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March 29, 2015

McCain: Cut Aid to Countries Fueling Immigration Crisis

McCain (Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

McCain wants to cut aid to countries fueling the immigration crisis. (Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

A GOP architect of the Senate’s immigration plan is calling for at least threatening to cut aid to Central American countries that don’t take steps to stop the flow of unaccompanied migrant children to the United States.

“We should tell these countries in Central America that no more aid, no more assistance, no nothing until they stop this from happening,” Arizona Sen. John McCain told KFYI radio in Phoenix.

It’s been widely reported that most of the children come from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala.

“And tell our friends in Mexico to secure their border, their Southern border as well as their Northern border, and no comprehensive immigration reform until we get our border secured. It’s unacceptable,” McCain continued. “It’s a human tragedy, and when they encourage people to come up through Mexico … they are subjecting these young people, and primarily young women to the worst kinds of abuse.”

McCain said he had heard from Customs and Border Protection that there were signs in recent months that the unaccompanied migrant crisis was approaching, but he did not know whether President Barack Obama had been briefed.

“He sure as heck should have, should have been informed and he should have known that this is coming,” McCain said. “It is one of the most, frankly, disappointing things for me personally because as you know, I’ve been for comprehensive immigration reform. You can’t do that unless you have secure borders.”

McCain’s comments come as the administration is readying a supplemental spending request to address the issue of the flood of unaccompanied children and also pushing related administrative changes. White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest told reporters Monday that full details of the request were expected Tuesday.

The Senate Appropriations Committee has already announced a hearing on the request for Thursday afternoon. Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Mathews Burwell and Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson are the headline witnesses.

Steven T. Dennis contributed to this report.

  • Yonatan YONATAN

    It’s been six months now that the three million unemployed families have been without an unemployment extension. Both political parties have walked away from the issue, leaving behind millions of families in financial ruin, and deep debt. While our government sends billions of dollars to the Ukraine, and even more for the defense of Europe, these millions of families are left to struggle and suffer on their own. Clearly our politicians care more for those around the world, than for the American families struggling here in our own country. Our government has forgotten about us.

    • Thomas Viveiros

      Gee and I thought Hussein OwebaMaonomics 101 was working so well and everyone was getting jobs ?

  • Layla

    Finally a solution that likely will work the best. Cut off the flow of ALL money to Mexico and Latin America.

    And then vote Congress out in November, both sides. Leave no one in office until our borders are closed and secured.

    • NotoLepage

      You do realize that ‘voting out’ all 435 will not leave an empty building, right? It will result in 435 first term members (none of whom will even know where the bathroom is). Brilliant.

      • 2summer4

        Many of them still don’t know where the bathroom is.
        Approval around 7%.
        They’re useless.

        • dlj332

          Bravo, and McCain among them. He co-authored a amnesty bill with Ted Kennedy a couple of years before TK died. McCain is hero to pariah, seeks to legalize the invasion of the USA. AZ seems powerless to get him out, against big guns of huge wealth. He sabotages our country, takes every chance to mug for cameras on important issues. Idea of cutting funding came from other sources, McCain merely parrots.

  • NotoLepage

    How odd. McCain usually demands air strikes at a minimum, and invasion. Shouldn’t we be invading SOMEBODY? I’m so confused.

    • Buzz Allnight

      Mexico is a failed nation!
      A large number of its citizens will risk their lives to escape!
      We need to save them by taking over Mexico and properly punishing its leaders.
      And micro chipping all of them for their own safey of course, just like rich people do to their kids and pets

  • Andy Semotiuk

    Stick = cut aid. Carrot = provide aid to stop flow. Both should be used.

  • Asteroid Miner

    Study “population biology.” There are now 2 Billion more people than the Earth can support permanently. When the aquifers run dry, the food is gone and 4 Billion people will die of starvation. The more we let in, the more will die here. Not counting that Global Warming could end agriculture.

    We already had an amnesty in 1986. They said that that was the only one for ever.

    • Thomas Viveiros

      so the coming fake eco disaster called man made up Global Warming would kill 2 billion of the excess population you say ?

  • Pocho Basura

    ………..Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Arizona Sen. John McCain, how do ‘we’ cut ‘AID’ to the USofA Federal Gvnt?? The first and foremost offender.

  • electricjack

    Stop the talking and do it period…..first of all they got our Marine send in Delta Force #2 stop all aid and all dealings with Mexico screw ford and everyone else that moved to drugs city

  • 2summer4

    McCain has lived in AZ for decades and does nothing useful about the unsecured border and the 20 million illegals that come and go as they please. He’s one of the Gang of 8 – the Senate idiots who want amnesty, period. People in AZ don’t trust or listen to this little camera-loving liar. He gets nothing done. Just stirs the pot.

    • Thomas Viveiros

      I’m amazed he’s not run out of AZ on a very splintered rail lol . I do know the N. Vietnamese got to him while he was in the Hanoi Hilton but enough is enough.

      • 2summer4

        The AZ state GOP censured him this year. The next step is a recall.

        • Thomas Viveiros

          2summer4 : I do have some sympathy for Commander McCain Ret. as far as his stay in the Hanoi Hilton but I have no sympathy for him as far as he’s been handling the invasion of the scumbag thieving illegal aliens . Have a good evening and thanks for the replay. Tom V in Rhode Island which stinks with illegal aliens and their Speedos the communist scumbag DemocRAts. Cheers .

  • Jack

    Instead of the regular old fashioned RINO he’s turning into a Ron/Rand Paul RINO. He’s evolving.

  • BMarie

    Why should we spend billions to secure our borders? It’s a total waste of money as the illegals will always find a way around whatever we do. Instead, we should immediately put these thousands of illegals on the first plane home, instead of spending another fortune shipping them off to detention centers, processing them thru the courts, turning them loose with notices to appear back in court (which most of them will never do), and on and on. Our laws are totally idiotic and senseless. And we should fine heavily any business that hires them and quit providing welfare and education and anything else. Even on the legal side of immigration we don’t even enforce the laws we have that says anyone sponsoring an immigrant is responsible for things like unpaid medical bills, etc if they don’t pay. The U.S. taxpayer has been footing the bill for all this nonsense for decades and it is time to put a stop to it. We may need immigration but we need sensible, legal immigration.

    • Thomas Viveiros

      I’ve suggested to the higher ups to put them all in chain gangs and work their sorry thieving rear ends to the proper side of the border but no one has gotten back to me on this fine and low cost idea

    • dlj332

      Good plan, run for office.

    • loupgarous

      An elegant, if unpopular solution is to take the tons of high-level radioactive waste we now are keeping at nuclear power plant sites while the Crook of the Universe Harry Reid blocks use of the Yucca Mountain Radioactive Waste depository, and render the border impassable to human life.

  • Thomas Viveiros

    How long have you been a Jew hater there scumbag ?

    • beastofsteel

      Why would i hate myself. I just know the truth. Peace my friend.

      • Thomas Viveiros

        If you hate The State of Israel why not move to The Gaza Strip ? Oh I just know the truth . Shalom my friend .

  • The Savage Hombre

    If we can make use of more knowledge than we actually know, we can overcome our natural ignorance and create useful things that apply others’ knowledge toward the situations we face.

  • Deborah Oscarson

    Even a broken clock gets it right twice a day!!!! We also have to impose HUGE fees on monies being sent back to these countries in what they consider “remittances”. It must be cost prohibitive for them to send funds out of the U.S. back to their native counties!!! Next, heavily fine ANY business hiring illegals!!! If caught more than twice, take away their business license!!! AND cut all foreign aid to counties fueling this invasion until they repatriate all of their citizens who entered into this country illegally!!!!

  • Arthur Istook

    Even though liberty’s principles differ from democratic processes, democratic methods can support liberty where they offer each of us input into the political decisions that affect our lives and liberty.

  • loupgarous

    Many of these countries are efficient enough at suppressing activity they oppose; it’s naive to think they opposed the mass emigration of 50,000 children northward to the United States in one giant wave.

    It’s time to cut aid to Mexico entirely until (a) they return the Marine they’re holding for no adequate reason at all, and (b) they cease using the United States as a dumping ground for their surplus population.

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