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March 6, 2015

Manchin, Kirk Unveil Obamacare Mandate Delay

Sen. Joe Manchin III has followed through on introducing legislation to delay the individual mandate penalty under Obamacare for a year.

The West Virginia Democrat teamed up with his friend Mark S. Kirk, R-Ill., on the measure, which they announced late Thursday.

“We’ve worked through a few of these issues, but our job in Congress is far from over. We need to start working together to fix this law and make it work so that all Americans have access to affordable and reliable health care coverage,” Manchin said in a statement.

“We can start with a one-year delay of the individual mandate to eliminate penalty fees if individuals choose to not enroll for a health care plan in 2014. This commonsense proposal simply allows Americans to take more time to browse and explore their options, making 2014 a true transition year,” he added.

Manchin has been pushing for the mandate delay even though it may create political heartburn and tough votes for fellow Democrats, a possibility that #WGDB previously explored.

Almost all of the Democratic incumbents up in 2014 met with President Barack Obama for about two hours Wednesday to discuss the bungled rollout of the website for the federal health exchanges.

  • papal

    That train has left the station. Obama and the dems had a chance to postpone the mandate for a year and turned it down during the shutdown. Obama and the dems could have had a one delay of the mandated, put off the Obamacare rollout fiasco, and held off the embarassment of Obamacare in the headlines everyday and didn’t take it. Just to protect their sacred Obamacare. I think it is going to cost them a little more than humility on this one. Obama and Reid look like fools now.

    • DrSquishy

      Delaying the individual mandate will cause premiums to SKYROCKET. Not going to happen period.

      • papal

        Well it seems that the Obamacare supporters are in a bind but a self inflicted bind. They could have avoided the entire fiasco by accepting the repubs second offer of a one year delay.

      • mbecker908

        Not delaying the individual mandate will cause premiums to SKYROCKET. (To paraphrase you.)

        Welcome to the death spiral. Either way enough young, healthy, fools (who voted for TheChosenWon) aren’t going to sign up to offset the old and the sick.

        How’s that Hope and Change workin’ out…

  • Friv Jogos

    I definitely bookmark this page and share it with your friends, hopefully will be useful to them.

  • DrSquishy

    Will never be brought up for a vote. Not going to happen.

  • EdWalton

    We’re talking about bureaucratic incompetence; what’s going to change in one-year.

  • 1DUKEZ

    I’ve decided to vote them all out.

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