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October 13, 2015

Heller Calls Bundy Ranch Supporters ‘Patriots;’ Reid Sticks With ‘Domestic Terrorists’ (Video)

 (Bill Clark/Roll Call File Photo)

(Bill Clark/Roll Call File Photo)

Nevada’s senators sparred Friday on live TV in Las Vegas over the standoff between the federal government and rancher Cliven Bundy.

“What Sen. Reid may call domestic terrorists, I call patriots,” GOP Sen. Dean Heller said during the rare joint appearance on KSNV-TV. “We have a very different view on this.”

Sitting next to his senior colleague, Heller was referring to comments made Thursday by Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., about the militia-type groups that came to the defense of rancher Cliven Bundy, who has upwards of a million dollars in unpaid grazing fees that led the Bureau of Land Management to round up cattle on federal land.

Reid said Thursday that the people involved “who hold themselves out to be patriots, are not. They’re nothing more than domestic terrorists.”

“Bundy doesn’t believe that the American government is valid. He believes that the United States is a foreign government. He doesn’t pay his taxes, he doesn’t follow the law, he doesn’t pay his fees,” Reid said Friday. “If anyone thinks that what happened up there was just rallying to somebody that was oppressed. 600 people came in armed … they knew what they were doing. They set up snipers in strategic locations.”

“It’s a pretty broad brush,” Heller said Reid is using in making the “domestic terrorist” charge. “When you have boy scouts there, you have veterans at the event, you have grandparents at the event.”

“That’s grandmothers? That’s boy scouts? I hope not,” Reid said, trading barbs with Heller.

“I take more issues with BLM coming in with a paramilitary army of people, individuals with snipers, and I’m talking to people and groups that were there at the event, and to have your own government with sniper lenses on you, it made a lot of people very uncomfortable,” Heller replied.

Heller later said that he would call for hearings in Washington, D.C., about the federal government actions, including the efforts by the BLM to round up the cattle. He also said he wanted to explore the ownership of rural land by the federal government.

Reid, for his part, reiterated what he said Thursday about talking to various senior federal officials about the events at the Bundy ranch, adding “It’s obvious that you can’t just walk away from this.”

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  1. Chas Holman

    April 18, 2014
    5:43 p.m.

    They were willing to take up arms against American kids paid for by the tax payer and working for Uncle Sam.. If that isn’t terrorism I don’t know what is. Not a patriot in the bunch of them.

    • ssec1968

      April 20, 2014
      5:52 p.m.

      Terrorism is the government showing up with snipers and training them on American citizens.

  2. Misty

    April 18, 2014
    7:57 p.m.

    How can Heller call armed Militia “Patriots”. They are here to stop the Law Process of a Welfare Cowboy who doesn’t believe in Government YET his cattle fed on Government land for decades. No one likes all laws but we cant just get a armed Militia to hold Law Enforcement off and think its OK but when a ELECTED Senator calls law breakers “Patriots” we know we’re in trouble. Would he think the same of them (Patriots) if they were parked in front of his house because one of his neighbors disputes the fact he serves in the Senate and doesn’t have that neighbors best interests at heart and refuses to accept his seat in the Senate? NOPE!

    • LeadPoop

      April 19, 2014
      11:27 a.m.

      The protestors were not threatening violence. The BLM was threatening to shoot on the protestors. So who is the violent group?

      The BLM showed up with 200+ armed men, snipers, helicopters, and a no-fly zone. Yes, the protesters were armed, but they were not threatening violence.

      This was nothing but a show of force by the Government. If they wanted to collect fee’s it would have been a simple as taking the money from Bundy when he sold his cows.

      There needs to be an investigation into the actions of the BLM, we need to investigate Harry Reids connections to the actions of the BLM.

      • LarryChemEngr

        April 19, 2014
        3:49 p.m.

        How can you say that the protesters were not threatening violence? They showed up armed. Just like the BLM. So, if you say that the BLM were threatening violence by being armed, well then so were the protesters.

        • LeadPoop

          April 19, 2014
          4:15 p.m.

          The protesters were exercising their 2nd amendment rights. Not all were armed. They didn’t have fully automatic weapons. Basically, the aggressors was the BLM. What the BLM was trying to do was a show of force. This had nothing to do with fees, tortoises, or what have you.

          The people stood up to a out of control government, not a agency enforcing a court order

          • LarryChemEngr

            April 19, 2014
            4:48 p.m.

            How is the government out of control here? From what I’ve read, Mr. Bundy has refused to pay what he owes the public for many years. If I refuse to pay my taxes for many years, I fully expect the police to show up at my door one day, fully armed, and showing force. That’s their job. Mr. Bundy’s job is to run a cattle ranch, and if he wants to graze those cattle on public land, then he must pay the public the fees that are due, just like everyone else. So why is Mr. Bundy exempt from obeying the law? I haven’t heard a single reason in this long dialog explaining why Mr Bundy gets a freebie, but I sure don’t when I pay my taxes. Remember, freedom isn’t free.

          • LeadPoop

            April 19, 2014
            5:05 p.m.

            The government could have easily took the money when he sold his cows, they could have put a lien on his property. I never said he was right or wrong. I said the government was out of line and control.

            If you don’t pay taxes, the government does not send a army to your door because you didn’t pay taxes. What they did is equivalent to them sending a swat team to collect a Jay walking fine. It was a show If force.

            We need to see an investigation into the BLM actions, find out cost, find out if Harry Reid had a hand in this. I want to see how they came up with this game plan.

            Freedom isn’t free, civil liberties don’t come back once you give them up. This effects us all.

          • LarryChemEngr

            April 19, 2014
            5:19 p.m.

            I don’t think you are being even-handed here. This was not a jay walking fine. There was a large group of armed individuals on Mr. Bundy’s side (which you choose to describe as people exercising their 2nd amendment rights). Then you complain when the government shows up with more force to enforce the law. So, you would feel better if they showed up with the same number of guns as Mr. Bundy’s supporters? Why?

            Many would say that it was Mr. Bundy and his supporters who were out of line and control.

          • LeadPoop

            April 19, 2014
            6:23 p.m.

            It was the government that showed up with a 200 man army, they brought snipers, helicopters, and a no-fly zone. So to pretend like the protesters are at fault is simply wrong. The BLM Army was there before the protesters, the protesters showed up after they witnessed an out of control government agency actin like a army. There is plenty of video evidence to back this up.

            This is exactly like a Jay walking fine and a swat team coming to your home. This was a show of force, nothing more.

            No matter what you believe, you should want a congressional inquiry into their actions. I would like to know Harry Reid involvement as well. He has done some questionable land deals in that area, along with his son. The Director of the BLM also served as an aide to Harry Reid. So there is a connection.

          • LarryChemEngr

            April 19, 2014
            7:25 p.m.

            According to the news, Mr. Bundy has been in violation for non-payment for many, many years, and has received numerous warnings. The total due the government is many hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is NOT a jaywalking fine.

            Now, whether you think the government’s actions were excessive is ultimately a subjective point, and we are both certainly entitled to our opinions. I am not particularly phased by the BLM’s show of force given the facts and circumstances of this case.

            But let’s leave subjectivity aside. What are your views on the objective facts of this case? Has Mr. Bundy been acting illegally all of these long years? Has Mr. Bundy ignored repeated warnings from the authorities? Was there a credible threat to the employees of the BLM as it tried to enforce the law? Does Mr. Bundy have any legal right to the free use of public property?

          • LeadPoop

            April 19, 2014
            7:50 p.m.

            Yes. Bundy ignored the rulings, yes he was fined. Should the government be allowed to collect those fee’s? Yes. This show of force was not about collecting those fee’s. As I said earlier, there are easier ways. Cheaper ways.
            Was there a credible threat to the BLM, no. There was no threat until they showed up with a army and started assaulting protesters. And the people reacted as our founding fathers designed in our Constitution.
            Yes. I believe he does have a legal right to use that land. His family has been using that land for generations.
            Should the US Government own that land, no. It should belong to the state of Nevada.

            Should there be a congressional inquiry into the actionsystem of the BLM? Absolutely.

          • LarryChemEngr

            April 20, 2014
            11:40 a.m.

            I don’t know how you can say that there was no credible threat, or expectation of one. This was obviously a highly volatile situation, and the BLM had the expectation that Mr. Bundy’s supporters would show up armed, which they did. I doesn’t really matter that the BLM showed up first. In actuality, this conflict had been ongoing for years, so it was really predicated by Mr, Bundy. Now, if I was a BLM employee going into a highly volatile situation with the expectation of violence, then I would want lots of protection, too.

            You seem to be very, very angry at the BLM for their show of force, and only mildly irritated at Mr. Bundy’s flouting of the law for decades, and his use of public lands for his own personal profit on the order of hundreds of thousands of dollars. I have the opposite position. But, thanks for conceding that Mr. Bundy was clearly in the wrong here, and started the whole thing. Your posts are insightful and respectful.

          • LeadPoop

            April 20, 2014
            12:29 p.m.

            Do you think that Bundy had hundred of supporters lined up before the BLM showed up? He did not. The BLM showed up from the start with 200+ armed men, with snipers, helicopters, and a no-fly zone. They were assaulting protesters. All for maybe a million dollars. I don’t buy that at all.

            This is where the hundreds of protesters showed up. They saw a mass show of force by the Government supposedly over fee’s and illegal grazing. They saw the BLM assualting people! So yes, it does matter that the BLM showed up ready for a war.

            If this was about fee’s, the government would have just put a lien on his property, or took the money when he sold the cattle. Like I said, this was a show of force by a out of control Federal Agency that needs to be investigated by Congress.

            Am I angry at the BLM. You bet. You see, I swore an oath to protect our Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. If we don’t follow our Consitution, then we are no longer a nation that our founding fathers invisioned or passed down to us.

            Watching an army desend upon the Bundy ranch, and watching them assualt protestors is exaclty the very thing our fore fathers warned us about. Thats a fact.

            Like I said. This has nothing to do with Bundy oweing anything. Our civil rights are being taken away by the day. What we saw with the protesters is why we have the 2nd amendment, to protect us from an tyrannical government.

            Lets get a congressional investigation going on, lets see how much this cost, lets look into what Harry Reids involvment was if any, lets see what Reids son involvment was, and lets look into the Director of the BLM, as he was an aide to Reid for years.

            I believe this comes down to trying to force Bundy out of there, just like they had done to the other ranchers there. Land! That is all this is.

          • Mitch Zaiman

            April 20, 2014
            6:50 p.m.

            Look beyond the news friend, the laws they say he broke went into effect in 1993. Bundy had a preeminent claim to that land dating back to the 1890s. According to Nevada law Bundy was in the right and the Gov initially came out on his behalf until pressure from Washinton. This is a matter of conflicting State and Federal laws/ No one is actually accusing Bundy of not baying taxes, that is a misnomer; he owes only fees. And if you concern is the tortoises the BLM actually culled them last year because there were to many to support.

          • brewmaster95060

            April 21, 2014
            12:04 p.m.

            think of it like this

            no one in Nevada not connected with the solar deal is on the side of the BLM and federal government
            why is that?

          • ilvendicatore

            April 19, 2014
            6:27 p.m.

            Armed Individuals? Where you present taking photos? Posted photos show that all the snipers were government agents in uniform. There is one photo with snipers sighting in on horsemen carrying American flags!! Now we know why the government has been buying up so much ammo, Give us a break, you armchair reporters, and get the facts. Dirty Harry is out again trying to protect his hidden investments.

          • LarryChemEngr

            April 19, 2014
            7:14 p.m.

            The news reports and this thread state that some of Mr. Bundy’s supporters were bearing guns. Were none of them bearing guns? If they were, doesn’t that count as “armed individuals”.

          • brewmaster95060

            April 21, 2014
            11:59 a.m.

            who showed up with arms first?

          • LarryChemEngr

            April 22, 2014
            1:43 p.m.

            Thanks for all of the info. I really had no info on this controversy, and it is very interesting.

            Its still not clear to me why it is all that relevant that the BLM showed up first with arms. This conflict had been going on for decades, and the BLM expected that there would be an ugly confrontation. If they had showed up only lightly armed, would the day’s outcome have been different? If they were lightly armed, would Mr Bundy’s supporters been emboldened to use force, and further escalate the situation? Could there then have been injuries or fatalities? Who knows? Ultimately, the BLM took extreme precautions to protect its employees going into what they knew would be a difficult conflict, and it apparently worked.

          • brewmaster95060

            April 21, 2014
            11:58 a.m.

            many want him off the property

        • brewmaster95060

          April 21, 2014
          11:56 a.m.

          listen for yourself:

  3. jguy1957

    April 18, 2014
    8:12 p.m.

    So Reid complaining that Bundy and his supporters are terrorists. Yet there are millions of illegals in the US that Reid doesn’t want prosecuted, and have been breaking laws, taking US benefits, and he has no issues with that. The illegals are invasion of the USA and something that is against the Constitution but he will not stop it. So what is worse,

    • ComradeAnon

      April 18, 2014
      8:37 p.m.

      I’d say someone born in the USA stealing from the taxpayers is worse.

      • Buck

        April 19, 2014
        1:27 a.m.

        What did Bundy or any of the “terrorists” steal? How are you out anything at all? Bundy’s cattle grazing didn’t take ANYTHING from you or anyone else. this is simply a deal gone bad after Filthy Harry and his goofy-eyed son decided to backroom deal away public land for personal profit. Deal with it! The militias did.

        • LarryChemEngr

          April 19, 2014
          4:58 p.m.

          It is stealing because the owners of that land placed a value on the privilege of grazing cattle on it. Other cattle ranchers make those payments to the public, in compliance with the law, but Mr. Bundy did not, but purposely grazed his cattle on the land anyway. Therefore, Mr. Bundy stole from the public.

          • Guest

            April 19, 2014
            8:39 p.m.

            It was federal land, not being used, the infrastructure to the land was built up by the bundy family out of pocket since 1877, including feeders, and water ways to help water spread through that ranch area.

            Private property even on federal land, must be respected as private property, especially since they had water rights on the land, The only thing they didn’t do was after 1997 was pay grazing fees, because Bundy knew they were going to drive him off that land, ruining his business, perhaps you don’t realize they did it 52 other times before this.

            Grazing is just that, Grazing cows eating grass, laying in the sun. The government didn’t use the land a single time since 1877 and now all of a sudden they care about a BLM forced mandate on grazing fees? The BLM isn’t even a constitutional entity. They make up their own laws, because congress gave them the power to do so.

            All the BLM has to do is say, ok it’s now 10k dollars a month per cattle to graze on our lands here, and that’s it for all the farmers, you think it’s ok for the Federal Government to shut you down, raid your complex, steal your cows and aim snipers and assualt weapons at your family just because you didn’t pay a “FEE” Yeah 1 million dollars sounds like a lot to us, but when he sells 900 cattle every 2 years approx that’s nothing for this man, He even tried to pay the county and they wouldn’t let him.

            So really, get the facts straight. His family homesteaded the land, I get that you might not understand that, but back in the day when you settled a plot of land, as long as you took care of it, it was yours.

          • LarryChemEngr

            April 20, 2014
            11:56 a.m.

            Thank you for the facts, but you know, they really raise more questions than answers, and seem highly one-sided. You are painting the BLM as a group of crazy thugs that steal land and harass citizens. really? I suspect that they are simply your hard-working neighbors in Nevada.

            So, did the federal government steal that land from the Bundy family all of those years ago, or were they compensated? Was it an eminent domain seizure, or did the Bundy’s freely sell? Have the laws on homesteading changed over the centuries? Does the BLM have good reasons for not wanting cattle on this land? Should the BLM be required to lease the land to ranchers if it doesn’t want to? At what price? Did the Federal Government steal those cows, or were they collecting a long overdue fee, as with Mr. Bundy?
            Certainly, much of this needs to be addressed in court. But not by people like Mr Bundy forcing his way in, and then not paying.

          • brewmaster95060

            April 21, 2014
            11:40 a.m.

            “Did the Federal Government steal those cows”

            YES BLM does not have policing powers
            “Does the BLM have good reasons for not wanting cattle on this land?:
            Non-Governmental Organizations have expressed concern that the regional
            mitigation strategy for the Dry Lake Solar Energy Zone utilizes Gold
            Butte as the location for offsite mitigation for impacts from solar
            development, and that those restoration activities are not durable with
            the presence of trespass cattle.


            Read more:

        • Melting Granite

          May 8, 2014
          3:31 p.m.

          Buck, you are the reason why Bundy has any supporters at all. You lack the capability of higher thought, of understanding more than what you can see with the naked eye.

          If Bundy gets to use federal lands for free and without concern what he does to the land, then we can ALL go use those lands without regulation. How do you think that would work out?

          Just because YOU can’t see the problem, and don’t understand the ultimate ramifications, doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Bndy is wrong, and the people supporting him are stupid, mentally defective, and/or terrorists.

      • Cin

        April 19, 2014
        3:48 p.m.

        Well that would be Reid not Bundy.

  4. Buck

    April 19, 2014
    1:25 a.m.

    Filthy Harry simply is in a boatload of trouble with the Chinese right now.

    Rory keeps Harry’s phone ringing off the hook with spastic cries: “Daddy! Do something! You promised you’d clear out the Bundy’s for all the money I’m kicking you if I got the Chinese to buy off on this $5 Billion solar deal! Now you’ve nearly started a civil war and its a real PR nightmare! The Chinese are pissed! The Patriots are pissed! My gay lover is ignoring me! You were the only major democrat who didn’t fight for gun control cause you knew you’d lose Nevada to Sharon Angle and now its the guns that scared your boys away and those damn domestic patriots have just emboldened millions of others across the nation. Obama is pissed cause if he had a civilian army, it wouldn’t look like those cowboys! Michelle is gunna ban beef now for the school kids, and this is all just falling apart. FIX THIS DADDY! Make the bad cowboys go away!

  5. Bad Mother

    April 19, 2014
    11:07 a.m.

    The US Government are the terrrorists.

    • seth datta

      April 19, 2014
      1:03 p.m.

      The BANKERS who own the US/UK and most western, if not indirectly mst governments, are the outright terrorists. They get us to fight each other in their evil game of power. They go by names like Rothschilds and have stooges such as Turner, Gates, Buffet, Brzezinski, Kissinger, Bush, Clintons.. the list goes on. Executing these miserable excuses for humanity, those who seek to cause suffering, to control and genocide us, is the solution and avoids un-necessary bloodshed where we fight each other, which is immoral and would bring about martial law.


      Wanted dead or alive.

      • Tonberry_King

        April 22, 2014
        11:15 p.m.

        Conspiracy nonsense. I know it’s easier to organize in your mind when you believe there’s an organized cabal calling the shots, but reality is not so simple.

        • seth datta

          April 23, 2014
          5:57 a.m.

          Its organised and simple because it is the logical truth.

          • Tonberry_King

            May 13, 2014
            2:30 a.m.

            Or, because it gives “easy answers” to complicated situations.

            “The main thing that I learned about conspiracy theory is that conspiracy theorists actually believe in a conspiracy because that is more comforting. The truth of the world is that it is chaotic. The truth is, that it is not the Jewish banking conspiracy or the grey aliens or the 12 foot reptiloids from another dimension that are in control. The truth is more frightening, nobody is in control. The world is rudderless.” Alan Moore

    • Tonberry_King

      April 19, 2014
      3 p.m.

      They essentially subsidized his cattle grazing for 20 years.

  6. LeadPoop

    April 19, 2014
    11:21 a.m.

    Hopefully Senator Heller will be allowed to call for investigation of the BLM’s actions. I have my doubts since Reid is in charge and controls what happens in the Senate.

    The only terrorist down in Nevada was the army that showed up who were threatening to shoot protesters.

  7. Doris Brady

    April 19, 2014
    3:02 p.m.

    Classic right wing take on things. Protect the tax cheaters by bringing guns. Pay your taxes and fees Bundy. I do and so should you. I can’t take the neighborhood gang, armed with guns, to a meeting with the feds about not paying my fees and taxes. What makes you think YOU can? Any way you right wingers try and spin it, it is still just not right to turn a fee and tax argument into an OK Corral event. And the photos I’ve seen depict a bunch of guys who bought a new gun and wanted to show it off. Pitiful.

    • stopthesocialism

      April 19, 2014
      4:58 p.m.

      Are you kidding? The Feds show up and steal this guys cattle. Shoot them, and put them in mass graves (that they dug), taser his kids, and suspend the 1st amendment. And you think that’s fine and dandy?

      • WhiteJesus®

        April 19, 2014
        5:36 p.m.

        Yes. S T F U

      • ssec1968

        April 20, 2014
        5:51 p.m.

        Of course they think it’s alright. They’re liberals.

      • outis

        April 22, 2014
        4:18 a.m.

        Actually, they only shot a couple bulls, and there had been at least one complaint from his neighbors about his bulls attacking people. Evidently, maintaining fences was not part of the “improvements” the Bundys have made, and one of the issues is how often their cattle get out and make a mess of someone else’s property.

    • ssec1968

      April 20, 2014
      5:52 p.m.

      Maybe if you Occupy idiots had been armed you wouldn’t have been beaten into submission.

  8. Cin

    April 19, 2014
    3:51 p.m.

    “The duty of a true patriot is to protect his country from its government.” -Thomas Paine

    • outis

      April 20, 2014
      12:55 p.m.

      Paine also believed in a 100% estate tax. In his democracy the Bundys would have been off the land after the first generation.

      • ssec1968

        April 20, 2014
        5:50 p.m.

        And how does this detract from , “The duty of a true patriot is to protect his country from its government”?

        • outis

          April 21, 2014
          7:57 p.m.

          Because not everyone who protects “his” country from the government is a patriot. Some, like Rupert Murdoch, whose network has been the force behind this particular paramilitary action, are the very sort of silver spoon baby that Paine particularly hated. Anyone who knows Tom Paine knows that most of the people throwing his name around these days are people who would make him puke.

  9. Zaphod Smith

    April 19, 2014
    5:12 p.m.

    Reid said “this is the United States we obey the law here”. Oh Really? Tell ya what Reid.. When the Government starts obeying the law, then the people have to obey the law, till then.. Good luck. Holder and Obama are ignoring immigration law, they are even going so far as to sue states that try to enforce it.. Make up your minds people.. Yer days of saying one thing and then doing another are just about over, I hope.. Time to hold the people that have hijacked our Government accountable for their crimes..

    • redeyegravy

      April 22, 2014
      12:06 a.m.

      Time to hold people who have hijacked intelligence in America accountable for their crimes.

      • Zaphod Smith

        April 22, 2014
        10:49 a.m.

        They are the same people..

  10. outis

    April 19, 2014
    5:18 p.m.

    So how do the Bundys think the land happened to be available to them in the first place? It took the U.S. military to drive out the native inhabitants and a war to “acquire” it before that. Instead of divvying it up amongst cronies, as happens in non-democracies, it was held in trust for the citizens, to generate revenue and be rented out for a pittance to people like Bundy who would never have been able to buy that much range land in the first place. Who put in the roads he uses to get his cattle to market? Renting land from the BLM has the double advantage of granting you exclusive rights to graze there. Would the Bundys be prepared to engage in range wars without the protection of the feds? That he wasn’t kicked off twenty years ago shows how charitable the whole system is, especially to him.
    If you look at how the tax money flows, it goes from the urban centers to the rural regions. We honor the hard work associated with rural lifestyles by subsidizing it. Otherwise, people like the Bundys wouldn’t even exist. Yeah, they’ve “improved” the land by building fences and barns and other structures for their own use, but their cattle degrade the range. This all started because they were over grazing and the BLM told them to bring down the concentration of their herd. I’ve farmed and I’ve had cows, and the Bundys agricultural practices are not really economically viable.

    • MrRedNeckParadise

      April 20, 2014
      1:20 a.m.

      Politicians have used government to force people off the land so that the politicians can give it – or access to it – to their own supporters, families and friends. That is what the BLM has been doing for over twenty years, now, all in the name of environmentalism. (In one case, a federal judge has called the BLM a racketeering scam.) In the early 90’s, politicians changed the law to make it easier to move ranchers and farmers off ‘public’ land. In many cases, the government also forced those American citizens off of their own land, as well.

      Mr. Bundy and his family now stand in the way of several large corporations as well as being in the way of corrupt state and federal politicians. Therefore, from their pov, he – and his family – has to go…whatever it takes. Up to and including sending several hundred well armed federal officers to his ranch, when a couple of county sheriffs with an arrest warrant would have sufficed.

      When laws are enacted that only benefit politicians, their families and cronies, and when they exempt themselves from laws which punish you and I, that, my friends, is called tyranny. This is what Bundy stands against – unjust laws and an unequal application of those laws, as well as against the political corruption that permeates our society.

      If you support the government against Cliven Bundy, you openly support tyranny and political corruption and in so doing, you declare yourself to be the enemy of freedom and liberty.

      • outis

        April 20, 2014
        1:26 p.m.

        Yeah, like most politicians, Reid steals, but he steals little, and all the claims I’ve seen have been pastiches of different stories made to look like one big conspiracy. Bundy has had a 20 year free ride on top of several generations of government charity. I am much more worried about corrupt politicians and corporate entities who are disenfranchising swaths of people, starting wars for their own profit, poisoning the planet and ginning up idiots to support their plans with random violence, like these brown shirts at the Bundy Ranch. There’s a sucker born every minute, but when you are being hoodwinked by the most powerful forces in our society, please, don’t claim to care about corruption, freedom or liberty. Instead of making up stories about hidden threats, maybe you should pay attention to the threats so powerful they don’t have to hide.

  11. inspired

    April 19, 2014
    5:53 p.m.

    OMG… they knew what they were doing because many of them were veterans of the US military. They are not “domestic terrorists”. Not to mention that it was not just militia…. there were hundreds of unarmed protesters too. Reid is happy to just label them all “domestic terrorists”.

    Is it true that if Bundy would have accepted the new “grazing agreement” in 1993 that he would have had to reduce the size of his heard? That explains alot as to why many articles said that over 52 ranchers in the area went out of business. Imagine being forced to reduce your income by the government and then something else happens (like drought in a Ranchers case). It would make it even harder to make it. This would explain why so many other ranchers have come out in defense of Bundy.

    There is more to this story than just “Bundy didn’t pay his grazing fees so he deserves what he gests”. It would be nice to see better journalism that actually digs into all the facts and answers the pressing questions out there. Guess that is a thing of the past.

  12. ilvendicatore

    April 19, 2014
    6:59 p.m.

    In case anybody is interested in the real Harry Reid, the following gives a little insight why he is so agitated by the Bundy Ranch.

  13. CarbonTraxx

    April 19, 2014
    8:20 p.m.

    We are imperfect,We cannot expect perfect government from a Tyrannical Federal agency. Stop the Land grabs

  14. John Thompson

    April 20, 2014
    1:22 a.m.

    its not working its strong arm tactics no one can afford a fine so they are forced to sign up or else///

  15. Bruan Hardrada

    April 20, 2014
    3:17 a.m.

    If you live in the Ukraine and oppose a tyrannical government land grab, harry Reid calls you Patriots and wants to give you weapons of mass destruction.

    If you live in the United States and oppose Tyrannical government land grabs, Harry Reid and friends call you a domestic terrorists and wants you DEAD!

  16. Dave Mittner

    April 20, 2014
    4:17 a.m.

    If these are the people you begin to idolize as patriots, your moral compass just began pointing south.

    • ssec1968

      April 20, 2014
      5:53 p.m.

      Don’t look much different than the yahoos who stopped the British at Concord.

  17. cp

    April 20, 2014
    6:34 a.m.

    Bundy does not have to pay grazing permits. He has vested rights (grandfathered) in the water, therefore under The Prior Appropriations Water Doctrine used by the western states he owns the rights to the grazing lands. It is known as “ownership of the fee.” These rights are also inheritable.

    The federal government can not own land unless they buy it from the state for a military installation: see Article I, Section 8, Clause 17 of The Constitution. Please see Hage v. United States for more on these inheritable rights. There are some very good articles on the net about the landmark case, and Wayne Hage explains the details of the United States Federal Court of Claims case in this video:

    The BLM has fraudulently been requiring ranchers who inherited these
    rights to pay a fee when they are not required to pay a fee. The BLM
    has also been illegally blocking access and seizing livestock from ranchers who have inheritable rights to these grazing lands. One of the first things that they seized from Bundy were pipes, cisterns, and other evidence of his inherited, vested water rights.

  18. PETE

    April 20, 2014
    10:22 a.m.


  19. Dandini

    April 20, 2014
    10:49 a.m.

    Wonder if the negotiations between Senator Reid’s son and the Chinese Solar energy firm that wants some of that grasing land for a federal subsidized solar energy project has anything to do with Senator Reid’s perspective?

  20. Dandini

    April 20, 2014
    10:50 a.m.

    Seems to me that the ones to commit the first acts of terrorism against a US citizen was the BLM. . . . . let’s see. . . . the Bundy family had been grazing cattle on that land for over 70 years before the BLM existed. . . . the Bundy family was paying grazing fees to the BLM for about 40 years. . . . the BLM changed the restrictions without review or approvals by any legal authotities other than themselves. . . . the desert tortoise has been coexisting with the cattle for well over 100 years, so no excuse there. . . . The Bundy family stopped paying fees. . . . the BLM, with lots of firepower went in to round up and confiscate cattle by force during Spring time, when they usually are calving. . . . so far this action of the BLM has cost the US taxpayer well over 10 MILLION Dollars! Bundy owed just over 1 MILLION Dollars in unpaid fees. . . . And what has the BLM really accomplished? Is it right that they control 80% of Nevada’s land? No other state in America has that much controlled by the BLM. . . . in fact most of the other states in the mid to eastern US have been given back most of the lands the BLM started with. . . .

    • redeyegravy

      April 22, 2014
      12:03 a.m.

      Well, who bought and paid for the land?

      • outis

        April 22, 2014
        4:10 a.m.

        The federal government paid the Mexican government for the land after the war. It was held as federal land and is rented out for a fraction of what Nevada charges for grazing rights on their land. Also, evidently Mr. Bundy doesn’t maintain his fences, so much of the “grazing land” in question is other people’s property, inside the town, parklands, etc., etc., etc.

  21. ssec1968

    April 20, 2014
    5:54 p.m.

    Most of you are missing the point. This isn’t about what’s legal or not. This is about several thousand armed citizens showing up and driving out the federal government for the first time since 1861.


    April 20, 2014
    5:54 p.m.

    When will the senate finally pass the much needed unemployment extension bill in the senate, for the more than two million families that were affected by the loss of benefits late last December? For more than four months now, the Republican senate has dragged their feet, and has made delay after delay to postpone passing the bill, in the hopes of making it just go away. In the mean time, these millions of families have been ruined financially, having been evicted from their homes, having their homes foreclosed upon, having to file personal bankruptcy, and being made homeless. These workers had worked many years in their jobs, and have paid into the system, believing help would be there for them if ever they needed it. However, they’ve been made to feel like social leaches, and social parasites, for asking for what they’ve already paid into from their weekly pay. While the congress quickly passed a foreign aid package for the Ukraine, worth billions of tax payer’s dollars, nothing has been passed to help these struggling families on a total verge of economical collapse, facing homelessness for lack of income to pay their living expenses. These millions of families have been used my the political parties as “political leverage”, and as “bargaining chips” to further one another’s political agendas. These people are not lazy or unwilling to work. The majority are older Americans with families to support, and mortgages to pay. These people have worked all of their lives and just happen to find themselves in one of the worst recessions in many years. How can the Republican party claim to represent “family values”, while making every effort to kill the extension bill that would help these families in the senate? I hope that the American people will have our own ” American Spring” like in other countries, and take back our country from these self-promoting, self-righteous, ego=filled, career politicians. We need to bring back the ” public servant” back into fashion once again. These politicians in Washington have totally become out of touch with common people which makes up 99 percent of this country. Shame on the Republicans for causing so much grief and pain to these millions of families without unemployment benefits. The American voters will not forget that in the 2016 elections.

  23. Ben

    April 20, 2014
    11:42 p.m.

    Does this work? Where is the moderator? I want to make sure they are present before I post.

  24. Jack N

    April 21, 2014
    2:06 a.m.

    The government killed a family at the Ruby Ridge stand off,the government killed many women and children at Waco Texas.The Feds are using radical force to enforce an agenda. (Agenda 21 is a real threat that is played off by many to be a conspiracy theory) The people are waking up to the actions of corrupt leaders and law enforcement that are being used to force this on its citizens. Do you think Sheriff Richard Mack and other veteran law men and sworn Oath Keepers are standing up for a bunch of domestic Terrorists? Or do you think these wise constitutional guided leaders are trying to educate and show the the citizens of the United States of America that we have a Tyrannical Problem in our leadership? Just think who you would trust,a lawyer or a politician( usually they are a lawyer that is a now a politician) over a Honest Law man that is not a lawyer or a politician. I will go with the man or woman that has a sworn Oath to serve the citizens by protecting and enforcing our rights under the constitution. The politicians have, will,and continue to sell us out for personal gain. Our good Sheriffs that are enforcing the sworn duty’s of the office and job they were elected into by the voters of the county, are protecting the very citizens that elected them from these corrupt politicians. They are protecting there citizens by enforcing county and state laws.The Feds are to stand down to the local Sheriff,his job is to protect us from them if necessary. This is the side we need to understand,and it is the Agency that I support,it is very simple.They are our only defense against the Federal government for us citizens. And they are not getting rich by doing there job,unlike the politicians that are getting rich by serving themselves at our expense. These good Sheriffs and other educated citizens are defending all of us from being run over by a out of control Federal government. Study up on constitutional law people, the Oath Keepers have a great education and understanding in our system. Pick a side,stand for the Feds controlling every aspect of your life,or stand with your highly educated constitutional Oath Keepers that are fighting for all of our personal rights. I stand with the Oath Keepers like Sheriff Richard Mack and many others. It is just really simple to see who is playing all of the public using legal trickery and misinformation to confuse the public.I stand with the ones that are not in it for personal gain,and that is our Oath Keeper
    Sheriff’s. Thanks all fellow Americans on both sides of this,hope this puts some clarity on who is helping,and who is using the public as political pawn’s. Jack N

  25. Henry Ko

    April 22, 2014
    12:27 a.m.

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  26. Firey Hooks

    April 22, 2014
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