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November 27, 2015

GOP Demanding Iran Sanctions Vote in Military Sexual-Assault Debate

Senate Republicans are objecting to a set of votes on addressing the issue of sexual assault in the military without a vote on imposing stiffer sanctions against Iran.

Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., offered a proposal that would have set up competing votes on limiting debate on two proposals that would change the way the military handles prosecutions of alleged incidents of sexual assault in the armed forces, a floor debate that wasn’t held as part of the Senate’s consideration of the current fiscal year’s defense policy legislation.

Those proposals are championed by Democratic Sens. Kirsten Gillibrand of New York and Claire McCaskill of Missouri, with separate coalitions. Reid’s proposal did not have a date certain for action.

Sen. Jerry Moran, R-Kan., offered a counterproposal that would have added a vote, with a similar supermajority threshold, on providing for additional sanctions against Iran proposed by Sen. Mark S. Kirk, R-Ill. That’s a move the Obama administration has strongly opposed, saying that even a Senate vote could undermine negotiations over that country’s nuclear capability.

“The Gillibrand and McCaskill amendment that the majority leader talks about were filed as amendments to the defense authorization bill that the Senate passed in December. They each have significant bipartisan support,” Moran said. “The majority leader filled the tree on that bill and blocked out amendments on both sides of the aisle, and therefore the Senate did not vote on these bills last year.”

“There are hundreds of other amendments that were also blocked,” Moran said, offering the addition of the contentious Kirk amendment regarding Iran to the list. Reid blocked that maneuver.

“There is no more important national security concern today than keeping Iran from getting nuclear weapons capability,” Reid said. “That’s why President Obama has entered into international negotiations with Iran. The Senate has a long tradition of bipartisanship on this issue.”

The urgency for the sanctions enhancements waned among supportive Democrats since originally introduced, but the move to avoid the amendment makes it difficult to foresee further action on any related issues on the Senate floor in the immediate future.

  • Corey

    Conservatives still willing to treat rape in the military as a bargain chip to put sanctions on Iran aka threat/message that war will follow. So the raping of woman isn’t really their concern they just want to go to war. I say bring back the draft and make their kids sign up, no exceptions. That would change their tune!

  • Payton Manning

    In related news, here are the US deaths in Afghanistan, by year:Bush2001: 52002: 302003: 312004: 492005: 942006: 872007: 1112008: 151Total = 558Obama2009: 3032010: 4972011: 4942012: 2942013: 115Total = 1,703Ref:


    Shame on both the Republicans & Democrats for failing to pass the Unemployment Extension Bill for the more than three million unemployed families, who have been without benefits since late last December. Both parties have failed these unemployed Americans miserably. For more than seven months now, these families have continued to fall into financial ruin & deep poverty. These workers thought that both parties would eventually do the just and morally correct thing, and pass the bill in the senate. But that was sadly not what happened. The Republican senate were too busy fighting on behalf of their “supporter” the Koch Brother’s oil pipeline bill. They have clearly made it known just for whom their party answers to, and whom they support. And it is not you or I my friends. The Democrats too have chosen to give up and walk away from these millions of unemployed families. They have shown a total lack of resolve and integrity. In the coming elections, we the people, need to clean house. We need to elect “public servants” again, Remember them? They’re the ones that “serve” the public. They both are appalling.

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