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May 26, 2015

Feinstein Warns of Risk of ISIL Attack on America, Says Must Be Confronted

(Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

(Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

Senate Intelligence Chairwoman Dianne Feinstein warned Friday of the risk that the insurgent group ISIL could be preparing fighters to attack American and European targets.

“It has become clear that ISIL is recruiting fighters in Western countries, training them to fight its battles in the Middle East and possibly returning them to European and American cities to attack us in our backyard,” the California Democrat said in a statement backing military action authorized by President Barack Obama. “We simply cannot allow this to happen.”

Feinstein called for a broader military campaign against ISIL, not just the targeted missions authorized by the president.

“It takes an army to defeat an army, and I believe that we either confront ISIL now or we will be forced to deal with an even stronger enemy in the future. Inaction is no longer an option. I support actions by the administration to coordinate efforts with Iraq and other allies to use our military strength and targeting expertise to the fullest extent possible,” Feinstein said.

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., warned of a similar possibility in an opinion piece for

“America’s security interests extend well beyond the fate of Iraq’s religious minorities. Because ISIS, with thousands of foreign fighters, many of them from the West, will not rest once it has taken Erbil or Baghdad. Its expansionist ideology will lead it to attack U.S. allies in the region and eventually Europe and the United States,” wrote Rubio, a member of the Intelligence panel.

Feinstein also said that if allowed to advance, the Islamic State may make a march toward the capital city of Baghdad.

“ISIL is capturing new Iraqi towns every day, is reported to be in control of Mosul Dam and is engaging in a campaign of ethnic cleansing that appears to be attempted genocide,” Feinstein said. “I believe that once this group solidifies its hold on what it calls the Islamic State, its next target may be Baghdad.”

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., said in a statement that he looked forward to ongoing consultation as the ISIL situation develops.

“I support President Obama’s decision to send humanitarian air drops to the thousands of stranded Iraqi civilians who have been forced to flee their homes and are at risk of dying. I also support the President’s decision to launch air strikes as long as no combat forces are on the ground,” Reid said. “These air strikes are the correct action for our national security, they will protect American interests and save lives in Iraq.”

Sen. Richard Blumenthal, a Connecticut Democrat, cautioned against the risk of mission creep, however.

“I oppose open-ended military commitments, which the President’s actions in Iraq could become. Humanitarian relief is necessary to prevent genocide and provide food and water to meet an urgent emergency, but the President owes the American people a better, fuller explanation of the scope and strategy of military actions,” said Blumenthal. “I am deeply concerned that these actions could lead to prolonged direct military involvement, which I would strongly oppose.”


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  • allah_loves_theodor_herzl

    the wisdom of another mentally ill jew

  • Cicada Thirty-Three

    Why is America and Europe opening their borders to cultures that hate Western Civilization? What is “liberal” about flooding England with adherents of Sharia? What is “compassionate” about submerging American children in a sea of uneducated, unskilled people who invade our country for the free stuff? Global leftists are waging a slow motion war against Western Civilization and if anyone says anything about it they are called racist, extremist, and nutjob. We’re supposed to sit back and let this happen.

    • allah_loves_theodor_herzl

      Well we have so far. When the right finally wakes up it will be far to late.

      • Ludlow Porch

        America would rather watch it on TV as it happens. Like the conscientious objectors of days gone by. I can see it now, “Honey, load the kids in the car.” A mass exodus for the Canadian border. Besides, patriotism is so un-politically correct now days. Oh, did I mention that our “founding fathers” are now considered “bigots.”

        • allah_loves_theodor_herzl

          You summed it up.

    • Ludlow Porch

      Of course, it is the way of the Liberal Democrats, to sit back and let it happen. It’s all about “The Party” and holding on to power for eons to come. It’s about turning America into a one party ruling class. Damn the taxpayers full speed ahead! Damn the voters, the Democrats can sway elections by hook or crook, now and forever.

    • dlj332

      This may give some ideas on the why’s of some things, food for thought. There was a documentary about four years ago on PBS about money laundering in the middle east via the USA and UK. The oil money was sent back and forth from UK to two separate locations on the east coast in the US, back to UK and Saudi Arabia. When Tony Blair started an investigation he was told that if he didn’t end the investigation “they” would turn terrorists loose in London. I don’t remember the name of the documentary or how you could see it. But is is a factual accounting.

    • Jacqueleen


  • Shootist

    Feinstein Warns of Risk of ISIL Attack on America, Says Must Be Confronted

    A demonrat calling for Perpetual War. Unending war give scum like Feinstein the right to read your mail.

    Save America from the Security Surveillance Police State: End Perpetual War: Reelect no one.

  • Dantes

    So, Feinstein, was it worth having Obama and the democrats throw away Iraq to get elected?

    ISIS is now the best funded terrorist organization on the planet, and they mean to plant their flag on the grounds of the White House. We have an open border to the south, so the terrorists don’t even need to bother with a visa. They can just walk across, carrying who knows what.

    And the idiot left progressives and Obama are burying their heads in the sand.

    • TrueAmerican

      And going on VACATION when the world is on fire. Weren’t we supporting ISIS? Weren’t we giving them weapons? I don’t understand this administration at all. I think they have all just concentrate on money and how this country can be destroyed the fastest. Spy on us and leave border wide open. Doesn’t make sense, then again…..yes it does.

      • sleeve

        My guess is that intelligence intercepts have now indicated that ISIS has been watching IDF slaughter thousands of Palestinians, and decided to teach Bibi’s pimpled army of reservists, who can only win against un-armed civilians and 3 year old Hamas terrorists in diapers, how real men fight. So of course, the cowardly genocidal thug Bibi snaps his fingers, AIPAC cash gets slid into “our” Congress” G-strings, and the US military roars into action again, like the NeoCons/Wall St.Slimy Sea Creatures/AIPAC criminal syndicate demand from their indentured servants. Obama is obviously in charge of nothing except putting, punting, and puttering, as Sheldon”Bibi”McCain has officially taken over.

        • John C

          What an ignorant rant.

        • Michael Berry

          Wouldn’t have happened if they hadn’t fired rockets into Israel and shielded those rockets and other weapons and munitions in civilian areas. Hammas deserves credit for every civilian killed Palistanian or Israeli.

        • Katielee4211


        • Bigearsbarry

          And ignorance and stupidity raise they head and it’s name is sleeve.
          FYI.. The cowards are the ones forcing their civilian population to protect them because they know they can’t fight toe-to-toe with against a real army!
          Cowards hide their weapons where children are!
          Cowards hide behind the innocent!
          Cowards get rich stealing from the people just trying to eek out a living!
          The cowards are hamas!

        • disqus_xLn56CDAGb

          Get out of the US, puzzy, and fight with your true heroes, ISIS. We’ll meet one day.

        • Ludlow Porch

          You better check you facts, buddy. Ask the Egyptians if the Israelis know how to and can fight against more than 3 year olds in pampers. The Egyptians have the highest regard for the military might of the real “warriors” of Israel. Israel has kicked their AZZES, many times. Hamas is just another bunch of cowardly piss ants, that want something they have not earned, nor are they entitled to. GO, Israel, GO!

    • jwbaumann

      Stop calling them terrorists. They are a Muslim Army, and every Muslim is spiritual kin to them, and therefore all Muslims are, to some degree, a clear and present danger to us.

      • disqus_xLn56CDAGb

        Been saying the same thing about the POS POTUS since he was “elected”.

    • Katielee4211

      It would be interesting to see what she would say if they weren’t facing a tough election year. Or any election for that matter,
      She sounds surprisingly conservative and rightish. Or not, since the left always moves to the right at election time for low info voter who otherwise pays no attention.

      • conservative since 1962

        So what’s new about the liberals/progressives sounding (not moving) more to the right as elections approach? They have been doing that for at least fifty years!

        • Katielee4211

          Not a thing, unfortunately. I think I’ll start pointing that out to them and note how glad I am they are seeing things our way, how conservative and right wing they’re sounding.

  • Frank Welch

    The wisdom of America voters needs to be examined

  • momprayn

    Uh….let’s see…… I think we have reports that show we ALREADY have terrorists that have crossed over here from the border, Feinstein. Yes,….already here !!
    And wouldn’t it make sense that you would want our borders sealed as tight as a drum????!!!!!!!!!! to protect us?????? Don’t see any calls for that do we???

    • PeterLorree

      Well Nasi Peelousi will no doubt take them home and correct them in their ways and make good little democrat voters out of them, won’t she?

  • bittman

    ISIS could be entering our country now via our unsecured southern border. But, our government couldn’t tell us because it is only collecting metadata on every American.

  • TJFod1

    It is ISIS…not ISIL

    • richard40

      I have heard both a lot. ISIS used to be more common, but lately administration figures have been using ISIL.

    • Elena63

      ISIS refers to Syria & Iraq; ISIL refers to the Levant which is a broader term used to describe other countries in the Eastern Mediterranean region.

  • Countrygirl1411

    If you are so concerned about them getting into America, then SECURE OUR BORDERS. I hate to think how many terrorist have already walked across unchecked.

  • sleeve

    Only if US gives ISIS aircraft and navy vessels can they attack us, like the stuff the Iraqi’s re-gifted, increasingly strange Di-Fi, oh Princess Of Israel. We all see who ISIS is surrounding, the genocidal country who wasted all their bombs killing infants and pregnant women instead of seeing that the Frankenstein of Saudi and Israeli making, decided it would cleanse Palestine of the jewish state. That is why we must go back to Iraq, even before The Supremes shove another, even larger, Shrub down our throats; as we know, “third time is the charm”, a “real slam dunk” this time around…..

    • richard40

      I agree the treacherous and cowardly Iraqi gov does not deserve any help at the moment. But the Kurds do, they are both trustworthy and courageous, so lets just directly help the Kurds for now.

  • CharlotteGreenbarg

    What am I missing? She’s telling the world the obvious truth because the President is so detached, incompetent, etc. that he isn’t listening? We’re in deep alligators people. Time for someone in DC to protect the country because the President isn’t.

  • CharlotteGreenbarg

    And of course as usual, the crazies and anti-Semites come crawling out of the woodwork.

  • D Robb

    Finally, the TRUTH from a Democratic Senator who may still have a bit of integrity! Just today, Sen McCain said that feds are tracking over 100 caliphate agents in the U.S. However, I have fed intel friends who say those numbers are actually in the “thousands”. They’re already here as sleepers, waiting to be activated and more come across the southern border daily.

    • Linda

      You’v got to be kidding. Feinstein is one of the most crooked senators in Washington and has been investigated several times and she wants every citizen but her disarmed.

      • D Robb

        I was only referring to this particular issue. There’s not one dem I’d vote for, but I’ll applaud any who will opt for the truth instead of their typical party propaganda lies.

        • SomeBeach

          She is opting for the truth because this is election year. If she gets re-elected watch and see what she says

          • D Robb

            You’re probably right… but I never want to forsake the idea that when our life or death is on the line, some dems will actually love their country enough to abandon their political games, and just do the right thing. Yep, I know that’s not likely, but I really want to hold on that hope. And yeah, I still believe in Santa Claus too! :-)

          • SomeBeach

            I hope you are the one who is correct!

    • mysty Blue

      Is she up for re election this year? THAT would be why her stinking pie hole is open.

  • richard40

    I agree its time to take on ISIS, but lets do it smart. For now lets direct all our help, both weapons and air strikes, directly to the Kurds, since they deserve the help and are trustworthy and courageous. I don’t want to help those Iran friendly snakes and cowards in the Iraqi gov until they have reformed significantly.

  • jwbaumann

    These autoplay video ads are really pissing me off. BOYCOTT the CME Group (whatever the hell they do, they need to be punished harshly for having an autoplay ad).

  • Linda

    I wouldn’t believe her if she said the sun came up in the east. I don’t listen to a word she says. She has become so rich while in office, it’s pathetic.

  • mysty Blue

    We’ll face them you commie…ARMED…LOCK AND LOAD!

  • enzomedici

    This is coming from Feinstein and the Democratic party that doesn’t even want protect our own border? Or from McCain who was posing with ISIS member just a few months back?

  • wttexas

    if they attack at the Mexican border,,,America is done for…

  • WilliamK

    “Our border is secure”, Dingy Harry.

  • Misanthrope

    So, the idiot senator from lala land that called invading Iraq a mistake and demanded US troops be withdrawn from there now says it takes an army to fight an army and we need to fight our enemies in the region.
    You can’t make this stuff up.

  • Truly’s Truth

    There should be a rule that if anyone flies out of the United states to an Arab country or region that has training grounds for terrorists, that they will not be let into the U.S. again. This is extreme, but this is a time of great threat from terrorists, and we must now take a clue from the way Israel is handling Hamas, and mimic their tactics against terrorists. We have to get serious and secure our borders and patrol them with all the vigilance we had in Iraq and Afghanistan, and keep it up forever. Get rid of Obama, and never allow a Muslim to even tour the White House much less live in it!

  • Truly’s Truth

    There needs to be a new law stating that Congress cannot take more than a week’s vacation, during times of war and high alert, and stagger the vacations so that the Senate and House of representatives don’t take them at the same time. There should always be a set number of public servants on the Senate floor and in the House of Representatives at all times. They should be limited to a 2 or 3 week vacation during normal threat risks and peace time, but not all at the same time. they should have to work to keep their jobs, and no more than 4 to 6 years of service unless they run for other offices other than Congress.

  • allah_loves_theodor_herzl

    When is Califonia going to remove the insane jew?

  • Truly’s Truth

    The truth is: ISIS has been in our country for more than a few years now. They just did not have the name :ISIS or ISIL then. 9/11, the Shoe Bomber, the Boston Bombers, the Oklahoma City Bomber, Timothy McVey, the crazed Psychiatrist who shot men who were preparing for deportation to the middle east to serve our country, just to name a few……we have allowed the likes of them in our country, and the largest rattle snake pit is a city called Dearborn. MI We let them in, sheltered them, supported them, and watched them grow, and plan and scheme against our own dear America! Our Presidents were idiots from the Bush’s on down to Obama. What a shame and a disgrace! Err on the side of America……profile and scrutinize away….don’t stop because they are screaming “discrimination!” Fight the good fight and keep vigilant. Don’t let another Muslim near the White House or allow them live or work there….and last but not least, SECURE OUR BORDERS !

    • public_servant_watch

      You need to put your brain in the rinse cycle. These corrupt people using the terror threat to fill their pockets have obviously affected your perceptions. Please update yourself regarding the land of fraud and fabrication and put your television out with the trash. Here is a good start for rinse water PLEASE follow the links. Everything is an illusion MIT Officer Sean Collier and MBTA Officer Richard Donahue do not exist. Not only were they using camera trickery to give the illusion of amputaions but they were making pretty people to do it. Heather Abbott lives in New Jersey with her Attorney husband not Rhode Island. Her real name is Marissa MacIntyre and Erika Brannock also lives in New Jersey; her real name is Sharon D’Angelo yet the chair for senate appropriations named Brannock and the Boston Marathon Bombing specifically as they misappropriated tax dollars based on a massive fraud where the only crime was by criminal factions within the three federal branches who collude with criminals in state government and the private sector including multiple global corporations. The man in the pink shirt is crisis actor Shawn Leverock; he plays Marc Fucarile who is strictly a government persona to defraud. They are using camera illusion like in the movie Forest Gump. The last picture is “Brannock” and “Abbott” on July 10, 2013 the day the accused was arraigned – look how they play. Brannock is center and Abbott is on the right; they, both, have intact natural legs.

  • Mileaway

    Now that Obama with the help of Feinstein is dismantling our Military and trying to take the guns away from citizens, just who the hell does she think is going to protect America? This old bat is part of the problem, not the solution!

  • Elena63

    Rubio & Feinstein are issuing warnings because they are the same people who are allowing ISIL, al-Shabah, Hamas, Hezbollah, etc., into the US via the southern border. You know, that southern border that is secure, according to Hairy Reed & Janet Napolitano?

  • Chandrakant Kulkarni

    Some children were playing ‘the longest stone throw’ game near a pond. As the children threw stones over the pond, some frogs were hit and died instantly.
    So, an old & senior Frog from the pond approached the children and requested them not to play that brutal game. The Frog said to the children: ” You are enjoying your game AT THE COST OF OUR LIVES!”
    US and ISIS may go to any length – any extent, to fight & counter-fight, it is going to be at the COST OF MANY INNOCENT LIVES!

    • Naval Lint

      Islam is ALREADY COSTING thousands of innocent lives! Do YOU support the Islamic “convert or die” theology?

      • Chandrakant Kulkarni

        In Iraq, one sect is fighting against another sect of the same Religion. That’s the mystery.

  • disqus_xLn56CDAGb

    Would hate to see them attack the US, but fully prepared to provide them a free ticket to meet allah. Just let those chickenshyt sand apes know it ain’t allowed here.

  • disqus_xLn56CDAGb

    Einstein Feinstein-

    What do we do without our guns NOW, you ignorant bytch? Soon you’ll be crying for some tough guys with weapons to protect your sorry azz. Hope you get caught in the crossfire.

  • wilsonsandy2

    Obama has no clue on how to be a leader! Let me make it clear Obama says, “no war in Iraq”. I don’t care how many people are beheaded! No boots on the ground. Really? He wants to bring troops home. Well too late for that now stupid head! You waited too long, this could have been handled a long time ago. This is why you should never vote for a democrat EVER! Obama has no strategy, no plan and now that our borders are wide open and our military is reduced, guess where ISIS is going to come??? Yeah you guessed it! Everyday is another crisis in america with this president. And now he’s about to unload 5 million illegals to get work permits! This will devastate the poor and minorities, and finding work will be much harder because the illegals will be working for less! You have to know that the Democratic Party is full of white liberals that are taking america down the path to socialism/communism. This is not what our forefathers left England for. They wanted to create a free society for everyone. Freedom of religion and freedom to speak against our government. Obama wants to take these freedoms away and let government decide for us! NO, I don’t need for anyone to decide for me!

    • Ludlow Porch

      “Everyday is another crisis in America, with this president.” The more overwhelming CHAOS he can create, the more of his agenda he can accomplish. That was his strategy before and after getting elected. The more chaotic fronts there are, the more confusion that is created, the better for the Liberal Democrats. Military tactics are more successful, when you attack from all sides, either simultaneously or in close consecutive order.

  • Patio Furniture

    Come on people. It is obvious why the borders are open:

    1) secures a longer term Democratic hold on power
    2) enables terrorist events within our country so as to take our arms and what is left of our civil liberties

    Think three steps ahead folks.

  • Gatortail2

    Ephesians 6:12 For we are not struggling against human beings , but against the rulers, authorities and cosmic powers governing this darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realm. The next verse tells us how to fight.
    There is deception and evil and corruption not just against the United States and Israel but all over the world.

  • Ludlow Porch

    Awh, Dianne, can’t you talk ISIS into laying down their weapons. You and Pelosi and Barby Boxer have made such an issue of that here in the US. Maybe ISIS will listen to you.

  • Gatortail2

    Wake up America! The enemy wants to kill us. We are the big Satan and Israel is noted as the Little Satan. We are currently making too many mistakes and our errors are emboldening the enemy. We have gotten off the beaten path. We have to love our country well enough to fight for it. Can we really say as one of our patriots said”I regret that I have only one life to give for my country”. Will this happen within the next year? Probably not. They will work maybe in Europe first; but with their eye continually on us. We may have minor incidents here for the next year or two and later as they strategically plan other atrocities to hit us it will be even more devastating. The fight at Valley Forge under General Washington almost didn’t happen. Our military have for years given their lives for the cause of freedom that so many of us have enjoyed. The problem with America is that we have gone from our roots as a nation to complete defiance of Almighty God by changing laws that are contrary to our great nation. What is a sovereign suppose to do? Wink at it as though everything is OK. We are still a blessed nation but don’t you wonder how long we can hold out by resisting and mocking God. Political correctness is a means used to quarantine politicians from doing the right thing. We as a nation have come to the point where we cannot discern right from wrong. Our leaders are confused and do not know what measures to take or have complete apathy.

  • Jaxman1

    Is Europe going to help us defend them this time? We need as many countries as possible to unite against this menace including the Russians and Chinese. A strong, persuasive, and adroit president could accomplish this. Unfortunately, ours only knows how to attend fund raisers and go golfing. And we Americans need to stop being divided by this do-nothing president. We must stop fighting among ourselves and unite against our common enemies. Start by being courteous and neighborly. We respect our military, now let’s respect each other.

  • HDA

    how stupid could these cretins/politicians be? or are they playing stupid because they have an unknown agenda?
    The U.S. can not defend from ISIS as long as our borders are not protected as they have been for a very long time.

  • dlj332

    These politicians promote the invasion of the USA and promote legalizing the invasion calling it “immigration reform.” They have not pressed forward to secure our borders and protect our country and people. Hordes of people have invaded the USA, now the nitwits tell us what we already know, that terrorists want to attack our country. Why in the name of God are these dolts elected and paid huge amounts of money by our tax payers? They are liars and totally ignore their oath of office.

  • Esther Sarah Evans

    b”H The terrorist camps have been there for a long time – and nothing much has happened – presumably because they are ALREADY IN CONTROL OF OBAMA AND THE REST OF THE COUNTRY

  • 2399molly

    Feinstein! You are a piece of work. You said you were looking into Benghazi and than you have refused to say anything against the Administration. Your State is running out of water because you Democrats would rather have a train to Los Vegas instead of water storage. Your voting is fixed. You allowed judges to turn gay marriage that we voted against and make it legal. Pelosi, Boxer and you are the blame for what is going on. Keep your mouth shut as all your letters have stated your looking into it. Meanwhile we have millions of illegals that you and your partners in crime have allowed in our country without any protection for us.

    • Neal Avery

      Molly, you may have to protect yourself.

  • Scot Fourowls

    God bless Senators Feinstein and Rubio. Finally some words that make sense about IS (aka ISIL) coming out of the U.S. Congress. Their senatorial warnings need to be heeded by all Americans. Whether or not the rest of their colleagues as elected officials can break free of the undue influence of the highly dangerous ideology-that-cannot-be-named (just google the president’s public figure brother, Malik Obama, and the president’s $11 billion arms deal with Qatar to learn more) is another question. If you’re Jews or Christians who pray — or any other freedom-loving Americans of any faith or none who do not want to live under the boot of the ideology-that-cannot-be-named — keep praying or sending your good wishes for the good Senators and Representatives across the red-blue party lines because IS and the related ideology-that-cannot-be-named’s conquering agenda is a serious threat to all Americans now that the president through his top executive branch officials and policies of inaction, omission and privileging (of the ideology-that-cannot-be-named) have left our country relatively undefended.

    • Neal Avery

      Before you say too much in her favor. “What does she and Lindsey Graham know, and when did they know it.” Graham seemed to know about the stolen bombs that might go off in Charleston Harbor.

    • richard40

      She was only partly right. If she had designated the Kurds as the army we need there, she would have been right on.

  • Marvin

    Well thank God for the second amendment. Literally millions of Americans are armed and ready to defend ourselves against any intruders. I hope Senator Feinstein will finally wake up and understand why we have a second amendment.

    • Neal Avery

      All American Jews should arm themselves and form neighborhood defense forces like in Kibbutz. I don’t think the government plans to help you.

  • james connolly

    Of course ISIS represents a very serious threat to U.S. security. But when is the country going to realize THIS IS NO NORMAL PRESIDENCY? Obama wants to severely cripple America, Western civilization, and Christianity. Everything he does is planned and intentional in the name of these goals. He does NOT respect the people, the Constitution, separation of powers and is incapable of leading, only cynically agitating, blaming and campaigning.

    In the past 5 years, he has DONE NOTHING NOTEWORTHY except wage a murderous war on the middle class, double our national debt to over $17 trillion, severely weaken our military preparedness, wage war on free enterprise and entrepreneurs who create jobs, embrace our enemies WHO WANT TO KILL US ALL, berate our Allies, and open the borders with complete lack of concern for America’s security.

    He is THE WORST PRESIDENT IN U.S. history. There’s much WORSE to come, thanks to the uninformed patsies who elected this dangerous, evil man TWICE !! He is a MASTER OF LIES & DECEPTION. What he says so eloquently is almost surely a lie. LOOK AT WHAT HE DOES !!

    • Neal Avery

      They are rioting in Missouri and neither he nor Holder has said they should stop.

  • Allen Barclay Allen

    SR. Winston Churchill was correct in saying,” islam in a man is as Rabies is in a dog”. But they are also cowards and waiting for Senator Feinstein, Harry Reid, and all the rest of the Democratic Senators to Disarm the American People. Aren’t these the same Senators destroying our Second Amendment along with the rest of our Constitution?? And now they’re Scared !!!!! Democratic Senators YOU MIGHT NEED THAT REDNECK GUN TOTING NEIGHBOR ON THAT WALL. And this radical islam is a Rabies Contagion. What-is-you-gon-do???? Democrat!!!!

  • Hilliary Sue

    If the US spends money to protect the US and allies from ISIS, how will OBAMA get funds to stay on vacation? I say follow Harry Reid’s suggestion – just run our mouths and hold hands and look at each other face to face and have a spiritual consultation while others are beheaded. It’s better to sit in the bleachers vice on the playing field !

  • Neal Avery

    Could be “The Children” coming in the Southern Border are the ISIS Warriors that Feinstein is talking about. Also the 3,000 Hamas “Refugees” that Obama and the UN brought in.Be prepared to defend yourself and your community.

  • richard40

    “It takes an army to defeat an army, and I believe that we either confront ISIL now or we will be forced to deal with an even stronger enemy in the future. Inaction is no longer an option. I support actions by the administration to coordinate efforts with Iraq and other allies to use our military strength and targeting expertise to the fullest extent possible,” Feinstein said.

    She is partly right, but she neglects to mention the Kurds, who are exactly the army we want. I dont trust any of those Iranian loving traitorous cowardly snakes in Baghdad. The Kurds are the only faction in Iraq that has never betrayed us, the only faction that has consistently shown courage, and the only faction that consistently respects religious minorities. I say it is time to do for the Kurds what we did for the Northern alilance in Afganistan, give them enough arms and air support so they can take over that entire wretched country.
    The sunnis had their chance, and they turned to Saddam, and now to ISIS. We gave the Shia a chance when we let them dominate the new gov, and they turned to Iran. Screw both of them, lets give the Kurds a chance, they are the only ones left that have never betrayed us. If the Kurds are smart, they will find secular sunnis like the Sunni Awakening, and secular Shias who oppose Iran, and allow them in the Kurd cooalition in a 3 way equal partnership, but I wont force them to, since I would be just as happy with a Kurdish dictatorship. And no more ideal of a one man one vote democracy in iraq, they had their chance and blew it. Just find good people who wont attack us, and wont perpetrate genocide on religious minorities, and let them run things.

  • Jacqueleen

    We blame you, Feinstein for the open borders that is allowing people from over 75 different countries to wander in without any observation, trouble or inconvenience……You Communist Democrats create the problem and then say, Look at us, Dem/Commies, we have the solution…and your boss, the ruling class make millions….We have the whole picture now and we are sick to death of the King Midas’s that are dictating to the world…..THE RULING CLASS AND DEMOCRAT COMMUNISTS HAVE DECLARED WAR ON THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.


    By that time Ebola will have culled the liberal american herd….?
    Thank you Stephen King for the heads-up!

  • Roberta Crichton

    In 1971, more than 200 US democrats gathered at Cape Canaveral to protest *against* the Apollo 14 moon mission.

  • patsat

    Hey! I have an idea! Let’s remove our Southern Border so all of them can come in at random. That will help them to destroy the US. Thanks Senator for your intelligent insite. What else don’t we know about??

  • Tiffany Owens

    It is far too late to question with all of the whys. I am afraid there is no way out of this one. The truth is too much to swallow. It is time to get to know your neighbors and neighborhood associations. It is time to think calmly, but REMAIN in quiet crisis mode. Stay hyper-vigilant. It may be time to get your concealed weapons permit. I am now officially Pro-NRA. We have no time to play games. The games are over. We are now operating at an entirely new level. You are going to hope to Jesus and the Illuminatti both to get here AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Please trust me. I understand what mind operations we are dealing with. This is a new species which has evolved. We are NOT equipped with the answers, even in the realm of forensic psychiatry. This group has hybridized. I love you, Friend.

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  • layla

    I finally find myself in agreement with the Senator from California. However, with open borders, this entire show is a sham and we all know it. It is only a matter of time before we are hit and it will have come directly across our own southern borders which the administration and Congress refuse to protect.

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