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March 31, 2015

McCain Criticizes Cruz’s Nazi Germany Reference (Video)

Sen. John McCain took to the Senate floor Wednesday to lambaste Sen. Ted Cruz’s attempt to liken his political opponents to those who tried to appease Adolf Hitler.

McCain also noted the Texas Republican — who held the Senate floor for 21 hours Tuesday into Wednesday — was not around in 2009 and 2010 when Republicans put up a united front in what McCain described as a long and hard fight to defeat the health care law.

“To somehow allege that many of us are nor haven’t fought hard enough, I think, does not comport with the action that took place on the floor of the Senate,” McCain said.

But he took particular affront to Cruz’s statement during his all-nighter that the people who say Obamacare can’t be defunded are similar to former British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, whom Cruz described as saying, “accept the Nazis. Yes, they’ll dominate the continent of Europe, but that’s not our problem.”

Cruz went on to say: “I suspect those same pundits who say defunding Obamacare can’t be done, if it had been in the 1940s, we would have been listening to them. They would have been saying you cannot defeat the Germans.”

McCain said, “I resoundingly reject that allegation. That allegation in my view does a great disservice for those brave Americans and those who stood up and said what’s happening in Europe cannot stand.”

McCain also declined to call Cruz’s nearly daylong talkfest a filibuster. “I can’t call it a filibuster because a filibuster is intended to delay passage of legislation. There was no doubt that there was a time certain — that time on the floor would have to expire. So I guess the kind of depiction I can say is extended oratory.”

  • pitch1934

    I may be wrong, but a quick research of cruz’s background leads me to believe that he has never worn the uniform of a U.S. serviceman. He has not earned the right to compare any military situation with a political one. McCain may not be the man he once was, but he has earned the right to speak.

    • C. Edmund Wright

      Sorry dude….McCain has spent any good will capitol he earned 50 years ago with decades of pathetic capitulation in the Senate.

      • pitch1934

        You are correct. However I also have little love for the guy. But, he did serve and was in battle. As he son of an admiral he could have flown a desk very easily.

        • 1DUKEZ

          How do you know that it wasn’t his dad who told him to get his rear end in the air and not behind a desk??

    • Klawnet

      By God, his right to speak is derived from the Constitution. McCain is the idiot who needs to shut his ignorant piehole and retire while he still retains a shred of dignity. I am not convinced he didn’t run a false flag operation to get Occupant elected in the first place, and every attack he makes on the actual conservatives feeds that suspicion.

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