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May 24, 2015

Obama Solves Health Care Problem for Lawmakers, Staff (Updated)

Updated: 2:17 p.m. Aug. 2 | Just a day after President Barack Obama told Senate Democrats he had personally engaged in the issue of his signature health care law’s effect on lawmakers and their staff, it appears there’s a solution.

Word began circulating around Capitol Hill that the Office of Personnel Management would soon issue guidance to address the way the health care law’s exchanges affect members of Congress and those employed in their offices. Senate aides initially declined to discuss the matter, but Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid confirmed the existence of a deal to CQ Roll Call leaving the Capitol late Thursday — and a White House official confirmed details of the plan later Thursday evening.

Basically, OPM needed to determine that the federal government could help pay the cost of premiums on the exchanges for congressional employees.

“I’m glad it’s done,” the Nevada Democrat said, directing a request for details to the White House.

A White House official confirmed to CQ Roll Call that OPM will issue the new regulation next week, and in turn lawmakers and aides will not be eligible for the law’s tax credits and subsidies to buy insurance. Members of both parties had asked the administration to step in and clarify that staff was still eligible for employer contributions, fearing an exodus of talent. And enacting a legislative fix would have been messy to say the least given the partisan divide over the law itself.

The provision in question was pushed by Sen. Charles E. Grassley, R-Iowa. His version of the amendment included language providing the employer contribution for members and staff in the exchanges. But the law itself makes no mention of the employer contribution — hence the mess.

During a meeting in the Capitol Wednesday with the Senate Democratic caucus, Obama said that he would personally step in to work on the issue before the health care law’s requirement that those on Capitol Hill get insurance through the exchanges. Obama’s comments were first reported by Politico and later confirmed by CQ Roll Call.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., released a statement Thursday night reiterating that staff and lawmakers must sign up for the exchanges.

“Members of Congress and their staffs must enroll in health marketplaces as the Affordable Care Act requires.

“As we continue our work to ensure the smooth implementation of this law and look forward to the start of enrollment on October 1st, we will continue our efforts this August to educate consumers on the law’s provisions and tout the critical benefits already in place for millions of Americans,” she said, with no mention of the deal that OPM is set to announce.

On Friday, some Republicans applauded the president’s decision, while others said it was more evidence the law should be repealed.

The decision is the latest made by the administration to try and smooth the implementation of the law.

Obama had earlier come under fire for his decision to not enforce the employer mandate for a year without passing a legislative fix.

Steven T. Dennis contributed to this report.

  • Sherri Carroll

    What he is doing with this stupid health care is against the laws of this country has NOBODY figured that out yet?

    • Snidely70448

      All animals are equal. Some animals are more equal than others.

      A proclamation by the pigs who control the government in the novel Animal Farm, by George Orwell. The sentence is a comment on the hypocrisy of governments that proclaim the absolute equality of their citizens but give power and privileges to a small elite.

      • rantrightdave

        FINALLY! I’ve been quoting Animal Farm for more than 4 years. My 7th grader had to read it, so I reread it and my jaw dropped throughout. You can name every character with real people today. The media are the Geese who are often “Sequestered” and given their talking points. DISGUSTING!

    • ProudVeteran

      Unfortunately since Justice Roberts changed the penalties to a tax, even though the Obama administration repeated many times during the hearings that it was a penalty and not a tax, Roberts effectively made it legal(ish). There are so many other parts of this “law” that are unconstitutional that it amazes me that it has gone on as far as it has.

      • uvm73

        Thankfully, one Federal District court recently ruled in favor of the Christian owned Hobby Lobby based on the First Amendment protections from government on freedom of religion. It will be interesting to see how the Supremes react to that litigation. The owner of Hobby Lobby basically argued that he would liquidate his company before he would be offering abortifacients as part of his employee benefit plan design.

    • Mike

      Not according to the scotus.

      • 1CatEye

        It is when there is unequal treatment under the law. This could be the issue where the Supremes (Roberts) basically get a do-over.

  • Janettamc

    Wasn’t the exchange that the public getting good enough for them???

    • 1CatEye

      After all, they assured us it was the best thing EVAH! Now that they’ve read it, it’s not so great? Kind of like the unions. Hey, jerks, you crafted this thing, you live with it!

    • SWohio

      Let’s see, congressmen make $174,000 and their staff salaries average $70,000+ – which means some make nearly as much as their bosses.

      The common folk (us) who actually have jobs, average much less and I’m not even going to look it up –

      The ruling class didn’t have a problem affording the cost of their premiums prior to Obamacare. They were getting federal subsidies then, but now that Obamacare is FAR cheaper, isn’t that right, lurking libs – they are going to be given taxpayer welfare to cover 75% of their premium.

      Looks like someone is getting big raises! And it ain’t us.

  • Gymmer

    Hooray, our royalty is exempt from their own law! Lets cheer for our self-proclaimed high and mighty. Hip Hip Hooray! Now they can spend more of their most precious and valuable time figuring out how to further screw the masses. Government for the people and by the people just got dinkled on but at least they will have a larger portion of their huge (obscene) salaries to better enjoy life at your expense! By the way: don’t forget to vote!!!!

    • SWohio

      If my memory is right, the section about the ruling class being forced into Obamacare just like we peons, was added to shut people up who complained that it wasn’t FAIR to allow the ruling class to have special health care. So now Obama is basically negating that.

      What a crock, and so are all you libs who defend Obama and his little pet project to screw everyone in the country.

  • waltkaiser

    what a crock of horsecrap, we have our own royalty here, another free perk. Thes aholes all need to be fired.

    • TripleA60

      Problem is “free” to a Liberal just means that someone else paid for it… and they are fine with that, it is their mantra.

    • tickle

      I do believe that those who make laws, that they themselves do not have to follow are about to go back to their districts, embarking on 5 week vacations…

      • 1CatEye

        Duck and cover! They will loftily proclaim they don’t have to listen to us.

        • SWohio

          And don’t forget, the Dems have big plans to infiltrate any Republican town hall and make a lot of noise and basically keep the Republicans from talking about Obamacare to their constituents.

          That’s what they do – even when they win, they are bad sports. Pigs, all of them.

    • Mann D. Lifeboats

      Fired, sir? No. Starting with Obama, removed from office soonest, by whatever means.

  • Jimmie D. Martin

    what a horrrible man is in the White House…God help us soon…

    • Terry Adams

      beyond words how evil this man Is and what he has done and wants to do.

    • antiliberalcryptonite

      Antichrist-In-Chief. Any doubts?

  • jsteele98

    One law for the Peasants; one law for the Princes.


    How much longer are we going to take this crap?

    • Joseph P. Campbell

      I think an armed revolution is on the horizon to correct the “many problems” promoted by this administration, and to restore the Constitution…

      • dimbulbz

        How about an email to your congress person instead? Its a little more American, and a little less banana republic, don’t you think? Give that a chance before you do something totally stupid.

        • Joseph P. Campbell

          I have sent letters to congressmen/women, and have seen no results. We are no longer a Republic…
          Do you think the first revolution failed to solve the problem?

        • 1CatEye

          And if that fails, armed insurrection. We have the right. We still have the weapons. We just need a tipping point.

          • Su3mb

            We have not only the right, we have the DUTY per the Constitution!

        • marjanne

          ah, Dim…….”My” US reps are all “for” this scam and virtually all activities of this administration and “my” Senators are Schumer and his female clone, “Skweaky” Gillibrand. That write “your” elected representative whatever WAS effective 20-30 years ago but now is a total waste of time and postage….Telephone calls and eMails are generally not even acknowledged with a form response if one offers a ‘contrarian’ opinion. Same thing when Hillary the Great was Senator….Her local office telephone was “busy” 24/7/365 for 6 plus years although repeatedly posted and listed for the same period! Your sentiment is fine, just no longer applicable.

  • predator24

    Good thing Boehner is running the GOP or this might be a problem. Go get ‘em John!!

    • sameolbs

      Boehner has not proven to be trustworthy.

      • Snidely70448

        I think it was sarcasm.

  • Daniel Martin Gray

    By LAW,
    By DECREE:
    WE are the “Progressive’s” SLAVES

    • sameolbs

      ….and they like it!

    • Overman18
    • Karen Walker

      How much more proof do we need that Obama and his administration is actively destroying America from within? Their give away strategy is working against all hardworking taxpayers!

      • John (magnum)

        He has been from the first time he was sworn in, and we the people just keep taking it on the chin saying thins will get better !
        After 5 years of America’s destruction, it WILL NOT get better while this UN-American idiot is in office !!!

        • Dunzie

          Apparently a lot since you’re still sitting on this message board complaining instead of getting up and doing something.

          • John (magnum)

            It will take more than just one person, if a nimble brain could possible process that little ditty !!

          • Dunzie

            While I appreciate what you’re doing and agree with almost all your points, we need someone to get out there and rile people up in the real world. Chatting with like-minded people in some echo chamber is not going to fix things.

            The problem is we all have jobs.

          • College Geek

            Yup…not enough self-reliance in my generation. Too stuck to their jobs. We ought to be shaking cages, but we’re all too buy working….

          • Nicholas DeLuca

            Having a job is good. Why has the GOP/Tea Party been working to create jobs instead of pursuing alleged scandals and voting 40 times to repeal Obama care . Also it would have been nice in they worked a 5 day work week instead 3. With the fiscal year ending 9/30, and only 4 appropriation bills enacted with 12 still outstanding, they might have chosen to stay in Washington and do the People’s Business. But no, they are out on a 5 week effort to sabotage government.

          • College Geek

            The GOP has NOTHING to do with the Tea Party…

          • Nicholas DeLuca

            How can you say that ? Ted Cruz, Rand Paul , Mario Rubio are not associated with the Tea Party ?

          • College Geek

            No they ARE associated with the Tea Party. They are NOT associated with the GOP. We Tea Partiers argue with the establishment GOP just as much as Democrats

          • Nicholas DeLuca

            Okay ! But aren’t all the Tea Partiers in Congress elected on the GOP ticket ?
            I would agree just now the GOP is in disarray because of its Tea Party members. If I offended you by associating you with the GOP , I apologize .

          • College Geek

            No problemo , yes they ran as GOP because it’s the closest they were. If you ask them if they’re GOP or Tea Party they would probably respond with Tea Party first and GOP second.

          • SWohio

            Any true American patriot is NOT going to run on as a Dem. What other choice do they have? That gives them a chance of winning?

          • Nicholas DeLuca

            Nope… I think the Democrat President and Congress members are patriots. There are parts of the country where the Tea Party is stronger than in other parts. Patriotism is not the issue, its about the role of government in our lives.

          • SWohio

            I respectfully disagree. Obama and the dems are doing their best to destroy everything that this country was built on.

            He is an admitted globalist. He will bend to the will of the UN and every filthy dictator on the planet. He has no loyalty to this country or its citizens, and keeping and growing his power is all he cares about.

            That’s my opinion.

          • Nicholas DeLuca

            I won’t reply because I do not want you to waste your time.

          • AZrenegade

            Tea Party = T.E.A. Party (Taxed Enough Already). Tea Party has the agenda of shrinking government, regardless of party.

          • Nicholas DeLuca


          • AZrenegade

            Lesson 1 DeLuca: Jobs are not created by government. They are created by government removing itself as much as possible from the process. Government is only good at taking and redistributing; not giving, nor creating.

          • Nicholas DeLuca

            I agree. Governments do not create jobs. But when the unemployment rate is persistently high, government programs and policies can stimulate and encourage job creation. That is what Boehner said he wanted Congress to do. I do know this, austerity destroys jobs . Austerity causes the economy to shrink not grow. At certain times, it is appropriate for the government to increase spending to stimulate and expand thee economy.
            If you think about it redistribution is what governments do through various programs and policies. And I don’t mean that they just redistribute money .

          • AZrenegade

            I disagree. Government policies hurt job creation because, more often than not, the policies that it implements to help often do more harm. This is because government is not an entity unto itself. We, the people, are the government. So, when a program is implemented, it is to the detriment of your neighbor who must pay a higher tax to support said policies. Now, if your neighbor is a small business owner (also known as a job creator) this will hurt them. Of course, they will hire less, because it is good business. Look closely, it is happening already. Companies are downsizing or cutting hours in order to fall under the Obamacare mandates. This will eventually lead us all to single payer healthcare, which is what the government has wanted all along. Which, of course, will be funded in the only way government programs can be funded: more taxes. This is just the beginning…

          • Phil

            When have we ever had austerity? If the $500 billion deficits weren’t stimulative enough, then the >$1 trillion deficits should have done the job by now, don’t you think?

            The economy expands when people produce valuable goods and services. Government spending re-directs resources from the private economy and re-allocates them based on POLITICS. This does not result in increased national wealth, but a decrease.

          • Nicholas DeLuca

            Phil …. We have austerity now, Government employee furloughs , defense contracts not being renewed . Government spending is greatly reduced. The annual deficit has decreased at the fastest pace in 60 years.
            You may have noticed that the Congress has not produced the Appropriation Bills necessary to finance the Government beyond 9/30/13. This is because when the Congressmen saw the amounts of reductions necessary to meet the spending targets in the Budget (the Paul Ryan Budget) they passed a couple of months ago, they realized how deep they had to cut to reached the targets, they had second thoughts . As they say, the devil is in the details.

          • Phil

            Really, the measly little cuts that no one outside of government has even noticed? When we have real austerity we will not be wasting billions on improper payments. No more Obamaphones, no more money wasted on crony capitalism outfits like Solyndra. Check back with me when the dollar amount that the federal government actually declines one year to the next.

          • John (magnum)

            Ted Cruz is trying to fight back along with a few others, but that still isn’t enough, and I don’t believe voting will be enough either .

            Too many RINO’s !

          • College Geek

            Correct, the system cannot be fixed from within, nobody in Washington (a couple exceptions) will vote to limit their own power. Would a snake cut off it’s own tongue?

          • fivegreatkids

            Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Jason Chaffetz have all fought tooth and nail against this corruption. They need support-if you ALL deluge your congresscritters and demand they support those three (and I’m hopeful others) we can start to make a small dent in this mess.

          • jncarlos007

            add Gomert to that list

          • Nicholas DeLuca

            Yes add Gomert… He can been the intellectual guru !!!

          • Phil

            Gowdy also.

          • WarriorClass III

            The question you have to ask yourself is why are Republicans and even TEA Party Republicans pushing immigration reform.

            The interests of American workers take a back seat to the interests of the international businesses that have no national loyalty even among the most conservative representatives.

            Ted Cruz’s plan does this on steroids – he wants to increase the H1B visa quota FIVE TIMES it’s current level.

            These are the jobs you are sending your children to college for and Ted Cruz wants to give these jobs to foreigners because it’s good for “our economy.” The question you need to ask is “who’s economy,” yours or just that of his financial backers?

            He also wants to double the quota for the general worker visas. These two Cruz amendments will send American wages into a downward spiral never before seen in this country, and forever change the American culture in ways to terrible to comprehend.


          • gnac

            Check out pricedingold …. wages have been destroyed years ago. Why do you think there is a chance to bring manufacturing back to the US… wages have been destroyed.

          • AZrenegade

            “…and forever change the American culture in ways to terrible to comprehend.”

            This has already happened.

          • WarriorClass III

            You’ll think this is a walk in the park if we can’t get them to stop ALL immigration very soon.

          • wandrako

            There are many research jobs and those with the money to set up businesses that will provide jobs for the college graduates. Why should we let in all the low level education immigrants and flood the place with them instead of those with major degrees that can help with new research and some with large amounts of money. Of course, those with a lot of money aren’t wanting to come with the Obamacare mess and restrictions on business development. In a thriving economy we would have jobs for all many not thought of now but new streams of research.
            I don’t know anything about the Tea Partiers supporting immigration. You may be referring to the highly educated or those with lots of money. They want the borders sealed and they are not and won’t do that until we change congress.
            This last mess that Obama did Friday making us pay for the health care of the congressional employees, many of which earn over $100 K needs to be unfunded by the House.

          • WarriorClass III

            Ted Cruz also wants to DOUBLE the general worker quota from it’s current invasion levels. So even if your kids don’t go to college they are going to be competing with cheap foreign labor who will also be a drain on the economy – not a help to it. We all want the borders closed, but that’s not enough. We need every illegal alien deported and the Cruz Amendments don’t do that.

            You really need to read the Cruz amendments and see for yourself what’s in there. Some of it’s good, like closing the borders. Some is very bad if you are a working American or a college kid with an engineering degree. And some of it just doesn’t go far enough – like no provision for sending back the illegals.

            America has been invaded and the culture has changed to a Socialist police state. They only way to reverse this trend is by protecting the American population and American jobs.


          • wandrako

            Need the senators, not representatives. Yes, those reps that won’t support repeal need to go this next election. All senators that won’t vote to repeal need to go. In VA there is no use because we have two dem ex-governors and oee was head of DNC. They won’t do anything to support the people of this state.

          • rudehost

            Rand Paul is the tip of that spear. The others are foot soldiers.

          • WarriorClass III

            Unfortunatley Ted Cruz wants to DOUBLE the general worker visas for immigrants and wants FIVE TIMES more H1B visa immigrants to take your jobs, so forget heath insurance, you won’t be able to afford it.


          • Nativo13

            The worst Workforce Participation rate since the Great Depression and Ted Cruz wants to flood the country with cheaper alien workers…
            Ted was born in Canada….he should return…

          • WarriorClass III

            Well to be fair, Ted is right on many other issues, such as supporting our Second Amendment rights. We just need to convince him that he is wrong on immigration and get him to support our position of ending all immigration until America gets back to work and we have reversed the trend to a total socialist police state.

          • Nativo13

            Cruz’ immigration policy looks pretty much like the open-borders libertarian or the open-borders business community’s to me.

          • wandrako

            Ted Cruz wants highly educated immigrants rather than those with no education and those with money to set up businesses to provide jobs for all.

          • WarriorClass III

            Yes he wants to increase the H1B visa FIVE TIMES its current quota so all the good jobs will go to foreigners. Just remember that when your kids graduate from college and can’t get a job. He also wants to DOUBLE the general worker visa. Also, foreigners don’t need a visa to start a business here, never did.

            Get the Facts:

          • Nicholas DeLuca

            Too much, anger , fear, misinformation and ignorance. Nothing good can come from that. And the GOP/Tea Party 31 page “kit” entitled ” Fighting Washington for All Americans”, that is to be used during their 5 week holiday simply adds to the anger , fear , misinformation and ignorance of the population . Sabotaging government rarely turns out well .

          • Memphomaniac

            It worked pretty well for France in 1787. We are in the same predicament now. “All animals are equal, but some are more equal….” (Orwell)

          • Nicholas DeLuca

            Oh Dear, such fantasy, such ignorance.

          • Memphomaniac

            Why not disagree without the name calling? That’s indicative of a weak argument.

          • Nicholas DeLuca

            For one thing you don’t. Secondly, I did not call you a name, I said you were ignorant.

          • Memphomaniac

            Oh. A keyboard warrior. In person, you’d be picking your teeth up off the floor. Done.

          • Nicholas DeLuca

            Nope… Bullies are all talk .

          • LuppersMom

            Such condescension.

          • Nicholas DeLuca

            Condescension ? No . Incredulity at the hubris and silliness of the crap posted here.

          • SWohio

            Then you should stop wasting your time here. It doesn’t seem there are very many people here who agree with you about anything you say.

            SO why are you here, wasting everyone’s time, unless you are simply looking for a place where you can insult people?

            I’m not even sure what that behavior would be called, except a monumental waste of everyone’s time.

          • Nicholas DeLuca

            Well then, don’t “waste your time” replying. that is ok with me. Are you a content monitor or something ? Free speech and all that .

          • SWohio

            Hay, just trying to help you out. Please, continue your blithering when you don’t have anything intelligent to say.

          • Nicholas DeLuca

            Other than the insult, did you have some relevant comment you wanted to make, or was it your intention to be distasteful ? Just asking .

          • Cayce

            I’ll be charitable and credit you with average intelligence. And a person of average intelligence should refrain from calling other people “ignorant.”

          • Nicholas DeLuca

            Thanks for the evaluation. I shall make note of it.

          • AZrenegade

            I am sure there are some dead Jews that, were they still alive, would tell you to rethink that comment.

          • Nicholas DeLuca

            More Tea Party nonsense . And ignorant to boot !

          • LuppersMom

            Worked out for us in 1776, no? It wasn’t easy, but we shook off tyranny back then.

          • Nicholas DeLuca

            Tyranny ? There is no “Tyranny” . It is all been conjured up by the anti-Obama folks. It is based on fear, anger, and hatred. The support for your kind of silliness is very, very small. Machismo gone insane. This is a democratic Republic. We change governments through the ballot box . And we do it peacefully . And we have done it peacefully for more than 230+ years.
            We change laws through the legislative process.
            Comes your revolution, I’ll bet on Uncle Sam !

          • Tikritone

            They no longer use the legislative process. Obama makes law or ignores law via executive orders.

          • Nicholas DeLuca

            As far as I know, only Congress makes laws. The President does have executive powers over the enforcement of laws but he is held in check by a judicial branch .

          • Spren

            You don’t pay very close attention to things do you. And you called someone else ignorant?

          • Nicholas DeLuca

            Yep. You got a problem with that. ?

          • AZrenegade

            I do. Get educated.

          • Nicholas DeLuca

            I suspect you would .

          • AZrenegade

            The same judicial branch that gave Obamacare the green light? Or are we speaking about a legitimate judicial branch?

          • Nicholas DeLuca

            SCOTUS—– The Real One !

          • AZrenegade

            The same SCOTUS that proclaimed Obamacare a tax, and therefore technically legal. Yet, I don’t remember the Obamacare package being sent back to the House of Representatives where ALL taxes are legally supposed to originate, not the Senate= Tyranny.

          • SWohio

            What do you call Obama using an ‘executive order’ to circumvent an important part of what the SCOTUS determined was a LAW?

          • Jackie Tyler

            You must be blind, deaf & just plain stupid!! Obviously not a true American!!

          • AZrenegade

            There is tyranny. Only, it is not limited to just Obama’s government. It was there during Bush, too. Only we were still hurting from 9/11 to question or see it. It was there during Clinton too, and Bush 1 also. They were the puppets doing the bidding of their puppeteers. It is never going to change, so long as money (in whatever form it takes) and power go hand-in-hand. Been that way throughout time. Will be that way long after we die. I find it funny when people blame one weak little man like Obama for all of this: he is a patsy. Seriously, the man needs a teleprompter for his speeches? What kind of leader is that? WEAK.

          • Nicholas DeLuca

            If you look closely, they all use teleprompters. Keeps then on topic and on time. I don’t think it is a sign of weakness , it is a sign of the times.

          • AZrenegade

            I see using a teleprompter as a sign of weakness. Great leaders have been around for thousands of years, speaking without aid. Politics is all about speaking with and engaging the public. A person entering politics should have a solid background in rhetoric and the ability to express their point without aid. I, personally, find it suspicious when a politician uses one. If a politician knows their subject, moreover if they believe in what they are saying, they should be able to express that without aid.

          • Nicholas DeLuca

            IMO, politicians today have too many handlers and aides to assists them. Extemporaneous speeches are considered dangerous because the speaker might really say what is on their minds, as Todd Akin did, and it came back to bite him. Today, most messages are carefully crafted. I think it is sad actually .

          • AZrenegade

            Exactly my point: There is no part of government that does not keep growing, even down to the infinite amount of handlers, hangers-on, etc. Makes you wonder who is really running this country. If it doesn’t, it should.

          • wandrako


          • Hawgz Wylde

            I smell a DNC troll here.

            “This is a democratic Republic. We change governments through the ballot box”

            We are a constitution based federal republic, not a “democratic republic” as you progressives like to propagate. And when that ballot becomes a “fixed” ballot, we have what’s called tyranny. And it indeed is taking place. You, like all progressive socialists, are a liar…

          • Nicholas DeLuca

            Well Hawgs wyld , I disagree. The term “democratic republic ” refers to the term “democracy” not to the democrat party . The claims of voter fraud are not backed up by empirical evidence, How many cases of voter fraud were prosecuted nation-wide after the 2012 election ? How many convictions for voter fraud were made after the 2012 election ? What do you mean by tyranny? Can you give me specific examples ?

          • wandrako

            There may not be a ballot box in the future with the way Obama disregards the constitution and has wrecked the economy. I agree with the other post– go to another website where they hate US and its citizens that don’t agree with them. There are plenty of those and leave this one to thoughtful people.

          • Nicholas DeLuca

            nonsense. This is still a great nation. It is a democracy. The rule of law prevails. The President has not disregarded the Constitution nor wrecked the economy. That is what the Far Right propaganda would have you believe. Can you point out what parts of the Constitution Obama has disregarded ? The economy was fairly well wrecked when he took over in 2009. The Great Recession began in earnest in
            Do you really believe a President has the power eliminate the ballot box.?
            If it is your idea that this thread is only for posting by like-minded people, I think you are mistaken . Are you the official content monitor ?
            It is my belief that through intelligent , honest discussion , intelligent, responsible ideas and opinions are developed.
            That means hearing all sides.

          • Phil

            And in a republic we expect our elected officials to refrain from playing “fast and loose” with the rules that they swore to uphold. That’s the point of the tyrrany-talk. I’m not anti-Obama, unless he gives me a reason to be. When he starts making up his own rules and doing everything he can to bypass the other branches of our government I have a problem with that, and you should as well.

            We may “change governments through the ballot box,” but the Constitution is not up for a vote each time we elect a new president, and a lot of you people seem to think that because your guy won we all need to roll over and let him do whatever he wants. It doesn’t work that way pal, nor should it. He needs to respect the Constitution that has been the source for the liberty that our parents enjoyed, and that they gave to us. That’s why people are talking about “tyrrany,” not personal distaste for a lightweight community organizer who doesn’t have a clue about how the real world works.

          • Nicholas DeLuca

            Phil::: I think it is hyperbole to suggest the actions you cite represent a Presidential disregard for the law. I think any reasonable person would agree the GOP/TP has made no effort, to help him govern . I simply cannot understand the strident obstructionism and negativity of the GOP/TP . I would be less cynical if the GOP/TP had actually offered alternatives rather obstruction.

          • AZrenegade

            Overthrowing government works better.

          • Nicholas DeLuca

            When is that going to happen ? And who is going to do it ? Nope, just Tea Party machismo and BS. In Arizona, the Tea Party males use the coming revolution as a way to convince their spouses to let the buy another gun !

          • AZrenegade

            You don’t know Arizona females very well. They are just as armed, and just as proficient.

          • AZrenegade

            Overthrow can mean many things. Violent overthrow is one option, yes. However, we can also overthrow the government using less violent ways: voting. I see voting working for a while, but not much longer. Especially, when the government is actively involved in picking winners and losers through its atrocious redistricting policies, and its meddling in states’ voting procedures (see the recent dust up between Texas and the Attorney General). Texas won’t take that much longer, I assure you.

          • Cayce

            You are a sanctimonious half-wit. Resisting abusive over-reaching politicians is patriotism. Capitulation is sabotage.

          • Nicholas DeLuca

            Cayce … Resisting ” abusive, overreaching politicians” is accomplished through the electoral process. It is not about ” patriotism” or “capitulation”. It is about voting. It is about intelligent discussion of the issues of the day based on facts not fantastical conspiracy theories , or bigotry, or bombast .

          • wandrako

            Where is this kit available. Who distributes it?

          • Nicholas DeLuca

            The kit was put together by the House Republican Conference and distributed to the members. The CRC consists of all the GOP/Tea Party Representatives in the House. It is their official body. I suggest you contact your Congressman to enquire about the “kit” .

          • Phil

            The Tea Party doesn’t want to sabotage government. It wants to make sure that it stays within its constitutional bounds -a big difference.

          • Nicholas DeLuca

            Phil … I think blocking any program the Administration proposes , actively undermining a law that was deemed Constitutional by the SCOTUS is not acting to keep the government within its constitutional bounds, it is working outside of constitutional bounds.
            The President has been duly elected President twice by a majority of the voters. the GOP/ TP has never accepted those results and have chosen to hinder the President’s every move. In all my years I have never seen such disrespect of the electoral process nor disrespect of the President. It saddens me greatly.

          • jncarlos007

            The problem is that we don’t have a leader, or rather, someone who is willing to step in after that leader is destroyed by the “administration”
            There are going to be a lot who will be (and already have been) taken down before anything happens.
            We have the salary from our jobs. The government has any amount they want, plus the fortunes of Soros, Buffett, and Gates, et al to play around with

          • Pouncekitty

            Fighting the Obama machine was supposed to be the job of Republicans and Conservatives we elected last year. So far, they are total failures. Add that to the RINOs and you have a total Obama victory. Next year, more of the same.

          • Dean Walsh

            Exactly. Ask the average person on the street what they think of this. Answer: “whuuuuu?”

          • Nicholas DeLuca

            Having a job is not a problem. Not having a job is a problem.

          • D Guest

            At least you can use social media to make people aware, and talk about it.
            How about asking co-workers if they know if you can keep your plan, then volunteer to email HR to find out. Share the results with your coworkers.

          • gnac

            The “problem” is none of us is willing to sacrafice our life (family, assets, impact on children, reputations, etc.) to be the one (it will take many individuals with the same willingness to sacrafice) to “give all” for principles.

          • Hawgz Wylde

            “The problem is we all have jobs”

            So did the founders of this great country, but they sacrificed all to create this great nation. And it will take at least that much to take it back from these progressive socialists/communists…

          • gnac

            Many “individuals” will die before the masses act as a group to right the wrongs. Who is willing to be the first to act? Classic mob behavior…. when one finally acts – the rest will feel empowered to step forward.

          • chukalukabus

            “A well organized militia.”

          • seanpatriot

            Whats he supposed to do? Set DC on fire?

          • Overman18
          • YERMOM182

            if only

          • pppPerryandtheMETS

            Just demand a waiver and refuse to participate.

          • wandrako

            There have be about 40 actions to repeal the mess in the House and non in the Senate. How are they supposed to stop or repeal it when the Senate has to vote on it and then Obama has to sign it before it can become law. Waivers are noting compared to what has to be done.

          • pppPerryandtheMETS

            Just inform the IRS you have no intention of participating in this atrocity, pay your taxes and tell them “no thanks”. Then write both your Senators and your Rep and inform them of this info too. There’s no penalty for refusing to participate in this atrocity, don’t fill out any part of the ACA on your tax return, ( you were unfamiliar with it, it’s confusing, it was an honest mistake). We the people have the power to let this law collapse under its own weight. The House of Reps has a responsibility to see the President follows the law, which he hasn’t done, therefore the House has every right to simply refuse to fund the ACA. “When the President over reaches the Congress has the duty to defund” see Federalist 58, J Madison.

          • usaobftp

            With 10% approval from the population, that is where we are headed. In DC and across America. The Travon Martin match failed to set it off. But there is a way to set off a peaceful powerful revolution. Fight money with money is the answer. But we must be as brave in our civilian clothes here in the US as we are in foreign countries on deadly horrid battlefields. Unions have been that brave forever. And quickly victorious repeatedly using the same strategy.

            Government approval is at an all time low of about 10%. If 90% if the 160 million workers are fed up, then why not stop whining while we work and stop work. Peacefully Occupy Our House. That stops the money (taxes, profits, union dues) they love more then us.

            It immediately puts government, corporations, and unions at odds with each other, but all will desperately want to quickly get what they love (money) flowing again. Nothing else will work. We’ve tried everything repeatedly for decades. Occupy Our House to take back the White House.

            The world will put tremendous pressure on our President to prevent such a broad economic hit on the US and the world. They will quickly work on our to do list.

            The best part, once done we have the threat to do it again. Fair to say we are zero threat. 10% approval as they go for 0% approval, or a violent revolution. Better revolt is to peacefully Occupy Our House. We will get what we want quicker than unions do when they stay home from work.

          • College Geek

            We need a plan of actions and we need a spark. Without both we will sacrifice everything and gain nothing.

          • pppPerryandtheMETS

            Its time for a grass roots movement to simply refuse to participate in this mess and demand individual waivers.

          • Nicholas DeLuca

            It is time for you guys to get a grip. You only talk to yourselves on these threads. You are preaching to the choir. It might be enlightening to hear and read what other Americans are saying and writing . Your demand for ideological purity over relevance and sanity will lead to nowhere.

          • pppPerryandtheMETS

            Yeah right

          • Nicholas DeLuca

            As I said, you only talk to yourselves.

          • pppPerryandtheMETS

            We couldn’t have been talking to ourselves if you’re responding to us, your ignorance apparently doesn’t have a cure.

          • Nicholas DeLuca

            As far as I have been able to discern ,I would say 99% of the opinions expressed here adhere to the Tea Party / far right ideology. When a non-Tea party opinion is expressed, the writer is termed an “idiot” or “retard” or libertard” etc. Quite silly indeed.

          • LuppersMom

            Why exactly are you on here if we are all that stupid? Is this your ad limina visit?
            Your 99% statistic sounds bogus, too. Do you have the math to prove it? If not, it is just a made up number.
            FYI, I am not in any party, just trying to use common sense.

          • Nicholas DeLuca

            I am on this thread because I am trying to understand the politics of the time. As I said if you only converse with people who think like you do, your chance of broadening your understanding is greatly reduced. And more to the point, you begin to believe everything you think. Uncritical examination of one’s beliefs and opinions leads to closed minds.
            The 99 % was rhetorical. But I think not far from wrong. You can test it out by reviewing say 50 comments on this thread and do the math.
            Common sense , perhaps

          • Memphomaniac

            Sorry..we don’t do RINOs.

          • Nicholas DeLuca

            My point exactly ! Ignorance is curable with knowledge.

          • George46

            What exactly would you suggest? Writing to congress? I live in Communist NY. All “MY” members of congress are liberals. I write an email complaining, they write back a form letter that looks like I agreed with them. I don’t bang my head against the wall anymore. Ever try to get through to people like Boehner? If you’re not from Ohio he doesn’t want to know you. Our last resort is our vote but there are too many low information voters out there to counteract us.

          • Constitution First

            This thing was shoved down the throats of 65% of the American populous who did not want Socialized Medicine.
            The Government no longer represents We the People. What the Constitution says, ‘It is the peoples duty to remove the government when it no longer represents the people it works for’.

          • Truth Matters

            Please tell us how to fix the grotesque monster with 437 heads who use IRS, technology, militarized police and the NSA to crush us? Tell us what to do? We anxiously await your answer to this epic problem destroying America. Tell us how to defeat this short of TJ’s blueprint? We want to know. The NSA and the 437 headed monster has known for years and has prepared American Gulags called FEMA Camps which are now staffed with Russian Soldiers (Who better then Russian Soldiers to staff Gulag Camps) that have no problem killing Americans. Short of our own Military doing the honorable thing, you can kiss this nation goodbye forever because those foreign troops and most of the scum in government are set to use 2 billion rounds of ammo and exercise the power of might against any rebellious Americans who dare stand up to save her. No, we are doomed and the 100 year plan is at the end. We are witnessing the intentional destruction of this nation. Only an uneducated buffoon will deny this. Good luck, we are all on our own.

          • Madludwig

            The United States is dead. The democrats and rhinos have killed it! So lets all get on board and come up with a new name! Something catchy, something descriptive. Anyone got any ideas?

          • Memphomaniac


          • James Fabins

            then what are you doing on this board? Get up and do something or are we to do it for you?

          • Dunzie

            I’m being uncontested in my district for our town committee. It’s a small position, but a start.

          • bobruark

            apparently you are also on this message board…I am just having my coffee before getting up off my skinny little A$$ then off to DO SOMETHING…oops…forgot….i have to go toil toil toil so I can pay for my fantastically compassionate efficient caring Obamacare and support the THUGOCRACY of our CHOICE

        • Bob Jones

          It’s no longer how much more ARE we going to take, it’s a matter of how much more CAN we take. Financially, we can’t take much more and call ourselves Americans.

          • usaobftp

            Fight money with money is the answer. But we must be as brave in our civilian clothes here in the US as we are in foreign countries on deadly horrid battlefields. Unions have been that brave forever. And it works for them. And quickly.

            Government approval is at an all time low of about 10%. If 90% if the 160 million workers are fed up, then why not stop whining while we work and stop work. Peacefully Occupy Our House. That stops the money (taxes, profits, union dues) they love more then us. It puts government, corporations, and unions at odds with each other, but all will desperately want to get what they love flowing again. Nothing else will work. We’ve tried everything repeatedly for decades. Occupy Our House to take back the White House.

            The world will put tremendous pressure on our President to prevent such a broad economic hit on the US and the world. They will quickly work on our to do list.

            The best part, once done we have the threat to do it again. Fair to say we are zero threat. 10% approval as they go for 0% approval, or a violent revolution. Better revolt is to peacefully Occupy Our House. We will get what we want quicker than unions do when they stay home from work.

          • CoolTex

            If people just pay full on attention daily to what’s going on, they will have to fold…

          • bobruark

            I have news for you. America passed away many years ago. The Bill of Rights is now the Bill of Jokes.

        • texexpatriate

          You’re right, it won’t get better. Democrats, with Republicans helping them, will destroy the republic before genuine Americans can save it. The U.S. will break up, leaving it for like-minded citizens to create new governments. One or two of them will be genuine American governments.

          • wandrako

            There was not one republican vote in the House or the Senate for this atrocity! It belongs to Obama and them.

          • bobruark

            yea yea…so what does it matter. Look at what the Repubs have done since then…i mean actually DONE..not make nice soothing NOISE about what they will do one day when paradise comes to earth…

          • bobruark

            sorry to say… this is a best-case scenario..

        • Corbin Miller

          And then the lib-ertines will elect Hillary, this country is a farce now

        • Nicholas DeLuca

          Mumbo jumbo, rhubarb, mumbo jumbo. cha cha cha !!

        • sam

          the same bastards that rammed socialized medicine down our throats are going to be exempt?!!! WTF IS GOING ON

          • seenbetterdaze

            I thought The Congress EXEMPTED themselves when the stupid atrocious bill was passed. I will never forget Pelousie boasting about how after they passed it we would find out what was in it and we would love it. She is the Queen of the VAMPIRES, sucking the Blood of all decent hard working Americans like this. While we sit and wait to DIE from HER and Obamboy’s Health DESTRUCTION and the DEATH of the rest of our Economy.

          • chukalukabus

            Yes, they exempted themselves as the first order of business. They did not exempt their staff. The same staff that was whining about the “rising cost” of lunch at the congressional cateteria. Lunch that was already 75% subsidized by your tax dollars.

          • alnga

            I ran major businesses in towns and cities all over the Eastern Sea board and didn’t earn what these river rats are getting. Unions are a curse and congressional staff folks right down there with them.

          • Mike Hunt

            If you ran a major business and didn’t earn the $174K a year a junior congressman gets you were not very good or very smart.

          • CoolTex

            That’s not all she is sucking…

          • bobruark

            surprising she has time to take it out of her mouth long enough to speak a single sentence of her utter nonsense

          • disqus4u

            From the kenyan bastard-in-chief, yet another example of “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others”.

          • mike hunt

            News flash they have been exempt from day one, they all get Cadillac paid health care. In fact right near congress and senate they have doctors, and high tech medicine. All footed by you and me. this is against the law. Our lawmakers are not suppose to make laws they don’t have to abide by. We have a ruling class. Marie Antoinette 2.0

        • Pam

          Not how much but when are we going to do something? Bonner doesn’t even lift his head up, he just looks down to the ground. What happened at his last ob meeting? Remember, ob does his “stuff” while away from the WH in the dark of the night! He stays on the run when he does his evil.

      • College Geek

        The destruction of our founding is his plan. he wants to fundamentally, and permanently change us into a welfare state. So far he has succeeded. He is a traitor-in-chief who deserves not a single ounce of respect. He has no respect for those that foot the bill while he lives lavishly.

        Screw the president and the NSA who’s probably reading this…

        • Richard Fontaine

          what do you mean “probably”.

          • College Geek

            Well i’m not sure if it’s the NSA or DHS reading it. Too many tyrannical, bureaucratic organizations to remember =/

        • Shorty Stuff

          Shut up!! The Supreme Commander has spoken. You WILL comply, or he will send in his jack-booted thug gestapo to take you out.

          • blob

            give me liberty or give me death

      • Constitution First

        Actually in 2007 we had all the proof we needed. Barry barely hid his radical Marxist, dope-smoking, coke-snorting past. We are instead faced with a most unpleasant reality, either there are a hundred million terminally stup!d voters out there (in which case America is truly screwed) or there is massive voter fraud.

      • Michael Bond

        Obamacare is simply a test through which the administration can measure the gullability of otherwise intelligent people. So far they have impressed the rest of the world that the American public are idiots and that consequently the administration can do whatever they please without votor retribution.

    • Mann D. Lifeboats

      “This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it.

      “Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it, or their revolutionary right to dismember or overthrow it.

      First Inaugural Address
      March 4, 1861

      • MrSilenceDogood

        Except for slavery, too bad he didn’t follow his own advice.

        • College Geek

          Err Lincoln wanted to free the slaves. For the first two years of the Civil War his focus was to keep the union together. After those two years, if you look at his writings, he wanted to also free the slaves.

          • sigh

            You conveniently ignore his own earlier writings.

          • College Geek

            His earlier writings are mentioned when I said that his focus was on keeping the union together. That was his main writing in his first few years of office.

          • Llanite

            Oh, that explains why the Emancipation Proclamation only applied to the South, then, right? Thanks! That makes everything clear!

          • College Geek

            The Emancipation Proclamation only applied to the South because an executive order can only deal with the Executive Branch or with a military action. Lincoln HAD to make it only apply to the south because then he could claim it was military action because the slaves would rebel against the slave masters. He couldn’t free the ones up north because he had no jurisdiction. Any more questions?

          • D Guest

            Unlike Obama who recognizes no jurisdictional limits.

          • College Geek

            Correct =/ . Apparently nothing stops him

          • MrSilenceDogood


          • College Geek

            What do you mean “And?” lol

          • MrSilenceDogood

            “Err Lincoln wanted to free the slaves” OK. The post has to do with his First Inaugural Address. H

      • College Geek

        Our Country is sick, the infected parts of the gov’t must be excised…

      • Old_Conservative

        It appears we cannot amend it anymore since they have a generation or two of welfare recipients, illegal immigrants, and Marxists and Muslims all voting to destroy America and freedom. That only leaves Lincoln’s 2nd choice – revolution to return it to our Constitutional Republic as defined by the founders. I’m ready….how about you?

        • College Geek

          Ditto on that, protests must be tried first though. Similar to how our founders performed the Boston Tea Party first.

          • Plurb

            Start with District not a State, of Columbia!
            See if U.N troops are called to protect their little swamp!

          • Old_Conservative

            There is no one listening!

        • D Guest

          Who would have thought that Americans would even be thinking revolution? Yet the ruling class in Washington has trampled on the rights of the citizenry so much that now it is said. They have managed a relatively bloodless coup.
          But there are many ways short of revolution to regain liberty. The left took control through many years of work. If we are willing to be bold and committed we can do it without violence. WILL WE PUT IN THE EFFORT? Patience is worth it if we can save thousands of lives in the process.

          • Old_Conservative

            How long are you willing to wait? Remember our founders tried every means available to gain redress from the King, but all to no avail. If we wait too long, and I’m not sure it isn’t too late now, it will be impossible to achieve…. and remember there will be NO America to come to our aid!

      • abigz

        Proposed Amendment # 28 to the US Constitution

        “Congress shall make no law that applies to any citizen of the United States that does not apply equally to all US Senators and Representatives. Congress shall make no law that applies to any US Senator or Representative that does not apply equally to all citizens of the United States. All existing laws and regulations that do not meet these criteria shall be declared null and void!”

        • D Guest

          I like it, but doesn’t that already apply in the equal protection clause?

    • WeHoldTheseTruths2

      God Bless you, Mr Gray.

    • CAV

      we let it happen. we let the lies continue until the majority of the people were brainwashed from truth. shame on us

    • alnga

      not much longer, I really believe that this Marist is about to run his game out soon.. Although we will probably have an entirely new congress with men with the gonads to get this done.

    • The redhawk

      HEIL KING OF FOOLS…they gave it to US and where are they NOW?? in his Plantations? Afraid to get off their knees?

    • BeanerECMO

      Big deal that taxpayers are paying 75% of their premiums. Taxpayers pay for 100% of everything in the government!!! It’s just that the staffers don’t have to pay for the 75% out of their checks. Again, taxpayers are footing 100% of government – salaries, per diem, insurance, healthcare, food stamps, welfare, etc.

  • Jack_Kennedy

    and the obama terrorism against America strikes ………. again

  • chas615

    Oh thank goodness! I was worried about our representatives and their staffs having to pay for their wonderful obamacare that they gave us! I mean God forbid if they had to pay out of their own pockets. then they would have to leave DC and go work in the real world. What did they call it? A brain drain? I couldn’t imagine how effed up we would be if ALL the smart people running our lives were no longer there!

  • Roger

    Some people are more equal than others.

    • katefromVA

      And we thought books like Animal Farm, 1984 and Brave New World were cautionary tales! Little did we know that some were studying them to see how to copy them! O tempora, O mores!

      • Stephanie Payne

        They were cautionary… before the leftists took over. Now that they run everything, those books are reality.

      • Just_a_Guy_Named_Joe

        Orwell was an optimist.

      • fivegreatkids

        To think I thought Animal Farm was a total waste of time when I had to read it in high school. The stupidity of youth….

        • College Geek

          *insert youthful Constitutionalist* :P You’re right though, the majority are quite stupid sheep…

  • sameolbs

    F that!!! You on Capitol Hill better jump through the same chit hoops you’re making us go through. Repubs better make this an issue or they’re done as a party.

    • goodoldboy

      Would love to see them show some back bone but their concerns seem to be only for themselves and their staff.

    • lewnaticink

      if you are waiting on the repugnants to do something, you are just as stupid as the democraps. the repugnants wont stand up for themselves against the democraps, what on earth would make you think they will stand up for you. the only thing they want is the news media and the democrap voters to love them. they can give a damn about the hard working citizens that PAY their wages, or fight their battles. unless we go to arms ourselves this gubermint we destroy us. the proof is all there. you will either fight and be free or just a modernday slave to all the welfare and disability maggots and corrupt politicians

      • D Guest

        Hold on, now. We see the foundation being laid, but there is much that can be done short of that – if we have the guts for politics and civil disobedience.
        I would even suggest that, although I am a firm believer in honesty, we might even copy the lib’s cheating ways if necessary in order to avoid worse things like violence. But we are not at that point either. We can still fight this ethically if we are bold and clever.

    • seanpatriot

      Only the TEA party members have the sand. The other Repubs like Democrat Progressive light McLame are USELESS

  • ralphie44

    welcome to the jew world order
    “skrew your people, get a break”

    • Regulas1

      last time checked you hack Obama is a marxist closet Muslim and a supporter of Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, aka Hamas light.

      • ralphie44

        last time you checked with… with our jewish media? right?

        • 1Emmit

          You must not be serious! “Our jewish media”? The media is dominated by virulently committed anti Christian, pro marxist, anti semetic, pro muslim ideologues .

          • ralphie44

            google times israel jews media
            google joel stein hollywood cmon
            should be the first results listed

            they will be stories on mainstream sites.. the kind you trust.
            dont be scared, look and see if youre so sure of what you know.

            here is the last sentence of one of them
            “But I don’t care if Americans think we’re running the news media, Hollywood, Wall Street or the government. I just care that we get to keep running them.”

    • sameolbs

      Your history is a one hit wonder….”jews.”……You’re a hater.

      • ralphie44

        There is a core problem.
        There are all these various symptoms.

        Call it what you like – the actual situation we are in, that our children are in and can look forward to, is what I have said.

        A LOT better men/women than I have sacrificed all to tell you the same throughout history. You can be of open mind, or closed. You can be bold, or you can be a coward.

        you can use communist soundbites like “hater”… or you can realize that everything you know about the world, or ever have, comes filtered through that certain group of people – and perhaps you should look into it.

        you can simply react, or you can reason, but you cannot reason unless you look for yourself

  • Regulas1

    The most corrupt disgusting gestapo wannabe pig regime ever.

    • College Geek

      I’m afraid you have spoken against our great leader Barakus Hussein Obama. Not that it really matters….Rome is falling…

  • JamesJ

    All Hail Obama!
    All Hail the State!

  • JP

    Revolution is at hand!

  • Stormtrooper

    Just more proof that Obummercare is pure CRAP!!!!

  • 1Emmit

    The White House “Sheep Shearing Festival” is in full swing. “Well, that’s what sheep are for isn’t it?” inquired Nancy thoughtfully.

  • disqus_MIm06BKeFC

    OPM Dept. Sounds correct – Other Peoples Money Dept. takes care of Congress and their minions.

  • goodoldboy

    If the ‘law’ makers who dumped Obamacare on us protects their staff and family seem obvious that they dont give a dam about we the people. Lets test their medical programs. What if they started turning up with busted heads or broken voting hands? Dam but we need to throw these bastards out.

  • Rumpelstilskin

    Members of Congress and their lackeys are too special to live under the rules of ordinary people.

  • John Whalen

    Until Americans actually wake up and do something to fight this disaster we will be corralled like sheep for slaughter!!!! Wake up America!!!!!!!

  • katefromVA

    I still cannot understand why we voters keep electing people who exempt themselves from the laws and regulations they impose on us!! Are we really that stupid? This year, we need to “shoot the moon” – vote out EVERY incumbent, regardless of party. Under our system of government, we are (supposed to be) the bosses. When we re-elect those who acts as our rulers rather than as public servants we are the ones to blame.

    • Rumpelstilskin

      At least notice who votes for this exemption.

      • CacheLaPoudre

        Vote? It’s a diktat.

    • Fuqwad

      Like my brood sow mama told me – vote for the demonrats, they gives us free stuff like fones and welfare, and ebt cards and disability for your lazy brother (who could work but he too lazy) and section 8.
      Look at me – I’ve had five babies by five daddies and the governmints takes pretty good care of me.
      Now President Obama is giving us free heath care. What a great country. Pass the bucket of KFC please (thank God they take EBT cards).

    • Stephanie Payne

      They’re called the “Low IQ” voters for a reason.

    • dimbulbz

      Good Idea, then all the Democrats, who don’t read Roll Call will keep their guy in office, and we’ll have more Democrats making decisions for us. Well thought strategy! This mentality is why we’re losing. Why not contact your Senator and Congressperson and talk to them, Tell them this has to stop, instead of trashing all the decent ones along with the scumbags? I do not want Ted Cruz voted out of office and replaced by a Texas Democrat. Only a handful of people ever contact their Leaders and tell them how they feel, It does make a difference. They just don’t think we care enough to contact them. If a hundred thousand constituents contacted their own congress (1 of three) the results would be stunning. Instead only a few hundred ever voice their concerns in the way it was intended. Change congress by telling them how to vote. Instead of trashing them on an internet site.

  • Tom Walter

    CLACK CLACK….The sound of my AR racking one into the chamber. III%

    • James


    • dimbulbz

      OK, lets just everyone calm down. The pen is mightier than the sword -but only if you remember to write to the right address. Call/write/Email your congresspersons. Moaning about it here is therapeutic, but doesn’t do crap, except for giving your local FBI agent something to waste gas on.

  • ATC250R

    If I expressed my true feelings about this I would probably have the FBI at my door. My hours have been cut back because of this damn law! What about me and all the others, can we get an exemption too?!!!!

    • Mel V

      Perhaps we can become unpaid staff workers for Paul and Cruz. That would exempt us too, right??

      • Rumpelstilskin

        Try it, & let us know how it works out.

        • Mel V

          It’s the principle. If “staffers” get exempt why shouldn’t the rest of us? What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, right? Or is Congress and their workers better than us?

    • College Geek

      Let them loose. I’m calling for civil disobedience at every single aspect of ObamaCare. I am not a subject of our King.

  • Frank

    Many of those staffers and politicians won’tlast long enough for them to even benefit from the exemption as they’ll be kicked out of office after the midterms. They have yet to feel how truly livid they’vemade their constituents. Exascerbating the mandate won’t save them from being repudiated, as dumb as they would like to think the American people are, they have another thing coming.

  • Djm20

    Obama is personally getting involved in solving this issue and yet he has divorced himself from the Benghazi and IRS situations. What a corrupt and incompetent President we have elected!

    • Mann D. Lifeboats

      He’s not incompetent. He knows exactly what he does and why. And, through his thugs and a complicit Congress, he’s good at it.

      But he’s an anti-America, anti-Constitution, anti-Americans, anti-life, anti-military, anti-family, anti-Christians-and-Jews, anti-conscience, cowardly Marxist-Leninist megalomaniac.

      • renojmc

        Exactly. He is INTENTIONALLY destroying America.

        • jim

          Grounds for his forced eviction …..

      • meangreenMarine

        I agree! Not incompetent because he knows what he wants to do! Corrupt? You betcha’!

  • Pronghorn

    Great, Obama solves ObamaErr for government employees. How about a solution for we peons? Like making it optional, sort of like FREEDOM. Anyone remember that concept?

  • Iboat

    Those that RULE, over those that are RULED!!!!!!!! Aren’t lucky to live in a free country!!!!!!!!! NOT ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BK Martin

    Well there it is America, our aristocracy has spoken.
    We The People need to start voting them ALL out starting next fall. If we don’t do this, if we don’t vote every single incumbent out of office then we no longer have a representative government, we have a House of Lords…

    • dmxinc

      What will it take to get through to those of you who don’t see it yet?

      Americans are not voting for these guys. Foreigners that have come here over the past 4 decades and been given American citizenship vote 3 to 1 for democrats. That’s how Obama won both elections (check the stats). That’s how the democrats have a lock on California and will soon have a lock on all future national elections.

      You might be able to fire your local rep, but really, the country has been and is being given away to foreigners that do not share our values, culture, ethnic backgrounds or religion. Their millions will easily cancel out your vote and the votes of any Americans that finally “see the light.”

      • BK Martin

        All of them, I didn’t say just democrats, I mean every single one of the self appointed self anointed aristocrats…

  • golfjbh

    One more example of why we need to clean house beginning with the mid-term elections. New blood now!

  • Iboat

    And here I thought we fought a war to rid ourselves of this kind of CRAP!!!!!!!!!! I guess we are right back to lord’s and kings…………

  • Ken M.

    All Patriots outside the kingdom of Obamas government could soon be the peasants of the USA.Just as Obama prayed for in his black liberation church for 20 yrs.Don’t let it happen! Vote the leftists out in 2014!

  • Rumpelstilskin

    No wonder John McCain loves this President.

  • fraccle

    Welcome to the USSR.

  • George Shaw

    I wish Roll Call would have finished the title to the article to read……

    “Obama Solves Health Care Problem for Lawmakers, Staff, screws American taxpayers again.”

  • RedHotRash


  • Tom_

    Obozocare not good enough for the clowns that support it on the dem side?

  • RedHotRash

    Come on peeps, we have to overthrow this dictator!

  • xsnake

    Time to party , like it’s 1917!

  • My 2 Cents

    “Basically, OPM needed to determine that the federal government could help pay the cost of premiums on the exchanges for Congressional employees.”

    The Federal Government doesn’t make money, except for printing a lot, they take OURS.

  • RedHotRash

    maybe we should all follow snowden. He may have found a better place.

  • RedHotRash

    What a HYPOCRIT! I HATE BO sooooooo much. It makes me sooooo mad!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dencal26

    Spending someone else’s money is easy

  • Rumpelstilskin

    They won’t have to worry about the Death Panels.

  • biglou15

    Who is working for who? Seems like the taxpayers are footing the bill for our new royalty and their staffs. Anybody seen King George around the WH?
    But the stupid people keep voting for these dem crooks.

  • Joe Black

    Obamacare…such a great plan that no one in DC wants it. I wish the Prez would personally intervene for me as well.

    • sameolbs

      Are you from Mexico? Are you a CEO? Are you in dire straits? Then no, there is NOTHING for you except tax increases.

  • Gringo Bandit

    Time for Obama’s family, congress and staffers to “Pay their fair share” and join the exchanges. Obama can dish it out, but like Rover can’t take it!

  • jfgalt

    Why does everyone continue to be surprised?

  • sameolbs

    “World Greatest Deliberative Body” Are you sure about that?

  • Rumpelstilskin

    President Obama’s present to Congress. If you behave, you will be rewarded.

  • thebigred1

    you guys are a bunch fu@#ing rascist retards and can’t see the forest because of the trees you want to blame Obama because he wants everyone to have health care he cares for all even you nay sayers its obvious you all have not had health issues or you would not act the way you do you have not watched the insurance companies price your children with pre-existing conditions out of the health insurance market and I would bet money most of you consider your selves good christians

    • RedHotRash

      I totally do not believe Obama cares for anyone except himself and his anti-American agenda, I hope he rots in hell

    • John Michael Taylor

      You are the one missing the big picture friend. Obama doesn’t give a crap about your kids, this is about government control. And Obamacare is the camel’s nose in the tent for a single payer system for all but the political class.

    • sameolbs

      You have a disease; it’s call JimJones syndrome.

      • zagnut64

        Obama’s pain pills in his future.

        • sameolbs

          He already drank the Kool-Aid-and there’s no turning back now.

    • Midwestmike

      Pure Socialist BS Ranting; nothing more.

    • Tom Walter

      El Douche Baggio

    • zagnut64

      Public school graduate? You are nothing but a freeloader, looter. Typical slave to your government.

    • Fuqwad

      Oweblamer – the first affirmative action president, elected without qualification or experience and simply because of the color of his skin.

      Neither was he vetted by the sycophants in the media; hence we elected a socialist who is succeeding on his desire to destroy this once great country.

      The only saving grace is that once the seeds of the destruction that he has sown are fully grown and high inflation set-up and unemployment soars further, the 47% will riot and burn their cities and thus we will eventually will see a self-purging of the libt@rards, the natives and victim class all while Darwinism is proved correct before our very eyes.

      • zagnut64

        The last thing he wants to see is Darwin’s theory proven.

  • Political Dookie

    Only Steven Segal is above the law.

    • rally2xs

      Now, wait a minute, there’s also Chuck Norris. Chuck Norris is the MAN! I mean, Chuck’s tears can cure cancer. It’s just a shame that Chuck never cries.

  • Pod

    In plain english, Congress and their staff have to select an obozo-approved health insurance plan on the ObozoCare exchanges, but the taxpayer will pick up the tab. The “personal mandate” requires that everybody else must also purchase an obozo-approved health insurance plan on the ObozoCare exchanges but, unlike Congress, YOU will pay your own way, excepting of course if you are an illegal or a welfare slacker, in which case the taxpayer will pay your way as well.

  • Stingray_3440

    Laws for thee, but not for meeeeeeee!!!!

  • Midwestmike

    More Socialism; time to replace all of Congress. Not one Senator is to be trusted.

  • devan95

    Time for a taxpayer strike. Just say no!

  • tcp53

    Laws are for THEE, but NOT for me!!…..

  • sameolbs

    King Obama and his regime strikes again! This time the taxpayer gets stuck with the regime’s healthcare bill.

  • alien5

    Unbelievable, talk about dividing a nation

  • John Michael Taylor

    Amerika. I really didn’t see this occurring in my lifetime, but here we are…

  • PieMan

    Obama has everything going for him and the number one thing is that he is black. He gets a pass. Even Congress is afraid to call him out and do the right thing…..impeach.

  • susanpknight

    Hmm. I wonder how this complies with the principle enshrined in our Constitution called “equal protection”.

  • ɹǝzıuɐƃɹo ʎʇıunɯɯoɔ

    So Obama can now rewrite Law himself?
    So whats Congress for?

    • Rumpelstilskin

      This is like a gift from above.

  • Justanaveragejoeinmd

    I am so happy to see the Mediocre Imperial Potentate Omnipotent has offered his advisers a way out of the pain from what the rest of the subjects will suffer. This is solid proof this country is run by elites for the elites and not for of the people, by the people and for the people.

  • Bessie Const

    Barrack Antoinette is saying let them eat cake.

  • Mel V

    OK, you’ve called down the thunder. Taxpaying Americans will not stand for this.

  • An_Angry_American

    Some animals are more equal than others.

    Welcome to Obama’s Orwellian America.

  • PJ Schwackhammer

    Welcome to Versailles on the Potomac. The parasites have won, again.

  • Radiant Studio

    Why doesn’t he just exempt all Democrats and punish everyone else?

    • dmxinc

      That would keep it simple and to the point!

  • coolfoolagain

    King Obama has spoken

  • thepoisonousmushroom

    Communism is never meant for the communist himself, of course

    dc is much much much much much worse than the mafia

  • Gamera

    Screw the taxpayers – more money for overpaid gov’t employees!!!!

  • Gamera

    This is why I use every legal tax loop hole I can find. I worked hard for my money and I deserve it way more than politicians, their pet employees, and the non-productive.

  • ojfl

    Shameful. Elitism on display. They will not submit themselves to the laws they create for us. And they do it illegally.

  • Clay Cullum

    Just looking out for their 1%er buddies.
    They can’t be expected to have the same insurance as YOU, eughh! Just vote for them and get out of their sight before you make them puke.

  • The Rombach Report

    All of the animals on this farm are equal, but some are more equal than others.

  • David Lef

    BullSH*T, Congress you suck! Obama you SUCK!

  • steveschildwachter

    Every time the article referred to “OPM” I thought it meant “Other People’s Money”.

    Maybe it does.

  • loshombre

    Isn’t that sooo sweet. The Democrats stick it to the country with Obamacare but for Congress and its employees, another deal is cut similar to the Louisiana Purchase and the Cornhusker bailout. Nope, nothing to see here, move on.

  • LiberalsRNuts

    I for one will NOT be signing up for this crap. I’ll take the penalty. The not-so-affordable care act will crash before it even starts.

  • tonymarini

    There is only one action left if we are to remain a nation of laws: Impeachment.

  • Bob Pearson

    Hill People…you had better hire more Secret Service Protection.

  • DanHan

    Let’s see some names of Congressmen and Senators who sponsored this and stand behind it. There are elections in 15 months, maybe we can make a change. Barry likes change.

  • JenniferM

    Maybe you progressive boobs should of read the law before you voted on it.

  • YouKiddingMe6900

    This is such Bull S hit! When are we finally going to get fed up and march on D.C. well at least the conservatives because all the liberals love the same handouts that congress gets. This is so unconstitutional and viloates the common mans civil rights it makes me F ucking sick!

  • ata777

    the ultimate expression of progressive ideology: do as I say, not as I do

  • Rye Irishman

    Tyranny at it’s finest!!!

  • YouKiddingMe6900

    Obama and congress is whiping there a ss with our constitution. The founding fathers would be sick.

  • MarcusOhreallyUS

    Are the cleptocrats, in the District of Corruption, above us poor plebs? A big HELL NO! Remember what happened to Mussolini.

    • Tom Walter

      Lamp Post Party

  • MrSilenceDogood

    Boehner better not exempt them.

    • thepoisonousmushroom

      he’s been compromised/blackmailed by the nsa

      they all have been

      • MrSilenceDogood

        Then it is time for a real Revolution, me thinks.

  • thepoisonousmushroom

    Inside every “liberal” is a totalitarian screaming to get out

  • ncpg

    This class of Politicians / Bureaucrats is like the old Politburo in the former Soviet Union. These parasites running the corrupt system become the “haves” while regular citizens stand in line waiting for a loaf of bread.

  • TxSon

    Isn’t the constitution supposed to afford us all equal protection under the law? Our government is so far off the rails constitutionally I’m not sure it is still recognizable as the AMERICAN government.

  • rtwngr

    Stop complaining. If you are in a union or work for the government, you get lifelong healthcare and pensions. If you didn’t vote for Obama, you don’t.

  • Stephanie Payne


  • emjak

    Under the U.S. Constitution, the Executive Branch (i.e., President, federal agencies and departments, federal officials, and federal employees) have no authority to spend federal money without express Congressional authorization. See U.S. Constitution, Article I, Section 9, Clause 7 (“No Money shall be drawn from the Treasury, but in Consequence of Appropriations made by Law; and a regular Statement and Account of the Receipts and Expenditures of all public Money shall be published from time to time.”). Unless Congress expressly authorizes it, the proposed subsidy for federal lawmakers and their staffs cannot be done in a constitutionally lawful manner.
    It seems that it is long past due for the American people to demand a detailed, itemized, and complete public accounting of all the taxpayers’ money being used — directly and indirectly — for salaries, benefits, travel expenses, training and conferences, reimbursements, and perks for all members of Congress, all Congressional staffers, all federal officials, and all federal employees. Too many government officials have a persistent mindset of being generous with other peoples’ money (i.e., taxpayers’ money) that is too widespread, pernicious, callous, and self-serving to be ignored.

    • MarcusOhreallyUS

      Constitution?! We don’t need no stinkin’ Constitution.

  • Kathleen Long

    I am so relieved that the word of law means nothing anymore. It is stupid anyway. I would much rather rely on the wisdom and justice for all we have seen from Our Overlords in the Obama administration to know what to toss out and what to “enhance”.

  • YouKiddingMe6900

    And just think about it. Hitler had the SS and we have the DHS, who lock us up if we talk to them with disdane at the airport. Obama tells federal employees to watch each other and snitch. Obama’s press corp has minders just like Saddam Hussein. And Just like Stalin, if you trash Obama, he publically ruins you and destroys you with the IRS. I used to love this country.

  • Rovin

    I’m a bit confused. Does this story mean that sometime next week, (while Congress is on vacation), the OPM will arbitrarily change the written laws of the “Affordable Health Care Act” that will allow the Federal Employee Health Benefits Program to contribute premium payments toward plans on the exchange.??? And, according to this story, President Obama is personally involved in exempting all members of Congress and their staff by continuing premium payments after Oct. 1st.??? Does anyone know where the funding for the Federal Employee Health Benefits Program comes from? (Hint: It might be from taxpayer dollars). Premiums are reportedly going up by 30%-40% in many these exchanges, (which the government will pick up the tab), which will add billions to the cost of ObamaCare, and Nancy Pelosi doesn’t seem to be concerned about this at all? Now I’m beginning to understand what Backus meant about this impending Train-Wreck.

    • CashMcCall

      The libs left the actual implementation and rule making to these administrative groups. They were given all the power to change whatever they want.

      • Rovin

        And, I understand the entire Senate immigration bill was similarly written so the Sect. of Homeland Security could waive almost every mandate/provision written into the bill. Of course, they, (congress), doesn’t expect us peons to read the fine print.

  • Tom Walter

    I cant wait for the day when I see all in DC hanging by their necks from every lamp post. III%

  • irvinelady

    B*stards! This is an outrage.

  • YouKiddingMe6900

    If every American refused to pay there taxes for 1 year, how would the feds feel then. They wouldn’t get paid either unless Odummy keeps monitizing the system like he has been doing for a couple of years now which will eventually cause our economy to collaps with a great depression. But then again Odummy hates our country and would love nothing more than to make us 3rd world.

    • Snidely70448

      You couldn’t get every American to agree on ANYTHING. Not Mom, not apple pie, not to get laid.

  • Some Guy

    The President just overturned an act of Congress on a whim, and Congress thanked him for it.
    The Republic is dead.

  • Miagogo

    This is sickening.

  • Jessie James

    Unreal. WHY is this president still in office?! Why do you progressive lemmings continue to worship this false deity? Do you not realize that you liberal loons are now in the same boat as “us” republicans in that you are paying out of pocket for someone else’s mistakes, not matter what the cost!

  • PoliticalTees&More

    Does it really surprise…. there are 2 Classes…. FOOD and EATERS…. if you are a common man you are FOOD for the govt., union and Big Corp. EATERS…. Common people need to wake up.

  • rally2xs

    Lessee, getting 75% of your healthcare paid by your employer is a benefit of working at certain employment, and a new law would remove this benefit. Why is everyone for that? It’s not right, it screws the “little guy” who is a congressional worker, and everyone rejoices over that? And they’re upset when the injustice is rectified? I don’t get it.

    Another thing I don’t get, and any Republican that is reading this can answer it, is the Republican penchant for beating up unions. Unions mean prosperity for blue collar workers, and the lack of unions means poverty for them. Why do so many Republicans line up to inflict poverty on blue collar workers? It sure isn’t the Christian thing to advocate, nor moral, fair, etc. Someone answer why Republicans want everyone who does not own a company to live in poverty. C’mon, find an answer for that. (You can’t, because there is no excuse for such… hate? Do you hate them? What other reason for wishing people into poverty is there?)

    • Will Malven

      Unions mean: higher overall costs, bloated staffs, lower productivity, inferior quality work, and they protect non-productive employees while punishing the over-achievers.

      Worse, they are incompatible with the concept of free-market capitalism and antithetical to our Constitution. The idea that a person must join a non-job-related organization–a “brotherhood”–to ply his trade is an anathema to anyone who believes in liberty and freedom.

      In a truly free nation, a man trained as a plumber should be able to go to any town in any state and set about his trade without having to join a club and pay dues–especially when those “dues” are used to fund political campaigns that run against the wishes of many who are members.

      The question you should answer is, “What gives you the right to force some electrician or carpenter . . . or just some guy who wants to plug in his guitar on stage . . . the right to force them to join your select little club?

      • rally2xs

        Yes, unions mean higher overall costs, but those costs go toward feeding a union member’s family and offering some chance at prosperity. Without the union, the “company” simply pays whatever it wants, which is usually minimum wage, and the worker ends up living in a double-wide or with his or her parents, scraping buy on food stamps and other gov’t assistance. Is that better than paying a worker a union wage and he in turn can buy the product he is manufacturing?
        Is free-market capitalism really such a good thing? It has a reputation of wage inequality, with millions of workers being in poverty, and a relative few business owners living like Hollywood elites. Is that a good thing?
        A man trained as a plumber making the same as a McDonald’s worker because all the factories in his town have gotten together and decided that nobody is to pay more than minimum wage cannot be fought by that single plumber acting alone. The only way he can have prosperity as a plumber working in a factory is to join a union. Why would you not want him to? Is the idea that the company owner lives the life of Riley and the workers all live in poverty a good thing? That’s what happens without unions.

        • Will Malven

          Let’s boil it down to truths. Without unions, 70% of Americas workers are doing just fine. They live in freedom. They have the right to accept or reject a job offer. They have the right to demand a raise for exceptional work and if they don’t receive it, find a better job.

          They don’t need some organization taking their hard-earned money and paying it to some fat-bloated union boss and his cronies telling them where they can work, how much they should make, what hours they should work, when they should eat, etc.

          The merit system works fantastically well in every situation . . . except in the Bizzarro world of unions.

          Unions are failing because they don’t serve any purpose. They have outlived their usefulness. They are an anachronism of the socialist movement and have by their own demise demonstrated their failure as a system.

          IF unions actually served employees purposes better than right to work shops, then there would not have been the steady, rapid decline in membership over the past several decades.

          Lastly, a man works hard, scrapes together enough money to start his own business. He spends endless sleepless hours and endless hours working hard to get his business to succeed.
          He starts making enough money to be able to hire an employee to assist him . . . after a few years his business is booming, he has 200 employees working for him.

          Guess what, it’s still HIS business. He is the sole person who should have any say as to how much he pays his employees and they should have the right to accept his offer or not. If he’s smart, his employees are happy with his pay and the business will grow. If he’s not, them the employees will be unhappy, less-productive and the business suffers.

          He took all the risk, he did all the work, why shouldn’t he live the “life of Riley?” Who are you to demand that he act as you insist? What god appointed you the Grand Poo-bah?

          Minimum wage is a socialist concept that contributes nothing to society but costs.

          This is America, sport. You don’t like the pay you’re receiving, move on and find another job . . . OH YEAH This is an Obama economy . . . there are no jobs.

          Well maybe if all you brilliant liberal union members had voted for a Republican instead of an unaccomplished, unprepared, unqualified joke, then you’d be able to find a better paying job.

          Your whole screed is nothing but laughable liberal union boiler-plate nonsense. “What if . . . ” LOL!!!

          I know a whole bunch of craftsmen, plumbers, carpenters, electricians, etc., none of them union and ALL of them making very good money.

          Guess what, not a single one is making “minimum wage;” they’re making far more than that.

          Man, you’ve got to stop believing your own union propaganda . . . the kool-aid is ruining your brain.

          • rally2xs

            The American worker is NOT doing “just fine” without unions. 49 million people are in poverty, up from 38 million when GWB was president, BTW. And if minimum wage is a socialist concept, do you want to eliminate it so that McD’s can pay their workers $3 / hr? How far down the scale do you want to go? $2 / hr like Mexico City?

            Hey, I’d rather pay for some fat-bloated union boss than some fat-bloated do-nothing greed fat-cat business owner. The money has to go somewhere, and with a union, the worker gets some of it. Without a union, the worker gets far less. You know plumbers, carpenters, etc. that get more than minimum wage? Its only because a factory owner knows that if they attempt to pay slave wages, they would get a union voted in overnight. Eliminate the possibility of all unions, and factory work wouldn’t pay as much as minimum wage does now. Business owners would make slaves of the workers if they could, and outlawing unions would be the next best thing.

            He took all the risk? Not by a long shot. He would not be falling into an acid vat used to clean metal products, or be in the crane that falls from the ceiling when he fails to adequately ensure the safety of the workplace that can only happen when there’s a union to force it and report it to OSHA. Without a union, workers are too scared of losing their jobs to report workplace safety violations. The fat-cat in the air conditioned front office takes virtually no risks, while his employees deal with hot factories and cold factories and factories with vapors in the air that will give them cancer and miles that will cave in on them, etc. Took all the risk? Took virtually no risk is more like it.

            It may still be his business, but he is not dictator to cast others into poverty. But he will get together with other business owners in an area, and suddenly there’s no wage higher than $X. If you don’t think it happens, then you are not familiar with the real world. Only collective action via a union has the power to combat these sorts of injustices that, although illegal, are next to impossible to prove.

            You’re split off from reality if you think that having one guy making all the $$ from a business, while his employees drain public assistance just to get by is a good thing. That’s the situation now with farming and illegal aliens. You’re not thinking right if you want to extend that situation everywhere.

          • Will Malven

            Yep, Obama has done marvelously well in destroying the job market. And unions have been four-square behind him the whole way. The bulk of the “Stimulus package” passed by Congress went to pay for union pension funds and government union jobs. It didn’t stimulate the job market, it stimulated union coffers and Democrat election coffers.

            The only “fat-cat” is the one in your union polluted imagination. Those “fat-cats” work a lot more hours than you, work a lot harder than you, and make a lot more sacrifices than you to get where they were.

            Folks who own the businesses earned the right to lay back and enjoy the proceeds of their efforts . . . but you will be hard pressed to find a successful businessman who has any desire to do so. Most successful businessmen continue to strive for greater and greater success. Unlike union slugs, they work for the sake of the effort and the challenge. They don’t just punch the clock and then 5:00 comes, go home and forget the job.

            Your description is about as twisted and your arguments are so ignorant as to be laughable. “Without a union, workers are too scared . . blah, blah, blah . . . ” What total BS.

            Right to work state, sport, so there goes another of your union boiler-plate propaganda BS down the drain. Companies here aren’t in fear of a union coming in. They pay good wages, because that’s what the market demands for capable employees.

            Unions cost jobs here. OCAW called a strike against Shell back in the mid-seventies. Shell found out, through their use of managers and lab-techs to run the plants that they had twice as many employees as they needed to run their refineries efficiently. When the strike was finally settled, Shell eliminated about 15,000 positions. OCAW hasn’t called a strike since.

            Employees are paid good money, because they are effective, productive members of the corporation. They are just as affluent, just as well cared for and a lot happier than their northern state unions counterparts.

            You really do need to read something besides the propaganda the unions are publishing in your newsletter. The world is far different than what they are telling you.

            If unions actually met employees needs, they would not have declined in membership as precipitously and for as long as they have. Today they serve little purpose other than to fill the heads of the gullible with lies and distortions of reality.

    • PJ Schwackhammer


      • rally2xs

        Explain. I worked for everything I’m getting.

        • PJ Schwackhammer

          You’re apparently to good to follow the law your boss voted for (you’re obviously a Dem). That’s for the Little People.

          As for the union nonsense, ever heard of Detroit?

          You “people” are the scum of the earth.

  • CashMcCall

    I have news for you, the RINOs are behind this too.

    • FR2011


  • FR2011

    Most corrupt administration in many years.

  • Native_New_Yorker

    Since when can our imperious president usurpt the law and decide congress does not have to pay TAXES????? Enough. Obama needs to be impeached; Obamacare needs to be repealed and thrown in the trash!!! It is killing our economy.

    • Famous Dave

      obama CAN’T Be Impeached…..That Would Require The Democrats to Vote For Removing Him.



  • Danorano

    ““I’m glad it’s done,” the Nevada Democrat said.” Yeah so am I Harry. Wouldn’t want anyone in the federal government to have to deal with what you hoisted on the rest of America.

  • outofsteam

    I got mine, the heck with the rest of you. Sound familiar?


    Are we going to put up with this BS!?!?!?!?

  • Egidius48

    While I wait to see how the House of Representatives will overturn or defund Obama Care, I am very concerned to read that the OPM determined that the federal government can help pay the cost of premiums on the exchanges for Congressional employees.

    This is a clear example of the elitist mentality of the representatives we send to Washington DC. A bubble has been created that insulates those who are sent there to look out for their constituents, only to find time and again, we are the last to be considered.

    Why should the American taxpayer, the fewer and fewer who are paying taxes, pay for you, your staff and family’s healthcare costs? All government
    employees are paid nicely for their service, so why has this action been
    permitted. When Congressional representatives can pass legislation and exempt
    themselves from the costs and challenges of said legislation, the interest of
    the people is discarded because you no longer share the experience of your

    Elected representatives have created a separate benefits program that rewards them with benefits such as this, automatic pay raises and retirement packages after serving just one term.

    If this law is not good for elected representatives, your staff and family’s then the same is true for those of us who are paying for this monstrosity. I expect action to overturn, defund, or whatever it takes to remove this burden from Americans across this nation, but if the stands, then all Americans should pay their own costs and not be exempt for the very legislation they enact.

    • rally2xs

      “Why should the American taxpayer, the fewer and fewer who are paying taxes, pay for you, your staff and family’s healthcare costs?”

      Because that is a benefit of employment with a given employer, in this case the Federal Gov’t. That is a part of a hiring agreement when the employee was hired, and in the case of unionized employment, a term of a contract. IOW, the Federal gov’t owes the money as part of an agreement. Why / on what authority does the Federal gov’t suddenly renege on the agreement?

      • Egidius48

        The Affordable Healthcare Act was intended to reduce the overall cost of healthcare for all Americans.  Everyone was suppose to pay into the kitty, but we see instance after instance where sacred cows are exempt from paying their fair share.  I have to purchase my own health insurance and I take exception with  having to pay for others. We are taxed progressively ~ stealing from those who earn ~ and give it to those who elected officials feel are more deserving.

        The difference between the Government Community and Private Community is our tax dollars are already paying the salaries of these employees and now they want us to pay for their healthcare as well. Unions are a major contributor to the destruction of many a  business and city (Detroit).  If this were part of the grand scheme of things, why did the OPM have to investigate eligibility after the fact?  When Government representatives and others are exempt, the rest of the taxpayers get the short end of the stick. NO LAW should exempt them from rules the rest of t he country must comply with.

        Congress and their staff have been excluded from the pains the rest of the nation will have to incur, especially with fewer and fewer contibutors paying into the new system!

      • Egidius48

        The Affordable Healthcare Act was intended to reduce the overall cost of healthcare for all Americans. Everyone was suppose to pay into the kitty, but we see instance after instance where sacred cows are exempt from paying their fair share. I have to purchase my own health insurance and I take exception with having to pay for others. We are taxed progressively ~ stealing from those who earn ~ and give it to those who elected officials feel are more deserving.

        The difference between the Government Community and Private Community is our tax dollars are already paying the salaries of these employees and now they want us to pay for their healthcare as well. Unions are a major contributor to the
        destruction of many a business and city (Detroit). If this were part of the grand scheme of things, why did the OPM have to investigate eligibility after the fact? When Government representatives and others are exempt, the rest of
        the taxpayers get the short end of the stick. NO LAW should exempt them from rules the rest of the country must comply with.

        Congress and their staff have been excluded from the pains the rest of the nation will have to incur, especially with fewer and fewer contibutors paying into the new system!

        • rally2xs

          The gov’t is currently giving each employee $X, where $X is maybe 2/3rds of their healthcare costs or in the case of congress and their staff, 3/4. What should happen to $X when the employee buys healthcare on the exchange? Should the employee’s pay be reduced by $X? Why? That’s a demotion for no cause. Either give the employee $X, or go out and pay the 3/4 or 2/3rds of the price of the new healthcare policy that the employee buys. There’s no reason for people to be taking a pay cut of $4000 – $6000 a year just because they’re gov’t employees.

      • Republic of Texas

        You’re effectively arguing that the Federal Government is a private concern. You’re going to have an interesting ride down that slippery slope.

  • Good_Lt

    “House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., released a statement Thursday night reiterating that staff and lawmakers must sign up for the exchanges.

    “Members of Congress and their staffs must enroll in health marketplaces as the Affordable Care Act requires.”

    Wait, you staffers thought this didn’t apply to you?

    LOL! Enjoy hope and change, because you’re going to get it good and hard!

    • CashMcCall

      That is just a pelosi cover story. The gov worker must sign up but their insurance will be paid by the taxpayer. This is the scam. Then she can say that all the gov employees had to sign up for the exchanges even though you the taxpayer get stuck with the bill.

  • J. Jones

    Health insurance is part of the employee compensation packages. Why should employees take a pay cut?

    • rally2xs

      That’s a question I also asked just a few minutes ago. There is no excuse. I pay $187 / mo as a Federal retiree. Why should I suddenly have to pay $374 more? (Our situation is that our former employer, The Navy / The US Gov’t, pays 2/3rd of our healthcare, not 3/4.) Is that fair? That sort of payment per month would buy a house and lot in my home town. Why should such a promised benefit, that I worked decades for, suddenly be taken away?

      • CashMcCall

        Quit complaining, the Gov doesn’t pay for your insurance, the taxpayer pays for your insurance and their own if they can afford it. The Gov worker is the problem not the solution. But to here you complain when the taxpayer is getting shafted by you and the gov is an outrage

        • rally2xs

          I worked for more than 30 years for this benefit. What’s your problem with receiving that which you’ve worked for?

      • Will Malven

        Yeah, why should Federal employees have to suffer the same penalties from Obamacare as all the peons out there who pay the taxes that pay the salaries of these poor government workers?

        All across America people are losing, not just their jobs, but insurance coverage and pension funds as Obama’s economic disaster continues to eat away at the foundations of our economy–even as he demands more and more money from tax-payers.

        Why should you be exempted? What makes you special?

        • rally2xs

          Why? Because I worked decades at less than the market rate for engineering employment specifically to obtain such additional benefits, that’s why. I traded current increased pay for future increased benefits, and this is them.

          • PJ Schwackhammer

            Not to mention that you weren’t competent enough to get a job in the real world.

        • rally2xs

          Either you are against the healthcare law or you are its tool. If you are against the healthcare law, then fight every injustice to every person everywhere. If you are its tool, then rejoice in the injustice done to others, and say, “You had it coming.”

    • CashMcCall

      What? Obamacare knocked out corporate deductions and personal deductions for health insurance. You will all pay out of after tax dollars. The average family of 4 will pay $20,000 a year in after tax dollars just for this garbage insurance or you pay the tax. This whole thing had nothing to do with insurance. It was a tax scam. More people will be uninsured than before they pulled this stupid deal.

      • J. Jones

        And still employer provided insurance is part of the employee’s compensation package. So why should an employee take a big cut in pay just to satisfy someone else’s political vindictiveness?

        • Will Malven

          Times are hard. America is broke. The federal government that just made this new ruling is running a deficit approaching $1 trillion dollars each year with no real hope of reducing it.

          We don’t have the money to pay for this (or about a third of what we are spending this year). You are demanding that we spend more of what WE DON’T GOT ANY OF.

          Hundreds of thousands of Americans in the private sector are “taking a big cut.” Why should members of Congress and congressional staff be exempted?

          Are we rewarding them for being so effective, efficient, and frugal?

          They created this mess, let them enjoy the proceeds of their efforts.

          • J. Jones

            As I understand things, about 70% of Americans get their health insurance via employer offered healthcare insurance. So you’re cool with that 70% taking a big cut in compensation? Or do you just want to limit the cut to those that work for the government? I suspect that it’s only government workers that get your wrath.
            So how many of those hundreds of thousands of workers in the private sector taking a big pay cut are getting that cut in the form of losing their employer supplied healthcare coverage?
            Let me ask you a question. Do you have insurance through your employer? If so, what would you think if your employer suddenly dropped covering all or part of your insurance package? Would you accept the pay cut?
            In fact, the employee compensation package “rewards” workers for doing the work set out in their job description. If that’s not enough for you then you should make the effort to “up” the requirements for the job.
            If you don’t like your Congress People, then elect some that better meet your needs. What could be simpler? If you don’t like their staff then work to convince them they don’t really need that much help.

          • Will Malven

            Thanks to Obamacare, those 75% are now scared to death that they are going to lose that coverage. Small businesses are doing precisely what you ask about. They are opting out of providing healthcare coverage simply because Obamacare has priced them out of the market.

            So again I ask, why should government employees be exempted from the pain the rest of Americans face?

            “If you don’t like your Congress People, then elect some that better meet your needs.”

            We conservatives keep trying, but we are encumbered by gullible fools, like you who live in liberal unreality and believe that government is the balm to all our ills and the money that funds it grows on trees.

          • J. Jones

            What 75%? That seems a bit higher than the “about 70%” I mentioned. Nonetheless, for those of us that have insurance as part of our compensation package, we’ve already have seen the effects of the ACA on our situation. In my family’s case, we got two MLR rebates of excess premium we paid on two of our children while they were at university and premiums for the family’s health insurance has fallen for two consecutive years.
            Small businesses will find they will have to offer a minimum compensation package for employees if they expect to keep the same level of competency in their workers in order to maintain their customer base. It’s a simple as that – if a business can meet their goals with lesser employees then, by all means, they should do so.
            Conservatives lose elections, in part, because they can’t resist the urge to call those that disagree with them by names. Conservatives should stop blaming their failures on others and start looking inward for answers.

          • Will Malven

            The 75 is irrelevant (either a typo or a carry-over from another discussion I’m having).

            The rest of us have also seen the effects of ACA in our private health insurance . . . in the form of large increases in costs, in lost coverage, in higher co-pays and deductibles.

            The degree of unreality in your comment is spectacular. “Small businesses will find . . . ”

            We are in the midst of one of the worst economies in history and you and your liberal buds think that it’s a perfect time to increase the costs of doing business by placing a huge mandate on the backs of those struggling businesses?

            Where do you get your accounting expertise, from a diploma-mart in the back of a comic book? Are you so brain-washed by liberal dogma that you believe all those evil small business owners are hoarding millions of dollars just so they can spite their employees and keep them from getting healthcare?

            Small businesses operate on razor-thin margins. When you place a burden like Obamacare on them, you threaten their very existence. They can’t just write a check and create more money like the federal government.

            Wow! Just wow!

          • J. Jones

            By Aug. 1, 2012, over 12.5 million consumers saw a reduction in their insurance costs either through a MLR rebate check or a reduction in their premiums. That was due to the ACA. By yesterday, August 1, 2013, over 8 million consumers saw a reduction in their insurance costs due to the ACA’s 80/20 rule. I benefitted from that rule both in 2012 ( two check, 7% reduction in premium,) and 2013 (1.9% premium reduction.) My copay is the same it’s been for at least the last decade. You were saying?
            My view is reality. Small businesses will either accommodate the changes or they won’t. Most will, but some will drop out. Demand will replace those that drop out and if it doesn’t then perhaps the reason for the business’ failure has nothing to do with the ACA.
            My best advice to business is to pass on the costs as they’re expected to do. Or, like the Papa John’s guy, they could play politics with their customers. It doesn’t matter to me, as long as they deliver good products at a fair price.
            My accounting expertise? OK, so I’m not an accountant, but I keep track of my income and outgo well enough to increase my assets in the current economy, though I will admit that I didn’t start spending on nonessentials until 2010. But heck, if you want to denigrate me for that then feel free to do so.

          • J. Jones

            I think your premise is wrong – times aren’t nearly as “hard” as you need them to be. Indeed, I think that’s one of the problems which conservatives face when they engage in political efforts – they try to make a minority appear to be a majority and it just can’t be done successfully.

            As for the rest of your post, see my reply to your other post that seems to raise the same points.

          • Will Malven

            Wow, you really are drinking the Obama kool-aid.

            “times aren’t nearly as ‘hard’ as you need them to be . . .”

            Nah, you’re right, we don’t have a permanently entrenched unemployment rate of 7.5%.
            –We don’t have a permanently entrenched underemployment/unemployment of 13%.

            –We don’t have 51% of the nations people now on government assistance of some sort (both earned and “entitled”).

            –We don’t have a lower percentage of employable people actually in the job-market than at any time since the early 80’s.
            –We don’t have more people below the poverty line than at any time since LBJ instituted his “Great Society.”
            –We don’t have continual deficits in excess of $1 trillion for the foreseeable future.
            –We don’t have $17 trillion in out-standing debt
            –We don’t have an unfunded liability in entitlements of $60-70 trillion
            –We don’t have the breech between rich and poor growing more rapidly under Obama than under Bush or Clinton.
            –We don’t have an artificially inflated stock market being pumped, not by economic growth, but by a Federal Reserve pumping hundreds of billions of fiat dollars into it under the guise of “quantitative easing.”
            –We don’t have hundreds of small and medium sized businesses cutting work hours and reducing the staffs just to stay in business.
            –We don’t have a housing industry being pumped with artificial demand caused by the Obama Administration doing precisely what brought about the last housing crash–the one that we are still in.

            Yeah, America is in terrific shape.

            Um . . . what is it that you are smoking?

          • J. Jones

            Say… that’s quite a list you have there. Maybe times are that bad and the reason conservatives lose elections is because they don’t seem to offer any solutions. What do you think?
            As for me, I don’t think times are “that bad.” Where you apparently see an America in which everyone was crushed by the 2007 Recession, I see an America in which those that bought way beyond their fiscal abilities are paying a price while those of us that stayed within their means are doing “OK.”
            I agree with you on Bernanke’s pumping the economy. It’s costing me money. We should go ahead and stop the artificial inflation and let those that jumped in over their head learn how to swim. I have no debts, so let the deflation come!

          • Will Malven

            So, in your world, those millions who have lost their jobs in the 5 years of Obama’s reign of terror are “paying the price for buying way beyond their fiscal abilities?” Interesting take on unemployment.

            Sure, I took you comment out of context, but only to make the point that a whole lot more people are suffering in this dead economy than just those who made bad investments or over-extended on debt.

            Those small businesses that are cutting employees hours or numbers are not businesses that recently expanded and are now “paying the price,” they are being forced to cut back from their long-standing practices because of the extra expenses being imposed on them by Obamacare.

            They are “paying the price” for excesses of these same government staffers and members of Congress who wrote Obamacare and all the other legislation that is killing our nations economy.

            Oh, and conservatives aren’t winning elections, because the liberals are running Santa Claus campaigns that promise all desserts and no spinach and there are enough gullible, uninformed voters who believe their lies for them to win elections.

            One party tells you that things are tough, America is broke and we need to cut spending. The other party–the Democrats–are telling the American people that all is fine, that $17 trillion in debt is insignificant, that money will never run out, that government can spend money endlessly and never face a penalty.

            Sadly there are enough low information voters out there to believe their lies.

          • J. Jones

            Those that spent way beyond their means certainly are. I understand that you disagree, that is your right. My view is one conservatives offered before Obama took office, though. I will admit that some are suffering because they were in the industries that supported those that bought beyond their means, but it’s been a while now, so maybe they should look for a new line of work if their old job no longer exists.
            “Long standing practices?” Such as? I don’t know what to tell you, other than I’ve seen a few businesses try to make improper changes only to decide those changes didn’t work. For instance, I stopped going to Olive Garden last October because the service was lousy in two different stores on two different occasions. Turns out that Olive Garden was experiment with more part time employees instead of using employees that knew how to do the job. I hear that Darden has changed their mind on that idea so I might be going back to Olive Garden soon, just to see. Meanwhile, Outback has stood in their stead and I’m quite happy with them.
            I’m a democrat and I can tell you things have been slowly ,but consistently, getting better for years.
            So I think I was actually listening to the show in which Rush introduced the concept of “low information voters.” Immediately before he mentioned the concept, he explained that the real reason Romney lost was because conservatives couldn’t be bothered to give their vote to Romney and then he started talking about “these low information voters.” I realize he was just covering his but before he started his “low information voter riff,” but Rush had a point about why Romney lost..

    • Will Malven

      Government employees–especially federal government employees–are among the highest paid people in the nation. The rest of the nation is suffering horribly under Obama and one of the main reasons for it is Obamacare.

      Why should the rest of us suffer when our elected employees get a free pass?

  • Right_2_Bear_Arms

    One word: INFURIATING.

  • Demlies

    All the perks and freebies need to be yanked from these people who have ruined
    our country. They’ve not done one thing that helps anyone but their friends and families. America needs to see to see who is willing to serve and weed out those that wished to “be” served.

  • Dianna9490

    Thus is total bullshitttt

  • C. Adkins

    if they don’t play fair, why should we-?

  • Famous Dave



  • Merlinmajic

    The day is coming when the citizens of this nation will rise up again as they did during the revolution and take back our country from the king and his court (president and congress). They have now essentially said, “let them eat cake.” We need to kick every blasted one of them out of office and start with a clean slate. And let’s start with unseating the annointed one, BHO. Enough is enough! Christ almighty!

    • rally2xs

      We can do it a whole lot less bloody than that. Just don’t vote for any liberals.

      • Famous Dave



        • rally2xs

          So you WANT another civil war? 600,000 dead in the last one. Wanna do that again, with modern weapons? Probably several million dead. Is that a good thing? Should we try to do it a different way? Want to be one of those dead when we might have solved in in the courts?

          • Famous Dave

            Really, Really, is that the Best You Can Do… HAHAHAHA

          • rally2xs

            Non-response noted.

          • Famous Dave

            My Response is This.




  • Jeebus

    Basically, OPM needed to determine that the federal government could
    help pay the cost of premiums on the exchanges for Congressional

    “I’m glad it’s done,” the Nevada Democrat said, directing a request for details to the White House.

    I’ll bet you are, @sshole.

    • miss_msry

      ….. and Jeebus wept. As do we all with this government.

  • FLV19

    Jefferson was right. Without an armed revolt every now and then, the government gets abusive.
    Wake me up when the revolution starts.

  • socraticsilliness

    What a stunner, the sleaze bag politicians scooping the gravy for themselves, and the peasants suffer…..

  • Layla

    Nevermind that the American people cannot afford these premiums. Congress should NEVER be exempt from any law they pass for us. VOTE THEM OUT IN NOVEMBER, 2014, both sides.

    • jim

      We wont last that long……

  • Famous Dave




  • Hoss51

    Tell me this can’t stand, that this ruling class clap will be overturned, that they will be treated as the rest of us, which from where I’m standing ain’t so good.

    • miss_msry

      I am beginning to think that Obama is DARING us to revolt against this regime.

      • Famous Dave


  • miss_msry

    I am a conservative ((don’t equate that with Republican) who is willing to try Obamacare because my private health insurance payments are killing me. But, if the lawmakers and their minions aren’t willing to belly up to bar and pay their fair share, I see no future for this legislation.

    • College Geek

      If you support ObamaCare you’re not a Conservative. Conservatives support the U.S Constitution. You don’t.

    • rally2xs

      Lessee, you’re healthcare costs are killing you, but you want to try a system that has a reputation for doubling healthcare costs for participants. Why?

    • Libertys_Ghost

      You’re already seeing the future…political cronies and large corporations (which are political cronies as well) get exemptions from the law. Why? If it’s such a great idea and a boon for Americans none of that would be needed. So the future is now…as the law is intended to milk the working middle class some more those with influence get waivers to get out of it.

    • TroyGale

      Then you aren’t a conservative. You are a leech like so many others in this country. If you haven’t noticed most people who do take care of themselves have healthcare premiums being raised from 50% to 200% of what they pay for their private plans now.
      In short, you are like so many others who feel it is okay to steal from your fellow citizen because he obviously can afford to pay for your healthcare requirements.

      Perhaps you don’t view it as theft, but what else do you call something which takes money from me and my family against my will, and uses it to pay for your healthcare?

    • mauloa

      If you save anything by taking on Obamacare – it will only be money and that will be because all the medical needs you have will disappear. You will be so limited in what you get – not what you need. If you are young – your premiums will be high because that is how it is funded. If you are entering a later stage of life, God help you – because you are dispensable. Rahm Emanuel’s brother (doctor) helped write the healthcare and his belief is seniors don’t contribute, therefore they don’t need care. The “Death Panels” are a reality – someone will make the choice if you need surgery, cancer treatment, etc. You are a conservative? That is an oxymoron.

  • Bill Pearlman

    You couldn’t make this up if you tried

  • another_engineer

    And congress can engage in insider trading.. dayum, I need a job like that.

  • KenoColorado

    This is crazy! people wake up, we are stuck with this but the political royal class is now exempt??? They have forgotten whose money this is they are spending. Politics is not supposed to be a career, and should not be the best paying job around. If you want a better paying job with better perks go into the private sec.

    • Merlinmajic

      You can say that again! We are now beholding the “political royal class” and I am sick of this crap! Our politcal leaders have become our overlords and we their servants. Something is rotten in Denmark and it is our politicians and President! #takebackourcountry.

  • MacDaddyWatch

    Yet another harpoon thrown through the heart of the middle class. And this comes soon after we learn that the once reliable lifeblood of the middle class–the 40 hour work week–is now being slashed to 29 hour, part-time status.

    And that lethal harpoon is nothing other than ObamaCare.

    • Libertys_Ghost

      Well if you are a politician with no real plan to create jobs (because your buddies on the corporate side of the fascist government have no interest in employing more Americans since our freedoms make us to expensive) than this will help reduce unemployment by having two people do the job of one. The media won’t connect the dots so they figure it’s a win-win for them!

  • Famous Dave


    • jim

      Time to pull the plug on the $$ stream..if we suffer bet they will to….

  • robertludlum

    Thanks for nothing San Fransicko, which put Pelosi in power and was the driving force behind Commie-care passing the House. Ditto Nevada and Harry’s Reid.

    • u2u2u2

      Pelosi is Leona Helmsley’s evil twin. Paying for Obamacare is for the little people. Why should important congressoverlords have to pay for it?

  • Shagnasty1

    Remember all of you fools that vote for Democrats; It was Democrats only who forced Obamacare on us, it was mostly Democrats whining about having to comply with Obamacare and wanting exemptions for themselves and now it is Obama, another Democrat, who is exempting Democrats from his signature law they wrote and forced on us. Do you get the picture yet?

  • jim

    They just keep poking us with a stick..Pushing and pushing…they have the Home land security forces ready to crush any push back by us….Will some one please start the ball rolling…

  • mauloa

    And we continue to allow this kind of evil! When and where will there be someone or a group that will say “no more” and rise up. They did it once and we can do it again. They can’t arrest all America – it just takes someone with “cajones” to organize and march on – not being threatened by “it can’t be done”. America is going, going, going… fast – does anyone really care. If something isn’t done soon, all government will be funded by the poor and middle class – and that will implode immediately.

    • markkozikowski

      That group is We The People. You cannot blame Congress for doing what their constituents want. If we want change, we have to VOTE for change.

      • mauloa

        Truer words were never spoken. You are right on – do you think enough people will “get it” and vote a new slate?

        • Famous Dave

          Voting, hahahahahhaha…….. IN THE CURRENT, ALREADY RIGGED 1 YR AHEAD ELECTIONS.


  • Old_Conservative

    Our government is of, by and for the people, and we all should object to any law or rule that treats anyone different than anyone else. Simply stated, our bureaucratic government should be treated the same as the rest of us! The Kings and Queens of Washington have become tyrannical despots with rights far above the people. It is time to reverse that! Second revolution?

  • TooFunny

    Hey, is Obamy going to pay for mine as well? Liberal SCUM!!!!!!!

    • Famous Dave

      Are you Black, Muslim or Mexican?????

  • jdthatch

    Corruption. Pure unadulterated corruption.

    • jim

      Time to march…..

      • markkozikowski

        The Constitution, Article V, allows us to change law without Marching, without revolt and harm. It is time to dust off our Rights.

        • jim

          these idiots in Washington think we will just grumble and swallow….Screw “their” rules If they dont abide by them why should we?

  • chappaquabill

    So remember, these congressional leeches work FOR YOU, so there is no etiquette when it comes to abusing them at every opportunity. Treat them with disdain every time you contact them.

    “The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the
    transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them.”

    Patrick Henry

  • Shears_of_Atropos

    So? When did we NOT pay for their healthcare? The only time our Congressmen pass laws that cover them is when there is an Easter Egg in it for them.

  • Famous Dave



  • meangreenMarine

    The Politicians should have to live by the same laws that they “inflict” on the general population! There should be NO payouts to reduce their costs!
    Those costs will only be passed on to those Americans who don’t have a seat
    at the “free stuff” table!
    Don’t you just love the name of this program: The “AFFORDABLE” Health Care Act! Hilarious!! Affordable for who?

  • Rodney Ruby

    Fxxk u obama

  • indy56

    “When a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”
    Declaration of Independence,
    July 4, 1776.
    Anyone that votes for an incumbent needs to be deported to a socialist country.

  • ncpg

    These Politician / Bureaucrats are our own version of the old Soviet Politburo. They are an elite class of parasite that doesn’t have to wait in bread lines with the little people.

  • seanpatriot


    • College Geek

      One comment lol. Your profile picture……

  • markkozikowski

    Wait! So these ‘workers’ are being paid less than $89K per year? Because that is the only way We get an allowance for OCare.
    This has to stop!
    Who, prey tell, is watching the watchers?
    Seems the Fox is in charge of the hen house.

    Article V, The U.S. Constitution, allows The Several States to author, vote for and enact Amendments to The Constitution WITHOUT any help from Congress and the president.

    It is time We The People take back what is rightfully ours.

  • reaganlives4ever

    when they say “taxpayers”, the bill is only going to those who pay taxes…an ever shrinking number…Obama and his DemoNazi pals hate those people…so why should this surprise anyone?

  • goodoldboy

    Make a list of all those who voted for Obama care and when the time comes arrange it so they can test the efficiency of their hospital coverage. These Hill People MUST be removed and the White House needs to be fumigated.

  • Joe_E_in_the_IE

    Obama Solves Health Care Problem for Lawmakers, Staff

    Whew! I can sleep again.

  • yakiddin

    Those bastards. War is coming to America.

  • Richard Fontaine

    Seems typical, demagogues always take care of their special People. Now for you peons, suck it up.

  • Elizabeth Fisher

    This is such bullshit.

  • iamsaved2

    Phooba, phooba, ping! I now create a new reg out of thin air. Miracle of miracles.

  • Famous Dave




  • bevus

    WE pay for all of their expenses!!! their toothpaste, tampax, birth control! what’s new.

  • jspring

    I really hate these people. They shove this massive boondoggle down our throats, but then make new “rules” to exempt/protect themselves from it.

    Our forefathers and mothers fought a war for far less reasons than for what our political and bureaucratic overlords currently do by setting themselves aside as some sort of special class. Apparently, we’re the serfs and they’re our lords. Millions of our ancestors left the “old country” to get away from such a system. Yet, here it is in the United States: land of the “free.”

    Although our real ire should be directed towards our fellow “citizens,” who apparently wanting to be serfs, re-elected this narcissistic demagogue to perpetuate this tyranny over us. Obamacare is tyranny!

  • jim

    Nsa nsa nsa….Please make sure Obozo gets a copy of these complaints..He needs to put a finger on our pulse

  • disqus_5ejEMUh1ad

    Every single country in the world that has experienced what America is experiencing now can blame the destruction on the complacency of the people.

    • indy56

      Americans need to get off their dead butts and get active. Vote out ALL incumbents and institute actions for a 28th Amendment which would include revoking all congressional privileges

      • Will Malven

        We need a 29th as well, to repeal the 17th and put the Senate back in the hands of the states instead of simply duplicating the House’s function as the democratic institution.

  • Will Malven

    Obamacare is threatening the insurance coverage of millions of employees.

    People’s work-hours are being cut, staffs are being reduced, companies are dropping insurance coverage that they have been providing for decades, just so private businesses can remain in business . . . and here we have Congress exempting themselves and their staffs from suffering any of the pain the rest of us face.

  • Wayne Dehart

    Let them eat cake!

    • jim

      Let them eat the same thing us middle class eats..Just a level playing field.. That would be a big enough down grade for them…

  • Kerry Early

    stop paying taxes both as individuals and as states. If we don’t fund the federal government – then they cannot function.

    • carla5731

      If we all claim to be in the country illegally then the government won’t tax us and they’ll trip over themselves to give us freebies. Win-win!

  • chappaquabill

    “Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect every one who
    approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but
    downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are ruined…. O
    sir, we should have fine times, indeed, if to punish tyrants, it were
    only sufficient to assemble the people!”

    Patrick Henry

  • rantrightdave

    Would someone kindly hack an armed US drone and reroute it strike the following two coordinates?
    E Capitol St NE & 1st St NE, then 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

    Kindly warn the true Conservatives and Libertarians to take an early lunch that day.

    Thank you.

    • jim

      Ewwww Im not touching that one……

  • EllieEnlightened

    I call BS on this. Pitchfork time.

  • Hawkdriver1961

    I don’t have the words to describe the anger and amazment I am feeling right now. This is as unlawful and as immoral as you can get by any member of government. We are now going to pay for Congress’ healthcare plans on top of losing ours and paying through the nose for what we do have? How is it that the president has any freaking authority at all to make such changes to a law or even when and when not to enforce it. People this is empeachable here and congress needs to reject this measure …I was going to write something else, but I think it prudent to stop now….

    • Sem

      Hawk, settle down. You sound foolish. Federal employees get health insurance benefits (not free insurance, but subsidized premiums, employees also pay part of the premiums). It’s nothing new. What’s new is that they have to buy their insurance from the exchanges.

      You’d be happier if federal employees got treated as crappily as Walmart employees? Yippee! A true patriot.

      • PJ Schwackhammer

        A 75% freebie on the back of the taxpayers, when the law says otherwise. Hey, it’s good for the Little People, but not for Very Important Congress Staffers.

        Scum. Parasites.

      • Hawkdriver1961

        No I wouldn’t. I would much rather we got rid of this monstrosity, but if we have to deal and pay through the nose for a law nobody but the politicians wanted, because of the power gained with this law, I definitely want the congress and their staff to have to pay for it just like everyone else.

      • Republic of Texas

        I’d be happy if you were to become a bullet sponge.

  • Famous Dave






    • Obamamerica

      That’s what its coming too. Obama and the DHS need to confiscate the guns first. Watch for a major “false flag” event involving fake “Tea Party” members and guns. Obama will then issue an three Imperial Decrees:
      1. Confiscating all guns
      2. Shutting down of any “non-approved” source of information on the web (ie the “Drudge Order”)
      3. Silencing any “Anti-Partiotic” voice (ie Fairness anti-hate/Limbaugh Order”)

      DHS Brown Shirts will the lock down the main population centers and we will have a “Night of the Long Knives”

      This IS coming. Prepare now. Have a plan to get out of the main population areas when the SHTF

      The America we knew is no more.

      • Famous Dave


  • Gary Hawkins

    Hahaha……they’re going to keep pushing……

  • Carlos Danger

    Time for a STATES Constitutional Convention to address the threat of the Federal Govenment. All of Obama’s friends now getting off the hook and getting an exemption and NOW our Masters and the office workers are going to have the Feds PAY for their healthcare while WE go broke paying for the dismantling of the best care in the world. Make sure to visit your congress critter at the town halls this August to demand that it be repealed. We are not servants of the government , but it’s Masters…

    • Republic of Texas

      Yours is the best post on the thread. It’s the only conceivable way to prevent bloodshed at this point. The Leviathan has vanquished the individual and there’s nothing the average voter can do. Our only hope is common sense at the state level leading to a consolidation of power.

  • rural_americans

    Americans indeed need to set DC (figuratively) on fire. Voting for long term incumbents from either party is what created the fecal mess we call congress. Stop this idiotic “I’m a liberal, or I’m a conservative” bs and be an “American” for a couple election cycles and watch what happens.

  • EllieEnlightened

    Now do you LIV get it? A strong middle class is a threat to Socialism. Hence why he destroys it.

  • Art O’Connell

    This is a suicide pill for the republicans.

  • SweetMelissa1224

    Who’s mad about this? Why do WE have to foot the bill that these people are supposed to have same as us??? Why? because they know it’s a train wreck and want NOTHING to do with it, so it gets thrown on us, the little people who actually work for a living – paying for this kind of BS. Seriously, are there really so FEW OF US that are paying attention to what goes on around us? Are there SO MANY oblivious to what’s happening when it’s right in front of your face? It’s infuriating. If it’s not good enough for our government, then it damn sure isn’t good enough for the rest of the “common fold” in the U.S.

  • Phil

    National strike Oct.1st.
    If you want them to listen let’s shut the country down for a week.
    Lose a weeks pay or lose your liberty. Start spreading the word we can make it happen.
    You want to do something about it. Here it is.
    Call…..They don’t care.
    Protest…They don’t care.
    Petitions…..They don’t care.
    Cut the money supply for a week…..They’ll care.
    Just remember. Peaceful.
    Don’t block roads etc.
    We are not their Serfs. Let’s show them!!
    The Feds are stealing all your savings anyway by printing 85 BILLION a month and GIVING it to Wall Street.
    The Market is a bubble. Phony scandals? Phony economy that’s for sure.

    • DirtyDave

      I fear Phil that most would rather lose some liberty than some pay.

  • emiliani

    Wow, extraordinary. Well, folks, this officially puts an end to the whole “withholding of funding” for Obamacare in the Continuing Resolution/budget battles in late-September: it’s inconceivable that you’re going to accept federal dollars AND vote to defund the source of that money. Inconceivable. Most of us won’t know it for a while, and the media will keep stoking the faux battle, led by Lee and Cruz on the Republican side, but the matter is now over. Once again, Republicans are outmaneuvered by Obama and House/Senate Dems, who are simply willing to give people what they know people want: money and/or power. Ah, the cynicism!! If Republicans go along with this behind-the-scenes scam, or they’re just too impotent to resist it, there’s really no reason to vote for them anymore. It is becoming clear that a Republican cleansing will be necessary to reverse the course of ever-growing big gov’t…or a financial collapse.

  • Sgt Snuffy

    Well, isn’t that just special ????

    • Kemo Sabe

      Well, that’s cause US li’l peoples are just special.-special-special.
      Oh, did I forgot to say we’re special.
      Ya know. Not every Tom-Dick or Harry is chosen for such honor.
      47 pucent of the country are not so richly rewarded..

  • snuffy smith

    One more reason the government should be dismantled.

  • legaliis

    It is illegal for Federal tax dollars to be used for any personal gain. Just saying.

    • Kemo Sabe

      That does not pertain to Congress.
      When one goes into Congress fairly poor, one comes out riiiichhh.
      Those million $ a year salary is sweet.The longer one serves (themself) the richer they come out.
      Thar’s mucho pesos in them thar hills.No shovels needed to get it out.

  • nuclant

    The only thing missing is the photo of the middle fingers from Congress and this administration telling the American people, “up yours”.

  • Victory1776

    Our legislative members are the new aristocracy dictating rules for the peasants while exempting themselves from those same rules.

  • TAG

    Buy sturdy shoes because we’ll all be on the street soon. And remember, when constructing your shelter, duct tape is inferior to packing/packaging tape. Dunkin’ Donuts is a good place to relieve yourself and take a wash basin bath, but be courteous please and only beg for nickels outside the entrance (not inside)

  • dbt3481

    It is just about time we all just give up. If we all just stopped producing the system would collapse in about a week.

    These corrupt dirt bags continually give us the middle finger. When have we said enough?

  • Ben Franklin

    It really is odd having a dictator running the US. I never thought people would accept it so easily. But then I am not a leftist and don’t worship at the altar of state power.

    It also amazes me how our journalists are down with all of this. “Obama solved the problem.” If ignoring the law is a solution then yeah… he solved it alright. He solved it big time. Now I wonder if if the rest of us can solve the Obamacare problem the same way… by ignoring it.

  • JoeNJ8

    So what else is new? Everyone in D.C. belongs to same tax-payer funded Country Club.

  • Ed

    There are two classes in our country. The ruling political class and the slaves that support them.

  • ObfuscationReignsIn2013

    This is TOTAL BULLSHYTE. The only new law we need is one requiring EVERY elected official to abide by the same rules/laws/programs required for us – NO exemptions.

    • The_Bob_Michaels

      Ought to be a constitutional amendment.

      • ObfuscationReignsIn2013

        You are so correct. I dare say things would be much different if they were held accountable to the same exact standards/laws which we are!

        Enough is enough is enough.

  • Pardonme

    The concept of “equal protection under the law” is dead, dead, dead. The elite class who derive their employ in government have no regard, or need to regard, what the proletariat have to endure.

  • Dan Goucho

    And I’m sure hag Pelosi will have little problems getting her incompetent peers and staffers to sign up. Hell, why not…we’re paying for it.

  • Famous Dave

    For those who say Vote them Out…..K, think of this, Pew Research or Quinnipiac went back to look at 2012 Voting……remember we have already had 10 Blacks in Cleveland & Philly convicted on Fraud voting of ballot stuffing, but they were only ones charged.

    1) There were approx 13,000,000 votes for Obama thru Fraud Votes by Blacks voting Multiple Times at Polls, Being Bused “en masse” around cities & even crossing State lines to Vote. One Lady in Cleveland admitting Fed Charges of voting 63 Times & in Philly, Several Blacks Admitted to Voting up to 100 times in 30 precincts.
    2) College Campus Voting For Obama Resulted in about 900,000 FRAUD VOTES where Morehead State University, Ohio State University, Univ of Michigan, Univ of Wisconsin., Univ of Minnesota and about 50 other Universities actually set up Illegal Voting Parties to Create Fraud Voter IDs & Ballots. One Campus, with the College Administration’s Approval, had a ‘Kegger Party’ on Campus where a list of Fraud Absentee Ballots was created for Obama.
    3) Approx 10,000,000 COMPUTER VOTES were Pre-rigged into the System to Ensure Obama Won Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia & North Carolina in a manner that when “needed a miracle to win, Obama got it thru votes already programmed into the computer counting”…

    • The_Bob_Michaels

      There were precincts with 100% of ballots cast for BO. It’s hard to fathom that at least one person didn’t make an error and vote the wrong way (you know they way they were told to vote).

  • Jeffjr04

    Well thank God the politicians will finally not suffer the consequences of their law. For a second we feared they might!

  • civilized man

    “… continue our work to ensure the smooth implementation of this
    law …”

    Um, it’s not a law if some people have to follow it and some people do not. This is third-world stuff. We — well, some of us — are the results of centuries of fighting for the rule of law. Now it seems we are “progressing” backwards. I will raise holy hell about this.

  • Charles Kirtley

    Once the government exempts itself from the laws it passes. How typical.

    • Sem

      Who is being exempt from the ACA?

      The ACA doesn’t prohibit employers from subsidizing health insurance premiums.

      I know, the facts are boring and your (misplaced) outrage is so much more fun.

      • Will Malven

        No, but the costs associated with it IS driving employers to drop coverage, reduce employee hours, and/or reduce their staffs . . . just so they can remain in business.

        Again, why should the rest of America suffer when the architects of that suffering are exempted?

      • MWhite

        As are your snarky, snot-nosed DNC talking points.

      • Charles Kirtley

        No one is helping me pay my ACA premiums. How about you?

        • Sem

          No, because I get my insurance though my employer, like most Americans.

          Federal employees have employer subsidized insurance. The ACA just says they have to get it from an exchange instead of the FEHB.

          • Charles Kirtley

            I’m self employed. Can I count on you for 5% of my annual premium? Maybe I can find another 15 or so additional volunteers.

      • dr. theo

        The federal government is not an employer. It is solely a creature of the people and the states, and has no money or power except as granted by the people. WE are the employers and WE do not wish to subsidize those who mean to rule and rob us. So quit your stupid harping about “employers subsidizing health insurance premiums.” I’ll have to pay for my insurance and so should you, Sem. Being a government employee doesn’t give you privileges above the rest of us.

  • Sem

    All of you who are all up in arms because of this are just showing your stupidity. Congressional staffers are federal employees. They are eligible for employer-subsidized insurance. Like any responsible employer, the fed government helps pay for employee insurance premiums. Previously, Feds could choose from a variety of private insurance companies and paid different premiums depending on the plan they choose. The ACA said that congressional staff needs to get insurance via the exchanges. It didn’t say whether their employer could continue to subsidize the cost. This decision means that it can. There’s no scandal here if you actually know the facts.

    What would you have them do? Kick all of them off the rolls? Remove insurance benefits for a middle class secretary or admin assistant and her kids? Act like Walmart and cut them back to part time? This attitude of “hey, someone’s getting a better deal than me and that’s not fair” will bring us all down to minimum wage with no benefits.

    • jim

      Oh you sound like more White house BS..go back and tell Obama we wont listen ….

      • Sem

        You don’t have an intelligent response?

        Are you saying that federal employees shouldn’t get employer-subsidized insurance that other employees of most large employers get? Why not?

        • jim

          They should get just what we get..Or better yet I want what they got F you

          • Sem

            What do you mean by “what we get”? Most Americans get employer-subsided health insurance. Some employers are more concerned with profit than employees and don’t provide insurance. That means that Feds also shouldn’t get subsidized insurance?

            Your reasoning is weird.

          • jim

            you know exactly what i mean Bill Clinton….Obams prize cow is a pig………

    • Will Malven

      Why should their fates be any different from those of the average citizens who are suffering all of those same dire threats that you list? Why should the people who are actually paying these employees suffer from Obamacare while federal employees are compensated?

      Walmart has done what they have done because they can’t survive in the market place otherwise . . . a decision that has been forced upon a lot of companies thanks to Obamacare.

      I suspect America would be a whole lot better off if we did have a part-time government . . . especially Congress. The less time they have in their offices, the less opportunity they have to further screw up citizens lives.

      • Sem

        So your answer is that no employees of any employer should get employer subsidies for health insurance?

        Yippee! Way to look out for the well being of Americans! You really are a patriot!

        • Christian

          If those employees are being paid with my tax dollars, they get what I get. Is that simple enough for you to understand Aunty Sem?

        • dr. theo

          The federal government is not an employer. It is solely a creature of the people and the states, and has no money or power except as granted by the people. WE are the employers and WE do not wish to subsidize those who mean to rule and rob us. So quit your stupid harping about “employers subsidizing health insurance premiums.”

        • Will Malven

          No, liberal, I didn’t say that and your response is a typical liberal straw man . . . as well as a pathetic and failed attempt at ridicule. What a perfect example of a liberal without a rational response resorting to Alinsky tactics to (unsuccessfully) knock the conversation off track.

          My answer is that no GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE should be exempt from the burdens that government has placed on the people who fund that government.

    • MWhite

      Federal employees? Last time I looked, it says they work for the people. Thus, they should be required to play by the rules that the rest of us do.

    • Michael_McSpick

      “This attitude of “hey, someone’s getting a better deal than me and that’s not fair” will bring us all down to minimum wage with no benefits.”
      Finally, you are understanding the fundamental basis of leftism and why rational, informed Americans don’t want it.
      Thanks… you made my day… now only if you could truly comprehend what I said.

  • Constitution First

    “Good enough for thee, but not for me”

  • Right-wing Realist

    Isn’t this the definition of tyranny?

    Making something illegal for citizens and legal for government?

    We are all legally and morally obligated to scrap this current government and start new.

    • Sem

      What is being made illegal for citizens and legal for government?

      It is legal for employers to subsidize insurance premiums. It is legal for the ACA to require congressional staff to buy their insurance via the exchanges.

      Care to elaborate?

      • Kemo Sabe

        In the private sector, if a company desires to pay for it’s employees insurance, that is their business. They are still barely free to do so. It’s their $. Not govenment (aka) taxpayer’s $. It’s an incentive to get and keep excellent employees.
        Leftists cannot grasp the idea of private ownership/ capitalist enterprises. Leftists belives guvmint is their maw and paw .Leftist thinks guvmint $ grows on trees or comes from Obama’s stash.
        W/o private enterprises, there would be Noooo guvmint $’s..

        • Sem

          So you think that no government employees should get employer subsidized insurance?

          Does that hold for teachers and firefighters? It’s all our tax money. Lets take away those benefits and see who wants to do those jobs.

          • Kemo Sabe

            Ok, I’m finished. Seems I was trying to talk to a rock.
            Plus I have to go Lift dat bale and tote dat barge.
            BTW many lemmings calls that a disease.They don’t want to “ketch” it.

      • MWhite

        The people involved are supposed to be working for the people of the United States, not the other way around, sunshine.

    • Kemo Sabe

      US should be comfortable w/ tyranny by now.
      We’ve been living under it for quite awhile.
      Cheer up. There’s plenty more (tyranny)where that came from.
      We’ve just begun to scratch the surface.

  • xsnake

    Americans need socialist medicine about as much as they need to see more pictures of Weiner’s johnson.

  • Darrell

    Well, Americans,,,,,,,it is time for all of us to STOP complaining to each other….and plan a Million + People’s MARCH ON WASHINGTON, DC! IT IS TIME FOR THE SILENT MAJORITY TO TAKE THEIR STAND! LET’S GET ORGANIZED AND HEAD TO WASHINGTON! It will be another Bastille Day…but not in France! This is the most corrupt status this country has ever been in. Let’s March!

    • Sem

      Your ignorance of history is painful.

      Your silent majority is a few lonely racist nut jobs. March away.

      • MWhite

        And your vocal minority is a few race-baiting, elitist weenies.

      • msb204

        And based on your lame accusation of us being racist we can still confirm that you are one of many ignorant and weak individuals out there that will easily fold to anything that this corrupt government throws at you.

        People like you are easily made irrelevant.

        • detesface

          Dismiss Sem from your thoughts. He is unimportant and uninformed but probably has an EBT card and Obamaphone.

    • storibund

      If you’re serious, then join a local teaparty and get involved.

      It beats internet ranting any day ;-)

  • Humidifier

    I always thought that that the taxpayers paid for any and all things federal. So why is this just being explored. The feds have been robbing you since you were born my fellow taxpayers.

  • Famous Dave



    • Sem

      Lighten up, Francis.

    • jim

      Sem is just worried he or shes cozy way of life is going to change..You bet it is..

    • storibund

      Instead of sitting on your azz and ranting on some internet site, you need to join a local teaparty and actually get involved.


      • Famous Dave

        Thank you, I have asked in my town & nobody knew where Local group was or how to start one….

    • Oaksford

      America is the land of the free.
      That is what defines us as a people.
      Our law is our constitution and the government is ours by definition.
      In each generation, the republic is ours if WE can keep it.

    • dr. theo

      I am a Tea Party member and we believe the same things, Famous Dave. The Tea Party is working for a return to Constitutional government by the people, which means smaller government, lower taxes, decreased regulations and support for traditional American values. The Democrats and their propaganda arm, the MSM, have done a great job of demonizing the TP movement, but we are just Americans who fear the loss of this once-great nation.

      • detesface

        I am a TP member also and have attended several meetings. Not one violent or racist person there. This is a fallacy reported by Lamestreet Media. All the attendees are nice, polite and love their country. Anything else you may hear is a big, fat, really phony, lie!

  • Revolution2.0

    The reasons behind the start of the American Revolution pale in comparison to what this government and this administration are doing to our once great Republic. Yet, all Americans are afraid to do anything about it. Every day, we grow more complacent, more addicted, and more indebted to a government run amok. We say how we despise this system, but continue to vote these morons into office. We get our ears tickled every four years, then complain when we realize it was all a ruse. Oh how the folks who run campaigns must delight in the fact at how easily manipulated the American people are. They can make you vote any way they want.

    • storibund

      Join a local teaparty and work to drive your state’s GOP to the right.

      The states were envisioned by the founders to be the check and balance to an ever-increasingly centralized federal government.

      Time for conservatives to quit complaining, step up to the place and GET INVOLVED.

  • Julie richman

    Lets plan an Anti ObamaCare Rally, people need to march in protest.
    How do we organize this? I am in Santa Barbara, CA and ready to do something….lets get out of these chat rooms & onto the streets!

    • rally2xs

      Yep, rallies in the streets, that’s how prohibition was repealed, and that’s what we need to do. Really.

      • Sem

        Dream on, fools.

        Yes, please, fight the ACA so we can get a single payer system like every other industrialized democracy.

        • msb204

          We are not a democracy simpleton.

          Are you too pathetic to support yourself?

          Did mommy never separate you from her breasts?

          • Osama0bama

            He’s living in mommy’s basement. Just like every useful idiot that supports 0BowMao.

        • rally2xs

          Why would we want a single payer? What we have now cures 25% more cancers than the Brits do. We have MUCH better screening, preventive medicine, and outcomes than the existing single payer system, with the exception of our poor, that don’t get the healthcare. My strategy for that is to mostly outlaw the poor, by making good jobs available so they don’t have to be poor. That would be done by passing the Fair Tax, that would create millions and millions of jobs. Those that are left that are still poor would be so few that we could easily afford to help them.

          • Sem

            We do okay on some type of cancer but the full picture (life expectancy, infant mortality, etc), we do worse for more money…our system is great if you think 37th place is good enough.

            “How does NHS health care compare with U.S. health care?
            Like most developed countries, Britain ranks above the U.S. in most health measurements. Its citizens have a longer life expectancy and lower infant mortality, and the country has more acute-care hospital beds per capita and fewer deaths related to surgical or medical mishaps. Britain achieves these results while spending proportionally less on health care than the U.S. — about $2,500 per person in Britain, compared with $6,000 in the U.S. For these reasons, the World Health Organization (WHO) ranked Britain 18th in a global league table of health-care systems (the U.S. was ranked 37th). However, there are measures by which the U.S. outperforms Britain: for instance, the U.S. has lower cancer mortality rates.”

            Read more:,8599,1916570,00.html#ixzz2b8T2rr6q

          • Sem

            And you might want to reconsider where you are getting your information…they are misleading you.

            Alright! Ready to take to the streets? Repeat after me “we’re 37th! We’re 37th!” …but at least we pay more :(

          • Sem

            We might do better than the UK in some cancer stats, but the big picture is different:
            “How does NHS health care compare with U.S. health care?
            Like most developed countries, Britain ranks above the U.S. in most health measurements. Its citizens have a longer life expectancy and lower infant mortality, and the country has more acute-care hospital beds per capita and fewer deaths related to surgical or medical mishaps. Britain achieves these results while spending proportionally less on health care than the U.S. — about $2,500 per person in Britain, compared with $6,000 in the U.S. For these reasons, the World Health Organization (WHO) ranked Britain 18th in a global league table of health-care systems (the U.S. was ranked 37th). However, there are measures by which the U.S. outperforms Britain: for instance, the U.S. has lower cancer mortality rates.”
            Read more:,8599,1916570,00.html#ixzz2b8T2rr6q

            Yeah! 37th! But at least we pay more! :(

          • rally2xs

            One can make statistics say anything they want, but when world leaders and the world’s rich get sick, they come to the USA for the best treatment available.

            I had cancer 5 years ago. Prostate. There’s a wonderful machine called the DaVinci robot that allows doctors to do microsurgery, remove cancers and not debilitate you with weeks of recovery. I looked at how many doctors were trained to use it in Canada at the time, another single payer worker’s paradise, and it was something like 23 for the whole country. My single state of Virginia had 81 at the time. MRI’s are more scarce in a single-payer environment, and people don’t get seen for possible cancers nearly as fast, or have them removed as fast. My cancer was found in March after I came back from Iraq. I ELECTED to “let it ride” until after an event I wanted to attend in the 3rd weekend of May, and then had the surgery done the following Tuesday. I could have had the surgery much earlier, but it would have screwed up my attendance at the event. But after having surgery on Tuesday, I was discharged on Thursday and went to the movies and saw “Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull” on Friday. Not happening with the sort of recovery that I’d have experienced in Canada most likely, and would have been off work for probably 2 months instead of the 3 weeks I was off – I could PROBABLY have gone back to work in 2 weeks, but that would have been pushing it and there was no need.

            Yeah, we spend more. My multifocal lenses to replace my cataract-infested eyes were not covered by my health insurance, so I ended up coughing up $4800 for them and $1200 for other incidentals. But I got 20-20 without glasses in all distances out of that. Diopters necessary to correct my serious far-sightedness were 31 and 31.5, they only made multifocal in 30 at the most, so my doctor put those in and then dialed my eyes in the rest of the way with Lasik. We do great things in this country and we don’t have to wait 6 months or a year to have it done. It was necessary to have that quickly as I was to ultimately need it for another trip back to Iraq – I was to have been going outside the wire, had to qualify with weapons, and that was not going to happen with my cataracts. But after the surgery, I shot 39 out of 40 with the M9 and 79 out of 80 with the M16.

            The WHO can make up statistics to show whatever it wants to, but the facts are that if you can pay for the treatment, the best and fastest place to get it is the USA. Obamacare is set to destroy that. That is, it will no longer exists anywhere in the world after his socialized medicane causes the golly-gee-whizz, too-expensive things like MRIs and DaVinci machines to become scarce. They will break down, and “cost too much” for gov’t to be paying to fix ‘em, and will be moved to the basesment while the few remaining MRIs and DaVinci’s serve a fraction of the doctors that we have now. At the time, my doctor was taking out prostate cancer / saving lives at a breakneck pace – he did 2 surgeries on the same day, me and some other guy looking to be about my age – and that was not an unusual day for him, he said.
            Say goodbye to it, unless we get this monstrosity repealed, because it is destructive, and we are all about to lose something that the rest of the world can only dream of.

          • Sem

            I see now: Data from the WHO, World Bank, CIA and United Nations that puts us someplace between Bahrain and Cuba for life expectancy and between Croatia and Guam for infant mortality are “made up” statistical hijinks but your anecdotal experience proves that our healthcare system is #1.

            Can’t argue with reasoning like that.

            Yes, US hospitals are quick to adopt sexy new technologies that they can use in their promotional materials, without investing in studies to actually test comparative effectiveness (BTW, did you see that the FDA issued a recall for the DaVinci robots: )

            But, hey, you got yours okay so that’s all the data you need to know that the system works great. After all, why else would people in other countries always be marching in the streets demanding an expensive profit-driven system like ours?

          • rally2xs

            The data from the WHO et. al. measures different things. We can, and do, still have the best medicine on the planet. However, that medicine is not distributed to everyone as evenly as it is in other countries. Its as if we had an absolute cure for cancer, but only distributed it to 70% of the people (the people that could afford it), while the rest of the world has a cure for cancer that works 71% of the time, but they distribute it to everyone. They win by 1%. If we could afford to distribute our superior medicine to absolutely everyone, we would be #1, hands down. But we can’t afford that.

            What’s the cure? The cure is to bring prosperity back to the USA, so those people that can’t afford the best medicine on the planet CAN afford it. That’s simple too, just get rid of the income taxes that are the reason that jobs go overseas. Pass the Fair Tax, and we’ll have full employment in 2 years, and the vast majority of people will have the ability to buy the best medicine on the planet. The ones that are left over, that really still can’t afford it, the rest of us will be rich enough that we CAN afford to buy it for them on welfare or charity.

      • fidlin1

        How about a quiet protest at every Pro & College Football game across the country while we tailgate. Wave the American flag from your car where you park and see how many follow suit. That’s an easy beginning.

      • Joeyblitz

        I love the idea of a rally of millions ,storming Washington ,and demanding for Obama’s head,as he is a criminal ,just as his whole administration is,but ,what if you are in a crowd of millions,way in the middle,and you have to take a leak? or worse yet ,a dump? Holy Moly! I bet in the Middle East ,they just crap and piss right there in the crowds! I guess we would have to collect money to order about 10,000 port-a-pottys!

        • Joeyblitz

          Damn,that wouldn’t even be enough!

        • rally2xs

          Its called a catheter, and the other is managed with a little pre-planning…

    • storibund

      Do you belong to a local teaparty? That’s how you start.

      Not by complaining on an internet site.

      Find one at .

    • Rick Woodman

      Enough couches burn in Isla Vista. Just go join the rioters over there.

  • Tony Reynolds

    Well well well. Since the staffers can’t be cut back to part-time status we get to fund their plan. I’m not mad at them as there is no way they would have been able to afford a plan themselves, so their employer (us) had to pick up the tab. This is exactly what the rest of the market is dealing with. Unfortunately, the rest of the market can’t just print money or confiscate more from taxpayers to pay for the massive increases in costs, so they simply cut worker’s hours back to part-time to avoid it altogether. So now the workers (defined as non-federal employees) affected not only have to buy their own coverage, they have less money with which to do it. Ain’t Obamacare great!!!!

    • Rick Darick

      some pigs are more equal than others –– george orwell

    • Kemo Sabe

      Great? it’s a gift from god. :-)

      • Famous Dave

        GOD would never have approved of this. This is by the Anti-Christ in the White House.

        • Kemo Sabe

          I did not say GOD or God.. I said god.

          • Famous Dave

            Then if You Can’t say the word God, you must be Anti-God and also an enemy of the Constitution and America as an atheist POS

      • Tony Reynolds

        Is that god with a little “g”? Obama perhaps? The earthly deity and messiah to the dependency crowd?

  • zonable

    Don’t forget, all you young millennial “Yes We Can” voters get to help pay for this, too, just in case you haven’t already figured it out.

  • Drdetroitdanchap

    Make these thieving POS get on Social Security and pay their own healthcare.


    A driver is stuck in a traffic jam on the highway. Nothing is moving.

    Suddenly, a man knocks on the window. The driver rolls down the
    window and asks, “What’s going on?”

    “Terrorists have kidnapped Congress, and are asking for a $10
    million dollar ransom. Otherwise, they are going to douse them all
    in gasoline and set them on fire. We are going from car to car,
    taking up a collection.”

    “How much is everyone giving, on average?” the driver asks.

    The man replies, “About a gallon.”

  • Frank W Brown

    Remember Egypt?? They know how to go about REGIME CHANGE by showing up by the MILLIONS!! Our opportunity is here and NOW, actual action is the only means that will work! Did I hear about a march on Washington in September???

    • detesface

      Let me know if there is one. I have no other place in September except for work. I am interested in attending.

    • Rick Woodman

      None of you losers will show up.

  • toms




    • storibund

      Conservatives need to get involved on their state and local levels. All politics are won at the precinct level – this is something the Left has known, and has been working on, for decades.

      The founders envisioned the states as the primary check and balance for an increasingly-centralized and powerful federal government.

      It’s time conservatives turned off their tv, got off the couch and made this happen, instead of just complaining all the time.

  • jb

    It’s good to be king. Now I decree for my trusty servants little fiefdoms, and collect fro the serfs all that is needed.

  • Conservative In Libtard Austin

    What happened to equal protection under the law? This is criminal.

  • Oaksford

    I live in the soviet of Washington which is controlled by 3 counties which have built a political machine that steals our elections to the cheers of our local media. My representative is Baghdad Jim McDermott. My Senators are Cantdo and tennis shoes Murray. We have a statue to Lenin here in Seattle. Yet I will be free.
    There is a way a truth and a life that is given to us as a gift that opens our eyes to lies and tyrants.

  • detesface

    I think I may run for office; free health insurance! What a deal!

  • jim

    we already do pay for their health care

  • obladioblada

    Who knew that the Office of Personnel Management had the authority to initiate and approve appropriations? For some bizarre reason, I thought that was the jurisdiction of the House.

    • Kemo Sabe

      Congress especially the House IS irrelevant in today’s Obama’s ameriKa.
      I have no idea why we are giving them a paycheck.
      Possibly because our employers Must take the guvmint’s portion out first before we get ours.
      If All employers would refrain from doing so. Would the guvmint put all private entrprises out of business? Close down their businesses?
      If so, how will plantation dwellers get their freebies?

  • detesface

    I used to get free health insurance, too, a long time ago! Now my copay just keeps going up and up! The gift that keeps on giving.

  • George46

    So they actually get to KEEP their doctor. How nice for them? Is anyone else’s face stinging from the force of the slap they just got from Harry Reid and his liberal buddies??????

  • Paolo Moleman

    These people are so evil.

  • derk_e_der

    Are you people really going to continue to support this system???

  • storibund

    If you’re upset about this, go to your representative’s/Senator’s local offices while they’re on recess this month, shake their hand, and tell them what’s what in no uncertain terms. Also, plan to attend any/all townhalls, and encourage family/friends/neighbors to come along.

    THAT’S how things are changed. Not by sitting on the couch and whining, not by ranting on an internet site.

    Joining a local teaparty is also a great place to start:


    We need you.

  • toms

    Some countries have a free market health system: Chile; USA (formerly)

    Some countries have a lousy government health system: Russia

    Some countries have a faulty government run health system: Canada; Britain

    Some countries have a better government health system: France; Germany

    But I know of no country that has a heath system that forces it’s citizens to purchase insurance commercially. But there is one now thanks to the likes of Mitt Romney. Barack Hussein and the Democrat party.

    • aberdeenvet

      Mitt Romney???

  • Destroy All Morons!

    two sets of rules as usual. how two-faced and jigga. you flocking moderators will never stop me.

  • SaltySkroob

    Well seeing that the entire government’s existence is due to us paying taxes, we’re paying for it all to begin with…..

  • 82meg82

    The Unions are next to get an exemption. This is a joke and a slap in the face of middle class. Americans.

  • Hedley Lamar

    Another example of Obama using his “regulations” outside of the law.

  • Julie richman

    Thanks storibund, I went to site & pledged to burn my ObamaCare card. Everyone on this site please go to and pledge to burn your card.

  • callmeBob

    “A White House official confirmed to CQ Roll Call that OPM will issue the new regulation next week,”

    Would someone please cite the authority for OPM to issue fiscal regulations?

  • toms

    Mandates? Mandates! What MANDATES!…… We don’t need no stinking mandates!

    • seanpatriot

      Barney Franks needs a man date

      • jim

        give him Muchell..that aught to hold him

  • mccarty42

    This whole law and everyone that formulated it are engaged in a criminal act. That’s the only way you can define it.

  • EJZ1

    Why is anyone surprised by this? We have always given them a free ride. They pass laws that everyone else has to follow but always manage to avoid having to follow the rules themselves. Obamacare is one of the worst things to ever happen to this country and the economy but if your connected to Obama you’ll get a waiver. Maybe that’s the way to go…….donate bucks to Obama and you can get a waiver too. It’s probably cheaper to donate than get crushed on health care costs. What Obama and his gang have done to this country is shameful.
    Just wait until tens of millions of illegals become citizens………….I think that will be the point of no return…………….

    • jim

      Thats what WE THE PEOPLE will be paying for….illegals…..Lot of them…

    • Joeyblitz

      Are you kidding me? We hit the point of no return, Nov 4 2012 when Obama (real name Frank Marshall Davis Jr.) ,was re-elected. He is 100% a fraud and a Socialist ,anti-American,extreme Anti-White,tyrannical criminal,who deserves nothing less than capitol punishment for his crimes.

  • Rick Woodman

    We should just implement a single payer system and be done with all this debate.

    • Aplacky

      You plan on being a payer?

      • Rick Woodman

        No, the government should pay for heathcare.

        • Kemo Sabe

          I’m waiting for ACA. to really get going. I want an Affordable Car( a Mercedes

        • andyring

          Rick, I hate to be blunt, but how stupid are you? I mean, really, honestly? Are you truly that much dumber than a chunk of concrete in the parking lot? Where the #*&(#^*% does the government get its money?

          YOU AND ME you idiot!

        • mkegino

          I will pay for the bullet.

          • jim

            Rope is cheaper..and you only hear a snap!

          • snafubar

            and you get to re-use it.

        • snafubar

          Then why are we paying? We are not *the government* and they don’t represent us.

    • Aplacky

      Because about 47% of the country don’t pay federal income taxes.

    • mkegino

      One bullet and we’ll be done with you.

      • snafubar

        $.13 for a round of .22lr ought to do it.

    • EJZ1

      Debate ? What debate ? Was there a Debate ? Obamacare wasn’t debated. It was shoved down the American peoples throats.

  • Tobias2012

    This whole administration is based on deception, half truths and cover ups. And did I forget down right lies.

  • mychildsfuture

    Bow down and worship your master, Obama.

  • Rick Woodman

    I wish the President would issue an executive order implementing a government funded single payer system. That way everyone would have access to care, but it would be individual’s responsibility to research good doctors.

    • snafubar

      So you like socialist dictators?

    • ProudVeteran

      First of all the President cannot legally sign an executive order to fund ANYTHING. Congress is responsible for the federal budget, revenue, borrowing, and pretty much anything to do with money in the federal government. There is a separation of powers for a reason. To prevent a monarchy or dictatorship! I think you need to go back and read the Constitution of the United States. Let me help you, read Article 1, Sections 7 & 8. Then read Article 2 to see what the President REALLY can do by the Constitution.

      And you called me an idiot! You have removed all doubt (see below)!

      “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.” – Abraham Lincoln

    • PJ Schwackhammer

      Volunteering for slavery. You’re dumb AND servile.

  • Rick Woodman

    All of the tea party loons here sure are making me feel like the smartest kid in the class.

    • mkegino

      No, you are a Leftist dunce who needs a rope, a strong tree, and willing hands.

    • snafubar

      The dumbest kids tend to think they are the smartest. They just don’t know any better.

    • unclebarb

      That is what all class dunces tell their Mommy and Daddy, er, in your case, whatever spawned you.

    • ProudVeteran

      You have NO IDEA what the Constitution says! That’s the problem with the Left. They do not know facts, instead they go off of what they feel or have been told by ignorant people. Educate yourself on your topic before you spout off!

  • jabusse

    I can believe it. The congress said that their aids will get the gold plan worth $25,000 per year and the taxpayers pay 75% of the cost. But the workers will not be eligible for subsidies. What the heck is the 75% if not a subsidy? Fact is that all of them make more than the subsidy level anyway so this simply extends the subsidy for the privileged congressional folk who are already overpaid.

  • charleswenzel

    Will this plan still cover tar and feathers?

    • jim

      not enough to cover Nancy and Obama..

  • allen Clark

    Not only is congress exempt, but so is the entire staff of Obama. What is hard to take is that more people are not standing up and saying enough. This is the democrats that are doing this to every single person that pays taxes and we need to get them out of this.

    • OwnItObama

      Unfortunately, “the people” are not paying attention. Too easily distracted by bright, shiny objects while the country burns.

  • ProudVeteran

    Congress and Obama FORCED this terrible law down OUR throats without even reading it. If they wanted it so bad then they need to pay for this crappy law too. They should not be bailed out by the tax payers of this country. They have more money than 99% of us and can afford this terrible law more than the rest of us. If their staff don’t like it, TOUGH! You work for these idiots and need to take some of the responsibility too!

    Proposed 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution

    “Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United States that does not apply equally to the Senators and/or Representatives; and, Congress shall make no law that applies to the Senators and/or Representatives that does not apply equally to the citizens of the United States.”

    • Rick Woodman

      Yeah that amendment will go down in flames 0-100. Nice try idiot.

      • jim

        Ya..and you call him an idiot…..shouldn’t you be at work emptying bathroom waste baskets for the white house?

        • snafubar

          Emptying Obama’s scr*tum.

      • Fvckobamathescumbag

        Youre the f’ing idiot. Lay off the king cobra and your mammies teat.

  • mkegino

    The tyranny is just beginning.

  • Rick Woodman

    Democrats solve problems, RepubliCANTS block solutions.

    • snafubar

      So Congress gets the platinum healthcare plan that we taxpayers will pay for, while we get the cattle-car plan that they created for us.

      That’s a solution, huh?

      You are an insane sycophant.

    • OwnItObama

      Libtards’ solutions ALWAYS involve spending taxpayer money to get MORE for themselves.
      It’s way past time people like you wake up & smell the corruption.

      • ProudVeteran

        So true. Margaret Thatcher once said, “The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.” Libtards can’t seem to get this through there heads. Look what has happened in France after electing a Socialist. All their wealthy are moving out of the country.

    • VoteLoud

      Go back to Mommie Jones…

      They are more on your level…


  • MerphisEllis

    This is bull crap, I call for the federal government to go f$@k it self!

  • snafubar

    The government no longer works for us. I call BS on this cr@p.

  • jabusse

    those who think protests will work are wrong. complaining on this board has as much effect….none….. What needs to be done is to dry up the well. National strikes, stop the tax payments and they will listen. Make the 4th week of every month …don’t go to work week. Barter with neighbors for your needs during that week, Don’t pay tax on anything, they can’t arrest 150,000,000 people. Don’t buy anything that week and don’t stock up either. Just learn to live with less. Don’t send your kids to school, don’t use government resources, Just let government use up itself. What is the difference if they raise taxes but you don’t play the game? It is kind of the American Revolution in reverse. That makes sense because we are not trying to separate from a tyrannical government abroad, we are trying to separate from our own local tyrannical government. A government where they support those who don’t pay (the majority) with money from those who do (the minority) If they don’t cut back by 50% and stop the drive to socialism, then revolution may be the only approach.

  • Mike Gilmer

    Standard crap from liberals. “We have this great plan for you, but not for us because we are more special than you are.”

  • Robert Govan

    Lets all put these elite nwo rats through the wood chipper patriots. Your day has finally come. See how we have EXPOSED them as flaccid frauds. The saying is true. THE KING HAS NO CLOTHES…

  • Mike Atlas

    Government = Liars & Thieves!

  • Drosack

    The capital is going to have a problem.

  • politicianssuck

    so now Obama has declared that all federal politicians and their buttwarts are exempt from Obamacare and the US Taxpayer will pay for their ‘cadillac health plans’ gee whiz thanks Barry and Harry

  • snafubar

    There is an all-out WAR by this regime (that includes Congressional collaborators) against the American taxpayer.

    This is going to get ugly.

  • jim

    I can hear them now..screw the people..we make the laws..let them Bit&h..we don’t have to face them…I got what i got and i’m not letting it go….Well Washing had better fear the people….all its going to take is one stone thrown at you..Than the rest of us will descend on you like locust

  • VoteLoud

    Time to kick the LAWYERS OUT OF OFFICE!

    Corrupt to the core!

  • Packard27

    Washington is now occupied by a cabal of lawless, rent seeking b*stards.

    Obama, Clinton, Pelosi, Reid, and their crony pals are all getting obscenely wealthy while the rest of America is being told to just settle.

    Exitus acta probat

  • baoxian

    So now the government can just issue a decree to ignore the law and help itself to funds from the Treasury. This country is no longer a Constitutional republic, and this government is illegitimate.

  • Rick Woodman

    FYI Norway, which has the 3rd highest GDP per capita, has a single payer, government run healthcare system. But god forbid we have one here.

    • Kemo Sabe

      Norway is a tiny country in regards to population. Our plantation dwellers numbers much more that Norway’s whole population.
      If Norway had 47% of it’s lemmings paying no taxies, it would have gone under a long time ago.

  • Robert Smith

    We the people will have to do something…Like 10 million people not paying they taxes.Screw them..I will not be force to pay this.Or if I have to get Obamacare I want the assholes in DC to be on it too!!

  • independent_forever

    This is BULLSH*T!!! They create the law and then Congress and the IRS want to opt out…are they kidding!!!!! No F@$@ing way….If the country has to live with this law then WE ALL HAVE TO LIVE WITH IT you sorry-as*ed Lefties….I can’t believe the freakin’ nerve of this govt and the officials that ram this unwanted and incompetent law down our throats and now that they are seeing the consequences want to be exempt…and have us taxpayers foot THEIR HEALTHCARE BILLS….this should be ILLEGAL and we need to stay on top of this nonsense. If we have to feel the pain so do members of Congress, IRS, their families, etc….NO EXEMPTIONS!!

  • Irish2DaBone

    For those of you out of the healthcare loop & likely missed this week on HIStalk Practice: the number of physicians opting out of Medicare has tripled since 2009, according to CMS… Maybe “somebody(s)” should have “READ THE BILL”… & you people who wanted change you could “trust” screwed the rest of the USSA

  • independent_forever

    One other comment….if ALL of the GOP doesn’t stand up TODAY and say NO to this nonsense then they are just as bad as the Democrats and just as corrupt, self-serving, apathetic, greedy, selfish, and the list goes on…we shall see but don’t hold your breath…godda*n CRIMINALS in this govt…they should be in prison for what they are doing….

    • Pat McBride

      Unfortunately, it seems they ARE as bad in too many instances.
      That is why so many like me are now “Decline to State” on the voting roles.

      • independent_forever

        pass this along…we need to start acting…otherwise ALL OF US are suckers!!!

      • Obamamerica

        Boener, McCain, Graham, Alexander, Corker, Graham…and so many others ARE the same. They are PROGRESSIVES. Party identification no longer matters. Its the Ruling Class VS. the American People…and the people have LOST

  • Rick Woodman

    The World Health Organization ranks the United States Healthcare system 38th, behind economic powerhouses like Malta, Columbia, Dominica and Costa Rica. We rank 2 spots above Cuba. USA USA USA USA USA

    • libertyfirst1776

      By all means, head to Costa Rica for your gall bladder surgery. Your statistics have been dispelled in many articles – many 3rd world countries do not report mortality statistics accurately or consistently like we do. If you believe Malta or Columbia has higher quality medicine than America, you are a tool.

    • ProudVeteran

      Yet we have the best doctors and medical innovation! Just because we don’t give free healthcare (at this point) doesn’t make our medical systems bad. I spent 7 years in Germany in the Army. They have socialized healthcare there. The may get “free” healthcare, but they also have long waits for procedures, and EVERYONE pays a lot in taxes. There was a 16% sales tax on everything you buy in Germany. People in California are already struggling to pay their 7.5% sales tax. I use the VA health systems. Granted they have gotten better, but I waited 6 months for a specialty surgeon to evaluate an issue with my shoulder. You think healthcare is bad now, wait until it’s free!

      • GsGirl

        California, at least in L.A. county, pays 9% sales tax!

        • ProudVeteran

          Ouch, that’s pretty harsh! I was referring to the state sales tax, but yes counties in California have different rates.

    • Pat McBride

      WHO is rated at the bottom for telling the truth about non-socialist systems.

  • LuJr

    Kill the fkn Obozocare already! It’s obviously a fkn disaster!

  • David Darby

    It’s been reported the health exchanges will not provide much-needed dental insurance. Is Congress and their aides going to be left without dental insurance like all other Americans who buy from the exchanges? Dental problems can cause major health problems, like heart disease and stroke. Why is dental insurance not provided on the exchanges?

  • libertyfirst1776

    This is how socialism works, people. Laws are passed to control the little people, while the ruling class exempts themselves. Socialism always destroys the middle class, leaving on the ruling class and the poor. Thank you, Marxist, Progressive Democrats.

  • holygoat

    Want to know if you live under a tyrannical government? Just determine whether your leaders abide by the laws they write. If they do, the answer is no. If they don’t, the answer is yes.

  • CmonMann

    of course we will pay for them Obama has no interest in obeying the law, and no one will do anything about it

  • NueeArdente

    Some are apparently more equal than others.

  • Christopher Richardson

    I am appalled. Who is asking the question, “Does OPM have the authority to issue a ‘rule’ that supersedes the law as written?” The is yet another nail in the coffin of the rule of law. The legislative branch as a whole needs to go back to their text books and learn what is means to be a ‘co-equal’ branch of government.

  • IntellectOne

    Anytime you have Pelosi and Obama involved you can bet that it is evil. They lie cheat and steal the people’s money. Someone mentioned the solution and would not pay taxes for a week by not going to work in numbers like 150 Million. No, the (150) Hundred Fifty Million should march on Washington DC and keep Congress, The Administration, and the Supreme Court encircled, as prisoners if necessary, block all entrances and exits and have them fix their erroneous laws, which obviously do not comply with the Constitution of the United States..
    All (3)Three Branches of Government have gone the way of Lawlessness and Godless and have made Government nothing but a ‘Pig Sty’ that needs to be shoveled out. (the people could call it a “shovel ready job” )

  • Old Fan

    Democrats rob the taxpayer again to pay for their disastrous folly. This is the ultimate “let them eat cake” insult to all Americans. The growing privilege of those in DC is obscene.

  • Sammy

    This is really despicable.

  • big_conservative

    De-fund and KILL this pig NOW. 30% maybe less, is all that want this POS system. And those 30% are mostly all Obama’s minions that won’t vote for anyone other than Dims anyway.

    The entire rest of the country either doesn’t care, or will wholeheartedly support the Republicans for the de-funding effort. Grow a spine, dig in your heels and don’t give in under ANY circumstances.

  • dan690

    Make them use Obamacare and pay for it like everyone else has to do.

    • bakerman1444

      More. Make EVERYONE use and pay for Obamacare, with subsidies to a certain wage level and coverage the same for everybody. All public and private insured.

  • john4637

    So I take it that our elected representatives and their staffs are the true Americans and We the People are now nothing more than indentured slaves. It seems to me we have come full circle since the signing of the Declaration of Independence. The difference is we no longer use shot, powder and flint to re-load, we can do it quicker these days!

  • heidihoneighbor

    Congress had better well repeal this illegal and tyrannical law or theyll find their behinds stuffed to the gill with American s right feet.

    We are absolutely sick of their inability and their selfish behavior

  • Twoiron

    Pikes and pitchforks time. I’ve got the feathers — can someone else bring the tar?

  • knighttemplar01

    If “we” are all American citizens and equal in the eyes of the law, who in the hell do these people think they are……royalty….it may be time to revisit the founding fathers, and the no taxation without representation scenario. They assume to much and trespass to far.

  • cristo52

    So big business does not have to comply, unions don’t have to comply, teachers and members of the military don’t have to comply, nor do cops and mailmen and now the Senate and the House of Representatives and the President and his staff, so that leaves, what, about 6 people in Montana who have to get Obamacare – or be fined $95? Sounds about right. (And just who do our “Representatives” represent?)

  • Anthony

    Can you believe this BS? These politicians are a bunch of vile SOB. They have no dignity. They voted for this terrible legislation and now they don’t believe it’s good enough for them, their family or their staff. They believe they are royalty and we are their servants. “Let the eat cake.”

  • Pat McBride

    Crony Healthcare.

    I guess there are only a few ways left to make these people see our point of view.
    Voting doesn’t seem to work anymore.

    Time to stock up on tar; feathers; torches; pitchforks; and rope.

  • cubanbob

    If we are going to have royalty, lets get the best professional royals in the world. Lets ditch our republican form of government and apply to join the British Commonwealth. Just think of all the money we could save on portraits in federal buildings. One portrait every fifty years or so.

    • Pat McBride

      Do we have to take their Muslim immigrants too?
      (Not that I would be too upset to see liberal cities burning every time the “immigrants” get their knickers in a twist.)

      • cubanbob

        Ever heard of Dearborn MI and Atlantic Ave in Brooklyn? We are doing that just find without the Queen.

  • Smokey

    There is obviously no end to this nonsense, I shudder to think how far it will go…our only recourse however, at this time, is to get every voter in the middle & right side to VOTE!

    • Sem

      you’d better hurry cuz those angry white men are dying off fast.

  • Trappedincalifornia

    Senator Mike Lee & Senator Ted Cruz have been pushing to DEFUND OBAMACARE for months, maybe it’s time we all call our respective representatives & demand they help put this turkey down once & for all!

    • Baseballguy2001

      According to the Washington Post, that’s a “nutty idea” to defund Obamacare.

      • Disgruntled2012

        The Washington Post can suck my left nut!

      • big_conservative

        Instead, you want to believe the radical leftists and wack-jobs like Pelosi that shoved it down America’s throat, “so we can see what’s in it”?

        THAT’S nutty!

        • Baseballguy2001

          Oh no, I don’t believe them at all. Just telling everybody what they are saying.

          • big_conservative

            Ah, cool, appreciate the info. Definitely some place I don’t normally set foot in.

          • Baseballguy2001

            Sun-tzu Chinese general & military strategist – “Know your enemy and know yourself and you will always be victorious”.

      • OldTimerUSN

        I could care less about their option its a fact that in order to fund this Demarcate Trojan horse and all the hand outs for Election Campaign funds is the fact that a least a10% of a Federal income increase for the middle class and maybe a 5 cent Sales Tax and I hope it so. Twenty present of the Republican Middle class voters sit on their butt the last two elections, another 10% voted Demarcate also 40% of College age kids voted for this crap so sock it to them. Everything that’s been going on in the Obummer Administration and Demarcates for the last four years was fore told in 06,07,08,09,10 by every group other than Liberal.

  • Disgruntled2012

    That’s just great. Now, how about Obama solve the healthcare problem for the rest of us, by SCRAPPING THE WHOLE DAMNED THING?!?

  • John

    This is beyond belief. So what if staffers have to sign up for exchanges. 75% of the premiums are payed by taxpayers? What about the rest of the American people.

    • big_conservative

      The rest of the American people are the peasants and serfs, you know.

      We’re going to be the new permanent under-class that will gladly pay our entire pay checks just for the privilege of living under the “love” of the ruling class.

      Sound like fun? That’s what Obama’s “fundamental transformation” looks like.

  • ray2348

    This country belongs to “WE The People” not some kenyan born illegal alien jackass to do whatever he pleases. The time is approaching for the fighting back to commence. Oppose Obozocare at every opportunity. There are not enough jails or agents to enforce or incarcerate everyone that defies it. If it’s not good enough for them, it sure as hell isn’t good enough for the rest of us. Bastards!

  • mmmilesll

    Isn’t it great to vote yourself stuff and nobody can do anything about it.

  • 2ndprotectsall

    We are surfs in a fascist kingdom, when is the uprising?

  • Sean McCray

    now we know why Nancy Pelosi was not worried about what was in the act – she knew that it would not apply to her.

  • Bobby

    “listen up America! there will now be two sets of law. one set for the elite and another for all you unwashed masses who are a disgusting bother to us.”

  • iatemine

    G*ddammit this pisses Me off!

  • LarryEF

    Obama’s tyrannical decree sounds strangely familiar to the old soviet rulings that exempted the politbureau head honchos from having to suffer the same fates as their fellow proletariat. Welcome to the new USSA (United Soviet States of America).>

  • ebola131

    You just knew they would get out of the requirement….
    Good for thee, but not for me.
    Yours truly,
    Barry Obama

    • Sem

      what requirement? the requirement that they have insurance? They are required to have insurance.

      where does it say that they shouldn’t get the same employer subsidies they’ve always gotten (the same subsidies that most people with decent jobs get)?

      You’re clueless, my friend.

      • ebola131

        Another Public School graduate with reading comprehension issues.
        Nothing in the Law grants them subsidies.
        By your logic, anything not specified in the Law is OK to do….therefore, anyone with natural blonde hair need not participate in Obamacare….see it says so, right in the space between paragraphs 1 and 2.
        You’d be a perfect fit at the IRS.

        • Sem

          nonsense. Of course the law doesn’t grant them subsidies, but nothing in the law forbids them from continuing to get employer subsidized insurance (just like everyone else is free to keep their employer-subsidized insurance if they have it).

          They are subject to the ACA, just like everyone else. If they don’t get insurance, they would be subject to fines just like everyone else.

          • ebola131

            “Of course the law doesn’t grant them subsidies”

            Laws specify what is to be/happen, now go away and take your meds.

  • Rusty Dancer

    Hypocritical scum..they should have the same lousy care as Veterans.



    • OldTimerUSN

      Your right if your a 200 pound porker on welfare getting knocked up every year you got 100% free healthcare if your a Veteran or a disabled veteran you get your blood pressure checked once a year and meds that were out dated ten years ago and getting a qualified Doctor to talk to is like trying to find a 14 year virgin these days..

    • Sem

      Actually, the reality is that veterans give better patient satisfaction to VA than patients in other health care systems.

      And the VA scores better on quality care measures year after year.

      and they have a more difficult patient population,
      and they do it for less money than private systems.

      But you don’t care about facts, I bet.

  • thirdarmy


  • Carlo Paisano

    This is 100% BS.. If American people are required FORCED to enroll then Governments Federal-State-Counties-City employees MUST be required..

    • Sem

      you (like everyone else including federal employees) are only forced to enroll if you don’t have insurance and don’t want to pay the penalty.

      I know you aren’t interested in reality, though.


    Now we know why republicans are no longer interested in defunding obamacare!

  • Sam Clemens

    I’m more convinced every day that to only way this mess will ever be solved it to take it to the streets.

    • Bumman

      Agreed! This crap has got to stop! These MOFOs are breaking us!!!

    • Sem

      you’re funny.

      Federal employees get employer-subsidized health insurance, just like most americans who have decent jobs.

      You don’t? Then take it up with your employer.

      Take it to the streets….three rednecks, a preacher and some KKK members. Lemme know when so I can watch.

  • 0321ReConUSMC

    is this what Obama meant by Equally ?
    Equal Oppuniety ?
    Equal Justice ?
    Fairness ?
    Fair Share ?
    Talk about the ”selected Few ” .This takes the cake ever in American crony based politics .Fed workers already make 31-47 % more per equal job with the private sector . 10 times better retirement fund and now Tax payers must pick up part of Govt. workers heath care cost ?
    If this is not in our face .. screw you… “Discrimination ” what or earth is ?

  • Joe Edmonson

    “Some animals are more equal than others.”

    • JDaddy


  • OldTimerUSN

    All the Unions spent Millions and Million of dollars promoting Obummercare every Federal, State, City, Teachers and County Government employee as well as Law makers should have to be on Obummercare. This could save Tax payers Billions of dollars compared to the Deluxe healthcare packages that are required by the Government employee Unions. We have to pay for it anyhow thanks to Politicians that get kick backs from Government employee Unions.

  • Don

    You have to hand it to obama – he had the foresight to obtain assassination insurance by selecting biden …….

    • Tony Reynolds

      I’d rather have Biden. He’s smarter than Obama, yet no one would take him seriously enough to allow him to do more damage. Obama is all facade. A slick, but stupid, puppet.

  • abigz

    Proposed Amendment # 28 to the US Constitution

    “Congress shall make no law that applies to any citizen of the United States that does not apply equally to all US Senators and Representatives. Congress shall make no law that applies to any US Senator or Representative that does not apply equally to all citizens of the United States. All existing laws and regulations that do not meet these criteria shall be declared null and void!”

    • stuckinIL4now

      You left out the President of the United States and also remember we’re not even sure he’s an actual “citizen” of the USA.

    • Mark Tipton

      See Federalist Paper number fifty-seven I believe it was. Such was always supposed to be the case but we can see how that went!

  • pppPerryandtheMETS

    Its time for all of us to stand up and simply demand waivers for ourselves as individuals. It may be time to start a grass roots campaign to just refuse to participate in any part of this law in any way shape or form.

    • stuckinIL4now

      I can assure you that I already absolutely refuse to participate in it–civil disobedience!

      • Sem

        “Waaah! I refuse to get insured. If I get hit by a bus, someone else can pay for it!”

        You sound like a true hypocritical republican.

  • insectg

    Doctors overvalue their services. I looked at you and talked to you for a few minutes…give me $1,200 please.

    • borninmombasa

      That’s your argument? I saw mine for 15 minutes it was $100.00 , you have no credibility with anyone with critical thinking skills. But some dolts will believe you

      • insectg

        I have another one for you. A few nights at a Hospital, a few scans and a talk or two from a Doctor…$30,000 please. I could by my own Scanner off of Ebay for $12,000 and run the scan myself.

      • insectg

        I have another one for you. A few nights stay at a Hospital, a few consultations from a Doctor and a scan on the machine…$30,000. That’s 1 year’s Salary for many. I could buy my own scanner off of Ebay for $12,000 and run the scans myself.

        • CacheLaPoudre

          Well the solution to high costs is obviously government interference in the market.

        • borninmombasa

          well in California many ER hospitals had to close because too many patients were illegals and the hospitals never got paid .Who ya gonna charge? .Those that remain open have to change SOMEONE for the unpaid services . Guess what that someone is you! If you owned a restaurant and 25% of the folks got to eat for free I’m guessing the other 75% would have to pay for it no?

          • insectg

            Restaurants operate in a mostly FREE Market system. Here in Portland we have one of the most competitive Restaurant districts in the world where competition is fierce and barriers to entry are low. Each operator has to offer the most value for the lowest cost and if they were ever to cheat the customer (like Hospitals charging 3x the normal fee) that customer walks and never returns.

          • borninmombasa

            a great analogy……said no one

          • insectg

            Then why did you bring it up in the first place citing restaurants in your previous post? I am just rolling with your analogy here.

  • Rancho Del Valkayrie

    How George Soros continues to stay off the radar is amazing to me. How many nations has the man brought to its knees thru financial turmoil including his own home country?

  • borninmombasa

    A taxpayer subsidy (75% of their health costs) for congressional workers because they can’t afford Obama care without it , even though they make more than the national average. If you’re Demo-cat how do you feel about that?

    • Sem

      hey, clueless, where does it say that they can’t afford it?

      They got employer-subsidized insurance before (just like ANY federal employee and most other americans), and they get employer-subsidized insurance now, but now it’s through the exchange.

      • borninmombasa

        Then why did a “Deal” need to be reached ? help me out I’m clueless.

        • Sem

          Because Chuck Grassley (republican) insisted on putting this dumb provision in when he should have known there is no mechanism for people who HAVE employer-subsidized insurance to buy from the exchange. But he didn’t, or he did but didn’t care, and so they had to come up with a way that these employees didn’t lose their benefits just because Chuck wanted to make some dumb point.

          • Sem

            and yes, you are totally clueless.

          • borninmombasa

            I have 103 employees .I pay 75% they pay 25% . , of there health insurance .They don’t need to participate if they don’t want to , 1/2 don’t , Under Obama care 100% of them must participate in something . the 25% of what they pay can not exceed 9.5% of their gross income. If it does then I’m not in compliance with the employer mandate. I only pay 75% for the employee. if a employee wants to cover his whole family then he has two options ,pay on the company plan or go to the exchanges for a rate and possible get a subsidy .(help from the state tax payer) Federal employees are now allowed to go to the exchanges (state paid for) and seek subsidies .Even though their incomes are much higher than the national average . Last I looked both California and Illinois were broke , on year two of Obama care those states are on their own …..any ideas?

          • Sem

            “Federal employees are now allowed to go to the exchanges (state paid for) and seek subsidies”

            No, wrong. A small subset of fed employees (members of congress and congressional staffers) are MANDATED to use the exchanges. Chuck, in his infinite wisdom, never said those employees would have to forgo their health insurance benefits (I think that would have been illegal), so they needed to figure out a way these employees could keep their benefits but still use the exchange.

          • borninmombasa

            “Chuck, in his infinite wisdom” now that about describes your mindset …absolutely frighting ….I’m sure there are folks in Cuba who worship Fidel , if you lived there no doubt you’d be in that camp . Same for Kim in North Korea ,you’d be a “Pom Pom boy” for sure….give me an “O’ give me a “B” give me a ……During the American revolution you would have been a huge King George supporter . I and the majority of Americans, want no part of it .thank you .

  • giatny

    The exemption for the unions will follow over the August recess. Let’s not forget that government employees and unions were a MAJOR force behind passing ACA. Everyone needs to swamp his/her representatives with calls and emails to express appropriate outrage for this travesty. When the employer mandate kicks in, it’s estimated that as many as 20 million will lose the plan they like and be dumped into the exchanges with the standard subsidies adjusted for income. Allowing Congress to get a 75% subsidy regardless of income is corruption of the worst kind.

  • JoanieBaloney

    Congress and President Obama passed a healthcare plan that Congressmen and staff could not afford to pay for themselves? And yet, the American people are expected to be able to pay for this?!?!?!. Average Congressional staffer salary is $70K and Congress members average is $174K and they now get a subsidy of 75% of their healthcare premiums? This proves this healthcare plan is a mess when they can’t even afford it. And most Americans don’t make the salaries Congressional people make. Also, the IRS employees want to get an opt-out also. So the people who will be enforcing it, want no part of it either.
    REPEAL OBAMACARE NOW and start over with incremental steps to get our healthcare in order.

    • Sem

      Maybe if you were smart and educated enough, you could get a job that provides health insurance benefits.

      sounds like sour grapes to me.

      • JoanieBaloney

        Oh, that really telling me Sem. Go troll somewhere else with your insignificant ugly comments that make no point.

    • ApplegateRanch

      …and it’s been estimated that 30,000,000 will STILL BE UNINSURED: the same number that was used as the excuse to pass “reform” in the first place. NOTE: it isn’t clear if these are the same 30,000,000, or not.

      • JoanieBaloney

        It is all about government control and takeover of the insurance business in the US which was 15% of our economy. Glad you brought up the 30 million that was used as the excuse to do takeover this and yet still have that many uninsured.

  • Steven Matosich

    These Democrats want to subject the American people to Obamacare but then they want us to pay their way?? We are all in this together or no one should have to get Obamacare!!
    These Democrats are setting themselves up for one hell of a backhand.

  • DiscustedONE

    House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi – Congress, Senate and the President need to be on ObamaCare. Not at the Taxpayer expense either. They Past the law, now live with it! All Government Employess MUST have ObamaCare or it is not enforcable. DO NOT PASS LAWS FOR THE USA PEOPLE THAT YOU DO NOT WANT TO LIVE BY FOR YOURSELF.

  • ELefevre

    Don’t Fund It! …unless, of course, you feel sorry for Congressional staffers

    The Countdown to Obamacare

  • jb willikers

    Disgusting – throw them all out.

  • BigR2

    Emminently unfair. Grounds for impeachment. Selectively enforcing a new law. Imperial Presidents do this. Bummer.

    • Sem

      “waaaah! it’s not fair! They get employer-subsidized health insurance and my crappy job doesn’t give benefits.

      It’s Obama’s fault!


      call the wahmbulance.

  • Fredrick McLeod

    VOTE ALL THE IDIOT POS delegates out starting in 2014.

  • Earl

    Not good enough for them, not good enough for us. This president doesn’t have a clue. Shut his administration down, before its to late.

  • oldandtired

    I’m sorry folks we have been had again. This is Reid and Obama.

  • Judy NM

    Everyone in Congress should be voted out if this is allowed to stand. I remember when we used to talk about the Soviet Union. The party elites had great homes, great healthcare, and dissenters were annihilated – ruined reputations, banned, imprisoned or killed. I see no difference between the old Soviet Communists and today’s Democrats. We should march by the millions over this, the spying, the squashing of Benghazi truths, IRS, etc. etc.

  • Stan Lee

    This is F’n pathetic this country is a very sad joke.

  • Mark Moriarty

    So the law says “A”. Congress and the President don’t like A, so they pretend (through regulation) that it says “B”. This is really out of control. Total lawlessness.

    • Sem

      yeah, dude! it’s total lawlessness: Fed employees who used to get their employer-subsidized insurance from the FEHB are now getting it from insurance exchanges!

      TOTAL lawlessness! Like, for real. Take it to the streets, dude!


      • Mark Moriarty

        Then change the law. Dude. Don’t pretend because it butters your bacon. Note: Don’t pass really stupid laws – Dude.

        • Sem

          don’t say something is “total lawlessness” when it like totally isn’t lawlessness, partial or total.

  • TxPatriot53

    Either its for everybody or nobody, otherwise it’s call tyranny.

  • MinistryofFear

    Another example of the best government that money can buy

  • coalcracker45

    The congressional staff complained long enough now most of their health premiums will be picked up by the taxpayers. The unions will be next when they threaten not to vote for democrats and then Obama will exempt them or give congressional type subsidies to cover their health care.
    Obamacare is one of the biggest frauds being laid on the American public.For every person they claim it will help there are 5 times as many it will hurt

  • Gerald Jensen

    Of course…the filthy PARASITES get a pass, paid for by people who do real productive work…

    • Sem

      like hanging out on comments boards?

      good job!

      • Wyrdless

        ……..Says the guy who posted 18 times in the last hour……….

        Shouldn’t you be looking for a job instead of posting all day?

        • Sem

          I’m not the one bitching about “filthy parasites.”

  • Red_Ruffansore

    Regime change. Obama El Assad must go.

  • Gerald Jensen


    • Sem

      never, because you guys are idiots who have lost all reason because of your blind hate.

      don’t you realize that the ACA was modeled after the plan put in place by a republican governor and similar to that proposed by the Heritage Foundation and yet you all hate it so much but you don’t even really know what it is.

      • Wyrdless

        So because some RINO from a blue state socializes medicine, I should support socialized medicine on a national level?

        Also, the heritage foundation does not endorse Obamacare, so it probably isn’t all that close to what they proposed.

        • Sem

          riiight, HF doesn’t endorse it…because it isn’t close to what they proposed….riiiight, THAT’S why. Not because a democrat got it passed….

          You are as clueless as you are wyrdless.

          • Wyrdless

            “”You are as clueless as you are wyrdless.””

            God damnit you are stupid

          • Sem

            I must be right, if that’s all you’ve got.

          • Alric the Red

            Nice exchange. Put a bow on that one.

        • Sem

          Also, mandating that people buy insurance from PRIVATELY OWNED INSURANCE COMPANIES (as in profit-based companies) is not socialized medicine.

          If you don’t even understand the difference, you really shouldn’t be discussing it.

      • Gerald Jensen

        Yeah…Mitt Romney’s little doodle-squat in Massachusetts, maybe the most mindlessly “progressive” state in the Union…and unlike the bullshit the “mainstream” media is constantly feeding you braindead sorts, Romney didn’t lose the election because of the hispanics or the assorted parasites and out-and-out vermin who are going to vote Democrat no matter what came out for the bag of garbage currently smelling up the White House, but because a good part of the conservative base stayed home because they knew Romney was just another worthless RINO…meanwhile, guys like you continue to support the most ruthlessly unethical, even criminal, administration the people of this nation ever had the stupidity to elect…an administration that has open contempt for the Constitution, especially the 1st, 2nd, and 4th Amendments, and is truth-challenged in all it’s dealings, with the bag of feces supposed to be the top law enforcement officer in the nation an even bigger liar and criminal than anyone he will ever prosecute…”mainstream” media are even bigger criminals…they absolutely failed to vet Obama the way ethically they should have…people who went to Columbia at the time Obama was supposedly there have no memory of him, and quite a few openly doubt he ever attended…

    • GuardAmerican

      There is no place to go to “vote out” the bureaucratic Ruling Class. They have become the Fourth Estate, the “Deep Government.”

      Just ask former Egyptian “President” Morsi about “Deep Government.”

  • iconoclast

    Just more crony federal government. It doesn’t represent Americans any linger, just itself.


  • GuardAmerican

    The Rule of Law has been suspended.

    • Sem

      hyperbolic much?

      that’s why you losers have zero credibility.

      • GuardAmerican

        I hope you have HHS Sec. Kathleen “The Secretary shall determine” Sebelius on speed-dial.

        • Sem

          i don’t have anyone on speed dial.

          you right wing nutjobs are hilarious with your ranting and raving…”let’s take it to the streets! Civil disobedience!!”

          why? because federal employees get employer-subsidized insurance! How dare they?!

          save the drama for your mama, loser.

          • GuardAmerican

            YOU get capped subsidy; THEY get $12,000 payment direct from Treasury.

            Have fun being farmed, peasant.

          • Sem

            the get employer subsidies, like plenty of other americans.

            Policy about the exchanges:

            All people who buy coverage through an Exchange will have a cap on their total out-of-pocket spending, including deductibles, co-pays and co-insurance. These limits are based on the out-of-pocket limits that apply to high-deductible plans used with Health Savings Accounts (HSAs). People with incomes under 400 percent FPL will get subsidies to lower those caps based on their income.

            What’s the problem? Let’s have a reality-based conversation.

          • Sem



          • GuardAmerican

            The Law, as written and passed and signed, has been “interpreted” to not apply to the Ruling Class. The Grassley Amendment was administratively deleted.

            When The Law is subject to the caprice of bureaucratic “interpretation” to obviate specific language intended to ensure a specific outcome, then the Rule of Law has ceased to apply.

            That is the problem. When The Law can be interpreted to mean the opposite of what is intended, the fabric of society is directly threatened.

            You appear fine with that. I am not. We disagree.

          • Sem

            You said that people who aren’t congressional staff get “capped subsidies”: can you even explain what you think you mean by that, preferably with actual facts?

            You changed the subject, but I’ll go along:

            Exactly what part of the law is being interpreted as not applying to the “ruling class”? Congressional staff are required to have insurance. They are still allowed to have employer-subsidized insurance, just like they always have.

            Please, enlighten me.

          • GuardAmerican

            ObamaCare caps subsidies for insurance at ~$93,000 income. No such cap applies in this rubric of direct payment to Ruling Class.

            The mean salary of “staffers,” ex elected officials, exceeds $75,000. No cap applies to them. They are eligible for $12,000 direct payment from Treasury, not provided for under the Law.

            The Law, as written, designed, negotiated, passed and signed, including the Grassley Amendment, has now been “interpreted” to not apply. Effectively a post facto “line item veto.”

            You are okay with that. I am not. We disagree.

          • Sem

            What are you talking about?? I think you are confused between employer-provided subsidies and subsidies (ie., discounts) as part of the ACA.

            People who get insurance through an exchange are eligible for subsidies for their premiums and cost-sharing if their income is less than 400 percent of the federal poverty level (FPL) — $89,00 for a family of four in 2011.

            The law says congress/staffers have to buy from the exchange. The law doesn’t say that they can’t get employer subsidies. They are not re-interpreting the law.

            Gotta go. It’s been real.

          • GuardAmerican

            The Law is silent on such subsidies, and there is no mechanism for lawfully providing them.

            In your fluffy-bunny world, ad hoc bureaucratic invention of The Law is just fine.

            We disagree.

          • Sem

            Yes, and Chuck Grassley (Republican) should have known as much before he put the provision in, but he didn’t and so THAT’ WHY they had to come up with a way that these employees didn’t lose their benefits just because Chuck wanted to make some lame political point.

          • GuardAmerican

            So now you complain that politicians are idiots? And yet, in the same breath, you cheer unelected bureaucrats “interpreting” laws to obviate their clear intent?

            For a Lib, you are well informed — preventing me from dismissing you as a deliberately misinformed protest junkie.

            Nonetheless, you embrace lawless acts by bureaucrats. Why stop there? What other lawless acts do you embrace?

            Because I might choose to embrace lawless acts, too. You never know. If the law becomes meaningless, NO ONE has recourse to The Law anymore.

            We disagree. I embrace Constitutional republicanism. You do not.

            We disagree.

  • Sem

    Your republican leaders are too cowardly to tell you that the ACA is here to stay.

    • Western Voter

      Sem please put down your bong and return to earth. Your liberal hate is blinding you to reality. Check the latest polls, the vast majority of Americans don’t want Obamacare. Your great leader has suspended legislation signed into law twice now by giving corporations an additional year to comply to ACA and exempting congress and its staff from ACA. ACA is blowing up and its your democratic leaders and Obama that are too cowardly to admit it.

      • Sem

        Your lie about the poll is bullshit – lots of people don’t like it because they want single-payer, majorities support the individual provisions.

        Congress and staff are not exempt from the law. Can you tell me exactly what you think they are exempt from?

        Businesses whined that they needed more time and they got it. So what?

        It’s here to stay, Why don’t you move to a country like somalia that has no government?

        • Western Voter

          Get your facts right Sem. The July 2 Gallup poll showed a 10% margin of Americans disapproving of Obamacare. The ACA included a provision from Senator Grassley that required lawmakers and their staff to use the same exchanges as all the rest of us. That was signed into law by Obama. My advice to you, put down your bong and return to earth.

          • Sem

            No. The ACA doesn’t require anyone (except Congress and congressional staff) to use the exchanges.

            The ACA only requires everyone to have insurance, doesn’t have to be from the exchange.

            Grassley’s amendment didn’t specify whether congress/staff would continue to get subsidies once they switched. THere’s nothing in the ACA that says these employees have to give up their employer insurance subsidies.

          • Scott

            “THere’s (sic) nothing in the ACA that says these employees have to give up their employer insurance subsidies.” – They won’t be able to afford private insurance. My employer finally gave up and now we
            use HSA’s until they get too expensive and we’ll all have to go to single payer. Just as Obama has admitted to in the long term.
            The real beef is yet another exemption for federal employees. No matter how you twist and turn.

          • Sem

            “They won’t be able to afford private insurance.”
            Wow, there’s a non-sequitor. These employees were previously eligible to buy insurance from the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program which offers a variety of private-for-profit insurance companies. Their premiums were partially paid by their employer (like plenty of other people). Now, the ACA says they have to buy their insurance from exchanges, which, by the way, are also ALL private-for-profit insurance companies.

            Now do you understand??

          • Scott

            In the end Obama wants only a single payer system. Do you not understand????

          • Sem

            by forcing everyone to buy insurance from a variety of private-for-profit companies?

            You said “the real beef is yet another exemption for federal employees.”

            Exactly what exemptions are you referring to?

        • Reed Smith

          Wow…talk about denial…you’ve made it into an art form with this statement. Here to stay?..don’t bet on it…it will crash and burn under its own weight.

          • Sem

            don’t wait underwater for that.

  • Mike

    You got to love the ruling class, they want to exempt themselves from everything. If I ever met one of them face to face I’ll go tell them to go F-themselves.

  • Steve Canon

    If you aren’t aware of it by now, go and study the Cloward/Piven strategy and open your eyes to whats happening.

  • Daniel Petry

    I’m done…finished…civil disobedience is now my mantra.

    • Sem

      “waah! Other people get insurance benefits from their employer but my crappy job doesn’t come with benefits! It’s Obama’s fault! waah! *sniff*”

      • Sem

        “waah! I’m not gonna get insurance. I’ll get bankrupted by medical expenses! That’ll show ‘em!!”

      • Daniel Petry

        Hey Sem…the point made is obviously beyond your experience….enjoy your slavery

  • RufusVonDufus

    Obama, this is the biggest bunch of b.s. I have ever heard oozing from your mouth. Everybody except your slaves is exempt from your crap, huh! Get a clue would you?

    • Sem

      Hey, dufus, what exactly are they exempt from?

      Time to see if you have a clue at all. Simple question: What are they exempt from?

      • CacheLaPoudre

        Paying for their health insurance.

        • Sem

          They get employer-subsidized insurance, just like all federal employees (and many people who work full time for big companies.

          Where in the ACA does it say that people can’t have employer-subsidized insurance?

          I’ll wait here for your answer.

          • Sem



          • CacheLaPoudre

            I had employer-subsidized health insurance – before Obamacare.

  • ApplegateRanch

    This is totally unfair, and makes a mockery of ‘equality under the law': If Congressional & Senate staffers get subsidized, so should all state and local lawmakers and their staffs! SARCASM!!

    …and, why do I still see it being cited that Obamacare will leave ‘up to 30,000,000 Americans uninsured’, when SUPPOSEDLY the law was make sure the “30,000,000 Americans without insurance coverage were covered by ‘affordable’ insurance”?

  • dwstick

    So Congressional staffers, whose salaries average $70,000, are now eligible for a subsidy (paid for by the rest of us) that pays up to 75% of the cost of their healthcare premiums. The subsidy is available ONLY to them; the rest of us don’t qualify.
    Not exactly ‘equal protection under the law’ now, is it?!

    • Sem

      you’re clueless.

      The ACA never said that congress/staff have to forgo their employer-subsidized insurance, it only said they have to get it from an exchange.

      Are all of you so stupid or just deliberately misunderstanding so you have something to throw a hissy fit about?

  • docdave88

    We knew this would happen. This congress is so utterly corrupt, and that includes the Republicrats as well as the Democans, that I could no longer possibly vote for any incumbent.

    Just another example of why a second American Revolution may be needed.

    You people in Congress have forfeited any respect at all. You are pigs. You disgust me.

    molon labe

    I’ll greet my next IRS auditor much less cordially than I did the last one,.


    despite what is said…if you think congress will jump in on the scam called obamacare, you are wrong.
    socialism is for the people, not the socialists.
    declare to the govt, you cant participate bc of your religious beliefs.. just like the muslims and other groups.
    and the big news this week.. the unions came out against the scam called obamacare. wouldn’t this be the same group who launders millions to the democrats/socialists? uh , yes it is. don’t believe this media hype. the union dirt bag leadership told their sheep/members that this scam is nothing but a ploy to extend the is a negotiating tool , plain and simple. this is how unions operate, and their sheep slurp it up.

  • bb333

    Hope and Chains on your Azz……N/A to Congress

  • olegunny

    How much longer shall we let the pigs in DC stay at the trough. I don’t want to pay the son of bitches health insurance; no part of it.

    • Sem

      “waaah! Federal employees get employer-subsidized insurance but my crappy part-time job at walmart doesn’t come with benefits! it’s not fair **stomp feet**”

      Maybe you shuda graduated from high school then you could have a nice job with benefits also.

      • Dirty Harry

        What about the favored union workers who aren’t college-educated? Or the Hollywood crowd- most of whom never attended college? They’re also complaining about ObamaCare.

        • Sem

          Dirty, you are so clueless, you think congress is exempt from the ACA. Why should anyone belief anything you write?

  • Reed Smith

    Wait…what?? Reid and Pelosi, of all people, should be the ones forced to endure Obamacare. After all, they had “to pass it to know whats in it”…a statement that will go down in history as one of the most intellectually bankrupt to ever come out of congress.

  • chevron1144

    Since this law is not being applied equally to all citizens, it should be found unconstitutional based on the 14th Amendment Section 1.

  • Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum

    America, where the government treats everyone differently and forces the citizens to treat everyone equally. It’s totally backwards.

  • JC Hall

    I think it is hilarious that Congress asks the executive branch for guidance on a law Congress passed! “We have passed your legislation, oh King, now pray tell, what does it mean, sire and in what manner shall we submit to you?”

    • Sem

      Republican Chuck Grassley put this provision in without explaining whether these employees would have to give up their current employer-provided insurance subsidies. It was up to OMB to figure it out.

      Now do you understand? No? Then ask Chuck. It was his bright idea.

  • David

    The chance that members of the Legislative and Executive branches will have to pay what us taxpayers do for healthcare without some kind of federal subsidy is vanishingly small. The irony is priceless.

  • EstebanCafe

    A little quid pro quo goes a long way in this town. Help me write a behemoth of a healthcare bill and I won’t make you live with it.

  • Nick Renn

    If this doesn’t prove that Congress is all about themselves and not about the people, nothing will. After finding out that they would be part of Obamacare, they complain and once again are exempt from the crap they throw at us. If its not that bad, why not participate like the rest of America? Because they know it sucks. So then why is it law? Do they really care about Americans? The establishment Congress on both sides must go. They’re the ones who’ve become drunk on their own power and egos.

  • Memphomaniac

    Drop out of The Matrix. Work sideline CASH jobs. Smile at ‘em during the daylight hours, and work like hell to overthrow the bastards during the night. It worked for The North Vietnamese, (peasant farmers,) against the most powerful, high tech Army in the world. Join like-minded people (Tea Party Patriots,) but associate only with those you know. First and foremost, work to DEFEAT your local representatives who support ObamaCare. Work to DEFEAT The Senators who support programs that curtail your liberty. Make ‘em pay. It Won’t be pretty. God Bless America!

    • emiliani

      The US Army isn’t going to leave the field of battle IN the United States, so please stop with the N. Vietnamese nonsense. The second half of your post at least lacks the insanity of your previous post. It’s never a good sign when an adult quotes “The Matrix,” as if that’s a legitimate source to make comparisons and draw inferences. Welcome back to the land of the sane…hopefully you’ll stay here a while.

      • Memphomaniac

        You sound, like so many, ready to wave the White flag of surrender, at any moment. The U.S. Army employs Americans, some of whom are still Patriots. I am well aware of the difficulty of the mission. I CHOOSE to engage the enemy on MY terms and turf. You can sit back enjoying your view from inside the fences at a FEMA camp.Sorry if you didn’t understand The Matrix analogy. ANY source I choose to use is mine, and therefore, legitimate. “Lead, Follow, or get the hell out of the way!”

  • JIMH

    Huh? What was said?

  • Dirty Harry

    So once again we that the infinite wisdom of liberals, such as in creating ObamaCare, is only for us peons. Any favored group or those who donate get exemptions for the bills they pass. This alone should prove this disaster should & must be repealed…

    • Sem

      um, rebublican Chuck Grassley put this provision into ACA that requires congress/staffers to buy their insurance from exchanges. They aren’t exempt from anything.

      donors aren’t exempt…you paranoid nutjob.

  • The_American_Way

    Dr. Thomas Sowell identified these guys when he said;

    “No one will really understand politics until they
    understand that politicians are not trying to solve our problems. They are
    trying to solve their own problems – of which getting elected and re-elected
    are number one and number two. Whatever is number three is far behind.”

    I just want to add that they are immoral, self serving and dishonest.

  • Malik Nidal

    Your Progressive Rulers deserve better healthcare, slave.



  • laker12

    More proof that this is a two class society, politicians/government workers and all the rest of us.

  • welovetheUSA

    Impeach Obama………….the people demand it.

  • trojanguy

    Click the up arrow if you despise Obama and the Far Left Democrats in Congress and would LOVE to see this lying, devious, corrupt, hypocritical, America Hating Marxist Devil Obama IMPEACHED!!

  • Jeff

    I have as much confidence in the integrity of the two party system as I do in the authenticity of a pro-wrestling match.

  • Rancho Cucamunga

    there it is so obvious if you aren’t braindead . This is not what gov’t is supposed to be.

  • VinnieTheStooge

    So let me get this straight. Congress has exempted their staff from the so called affordable health care law, has given businesses an extension, unions and exemption, but the rest of us are still supposed to buy expensive insurance ???!!! Freaking idiots.

    • Sem

      No, you don’t have it straight, stooge.

      Congress’ staff isn’t exempt from ACA. ACA says they have to buy their insurance from exchanges. That was genius Chuck Grassley’s bright idea. So they are the only ones who will be employed and eligible for employer-provided insurance but forced to buy from the exchanges. That’s in the ACA. No exemption. The ACA doesn’t say, however, that they have to give up their employer-provided insurance subsidies. They can take the subsidy to the exchange.

      Do you really know what insurance costs under the exchange? There are controls on the cost, if you’d bother to look it up.

    • Rachael

      That is exactly right…not fair

      • Sem

        “Waahh! If i don’t have employer-provided insurance I can buy it from an exchange that will give me reduced rates if I don’t make much money. Darn that Obamacare! wahh!”

  • VinnieTheStooge

    Who’s gonna pay 75% of my health insurance cost?

    • Jeff

      You are. And then you’re gonna pay the other 25%. And THEN you’re gonna pay 75% of THEIRS. And finally, at the very end of the line, you get to pay 100% of all the whiner class costs.

      • Testicules

        I’ll be damn!

    • Sem

      maybe if you got a decent job, you’d have benefits also.


      • Testicules

        Did you post that from your OWEbama phone?

        • Sem

          ha! good one!

  • D Guest

    Some Animals are more Equal than Others.
    Regulations are now stronger than law. Rule by decree is the norm.
    They seem to truly believe the rest of us are like sheep – a herd to be managed, shorn of much of ourselves (our labor), and healed or put down as they deem fit.
    Find a way to eliminate the sheep mentality among the people.

  • elHombre

    The country is run by criminals!

  • cuinsong

    They are making law with regulations. Wake up people “Everything’s wrong nothing is right”

  • Shadoh21

    All animals are equal, however some animals are more equal than others.

  • Testicules

    TO ARMS!!!

  • p.oed

    Everyone is talking about standing up to this corruption, about how Ted Cruz and a few others are trying to make a difference…the problem is, voting is no longer enough, standing up on the message boards, at tea party rallies etc. is no longer enough. We have to stand up, but this time ALL THE WAY UP. I’m only looking for the right leader to do this, I’m not talking about a ploitician, or even a grass roots elected official like Ted Cruz. I’m talking about a true blue dyed in the wool revolutionary…do you people understand what I mean…do you know who we are looking for?

    • Rachael

      No, but my mind is open…what (who) are you proposing?

  • Testicules

    Ultimately, the Freedom of the American People is protected by The Four Boxes.

    The Soap Box
    The Ballot Box
    The Jury Box
    The Cartridge Box…

  • Commissioner__Gordon

    This outrage from our ‘ruling class’ will not be

  • Ivan Namrehs

    Congress should get all their health care at the VA.

    • Sem

      Actually, the VA gets better patient satisfaction ratings than private health care systems.
      and better scores on quality measures.
      despite the fact that they have a sicker patient base.
      and, oh yeah, they do it cheaper than private providers.
      Look it up, sucka.

  • jsw7533

    Amazing how fast Congress can work when it’s own interests are at stake.

    • Sem


      If you google it, you’ll see this has been an issue since Chuck Grassley, in all his genius, inserted the provision back in 2010.

  • Ivan Namrehs

    Obamacare is a managed health care scheme, anything “managed’ is optimized for the most profit. Patient care will resemble something from a Robin Cook novel: Those patients that are least profitable will be eliminated. Robin Cook used euthanasia, Obamacare will use a panel (The Death Panel), to recommend the cheapest, least effective treatment.

    • Sem

      hysterical much?

    • Joe Frederick

      its called the IPAB


    OPM=Other people’s Money

  • formerusaf

    Government of the government, by the government, for the government . . .

  • Tony

    Stop the presses!! An employer is subsidizing health insurance for its employees!! Oh wait. All businesses already do this. This is a non-story about nothing.

    • Carlos Danger

      I could use a liar like you on my campaign.

      • Tony

        Carlos! Thank goodness you have arrived to show us the truth in your pants.

      • BigSwittersFan

        You HAVE to go into the T-Shirt biz. That photo and “Carlos Danger”. You’ll make a fortune. And then you’ll be taxed into oblivion.

    • Sem

      no kidding, Tony.
      These people are idiots.

    • BigSwittersFan

      Only a lib makes no distinction between private funds and taxpayer money. One is earned. The other is taken by force.

      • Sem

        only a right-wing nut job thinks that public-sector employees shouldn’t get insurance benefits.

  • Carlos Danger

    Nothing worse than a sleazy politician.

    Any chicks want to see something funny?

  • bvikay

    It’s not their money, damn it. It is the taxpayers money. Why can’t people understand how we the people are getting screwed.

    • Sem

      “Yeah! Federal employees shouldn’t get any benefits because my crappy job doesn’t give me benefits! It’s not fair! Waaah **sniff** If I don’t have benefits, nobody should!! **stomps feet**”

      • Rachael

        There are no jobs because your high lord forbids it. Everyone should be brainwashed, and forced to work for the government.

        • Sem

          You really are delusional. The economy has added jobs since Obama was elected and the DJIA is at an all-time high…he’s the worst socialist ever!

          • Rachael

            Yeah, I’m the delusional one…okay ;)

        • Sem

          jobs added to the economy every month and DJIA at all-time high…he’s the WORST socialist (or is he communist – wish you guys would make up your minds or learn the difference) EVER!

          • Rachael

            What are you talking about? Was that a Freudian slip or are you feeling guilty about something?

          • Rich

            You keep talking about the Dow Jones being up. Do you know why it’s up? Probably not so I’ll give YOU the facts. The stock markets going up because the banks are using all the QE from the Fed to by stocks thus driving up demand and prices. They are also buying gold and other commodities with the QE money.

  • 1CatEye

    Unequal treatment under the law. Doesn’t our Constitution address this issue? We, the taxpayers, have to pay for our health care and also for Congressional aides?

    • Sem

      “waaaah! I don’t have a decent job with benefits so neither should public employees!!”

      • Rachael

        waaaah! have fun being judged by the death panels :) Hope you don’t become terminally ill

        • Sem

          yeah, it is so much better when insurance companies can make life and death decision based on their bottom lines.

          You faith in corporate medicine is so touching.

          • Rachael

            How is this any better? Oh wait…the taxpayers get to buy it for you….yayyyyy!

          • Sem

            back to my original point: “waaaah! I don’t have a decent job with benefits so neither should public employees!!”

            Instead of griping about public sector employees getting benefits, why aren’t you complaining that so few for-profit companies offer benefits?

          • Rachael

            This isn’t about private companies offering insurance to their employees. It’s about the train wreck of a healthcare plan that WILL NOT WORK, and the fact that it is being shoved down the throats of the AMERICAN TAXPAYERS which we will be forced to pay for. This is a LAW and no one should be exempt or get special treatment. What makes the public sector any more special than anyone else? Please enlighten me

          • Rachael

            Please note: Special Treatment

  • Dwayne Keith

    This law seeks to equalize the health care experience for all Americans rather than see an employer-based system of insurance (of varying quality depending on one’s job) and a public hospital, free clinic, Medicaid experience for the very poor. In mandating everyone be covered they hid the fact that many will meet this requirement by having the taxpayer provide the coverage. People who don’t pay for anything now won’t be paying for this either. In so doing, it is a certainty that such coverage will see a reduction in quality and an increase in price for those already covered. It is a no-brainer. Furthermore, rather than the dispassionate market deciding who gets what in terms of care…panels and boards will now do so. The two groups to be harmed the most will be the young who will pay more vs. their risk pool and the old but not old enough for Medicare who will see denials in procedures and test vs. someone younger who better meets the matrix even though that person may party all night and sleep all day while the denied fellow works all day paying taxes and has his whole life. Watch and see. Prepare to see your premiums go up and a new imperative, if you want quality care for your family, to pay extra so as to not have to camp out at the doctors office all day with the newly “insured” or to get that MRI prior to ten weeks from now. Improving health care for the poor could have been accomplished with an expanded public health system and an ROTC-style program for training medical professionals who’d work in the system for x number of years. But that wouldn’t have EQUALIZED health care. The long and short of this is that quality of health care is now removed from the list of things one can improve upon by virtue of hard work and accomplishment. It is the redistribution of health. Welcome to the next step toward socialism.

    • Sem

      so says the right-wing nutjob.

      Yes, insurance companies are so dispassionate…about actually paying for services.

      You’re an idiot.

      • BigSwittersFan

        You either intentionally avoided the point or are too stupid to see it. HOWARD DEAN of all people wrote a very honest appraisal of Obamacare (especially the rationing panel). Try reading it.

        • Sem

          What he said was ” When, and if, the atmosphere on Capitol Hill improves and leadership becomes interested again in addressing real problems instead of posturing, getting rid of the IPAB is something Democrats and Republicans ought to agree on.”

          Maybe if the GOP can stop after 40 pointless votes to defund it, they can work on improving it.

  • Carlos Danger

    You peons must learn that we are above you, now just keep paying for our luxuries, scrimp and save if you must, but we come first.

    Weiner for Mayor.

  • Sem

    Do you know that it was Chuck Grassley (republican) who put this provision in the law in the first place, foolishly requiring employees who already had access to insurance to participate in the marketplace.

    Now what were you saying about hypocrisy by Obama?

    Typical clueless rightwing nutjob.

    • dupkaman

      Oh, I didn’t know Obamacare was dreamed up by right wing nutjob Republicans until you informed me. Check out the news from this week. It was Obama who signed off on this which has us paying 75% of healthcare for Congressional staffers who make above $100 k a year.
      In the future, check out the facts before you break out your Saul Alinsky tactics.

  • Formerparatrooper

    Time for revolution when we the people have to support the health care of Government bureaucrats with our tax dollars. They should live and die by the same laws we have to abide by. Throw them all out.

    • Sem

      “yeah! dammit! Public-sector employees shouldn’t get any benefits! It’s not fair! **tears run down face** I don’t have a job with benefits. **sigh** Guess I should have finished high school.”

  • Shannon Pendergrass

    Why isn’t anyone screaming about this very UN-Constitutional action? Congress shall make NO LAW that applies to the people that does not apply to themselves!!! INEXCUSABLE!!!

    • Lyman_Sweetwater

      Throw out the gutless GOP leadership Bonerrr, Cantor, McCarthy, & Mitch McDonkey & replace with Tea Party types like Ted Cruz & Louie Gohmert. Then you will have patriots who will fight for the people…

      • Sem

        oh my, you guys are hilarious!

      • Shannon Pendergrass

        it doesn’t matter which side of the political arena these bozos sit on they are ALL traitors to this country and playing the citizens for fools. That seems to be one of the biggest misconceptions; that one side is fighting for us while the other is working agianst us but that is NOT the case at all…BOTH sides are corrupt, abusing their power, and working against the people!

    • Sem

      The law does apply to them. The law (thanks to Republican Chuck Grassley) says they must buy insurance from exchanges.

      The law doesn’t say they have to give up their employee benefits.

      • Rachael

        at the expense of the AMERICA TAXPAYER you mean…or am I wrong?

        • Lyman_Sweetwater

          Never debate an irrational commie/liberal as they have mental disorder Rachael…

          • Sem

            because you know I’m riiiiiight…

          • Marvin Nelson

            No, you are definitely Left, libturd.

          • Sem

            good one, Marvin!

          • Rachael

            Haha! You are absolutely right. They thrive on lies and distractions, then call those of us with common sense every name in the book. It’s a vicious cycle

          • Sem

            1. I have heard no common sense from your crowd. Only a bunch of hysteria and lies.
            2. Who is calling who names? (See Marvin’s lovely contribution below).

        • Sem

          wrong about what?
          Federal employees, like most public-sector employees and many private-sector, can buy their insurance from private insurance companies through their employer and they pay part of the premium and their employer pays part.

          are you with me?

          The Grassley provision (stupidly) forces Congress and congressional staff to get their insurance via the exchanges (even though they had perfectly fine insurance already).

          still with me?

          what grassley didn’t consider was whether this small subset of federal employees would (illegally) be forced to give up the insurance benefits they receive as federal employees.

          That’s why they needed guidance from OMB about the issue. there was nothing in the law about this issue.

          • Rachael

            Why do we need ANYONE telling us when or how to get our insurance? Who’s business is it anyway? Stay out of our lives! You want government insurance? Pay for it yourself.

          • Sem

            it’s not government insurance, it’s private-for-profit insurance companies, whether you get it from your employer or from an exchange. Not government insurance.

            What is “government insurance” anyway?

          • Rich

            The difference is private employers have to EARN the money to pay their employees benefit premiums. The feds steal it! Your arguments are illogical you dumba$$. Do you work for the IRS or the NSA?

      • Rachael

        Except the special treatment saying government employees will get a $5000/$11000 subsidy paid for by THE AMERICAN TAXPAYER

        • Sem

          by “subsidy” do you mean their employer provided benefits?

          Do you think that all private sector jobs should come without benefits?

          You might not like what the government does, but personally I’d prefer to recruit good doctors and nurses to the VA, the best physicists to NASA and the best researchers to the National Cancer Institute…and these professionals are gonna want benefits.

          • Rich

            The difference is private employers have to EARN the money to pay their employees benefit premiums. The feds steal it!

      • Rich

        Maybe they should have read the law first, maybe? The fact they didn’t make them the stupid one you dumbA$$.

    • Rachael

      Thank you!!

      • Sem

        The law DOES apply to them! The law says that they have to buy from the exchange and that’s what they’ll do (because republican Chuck Grassley put it into the law).

  • iatemine

    Obama and Obamacare…the Black Plague of our time.

  • John Cleary

    Slime bags are preferred over taxpayers

  • Shamu

    Discrimination! Reciprocity! Is this legal???

  • Steve Stunning

    How about solving the problem for every American, and just rescind “Obamacare”.

    • Sem

      yes, it was so much better when the insurance companies called the shots!

      You’re a genius!

      • Steve Stunning

        Yes in fact I am. My I.Q. tested at the MENSA site is 145, well above the national average of 95. You should take the test provided on line by MENSA at their website. Then you can come back and tell us what you tested at, and maybe MENSA will send you an invitation in the mail to join like they did with me.

        • Sem

          MENSA! Seriously?

        • Rich

          Steve, Sem would lie like Obama. Oh, I believe he is Obama.

  • Leftist_Stooge

    I love how the Office of Personnel Management can arbitrarily determine who gets exempted from or subsidized for Obama Care.

    They should get a list from the IRS and then Obama can just wake up one morning and claim that everybody in America is exempt unless they are christian or a member of the tea-party.

    • Sem

      I love how a republican can add a provision to the ACA that requires congress and it’s staff to buy insurance from exchanges but not explain how their benefits to which they are by law entitled, are going to carry over since the exchanges aren’t meant for people who already HAVE insurance…but what can you expect: he’s a republican.

      Stooge, don’t get confused by the facts. Please proceed.

      • Rich

        Sem, your dear democrats in the House and Senate voted for the amendment. They approved what you call stupid.

  • bill_a_bob

    Congressional Staffers all agree The president just put the “Affordable” back into the Affordable Care Act. Does your Doctor accept EBT and Yen?

  • spin43

    I have accepted the fact that I am a slave of our centralized communist government. Our Constitutional Republic is dead. I will stay home and drink vodka during the 2014 elections.

    • Rachael

      I really hope you are joking :/ ….on the other hand, Vodka is good :)

    • Marvin Nelson

      Hope you have a lot of vodka. I’ll bring the mixers and brats.

    • Sem

      adding jobs to the economy and DJIA at all time high…worst communist ever!

      or…you are just a blow-hard rightwing hysteric nutjob.

      • Rich

        Put your head back in the sand Sem.

  • bill_a_bob

    So if its a tax doesn’t Congress and then the IRS have to create the rules for who is taxed and not taxed? This shouldn’t be DHHS and Sebilius. If so, can I petition US National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management or the Ad Council for a waiver on my income tax?

  • kingdad

    The Dirty, greedy, Democrap Bass terds stick it up America’s Taxpayers Bumms yet again.

    • Sem

      yes, except it was a republican who put this dumb provision into the ACA saying that congress and staffers have to buy insurance from the exchanges.

      • Rich

        It’s not a dumb provision Sem. Why shouldn’t they have to dance the same dance we do?

  • Testicules

    Cue the mindless liberal sheep to bleat their lies about congress having
    the same benefits under OWEbama care as everyone else 3, 2…

  • karl

    Just bow hand in your wallet and say thank you master.
    Gad,,,where do you think you are? America?

  • PittsburghTiger

    Do as I say, not as I do.

  • longliveUSA

    What do you expect from a guy who never worked a day in his life and has gotten everywhere by Affirmative Action. Of course he believes Government is God and its employees take priority.

  • Marvin Nelson

    This is a large, steaming pile of $hit. I have reached the point where I will NOT vote for any Rep incumbent in future elections. The culture inside the Beltway is toxic and needs a reboot now. Let’s primary all of them out.

    • Elcigaro

      Marvin, just so you know, Bush isn’t in office and this didn’t come from congress. Get it amigo? It came from de fuhrer. You know, mr I don’t know whats going on around me guy?

      • Sem

        bullshit – Chuck Grassley (republican) put this provision into the ACA that requires all congressional staffers to buy their insurance from the exchanges.

  • karl

    This is being done so that the best and brightest ( THEM) will stay in government and arrange things for the worst an dullest…who is that? (US)
    In their opinion that is.

  • Pancake3

    Even Congress refuses to go along with Obamacare, but the rest of us 300 million are stuck with it. And, we get to pay for those who get a pass. Great!

  • seaarrow

    The people who voted and supported Obama are exempted from Obama care. They should be forced to pay double or triple for being stupid. But I guess they always knew they would be exempt as ruling class.

  • cwms2005

    This sounds like a violation of the equal protection clause.

  • skeagles67

    This is no surprise. The taxpayers pay for 100% of the government. Stands to reason we pay for 100% of the cost of those in government.

    • Sem

      bullshit – federal employees pay a share of their insurance premiums, just like anyone else who gets insurance via their employer.

      • skeagles67

        I understand that. But the federal employees who pay a share of their insurance premiums do so with money paid them by the taxpayers. That’s all I’m saying. Six of one, half dozen of the other. We’re going to get stuck.

        • Sem

          How do you know what they use to pay their premiums? Maybe they pay with the money they inherited from aunt fanny?

          So you are saying Feds shouldn’t get any benefits? That makes a lot of sense…not.

          • skeagles67

            Yeah, maybe. Maybe they could pay with wampum. But they don’t. Federal Employee’s health plans are through payroll deductions. Do you actually know anything or do you just like shooting off your mouth, and appearing stupid?

  • Testicules

    The mighty federal government, the state governments, and fortune 500 companies, many who have cash flows much larger than some nations, can not manage to cope with the burdens inflicted by OWEbama care.

    How are medium sized and small businesses much less individuals supposed to bear this burden?

  • GarandFan

    Some are more “equal” than others.

  • Elcigaro

    Plenty for me but none for the. This has to be the last straw. Time to trim back the branches of gubmint.

    • Sem

      “Yeah! Last straw, man! I don’t get benefits at my part-time minimum wage job, and neither should federal employees! **hissy fit** It’s not fair, mommy!”

      • Rachael

        Do you have anything intelligent to contribute to this? Making fun of people only serves to make you look stupid.

        • Sem

          puhleeze. You people aren’t interested in the facts about ACA. You just want a chance to throw a hissy fit, so you are deserving of mocking because you are ridiculous.

          • Rachael

            Give us the “facts” I have already asked you to enlighten me…. I’m waiting

          • Rich

            Rachael, Sem is really Obama.

          • skeagles67

            He’s just dumb enough for that to have an element of truth.

          • Rachael

            Haha! No doubt. It’s not like he’s busy trying to lead our country, or anything else of real importance.

          • Rachael

            I asked him for facts and he left us :/ Guess he couldn’t come up with any.

      • Elcigaro

        Sorry to hear your flipping burgers Sem. Since i’m a creator of jobs perhaps you’ll share your qualifications with us all in order to get you out of your Mom’s basement.

        • Sem

          you’re the one bitching about public sector employees having basic benefits.

          • Elcigaro

            So , your qualifications are bitching and complaining. Do you have any skills which make money?

          • Rachael

            You are so obviously missing the forest for the trees….do I need to explain that statement to you?

        • Rachael


  • Dancquill

    WHEW!! For a minute there I thought Congress and their staff would have to live under Obamacare like the rest of us.

    • tlmaker

      Yea, that was close. I was worried about those poor bastards would be eating dog food and the price of pet food would skyrocket for the rest of us.

  • richard40

    Not surprising that obama would take care of the politicians problems with obamacare, but still leave the rest of us in the lurch, cronyism to the end. Having the politicians be just a screwed by obamacare as the rest of us was the only thing that gave me any hope for repeal, so its not suprising obama would take care of his cronies.

  • Sem

    Enjoy your circle jerk of misplaced rage, everyone! Goodnight.

    • skeagles67

      Yes, we’ll all have ourselves a good cry when you leave.

    • Crayon Martin

      Jay Carney has left the building.

      • Rachael


    • pp91303

      Douche, if Obamacare is so great and will make health insurance so affordable, why do congress and it’s staffers need the taxpayer to subsidize their premiums?

    • Conservative In Libtard Austin

      You must be a govt. leech

  • hazeylee

    Just realize in THEIR eyes we all are a piece of shyte. If you don’t vote in 2014 and change the look of things you should be ashamed.
    This affects off of us. Dems and Repubs alike. YOU are covering their butts.

  • skeagles67

    I thought they essentially had the same rights as military. Seems like every time one gets sick enough to make the news they’re either in Bethesda or Walter Reed. And they’re always trying to get themselves and their entire family tree buried at Arlington. Anybody know?

  • ocean

    Obamacare says “Welcome to Socialism”.

    The Democrat Party is supporting and practicing
    Socialism upon this country. Socialism will destroy
    Culture, Traditions and bring Economic ruin to America.

    • friskyness

      why did Americans vote for socialism?

      • Leeza Lee

        Americans didn’t. Socialists did.

  • gary lacey

    As a grunt I punch my time card and 3 parasites jumped on my back, I carried them through my work day, every day until I clocked out. Now retired I get to carry more parasites. Has the 13th Amendment been repealed??


    SO help me God, when are people in this country going to wake up…this is criminal..and the stupid poor who voted for this idiot, will be hurt the most. What morons…absolute idiots…


    Wait until Boehner caves on Immigration – then its game over…11mm more dems. This country is toast…and BTW, someone do something about that turncoat McCain…thank god he didnt become president..

  • xyzabc2

    can they go part-time?

  • Rick Caird

    I am furious. This is just more “make it up as you go along”. Black letter law is being overturned and new law is being made up by the administration. It seem nothing in this law is binding unless Obama wants it to be binding. That is the description of a dictatorship.

    • pp91303

      Rick, I agree with you. I am furious. This is the last straw. We can’t just go about our lives and post the occasional comment online. We each need to go to at least 5-10 people we know and convince them to call their congress person and senator. We all need to donate to organizations that will make this an issue in the 2014 elections. This travesty needs to be publicized every day from now until election day.

  • spk2moi

    I think it is time to rise up and say NO. The legislators have no problem with this, Republican or Democrat, as they want to keep their staffers, and keep their gold plated health care. We, the people are the government. Anyone up for a loud message, from the bottom straight to the top? We need to be in the streets. By the way, with this many waivers, do you think anyone will be dumb enough to buy the more expensive insurance through Obamacare? More likely everyone will walk away, and the free health care for those 15 million will cost us through the nose.

    • Mike0oSS

      You are pizzing into the wind moi

  • AZrenegade

    Revolution now!

  • SWohio

    I don’t understand. Obamacare is going to cut everyone’s premiums WAY down, so why would the members of the ruling class claim they are unable to afford their premiums without getting taxpayer welfare?

    I really don’t understand. Could some lib please explain it to me? Don’t give me any garbage about companies paying part of the bill for their employees – which by the way is stopping, either because the companies AREN”T going to offer any health care, or because they are passing more of the cost on to their employees – just explain to me why the ruling class is having a problem affording something that is supposed to cost LESS, a whole lot LESS, than it does now? Hmmmmm?

  • CAV

    Why are we taking this America?!?!
    If anyone can afford this madness it is the ruling class yet here we are, and the last help we were sposed to have the media is on board also. WTH

    We the people have lost, we have lost what our forefathers begged us to watchover with vigilant eyes. We have lost to the ruling class, we must pay because they will continue there is nothing to stop them anymore. BOHICA

  • Mike0oSS

    The more this costs, the better. Americans need to feel the pain before anything will change. This will help the pain.

    • friskyness

      Obama will see to it, that his “base” won’t feel the pain……..the rest of us will…………………

  • Philip Hage

    Obviously, Congress and the aides that wrote ACA didn’t read it or understand it. They unfortunately included themselves in the ACA, until they found out how much their federally subsidized Cadillac plan would cost them. So now they are giving themselves special treatment. Their idea of “skin in the game” is YOUR SKIN in THEIR FIXED GAME. They say: “We are special, the public be damned.”

  • Polyphemos

    I every person who wrote on this board got 10 people to vote, and each one of those people got 10 people to vote and they got 10 people to vote and so on, the Democrat aides would never have to wonder about Obamacare, again, because there wouldn’t be any Obamacare.

  • Sigint

    The sovereign waves his magic septer and all is well….except that it violates previously enacted law (but when has this ever stopped THIS monarch),mspecifically enacted tp put congress in the same position as citizens.

  • NormB

    Pay for congress’ healthcare? Pay for their retirement? We always have.

    Congress, and every federal, state, local GOVERNMENT employee pays NOTHING for their own retirement, healthcare, unemployment, medicare, etc.

    Public employees are paid by taxes. These taxes are paid by people who CREATE wealth, who make the economy work.

    Public employees create nothing which contributes to the gross domestic product. Nothing of value on the positive side of the congressional budget office ledger.

    Oh, they THINK they do. “Why, I pay taxes, says so right here on my earnings statement.” That illusion is keeping us from having a truly open and honest “conversation” about the cost of government. It’s why Detroit is bankrupt. It’s why Compton is filing for bankruptcy in federal courts and the state of California is trying to put off the city employees’ debt (estimated at over $900,000 per true wage-earning citizen) onto the backs of the US federal taxpayers, not the state. More cities will follow, like Philadelphia, Chicago, heck, Cleveland went bankrupt in the 70’s under the mayorship of Dennis Kucinich and he went on to congress to continue the economic policies at a federal level that bankrupted a once vibrant city.

    Why do I say public employees don’t pay taxes? To think that they do is like a man standing in a bathtub with a teaspoon scooping water and pouring it over himself saying “look, I’m filling the tub.”

    Think about it. It’s truth.

  • Tim_Parker_999

    Almost 240 years ago we revolted against Britain for many of the things that our government is doing to us now. Britain, seeing the revolution coming, began to take all the gunpowder & armaments away from the people. . . ah hum, DHS? Sound familiar?

    • LanP

      Countries we refer to snidely as “third world” revolt against their governments for less than this. It’s amazing what a pacified, comfortable society will put up with.

      • Leeza Lee

        Because progressives have castrated the male of the species.

  • Richard Genco

    Our fault. What happened to “they work for us?”

  • terry2u

    The one positive to come out of this mess is that all citizens will be disgusted with the Democrats in office for shoving this crap Obamacare down America’s throats. There will be hell to pay come November, 2014. There will be a slaughter at the polls, like 2010. Dems are running scared and are afraid of voter backlash and they have a right to be scared.

    • GiantClam

      Democrats are drones and liberalism is a mental disorder. Most are LIVs, or elitist pigs, and will continue to vote for their oppressors.

  • jjr5268

    These people suck. And with most people working part time in a couple years everyone but them will be on obamacare

  • friskyness

    everyone who voted for all these democrats……shame on you……..I had more precise words ready to type…..but ……………

    • GiantClam

      …but, even Disqus is in the obbamma tank.

  • Ken

    Anyone still wondering if his civilian army will toe his line.

  • Leeza Lee

    Actually, this changes nothing, right? They’re going to keep their cadillac health plan that has always been paid for by us. The problem that people aren’t seeming to get is that they are not forced, as the rest of us are, onto the exchanges. They don’t have to pay the exorbitant premiums that the rest of us do. Nothing changed for them under Obamacare and that just shouldn’t be.

    • David Johnson

      They get gigantic wages and we have to pay for all of their bills even for their haircuts. Why do we have to do this when they are getting such big wages? My family makes less that $30,000 a year and I have to pay for my own haircuts and all of my insurance. I think it is absolutely criminal that they don’t have to pay their own bills.

  • Polyphemos

    “The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones. So let it be with Pelosi.” - William Crazyass Cracka Shaxper

    • Smokey

      Here ya go

      • Polyphemos

        Yep, destroying America with every minute.

  • pp91303

    This is disgusting. Scores of millions of Americans are going to be forced off their current plans and into the exchanges. In the vast majority of states, Obamacare will make health insurance more expensive and the subsidies end at income levels below $90,000 for a family of four. We will get screwed by this and Congress gets their costs paid for, by us. I hope that liberals out there have at least the basic decency to set aside their partisan hatred to unite with everyone else in demanding that congress deal with this like everyone else.

    If Obamacare is so great, why the thousands of waivers, why wait to implement the employer mandate, why does congress need the taxpayer to pay for their premiums? It’s because Obamacare is a complicated cluster f*&ck intended to put private insurance out of business and to create enough chaos to cause the masses to plead with the government to bail them out with single payer health care.

  • StageCoachDriver

    We’ve been paying for their healthcare all along.

    Amazing how fast this got fixed. But that’s what they get for passing a law without reading and understanding it.

    • David Johnson

      It’s not “That’s what THEY get for passing a law without reading it.”
      It’s what “WE get” for voting these criminals into office.

      • StageCoachDriver

        I hear you and you are correct!

    • strongmind

      “amazing how fast this got fixed”

      sure when “they” were going to suffer like us.

  • Ben Atreide

    Wasn’t there a specific amendment to this economy killing monstrosity that specifically states it has to apply to the lawmakers and their staff? The checks and balances of the Constitution cease to exist with this president who decides which laws he will ignore.

    The government has become too big and the corruption too pervasive. It’s time to start again with a brand new country. In a literary sense, the place John Galt went. Let’s create that place.

    John Galt Take Me With You . com

    • strongmind

      The government has become too big and the corruption too pervasive.— but as long as it keeps providing “benefits” to specific democratic constituencies — it’s never going to get better.

  • Smokey

    Term limits on all of them from the top down…The American worker has to get out and hussle, scratch and claw to not only find a job, but keep it.

    It is time to end these career “public servant’s” free rides.

    • GiantClam

      They are OUR employees, and they’re taking advantage of us, and lording over us as if they’re Royalty. Time to fire their elitist as*ses….starting with obongo (impeach), Holder (indict), Pelosi the skank, Reid the deranged, Schumer – every last democrat and RINO.

  • atillathehunney

    Congress should get their paychecks every other week. NOTHING ELSE. No auto, no living expenses, no entertainment expenses, no retirement funds, no ira’s, no franking privileges, no HEALTH insurance.

    Buy it out of your check– or go without.

  • Missgto

    Oh, thank goodness…..I want these um……”people”…(cough) to be comfortable while I witness them destroying our country with their absolute corruptness and pursuit for Fascism and complete power.

  • Isle of Palms. John

    We have one set of rules(and exceptions) for those in the DC area with the highest per capita income in the US. And a different set of rules elsewhere in the country. This is the same do as I say and not as I do attitude that sparked the French revolution. The Media are the enablers of this fiasco.

    • strongmind

      excellent post, John.

  • Richard Vandiamondsworth

    Special thanks to this website, for doing the job the in-the-tank, boot-licking poltroons of the obozo regime media won’t do.

    • GiantClam

      Do not trust the liberal mainstream media. Their number one job is to protect obbamma, and push their radical liberal agenda on the American public. They are a bigger threat to Americans than are obbamna and his degenerate thugs.
      Liberalism is a mental disorder….and they’re running everything now.

  • Hounder

    We just keep taking this crap enough I guarantee my rep is going to get an ear full at his town hall meetings .

  • presobamaphone

    Once we have called our congressmen, senators. Once we have learned that voting does not matter and the elections are rigged. Once we learn all of the politicians and judges are being black mailed by the NSA. What do we do then? Everything is recorded, we are being watched like a bum in Bloomingdales.

  • Christopher Gadsden

    Sooner or later they run out of other people’s money….. er…. sooner or later they stop printing money…. er…. sooner or later I’ll stop paying…. er….

  • Wayne Van Scoyoc

    That’s not what the law says. The law says subsidies are based on income, not where you work.

  • alnga

    This putrid president is shafting us again. I can not afford what little I have yet we are all expected to kick in for the over paid river rats in DC. Why on earth do they get treated differently than any other American?

  • jsmithcsa

    Why am I paying for their health care? Do Democrats think money grows on trees? Federal money comes from us!

    • skeagles67

      Not even half of it. The rest grows on trees. Cut, mulched, made into paper and printed into worthless paper “money”.

  • Richard

    We have become a nation of the government, for the government and by the government, including the huge slacker class created by the socialist democrats who feed on the government (funded by the shrinking productive class). The rest of us are simply subjects.

  • King Lear

    Horse face Pelosi is a criminal piece of trash. Obamao care is a scam by the big insurance companies to finish off the middle class.

  • Ticlkmeasky Shitawasky

    Shut down the federal government.

  • Brawndo2

    Looks like I’ll need to get a part time job to help pay for government employee healthcare and Obama vacations.

  • Anyone but Obama

    Is it unconstitutional yet, people?

  • GiantClam

    Why the f*ck do we have to pay for their health insurance?? Aren’t they the jokers who unconstitutionally foisted obbammaKare on us?

  • Fred

    “You simply don’t understand. We liberals absolutely understand what is best for YOU. We are also wise enough to understand what is best for US (even though it seems to be much different than what is best for YOU). If only you poor Americans could have our wisdom, you would understand.” Sen. Harry Reid

  • bobvedari

    I don’t want to be “educated” about Messiahcare. I want Messiahcare to be abolished. It is an atrocity and the creators and supporters of it deserve tar and feathers.

  • Hillary Klntohn

    Any f a g o t with aids should get free coverage for life…including these lapsed

    a holes

  • governmenthostage

    Did Obama just bypass Congress, again, and change, interpret, rewrite a law?

    Uphold the Constitution, High Crimes and Misdemeanors?

    The way I see it with the 2009 Stimulus, Auto Bailout, Affordable Care Act, Immigration Reform/Amnesty, Debt Ceiling, National Debt, Quantitative Easing, IRS abuse of Power, Alternative Energy loans and subsidies, Fast and Furious, Increased Taxes, etc., we need a “Brain Drain” in Washington DC.

    Read Harry Browne’s Why Government Doesn’t Work and How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World.

  • eeddggy

    When did American citizens start working for elected politicians? Way past time to cut the Government worker, ie. working for welfare, as America doesn’t need the high percentage of them.

    • mrsharfer

      I have always said that working for the government is an extension of welfare.

  • Bretfox

    Like Obummer said, we must build from the middle. The middle class will be paying for the government worker’s health care subsidy on top of paying for their own family. Government workers, who’s average pay is around $ 70,000 per year is now our new subsidized welfare group paid for by real workers, the taxpayers. Thanks Obummer and Democrats for all you do to us.

    • cupcake

      the part time working upper lower class soon to become the lower class….soon there will be no middle class. what then genius in the white house, what then…..and with hillary clinton as president,…it will be more of the same…..more abuse by govt, more taxes, more borrowing…the absolute downfall of the US begat by a woman….she is a one woman war on women!!!!

  • savesc

    They write the bill and en force it on us and exempt themselves –


  • The redhawk


  • John Whalen

    “We have to pass the Bill to find out whats in the Bill”. Well Congress read it and they don’t like it so now the American taxpayer will subsidize their healthcare costs, because they don’t make enogh money themselves!!! (sarcasm). Of course this was done right before their vacation break. Wake up America and call your elected clowns and voice your displeasure, if its not good for them its not good for Americans!!!

  • SamIamtwo

    They have way too many people helping them write laws…so many that the elected officials don’t know what is in the bills they are voting on.

  • zonable

    Not to worry all you Beltway scum. Washington D.C. will be exempt from any law you impose on the rest of us, per the usual.

  • cupcake

    HEY TAXPAYERS when is enough going to be enough!!!!!! This obamacare is a NIGHTMARE!!!! It’s already affecting the standard of living for all those people who had to lose their full time jobs replaced with part time jobs…..obama relishing his power like hitler did…..

  • cupcake

    govt credo: all men are created equal but some are more equal than others!

  • toray99

    so the ruling party has spoken.


    They jump thru the rim of their azz to give congressmen and their employees fully paid Cadilac plan medical Insurance and our poor veterans have to wait in line for a freaken band-aide.

  • Ken


  • JimmieMee

    Right these poor little staffers making 6 figures just cant make it with out stealing money from 5 or 6 rich citizens making 5 figures

  • Vorenious

    More welfare!

  • 1uncle

    Must stop un-American NObama. Impeach now. Ruining USA.

  • OtrDave

    There is going to be a revolution. Sooner than Later. What happened to Citizen Lawmakers? Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth. It’s slowly leaving the USA!

  • wbonesteel

    We fought a war over this sort of thing, once. When was it? About two hundred and thirty or forty years ago?

  • practicedcynic

    I wish we could transport washington DC to another planet.

  • noodles5

    Another reason for term limits for these bozos. When is this shyt going to stop?

  • Judy P65

    I think it’s going to take millions of Americans marching on Washington and physically removing these crooks. They need a one way ticket home. Amen

  • mrsharfer

    Let’s see if I have this straight…………..I HAVE to purchase healthcare that I can’t afford, so says the SCOTUS. And now I HAVE to contribute to useless federal workers through my tax dollars too? A pox on all their houses! DC would be a perfect spot to drop the MOAB!

  • john galt

    If the time for civil disobedience isn’t here now I don’t know when it will be. Withdraw your support from the beast and it will fall under its own weight. “Cast your whole vote, not a strip of paper merely, but your whole influence. A minority is powerless while it conforms to the majority; it is not even a minority then; but it is irresistible when it clogs by its whole weight. If the alternative is to keep all just men in prison, or give up war and slavery, the State will not hesitate which to choose.” Henry David Thoreau Civil Disobedience 1849

    • john galt

      “If a thousand men were not to pay their tax-bills this year, that would not be a violent and bloody measure, as it would be to pay them, and enable the State to commit violence and shed innocent blood.” Thoreau

  • Jon Weiss

    Just one more in a long list of reasons that in all upcoming elections the word “incumbent” is an autistic disqualifier for getting my vote. Congress has for years refused to invoke term limits, so it is up to “we the people” to do it for them, without votes.

  • Jon Weiss

    If you are a democrat and did not vote to remove you elected Reps in the last election, and replace them with something other than an Obama lackey, then you are as guilty as the crooks in congress who voted in favor of this debacle of a law.

  • PTM123

    So the political elite and their entourages get a deal on health care costs…at the expense of all the rest of us!? That may turn out to be more costly for them than they think.

  • Bruce

    You can keep your own doctor. If you like your current plan you

  • Sally Smith

    Obamacare is based on lies, hypocrisy, and illegal activities. Here are 35 examples:

  • steve

    Hate to break it to all you taxpayers but the sad truth is that, while you may be paying 75% of the premiums for Congress members, you will be paying 87% of MY costs if I switch out of our private insurance that we pay directly and go into one of Obama’s exchanges.
    Simply put, I can continue to pay the $300/month it costs to cover my wife and myself or I can switch to a Silver “exchange” plan which costs $1000/month but we would be eligible for a subsidy of about $870 which is paid by the taxpayers. Our net out of pocket would be $130 isntead ot the $300 we now pay.
    Sad but true.

  • geezer_daddy

    Yeah we the people will let you know in 2014 how we feel about you “servants of the people” and your toadies getting out of Obama care while we got thrown under the bus. If you voted for Obama care and are up for relection next year do yourself a favor don’t bother to run.



    1. You MUST buy health insurance.

    2. You may not create a new location for your business w/o govt approval (Boeing).

    3. You must eat only food authorized.

    4. You may not use the name Barack Obama in vain (ie AttackWatch).

    5. The name God shall not be uttered in public events, unless CLEARLY referring to Barack Obama.

    6. You must support the homosexual agenda.

    7. You must hand your kids over to the Government of pedophiles.

    8. You may not speak/write anything against the gov’t.

    9. You may not possess or distribute the American flag at public events

    10. You may not assemble in groups more than 2 people.

    11 your kids must eat what is mandated…


    13 YOU must be unarmed….


    I pledge Allegiance to

    the flag of the United States

    of Sodomites to the degenerates

    for which it stands one Nation

    Under Sodomy with Liberty

    and Justice Only for Sodomites.

  • DesertEagle1776

    If one is not angry, one is not paying attention…..

  • tonycoza

    does it bother any of you liberals, “progressives”, democrats, or whatever any other obama/ obamacare supporters might call yourselves, that all of the most fervent supporters of this legislation will not be required to participate. Are you all really too dumb to see that if you are not in a union (at least 85% of workers), don’t work for the federal government, are not in a position of power to gives lots of money to obama, that you will be paying for the however many millions that will get this “free health care”.

  • CoolTex

    Scammers! If they can’t pay, working Americans have no chance to pay it…law makers make around $175,000 a year…what’s someone making $25,000 going to do? Ripoff legislation to suck the medical businesses dry…

  • thenations

    I’m guessing that this is the deal Boehner cut with Mr. Obama in exchange for two things: Boehner will help get the Senate’s version of the amnesty bill passed by the House, and he’ll also find a way to nix the proposal to split “obamacare” away from the CR. I’ll be more than happy to be proven wrong on this guess. Not holding my breath, though.

  • IVillageIdiot

    As I’ve said before, Socialism, is a Patronage Cabal.

    In the same way the Romans worked, in the same way the European Feudalism worked, in the same way the Fascist work, and in the SAME WAY.. Crony Capitalist work…. The Chicagoan Cabal sitting in our WH trades its supporters and their supporters by extension, favors and payments, and grants, and laws, and ANYTHING ELSE they might need for “support”.

    Its that simple.

    The King awards “Lands and Titles” to those willing to support the King and who are wiling to field troops on his/her behalf when the power of the thrown is challenged. It is literally NO DIFFERENT here, save in name only.

    The “King” in our WH trades Grants, Loan Guarantees, Laws, Appointments, Favors, and all manner of other things, to those who will look the other way when asked to do so, or who will ride to his aid when commanded to do so.

    You may THINK… we’re Civilized, but we’re not….

    QUOTE: (sic) “We’re gonna punish our enemies and we’re gonna reward our friends who stand with us on issues that are important to us”

    -Barrack Hussein Obama

    • tpaine1

      That’s why I call him “Mad King Obama.” He’s just as bad as King George III. “Law? What law? The law is what I say it is.”

  • SouthboundJones

    How fitting that the “Office of Personnel Management” has the same initials as “Other People’s Money”.

  • Justus Iselusive

    Sooooo EVERYONE else, all us poor schlubs have to pay for OUR health care, the healthcare of the poor and indigent and illegal aliens, and now 75% of Federal Employees who make way more than I do???? WTF????

  • no

    Pick your targets carefully, do not let your congress rep and senators get away with this crap. Call them and tell them they are done if they and their staff receive even more special treatment.

  • skeagles67

    I would like on go on record by stating that I believe this is the least we taxpayers can do, and further I don’t believe that we taxpayers do enough for our elected representatives.

    • tpaine1

      He says with tongue firmly in cheek.

    • palmvos

      the sarcasm is strong with this one.

  • Notagainboot

    Quit paying taxes, seems obvious to me. Why do you live in fear? Because you choose too.

  • Richard78X

    I’m in no way defending Obama – can’t stand the man, but you’re fooling yourselves if you think anybody else voted and/or bumrushed into that position would be any different, then you’re naive. Past administrations, the current one and any in the future will follow the exact same protocol be they democrats or republicans, because at this point and for a long time now, it is a two-party dictatorship controlled by forces and entities the media will never even mention (my people perish for lack of knowledge?) The sooner we face reality and realize that this entire system is broken, and that the only way it will be fixed is when we the people unify in a cohesive movement to do just that. But then, it will require that we too fix ourselves. Things and situations don’t change of themselves. To quote the great motivational speaker, Jim Rohn: “For things to change, we have to change. For things to get better, we have to get better.”

    • skeagles67

      How do we get better? Shoot the democrats?

  • bittman

    Under Obamacare, the American middle class will pay for our own healthcare, as well as for the healthcare of the 30 million that didn’t have insurance before Obamacare and the 30 million newly created uninsured under Obamacare, the Detroit pensioners. And, NOW WE ALSO HAVE TO PAY FOR CONGRESS’s healthcare! Additionally, there are 22 new taxes in Obamacare that businesses and health insurers will pass onto us. All of these additional costs are essential for the Medicaid quality healthcare that we will now receive.

  • Lew

    For the Obama administration, laws only apply to the little people. Not the people in power.

  • Ben Atreide

    Wasn’t there a specific amendment to this economy killing monstrosity that specifically states it has to apply to the lawmakers and their staff? The checks and balances of the Constitution cease to exist with this president who decides which laws he will ignore.

    The government has become too big and the corruption too pervasive. It’s long past time to start again with a New America.

    John Galt Take Me With You . com

    • tpaine1

      Time for another lawsuit.

  • Jacopone

    This should spawn a national tax revolt

  • TheFallofAmerica

    I’m going to renounce my citizenship and become an illegal alien, Then I won’t have to pay for anything, Not quite as good as the congressional plan but I can live with it, I’m looking for suggestions on what mental malady I should choose to get my SSDI.

    • ernaldin

      Laziness has been a legitimate disability for decades, however it would be beneficial if you were a negro….

      • TheFallofAmerica

        Sorry, I’m not willing to go that far. I wish to retain at least a little dignity

  • tinnerjim

    …quietly the thugs have helped themselves for to again…WTF is wrong with all of us idiots? Somehow we all believe “if we could only get that other guy to vote the same s us….” Third party anyone? Term limits?

    • ernaldin

      I’m for turd limits!

      • palmvos

        they are crappy

  • jimmie smith

    A simple way for Americans to screw up the works, is not to sign up! After all it’s all about the money.

  • Kitten

    Criminals! Lock them all up!

  • Bourbeau

    Read the fine print!!!! I don’t trust a damn thing any of these people say. They have created a monster that the public will be saddled with going forward and now they are running amok trying to soften the blow on themselves. This is what happens when you pass laws you haven’t read and let it be said now, these crap-heads will find ways to neutralize the financial and coverage impact on the morons that propagated this monstrosity and they won’t have to pay a dime.

  • davidsunkle


  • ernaldin

    They always do this to us, enact a law and then exempt themselves. However, WE continue to elect them. What is the definition of insanity?

  • TheFallofAmerica

    A black kid asks his mother, “What’s a democracy?”
    “Well, son, that’s when white folks work every day so we can gets all our benefits,
    you knows like free cell phones for each family member, rent subsidy, food stamps,
    WIC, free healthcare, utility subsidy, & the list goes on & on, you knows”.

    “But mama, don’t the white people get mad about that?

    “Sure they do, that’s called racism!”

  • rudehost

    Why bother doing things legally when you have an emperor that can just decree stuff? The rule of law is so pre-2008.

  • The Demon Slick

    This is not the Rule of Law,
    this is the rule of rulers.
    Stop it!

  • tpaine1

    Unbelievable. Democrats, once again, exempt themselves from the very laws they force on the rest of us. Another reason to kill this whole “nasty bit of socialism.” We can’t afford it!!

  • PattyShirey

    Bunch of idiots!

  • Randy Brown

    The commissars always except themselves. We are fast becoming a nation ruled by a government elite who go to D. C. and never leave. They are sucking the life out of this country.

  • Nickthestick1

    Obamacare – The Damned thing just might work! And that’s really what scares the crap out of the republicans!!

    • roastytoasty

      Work how? By holding people prisoner until they fork over for the coverage?

    • fr0thing

      Obamacare – it’s too complicated for you to read so shut up about it.

  • roastytoasty


  • Wolverine7680

    Yeah, I have not read The comments below but if this was ruled as a tax by the Supreme Court how is this even legal within that specific framework that was laid out, taxation etc?

  • Joeyblitz

    As complicated as the Obamacare law is ,I am pretty sure I figured out the motive to implement the law. Most Blacks obviously have no health insurance.So Uncle Barry ,is gonna make sucka whitey’s pay for their health insurance ,as reparations for slavery. Yeah!,free health insurance for blacks ,while our rates go up 200% .Impeach Obama,Pelosi,Reid,Holder,Feinstein,&all the other criminals working for this wimp..

  • gwedem5995

    Reduce the military, bankrupt the country, silence the conservative voices and that is how you destroy the country. Good work, Obama

  • karl

    Went to Moyers page to post in support of photo Ids for voting.
    I was kicked out and told that I am not allowed to post on that site.
    No four letter words …or “racist” my post.
    Just a reasoned view for protecting the voting process.
    Kicked out and told NOT to come back. So much for Liberals and free speech.,

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