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March 29, 2015

Democrats Planning Climate Change All-Nighter

(Courtesy Senate Historical Office)

(Courtesy Senate Historical Office)

Get ready! Senate Democrats might be rolling out the cots next month for a debate on climate change.

That’s one of the plans of the new Climate Action Task Force, a group of members of the Senate Democratic Conference announced last month.

The Huffington Post reported Thursday evening that Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, D-R.I., gave word of the marathon session to a group of Organizing for Action activists during a recent conference call.

Whitehouse said the group of senators involved wants “to basically break the pattern of the Senate and show the interest of at least 20 senators who will be participating through the night,” according to the Huffington Post report.

Whitehouse has given a “time to wake up” floor speech about climate and environmental issues each week the Senate’s been in session for the past 58 session weeks.

Sen. Brian Schatz, D-Hawaii, will take the lead in organizing the all-nighter, his office confirmed Thursday evening. Aides to both Schatz and Whitehouse said the event is still in the planning stages, with timing and details yet to be announced.

The Senate Historical Office counts Senate sessions as running all-night when they extend past 4 a.m. There are records for 34 such sessions to date, the most recent being during consideration of  a stopgap spending bill in September of last year.

  • Digory_Kirke

    Why did we go from calling it global warming to climate change? And what global weather patterns would, over time, actually constitute concerns about climate change being wrong?

    • tomatoman1

      Exactly! They have to call it something…anything…to have an excuse to control us and grab our wallets. When, in earth’s history, has the climate not been changing in one way or another?

      • Jesse4

        So, you think saying “climate change” instead of “global warming” somehow gives someone an excuse to “control us”?
        You don’t think very well.

        • tomatoman1

          Yes I do. And you are welcome to your opinion. That is what we’re here for.

          • LuvMolly Sis of Max the Galoot


          • robertbubba2

            Can not respond to you on Crooks and Liars because I got blacklisted for not foul language,because I did not agree with most of the hypocrites and the moderator.

            :) good morning Molly

            110% liberal site

            Now that tells me all I have to know about what the left thinks freedom of speech is

            Agree with what the left posts or we will silence you!

            The lefts idea of free speech is what we want to hear, damn the rest

            Am upset I can not post on this liberal rag, not really it just shows you the lefts way of thinking.

          • Jamie the Union Leech

            It was Molly and her suck puppets that got you blackballed.

          • MoralConsciousness

            They use climate change now because the term global warming with all the cold spell was taking away from the Liberal message.

      • Duffman123

        You’re right, it’s a global conspiracy by all the scientists of the world to figure out a way to “control” you and steal money from you!

        Climate is steady and predictible, weather changes. And I believe the global warming changed because bone-headed people couldn’t grasp the concept that a warming of the Earth changed weather patterns causing temperature changes in the other direction as well.

        • Rick Caird

          NO, it is a conspiracy by a handful of scientists to extract study money from government treasuries while shutting out other scientists who are quite unconvinced by this “settled science” (as if science were ever settled. Ask Einstein and Heisenberg and Newton, etc.).

    • rgbact

      climate change is all encompassing. They want it to sink in people’s brains that destructive weather is abnormal and is caused by carbon. Then the lawyers swoop in for class action lawsuits.

    • Jesse4

      Well, if it stopped warming, and started cooling over a period of decades it would be wrong, but the opposite’s happening.
      And the term “climate change” is just a more comprehensive term than “global warming.” It includes the secondary effects of the warming along with the warming itself. It’s really not that complicated.

      • Digory_Kirke

        You’re not answering my question: what sort of weather patterns over the globe over a sufficiently long period would lead someone who worries about climate change to say “well, we had it wrong?” When you go to Las Vegas, you can’t go to a Roulette Wheel and bet on both red and black simultaneously and come out ahead. But that sort of arrangement is what climate change alarmists expect from the rest of us. They never are willing to describe any possible climate patterns that could prove them wrong in the eyes of an objective non-partial observer. The thing is, no matter what happens with weather, it strangely somehow proves them right, whether it’s extreme heat, extreme cold, lots of snow, lack of snow, floods, and droughts. They will rightly point out that a winter of extreme cold doesn’t disprove global warming, but if you get a warm winter, well, that somehow is significant evidence for global warming. So, again, I ask, what global weather patterns would, over time, actually constitute concerns about climate change being wrong?

      • Rick Caird

        Well, it warmed for about 20-25 years and now has cooled for 17 years. Sounds about normal to me.

        Actually it is complicated. Normal climate change is over millenia, not decades.

  • JobsForAmericansPlease

    Sheldon Whitehouse is a doofus.

  • Newmanian

    Sure hope the snow eases up so they can make it into work.

  • coffeeHouse1982

    In related news, a soothsayer named Daniel P. Schrag has recently conjured up the dramatic narrative that 13-foot storm surges will be normal on the Eastern seaboard by 2050.

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