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March 31, 2015

Mike Lee Likens Obamacare Fight to Revolutionary War

(Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call)

(Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call)

One of the senators leading the opposition to funding Obamacare in the stopgap spending bill is comparing the fight to one of the greatest battles for liberty in the history of the republic.

“I would remind your listeners out there that the Revolutionary War was fought and won with the support from what was initially a minority within a minority of Americans,” Sen. Mike Lee said Monday evening. “There are lots of fights that we have fought as Americans where we were the underdog, or where not everyone was on board, but a select few [believed] that it was worth fighting, and eventually they persuaded others to go along and eventually they won.”

The Utah Republican’s comments came on conservative Mark Levin’s radio show.

“This is one of those moments where we as Americans have to stand together and where the Congress needs to stand with the American people who are calling in in overwhelming numbers saying please, keep the government funded, but defund Obamacare.”


  • Sally

    Calling in overwhelming numbers are they? Maybe if the GOP would stop lying and scaring people..but no, that’s not what they do. They liken themselves to those Gods of Freedom, the early settlers who killed the Indians, enslaved black men and women, and treated their wives like chattel. This is what the GOP wants to return to..those good old days when the rich white man dominated all. Let’s call it like it is: the GOP wanting no one to have health care makes them the Death Panels, not the ACA. Is there not one Republican with a moral code any longer? Are you all bought and paid for by the Kochs?

    • YoungConservative

      You mean the same GOP that freed the slaves from the Democrat controlled South? The same GOP that passed the Voting Rights Act over the bigoted Democrats passing Jim Crow laws? Know your history before you make a dumb comment.

      • Mariposa

        If you know your history, you would also know that the southern democrats you referred to abandoned the Democratic party in droves after the Democrats moved towards supporting civil rights and anti-poverty programs in the era of Kennedy and Johnson, and they moved into the GOP. In addition, statistics show recent trends of liberal or even moderate Republicans being pushed out of the GOP by the extremism of the right, and those who left are now voting as Independents or joining the Democratic party. So… yes… the GOP does have historical issues to be proud of, but what is most relevant is what they stand for NOW.

        • Layla

          Mariposa, your party may have rewritten the history books, but there are still a majority of us who KNOW who the racists and murderers were in the south, and they were NOT the GOP. I get the feeling that all the comments here are written by hill staffers and the scary thing is that they actually believe the crap they are spoon fed. MLK and his family were/are strong Republicans. Go lie to your own generation. The GOP are going to be pushed out by the people they no longer represent. The extremism is in DC, not in the Tea Party. I wouldn’t expect Dem party membership to increase, if I were you…not as long as fascism is the new order of the day. Sorry to disappoint you, but new numbers are trending Independent. That should be a strong message to the GOP, but as long as Karl Rove is in charge it won’t.

    • YoungConservative

      Oh, and by the way, the Republicans unveiled their plan to replace Obamacare, but it hasn’t received much news coverage since the liberal news media knows that it has no chance to even come up for a vote because Harry Reid is afraid moderate dems will split and vote for it.

    • Robbissimo

      Let’s get real here for a second. The majority of those that dislike the ACA and whose opinions are reflected in the polls as disapproving are over the age of 65! They are not affected by The ACA, in any way! If the polls reflected only those under 65 you would see that the majority are overwhelmingly in favor of the ACA!

      • Layla

        You will ALL find out in Nov., 2014. Do you have ANY IDEA how many cities are boarding up because there are no jobs???? Seriously, the country is going under while Washington fiddles. People out here can’t afford these premiums, you should know that. They will have no choice but to clean House and the Senate, both sides.

        • Wuthie

          What are the premiums? They don’t take effect until Oct. 1st. Since ACA started my insurance rates haven’t gone up as fast as they use to, and I get rebate checks from my insurance company. When it is in full swing I would imagine even lower rate because everyone would have insurance and I wouldn’t be paying for medical write offs for those that didn’t have insurance before.

          The only people that are going to be affected by ACA are those that don’t have insurance. Why should I have to pay higher premiums because some without health insurance goes to the hospital and can’t pay their bill?

          • Layla

            I’ve spoken to many whose premiums have tripled. How can you pass a law without know that? Who do you think is going to pay for those who can’t afford insurance, the Tooth Fairy?

            People are receiving notices NOW from their insurance companies. The same is happening to those being laid off by employers. You need to get out of Washington and into the REAL world, where the economy IS NOT improving, jobs and homes are still being lost.

          • Robbissimo

            Your suggestion that peoples insurance premiums have tripled proves that you are not talking about the ACA. Premiums have continued to go up but significantly less than in the years prior to the ACA. The few policues that may see increases were the bare boned policies that didn’t cover anything anyways. Oh well… the ACA is the law and you will eventually see the benefits. As for 2014, nothing changes. Even if the Republicans took over the senate, they won’t have enough to override a Presidential veto. Sorry Layla but elections do have consequences.

          • Wuthie

            Premiums triple? I would declare that an exaggeration. Who do you think is going to pay for their medical expenses if they can’t afford Insurance the Tooth Fairy?

            My insurance company hasn’t given me any notices and it’s Humana. What notice am I suppose to get? they certainly aren’t going to tell me to look into getting my insurance from one of the exchanges. they want to keep me. They will send me a notice when my insurance year is up (I pay annually) that it is going to increase but they’ve done that for the last seven years. Before ACA my insurance went up 25% to 30% now it’s only 17% to 20%.

            Have you actually check the prices on the exchanges? Some are as low a $100.00 per month. Mine is over $600.

            Obamacare did not cause the job losses or home being lost and ACA has tax breaks and medicaid for those that can’t afford insurance.

            I suggest you join the REAL world. More people have lost their houses because they can’t pay their medical bills than those that can’t afford to pay their insurance premiums.

            If you believe those triple health care premium increases, be careful a scammer reading your post might be giving you a call.

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