbents from conservative states, including his home-state colleague Mary L. Landrieu.

“So far, she’s dug in her heels and is resisting it,” Vitter said. “Now, we need a vote on the Senate floor. I’m fighting for that. We don’t have it yet, but we’ll get one.”

To date, there’s been no agreement for a vote on the Vitter amendment, though as a contentious non-germane proposal, it would all but certainly require 60 votes for adoption.

Vitter and Bossie unveiled this ad on Hannity’s program:

  • crudbud

    There is NOTHING that I feel more strongly about than this.
    Federal employees should be bound by all the laws applicable to US, with NO exceptions. They should be on medicare, social security and there should be a way where their salaries, sick leave and vacations are reviewed periodically to be the same as what average workers performing similar duties in the private sector get. It they could extend that to the state level I would be so happy.

    I am an attorney and when I go to court I am sick of seeing “reserve for public employee” parking space after space empty at 9am in the morning and my having to drive miles to find a parking place. Why are they NOT at work at 8:30 am?

    I love to walk and don’t mind it. It is the double standard and employees not to work on time that I can’t accept.

    • John (magnum)


      Some are created more equal than others !

      • Layla

        NOT ANYMORE. See you at the polls on Election Day, 2014, 2016 and 2018.


    • Anthony

      Actually federal employees, and our elected officials are bound to the laws they pass. What they are doing right now is nothing short of illegal.

      The 28th Amendment states “Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United
      States that does not apply equally to the Senators and
      Representatives; and, Congress shall make no law that applies to the
      Senators and Representatives that does not apply equally to the
      citizens of the United States”. Obama exempting himself and others sure sounds like he clearly violated his oath of office, and the media is clearly covering this up. Also the Supreme court Justice Roberts should be impeached for violating his oath as well. The commerce clause only allows Congress, not the Supreme Court to enact legislation taxing interstate commerce, and ACA is a tax. Also the Commerce Clause only specifies commerce that affects the economy of another state. How is some one being sick in California affecting the commerce of Nevada? So again another clear constitutional violation.

      As a law student the more I learn about our nations laws, the more it becomes evident how much Obama is breaking all of the laws!

      • Badgerloader

        There are 27 Amendments to the US Constitution. The “28th” you cite is only an internet dream at present.

        • docdave88

          Roger that. A good dream, but a dream nonetheless.

        • Chriss Markey

          As were ALL the Amendments, and the Constitution itself at one point.

      • Ryan

        “As a law student”, you should know that there are only 27 amendments to the US Constitution…

      • random_prim3

        Don’t start comments with “Actually”

      • ordinary american

        What does it matter? Obama was a “law professor” he must know what is legal and what is illegal. NO?

        • Layla

          The Liar in Chief?

      • Chriss Markey

        AND make it RETRO-ACTIVE

      • BruddahNui

        There is no 28th Amendment. Constitutional convention as allowed in the 5th Amendment is the only way to get this one. It must include the President, Senate, House members and all government employees at all levels. All must obey the same laws and all of the laws that are passed. PERIOD. Are government members shall not be treated as kings and queens nor any other type of royalty PERIOD.

      • Layla

        AND Congress. Don’t leave them out. Congress is supporting the spying on citizens. Congress is supporting the Indefinite Hold Provision in the NDAA and the DEMOCRAT Congress passed Obamacare, or redistribution of wealth.

    • Jimhamster

      They are covered by SS and Medicare.

      • Layla

        They shouldn’t be. They make too much money. We need means testing for both programs.

    • Jimhamster

      You must be one lousy attorney to present an argument that is so easily refuted. “They should be on medicare, social security…”

      That will be 5 minutes at my $300/hr rate you owe me for research.

      • crudbud

        and it took me two (2) minutes to refute your ignorant link.

        local, state and federal employee are either exempt or have plans that include social security but are far in excess of social security.

        i want federal employees to have the same social security I have, nothing MORE and nothing less.

        I round up to the quarter hour so at my hourly rate of $400.00 per hour that will be $100.00, thank you.

        • OneOut

          It took me 3.5 hours to read both of your posts and I charge $4.23 per hour plus tips, so you guys owe me….uh….uh.

          I’m not too good at math so just email me the money, in cash too so it doesn’t mess up my subsidy..

          • TxWrstmkr


        • Jimhamster

          They are not exempt and have been covered by SS, just like everyone else since 1986. Did you actually read the link you cited. “FERS is a retirement plan that provides benefits from three different sources: a Basic Benefit Plan, Social Security and the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP).” See the words “Social Security”? The fact that they also have an additional defined benefits plan (FERS), to which they also contribute, does not validate your erroneous statement that they re exempt from SS. If you want them to have the same “retirement plan” as you, then say so. But they do indeed have the same SS plan. Pay up, loser!

    • CincinnatiMike

      I’ve also been irritated beyond belief by the pay scales, exemptions and extra-legal perks that Washington establishes for itself. When it comes to salaries, the problem with a review board is that it will inevitably be stocked by people who have, for one reason or another, a vested interest in establishing and increasing the salaries. These types of comparative compensation boards eventually get sucked into the system their supposed to monitor and game it.
      I think the best solution would be to start at the top, if you find a way to control congressional salaries, they will make sure others in “government service” don’t make significantly more than them. The best idea I’ve come up with would also pay them for performance. I think Congress people should be paid 3 times the median (not mean, that can be too easily manipulated) private sector income of their home district or state. The only way that they could get raises would be for them to encourage economic growth and job creation, preferably high paying jobs. This would give them the resources to maintain two households and cover the extra expenses faced with such a long “commute”

      • CincinnatiMike

        Oh, I forgot, 3 times the median private sector AFTER-TAX income. Obviously they would be concerned about growth AND tax rates this way.

  • Yougetalife

    citized united is a bad choice for a name when the sc ruled corporations are people and money is free speech.

    Lets force pols getting busted wearing diapers with prostitutes to be fired.

  • Jake Pannel

    Good luck with that….the ruling class having to follow the same rules as the rest of America……….LMFAO……

    • Cody

      At some point, the ones making the laws that we are forced to live by, will either be forced to live by them or they will stop living. hopefully.

    • BadWhisky

      You need to go read up on Shay’s Rebellion and the whisky rebellion if you think we have not been here before. Government abuse has sparked civil disobedience many times in our past, that is why the government wants our guns…..

      • Cody

        They are begging for a lead enema.

  • 57343598876687

    The “lawmakers” need to be subjected to the Police State they have created, perhaps have their house raided by a paramilitary swat team where their dogs are killed and children tazered….

    • BadWhisky

      In the middle of the night with a no knock warrant allowing the action…… yes, and no warning….

  • Pegleg Pinelli

    Term limits for congress would help. We’d see a much different attitude in Congress if our politicians knew that they would be going back to live under the same rules they pass.

    • craig

      Every member of congress that I’m familiar with who ran on a platform of setting term limits, stayed longer than those term limits.

      • Bob

        The exception, Scott Klug, 2nd congressional district of Wisconsin. Campaigning on term limits won in 1990 and was re-elected three times. He left in 1999 when his third term was done. To my lament he was replaced by Tammy Baldwin who is a far left liberal that has dismantled all the good Scott Klug did.

      • BadWhisky

        Except Fred Thompson….

        • Gabby Johnson

          Amen. Love that guy

          • OneOut

            I did until he ran such a tired campaign. I wanted to vote for him until then.

      • ded2me

        Rand Paul was big on this to get elected. Not sure where hes at with this now. Probably memory holed. There are a lot of things going on right now.

      • OneOut

        I remember when Newt ran on “The Contract With America”. They got to all the promises except the last on the list and that was term limits. When asked on TV why they didn’t address term limits, Newt replied, ” the timing just wasn’t right”.

        I suspect the timing would have never been right until he was ready to retire.

    • rs

      And no pay after leaving congress! No free anything!

    • BadWhisky

      Repeal the 17th amendment……

  • Remove From List

    Oh but they sacrifice so much to take on the burden of leadership ..

  • HansGruber

    There is no greater threat to your freedom, liberty, privacy, finances, livelihood and possibly your life than the parasitic “government” and it’s police state.

  • Malik Nidal

    Making Congress live under the laws they pass would be racist.

  • Sam Clemens

    Congress should not be able to pass any law that does not apply to its members.–and that includes health care AND retirement.

    • JIm G

      The should NOT be around long enough to “retire”

    • rs

      Congress and Senate should have no pay, entitlements, pensions, health care or raises after leaving office! They should be treated like the American people. Social Security and their own damn savings!

  • eeddggy

    American Politicians have elevated themselves to Royalty. They can do whatever they please whenever they please.

    • James Fabins

      They forgot to study up on the French Revolution. 300 million unhappy peasants can mess up a rich persons dreams of power

  • VeteranJack48

    What a novel idea!

  • Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha

    Those we elect to represent us and who pass laws that effect us should also effect them. If Obama care is good for the people then it should be good for the government workers. I would go one step further to push for term limits on the Supreme Court.

    • CincinnatiMike

      Absolutely, one 18 year term with justices appointed every other year and no President appointing more than 2 in a 4 year term.

      • Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha

        You filled in an aspect that needs addressing. Take out the right for a President to appoint a Supreme Court judge and make it an issue where both the Congress and Senate vote in a Candidate. That would greatly reduce the power of the Executive office and keeping with term limits would also reduce the power of the Supreme Court.

  • cccdude

    I would really love to hear the losers argument against this. This is one thing that the founding fathers overlooked. This is the biggest no brainer in the history of the world.

    • D-Dash

      Don’t worry, you will hear from them because they do not think, they just follow orders. Vitter has an R by his name. Anything he suggests must be defeated! Even if it means their own enslavement. I think I saw one such fool in the comments section already.

    • Dana King

      The founders didn’t overlook it, the states and the people are the ones who dropped the ball and vote to continue to keep those traitors to liberty in office.

      This law is not needed if the people and the states hold the feds’ feet to the fire and make sure they follow the constitution. And if they don’t the founders put provisions into the US Constitution to “fix” when the federal govt overreaches. That you have no idea such a thing exists but feel qualified to comment as if you are an expert is exactly why this country is in such a mess as most Americans have zero knowledge about the US Constitution, and that includes most politicians, including POTUS. I’m glad you are passionate but it would behoove you to learn what the US Constitution says and means.

      • JIm G

        It’s a wonderful sentiment, however, all the money DC siphons off the taxpayers is used to bribe the states into ‘behaving’ themselves and toeing the federal line. Term limits would eliminate the seniority system and there would be no more ‘powerful’ politicians. The progressive (I mean socialist) movement is skroo-ing us all.

    • Ackerjax

      Actually if the Constitution was followed the checks and balances, would have kept government from expanding as it has, the law was intended for everyone to be treated equally. That what they fought for – to get away from a two-tier system – elitist and peon, ruling class and working class.

      • CincinnatiMike

        Personally I think one of the big travesties against the checks and balances built into the original Constitution was when state appointment of senators was eliminated and they began to be directly elected in the name of “democracy.” State appointment was an important check in our republic against federal overreach. If the senators were answerable to their state governments for their positions, they wouldn’t be so interested in buying off voters in order to become permanent residents of Washington DC.They would be much more closely aligned to state interests and rights. Of course that was just one early (although critical) salvo in the Democratic Party’s ravaging of our Constitution

        • Ackerjax


  • DiscustedONE

    Sen. David Vitter – If he can get the bill passed, He will be an American hero. The Kings and Queens of Washington are going to be out to destroy Vitter. They want to be able to vote their own raises, have no term limits, and steal as much tax payer money as possible. Millions of $ from Lobbiest “under the table money” which is a conflict of interest. Millions for their perk parties and supposedly business trips to Hawaii.

  • Thomas

    About time! The next should be term limits like Texas. Congress was designed to be public servants, not lords over serfs. Laws are meaningless if they are not equally dispensed amongst its citizenry.

    • OneOut

      Texas has a sunset provision on all State government agencies. Every ten years each get a review to see if they are still doing the job they are supposed to do when created.

      • CincinnatiMike

        They do the same thing in Norway with many of the government programs and in some cases take it a step further. Even if the program is working, all the project leaders and managers have to reapply to their positions – with open competition. The idea is to keep the organisation fresh and avoid “capture” by interest groups or bureaucrats.

        • OneOut

          Wow, what a great idea.

          Never gonna gain traction here though.

  • roadsterred

    The United Kingdom has their royal family and the United States of America have equivalents. They are called the U.S. Senate and U.S. Congress. What started as part-time enterprises have evolved into quasi monarchies with all of its privileges and benefits. Its time to reign them in. They no longer are altruistic, they are blatantly in it to for themselves.

    • CincinnatiMike

      No, the congress is the aristocracy – the occupants of the White House are the royal family.

  • Richard_Wiggler


  • brunsk42

    They would never pass any laws if that was the case.. But i like the idea a lot,.

  • eyesjamesq

    Good luck with that one.

  • BadWhisky

    Go for it Vitter, Congresscritters should never be able to pass any law that they themselves do not have to follow equally as do the citizens they represent. How about taking away the congressional rights to skirt the insider trading laws as well…..

  • Rick2056

    There is no bigger injustice and travesty than to see the Congress exempting themselves from the laws they pass, such as Social Security and Medicare.
    The White House and the Supreme Court should not be exempt from anything
    any Laws the Congress passes and is signed by the President. The Supreme Court should not permit the President or any other entity, from exempting any
    corporation or entity that all citizens must abide. Also, and of great importance,
    the Congress should not be allowed to propose and pass their own pay raises.
    The raises they give themselves, almost with no objections from any member,
    are obscene and undeserved. The raises they give themselves, are exceptionally
    undeserved and they vote on them while their performance approves is the lowest.
    No federal employee should ever be exempted from anything. No ex-congress
    person should ever be permitted to become a Lobbyist for anyone. The retirement
    limits for those in Congress need to be trimmed and reviewed cutting those
    ridiculous benefits that nobody else enjoys or is eligible for. Term Limits are badly
    needed and the authority of the President needs to be curtailed to limit the number
    of Executive Orders he can issue, thereby, bypassing the Congress to simply
    stick it to the people and make them hurt, he should be booted out as
    un-presidential as his charter should be to defend and protect those under him.
    The Supremes should not make “law” as Chief Justice did. Loot at the mess
    that we have under the Obamacare, that the justices, all of them, knew how it
    was crafted, under closed doors and with no input from the GOP. Obama, Reid,
    Pelosi, all a the other dumb idiots who violated their own ethics grossly purely
    for political reasons of a socialist President.

    • Jimhamster

      Congress & staff are not exempt from Social Security or Medicare. Read this and learn something, you are embarrassing yourself with your ignorance.

      • Layla

        Who said they were exempt from Social Security and Medicare? Please tell me why they should be allowed to collect on it when the taxpayers are covering all their health and retirement benefits. Congress should NOT be entitled to ANY benefits at all.

    • OneOut

      They no longer can give themselves raises. Their pay is tied into Federal Judges ( IIRC). So when they want a raise they just vote one in for the judges and then theirs is automatic. Rids them of having to answer to those pesky voters.

  • Ryan Mouk

    You mean, Congress, the United States Congress, the ones voted by the people, will have to abide by the same laughable jack-hole laws as the rest of the country? Never will happen.; The majority of Congress believe they have been given some holy right to dictate your lives. Do you actually think they are going to fall to the level as common citizens?

  • uneed

    I am behind this 110%. It’s time to put those fascist out to pasture.


    Amen brother – that would be great – would not need term limits because most would be in jail before they finished their term. Just look at the tax cheats in there? No pensions but 410K’s. Force them to use B0-ama Kare. Perjury would be a major drawback for all these political types. Where do we sign up?

  • TantohadGPS

    This is SUCH a good idea. No more friggin royalty.

  • n_slash_a

    Just keep asking the question, “Why hasn’t Obama signed up for Obamacare?”

    • Dirk Diggler

      Because he is covered under the federal health care system. If you have a plan, you stay on it (or it gets tweaked) under your current provider. Obamcare is for people who don’t have a plan.

      • SteveCripps

        millions of people were also covered under plans they found satisfactory. they didn’t get the opportunity to keep their plans because The One and his minions thought they knew better than theses individuals what they needed. We heard for three and a half years what a great deal this was going to be for everyone. As it turns out, it’s pretty sweet for people to jump onto medicaid. Not so much for at least 3 million, and the number may jump as high as 90+ million.
        You seem to miss the premise of the argument here. If elected officials want to dictate what those paying their salaries have to live under, they should not be exempt themselves.
        We do not live under an autocracy where those who make the rules get one deal and those who are forced to live under those rules get a decidely worse deal. If it’s good enough for me, it’s good enough for thee.
        Or is there something wrong with the law that makes it a problem for the annointed ones?
        Progressiveism — Programs so good people have to be forced to accept them!

      • Layla

        No, it is because everybody else is now losing their healthcare because it doesn’t meet the new federal regs. The new rates are 5 times higher, so now the middle class cannot afford to pay for health insurance. TIME TO VOTE CONGRESS OUT.

  • Mark Tippets

    Remember the movie Taken……”good luck”

  • Pete

    My Special Bucket List for



    1.Obama: Gone!

    2. Put “GOD”
    back in America !!!

    3. Borders: Closed!

    4.Congress & THE
    EXECUTIVE BRANCH: On the same retirement & healthcare plans as everybody

    5.Congress: Obey its
    own laws NOW!

    6.Language: English only!

    7.Culture: Constitution, and
    the Bill of Rights!

    8.Drug Free: Mandatory Drug
    Screening before & during Welfare!

    9.NO freebies to

    10.Balance the budget.

    11.Stop giving away our money
    to foreign countries! Charge them for our help!

    We need it here.

    12.Fix the TAX CODE!

    And most of all.

    13. “RESPECT


    We the people are coming!

    In GOD We TRUST!

    • Thomas

      Id like to see an Amendment to the Constitution for Congressional term limits and an end to special favors for them, including cadillac health care, special stock buying that the public doesn’t get, and yearly investigations of where their assets are coming from. How do Congressional salaried public servants become millionaires, and where do they find the time to be doing this?

  • GM Off with their Heads

    This won’t happen until you flush out current congress. McCain = 8 terms and going for another. Total BS.

  • Ackerjax

    Things have deteriorated in Washington to the type of system we detached from as a colony that we now have to pass a law to bring us back??? Sure would make them consider – maybe even read? the laws they write! Who knows laws might be simple, easy and specific, not the usual legally challedgable mess of junk. Another thing – no more “other purposes” a bill is what and as it is intended.

  • Dirk Diggler

    There is a special place in Hell for members of congress who enjoy gold standard health care and punish overworked, underpaid staffers. There is also another separate place for Senators who frequent prostitutes, and uphold “family values”.

  • carlhoffman

    If the citizens get behind the bill we can make it happen, time we stop allowing them to treat us as Serf’s,

    • SystemicNecrosis

      Shaddap & get back to farmin’ Obamaland!

  • SJF

    I can’t understand how certain citizens can be exempt from the laws of the land….it just sounds unconstitutional to me. I guess I don’t have a clear understanding of what it means for them to be ‘exempt’. No citizen should get a pass on a law that other citizens have to SUFFER under.

  • ChopperChopChop

    Forcing Congress to obey the laws they pass? That sounds extremist to me.
    – All major media outlets


    The DumpoCraps and the RINO scumbags are thick as thieves, and only interested in feathering their nests, and not at all concerned with what their constituents think.

    Hopefully, that is about to change, and these åsshøles will get pushed aside by politicians concerned for the voters!.

  • Shannon Pendergrass

    Well I won’t bother to get my hopes up about that the DUMDUMCANTS will do everything they can to make sure they don’t have to live by the same LAWS as everyone else that is why the government shut down because they refused to live by the laws that they pass for everyone else!! The “debt limit” crap was just a ruse for the left who are still stupid enough to believe the LYING media lapdogs!

  • John Galt

    Congress and the President….No benefits, NO pay! EVER!! Write a book.

  • jqc1970

    It’s way past time these scumball politicians start adherring to the same laws they force on Americans.

  • J***h2

    Never happen. Vitter keeps pushing he may have an accident. Abosolute power corrupts absolutely.

    • Ron Mexico

      Unfortunately, you might be right. This administration is scary!

    • martialmedia

      Obama just has to ask his NSA buddies to find something on him. That is what all the NSA spying on Americas is all about. It’s about being able to stomp out opposition.

  •!/vickie.browning.12 blondethinker

    If my so-called Sate Representatives don’t have to live within the law they wrote, then neither do I. After all they if represent me, they are me.
    At no time are they above me!

  • Salley Hoovers

    It’s about time… Do people know that they have exempted themselves from discrimination , employment and a host of other laws that they pass and then exempt themselves from. If Comrade Barry hadn’t given them an exemption and a bribe of paying 75% of their costs to O Care, they would be much more inclined to stop this massive wealth transfer to their donors and buddies who feed off the public trough now. This includes BOTH parties at the UPPER levels. The repub establishment RINO’s and the Socialist dem’s have become 1 and the same… 2014 is coming and we have the power they despise. Which is, we can remove them from office.. LETS DO IT PEOPLE and regain control of our freedoms and government..

  • hank_reardon

    Let’s do a trial period for single payer healthcare JUST for government employees. ALL LEVELS. Remember government employees, you work for us and here is the healthcare system we give you. If you don’t like it, join the private sector chief.

  • fleabug

    Really? The fact that such a push must be considered shows just how bad this government really is.

  • Hobbes_Wayne

    If this does not succeed, we are evolving to a Politburo and Soviet Style leadership.

    • dbt3481

      It is already to late..

      • Layla

        Not if we vote Congress OUT.

    • Falsk Konto

      You didn’t notice the “Department of Homeland Security” er… “Committee for State Security”… DHS displays striking similarities with the KGB…

    • Gifted Goober

      Evolving to? Wake up – were there already… All that’s missing is the armed tank in the town square and lines for toilet paper.

  • SigFan

    What? These people want the political royalty to be treated the same as us peasants? Don’t they know that they are our “rulers” and that they can’t be held to same standards they impose on us? /sarc

    I would go even further and if one of them is caught in violation of a law that they subject us to they should be fired on the spot, incarcerated for life and stripped of all status and benefits.

  • Kosh94

    I’d like to vote for my reps SALARIES TOO! Every year, vote up or down and pick the percentage. This year DOWN -60%. Work more, produce more GOOD legislation and MAYBE you’ll get UP-10% next year.

    • Corpseman57

      Section II Article I of the Constitution says the president gets a salary, but no other perks. That means his wife is stealing our tax dollars.

    • Layla

      And NO SALARY AT ALL until the budget is balanced.


    All laws should apply equally to all citizens.
    How hard is that to understand.

    • Gifted Goober

      They do apply to all citizens (the masses). But they are not mere citizens – they are the Elites (i.e better than you). Been going on for over 60 years…

  • JC526

    Still trying to figure out WHY we need a law such as this. It should be the law of the land since day 1.

    • Gifted Goober

      In case you haven’t figured it out, Socialism is for the people, not the socialist, dear comrade… By forcing laws on everyone but themselves and other select elites, they are simply telling you they are better than you, and thus deserve better treatment. Welcome to Hope and Change baby….

  • jnobfan

    Thank you sir. Many of you are not old enough to remember the Viet Nam “War” and why it was stopped.
    One of the main reasons it was stopped is because the College Deferment rule was cancelled which meant that the Senators sons and the Congressmen s sons would be drafted into the military along with the poor and the working poor peoples sons like me and my friends. Some of which never made it back home from the jungles and rice paddies. Many who did make it home were not the same as when they left.
    Its very important that we insist that the ruling class be subjected to the same rules as the rest of us.

    • Adheeb

      We should not speak of these people as the ruling class. And you’re right, these people should be required to live under the same laws as all other citizens.

    • Kj

      All this done while LBJ was walking around Nude in the White House,total disrespect For USA. Hmmmmmmm
      I wonder what will come out,about Barry ,20 yrs later

  • jestemwpolsce

    How dare you!!!

  • Flyoverman

    Mark Levin has this all covered in the Liberty Amendments.

    • Gifted Goober

      I say Amen, brotha

  • First Last

    What the country needs is a national movement similar to the civil rights movement, only this time the goal must be congressional term limits, maybe even the abolishment of “ruling class” status, e.g., they must live by all the laws they’ve force on the rest of us, no exemptions or exceptions. I suppose outlawing cash for political influence would be a wise move too, but that is asking a bit much of our State Legislatures.

    Oh, and lest we all forget, it IS possible for 2/3 of our State legislatures to convene a special constitutional convention for the purpose of creating and implementing new Constitutional Amendments, whether our corrupt CONGRESS-CRITTERS LIKE IT OR NOT! It would take just 38 State legislatures to ratify such a proposed amendment and make it Contitutional Law.

    I say screw it, let’s do it without them.

  • propel7

    How may laws do we need? How many regulations? How many taxes? Enough for Government to make themselves God? Appears now that this is their end game.

  • Tj707

    The ruling class are not going to give up their benefits without a fight. So we who are being ruled upon better be willing to fight.

    • veeper

      these career elitist are betting americans will not put up a fight…

      history has proven they will not….

      • Layla

        Have you READ your American history??? The United States has the largest armed citizen army in the world.

    • Gifted Goober

      Indeed, and be willing to pay the ultimate price as well.

  • jbszeus

    The fact that our elected officials think they can live under different laws than us tells you everything you need to know about what’s ailing America. They do it brazenly precisely because they get re-elected anyway. Game over. When does the 2nd revolution begin?

    • Kj

      It’s already Started

    • Layla

      On election day, 2014, 2016, 2018. Just like we did in 2010. Obamacare payback is going to be hell.

  • rufedup2

    Term Limits is the only way to diminish special interest lobbyists and control the power of congressional members. Passing a “no exemptions” amendment is a great start but the real answer is preventing politicians from getting a strangle hold on the way this country is governed. Our forefathers never intended for congress to serve as a final destination for life long careers. They knew that would create a breeding ground for contemptible power brokers.

    • The Kirby’s

      Make them part time, have to work from home to be closer to their constituents, and no pay, other than some office equipment reimbursements. Let them SERVE the people at our leisure. Let the lobbies have to travel to each and every state with their hands out begging.

      • Blue

        I’ll take a watch shift.

  • Kj

    They are all Commie Bastards ,Back Stabbers ,and working with the Mighty ManSlayer

    Can I get an Amen

  • Gabby Johnson

    Vitter 2016

  • tredshift

    This is Outrageous! How can we expect Congress to live by the same rules they impose on the rest of us?

    • Jesse4

      They already do.

      • Blue

        That’s funny, if I had inside knowledge of how a stock was going to do, say because I passed a law giving that company an edge, I’d go to jail for insider trading. They don’t. I’d like to see them live under what they are forcing upon us for a change.

        • Jesse4

          They ARE already living under what they are forcing on us.

          • Layla

            Jesse, you are an idiot. Insider trading is legal in Congress. How do you think Mitch McConnell is now worth over $17 million?

      • tredshift

        That’s a good one…do you also believe in the Easter Bunny?

  • HereWeGo321

    Well, where do we sign?

  • detesface

    I am sooooo in on this one. Just let me know where to sign up and support this great cause.

  • bill1942

    Good luck with that, but I suspect that it doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in Hell of coming to pass.

  • Eileen_For_Freedom_Liberty


  • Brian washere

    As long as dingy Harry is running that show it will NEVER see the light of day.


    The liberal “vile” tactics are exceeded only by the RINO’s, led by McConnell & Boehner! They all cooked this crappy exclusion up, and they should eat it!!!!!!!

  • David Langley

    We already did this once, and Obama swore to protect that document. Words and paper don’t mean a thing if nobody’s going to DO anything.

    • Layla

      And you believed him? Name 3 times he’s been truthful.

  • Bob Benton

    AWESOME IDEA! I am signing up. We need more proactive measures like this to sober up the drunks in Washington. What a brilliant initiative. Senator Vitter you have my vote!

  • Nick

    If I don’t do my job I get fired. The House & Senate should be held accountable to the same standards. If I spend more than I bring in I get into a lot of trouble and I can’t borrow money off every citizen in the united states to pay it off! If I vote for something (DEMOCRATS I’m looking at you!) that is supposed to be so magnificant and world changing for the citizens of the US like the ACA then I too should have to suffer under its weighty bureacracy and higher prices with no help from John Q. public.
    Also, if I repeat something over and over and over again that is a blatant lie then I have committed purgery and should be held accountable whether those statements were made in a court of law or not.

  • assy-butts

    The reggie love act

  • Rapture_Proof

    Best idea I have ever heard. Would LOVE to see all members of congress forced to use obama care.

    • Jesse4

      Keeping your employer health benefits IS Obamacare.
      What you want is a special law targeting a special group, for no good reason at all.

      • stanford67

        When millions of people lose their insurance, it statistically makes them healthier and safer.

    • Layla

      If Congress had been required to shop for their own healthcare, we never would have gotten to the crisis stage. And we certainly wouldn’t be losing our healthcare now.

      • Jimhamster

        Actually members of congress, like all federal employees, do shop for their health care during the annual open season. They choose from a number of private insurance plans, much like the Obamacare exchange or like any large corporation of public sector employer. You really need to educate yourself, Layla, before you spout off.

        • Layla

          And WE PAY FOR IT. Pay for your own benefits, Jim, and stop the insults. Makes you look foolish.

  • Paulii

    Amen Amen Amen. Join social security, Medicare, Obamacare, insider trading laws, and a host of other requirements. How about a 40 hour work week? 2 weeks plus holidays off, and no other slacking. Add to that an 8-12 year absolute term limit in Congress, no lifetime benefits – when you’re gone, you’re done, off the public dime, and call it a day.

  • Jack in Ga

    I think the first law that should be passed is that Congress and the White House should have to follow the same laws that they pass. Always. Period. Guaranteed.

    Call it the Obama Precedent..

  • rantrightdave

    Sorry, but this makes absolute, complete sense – and therefore has little to no chance. This exact principal is what has started many revolutions. All Animals are equal. Some are more equal than others. No longer Public Servants, but the Public serving the clueless.

    • Jesse4

      So, denying the health benefits that most other workers get to Federal workers that have always had them is now about being “equal”?

      • stanford67

        What are you saying? Is that English?

        • Jesse4

          Yes it is.
          It has a reasonably simple sentence construction with no big words too.
          Home schooled?

      • Layla

        Pay for your own benefits, Jesse, just like the rest of Americans are now doing. We cannot afford you anymore. If you want benefits, get a real job….one over 29 hours per week, if you can find one. Otherwise, join the 16 million of us who are unemployed, thanks to CONGRESS.

  • Joe_E_in_the_IE

    File it between “When Hell Freezes Over” and “When Pigs Fly.”

  • CenCalDevil

    A law to make those that write and pass said laws to live BY those laws.

    Here’s another idea; term limits.

    And another; forceful prosecution of those caught gaming , manipulating or cheating the system.

    • JoeNJ8

      Agreed. term AND age limits.

    • assy-butts

      Perhaps a psychiatric evaluation every now and then, as well.

    • stanford67

      Elections are the time for term limits, and besides, the prisons are already full.

  • JoeNJ8

    Those parasites have the best deals in the universe. Why should they change?

    • Jesse4

      People that work for the government aren’t “parasites” any more than anyone working for someone else is a “parasite.”
      You, though, are a bigot and just as small a little person as Vitter.

      • assy-butts

        A bigot? You sure you understand the definition of that term? Dips*it.

        • Jesse4

          Of course.
          You really need someone to explain why the term fits to you?

          • assy-butts

            Because your mom is an ape?

          • Jesse4

            Go play with your crayons, this is grown-up stuff.

          • assy-butts

            You just keep that rebuttal in the locked and loaded “copy&”paste” for when you need a real put down? What a bigot!! (see how I used your meaningless insult against you?)

          • Jesse4

            I don’t keep that one for just anyone.
            Just infantile little fools like yourself.
            I have grown up insults for people that are mature enough to understand them.

          • assy-butts

            Remember, thinking objectively only hurts the children, and makes us all more vulnerable to the terrorists.

      • stanford67

        To be honest, anyone that disagrees is a racist and a bigot.

        • Jesse4

          No, I say bigot because JoeNF8 wants to call all of a large and diverse group “parasites” with no justification for the insult at all.
          That’s pretty close to a working definition of bigot.
          It has nothing to do with disagreeing.

  • CenCalDevil

    Why are most politicians such jello spine, self serving ,deceitful scum bags?

    Has anyone done a study? Maybe dissect a brain or two?

    • stanford67

      They would have to do that while they are alive! That’s terrible.

  • exbobbie

    Well of course these politicians will pass a law that denies them special treatment, just like they will pass a law that requires them to abide by every law they pass. They are honest, upright, moral, law abiding citizens who are only in politics to serve their fellow citizens, without any expectation of monetary reward or positions of power, go ahead, just ask them, they’ll tell you, YEAH SURE.

  • BoilerVette

    For starters, how about suspending the pay of ALL congressmen until they fulfill their legal obligation to PASS A FEDERAL BUDGET???

    • Jesse4

      That would do the country a lot more good than denying Congressional aids health benefits.

  • Mark edward marchiafava

    Oh, boy !!! Another round of “we’re going to fix congress!”

    • waitaminutedoggy

      So, what should we do? Nothing?

      • Mark edward marchiafava

        Albert Einstein once said “doing the same thing, over and over, expecting different results, is insanity.”
        Take a cue from a much smarter guy, try doing something radically different if you want different results. And yes, you ARE welcome !

  • jojo

    If government members were required to live by the laws they have passed for the rest of us over half of them would already be in Prison.


    Tell your Obamacare Horror story now:


    I agree!

  • RagsOnYouSchwags

    if you’re a democrat, you should ask yourself why no democrats, the alleged party of the people, do not support living by the rules they make for everyone else…but you won’t because you are democrats, after all, driven by emotions rather than logic.

  • ordinary american

    The day these Rat Bastrds are required to live by the same rules and regulations they impose on us will be really welcomed. Maybe then they will begin to reverse the crap they piled on us.

    • Jesse4

      What makes you think they aren’t required to live under the same rules and regulations as everyone else?

      • Brad

        Explain to me how a PUBLIC SERVANT becomes a millionaire while serving in congress?

        • Layla

          Insider Trading, that’s how. Or, in the case of Dianne Feinstein, Richard Bloom (her husband) makes his money off government contracts.

          • Brad


  • stanford67

    If they don’t have to live by the rules they make, they can maintain their neutrality.

    • Layla

      Really? Insider Trading is neutrality? Living like kings/queens while your constituents are barely eeking out a living on 29 hours a week is neutrality? Many of these people belong in prison for what they have done to the American people.

  • SystemicNecrosis

    Wait. US Congresspersons and Senatepersons DO LIVE BY THE LAWS THEY PASS… General example #1) You do this. WE do that. General example #2) You pay this. WE don’t pay this. They know that all LGBTMPDWKFNHSJEIEI&O (NOT R&C!) are equal.They DO THE RIGHT THING because THEY ARE MORE EQUAL THAN EVERYONE.!! Maybe they should pay taxes on all their benefits(free travel, mailing and security,etc.) like we will soon on our work benefits.

  • vickievija5

    It is about time!

  • ivan

    Granted, everyone should be under the same laws. Our congress however will from time to time set itself aside form whatever it is they passed. It has always bothered me in that congress sets its own salary’s and health care benefits packages. And how can congress set is own retirement package much less deserve one from an elected position ? If members of congress were paid according to bills or laws passed they would earn a heck of a lot less they are paid . Lets not forget that congress also gets tons of money from lobbyist of every kind. Talk about conflict of interest. On the farm bill they are working on now….cuts to food stamps and food for kids is to be cut even more yet they are asking for more in subsidies to farms….and guess what…30 or so members of congress will get their share of that money as they have been getting for years,. On the military side republicans are pushing for cuts to social security medicare and Medicaid and not cut funds to big companies that hand those same congressional folks tons of money to keep that money coming in new contracts.

  • AZsmitty

    This Nation originated by “citizens” fed up with aristocracy and monarchy holding themselves up as better than others. The seeds of outright rebellion have been sown for lessor actions than these. It is far more entertaining to attend a town hall meeting when you confront your “representative” with “why is it that you feel you are above those of us that elected you?”

  • Joseph

    The Government employees are the worker bees of the ruling class and therefor deserve special consideration greater than We The Peons. Just ask them.

  • seaarrow

    Time they start living by the rules they impose on US.

  • warpsix

    if Anything the Citizen out ranks a federal employee as well as state employee hence the term “Public servant” So we should follow adage what’s good for the goose is good for the gander

  • flappdoodle

    While you’re at it, make a law that EVERY entitlement MUST have a sunset provision so nothing goes on and on and on and on and on….

  • joshuasweet

    The 14th amendment granted equal protection to all under the law. that means all of us equally.

    we are now seeing a new form of “Separate but equal” here one set of accommodations and rules for the citizens and another for the politicians.

  • hydtguy

    How do I help? Its the right thing to do.

    • Layla

      It’s going around the states through the state parties. Contact yours and ask to help.

  • No One

    Support an Article V convention to propose amendments to the Constitution. One of the changes could be to require that congress has no separate health or retirement benefits not available to all citizens. See Mark Levin for others.

  • Gringo Bandit

    But time!

  • Layla

    I have to wonder why we are still paying for healthcare and retirement benefits for anyone making over $100,000 per year. Would like to see a Constitutional Amendment on this, as well as term limits.

    • JoeNJ8

      low IQ?

      • Layla

        Insults are not going to save you this time.


    Impeach OCommie.

  • Igor Shafarevich

    Even though the concepts of cultural evolution and biological evolution share similarities, there are important differences between them.

  • Layla

    Americans stand 100% with Senator Vitter on this one.

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