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May 24, 2015

McCain, Kerry Have Tense Exchange at Foreign Relations Hearing (Video)

Sen. John McCain, R- Ariz., confronted Secretary of State John Kerry about the Obama administration’s foreign policy in a heated exchange at a Senate Foreign Relations hearing Tuesday.

“I must say, I think you’re about to hit the trifecta,” McCain told Kerry, citing the ongoing conflict in Syria, the seemingly stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace talks and the uncertain nuclear deal with Iran, which McCain predicted would collapse.

McCain further lambasted Kerry, who was testifying on the administration’s national security and foreign policy budget priorities, on failing to provide defensive weapons to Ukraine, saying the failure to do so was “beyond logic.”

“On the issue of Ukraine, my hero, Teddy Roosevelt, used to say talk softly, but carry a big stick,” said the Arizona Republican. “What you’re doing is talking strongly and carrying a very small stick, in fact, a twig.”

Kerry responded to each of McCain’s critiques, first saying, “I guess it’s pretty easy to lob those judgments around, but particularly well before the verdict is in on any of them.”

During Kerry’s rebuttal, McCain interrupted the secretary and told him that the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks were dead and Kerry needed to “recognize reality.”

Kerry responded with a Teddy Roosevelt reference of his own saying Roosevelt “also said that the credit belongs to the people who are in the arena who are trying to get things done, and we’re trying to get something done.”

Kerry also reminded his fellow Vietnam War veteran that the Vietnam peace talks took years to complete.  “It took them a year to design the table to sit around,” he said.

Even after McCain’s time was up, Kerry and McCain continued their back and forth, with Chairman Robert Menendez, D-N.J., stepping in to say, “I think you’ve both made your point.”

  • Big Lee

    If Kerry had shown this resolve and found this speaking voice in 2004 he would have been president (see his exchange with the Idaho Senator today as well). And before you blast that comment with snark, ask yourself if you liked how 2005-2008 played out.

    • Nanette Gray are for real..spoken like a true lib dem..Bahhhhaaa!!

      • Big Lee

        How’d your 401k do in 2008?

        • LGarrison

          BIG LEE You seem to forget that your Dem. friends were in charge of congress then.. How about that BS? Liberal nonsense is killing our country.

          • oaklanddog

            Ya, how’s your 401k doing today? The dow was 8,000 when Obama was inaugurated. What is it today – oh yes 16,230.

          • Big Lee

            ever hear of Harry Truman’s saying; the buck stops here

  • papacito9999

    This nut would be a more vicious tyrant than any foreign leader he wants to remove. Funny how much amusement McCain gets from blowing people’s heads off yet doesn’t care about any issues regarding the American people.

    • GFFM

      You clearly do not see that these two men are friends. No one was vicious. They simply have a major disagreement. No one suggested blowing anyone’s head off. I sure hope you are never in a situation where you can’t defend yourself from violence you did not initiate and are told you are not allowed to respond. Grow up.

      • papacito9999

        Wow, you’re naive. I mean, how stupid can a guy get? In case you haven’t noticed, McCain always refers to people as “my friends”. Just because someone pretends to be polite doesn’t mean they’re sincere. Just a little first grade lesson you clearly haven’t grasped. Kind of like if I was to call you “my bright fellow contributor” I’m obviously pretending to be polite as it’s clear you’re really a misinformed idiot. Clearly you’ve also not noticed that any “friendship” McCain and Kerry had ended several years ago. It’s pretty clear this was a hostile back and forth rather than a polite discussion among friends.
        Next time you tell anyone to grow up, you oughta look in the mirror. You’re a pathetic excuse for an American.

        • GFFM

          No I am not naive; they have been friends for years. Ask you colleagues in the Senate or their staffs. Again, grow up and listen to how they are disagreeing with one another. It is just like a typical liberal, not a nuanced one, to shout tyranny when people who respect one another have real and substantial yet civl disagreement. The answer is not to demonize everyone you don’t like or whose opinions you don’t like. I’ll say it again: tolerance is needed.

          • papacito9999

            I’ll say it again myself since you’re clearly too stupid to get it the first time: before telling someone to grow up, look in the mirror because you’re dumber and more naive than a first grader.
            Meanwhile, if you’re so concerned about the scum in Syria or people in Ukraine, go over and fight them yourself you filthy coward. You really are a pathetic excuse for an American. Real Americans take care of their own, not some insignificant crap halfway around the world. If you grew the hell up you would realize that.
            You also misidentified me as a liberal rather than a libertarian. Again, showcases your sheer stupidity. A first grader could’ve done better.

  • Bud Brangard

    one word …. embarrassment

  • GFFM

    Kerry is completely out of his depth. He refuses to look at reality. McCain and no one else ever suggested we should “drop bombs.” There are myriad other possibilities of response by America. He is a blowhard and said absolutely nothing of consequence here.

  • Edie

    McCain is an old fool, a warmonger that would have us in every conflict all over the world. He is a danger to this country. Time for him to retire, go back to Arizona and shut up.

  • tatoo

    I sure as hell don’t want to go to war over Ukraine. For a party that doesn’t want to spend money, they sure are willing to spend it on war.

  • Ken V

    The Swiftees hat it right. John Kerry is a pacifist,a coward, and a disgrace to this country.

    • Marla
      • oaklanddog

        Really Ken? He joined the military and volunteered for Vietnam when your CONS were are in college hiding and Ted the head Nugent was pissing in his pants to get put of serving.

        • Ken V

          I was there in Viet Nan too and have first hand knowledge of Kerry the coward and liar. He was just as bad as Hanoi Jane if not worse.

          • oaklanddog

            Ken, you know it’s Vietnam not Viet Nan right? Really, you have first hand knowledge. How so?

          • Ken V

            I was there ..more than I can say for your draft dodging A$$

          • oaklanddog

            So you were on the same boat with him?

          • Ken V

            yes I knew this sorry coward.

          • oaklanddog

            Ken, John Kerry received the Silver Star, the Bronze Star and three Purple Hearts. Do they give this to cowards?  Your not Commander Charles F. Horne, are you?

          • Ken V

            There is more to that story than you know. The medals were not truly earned…listen to what the Swiftees have been saying all these years. You cannot trust the main stream media.

          • oaklanddog

            Ok, that’s your opinion. But do you know the Commander whose name I sent you?

  • Marla

    Ken V read Bomb Bomb Bomb Iran is an old fool

  • DeCater’nDC

    McCain and Kerry. Now there’s two guys you can depend on to do the right thing. mmmharrrrharrrrr!!!

  • jillocity

    kerry is a lop…doesn’t know his a** from a hole in the ground, instead of looking at things as they are, sticks his head in the sand and says “there’s nothing to fear here”…

  • R.X.Pastor

    Where are our statesmen ??? only thing the russians fear is strength, Obama is part of the Soviet adgenda, so are the democrates . WAKE UP you are being used.. soviet well designed this destroy our freedoms, think gun control and other programs used as assurrogates, Obama is a PLANT by design, WAKE UP AMERICA ???? you are sleepping

  • DansDaMan

    Lurch gets taken to the woodshed in full view of the American public!

  • cloudshe

    kerry is actually doing his job, trying to make a difference in a crazy world, unlike the previous “don’t rock the boat” sec’y, the worthless Hillary

  • Chiron_Venizelos

    McCain criticizing Kerry after he went to Syria for a photo-op with the anti-Assad rebels who just happened to be members of Al Qaida, Abbas, and Muslim Brotherhood.
    Hello Pot, meet Mr. Kettle.
    McCain, you’re a whacko bird. Shaddup you stinking RINO!
    As for you Kerry, you pasty-faced numbnutz, why don’t you see if you can get a date with Hanoi Jane.

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