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March 27, 2015

Harkin Didn’t Want Unemployment Extension to ‘Screw Up’ Job Training Bill

unemployment extension

Harkin said he didn’t want anything — including a fight over an unemployment extension — screwing up his job training bill. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call)

Sen. Tom Harkin says an unemployment extension was kept off a job training bill intentionally.

“We have a good bill and we are not going to allow it to be tampered with,” said Harkin, an Iowa Democrat who chairs the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, and is shepherding the bipartisan Workforce Investment Act through the Senate.

Harkin, asked if unemployment extension was left off because of concerns the House would oppose it, said that wasn’t the reason.

“No, it’s just that this is a WIA bill,” he said. “We worked five years on it and it’s a good bill and we are not going to let it get screwed up by anything.”

In April, a job training bill had been seen as a promising vehicle for a bipartisan compromise to revive an unemployment extension, on the theory it could get more Republican support in the House.

Earlier Tuesday, the top Senate backers of an unemployment extension offered to give up retroactive benefits.

But Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., said the House should make the next move on unemployment benefits.

So far, there is no sign of that happening.

  • Jazzy

    Take your Job Training bill and screw it right up your arse Harkin.

    renewui w/ retro

  • rhonda_relative

    Train for WHAT JOBS????????????????? I guess that’s the magic question isn’t it????????

    • JimiVestor

      Harkin has lost his silly mind!

    • Guest

      There are jobs for the right people. You obviously are not the right people. I bet you thought you were too.

      • rhonda_relative

        I bet you think my feeling got hurt? Idiots dont effect me. Nice try

        • Guest

          I hope not. But I bet you’ve heard that a million times by now anyway? You should be used to it.

    • Todaysfate

      Um …. how about PAID training?

  • JimiVestor

    we petition the obama administration to:

    To take a more aggressive and proactive approach in working with Congress to help pass a new bill to restore EUC program

    There are over 3.4 million long term unemployed Americans, including over 300,000 military veterans, who have lost EUC benefits since 12/28/2013.

    Please put political games aside and help these hard-working, responsible Americans make ends meet and support their families as they seek employment. For each week that Congress fails to act on this crucial issue, more than 70,000 more long-term unemployed people lose EUC benefits.

    Please work with John Boehner and Congress to pass legislation to renew the federal EUC program retroactively to the expiration date of 12/28/2013. This is just as vital to our economy as it is to the survival of the more than 3.4 million long term unemployed. Also, please do something to urge, persuade, and or entice employers to hire long-term unemployed Americans.

  • Wayne Heddinger

    VOTE NO !

  • Al Amo

    W. Bush helped cut the deficit from $318 Billion to $161 Billion between 2005 and 2007.That 49% rate of decrease is far faster than anything Hussein Obama has accomplished.

  • Yonatan YONATAN

    It must be nice to be above the rest of us Americans… As long him and his family have jobs and careers… Has the government forgotten about the three million unemployed workers, and their families, STILL WITHOUT an extension of unemployment benefits since last December? While Billions of tax payers dollars are sent to the Ukraine in an aid package, more and more of these unemployed continue to sink into financial ruin. How can our government send our sons & daughters off to war, but not help their unemployed loved ones back at home? The republican senate has failed these millions of voters, and their families. These Americans have lost all trust and hope and respect for the government because of this lack of compassion, and common decency. Both parties have been a huge disappointment , and need to be all voted out of office this coming elections.

  • Sohft Erside

    The US government’s debt on January 20, 2014 was over 17.2 trillion dollars.

  • Brandon little

    The job training stuff is a joke. I am a industrial electrician over 10 years experience my unemployment runs out in 3 weeks. I called about the training thing to see what was offered it is a dam joke. I figured they would extend ur unemployment if you do the training or go back to school. For me to do training i would get 10 dollars a day and i would have to drive an hour. Wow 10 bucks wouldn’t even cover my gas. Plus they have no training for the electrical field at all. The government is a dam joke

  • Brandon little

    The only reason unemployment rate is down is cause once ur unemployment runs ur no longer accounted for. It like u fell off the map. So sure unemployment rate is going to drop still doesn’t mean you are back to work

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