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July 2, 2015

Utah Is No Fan of Lee’s Obamacare-Linked Shutdown Strategy

Sen. Mike Lee (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call)

(Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call)

The tide of public opinion is turning against the GOP’s gambit of insisting on Obamacare defunding in return for keeping the government open — even in states such as Utah, home to one of the move’s top champions, Sen. Mike Lee.

A Deseret News poll found that 56 percent of Utahans do not believe that shutting down the government is worth the continued fight to cut funding from Obamacare, while only 37 percent agreed that it is. An almost equal amount of people blamed Congressional Republicans as they did President Barack Obama, but the plurality of those polled — 41 percent — blamed both parties.

Lee, along with Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, has spearheaded the effort to tie government funding to a dismantling of the nation’s health care law, much to the chagrin of establishment Republicans who are worried about the party being blamed for the shutdown and the economic consequences that could come with it.

That the maneuver polled so poorly with people in Utah just one week into a shutdown could be bad news for both Lee and the conservatives who are continuing to push Republicans to stand strong against a policy-rider-free continuing resolution.

The Deseret News, which is operated by the Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, reported that the margin of error for the poll was 5 points.

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  1. MrSmith

    Oct. 7, 2013
    4:06 p.m.

    The respectable Yougov pollsters almost asked the “Verboten” poll question: “Do you support shutting down the government to KEEP Obamacare?”

    Very interesting polling, shows poor support for the Dems’ strategy.
    No reports on it anywhere of course. The meme must prevail!

  2. HongryHawg

    Oct. 7, 2013
    5:34 p.m.

    I would be very leery over the veracity of this poll and the reporting of it by a newspaper owned by the Mormons. I’m thinking the questions were tainted with a bias undetectable until taken as a whole. I just find it hard to believe that Mormons would not be more energetic about fighting the obamacare. There’s much more to lose in the long run. I thought Mormons were stronger.

    • Teri

      Oct. 7, 2013
      6:35 p.m.

      Got news for you, there are many non-mormons living in Utah.

      • HongryHawg

        Oct. 7, 2013
        6:53 p.m.

        Well, there you go! Thanks for the lesson.

    • Art Bagnall

      Oct. 8, 2013
      6:05 p.m.

      I guess you are wrong.
      Hard to believe someone who uses the screen name “Hongry Hawg” could be incorrect about how polling was done in a state you can’t spell.
      “tainted with a bias undetactble until taken as a whole” WTF are you TRYING to say? “leery over the veracity of this poll”???
      Stop trying to use words with more than one syllable. Nobody uses words like that without a dictionary.
      You ought to take your meds and clear your head before you do any more of this “writing” stuff. It wears out you Tea Party morons.
      No, the Mor(m)ons are just as nutty as you are. They think God sent Jesus to Independence, MO to create a new Heaven there.

      • HongryHawg

        Oct. 8, 2013
        7:50 p.m.

        You’re a good little liberal troll. You’re doing your best to follow the playbook; especially on page 3 where it says if a Conservative post makes sense and may appeal to other Conservatives, proceed to cast aspersions on the writer’s intelligence and pretend that what he said doesn’t make sense. Only one thing wrong, Art Bagnell; the rulebook assumes an aspiring liberal troll will have the intelligence to read and understand the meaning of the posts he is to insult. So, since you are no good at page 3, you are great with page 4 where it says this: If you are too stupid and dense to match intelligence with a Conservative poster, just resort to hate. Conservatives aren’t nearly as big on hate as liberals and they will most likely be further disgusted with you and ignore you from now on. There is a footnote on that page that says to avoid being interpreted as an ignorant and illiterate liberal, just leave the posts that you cannot understand alone. If you proceed to comment, you will only show your stupidity and make all liberal trolls look bad. Happy fishing!

    • Ryan Darby

      Oct. 11, 2013
      1:09 a.m.

      Actually, the poll was done by Dan Jones and Associates, a polling firm that’s highly respected in Utah, and usually correct. And there’s a lot of national parks in Utah that tourists go to; entire counties rely on that tourist revenue. When the government shuts down, that revenue goes away.

  3. Nov-cubed

    Oct. 7, 2013
    6 p.m.

    A Deseret News poll found that 56 percent of Utahans do not believe that shutting down the government is worth the continued fight to cut funding from Obamacare

    Why are they doing a new poll on an old issue?
    That is so September. . .

  4. Teri

    Oct. 7, 2013
    6:37 p.m.

    Who cares? So tired of these appeals to popularity. This country is not A Democracy it’s A Republic. That means that the minority has a voice just as much as the majority.

    • kernals

      Oct. 8, 2013
      3:15 p.m.

      and you think we liberals are elitists

    • Art Bagnall

      Oct. 8, 2013
      6:07 p.m.

      Voice but not a choice. Majority rules with minority rights.

  5. Sharon Reinert

    Oct. 7, 2013
    6:40 p.m.

    roll call is left leaning im gathering. guess i dont belong here. and ure wrong. i voted for obama for a 2nd term and 100% regretting it.

    • Art Bagnall

      Oct. 8, 2013
      6:09 p.m.

      You don’t belong anywhere smart people are.
      “ure wrong?”
      Quit lying about voting for Obama because you didn’t, liar. You wish you had been smart enough to vote for Obama but you ain’t.

  6. YeahBut

    Oct. 8, 2013
    6:21 a.m.

    Short term hardship will be worth it if we obtain long term changes

  7. me

    Oct. 11, 2013
    7:18 p.m.

    I don’t agree with the shut down…BUT I sure DON’T WANT to be forced in to something I can’t afford by anyone. Fix the shut down and get rid of Obama Care.

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