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March 30, 2015

McCain: Fischer Made ‘False Statements’ About Border Security (VIDEO)

Tensions about the immigration amendment process led to a particularly tense exchange on Tuesday, with “gang of eight” member Sen. John McCain questioning a fellow Republican who said the immigration bill wouldn’t secure the border.

The Arizona Republican accused freshman Nebraska Sen. Deb Fischer of making a “series of false statements” about the bill.

Following a lengthy floor statement in which Fischer criticized border security language in the Senate’s bipartisan immigration measure and contrasted it with an amendment she had written, McCain sought recognition for the purpose of what in Senate parlance is known as asking a question:

Like many Senate questions, McCain’s was designed as a retort. McCain asked Fischer whether she had ever visited the Arizona border with Mexico. She replied that she had been to the border between Texas and Mexico.

“I’d just say to the senator from Nebraska, she’s so ill-informed. The statement I just saw, I don’t know where to begin, except to say that if you don’t think that if this legislation secures the border, you haven’t spent any time on the border, certainly not any meaningful time,” McCain said. “I can’t express my disappointment in the series of false statements that the senator just made.”

Fischer responded: “I believe that my statement is correct. It reflects the values of my state, it reflects the values of those Americans, and it truly reflects their concerns with this piece of legislation that is before us now.”

McCain then invited Fischer to visit Arizona. The freshman from Nebraska said she would accept the invitation.

At day’s end Tuesday, the Senate had set a series of votes for late morning Wednesday that would be treated as though they had occurred at 1 a.m., allowing senators the chance to get a full night’s sleep before continuing the floor exchanges and amendment wrangling.

Considering the votes to have taken place at the wee hours of Wednesday morning preserves the timeline outlined at #WGDB earlier in the day.

Scott Campbell contributed to this report.

  • John Hill

    “I’d just say to the senator from Nebraska, she’s so ill-informed.”

    McCain always made sure the Vietcong were well-informed.

  • 2197_uxo_1

    Actually it was the NVA he informed/;>V

  • disqus_E4Vdp7qC06

    McCain is the liar!!

  • fed-up

    Sounds like Fischer knows what she is talking about. Fischer details each one of her points. McCain’s retort is pretty much a third grade “Oh yeah?”

    • David Light

      McStain is just that, a stain in the underpants of a third grader . . . he is a true RINO and I can’t stand to see his face or name!

      • XJFKdemocrat

        He is a bully who is trying to shut down debate. Typical progressive tactic. I commend Ms FIsher and others who are speaking truth to this absolutely corrupt power. These lifers don’t care about us. They care about money and power. Swamp rules apply here.

  • Ol lib

    McCain has been to the border under VERY tight security. He has NO idea of HOW many people are crossing illegally. Rock on Ms. Fischer!

    • disqus_E4Vdp7qC06

      Yes he does… He doesn’t care and this is why the people of Arizona have started a recall for Flake and McCain!

      • nmisasi

        Glad to hear there is a recall effort but please replace them with true conservatives who say what the mean and mean what they say! No more RINO’s please. Flake is such a disappointment.

      • Ol lib

        He may know about how many are crossing and not care. I’ll give you that. I still don’t think ANYONE knows for sure HOW many are getting through. The point is He and other LIBERALS don’t want security. It keeps the masses at their mercy; or so they think. All they want is MORE power!

        • disqus_E4Vdp7qC06

          No one knows and this 11,12,million or whatever is a guess. I would guess times ten at least. My husband is a retired agent of 28 years and has worked both the Mexican border and Canadian border. He knows that nothing will be done and that it is the same as 1986 except back then the agents had things they could do, yes, then they could do their job. Up at the Canadian border, in the late 80’s there were 6 agents at one of the 2 stations in Wash. Now there are 86 at one station and a total of approx., 450 at three stations. They are literally on top of each other and now are riding 2 agents in each vehicle. There are at least 100 supervisors doing nothing but shuffling paper. This does not include I.C.E. which is located in Blaine Wa., at town of about 3,500. They cannot stop anyone who is Hispanic, only if they have intel on drugs coming into the U.S. from Canada. It’s a joke !! The Mexican border is worse so even if they build a fence, it does not and will not stop them cause the agents hands are tied. They come for the free stuff and Obama wants them for the votes. Ted Cruz won 40% of the Hispanic vote in Texas and did not do so by pandering to the Illegals. The legal Hispanics don’t like this either and that’s why he won. McCain and these Rove supporting Repubics are so stupid that they think by going along with the dictators ideas will gain them a win. It won’t. We need good people like Cruz to run on conservative values and principles that most Americans believe in

  • JetsFan1984

    McCain hates women. He has horrible tempermant. I hope Fischer sues him for hostile work environment. Remember Decorum?

  • Booker

    McCain is such a jackarse. This guy will do anything for the cameras.

  • John

    I guess he told her. That McCain sure has a way with words. Term limits!

    • Defcon3

      “has a way with words” And as reported today so does that pillar of female grace Meaghan (sp)

      • John

        Oh yeah, I forgot he reproduced.

  • 2summer4

    Why does McCain stick his nose into everything and anything without being reprimanded (far-left “immigration reform”, surprise visits to Syria, et al). I suppose it’s because he’s doing work for Obama and the news media gladly give him coverage. If it’s a (real) Republican – the media attack that poor person (Michelle Bachmann, Palin, Ted Cruz, et al). McCain is a devil.

  • MNHawk

    So the small little man didn’t list a single false statement she made?

  • BearNJ

    Little nasty man and wrong as usual.

  • Rob Thiebeau

    As you read each new sentence shows Fischer more correct than McCain.

  • purplewings

    So they hire 20,000 more Border Agents and what good will that do?
    Obama will tie their hands just as he is doing right now. They will not
    be allowed to arrest or send them back – But it SOUNDS good if you
    don’t know that’s the way it is and has been since Obama came into our
    White house. That’s the reason ICE doesn’t want anything to do with
    this Amnesty bill. They said they are forced to treat their prisoners
    as if they were invited guests and not invaders. Yeah it’s going to
    help a lot to have all those new Border Agents that we can pay big
    money. It’s probably going to be jobs for the new Amnesty group.

    • Freedom_Road

      Just like our soldiers who have to ask for permission to shoot back at the enemy because of the new Ocommie rules of engagement.

  • Ronnie May

    The Nebraska senator told the TRUTH which is more than MCCAmnesty has ever said. He’s a coward, a liar, a traitor, a yellowbelly, a spineless snake, a communist and he goes downlow on obama. He is a perfect example of what a bottom feeding sewer spawn is listed as in the dictionary. This parasite will never do another term for Arizona. He’s Napoliano’s twin sister.

  • Freedom_Road

    McCain has become either a traitor to the American people he swore to serve and / or has become a spokesman for the illegal Mexican fraternity!!!

  • Freedom_Road

    I just have to ask what he is being paid to support yet another garbage piece of legislation that gives illegals in this country more rights that our citizens!!! Sick of the whole bunch of traitors and kudos to Representative Fischer, thank you for standing up not only for Nebraskans, but for all Americans!!!

  • Freedom_Road

    Just retire already and go away!!! Can anyone say term limits! Oh I think someone did…..

  • nmisasi

    Senator McCain thinks he is the ‘Godfather of the Senate GOP,’
    sorry Sen. McCain you aren’t! You are just a RINO wanting to be friends with
    the leftist like Schumer and gang going along to get along! Senator Fischer was right, this bill should only be about real border security to protect “We the People”…those even Sen. McCain took an Oath of Office to defend and protect!

    A pure border security bill should be passed with enforcement of it by Congress and border state governors, not unelected political appointee’s from this or any administration. We already know this administration will not enforce it because they have failed so many other times already!

    Isn’t it time McCain and Graham retire or be retired? Then we can elect more real conservatives that actually love America more than being popular or funded by big crony capitalist?

  • sandyfromchesterfield

    Hang in there, Senator Fischer. The American citizens know that Senator McCain has turned into a bold faced liar and is just upset that you won’t lie with him. Evil likes company.

  • Carol Robinson

    i notice how Sen Fischer states she speaks for her constituents while McShame doesnt say who the f*k he speaks for….

    i guess a liar who ran on his false promise to “finish the dang fence” doesnt speak for anybody anymore but his liberal Senate pals, because McShame has lost ALL SENSE OF THE TRUTH.

    McShame, Schumkie Schumer, & Grahamnesty certainly dont speak for Americans.

    McShame sounded like a spoiled brat who couldnt get what he wanted for dinner. to call McShame a bully is almost a compliment. He is so far off course on how to talk to people he disagrees with he either throws insults, lies or whines.

    McShame is a piece of low-life fork-tongue trash.

    McShame, a true descendent of the neanderthal race.

    rock on Sen Fischer….you showed real class & grace while under fire from a two-bit punk throwing spit balls.

  • Billy S.

    McCain wouldn’t dare try to speak to a real man like he did to Senator Fischer or they would kick his sorry azz. He likes to bully others and especially women. He is a worthless rat.

  • Megalith

    It looks like the communist brain washing McCain got while a pow is finally coming to fruition. He was the real Manchurian candidate. Obama was the back up plan.

  • JohnMcaluneyJr

    Senator McCain is a joke. Still looking for strawberries. Maybe Senator McCain should invite his friend Big Sis to the “safe” border in Arizona, too.

    Ho Chi Ming is smiling down on his special pilot.

  • MProblem

    Shut up you miserable traitor! We should have left you to rot in Vietnam. Recall McCain and Flake NOW!

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