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March 31, 2015

McCain: Cruz’s Criticism of Bob Dole Crossed a Line

(Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

(Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

Sen. John McCain said Friday he told Sen. Ted Cruz that the Texas Republican’s criticism of former Majority Leader Bob Dole in a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference crossed a line.

In an interview on MSNBC, McCain said he confronted Cruz on the Senate floor about the freshman’s CPAC comments from Thursday, in which Cruz called out Dole, McCain and Mitt Romney — the party’s last three unsuccessful presidential nominees.

“I spoke to Ted Cruz — he and I have a cordial relationship — about this, and he can say what he wants about me, and he can say anything he wants to, I think, about Mitt,” the Arizona Republican said. “But when he throws Bob Dole in there, I wonder if he thinks that Bob Dole stood for principle on that hilltop in Italy when he was so gravely wounded and left part of his body there fighting for our country? Bob Dole is such a man of honor and integrity and principle.”

Dole was severely wounded on the battlefield during World War II. He recovered from his war injuries along with fellow future Sens. Philip Hart of Michigan and Daniel K. Inouye of Hawaii. McCain noted Dole’s current health condition during the TV interview.

Cruz, a potential White House contender in 2016, was the first speaker at the three-day conference of conservative activists held just outside the Beltway at National Harbor, Md.

“Of course, all of us remember President Dole and President McCain and President Romney,” Cruz said at CPAC. “Now look, those are good men. They’re decent men, but when you don’t stand and draw a clear distinction; when you don’t stand for principle, Democrats celebrate.”

  • Bob Haze

    It was NOT about Dole’s service. McCain is way off base.
    It was about the run for the PRESIDENCY.
    And Dole, McCain, and Romney are EXACTLY who Cruz said they are – WEAK candidates! Sheesh – look who beat them.
    I’m with Cruz – all day long!
    McCain needs to RETIRE!

    • Georgann Putintsev

      Well your LAST name says it all.. Ryan could sell you the Brooklyn Bridge, claim a HUG fee on it, along with taxes deductions, and still get Subsidies for any Corp doing business on the Brooklyn Bridge ( moving), and stiff the REST of us with the Bill. But of course, his did it the Ryan way; “anything goes if its Good for him”. The funding for Repairs or Upkeep, the employee Retirement funds were taken and siffened off. You cant get any more, because he votes for $pending & of course, he wouldn’t want YOU looking closer on a DONE …banana split. So he’s onto the Next stooge & money maker that screws the public.

  • Ernie kaputnik

    McCain is a crusty old fossil, as well as an arrogant and dishonorable liar. I would have told him to shove his opinion up his backside. In addition to being an unconscionable and worthless politician, he is responsible for almost sinking the USS Forestall. He and his idiot daughter are a couple of turds that just won’t flush.

  • Mark Jessup

    Up yours McCain, what Senator Cruz said about you, Dole and Romney was
    more than generous (more than you deserve) and it has nothing to do with
    Dole’s military service. I’ll say what Cruz would not say, and that is
    that America would have been FAR better off if that North Vietnamese
    grunt manning that missile battery back in ’67 had been a better shot.
    You would have served America much better from Arlington National
    Cemetery, than from the United States Senate where you have served
    yourself, your ‘Rat pals across the aisle, and don’t forget your former
    captors who you were quick to embrace while selling out your fellow
    POW’s and their families. Now kindly eat a feces sandwich and expire

  • Uncle Rufus

    Go away, you senile jack@ss.

  • john_freeman0130

    Truth hurts, John. Why don’t you apologist for the farce you run in 2008.

  • John John

    McCain is way off base I agree. Cruz was not talking about Dole’s service or injury and for McCain to sugges that just because someone gets injured, they are worthy of being a President is asinine – just like he is.

  • Tom Smith

    Wow, first time here (and last). What a bunch of hate spewed here. A large group gathering all without taking their meds.
    Bob, Ernie, John, et. al. you are really sick hateful souls. Seek medical help before it eats you up.

  • benz209

    It’s ok John.. but it’s time to retire.

  • gregzotta

    Hey John McLame Senator Ted Cruz is a Statesman, unlike you and he has nothing to apologize for. You are a RINO and for the good of the country you should resign.

  • ervinsims

    John McCain should apologize to the Republican Party and the nation for the pity-full leadership he has provided in Congress!

  • Loel Lund

    Bob Dole was the last of the WWII vets who ran for the high office in 1996. Because Clinton was a shoo-in in California I voted for Dole. What war did Cruz fight in by the way?

    • Layla

      And how old is Dole now? Why is he still in office? Because he fought in a war?

      • Loel Lund

        Dole is not in office Layla–you might be thinking of McCain, who remains in the Senate because the Ariizona voters chose him.

  • Hutch King

    The morality and liberty of a free country run contrary to the subjective notions of “society’s interests” put forth by collectivist quacks.

  • Terra Pennington

    McCain what are you smoking… Get on board… Use a little common sense. Think before you open your mouth. Oh I forgot most of you guys don’t know what common sense which is why this country is in the shape it is in.

  • jjjhein

    the sooner that texas turd cruz gets flushed down the toilet the better for the republican party and for humanity…he is a dumb loser who isn’t 1/100th of the man Dole or anybody else who has run for president on the gop ticket has been…he is a big mouthed egotist with delusions of grandeour….looks and acts like joe macarthy, another right wing nut.

  • unknown

    ah… play the wounded soldier card. Sorry John, you don’t get a free pass with that.

    • M75462

      Yeah that is getting a tad thin with me too. I have the future my children and their children to worry about. Besides we are going to have to repeat history with the commies and the muslims for another eternity now aren’t we.

  • M75462

    Eff off McCain, the truth hurts, doesn’t it? My God, you are such a total failure….

  • 123Star

    McCain is big government as well. Cruz, keep listening to him.

  • Georgann Putintsev

    Since Obama was not mentioned above, I didn’t list some of his short comings. Every President has the right to place people in key positions in our Federal agencies (Article 2 of the Constitution); unfortunately, President Obama’s positioning of 6 Degree Corporate “Dingo’s” has continued. I can not understand why any President would put the ‘known’ fox in a hen house; unless you WANT to loose some chickens. Can a corporate Dingo change?

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