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November 30, 2015

Last Hurrahs for 5 Retiring Senate Chairmen

(Douglas Graham/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

Rockefeller, left, and Baucus are among the Senate chairmen who don’t expect to return for the 114th Congress. (Douglas Graham/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

This year, several stalwart members of the Democratic caucus will write the final chapter in their Senate careers.

Even if Democrats hold control of the Senate in 2015, the chamber will be a different place, with five chairmen set to retire at the end of the 113th Congress. These senators are among the last connections to the “Old Bulls” who steered their committees in the past, having about 150 years of combined service.

But some of the retiring senators are hopeful that a bit of the relatively new blood will reinvigorate the environment.

Asked how new chairmen might change the place, outgoing Armed Services Chairman Carl Levin of Michigan replied, “Hopefully for the better. I’m always an optimist. There’s room for improvement in this place.”

Five top Democratic chairmen are now serving their final year as senators. In addition to Levin, Tom Harkin of Iowa, Tim Johnson of South Dakota and Jay Rockefeller of West Virginia are set to depart when their terms expire. Finance Chairman Max Baucus of Montana is expected to resign early to become the U.S. ambassador to China.

In a sign of how much is changing quickly, a number of the new Old Bulls are women. Budget Chairwoman Patty Murray of Washington and Appropriations Chairwoman Barbara A. Mikulski of Maryland have led their caucus in recent budget negotiations, and Sen. Debbie Stabenow of Michigan continues to lead efforts to complete a farm bill.

Republicans go through the process of changing committee leaders far more frequently, because their conference has six-year term limits for chairmen and ranking members, a point made by Senate Historian Emeritus Richard A. Baker.

Baker, the co-author of “The American Senate: An Insider’s History,” said there have been numerous similar waves in the past, including in 1996.

“Usually the rising chairmen and women also have been around awhile and, by virtue of their own seniority, ease the transitions,” Baker said in an email. “The obvious losers are the states represented by the departing chairs.”

Former Sen. Ted Kaufman, a longtime Senate aide who took the seat vacated by his former boss, Joseph R. Biden Jr. of Delaware, noted that there’s been huge turnover in the chairman ranks in recent years.

“The good news is that I am very impressed with the newer members who will become chairs if the Democrats hold on to control of the Senate. They are among the best that I have seen in my 40 years,” Kaufman said. “The bad news is that being chair is a very complex position, and because the Senate relies so much on precedent, institutional memory is very important. There will be a learning process.”

The retiring senators expect their understudies will be prepared for the leading roles.

“What people constantly overlook is the fact that right underneath a bunch of us is a bunch of absolutely superbly trained people who’re ready to take over,” said Rockefeller, who was first elected in 1984.

He called the prospective successors “very, very good members, and so we lose a little experience but no knowledge and no fortitude.”

Like Rockefeller at the Commerce Committee, his classmate Tom Harkin of Iowa will yield the gavel of the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee.

“It represents opportunities for a lot of Democrats to move up and take positions of … responsibility and leadership, so it’s a good thing,” Harkin said. “It’s time to get younger people moving up the ladder.”

Baucus likewise noted other senators always “adjust, adapt and step up.”

Of course, the successors won’t exactly be spring chickens. The anticipated Baucus confirmation to the China posting would clear the way for Oregon Democrat Ron Wyden to be Finance chairman.

Wyden’s been in the Senate since winning a 1996 special election to fill the seat vacated when Republican Bob Packwood, another Finance chairman, resigned in disgrace. To put this in perspective: When Packwood resigned, Baucus was already second in seniority among panel Democrats behind only Daniel Patrick Moynihan of New York.

In the meantime, the retiring chairmen don’t plan on going away quietly. Harkin and Rockefeller have both taken passes on traditionally more plum assignments than their current roles due to unexpected vacancies late in their final terms. Rockefeller has said he won’t assert seniority on Finance, and Harkin opted against pursuing the chairmanship of the Appropriations Committee, helping hand it to Mikulski when it was vacated after the death of Daniel K. Inouye, D-Hawaii.

“I love my committee. I like the HELP Committee. I had some … irons in the fire … that I wanted to work on before I left the Senate,” Harkin said. “That’s where my interest was.”

That arrangement seems to have worked out pretty well. Harkin praised Mikulski’s leadership of the spending panel, marveling at her ability to get House Republicans to agree to include a full Labor-HHS-Education spending measure in the recent fiscal 2014 omnibus. Harkin’s the chairman of that Senate subcommittee.

As for the HELP agenda, Harkin rattled off a perhaps overly aggressive list of big-ticket items he would like to advance before retirement at the beginning of January 2015, noting he might be missing something.

“I’ve got the Workforce Investment Act that I’ve worked very hard on [that] I hope to bring on the floor here sometime soon. Minimum wage, the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, the Higher Education Act … those are the big ones that I’ve been working on,” Harkin said.

The ESEA reauthorization has been better known recently as No Child Left Behind.

The No. 1 priority for Levin, the retiring Armed Services chairman, will be the same as in any other year: completing work on the annual defense authorization bill. But when asked about other plans, Levin was quick to point to his work investigating tax avoidance strategies such as offshore tax havens. Levin said to expect more of that in 2014, calling “identifying … unjustified tax loopholes” his second priority.

But Kaufman doubts that Levin and the other chairmen retiring this year might get the customary chance for “legacy” legislation.

“It is unfortunate that, with the makeup of the Senate and especially the attitude of a number of the new senators, I do not believe that will be happening in this Congress,” Kaufman said.

Still, no one should be too surprised to see a “Carl Levin National Defense Authorization Act” emerge by year’s end.

  • NWObama

    The rats are leaving the ship. It doesn’t matter. We’re coming for ya anyway…

    • John (magnum)

      ‘Rats’ is soooooooo too kind of you !!


        Yes, democRATS.

    • Old Hickory

      They can see the writing on the wall.

      • Old Hickory

        They face the imminent possibility of being in the minority right after they have crippled the filibuster. In the unlikely event they should still be in control, they face the even worse possibility of having to be around when Obamacare implodes.

        • banderlogtorpedo

          how about when Obama implodes?

      • johnnyrh

        By jumping ship they are admitting they are out of touch with the mainstream American people. Only those in extreme leftwing liberal states in the northeast and the left coast are safe from the coming tidal wave.

        • Patriot_765

          Don’t forget, they own the voting equipment…

          • DragonsTalon

            Voting equipment isn’t going to mean much when they are being dragged out of Congress in Handcuffs for Treason!!

          • BajaLaJolla

            Given that Bill Ayers sock puppet in the White House was re-elected in 2012, I have little hope that there are enough litterate American voters who can change the trajectory to catastrophe we are currently on…

      • lyingmedia

        How can the article label what they have done to this country as “service”?

        • lib_erator

          Democraps should bow down and apologize to the American People. Right after they take down their number one legislation-ObamaCare.

          • disqus_iKl87UbGah

            the democrats will never do that… they do not like us… they consider themselves above us.

        • buyitcheap

          By service they mean they were “serviced” by the American taxpayers, repeatedly.

        • thomas

          They forgot the dis !

        • joshua

          it is an old farmer term, as when a bull “services” a heifer in the pasture to create more cows.

      • Rachel Rittenberry

        Old Hickory are you a Nashville native? I confess I work on Old Hickory Boulevard & I often don’t think of the true meaning :)

    • tervon late

      Unemployment down to around 6%. Stock hitting new record highs. Yah!!!!
      Looks like the Democrats are doing a bad job.

      • RJ

        keep your head in the sand, tervon, I bet you could find bright spots to gloat on in the middle of the great depression.

        • Frank Lee

          Hey Trev nice hair. I, being 1 of the 1 per-centers just made a bundle off the stock market. Thank-you (D)ims!

        • Piquerish

          His head is not in the sand, I fear, but in a darker, warmer place. And those are not bright spots he sees.

          • Bunky

            Those are the peanuts coming through.

        • smokehouse56

          I have a hunch tervon is an adolescent, probably 12-14 years old.

          • joshua

            his bunch are still adolescent when they get to 86 years old and have no teeth left.

      • Old Hickory

        Lying headlines are written for fools like you. Sentient beings actually read the details.

        13 million people have been dropped from the workforce so they won’t be counted as unemployed. That would make real unemployment about 12%. Food stamps have made record highs under Obama. There are 20% more disabled in just 5 years.

        • Old Hickory

          As for stocks, that is evidence of massive inflation. Gasoline prices have DOUBLED under Obama for the same reason.

          • MJBinAL

            Yes, in fact you can easily see this in this Forbes analysis using the “Big Mac Index” from the Economist.


            This same technique was used to expose the cooking of inflation reporting in Argentina.

            In short, Bush changed the CPI calculation to understate inflation so that it would over time reduce real salaries and wages. Obama has used it to hide the inflation created by his and Fed’s policies.

          • JBar595

            85 billion a month the government is printing is pumped into the market, doesn’t have much to do with the public just large financial institutions.

          • Piquerish

            Eighty BILLION Mimeographed dollars pumped into the market MONTHLY to make it look robust and thus fool the willing naifs like LATE Trevon.

          • GLADALLOVER

            And Congressional Inside Wall Street Trader Info. Not to mention Crony Government Capitalism!

          • GLADALLOVER

            It sure would be interesting to see who all of those in Congress got rich very quickly in all of this Insider Trading on Wall Street?!!

        • Harry Taft

          Tervon Late is pointing out something that is important. The reality of those who watch the mainstream (democrat) media are fed a lot of lies, damn lies, and statistics, that leave them thinking that all the complaints they hear or read are just political in nature. It may be impossible to get them to see the world as it is, or understand the threats that are all around us. If they don’t look for the truth, they’ll never see it.

          • joshua

            same bunch that BELIEVED that Lincoln, FDR, and LBJ actually gave a dam about their pathetic lives and ignorance.

        • August West

          or even written by fools like tervon

          • Piquerish

            The LATE Tervon

      • Bryan V.

        I guess you must not have been around when the last stock bubble burst. It’s going to be even worse this time around. Oh wait, that’s right, the past to you guys is like having faith in Christ , you all think its a myth or something that never happened.

        It’s too bad that you are not learning from both of those. Wake up sleepy head.

      • zagnut64

        Detroit has spoken.

      • Sissel Byington

        Stocks are high because the feds are pumping money into the stock exchange. Im not sure where you are getting your information regarding the unemployment percentage, but I know that is wrong. Dead wrong. Wake up.

        • Roxiecolorado

          well its over 11 percent where I live…

      • Bill

        I have a plan just for people like you.
        Just have no one look for a job and the unemployment rate would be 0.

        Obama could use you as an economic adviser.

      • Vic Karras

        You forgot to add the 92 million Americans not in the labor force more than at anytime in out history and can’t find fulltime jobs thereby placing them in part-time work status making way less than before. These were people who were making 50K to 70K per year and now they are out of work. Also, the people who have given up looking for work are also not counted in the unemployment figures. In reality, the unemployment rate is hovering at about 15.2%. And by the way, I’m one of the unemployed who was making 68K per year. My resume is full with a substantial work history. I haven’t given up but I get the impression that you seem to think that the Democrats are doing a great job. By the way, if the unemployment figures are continuing to fall as you claim, then why are the Democrats pressing to renew emergency unemployment benefits for the so -called long term unemployed? The Democrats told us the recession was over in 2009. What’s the problem? It’s either true or like everything else they have told us they’re lying to us. I think they’re lying. That’s what communism does for a country. Equal opportunity misery, everywhere it is tried.

        • zagnut64

          No sense in trying to educate a democrat slave.

        • Go2guy


          sorry your out of work, good luck to you, hope you find something.

          shirt tailing from your comment about the Dems pushing to extend emergency unemployment benefits in a recovering economy with an unemployment rate that “supposedly” is dropping: These are the same guys who have been pushing the amnesty crap at the same time under the premise that America needs more employees, we don’t have enough. We have plenty of employees, what they really want is more slaves! We need to band together and push back against the whole lot of them who are destroying our country they are nothing short of traitors.

        • Harry Taft

          Well said, Vic.

      • socalphysicist

        You must be one of the low info progs that doesn’t know we are printing 80 Billion per month, diluting our currency and bolstering inflation, and bringing the stock market to where it is now.

      • iceman3232

        A record 92 million are no longer on the payrolls, that my friend is why unemployment appears low.
        Record unemployment
        Record poverty
        Record job loss
        Lowest wages in 6 years
        Middle class decimated
        Record amount of companies moving overseas
        Record debt
        Record taxes
        Record gas prices
        Record utility prices
        Record number of military kil led
        Least amount of freedom in decades
        Chrysler bankrupt and now a Italian owned company
        GM filled bankruptcy and left $40 billion unpaid to US citizens
        But yes the stock market is up…..Could not be because this administration gave billions of our money to big companies.

        • Citizenright

          Yeah. The Democrats are doing a great job.

        • August West

          yeah, but besides all that they’re doing a great job right???

        • lib_erator

          They never even kissed me when they got done!

      • Jack

        If you had a functioning brain cell you might realize how irrelevant your comment is.

      • Defiant

        What the heck are YOU smoking? If you believe that stuff you must actually BE Obama…

      • Roger Smith

        The stock market is inflated because the hyperprinting of money. It’s a bubble just like the home mortgage market was before it popped in ’08.
        h, and who benefits from the stock market…oooppps the 1%!! Use your computer for something useful.

      • constructionworker

        You’re not very smart are you. Even MSNBC called last months numbers horrific. Even they understand that unemployment is down because people have given up looking for a job. What’s even more hilarious about your statement is that you lefties hate corporate America yet cheer you cheer on Wall Street. Hypocrite.

      • JIm G

        The Democrat party is built on lying to the American people, spying on them, starting new wars, booing God, killing babies, auditing political enemies, stealing from future generations, and generally placing the boot of government force on the necks of Americans.

        • joshua

          in order to become a doormat, you first have to lie down. that is the democrat party.

      • JBar595

        Tervon, did you know Travon?

      • Melissa Lipnutz

        Must be a troll. No one is that stoopid!

      • Laura Flannery

        If unemployment is so low, why do we have to keep extending the unemployment benefits? It is over TWO YEARS. Did you know that the labor participation rate is the lowest it’s been since the 70’s? Many Americans have stopped looking for work. How do you think pumping 85 billion per month to buy up every bad bond is going to affect us in the next 10 years? Isn’t pumping this enormous amount of $ into the stock market making the hated rich even richer?

      • D.I.

        This is your future, libtard!

      • Undettered

        Mr. Too Late.
        Wikipedia is not a very good reference at times.
        Yes the U1 unemployment rate is down but: U1 takes into account those who have 1) taken part time jobs 2) those who are no longer receiving unemployment benefits 3) those who have given up actively seeking employment. Using those numbers yes things do look rosier through rose colored glasses. If you look at the total number of unemployed in the United States, those who are now working two part time jobs to make the same amount of money things look much bleaker.

        The A.C.A. has a 29 hour cut off embedded for a reason it masks the employment damage done to people who have lost their jobs. It was all by design.

        Stock market is hitting record highs because the U.S. dollar has lost so much of its value in the past five years. Where a share may have cost $10.00 in 2008 it now has the leverage of $5.00 and now costs $20.00. More shares are needed to do the same amount of economic lifting.

      • cleo48

        This is just the kind of cookie cutter stooge the public high-schools are excreting.

      • MNHawk

        Black employment percentage, lowest in history.

        Embrace the suck. Your suck.

      • Robert Mull

        Yea there is only 92MILLION that left the work force. No wonder the unemployment number goes down. And to think there is only 300Million in America so 1/3 is out of work obama is doing a bang up job NOT

      • Jesse James

        Poverty in America is at an all time high. Obama is nothing but an identity thief.

      • Blair McKee

        The unemployment RATE is not a good indicator of the health of the economy, and never has been. The employment participation rate, and the poverty rate, are far better measures of true economic health in the labor market. Both are dismal. And if we cannot figure out how to kill the business mandates of O-Care, they are going to get far worse.
        Cheer on, troll.

      • disqus_NvGqSE9Prl

        you are an effective……. IMBECILE… you have been zombified, fool.

      • Citizenright

        Stock prices are up only because of the ruinous spending by this idiot in the White House. Unemployment numbers are a fiction as the do not reflect real unemployment. Then the is under employment do to OblunderCare.

        Yeah, great job.

        BTW, tell us how the stock market impacts employment, will ya? Hahaha

      • governmentslave

        I didn’t know snap recipients invested in the stock market. Can you offer any tips for those of US paying for others to sit this economy out?

      • Longawaitng

        You idiot! What about the 50,000,000 not employed, but living off the few of us still working? Unemployment rate is around 16% and youdamn right democrats are doing a bad job! Not bad enougth?
        what are we going to do with the continuing influx of illegals expecting work as well?

        • Piquerish

          See? To this devotee of the religion of Liberalism it IS working. See? See?

        • coolit

          I am with you but the number this week is 92 million out of the work force. I thought slavery was abolished. That is what taxpayers feel like. Worked my whole life.

      • Rory Walsh

        It’s obvious the only things you use your head for are (1) a place to grow hair and (2) a place to park a hat.

      • Piquerish

        Then I saw his face, now I’m a believer
        Not a trace of doubt in my mind.
        I’m in love, I’m a believer!
        I couldn’t leave him if I tried.

      • jlcracker

        After looking at you BIO and reading a few of your past comments, I see that you are in the democrat liberal corner of life. And I have but one conclusion, SucKs to B U Aren’t you a bit late for that Occuturd meeting down at the local Union Hall?

      • JWales

        real unemployment about 15%…when you adjust for full vs part time over 20%.

      • tkrammer82

        Yet another “Feel Good Progressive” that is so low on the know pole that its gotta hurt. Let me guess…Still on mommy and daddy’s insurance policy?

      • Bunky

        Big hair, you are seriously uninformed.

      • LexTerrae

        As Mark Twain said, “There are lies, damned lies, and statistics!”

        When you change the way unemployment is counted and reported, it is very easy to make the statistics lie. There are 92 MILLION Americans who are no longer in the hunt for jobs. What would the unemployment rate be if even HALF of them were counted.

        Stocks are like bets in a casino. When it looks like you have a chance to take the whole pot, screw everything else! The stock market is going to implode like it has never done before. Stockholders – the big money stockholders who drive prices in the market – will start selling and taking profits. At some point, everyone will jump in to take what profits they have left. When you see the market dive – and you see no one taking short positions (which I doubt very seriously you even understand) – you will know that the crash has come. It will endure for a decade or more.

        You have made the awful mistake of bringing a knife to a gunfight – a very dull knife, I might add.

        You didn’t mention inflation. Is that because you don’t understand how dangerous it is or because the numbers don’t bode well for your donkey herd? Clinton changed the mix of the “market basket” items back in the ’90s to prevent the inflationary trends from being as sensitive to the economy as they should be.

        Stay with your herd of jackasses. Just be careful where you step because they put out a lot of it.

      • Progressive’s = Liars

        Low information voter cherry picks two stats but has not clue what is behind the numbers. Would first in line for the gas chambers of Germany. IDIOT

      • lib_erator

        92 million unemployed. And that does not count those who have quit looking or have retired or are now disabled. Now how’s that for your recovery?

      • Fogs

        He said in a speech he didn’t want to leave anyone behind. What about the 92million Americans (Yes, thats’s 92 million) who have left the job market. What is he going to do with them. Deport them?

      • Brian Blumfield

        Count the people who have dropped out of the job search and it is not 6 percent. More like 13 percent. Stock market is up because of the bond buying, and if you have money where else are you going to put it?

      • thomas

        11.7% unemployment. Feds pumping trillions into the market
        to try and prop up Obama s dreadful economy.

      • Matt Sullivan

        You really should start reading some objective economic news or let people who understand these things run things. It is sad to see a person make himself sound ignorant.

      • olswamp

        shows how ignorant you are, unemployment down because people have dropped out of looking for jobs that arent there, and stocks are up because the feds pumping 87 billion a month into the stockmarket no because of anything obama has done

      • joshua

        another low information troll on the internet who is too ignorant to pay attention to reality. too busy talking on the Obamaphone and chomping fried chicken.

      • Go2guy

        Respiration steady, heart rate good, Looks like this one is just brain dead

    • Old Hickory

      I wonder if we’ll be hunting them down like Nazis for the next 50 years.

      • JBar595

        I’ve heard that as soon as the Republicans take over our new President will sign an Executive order requiring the Fish and Game departments to issue (no limit) hunting tags on these scum bags. I heard it on the internet so I validate it as truth, snicker, snicker.

      • StanSki

        Nah, we won’t be milking it like the hollowhoax industry.

    • tbone1

      As a retiree, I’ll be there in May. We need millions, not thousands. We also need to address the most important issue that’s doing untold harm to our country, illegal immigration.

      • Mike Salus

        YES. The repub establishment is going to try to do amnesty for 7-15 million illegals. No flippin country in the world lets illegals walk in and claim citizenship. Get them out of my country and apply like my family did 90 years ago. Just let the RYAN-O’s know that if they do it, they will be removed from office coming November..

        • LexTerrae

          The GOP is caving to the US Chamber of Commerce and other pro-business lobbies. Apparently it was not enough to drive all decent jobs offshore through NAFTA and other obscene acts, they now want to establish a minimum wage workforce that will work for near nothing in wages. And, guess what? Those of us still fortunate enough to have income to be taxed will pay the wage differential – not the business community.

          If you really want to be amazed, read GANGS OF AMERICA.

        • lib_erator

          You can bet I will be voting out all dems and any who vote for any amnesty.

    • suckcnn

      Moran is a true Rat..He hates America

      • Crozetian

        But he loves socialism!

      • BodieInSD

        Levin is worse.
        But $hit on your shoe is still $hit on your shoe…

    • truthteller13

      It’s time to take our country back.

    • banger377

      We have to be careful about this. They are leaving to make way for other crackwhor es that the dems think they can foist on us.

  • deydey

    “Even if Democrats hold control of the Senate for 2015, …”

    that’s a Big Behemoth “if” given the continuing non-stop devastation being caused by BHOcare, a gift that keeps on giving to Rs’ electoral prospects in 2014…

    • John (magnum)

      Guess since they have destroyed America to the point of no return, that they consider their jobs are done !!

    • sandra

      the silent grass root movement will show to vote. GOP & DOC are loosing members, but Independent party is growing.

    • iceman3232

      Bail now and when it all implodes in the next 4 years they blame the GOP again.

  • ObamaSucks

    You won’t be missed at all! You all five suck too!

  • BX

    ROT in the private sector. :)

    • JJErler

      If by rot you mean get filthy rich, they will.

      • sandra

        They have line their pockets while in congress

  • Charles Scruffy

    They wont go far..Like all the rest of the useless politicians they will work for a lobbying firm…

  • Bigdog

    The damage is done. They can rest now on their big fat pensions and high dollar ‘consulting’ jobs.

  • Don Anastas

    Writing on the wall, another Marxist deciding to fall.

  • micko77

    “because the Senate relies so much on precedent, institutional memory is very important”…. tell that to Harry Reid in discussions about majority rule.

  • marconi314

    Thanks for helping to destroy this once great nation and for leaving all of the wreckage for generations to come to clean up.
    You will soon be forgotten – and for good reason.

    • JJErler

      They shouldn’t be forgotten… always remember the traitors.

  • sharinite

    One of the worst hate-monger progs says…” Chairman Carl Levin of Michigan replied, “Hopefully for the better. I’m
    always an optimist. There’s room for improvement in this place.”..He is not even cognizant that it his ideology and methodology that have brought government to a standstill…
    Until Hairy Reid and Pelos retire…nothing will change!

    • Layla

      I want to see them perp walked out of the US Capitol in handcuffs….nothing less!

    • Douche

      Unfortunately, the only way I see Reid and Pelosi going is the same way the Great Whale of Hyannis Port left.

    • ImBackBishes

      Co-author and sponsor of NDAA. Need I say more.

  • William

    I’d like to see them all stay in the Federal system…the Federal prison system.

  • JGTheMan

    This is a good start, but we need a way bigger purge than this including a whole bunch of establishment Republicans. We really need term limits.

    How many of these tyrants are going to become lobbyists?

    • Douche

      I wish I could give you 10 up votes for this, I guess only one will have to suffice.

  • William Riley

    OMG, How can life go on with these retirements? No one on earth can posslbly fill the shoes of these all-knowing, all wise, giants of the US Senate

    • JJErler

      Yeah because they did such a great job improving the country.

  • Chuhyona

    Do you know what 10,000 Democrats at the bottom of the ocean is.

    • marconi314

      Not enough.

    • dtom2

      A good start.

    • Nys Parkie

      Big pile of Hudson River waste.

    • SerfCityHereWeCome

      About 0.001666% of an American Renaissance, by my calculation.

  • Clay Cullum

    Have your limousine chauffeurs pick you all up in the rear.

    Hope they’ve saved enough money serving the people to get by in their retirements!!

    • Chuhyona

      Well Obama did them a waiver from the ACA. They were having trouble paying for it on their $160,000 salary.

  • theotherken

    There may be more retiring Democrats in January 2015.

  • Tbear

    Now if we can only fill their seats with real Republicans!!!!

    • Kevin Stowell

      What are those? It’s the regressive political class vs us.

      • Rebas Thgil

        One has to wonder if Teddy is old enough to remember a much better Barry…..Goldwater, that is.

  • Nys Parkie

    GET OUT NOW !!! I would love to see a veto proof majority to thwart O’Blowzo at every step.

  • 6ele9

    The supporters of this cruel, sadistic sham (ACA) should be taken to the woodshed when we vote!

  • Disgusted Patriot

    F the place up and then bail. Typical of housing project tenants.

    • Kage

      It also happened 4 years ago after Congress passed Obamacare.

  • ancientemplar

    They don’t want to be seen fiddling with Nero when the town burns.

  • LastBestHope

    The only change that truly matters is taking The Gavel from Harry Reid’s corrupt hands and making him the Minority Leader on 1.20.15.

    A GOP majority in the Senate is vital to the restoration of our endangered nation.
    Do whatever is in your power to help US.

  • Phil D

    Mission accomplished? destroyed America, now they can retire in comfort?

  • Destructive Politics

    Take away their pensions for practicing Destructive Politics! These people ran up a $17+ trillion debt!

  • Victor

    “There is room for improvement in this place”. I just about choked!

  • Falconflight

    So many evil lying socialists waiting in the wings to replace the evil lying socialists.

  • MattiasTannhauser

    If the Dems hold the Senate? Hahahaha. Middle of the week joke!

    • SerfCityHereWeCome

      Never underestimate the lengths to which Mitch McQuisling will go to cling to the title of Minority Leader.

  • Falconflight

    150 years of combined Senate tenure. The Lordships of the Senate. Disgusting.

  • RJ

    They decided that since Obama has told everyone that he will rule by fiat from now on, they could just pack it up and go home. No need for a legislature when the president is making the rules up as he goes.
    They trashed the country and left us a wannabe dictator to deal with…thanks guys

  • Falconflight

    Let’s remove some GOP Loyalist RINO’s: Mitch McConnell, KY, Lindsey Graham, SC, Wicker, MS, Corker, TN, Chambliss, GA. Vote in the primaries! Contribute to better candidates before the primaries. You want change?

  • zagnut64

    They’re preparing to shore up their compounds, they know the end is near.

  • GM Off with their Heads

    Now if only Pelosi and Feinstein would go.

    • Sissel Byington

      What would it take to cause that to happen? They should go. God what a blessing that would be. Im not sure how they got there in the first place. They are disgraceful

    • jaz

      The only way they go out is in the back of a hearse. A wonderful visual, but I doubt it’ll happen any time soon. And knowing California like I do, the idiots here will reelect their rotting corpses.

  • Kevin Stowell
  • jamesben

    Moran is one of THE biggest piece of filth in Congress. Thank GOD he’s going away.

  • tr99tr

    Look at them go, The Confederacy of Con Artists and Goodfellas. May we erase every one of your dung-encrusted rotten footprints off this earth.

  • jaz

    Meet the new boss.

  • tbone1

    Mission accomplished. Socialized medicine, which includes the authoritative socialist regime having full access to you and your family’s privacy. To be able to financially punish you through healthcare insurance policy increases for what they determine to be risky behavior(s). Goodbye freedom thanks to these pukes!

  • Bryan V.

    For some reason I can’t get the family guy clip out my head where Joe is bawling like a little baby because he thinks he’s not man enough anymore and all his buddies start to slowly slip away from him. Nobody wants to be near a grown man crying. It’s very awkward and no fun at all.

    So pretty much I’ve just equated Obamacare with a grown man crying about his insecurities.

  • Shootist

    Can we get rid of Feinstein and Boxer as well?


      From your lips to god’s ears.

  • Jack

    Good riddance, RATbastards.

  • reagan2012

    ““Old Bulls” who steered” hahaha

  • ron

    Need to get rid of all of them including Obama. They have destroyed the country and now bail, what cowards…

  • duck

    About time these old sh!ts where flushed….the smell of rot was overwhelming.

  • Layla

    Amazing….last hurrahs? You have all but DESTROYED the jobs in this country, caused people to lose their homes by the millions, are now in the process of destroying the best healthcare system in the world and you THINK YOU DESERVE A LAST HURRAH?????

    You all need to be run out of town.

  • Fizzycist

    Washington is the only place where the more you skrew America the more you earn….and get a life long fat pension to boot…

  • Jim Wolfson

    Get OUT, ‘Rats. Parasitic, greedy, corrupt, useless awholes.

    You and Odumbass have done enough damage.

  • Russ

    One of the FEW places in the world where FAILURE IS OVERLOOKED AND OFTEN PROMOTED!

  • James Longdrycreek Ranch, TX

    Dirty Democrats to a man. Were it not for Republican soft man Mark Hatfield, these folks and a lot of Republicans would be home or sitting on the veranda.
    Glad they are leaving. Please do not return ever even for a visit.

  • Guest

    As a retiree, I will be there in May. We need millions, not thousands. We also need to address the most important issue that’s doing untold harm to our country, illegal immigration.

  • myakka54

    tell me when Reed is gone. Between Reed, Obama and Holder, there isn’t an honest man among them. Reminds me of a story I heard. A man was driving in DC when he got caught in a massive traffic jam. He sat for a couple of hours and finally he saw a guy walking down the highway speaking to all the drivers. When the guy got to his car he asked him, what’s going on. He replied that about 3 miles up the road, terrorists had captured a car with Obama, Reed and Holder in it and they were threatening to douse it with gasoline and set it on fire unless a ransom was paid. The man asked, how much was everyone giving. He was told, about a gallon.

  • CindiakaRed

    Obamacare is a trainwreck these old dudes don’t want to have to fight. The term ‘trainwreck’ to describe Obamacare was actually first used by Baucus; he felt differently when he helped jam it thru the Senate on a partisan vote with no hearings, no debate, and without even having read it. Rockefeller just doesn’t want to have to back to WV to campaign again. He loathes the state and its people, and feels much more comfortable in his mansion in Washington than in the No-Jobs Zone that many call WV.

  • tr99tr

    There they go, The Confederacy of Con Artists and Goodfellas. May every remnant of their sh*t-encrusted footprints be erased off this earth.

    • ImBackBishes

      More like cloven hooves.

  • Defiant

    Maybe we can elect some Tea Party folks. With less Democrats and RINOs, maybe we can make this place seem like America again…

  • Gringo Bandit

    Just the old dead wood loose…Good riddance.

  • devan95

    They fear this:
    Will Obamacare be repealed or won’t it? Will Congress fund it or won’t it? Will the web site be fixed or not? Blah, blah, blah. We the people just need to do what we need to do and Congress be damned. Resist. Refuse. Revolt. EXEMPT OURSELVES! We did not comply with Prohibition and we simply should not comply with Obamacare. For religious reasons. For privacy reasons. For the cause of liberty and freedom and in protest of the idea that the federal government (under one party rule, no less), can force private citizens to purchase anything with our own money. Are we citizens or subjects? Mice or (wo)men? Just say NO to socialism and to the corrupt, unionized, far left IRS: the gestapo of America’s political class. After all, the federal government ignores millions of illegals who are breaking U.S. immigration law every day. Our Founders pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor. All we have to do is just say no to a scheme we all know is un-American and a violation of our most basic founding fundamentals of privacy, self reliance, limited government and individual freedom.
    How To Opt Out Of Obamacare. Know your options and become savvy self-pay patients. Join a health care sharing ministry. These are voluntary, charitable membership organizations that agree to share medical bills among the membership. They function similar to insurance, and are probably the best alternative to conventional health insurance. There are four of them, at least that I know of. Three are open only to practicing Christians (Samaritan Ministries, Christian Healthcare Ministries, and Christian Care Ministry) while a fourth, Liberty HealthShare, is open to anyone who agrees with their ethical commitment to religious liberty. They operate entirely outside of Obamacare’s regulations, and typically offer benefits for about half the cost of similar health insurance. Members are also exempt from having to pay the tax for being uninsured. From the article by Sean Parnell

  • SerfCityHereWeCome

    It’s all for nothing unless the voters start outvoting the corpses and make “Ranking Democrat” a permanent title in every legislative house from Sea to Barackrupt Sea.

  • vincehugh

    When these democrat senators were first elected, the democrat party was not nearly as far left as it is now. Republicans are now more in contact with middle America and are far more reasonable in their legislation compared to the hard left swing of the democrat party supported by the NY media.

    • Layla

      Maybe not, but every one of them has sat there, watching what was going on and doing NOTHING about it. That makes them complicit.

      • Sissel Byington

        I totally agree

  • susandanielspi

    To h e l l with them all.

  • JBar595

    This is typical of the pathetic socialist Democrats. They are such cowards they would rather run away than face the music. I hope they’re all hit by transit buses on the way out of DC.

  • Richard Genco

    A suspended lawyer, an illegal alien, a pathological liar, a Muslim, a Communist, a freeloader and a black man walk into a bar.

    Bartender says,

    “What’ll it be, Mr. President?”


    look at these pu$$ies bail , well at least prince harry will be around to reap what he’s sown

  • CharlestonBoy

    Would that be the “Tom Harkin” who “flew combat missions over Hanoi”?

  • Obama_Dogeater

    Thanks for your role in driving the country to financial and social ruin. Well done.

  • sailordude

    “But Kaufman doubts that Levin and the other chairmen retiring this year might get the customary chance for “legacy” legislation.”

    What’s up that this blogger never mentions OBAMACARE even in reference to that “legacy” line? Connect the dots blogger, they are leaving before they get voted OUT because of OBAMACARE that they pushed down our throats.

  • Pavel

    How the hell did all those red states elect so many Dimocvnts to the Senate?

    • MeMe

      Voter Fraud.

    • No One Important

      Some of these guys are long term senators – those at risk in “red” states rode in on the “Obamamania” and even dem strategists admit – they were just in the right place at the right time, and will probably lose.

  • notalib

    Just remember, Obamacare with all its miseries has been brought to us by Demorats! Not Republicans. Vote accordingly or face more incompetence, control and loss of freedom.

  • rural_americans

    NOT 150 years of combined “service” but rather 150 years of combined stealing from working Americans.

  • rural_americans

    Indeed, Obama’s cabal (someday) will be hunted down just like Hitler’s henchmen.

  • Melissa Lipnutz

    The Senate in 2014. Impeachment and removal in 2015. Unless something happens in the meantime…

    • No One Important

      I seriously wish you guys would stop hyperventilating about impeachment and removal.You won’t have the numbers in the senate.Do you understand how many votes it takes to remove?Not a majority, not 60. . it takes 2/3rds.So stop with the nonsense about impeachment and removal and focus on stuff that is actually achievable. . .like filibuster proof numbers with conservative democrats, or gaining enough democrats for veto over rides on things. . . . Spend your time and energy on useful things. .. not stupid stuff. . . . .

      • jaz

        Good plan: aim low and then compromise. It’s the RINO way, really. Eff that shi’ite. It’s a time for principles to guide the process. Win or lose. And the nation will never win if we don’t even try.

      • Layla

        We’ll have the numbers…

  • No One Important

    Like Ben Nelson – several of these guys see the writing on the wall and understand – there’s “gonna be a cold wind a’blowin’ in ’14”. . . .Nelson bailed out and didn’t run again, and is now a “lobbyist” in favor of Obamacare. . .when he realized Nebraska hated him after his “cornhusker kickback”. . . ..So they’re going out on “top” and deciding to retire rather than end their long careers by being tossed out by the very people who put them in there for so many years.Lets face it – when you’ve been in that long – and you’re suddenly staring at a very “red,” very “conservative” off year election with millions of angry voters just itching to get to the polls?Yea, they don’t want to end their careers by being dumped on their buttts in the street by the voters. Remember, some of these guys, their voters haven’t had a chance to vent their spleens on these senators yet since Obamacare. . . . .so they’re duckin’ out while they can still “look” like they’re in control of their careers. . . .

  • Undettered

    An appropriator? More like an instigator.

  • Boondoggle

    “Appropriations”….what a name for a committee. Let’s just call it theft.

  • Laura Flannery

    Good fu#@ing riddance! I only hope all the rules and regulations you passed will suffocate you criminals as it is the AMERICAN TAXPAYER!

  • gladiusmaximus

    Every one of them are treasonous Marxists – good effing riddance!

  • MeMe

    Dems on the run
    Dems on the run

    Sang to the tune of Band on the run by Wings. Catchy tune now that it has some good words to apply to it.

  • Melissa Lipnutz

    Their “legacy legislation” is Obamacare and their legacy is “retiring” in lieu of being fired! Let us know in your memoirs where you’ll be living so we can find you when the SHTF. Buh bye (for now)

  • Joni Olson

    don’t let the door hit ya in the buttocks !!!!!!

  • gerry d welder

    Rats jumping from the sinking ship, signs of the collapse is soon.

  • Gunny G Alz

    These vermin should be put on trial as the traitors they are.

  • chicodon

    Something tells me that 2014 is going to be a good year to be a patriot. Remember, the original Boston Tea Party of a couple hundred only had two people over the age of forty. When the smoke clears we will thank the same people today. We are all “Sons of Liberty” now.

    • John___Galt

      Reading these comments, I’m thinking, “where are the trolls?” This comment board is almost ENTIRELY free of filth, insults, and perverse blather! Something’s wrong…

  • cleo48

    Harkin, in particular, is one of the most hard core socialists on the list. Good riddance. The only reason he’s remained in office is because he keeps feeding subsidies to the farmers. He sure isn’t doing a thing for small business or job creation.

  • Rand Umthot

    The sheer ARROGANCE of these Senate Democrats. They’re going around talking about which new Democrats will be heading all their committees, when these old ones retire after the elections.

    What makes them think they’ll even control the Senate, then?

    I remember they were doing this stuff back in ’94, too.

    That was another big ‘whoops.’

  • Commentary Cat

    They will all get a massive payout for retirement. You and I have no way, not in a million years the ability to acquire the pension these people will receive. The best part though is they are all already very wealthy and in reality have little or no need for the lavish retirement package bequeathed upon their departure from the government.
    You allowed them this. You will now pay for their retirement in a lavish estate you will never be able to visit. Good Job.

    • janderson4795

      Hopefully they won’t live long enough to collect the money.

  • Mike Smith


  • Know Body

    An average of 30 years in public service is WAAAAAAAYYYYYY too much! The govt wasn’t created with the idea that people would come to govt and never leave! Get some new blood in there and get rid of the old guard.

  • speller

    Rats leaving a sinking ship that they helped sink.

  • libh8er

    They have done imense damage to the Republic. Jail would be a good retirement home for these crooks and theives.

    • John___Galt

      A firing squad is preferable.

  • Mark S

    HA! Usually you have to drag these people out kicking and screaming. Either that or they die in office.

    This is a huge indication of how the 2014 elections are going to go. Like rats from a sinking ship.

    Just make sure you get out and vote.

  • Smargalicious

    Their heads on a stick.

  • Robert Mull

    But but Debbie Wasserman Schultz said they would run on obama nocare what happened did they lose faith already???

  • JeffR

    They know its about to hit the fan.. They are getting out of dodge before it does.

  • Socialist_DogEater

    Hope and change; is circling the drain!

  • jfgalt

    After the rats leave we’ll see the hyenas scramble for their spots.

    • Blu Clw

      No biggie, the Hyenas voted for Obama Care as well so this pathetic attempt to untie dim names from the the disaster that is Obama isn’t gonna work.

  • Socialist_DogEater

    These rats are fleeing the sinking U.S.S. Obama…

    Hope and change? I think NOT!

  • janderson4795

    The cesspool of Washington is about to be flushed this year.

  • Blair McKee

    Retiring now would be a great thing; may his tribe increase.
    Reid as the minority party chief will be fun to watch for me, but not so much fun for him to be!

  • WBC

    It’s nice to see these swine leave, but they’re only being replaced by other swine who think they’re doing the citizenry a favor by stealing our money and ordering us around. There is not three nanograms worth of humility in all of Washington DC.

  • disqus_NvGqSE9Prl

    they will be arrested and tried for treason very soon… and ALL their ill gotten wealth seized by the people FOR THE PEOPLE. AND then they can be HUNG FOR T R E A S O N .

    • ljm4

      in our grandest dreams…

  • A-O

    The sweetest revenge, payback if you will, would be for the senate to not only change hands, but by a veto proof majority and then revoke the ACA and stand in opposition to BHO by asking him to appear before the senate and explain why he should not, if so voted by the house, be impeached by senate vote.

  • ljm4

    Rats jumping ship. Going to be lots of available seats for some Constitutional candidates. Keep telling the truth about the agenda for populace control.

  • Citizenright

    Good. Replace them with Republicans and then pray they do what needs to be done.

    • John___Galt

      And bullwhip ’em if they don’t.

  • Pizza the Hut

    Wish the Senate would go back to the way it was meant to be. This way we would have less clowns on both sides if they actually represent the state.

  • FortheProud

    They leave after 150 YEARS combined!!!! And who cannot say it was the Dems that DESTROYED America!!! Get every last one of these commies out !!! Good riddance and I hope you reap the wrath of hell for what you did to Americas healthcare system !!!

    • Kevin Stowell

      …and legal system and economy, etc.

  • Molon Labe R’ Us

    Good riddance!

  • ronb39339

    Don’t let the door hit y’all in the backside on the way out…TRASH

  • Americaweeps

    Rats fleeing sinking ship.

  • stderr

    > But Kaufman doubted Levin and the other chairmen retiring this year
    > might get the customary chance for “legacy” legislation.
    They can name some closing post offices. Nothing more!

  • Blu Clw

    People like this are a perfect example of why we as a people should get a vote as to whether or not to fund a politicians retirement.

    I mean you wouldn’t pay for any other product that left you unsatisfied, so why make an exception for the government help!? Would you pay for the retirement of a maid or gardener that stole from you? So why do it for a scmbg lawyer who helped steal trillions?

    We vote to put them in office and we should vote one last time on whether their performance in office was worthy of showering them with rewards for the remainder of their life.

  • onetermandout

    How out of touch with reality can a person be?
    “There’s room for improvement in this place.” says levin.
    I’d say removing him and the other 99 arrogant leeches would be an improvement, but our political system of electing whomever offers the most handouts will undoubtedly yield more of the same.

  • b glad

    Our job is to make sure that the new Senate Minority Leader, Harry Reid, follows suit.

  • charlesmountain

    Soetoro best enjoy his last days of pretending to be pResident…
    Soetoro’s birth certificate and Selective Service are forged. His SSN is fraudulent.
    The media is jumping ship. Democrats are scurrying for cover.
    They’ve been covering for an illegal alien who has ultimately sent thousands of people to their death.

    The final death blow will be when Sheriff Arpaio’s forensic evidence
    of forgery proving clearly that Soetoro is an illegal alien is entered
    into the upcoming Alabama Supreme Court case.
    The One is about to be exposed.
    The Day of Reckoning is near.
    It will be breathtaking…

    • John___Galt

      You make me feel like a kid on Christmas morning. I surely hope you’re right.

  • Longawaitng

    Why don’t these democratic cowards stand up to Obama? Your days are numbered anyway with no hopes of recovering. Why not do something to benefit the country? Would it hurt you or the party to admit this catastrophic Obamacare pursuit? Please help. Obama is killing us individually and collectively as a nation.
    If you like your country, you can keep it.

  • Patriot Act

    Q: What do you call five stalwart members of the Democratic caucus leaving the Senate?

    A: A good start!

    • Texasooner

      Rats jumping off the sinking ship. Chamber flips in November election.

  • Jeffrey Gee

    Good riddance!


    Unfortunately, for the Dem,s they will no longer control the Senate after this years election, so it doesn’t matter who they have waiting in the wings to continue partisan hackery, they won’t be chairmen,

    • mehovaldez

      Oh yes they will.

      • John___Galt

        Do you think there’s any hope at all for the USA?

        • mehovaldez

          Nope. God is bringing judgement on this once great nation just like he did Israel many times in the past. You don’t turn your back on GOD like the United States has done and not be punished for it. Agree or not we’ll see in the near future.

          • John___Galt

            I do agree. I’ve been thinking this kind of stuff since a great mentor repeated it many times back in the 80s. Apostacy. Lukewarm. Stupid. Weighed in the balance and found wanting.

          • mehovaldez

            Then Atlas Shrugged.

  • Climp Jones

    good riddance. Lazy liars and thieves they all be

  • Piquerish

    Wind shift. Now they smell the shjt they’ve been shoveling.

  • amitorelocato

    The Rats are coming out of the sewer, and retire before getting disgraced.

  • Texasooner

    Poster children for Term Limits.

  • PapaUmMaoMao

    If only these “stalwarts” would be immediately arrested, tried, convicted and sentenced for all the unreported crimes they committed during each one of their “reigns of terror” against those with whom they were entrusted to serve…

  • Mrlouis

    It’s called escaping.




  • JD777

    Democrats = toast

    • mehovaldez

      Nope. They will win both house and senate and Hillary will be your new President.

      • JD777

        “The current Senate line-up is 53 Democrats, 45 Republicans, and two
        independents that caucus with Democrats. There are 35 Senate races on
        the ballot in 2014. To win the majority, Republicans would have to
        score a net gain of six seats. Democrats are defending 21 of these
        seats, including six in states that GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney
        won easily in 2012, and two more that are in swing states. By
        contrast, Republicans will defend 14 seats, only one of which is in a
        state that President Obama carried in 2012. These numbers would suggest
        that Republicans should be in a position to gain seats this cycle. At
        this early stage, the odds of Democrats losing seats are far greater
        than the odds of them gaining seats.”

        Cook political report.

        Add recent Democrat retirements and Obamacare blowback.

        • mehovaldez

          Doesn’t matter. Between the news media and voter fraud and the vote counting the Dems will win.

  • Edward Boothe

    Blacks Law Dictionary defines Fraud as consisting of some deceitful practice
    or willful device, resorted to with intent to deprive another of his rights.

    Could someone please explain to me why lying to the American people 24 times to deceive them, does not add up to 24 counts of fraud, and how 24 counts of fraud could possibly not add up to High Crimes and Misdemeanors and Impeachable offenses.

    In addition, numerous Constitutional violations can be added for bypassing
    Congress, and usurping total control of our country illegally.

    Please folks; think long and hard before you vote Democrat in the 2014
    elections. We have an individual in the White House who has, by his own
    admission, completely cut out the Legislative and Judicial branches of the
    government, in violation of the US Constitution, and usurped total authority of
    the United States government, and has for all practical purposes set himself up as a dictator.

    If the GOP wins the Senate and House of Representatives in 2014, they will have the votes,and the grounds to remove him from office, before he totally destroys our country. This will be our last chance. If we don’t stop him then, we can kiss freedom and Democracy good by for the rest of this Century,

    • mehovaldez

      Even if the Repubs win the house and senate they won’t do a damm thing.

  • freevoter2016

    We are sure they won’t stop raising those campaign funds between now and when they retire as their Campaign Accounts become their Retirement Bonus Fund. Most Americans do not know this thanks to our Leftist Media.

  • Larry Andre

    A standup kind of guy who raised a standup kind of son. Smarmy, slippery, evil and those are his good qualities.

  • JeffR

    Could this be some sort of election plan by the Democrats?

    They know they are going to get punished for Obama Care. So they are going to get there more vulnerable people to retire so they can run someone who can say “I didn’t vote for it” and take the issue away from the republicans in that district.

    Democrats are so deceitful I wouldn’t put anything past them.

    • John___Galt

      Likely. Lib scumbags dwell on evil every waking moment. It courses through their blood.

  • jadams76

    The geniuses who gave us multi trillions in new debt and Obamacare are leaving. This leaves it up to Dirty Harry Reid to squander our money and dream up more big government failures.

  • flynny

    Old tax and spend liberal democrats being replaced with iron fisted marxists, I see no difference. Score, Senators 100, The People 0.

  • Wartface

    They just want to be out of town the the Military storms to arrest them all as DOMESTIC enemies of the Constitution! If ever the was a time for a coup d’état, now is that time!

    I bet the majority of American’s would feel grateful to them for doing their duty to protect us from these facist terrorist.

  • warpsix

    Yes, Get OUT!

  • JWales

    They’ve stolen enough now from the taxpayers to live like kings on an safe island somewhere so they are fleeing before the revolution breaks out and their kind is dragged out into the street and hung from the nearest ree.

    • John___Galt

      A TALL ree!

  • KunTewk

    5 people…..150 yrs in the Congress !? SICK ! I don’t think the country can be saved. But, term limits have GOT to be one of the top changes to our system

  • migtex1234


  • If only

    Hopefully they rot in hell.

  • JWales

    The addresses of every property owned by every congressman that has supported the Obama Agenda should be put up on a website so that the taxpayers know where to go to get their money back…or get the equivalent in pounds on flesh.

  • Mike Salus

    The democrat scumbags are fleeing the TEA party tidal wave that is going to wipe them out for years to come. Hey Scumbag Moran, don’t let the door hit you in the rear end as you leave.. Good riddence

  • putupjob

    the rat bots know they won’t have a chairmanship in the 2015 senate.

  • migtex1234

    if only we could ridof the faces of sour puss Reid, ,liar Nancy, etc. What a joy never to see these parasites again. They – those who hae SERVED (MOOCHED) OFF TAX DOLLARS= HOULD BE SHAMED…..

  • walter12

    Good riddence. They and this monster Obama have so screwed up this nation, it may take 20 years to recover.

  • johnsmith500

    Don’t let the door hit you in your @ss on your way out. d0chbags.

  • Formerparatrooper

    Good riddance to all of them.

  • 7thFleetVet

    Adios Leftist-Liberals!

  • biglou15

    I hear the trumpets blaring – the walls, i.e, the dems, are tumbling down. These ‘rats that shoved the obamacare fiasco down our throats are abandoning ship. Those staying behind will be removed by the voters in Nov.

  • David

    They should be executed for treason.

  • seenbetterdaze

    Yeah…They know the Big Zero is getting ready to crack down on the Coal Fired Power Plants…his appointed Greenie Nut Case head of the EPA refuses to even own a Car. His 08 promise to shut down the Coal Industry has been aided by the recent W. Va. Chem. spill, (how convenient!) Now is the time for the Energy/Electric bills to SKYROCKET, and the Rolling Black Outs to begin. All at the same time 0-Care is stumbling from lack of interest in enrolling by healthy young people who are OUT of a JOB! So further Expansion of Medicaid, the DEBT ceiling is fast approaching if not already been passed. Fasten your seatbelts things are taking a nasty LEFT TURN again!

  • psadie

    Disgraceful bunch who have fattened their pockets for years!

  • mdavis223

    Finally, some of the dinosaurs are wandering off to their ancestral burial grounds. Not a moment too soon. Let’s hope who ever replaces them has some freaking common sense.


    Indict them quick before they get away.

    • John___Galt

      Firing squads are WAY underrated.

  • Jus Wundrin

    Screw the American people then leave. Take your amassed blood money and live fat, while the rest of the country has to clean up your mess. Good riddance!

  • obozo1

    Run back home to the welfare sloth that elected you.

  • JoeAllen

    I hate CAREER POLITICIANS … !!!!!!!

    We need term-limits to get rid of these EGO-MANIACS … !!!!!!

  • James Harrison

    Knowing they all would have a tough row to hoe in November would definitely have something to do with these decisions.

  • patriot2947

    Too bad we have to continue to pay their benefits…

    • remmy

      These weasels will stay in Washington and get a nice cushy lobbying job.

  • bobclaville

    Wait till they find out Obama screwed them with ACR…AKA..OBAMA(don’t)CARE.

  • KMAN

    Bet half of them move somewhere they can’t be extradited from.

  • CrazyHungarian

    Like rats on a sinking ship…..

  • Callawyn

    “always room for improvement” – Considering most to all of these rats will get replaced by Republicans, the improvement will be enormous.

  • Callawyn

    “several stalwart members of the Democratic caucus”

    stalwart??? The word is spelled: “SOCIALIST”

  • SamIamtwo

    Prob did their time for the retirement. Nothing more, nothing less.

    More taxes, less freedom…yeah the old BULL3hitters need to go. Set in term limits. Career politicians only think of themselves.

  • xoxozo

    Oh great MORE Secular Progressive Socialists who have been indoctrinated for the last 40 yrs. Better end up Rep/Ind or we are LOST. We need a modern day Mc Carth y

    • Natronic

      even if it’s Rep we are still lost………..basically stick a fork in it it’s done and it won’t be remade until it crashes

  • GozieBoy

    If just we could add a few more (current and ex) senators to that list: Reid, Schumer, Boxer, Obama, Biden, Kerry…



  • Joe Arshole

    off with their ….

  • richard bergman

    My congressman updated me on criminal proceedings on the I.r.s.
    This will be a process where justice will come to the democrats over time.
    I believe we should consider that every democrat socialist should do what their ideology demands…all their stolen wealth be given to the citizens.

  • BlockTheTruth

    The real danger to America is not gay Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a filthy gay muslim like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of a gay Obama presidency than to restore the necessary,commonsense ,Godliness and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a creature for their president.

    The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America . Blaming the prince of the gay fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. “The Republic can survive a gay Obama, who is, after all, merely a gay fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.”

    • richard bergman

      Aka bathhouse Barry

    • John___Galt

      You are correct. And these fools are not dying or moving away. And they CERTAINLY are not learning ANYTHING. They LOVE what they see these days. They are bubbling over. And at what? Revenge because Bush so narrowly beat Gore in 2000! Ask one, they’ll tell you!

  • StanSki

    You can run, but you can’t hide. The NSA gave us your addresses through Snowden.

  • Michael Gerardi

    Good riddance and I DON’T wish them well. I do, however, wish them all very SHORT retirements.

    • John___Galt

      Someone should organize holiday tours that maintain a running itinerary, so vacationers can go to wherever one of these scumbags lies dying, and witness the world getting just a little better on a given day. I’d take unpaid vaca for that!

  • BlockTheTruth

    “The duty of a patriot is to protect his country from its government.”

    Thomas Paine

    • U.S. Grant

      Our founding fathers were so awesome. To bad the “Federalist Papers” weren’t taught in school like “An Inconvenient Truth” or “Transgender Diversity”.

  • gommygoomy

    It’s called: Rats, leaving a Sinking Ship.

  • fande3rls

    Good Riddance to bad rubbish .

  • ASAC Schrader

    They are all retiring the Senate as millionaires. Funny how that happens…

  • rennyangel2

    I think they smell the writing on the wall, to mix a couple metaphors.

    • John___Galt

      I just think they smell.

  • MrThroatpunch

    They don’t want to end up like Hitler or Mussolini. Run you Scumbaggers run!

  • laurie66bay

    The rats are fleeing the SS Obama.

  • smokehouse56

    I love the spin on how deep their bench is. Well, if they are that great, what the heck are they on the sidelines? They know and we know that the dems are in deep trouble. Do you think for one second that a voter that lost their coverage and was sent, against their will, to a government invented plane 3-4 times more sxpensive than they had, are going to vote for a stinking Dem? The Dems own Obamacare. Totally!!!!!

  • Elmo Fudginputz

    These are just five rats fleeing the sinking USS American Republic, a republic they were instrumental in destroying economically and morally.

  • D. Self

    The SOB’s know their Obamacare law guarantees their departure so the DNC is making them retire so that “new blood” has a chance to get elected by the high school drop outs.

  • Mark Hamilton

    Boy now that’s good news. Anytime a democrat quits that’s a Blessing. You have to hold out hope we can turn this country around.

  • encierro

    The problem with congress’s performance lies with we the voters who repeatedly send them back to Washington where they accrue power and spend us into unbelieveable debt. Notice this list covers only those with over 36 years, many with 15 plus years not listed. Two thirds of them are Democrats. They stay way too long.

    • richfrommichigan

      You are absolutely right. If you believe that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different results you have found the problem. The American voter/public is INSANE. And like most crazy people they don’t even know it.

  • I_Hate_The_State

    Take the dinosaurs Hatch and McCain with you.

  • disqus_kfee

    No good worthless f—— hacks. Every single one of them. Horse whipping would be to lenient.

    • lambchops

      Tarred, feathered, and run out of town on a rail?

      • John___Galt

        A firing squad would be dandy.

  • ncpg

    Democrats “who don’t expect to return”. Count on it.

  • BeBe BooRay

    Good. Get out! Criminals. Take Reid, McCain and anybody over 70. Get out.

  • lambchops

    How fitting is it that their party symbol is a jackass?

  • jcwink

    Rats are abandoning ship …. Now if half of the republicans would leave also.

  • Patriot_765

    Take the senate, strengthen the House, impeach the Occupier in Chief.

  • Slayer88

    After leaving the American taxpayer high n dry they just ride off into the sunset to enjoy the spoils from a lifetime of cronyism and thievery….

  • diggiodiggi

    Anthony Weiner types will take there places.

  • Ken Martin

    The best thing to happen for American would be for all the democrats to leave, and take the RINOs with them.

    • John___Galt

      Yes, yes, yes. Except you misspelled “die…”

  • TPHobbit

    And the Tea Party folks are staying to clean up the mess that these retiring “legislators” are directly responsible for creating. You could say that they are rats leaving a sinking ship, but that is probably not accurate. When a ship sinks, the rats have to swim for it like everyone else. However, I’m guessing (based on their legislative history) that every one of them has a Golden Parachute prepared for themselves that is hidden in some obscure appropriation bill.

  • buyitcheap

    If I had a multiple six figure pension, free medical at the best hospitals in the world, hell, I’d quit too!

  • RobUofIllinoisU/C

    Thank you for your service all. The day after retirement, do the country a favor, drop dead. Scum of the earth. These people are not heroes or idols! They are legalized criminals. I have more respect for La Cosa Nostra. They at least helped the little people. These criminals have done nothing but enrich themselves and bankrupt America.

  • Brian Blumfield

    Cowards. Screw the country up with their Obamacare vote, and now they run home with their tails between their legs. And you can bet they will be exempt from Obamacare themselves.

  • DrChambers

    Levin should have been tried for treason years ago. What a “___”-Bag (fill in the blank).

    • Bully Pulpit

      Levin told the American people that the WH demanded the indefinite detention of American citizens remain in the NDAA 2012 bill. I don’t like his politics but I like that he stood up to Obama on that issue. The WH was blaming the Republicans for those sections of the bill. Levin gets much credit for his statements of truth on that.

      • Layla

        The Republicans voted YES. Only 11 voted NO. The is the lowest Congress has sunk in 200 years. TREASON.

        • Bully Pulpit

          In a Democrat controlled congress the republican vote is negligible; however, countable, none the less.
          The white house demanded the indefinite detention clauses to become law — as disclosed by Levin.

          Dems like caging certain people or killing them if they are just too inconvenient to track down or control. Drone anyone?

  • thinker

    How do they sleep at night?

  • Cincinnatus

    They aren’t done inflicting damage on the U.S. They will be heading right into the $Million$ Lobbyist jobs that their votes have already paid for.

  • Matt Sullivan

    The writer gives himself away when he refers to these crooks as stalwart. Strong, resolute and moral? They have been in charge during the time of the greatest theft in human history. The theft of American families by the predominetly Democrat ruling class since the Johnson administration. I wonder what the combine networth of is of these senators and their families is? Hummm? We Americans are so shortsighted and our journalists are as corrupt as the socialist politicians.

  • Purplesuiter

    The have seen the hand-writing on the wall – they sscrewed the pooch, they know it, and are running and hiding like the cockroaches they are.

    Atop that an increasing number of long term house demoncrats are retiring rather than face the ire of the voters.

  • LiberalismFailed

    Now that they’ve made millions lining their own pockets and their wealthy, powerful friends as politicians, they can go to where the real money is: lobbying.

    • ddanimald

      Talk about income inequality. Politicians pay vs their constituents azpozed to owners and employees. Especially since most bizness’s be small.

  • Pete in Seattle

    Love how the author tries to desperately paint it has a good thing the Democrats are retiring at record numbers. We need to replace these crooks with citizen representatives, not more career politicians!

  • Purplesuiter

    What was most telling was the timing of Montana’s MAD MAX’s decision to retire – after he pronounced that obamaSCARE would be a train wreck – that from the chairman of the committee responsible for funding government spending.

  • ddanimald

    Google an image of babs mlikulski and jaba d’hutt.

  • John___Galt

    Thanks lib devils. Now please go die.

  • Eileen_For_Freedom_Liberty



  • RWrad

    Good damned riddance to the Bolshevik A-holes. The country will be a much better place without these fascist bas*ards!

  • Louis Tabor

    ““What people constantly overlook is the fact that right underneath a bunch of us is a bunch of absolutely superbly trained people who’re ready to take over,” said Rockefeller, who was first elected in 1984.”

    1984! What’s wrong with us! Superbly trained to ruin our country….sigh

  • olegunny

    There is not one Democrat in the Senate of any stature.

  • testplot

    This bunch of self serving idiots could not leave “we the people” fast enough. Now if the rest of the folks in congress would vote to limit their retirement funds to half or by two/thirds, that should make them even with the rest of us……These folks are …..SOCIALIST…. real democrats died off years ago…..all thats left is ….SOCIALIST.

  • Guest — You don’t retire from Congress; Congree retires you!

  • Anti-Malware Links – You don’t retire from Congress; Congress retires you!

  • RockDad Rice

    Vote em all out! Both parties!

  • zenobia123

    The Democrats are looking for a new wave of incompetence and duplicity.

  • Ham12

    Tar and feather them all.

  • ronb28135

    Whoo-pee do!! Who are the Republicans going to run for the vacancies, more political establishment hacks like McConnell and McCain, or others like Boehner and Ryan??

    Ordinarily this would be good news to the opposition party and if the Democrats had an opposition party running against themit would be good news except that most Republicans are Democrat clones.

  • sandiego1969

    Time to cull the herd.


    Great news.. BUT….I want to know who gave the order to
    “Stand Down” in Benghazi and letting 4 Americans die needlessly.
    Was it done for Political Reasons… I’m guessing it was.

  • dilajoe

    They Damage the country beyond belief, then retire to their huge pensions they voted for themselves.

    These are EVIL men!

  • Go2guy

    Last hurrah for them, but we’re getting rid of five sh1theads in one fell swoop…and a roar goes up from the crowd!

  • Kedzie

    The combined damage that these Democrat morons did to America over the course of their careers is unimaginable and borders on criminal. I will despise all Democrats forever for what they have done to America.

    • mehovaldez

      Republicans stood by and let it happen too as did most Americans.

  • Hutch King

    Despite collectivist claims that individualism opposes altruism, it is egoism that is the opposite of altruism and it is individualism which is the opposite of collectivism.

  • Layla

    92 MILLION AMERICANS out of work…..THAT’S your legacy.

  • Anonymous

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