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August 2, 2015

Rand Paul Faces Resistance to Allowing Guns at the Post Office

(Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

(Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

A proposal by Sen. Rand Paul to allow guns in post offices is being met with skepticism by the chairman of the committee that oversees the Postal Service.

The Republican from Kentucky floated his measure Wednesday as an amendment to a postal overhaul bill being debated by the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee. The initial reaction from Chairman Thomas R. Carper, D-Del., was not positive, but it’s unclear how the votes will turn out.

The panel’s scheduled to resume the markup next Thursday, at which point Paul plans to propose a revised version designed to address concerns about Postal Service facilities housed within other federal buildings. Generally speaking, the measure would allow individuals to carry guns in post offices when otherwise carrying the weapon would be in compliance with state and local regulations.

“We had some initial discussion of the amendment and between now and next Thursday we will have a lot more,” Carper said. “My first reaction is not to embrace that. I think federal courts have recently ruled the question of whether or not a person can have a shotgun or a weapon in the trunk of their car on a parking lot of a post office.”

Carper was referencing a July federal court ruling out of Colorado in which a judge determined that a man with a concealed carry permit could have a firearm in his car while on post office property.

“I think that’s a reasonable decision that the court made, and I am not aware of a compelling reason to go beyond that. I thought the court made the right decision in that regard,” Carper said.

“When they reconvene, I will bring it back up,” Paul said of his amendment in the revised form. “I think there’s a good chance we can pass it.”

The conservative gun rights group Gun Owners of America of America highlighted the number of Democrats from less liberal-leaning states on the panel chaired by Carper.

“Because the amendment will be offered in Governmental Affairs, a vast percentage of the committee membership consists of conservative Republicans and Democrats running for reelection in conservative states,” the group said. “So there is a good chance that we can score a major victory for the Second Amendment if you act now.”

Sen. Carl Levin, D-Mich., who was present during the committee’s debate, said he had also had lots of questions about what Paul proposed.

“He’d indicated that he was going to revise it, so we’ll wait to get the revision,” Levin said before conceding, “I probably will still oppose it.”

“I think the ordinary public, by the way … the average person shouldn’t face guns in any public building. I mean, that’s where I’m coming from, so I’m not going to kid anyone about that,” Levin said. “But here you’re talking about federal buildings and whether or not those buildings should be able to have rules which are adopted that apply to all federal buildings, in this case, the post offices.”

Humberto Sanchez contributed to this report.

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  1. Norma Munn

    Jan. 31, 2014
    12:53 p.m.

    Why don’t we simply provide every child as they are born with a gun and a permit? Would make about as much sense as this endless effort to put guns in every place in this country.

    • Sally

      Jan. 31, 2014
      1:17 p.m.

      Well yeah…shouldn’t the toddler being spanked by mommy’s boyfriend be able to protect herself? Heck, she could have a diaper holder and one of those cute little pink derrigers. I’m sure no one will get hurt.

    • Barry Hirsh

      Feb. 1, 2014
      3:28 p.m.

      Why don’t we commit progressives to institutions immediately after they are born to spare everyone the mischief they inflict after they grow up?

      • AnthonyLook

        Feb. 1, 2014
        7:54 p.m.

        Why don’t we abort conservatives before they can legislate discrimination and fascist rape laws.

        • Barry Hirsh

          Feb. 1, 2014
          8:04 p.m.

          Typical. I suggest merely isolating progressives so they can’t do any harm, but you want to kill conservatives out of sheer hate.

          My, how TOLERANT!

          My compliments.

          You turd.

          • AnthonyLook

            Feb. 1, 2014
            8:06 p.m.

            Wahhhhambulance on the way. I thought we were making wishes. I don’t hate you, you’re my favorite turd.

          • Barry Hirsh

            Feb. 1, 2014
            8:45 p.m.

            Merely pointed out how tolerant you assholes are.

            Thanks for underscoring my point!

          • AnthonyLook

            Feb. 1, 2014
            11:03 p.m.

            Here’s looking at you bud. We’re gonna be in all Republicans face from here to election day and beyond. You are worthless nothing and you’re right we are intolerant of racists, we do not like you bigots and we will not hesitate to point out fake Christians. The NRA is the enemy of America and Tea Party Birther racists and their triple K rating are the cancerous scum of this nation and we are gonna do everything in our power to make you all powerless. We’ve had it with you, and we will no longer TOLERATE it. Gotta love me, we’re just like you all now.

          • Barry Hirsh

            Feb. 2, 2014
            1:43 p.m.

          • AnthonyLook

            Feb. 2, 2014
            2:04 p.m.

            Well maybe you are not that worthless, you’re good for a laugh. One of my favorite movies. The things you fake Christians did in the past are humorous now, they weren’t then. This clip is your ilks continuation of your heritage and you’re right you continue to persecute. Thanks for admitting it.

          • Barry Hirsh

            Feb. 2, 2014
            2:05 p.m.

            File under “Unclear on the Concept”

            You can’t stick a fake nose on me and call me a racist.

            That dawg won’t hunt, Elmer.

          • AnthonyLook

            Feb. 2, 2014
            2:23 p.m.

            Can’t fool an ole dog there Elmer- you bigots/racists/ sexist/ intolerant prejudice haters stick the your real noses so deep into your 1% income inequality masters. You and your fake Christian witch burning past was a perfect admission of what you all still are. Like I said early Elmer, we ain’t taking laying down anymore. We learned from you all how this battle is to be fought. We will be in your lying faces from now on, not just me. We have had it. We will not let America fall into the hands of you Racists, you money whorshipping puppets. Get ready to be voted out of power.

          • Barry Hirsh

            Feb. 2, 2014
            2:28 p.m.

            Whatever. I’ve drawn you out enough for everyone to see what an ethically-deficient Alinskyite provocateur you are, and you stupidly supplied the evidence yourself.

            Many thanks!

            Later, loser.

          • AnthonyLook

            Feb. 2, 2014
            2:44 p.m.

            Anytime racist/bigot/ sexist/ fake Christian- anytime. Keep writing your garbage, it helps our side. Have a blessed day.

  2. Dirk Diggler

    Jan. 31, 2014
    12:58 p.m.

    why can’t people carry guns in congressional committee hearings, or in constituent meetings with members of congress? Once Rand allows that, then we can talk about the postal workers who have enough stress in their lives.

    • Barry Hirsh

      Feb. 1, 2014
      3:27 p.m.

      If you asked him, I doubt he’d have any objection to it.

    • sundog50

      Feb. 1, 2014
      8:50 p.m.

      Dirk, lawful carry of a concealed weapon would add no stress whatsoever to any postal clerk…they wouldn’t know it’s there, same as today, but only criminals bring them in under current law.

    • LarryEArnold

      Feb. 2, 2014
      7:59 p.m.

      Where I live we can carry in the capital, including in the gallery and on the floor of the state senate and house. We can also carry in our U.S. congressional representative’s home offices, and at any candidate event not held in a location (like a courthouse) which is off-limits for other reasons.
      I doubt postal workers have any more stress than people at UPS, FedEx, or Mailbox Etc. and those are all legal carry venues.

  3. CallMeHoss

    Jan. 31, 2014
    3:28 p.m.

    In the photo of Paul walking he is telling himself ‘left foot, right foot, left foot..’

    • ToryII

      Feb. 1, 2014
      3:49 a.m.

      Look at all the communists who have come here to post: are you commies posting from North Korea ?

      • CallMeHoss

        Feb. 1, 2014
        5:49 p.m.

        That’s funny, I thought Ron Paul was the last living John Bircher. Oh well, it won’t be long now. Dear Leader will be worm food and you’ll go back to screaming at parked cars.

    • Barry Hirsh

      Feb. 1, 2014
      3:26 p.m.

      While the liberal twits around him are scuttling SIDEWAYS, clacking their pincers like voracious little crustaceans.

      • CallMeHoss

        Feb. 1, 2014
        5:55 p.m.

        Awe, someone dissed his messiah, the Son of Ron. When Dear Leader is dead and gone if we’re all lucky (conservatives and moderates as well) Lil’ Randy will throw himself on the casket as it’s lowered into the Earth and demand he be buried with his Daddy. Lord knows he’ll be completely clueless without Daddy pulling his strings.

        • Barry Hirsh

          Feb. 1, 2014
          6:26 p.m.

          S’matter? Don’t like being referred to as a bottom feeding sea spider….?

          • CallMeHoss

            Feb. 1, 2014
            6:42 p.m.

            I hope you’re making preparations for the day Dear Leader ascends to the Great Confederacy in the Sky. How you gonna follow him (and you know you won’t be able to live in a world without him)? Cyanide? Gun barrel in the mouth? To the temple? At age 78 he ain’t long for this world.

  4. ToryII

    Feb. 1, 2014
    3:48 a.m.

    Gun control laws only benefit murderers and police. And consider the antigun communists destroyed Detroit.

    Gun laws have made thousands of victims of assault theft, rape, and murder. Any cop who has enforced antigun laws has helped make innocent people into victims of crime.

  5. Barry Hirsh

    Feb. 1, 2014
    3:19 p.m.

    “Rand Paul Faces Resistance to Allowing Guns at the Post Office”

    And the sun rose in the East this morning.

    Pretty stupid to prohibit lawful carry in a Post Office when there’s a non-prohibited CVS Pharmacy right next door.

    But then, progressives don’t need a reason, beyond their rabid obsession to control everything, to exercise their right to be stupid.

  6. gma14

    Feb. 1, 2014
    7:28 p.m.

    Are they saying criminals do not go into post offices, or are they saying people in post offices are dispensable??

  7. AnthonyLook

    Feb. 1, 2014
    7:53 p.m.

    Stupid is as stupid does. Ayn Rand Paul and his pandering knows no limits.

    • Barry Hirsh

      Feb. 1, 2014
      8:06 p.m.

      Pandering to liberty beats lying to remove it.

      • AnthonyLook

        Feb. 1, 2014
        8:35 p.m.

        Who’s lying, we don’t want guns at the workplace of anywhere. You consider that a liberty, to be able to have a gun at the work place. Well, cowboy, yee hah. See those warm hands of yours, enjoy them; cause one day we will either see a hypocrite or your cold hands; because with or without you, now or later- we will get gun safety laws enacted.

        • sundog50

          Feb. 1, 2014
          8:53 p.m.

          No Anthony, you are attempting to create gun “unsafety” laws. And we won’t let you succeed.

          • AnthonyLook

            Feb. 1, 2014
            11:05 p.m.

            I don’t care what you call them. We will do more than attempt. Just watch us over the next few years. We will succeed.

  8. Don La Rue

    Feb. 2, 2014
    7:37 a.m.

    So when one needs to send off a rifle or shotgun to the manufacturer for repair, when they bring the concealed packaged weapon into a Post Office to get mailed out….That’s illegal?….That’s interesting, because it’s done all the time, and with the Post Masters blessing.

  9. AnthonyLook

    Feb. 2, 2014
    2:42 p.m.

    Ayn Rand Paul- son of racist, believer in American Apartheid, Libertarian Tea Partier Birther—— an apple of his father’s eye——- destined to be a LOSER like his father. May he run for the presidency—- nothing like the smell of fresh racist loser on the morning of Nov. 7th. Ahhh, I remember that last smell of Nov. 7th 2012; the losers so apoplectic and in shock (especially the shock of Queen Ann Rafalca as she trotted away in disbelief that she and her loser husband had lost to an African American; though Roves’ disbelief was priceless too). They had believed their own self perpetuated lies (they thought their lies would carry the day with some type of magic momentum/mojo)- then reality hit. Even present day— the lies and delusions continue. They continue to believe their own lies like before—the Ayn Rand Paul selfish justification/racists cultist followers and their leader continue to lie to themselves about how much support they have and they continue to believe that some magical mojo will envelope America into their way of hating. Bring in on cultists, racists—America is stronger than you think, more noble than your hate- and on Nov 7, 2014- We will celebrate victory and toast to your defeat once again.

    • rdcress

      July 11, 2014
      5:54 a.m.

      Please define and cite the “hating” you reference. Judging from your rant, I’d say it was you who have the “hate” problem. you take the typical Alinsky tactic of accusing those you oppose of engaging in the exact behavior in which you engage. It’s philosophies like yours that have created the mess we have in this nation. It’s individuals like you who rail for more social programs, more laws, more taxes, more useless regulations, and ever bigger government while the prime examples of that very philosophy burn to the ground. No Anthony, self worth, self determination, and self sufficiency, coupled with small government beliefs do not equal hate no matter how many times your kind try to spread that lie. Have you ever read Ayn Rand by the way? Probably learned about her from some liberal jr. college professor.

  10. The Savage Hombre

    Feb. 6, 2014
    4:31 a.m.

    A brief intro to those who are openly waging ideological warfare against our sacred Constitution and Bill of Rights:

  11. rdcress

    July 11, 2014
    5:46 a.m.

    I’m really sick of the “sacred” post office and the union thugs who run it. It’s an inefficiently run, money losing, hole where bureaucrats and the lazy go to retire.

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