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March 31, 2015

Harry Reid Won’t Negotiate Until GOP Opens Government

(Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)

(Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

Updated 4:25 p.m. | A House GOP offer to pass a six-week debt ceiling extension without reopening the government isn’t enough to jump-start stalled budget talks, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid told reporters at the White House.

After meeting for about an hour and a half with President Barack Obama, CQ Roll Call asked Reid if he would be willing to negotiate on reopening the government as the GOP has demanded.

“Not going to happen,” Reid replied and walked off.

The White House backed Reid in a readout provided by the press office.

“The President and the Senate Democrats will continue to pursue reasonable discussions about our budget challenges after these manufactured crises end,” the White House statement said.

The Nevada Democrat also said the Senate would evaluate the House legislation on a short-term debt limit extension when it gets it. He said that House Republicans seem to change their minds by the hour.

“This is — this is a situation where they do not know what they want,” he said. “I hope the Republicans decide what they want. And we’ll be happy to work with them in any way.

“I repeat for the fourth time right here: Open the government. Let us pay our bills. We’ll negotiate with you about anything.”

House Republican leaders arrived at the White House around 4:20 p.m.

  • MrSmith

    And he wasn’t going to let any ‘minibills’ through his blockade of the Senate.
    But he let the second one through today.
    If he doesn’t ‘win’ soon the WIC mothers and babies will get their bill through , and the Veterans, even Washington DC funding will run the blockade.
    NIH cancer treatment patients could even sneak by him- the horror!

    • Armyspouse1988

      This “manufactured crisis” is very real, Harry.

  • Susan71105

    we need to stop congress and Obama’s salaries, that will get this mess straightened out quickly!

    • Susan Charlene

      Susan their 174k per year salaries are mince meat for them. Not paying them in order to get them to act reasonable and put themselves in our shoes won’t work. If they’ve been in DC for more than one term, they have all the money and connections they need.

      175k isn’t enough to bother with

  • T.A. Conscience

    It’s apparent to everyone that Harry Reid is acting like the spawn of Satan. He is the roadblock, and Obama needs to sit his boy down and read him the riot act. It is almost as if Harry Reid wants to flush America down the fiscal black hole.

    • califconserv

      It’s the old white guy trying to sabotage Obama’s presidency.

      • william russell

        hey you have to be crazy and must be one of the those un informed liberal democrats. Obama has sabotage his own presidency with all the lies, spending, and destroying what the usa was once. If you have not got your health insurance just wait until you find out and especially all the increases and taxes that will come to year after year. Wait until you find out you have obama care however you have to pay the first 3-6000 dollars before insurance kicks in and than you have higher co payments within that. Obama screwed the american people but you must still be drinking the cool aide and will never understand until it is to late and than you will get you head out of the sand and say what happen. It will be to late.

        • califconserv

          Did you see the article was about Harry Reid?

    • ohioan123

      Harry Reid, along with Nancy Pelosi, are the most corrupt, sinister,career-politicians. Their arrogance, alone, is beyond anything I’ve ever seen.
      These 2 truly believe they’re above everyone else.

    • Marzih Stelmack

      God bless you harry reid, you are only one who knows real and comman people of america, they will looking for you and pry for you, republican and thier tycoon friedn wish to stay in goverment wealfair to end, when never payed taxes. and do not care if amrican stay week and lose, they can live with hundered of pasport on overses with different nationality they have, no loyalty for this poor nation of keep support obama aferodable health care for poor people of this nation. when republican do not agrey chang munimum wages even.

  • Socialism: Organized Evil

    If Floyd Corkins, Chris Dorner, Lakim Faust, John Muhammed, Hussein Obama, Lee Boyd Malvo, John Van Allen, and Aaron Alexis are any indication, today’s liberals are becoming increasingly aggressive and violent.

    • bob smith

      and hateful

  • bruce b

    The Democrat’s need to hang tough on this.Open the government and Then we’ll talk.

  • ohioan123

    “we’ll negotiate after you give us what we want” Harry Reid, Obama… are these guys for real? Where do these people come from?

    Just further proof our government is full of nothing but Ignorant, Arrogant, Incompetent creeps — who couldn’t get a job anywhere else.

    It sounds like we need a job description and Requirements as to experience and education for President and his cabinet, in order to apply for the job.

  • KTexas

    Harry Reid is an evil little man. Why has he escaped blame for what has been happening in Washington since he took power?
    Storm the Barrycades this weekend!!!

  • dcook140

    I know what would satisfy the Dems.
    Clean CR
    4 Trillion Dollar debt ceiling extention
    Acceptance of Patty Murray’s Budget with $1 Trillion tax increase

    That should do it. As a libertarian, I think that the Republicans should offer and approve this.. it should just about finish the country off.

  • califconserv

    Reports out Obama allowing National Parks to open and giving fallen soldiers families death benefits. Gee thank Barack.

  • sentry1

    Reid & Obama are rope-a-doping Boehner.

  • bob smith

    Dirty Harry Reid had another of his scumbag donors go to jail. and this is the same lying POS who claimed fellow mormon Romney had not filed Tax returns for ten years. Reid is a scumbag .

  • Adrian de la Torre

    as long as republicans stand tough in their path, we are going to leave this with the upper hand; this is really the last line of defense against a totalitarian goverment were majorities rule unoppoused and legislate at will; they cannot cave; and i hope they dont, but i dont trust they have that mettle :(

  • robert97

    So who is negotiating, and who is “shutting down” the government?

  • stephan ostanock

    The rethugs are cooked! stick a fork in them and watch them blow themselves up! how funny these nutty fools really think they are winnin ?KIND OF LIKE THE LAST ELECTION,the could not believe it, when they lost LIKE NOW! THEY BE GOIN down hard! ah haah ha ha

  • william russell

    Hey tell harry ried to get screwed if he wants the Republicans to give him obama care, a higher limit of borrowing and spending and than he may talk. If you trust him and the democrats than just look over the last 5 years, no budget passed by senate, no house bills brought to the floor for an up or down vote. I would tell harry reid allow all the house bills to come to the floor for debate and a vote and than we will talk about increasing the debit and a budget. The republicans know loud and clear, you will be a dying third party because the conservatives, a majority of Americans are at the point they are ready to establish a third party call the conservatives who will understand the representatives work for the people and there are in office to carry out what the majority of the people want. If i was a democratic i would also be worried about a third party because there are many democrats that are conservative, do not want to call a republican but would have no problem voting for a conservative candidate. The rhino republicans need to do some serious thinking because the american people are tired of them thinking that we the voter work for them.

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