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May 25, 2015

Reid: GOP Will Lose House if Government Shuts Down Again

Majority Leader Harry Reid heads to the Senate floor to announce a deal to reopen the government and avoid a debt default. (Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)

Reid’s interview with Univision aired Sunday.  (Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., said in an interview aired Sunday that Republicans would be at risk of losing their majority in the House if the government were to shut down again in January.

Reid told the Spanish-language network Univision that he believes Republicans will not use the same tactics that led to the most recent 16-day shutdown — attempting to defund Obamacare by withholding funding for the entire government — because the political costs would be too great.

“I don’t blame the American people for being upset. What we have here in America today is a crisis created for no reason, other than to satisfy the shrill right-wing Tea Party. … And I would hope that this crisis as some Republican members of Congress have said, you can look at Roy Blunt, a Republican of Missouri, Lindsey Graham from South Carolina. I’m paraphrasing, but they said this was a terrible waste of resources,” Reid said of the shutdown that could cost the economy $24 billion.  “All it did is hurt Republicans. … I hope they’ve learned a lesson. The American people will not put up with that. And if this happens again, I don’t think it will, but if it does, I think the House of Representatives will go Democratic.”

“There was so much pushback against this silly, stupid thing they were trying to do,” Reid said, of the House GOP’s repeated attempts to repeal Obamacare even before the shutdown.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., also has said another shutdown in January — when the most recent continuing resolution expires — is unlikely. McConnell and Reid were the key figures in negotiating the deal that reopened the government and raised the debt limit through February.

Though many Democrats and some Republicans have offered a similar theory, Reid was the most blunt to date about one of the GOP’s greatest political fears: a second turn at the helm as speaker for Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.

“I believe the polls that show 18 [House] Republicans … if the vote were today they would lose. So they, I hope they’ve learned their lesson. If they haven’t, they really aren’t thinking too well,” the majority leader said. Democrats currently hold 200 seats in the House, and 218 is needed to assume the majority.

Reid also talked to Univision about the immigration overhaul bill the Senate has passed. He said that Speaker John A. Boehner, R-Ohio, should bring an immigration bill to the floor regardless of whether a majority of Republicans support the measure — echoing a talking point Senate Democrats used throughout the shutdown when they believed a united Democratic caucus and a couple of dozen GOP lawmakers would band together to reopen the government.

Reid’s words were cautious at best, considering an immigration overhaul is still a legislative reach in the House. However, President Barack Obama said last week that signing a bill into law is among his top priorities.

“When an issue comes up, they should all be able to vote on it — Democrats and Republicans. The speaker would only let Republicans vote. Now on this most important measure he let everybody vote,” Reid said. “I would hope [Boehner] would get away from having only Republicans. His history was, what I’ll do is, I’m not going to pass anything unless it’s the majority of the majority. I hope this breaks that. I think an issue that comes up like immigration. If immigration were brought to the floor tomorrow, it would pass overwhelming in the House of Representatives, overwhelmingly. The American people want it, it would reduce the debt by a trillion dollars. It’s long overdue.”

  • OldmanRick

    Yep, folks, listen to Reid. He is truly a nonpartisan putz who wishes only the very worst for repugnuts.

    • FredBeloit

      That’s pretty funny coming from the guy who was actually doing the shutting down, the cowboy poet that is.

  • Grumpy

    I don’t think Reid understands, we’d like to see Blount, McConnell and Graham gone as much as we’d like see him gone- No republican can win without the conservative base..

    Roughly 3,000,000 conservatives proved in 2012 they’ll stay home before they’ll vote for someone they don’t like, just because he’s got an R beside his name,, They’re tired of playing that game. Right now 80 some House members need to figure out how to regain the Conservative vote, or plan their retirement..

    • mabramso

      And that is why Obama is still in office.

      • Grumpy

        That’s true, but a huge part of the GOP Base is tired of holding their nose and voting.. They’re tired of being treated exactly the same way democrats treat the black voters

        If Cruz and Paul were to say they were starting a third party tomorrow, within a month the GOP would lose 30-50% of their registered base, probably more. And he’d pick up at least 30% of the NPA registrations.. You know who the Libertarians would side with..

        Right now, after almost 5 years of constant demonizing by the media, democrats and the GOP Establishment TEA has a disapproval rating at 49% a few days ago Obama was at 51 and Congress at something like 80.. Considering the disapproval of TEA includes almost all Democrats- that means they’re only hated by about 15%-18% of Republicans and Independents

        • mabramso

          The problem with that scenario is that it splits the GOP vote, and a united Democrat Party would demolish both in the elections. It would take a generation to recover, and by then we would essentially be a socialist nation. I am not interested in pure ideology — I am interested in WINNING. And I think it is far better to have conservatives win in the primaries in conservative districts and eventually gain full control the GOP.

          And BTW, I think Romney would have been a very effective President. He was more conservative than McCain, and I think some people simply let the good be the enemy of the perfect. The problem in 2012 is that the rest of the GOP candidates were truly terrible as candidates.

          • Grumpy

            How many times do you buy from your buddy the butcher, who promises you the best cuts of beef, but keeps delivering liver and refuses to take it back. At some point you quit caring about your buddy, or how much you dislike his competitor

            The Establishment GOP political class only represents the Chamber of Commerce, the GOP Political Class and more recently the interests of the United Nations.. They put on a show for the public, go backstage and agree to do whatever the democrats want, unless it hurts their political class or the Chamber of Commerce..

            BTW the GOP itself started as a group of POed citizens in 1854 and 6 years later put Lincoln in the White House.. There’s a lot of POed citizens out there right now

          • Layla

            This used to be true, until Barry came to town. Now we voters can’t tell the difference.

            Congress is feeding at the public trough, becoming wealthy at taxpayer expense, not accountable under the laws which they pass on the American people.

            It’s over, folks. We have no choice but to vote you out in order to survive and we know it. The Tea Party is bipartisan, something you should NEVER FORGET.

        • johnblack45john

          Democrats treat the Black voters? What have republicans done the last 25 years that would make any Black person want to vote for them?

          • Layla

            JOBS. The black voters in my town are no longer going to live on the Democrat plantation. They have families to feed, just like the rest of us. Ask them if you don’t believe me.

          • johnblack45john

            And how many jobs have the republicans created for anybody Black or white? NONE! And how many Black voters in your town do you personally know and did they personally tell you this? And this is 2013 not 1856. Blacks don’t live on plantations any more.

          • Layla

            Just about ANY OTHER PRESIDENT’S jobs numbers are better than this one. When you live in a community where small business is boarding up and everyone else being reduced to 29 hours, that’s where the rubber finally meets the road, BS or NO BS. I live in a mixed community and I’ve working door to door on voter registration. I KNOW.

          • johnblack45john

            You are not a student of history are you? Bush 2 created 3.8 million jobs his 8 failed years as president. The lowest total of any two term president the last 100 years. He lost 2.4 million of them his last 4 months in office. This left him with a net gain of 1.4 million jobs his failed presidency. President Obama created more jobs than that his first year in office. Even Jimmy Carter whom all baggers despise created 12 million and he did it in 4 years.

          • johnblack45john

            And there is no wide spread evidence of small businesses doing the things you say

          • Grumpy

            Have you looked at the Black unemployment numbers 13-14%, the highest they’ve been since Carter was president…

            But a black President wants to create an Amnesty that will allow 12 million additional people to legally compete for what jobs there are. If it passes the number of currently illegal Hispanic Job seekers will increase to 20 Million in a decade.Blacks make up 14% of the population or about 44,000,000 people.. Almost 6,000,000 of them are unemployed – Go on a residential construction site, the masons and roofers used to be mostly black,, There were a lot of black carpenters, Those were good paying jobs.. now all you see is Illegals..

            There used to a ton of black fence installers.. I know for a fact, 40 years ago a fence installer, with his own truck, doing piece work could knock down $150 a day, pretty sure that’s at least double now- but all the fence installers are illegals now..

          • johnblack45john

            Did the high unemployment rate among Black people start on January 20 2009 at 12 noon? Why wasn’t any of this addressed before then? then? Look at what Reagan did for the illegals? Why no outrage on that?

          • Grumpy

            Black unemployment, which at the end of the Bush administration broke a decades-long pattern of being twice white unemployment, has resumed its disturbing and prolonged trend under President Obama, with the rate among African Americans now at 13.4 percent, according to a new Pew Research report.

            In a report timed for release on the eve of the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s “Dream” speech, Pew said on Thursday: “Much has changed for African-Americans since the 1963 March on Washington (which, recall, was a march for ‘Jobs and Freedom’), but one thing hasn’t: The unemployment rate among blacks is about double that among whites, as it has been for most of the past six decades.”

            The trend broke at the end of former President George W. Bush’s administration as the recession hit whites more, temporarily boosting their unemployment rate.

          • johnblack45john

            And this is President Obama’s fault just how exactly? He has introduced jobs legislation (the American Jobs Act for 1) that your bagger congress refuses to act on and your bagger republican congress are interested in woman’s reproductive rights, trying to repeal Obamacare 42 times and endless witch hunt investigations going nowhere wasting tax payer time and money so when have they had time to create any?

          • Grumpy

            If a damned 18 year old private E2 failed to assist he’d go to prison for 20 years, the commander in chief not only failed to assist, he went bed, then lied about what happened in Benghazi and went to Vegas..

            Fast and Furious violated Mexican, American and International Law.. Now we find out he was running grenades as well. At least 300 Mexicans have died as a result..

            If a Canadian Drone fired a missile that blew up your next door neighbors house, killed your dog and blew off your daughters arm would you feel like Canada had committed an act of War- even if they claimed your neighbor was a terrorist..

            You seem to be so blinded by the race thing you refuse to look at the facts- not worth arguing with

          • johnblack45john

            Bagger please. Where is your irrefutable proof where this President lied about anything? Issa went on national TV on the Sunday morning talk shows and said he had NOTHING to tie the President or AG Holder to fast and Furious. The congressional hearings clearly stated that the CIA was at most the fault for Benghazi so where asre you getting all of your misinformation from? You seem to be blinded by ignorance and stupidity. Turn off Fox News and read a book.

          • PStarr

            Give it up man. You’re trying to reason with a liberal, a probably a black one at that. All they know is pick the black candidate, to hell with anything else, and deny any wrong doing by said black politician. If he isn’t black, same thing – you can’t reason with a demoralized lib, as per Yuri Bezmenov (look him up on YouTube).

          • Grumpy

            Thanks for reminding me, I’m familiar with Yuri Bezmenov, he described this guy to a tee-

            You can’t teach someone who’s to propagandaized to – how did Bezmenov put it- “take the bannanas out of his ears?” Oh well

          • PStarr

            Read some history, knucklehead. You know – history is what happened in the past: The Racist History of the Democrat Party –

          • johnblack45john

            You read some history a**hole and not Texas history books. You are dumb enough already.. And the democratic party of the past is your bagger republican party of today. If you knew your history (which it is obviously you’re not) you would know this.

      • Layla

        By a slim margin, my friend. That doesn’t give him a mandate. Far from it.

        • mabramso

          Yes, but he doesn’t care.

    • John Richter

      Add Boehner to that list. He and Reid had a bs agreement early on that he was about to bring back for a vote until Ted put a foot up his rear and made him threaten a shutdown if Obummercare was not strangled.

      • johnblack45john

        And what did Ted get in return? NOTHING!

        • Layla

          Ted risked it all for the American people he believes in. Ted will remain in elective office, the rest of you are on life support. Believe it.

          • johnblack45john

            lol. The only people who believe in this jerk are low information people like you.

          • Grumpy

            In case you haven’t noticed you’re the only person here that isn’t taking his side..

          • johnblack45john

            I am the only person here with common sense. Why would I want to support a loser like Cruz and end up on the wrong side of hisiory like people like you?

    • Constance

      Harry Reid sure is an arrogant man.

    • skip1

      The numbers get confusing for you with all those zeroes, don’t they? 3 million conservatives is around one percent of the voters in this country.

      • Grumpy

        From Real Clear Politics

        But most importantly, the 2012 elections actually weren’t about a demographic explosion with non-white voters. Instead, they were about a large group of white voters not showing up.

        As of this writing, Barack Obama has received a bit more than 60 million votes. Mitt Romney has received 57 million votes. Although the gap between Republicans and Democrats has closed considerably since 2008, Romney is still running about 2.5 million votes behind John McCain; the gap has closed simply because Obama is running about 9 million votes behind his 2008 totals.

        Read more:
        Follow us: @RCP_Articles on Twitter

  • iamsaved2

    One would think that’s exactly what he wants. Why caution the Republicans about shutting the government down again? Why not let them and lose the house. Or maybe he doesn’t really believe that’s what will happen.


    Harry: Wipe the drool off your mouth…..You’re going to be looking at a rest home soon……You’ve overstayed your welcome……..

    • johnblack45john

      Right along with your baggers in congress.

      • GoldBeachBiker

        If we’re “baggers” as you put it, you’re the “real” racists

        • johnblack45john

          Baggers are the only racist

          • GoldBeachBiker


          • johnblack45john

            F yourself.

          • GoldBeachBiker

            I’m sure that it would be the best you ever had, DA

          • johnblack45john

            It’s the only kind you ever had.

        • johnblack45john

          Nope. Only baggers are racist

  • rr_nyc

    I am sure Harry speaks the truth. LOL.

    No stats buff even believed the 24% Republican approval poll.

    Over sampling Democrats, Govt Unions and Northeast Corridor.

  • John Richter

    Reid is an idiot. Ted Cruz returned to Texas a hero. No one wants to be forced to pay for insurance. President Bush caught flak for saying everyone already has healthcare, just go to the emergency room, but he is 100% correct. All doctors have charity for the uninsured built into their fees, then write it off on their taxes to boot. No one goes without. I will continue to refuse to buy insurance and pay the fine if I have to.. As bad as libs are at math, even they have to see the better deal.

    • johnblack45john

      Reid is an idiot? Republicans are now polling at 24% the lowest of any political party in history. The real idiot is Cruz. He knew going in that this was never going to happen and all his low information followers like you bought his BS lock stock and barrel And he is a hero only to tea party people like you who are polling lower than republicans at 21%

      • Grumpy

        Reid himself is at 5%, and Congress is polling lower than the TEA Party

        As of now, people who have had their insurance (Barrycade promised them they could keep) cancelled because of Obamacare out number registrations on the Website by at least 100 to 1 and almost none of the registrations have purchased anything

        • johnblack45john

          The only place Reid is polling at 5% is tea party fantasy island not real America. . And congress is NOT polling lower than the tea party. And Obamacare has worked fine for me and my family.

          • Grumpy

            Congress is polling at 9% today, according to RCP.. I couldn’t find the Poll on Reid right now,, Gallup has Obama’s approval number at 42% overall – he’s down to 33 among Indies and 9 among Republicans-

            He’d be impeacable if not for die hard Democrats, who like seeing illegal Aliens standing on the National Mall demanding we surrender our national sovereignty to them, while our Veterans are denied access to their Memorials at the Mall

            I believe you said TEA was at 21%, seems like that would make them a whole lot more popular than Congress

          • johnblack45john

            What impeachable offense is this President committed?And illegal aliens come across the border and go straight to the National Mall and make demands? Do you know how STUPID this sounds? And at 21% the tea party is polling even lower than republicans

          • Layla

            We have 15 million Americans out of work while this administration continues to send jobs overseas. We are spending billions we don’t have on other countries. Welfare spending is at record highs. Unemployment is still at record

            Who in their right mind, expecting to remain in office, is going to support amnesty for 33 million illegals?

            The American people want to know who you are.

          • johnblack45john

            Bagger please. This President has not sent any jobs overseas. That was your idol Lord and savior Bush 2 who got an act passed though reconciliation in 2005 to do just this. And maybe if your bagger congress would create the jobs they promised people could get off welfare.

          • Layla

            We all watched it happen. Where do you live? In a cave?

          • johnblack45john

            You saw this on Fox Newx right? It certainly wasn’t on any other media outlet.

          • Grumpy

            There’s a little clause in the Constitution about taking care that the laws are enforced- the President has no more authority to modify or selectively enforce a law than the states have to nullify Obamacare, actually I can make a better case for nullification than I can him usurping the Constitution ..

            They don’t need to cone across the border and go directly to the Mall, there’s already at least 11,000,000 of the invaders here from USA Today…


            WASHINGTON — A week after World War II veterans struggled to gain access to a memorial on the National Mall due to the government’s partial shutdown, thousands of people pushing for a new immigration law have been cleared by the government to proceed with a concert and rally Tuesday on the Mall.

            The march, dubbed the “Camino Americano”, or “American Road,” is hosted by groups including the Service Employees International Union and Casa de Maryland. The rally will feature speeches by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and other members of Congress. Another highlight will be a concert by the Mexican band Los Tigres del Norte.

            The concert is the punctuation mark on a series of demonstrations that included more than 100 rallies around the country on Saturday to push Congress to adopt an immigration law that would allow the nation’s 12 million undocumented immigrants the ability to apply for U.S. citizenship.

            After seeing a group of veterans forced to move aside barriers to access the World War II Memorial last week, some are upset over what they see as the Obama administration giving preferential treatment to a group pushing for one his biggest legislative priorities.

          • johnblack45john

            What does the veterans at the mall have to do with illegal immigrants? You’re all over the place.

          • Grumpy

            When an army of foreign invaders (Who the president is obligated to arrest under existing Law) is invited to use our National Mall by the Administration, and American Veterans are unlawfully and shamefully banned from the Mall it would seem our Barrycader in Chief has a problem with his oath of office

          • johnblack45john

            Where do you come up with this BS? Do you baggers have your own website that feed you this crap? Who are these so called foreign invaders? Anybody that is not white?

          • Layla

            Really? What state do you live in? What are your payments and what is your deductible?

          • ExposeThem

            Really? So you’re already signed up, made payments & been to the doctor? Let me guess… you work for the gov’t.

          • johnblack45john

            I have signed up And I don’t work for the government.

  • Andre Leonard

    Reid may be right as the GOP is on life-support after folding up like a lawn-chair with the government shut-down.

    Reid should also be concerned about his own party which is seen in a similar negative light.

    It’s hoped that with both party’s fairing terribly, Independent, Constitution and Libertarian alternatives may gain traction. The donkey and elephant collective are truly worn and tired after spending us $17 trillion in debt.

    • Charles Wolf

      The GooP can save themselves a lot of trouble by legislating the debt ceiling out of existence…
      …but that won’t happen, so…
      Reid is more than right,,, and
      The GooP wil get another whack at it in January and it looks like they may be hit by another Cruz Missile.

      Beyond that date there is a long House & Senate campaign season and the possibility of another Budget ShutStorm some time around late May – August.

  • Layla

    Hopefully, you’re all going to lose, both sides. It’s time to elect a Congress that puts the American people ahead of the special interests.

  • den

    I wish the good people in Nevada would ‘learn a lesson’ and vote that guy out of office. Somehow, this guy lecturing us about how the Repubs should change their tactics or they’ll lose the house– I wish he would get lost!

    • mabramso

      That probably would have happened last time had the GOP not nominated an idiot to run against him.

  • stanbyk1

    I suggest for all those liberals who feel conservatives are racists,that they read Thomas Sowell and Walt Williams. Also check out Bill Cosby. They would learn, if that is possible to educate them, that the real racists are the democrats and their liberal comrades.

  • mary

    Would be expect anything different from this despicable character. Calls himself a Senator who represents the people. He is a lying cheat, a racist and in it for what he can get for himself. Made lots of money as a career politician and doesn’t see anything wrong with the way he acts. Disgrace to the people of Nevada!

  • Chaz22

    Reid : INSIPID ( but also ornery and mean-spirited. ) It’s a great mystery of life as to how anyone can be patient enough to listen to him. Maybe he’s thrilling in his own way because he’s..what’s the best word….sinister .

  • John

    Poor mr Reid – full of lies again….

  • gfsomsel

    I’m sure Harry is really anxious to give advice that will cause people to vote for Republicans. He really wants to help the Republican Party. Want to buy a bridge?

  • Defend The Constitution

    In part, the desire to satisfy primitive collective instincts motivates people to chase superstitions such as socialism and communism.

  • Defend The Constitution

    Liberals just want your stuff.

  • Kaiser

    I have to laugh at Reid “telling” Boehner that he needs to bring the Senates bill up for a vote. Is this the same Reid that refused to pass a budget for the last five years? The same who shut down the government? What drives me crazy is the Republicans accept the blame. They did the same thing back in 95.

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