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May 25, 2015

Cruz Wants Special Prosecutor to Investigate IRS

(Douglas Graham/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

(Douglas Graham/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

Sen. Ted Cruz wants a special prosecutor to investigate misconduct at the IRS.

The Texas Republican follows up on the first in a series of five questions that Cruz would like to see President Barack Obama address in next week’s State of the Union address. Each of the questions hit on politically charged subject matter, ranging from the attack on the U.S. compound in Benghazi, Libya, to claims made by the president about the health care overhaul.

Cruz’s IRS-related request comes in a letter to Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. He’s looking for a special prosecutor to consider any potential criminal cases against IRS officials over the agency’s controversial actions against tea party and conservative organizations.

“To date, no one has been indicted. And it has been reported that the FBI plans not to file any criminal charges. This is a sad state of affairs. The widespread perception of partisan bias, of manifest conflict of interest, besmirches the reputation of the Department of Justice. And it undermines confidence in rule of law,” Cruz wrote. “I ask you personally to demonstrate the independence that so many of your predecessors have demonstrated, and act to preserve the integrity of the Department of Justice and immediately appoint a special prosecutor, with meaningful independence, to investigate the IRS’s illegal targeting of conservative groups.”

The full letter is posted here.

  • Joe Petrosky Jr.

    Should have been done already. Get one for Benghazi too.

  • pmorton

    I have no problem with Cruz hiring and paying for a special prosecutor with his own money, but there is no reason to waste taxpayer money on his personal vendettas.

    • disqus_E4Vdp7qC06

      Personal vendettas?? Personal ?? You are obviously are in the no knowledge category, and or getting the free ride with the rest of the Troll Patrol. No one would have he to ask for a Special Prosecutor if the Dictator , Holder, Hillary and everyone of of his cronies didn’t lie and create all these events!!!

      • johnblack45john

        Where is your proof any of them lied?

        • disqus_E4Vdp7qC06

          Uh, gee, I don’t have any….. Just all the groups who got hit and the lies told by Mr. & Mrs. Pass the Buck!! Documents, emails etc., etc. Where is your proof that they didn’t. No sense discussing any of it with you as you obviously are a koolaid drinker also. Not to worry though. We are from the government and we are here to help. You must live in a box about 20 feet underground. Thank to you, the country is being destroyed

          • johnblack45john

            Name some of these so called lies and shoe irrefutable proof of them. Go ahead. This ought to be good. You must live in the Fox News bubble. And thanks to people like you and your tea party this country is destroyed.

          • disqus_E4Vdp7qC06

            A troll is a troll is a troll!

          • johnblack45john

            Try not being so hard on yourself you dumb f**k

          • disqus_E4Vdp7qC06

            Hmmmm. Keep drinking the koolaid!

          • johnblack45john

            Don’t drink it. Never did. Even as a child. What so you drink that makes you so stupid? Stupid aid?

          • Jesse4


    • Samiam

      Hmmmm …funny that’s what was used to go after Nixon. It’s always bad when it’s aimed at the left isn’t it. The hypocrisy of the left is dispicable. When the left says yeah but we had some organizations targeted too….please..the number of conservatives harassed vs the number of left wingers is blatant.

  • Stan Bozarth

    Perhaps the rest of us would find out why these organizations are allowed tax-exempt status. The IRS ought to disallow.

    • Samiam

      Yeah right…the definitions of a few tax exempt; 501c4; 501(c)(4)
      Which the teaparty is perfectly in it’s legal boundries;
      (Civic Leagues, Social Welfare Organizations, and Local Associations of Employees Promotion of community welfare; charitable, educational or recreational 1024 9901 or 990EZ8 No, generally 2,3
      AND 501(c)(6)
      Which the NFL IS CLASSIFIED AS;
      Business Leagues, Chambers of Commerce, Real Estate Boards, Etc. Improvement of business conditions of one or more lines of business 1024 9901 or 990EZ8 No2

      So if the teaprty is educating us on the corrupt spending of which our government is engaged in why is it not a worthy social welfare organization? Check out the life styles of those community organizers who are advocates (and windfall recipients )for the variety of social justice organizations . As a working class tax payer we deserve an advocate too…that’s what the tea party is.. An organization spot lighting over spending of our hard earned DOLLARS. That’s why the government HATES US. Long live the teaparty.

      • Jesse4

        The Tea Party is a political group. They aren’t “educating” anyone, and they aren’t a social welfare organization either. The only reason anyone even considers them for tax exempt status is political cowardice.

        • Samiam

          Cowardice?? If you’ve never attended a local “Taxed enough already” meeting then you are ignorant and YOU are the coward for allowing the media & establishment politicians to control YOU. We are educating voters on a local level first to be aware of a candidates principles of fiscal policies because we cannot count on the media to tell the truth. The MEDIA has become an arm of the politicians and it’s the goal of the tea party to put power back into the hands if the people who are PAYING the salaries of those elected to represent them. We may not be a political party now but if the government continues to impugn & demonize us we just may have to be. AND THAT is what the elites are deathly afraid of.

          • hrobinson

            Spot on!

  • jimmie redding

    we the people would have been promptly arrested and fired. Why are they above us. They are not. I hope your efforts pay off but I doubt it will. If there was an ounce of decency all the issues would have been taken care of. By the way the liquor bill is way to high. There should never be alcohol in any govt. building. I think that’s a lot of the problem, voting drunk. you could be easily persuaded to not voting your ideals. So get it out of the white house. We don’t owe you drinks. Drink water.

  • vicki

    Did you all miss the part where liberal and progressive groups were also investigated? I guess the “troll patrol” is headed by Cruz et al. If there were a ‘there’ there, it would be investigated. As usual, the Foxies only have one side of the story

    • BajaLaJolla

      Nice deceit, TROLL. Do you think anyone believes this Democrat lie that liberal groups are being teated the same, when it is well documented that your “investigated” actually means “promptly approved for tax-free status”?
      While the various tea party groups have been “investigated” forever with their requests denied by your criminal democrat thugs in the IRS by refusing actually conduct and resolve their status?
      Yes you are a troll, probably a paid Soros Marxist from OFA.

      • johnblack45john

        Where is your proof that they are not? Link please? Put up or shut up.

      • Beeker

        By responding with attacks you don’t help in your case. Even Issa could not come up with anything short of showing evidence.
        The best place to start is Congress when they changed the definition of social welfare organizations which allow organizations to apply for such status when they, in fact, don’t qualify.

      • Jesse4

        You’re ignorant.
        The Tea Party groups weren’t denied their tax exempt status like they should have been.

    • Chiefbuck

      Yup, the liberal viewpoint speaks loud and clear but the facts are missing. Try posting the ratio of over 50-1 against conservative groups. The term ‘liberal credibility’ is pretty silly. Here’s the problem for you libs, as soon as the US Senate and House are solid GOP, the tax money to buy the parasite and progressive votes ends. How’s that Obamacare working out for you?

      • johnblack45john

        Parasites are dumb f**ks like you who vote against your own best interest by voting republican. What are they going to do for you? NOTHING! If they had to choose between doing for their rich corporate sugar daddy sponsors or poor white folks like you who do you think they will choose first? Certainly not you. They use low information voters like you for your vote and you are too blind and stupid to see it.

      • johnblack45john

        An Obamacare is working just fine for me. An you?

  • tpartynitwit

    What Tedious Ted really wants is attention. He misses being able to chase down and dry hump the leg of anyone with a camera.

    • BajaLaJolla

      Massive array of Hatch Act felonies by your fellow liberals in the IRS, and all you have for a response is a malicious sneer at Cruz? Says a lot about you, not so much about the Democrat scum in the IRS, doesn’t it?

      • johnblack45john

        I say investigate Cruz and Issa.

        • disqus_E4Vdp7qC06

          Why? And you don’t think they already have?

          • johnblack45john

            Not yet.

          • disqus_E4Vdp7qC06

            Typical, the question as to why must be too complicated for you to answer and you can guarantee they have vetted them just like all the resources and energy wasted on people like Sara Palin where, of course never came up with anything so as part of the plan, they make stuff up.
            You are a complete waste of space so I am now done chatting.

          • johnblack45john

            The question here is why are you so STUPID!/ You are a waste of humanity. Do us all a favor. Go to the top of the Empire State Building and take a flying leap. The world will be a far better pace because of it.

  • Mauinix

    I watch all news, but the one-sided monster is NOT FOX, but the progressive supporting main-stream media (owned by Ted ,
    avoiding the real issues that would give you a more educated decision on
    the truly important matters. But as it’s known, Reps discuss issues, Dems blame. So, what is the deal with Dems and the truth; will their paths ever cross???

  • bittman

    We need Special Prosecutors to investigate both Benghazi and the IRS abuses of Conservatives, but we need a joint committee to appoint and approve of the Special Prosecutor to ensure that another Obama donor is nominated and the end result or finding is not predetermined.

  • Rocko

    It will just end up with the Fox watching the Hen house.

  • Chiefbuck

    Eric Holder will never comply with Senator Cruz’s request. Eventually the illegal activity that this administration has done will be fully exposed. The left wing will then need an army of Bob Beckel ‘sin eaters’ to hide the truth from the American people. The lefties are terrified of Ted Cruz because he speaks the truth. He is actually a Harvard grad who is very intelligent and unlike many liberal politicians is willing to allow his college transcripts to be seen.

    • johnblack45john

      Where do these sinister deeds this administration has done at? Your vivid imagination?

  • pubdart96

    Ha Ha ha ha hahahaha Ha. Yea right. Why don’t you run for President while your at it Mr. Cruz.

  • Water Dude

    Evidence of cultural evolution is visible in the similarities between related alphabets such as those of the Greeks and Russians.


    Calling Holder out: Right on Ted……..We, the taxpayers, deserve answers and accountability from the people who we pay to operate our Government.

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