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May 24, 2015

Graham Says World ‘Literally About to Blow Up’

 (Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)

(Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)

After praising President Barack Obama on immigration, South Carolina GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham blasted the foreign policy portion of the State of the Union speech.

“The world is literally about to blow up,” Graham said, saying he completely disagrees with Obama on Iran policy.

Obama pledged to veto any additional sanctions legislation while negotiations over the Iranian nuclear program are ongoing.

“The world as I know was not remotely described by the president. Syria is a contagion,” Graham said.

“Explain to me what happens if the Syrian conflict goes on another year and Assad continues to win,” Graham said, referring to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. “Iraq is disintegrating. The whole region is moving toward chaos, and we’re doing nothing. We’re talking about limiting drones?” said Graham, who brought “Duck Dynasty” co-star Korie Robertson to the speech as his guest.

“I hope he will leave a residual force in Afghanistan [so] they can do the job,  because if he doesn’t, it will fall apart at a faster pace than Iraq,” Graham said, referring to keeping a support force past 2014.

  • ggm281

    Shrugs. Did we really think that intervening would make it better??? Naive.

    • SteveBronson

      There are women in Afghanistan who have it better now than they did when the Taliban violently oppressed them. But maybe you don’t care about that.

      • ggm281

        For now. We cannot force the world to embrace our belief system. We cannot even force our own fellow citizens to embrace the ideals that reduce household poverty! We cannot stop Iran from making a bomb.At best an administration can delay it so it happens on someone else’s “watch”. We cannot absolve our guilt at ignoring the holocaust by protecting Israel. We will not bring peace to the Middle East in my lifetime, and it has been a “priority” since I was in high school 40 years ago.
        People have to “evolve” on their own time table. You cannot police thoughts, beliefs, morals and frankly we have no right to try. Imagine Afghans invading the US to try to make us understand that women having the “right to choose” was immoral simply because they were the economically superior culture! Or that educating girls would only lead to a decay in moral values with women refusing to obey men.
        Every therapist in the country will teach you that the only person’s actions you are in control of is your own. But for some bizarre reason, we can apply that to personal relationships but not extrapolate it to wider circles.

        • SteveBronson

          Well, actually we did force Germany and Japan to embrace our belief system (democracy). That was a particular challenge in Japan, where some people said it couldn’t be done. Good thing we didn’t listen to them.

          By the way, we’ve spent a lot of money in the war on poverty. To which ideas are you referring that you believe are not being embraced?

          We didn’t attack Afghanistan to make life better for their women, but it was a beneficial side-effect. We attacked the Taliban because they refused to hand over Osama bin Laden. There was a bipartisan vote in Congress about that, as well as a lot of support from other countries.

          Israel doesn’t need our support, but support is something most of us will give to a friend. Israel is a friend because they’re one of the few democracies in that part of the world. Why wouldn’t we support them?

          • akglow

            Just because Israel is a “democracy” doesn’t give them the go ahead to practice apartheid against others.

          • SteveBronson

            They don’t. Israeli Arabs vote and elect representatives to the Israeli Knesset. There are laws prohibiting racial and religious discrimination in Israel. Your “apartheid” claim is just false. But I wonder, do you ever complain about the very different treatment of Christians and Jews in some Muslim countries?

          • akglow

            Actually, I speak out about the oppression and mistreatment of any people.

          • SteveBronson

            That’s good to know, because I’ve always wondered why some people focus so intently on Israel, while ignoring (for example) the way the Islamic Republic of Sudan treated Sudanese Christians in the south of Sudan for so many years. Or the way Saudi Arabia treats Christians as second class citizens, forcing them to hide in small groups to practice their religion. Do you think Israel treats its Arab Israeli citizens that way?

          • Sally

            Again, we don’t give billions of dollars and NUKES to Sudan nor SA. Israel is a bully because ‘we’ allow them to be.

          • SteveBronson

            We did not give nukes to Israel, and we have given billions in foreign aid to Sudan. In fact, we are Sudan’s biggest foreign aid donor in the world. And, of course, we send plenty of money to Saudi Arabia in exchange for oil.

            It’s interesting that you think of Israel as a bully, yet it’s Palestinians in Gaza who shoot rockets into Israel on a near daily basis. This has been going on for years. Do you really not understand that there would be peace in that region if the Palestinians would ever stop attacking Israel?

          • Sally

            I don’t support Israel because they take a tons of money from us and use it to destroy the Palestinians every day.

          • SteveBronson

            Why is it that you failed to mention the Palestinian rockets that are fired into Israel every day?

      • Bill Owen

        None of your business. Stop killing women and children in Afghanistan. They hate you anyway. You are just occupiers. Go home Yanqui.

        • SteveBronson

          That’s been a NATO operation right from the start.

  • words_and_music

    “…said Graham, who brought ‘Duck Dynasty’ co-star Korie Robertson to the speech as his guest.” Lindsey Graham, definitely a man to take seriously on matters of global conflict.

  • dectra

    More hyperbolic b/s from Lindsay Graham……..

    Sir, your lack of honesty is stunning, even for a Senator.

    • 1mrt1

      STFU please

  • John Richter

    If that’s true, we will have missed our golden oppourtunity to bomb every one off the map.

  • vetvoter

    Well we all know that Lindsey is hoping it will blow up because he never saw a war he didn’t support. His state gets lots of military contract dollars.

    When is he going to figure out that Americans are tired of our kids coming home in body bags just to keep his carpetbagging friends rolling in dough.

  • Vin Smith

    Lindsey and the rest of the Republicans always want to take the easy way out: “Just declare war!” That’s the GOP way. Things like diplomacy, embargoes and other techniques that serve to isolate regimes such as Iran and North Korea take a lot of effort and finesse. And such tactics are expensive. THERE IS NO PROFIT IN IT! The Repubs are into the business of promoting the sale of weaponry.

  • Darsan54

    “Ohmi,” says Ms. Graham, “Mr. Obama’s vision of the world is giving me a terrible case of the vapors! I feel faint and must lie down.”

  • Cuppa


  • TroublesomeFly

    Gurlfriend needs to stop being such a drama queen…LOL

  • Stacey Noel

    Graham is crazy!!! This is the same traitor that brought us NDAA 2012.

  • Houtex77

    Hopefully the rapture will happen before the world goes up in flames.

  • El Capitan

    Each of us should remember that the liberty school supports the liberty that keeps each of us free to unleash our own unique knowledge and talents toward prosperity.

  • Jack snas

    This isn’t the Lindsay Graham that I know supporting illegals supporting Obama something stinks here did this guy just discover pot?

  • Ian Oh

    Very interesting article.

    • Local Property Buyers

      Indeed! A very interesting article that looks at the complexities of the obama administration. national home buyers could definitely learn somthing from this.

    • Local Property Buyers

      Indeed! A very interesting article that looks at the complexities of the obama administration. national home buyers could definitely learn somthing from this.

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