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March 28, 2015

Reid, Schumer Encouraged by Boehner’s Immigration Push

Key Senate Democrats on Thursday were pleased to hear that Speaker John A. Boehner, R-Ohio, continues to push for an immigration overhaul.

After a news conference, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., praised the possibility of action in the House overhauling immigration laws, but he didn’t comment on the expectation that the House’s legislation would provide legal status for illegal immigrants but not have a pathway to citizenship.

“Any movement I like,” Reid said, adding “it’s way too early” to say if Democrats would back the bill.

“I am happy [the House] is doing something,” Reid said.

Sen. Charles E. Schumer, D-N.Y., who helped draft the Senate immigration bill, said he didn’t want to comment on specifics of the possible proposal, but praised the fact there may be action.

“I am glad they are doing something,” Schumer said. “We have not said they have to do our way, a big large bill … they want to do it in pieces. But I remind you that they will need Democrats to pass any of their bills. So that is good because the more bipartisanship you need to move anything the better things will be in the House.”

  • freedom man

    If the politics of immigration don’t change, it is likely that these children and grandchildren will run to the polls from 2025 on just to vote against Republican candidates. Most every Democratic presidential nominee will start the general election with heavy majorities of the African-American and the Latino vote. Forget about an anti-immigration Republican ever winning a statewide race in California down the road.

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      if we continue to flood this country with third world unskilled illegals.. we wont have a country in 25 years.. we will be worse then where Mexico is right now.. violence.. gangs.. drugs.. and corruption..

      • Tom Smith

        We are actually getting the worse Mexico has to offer
        -the illiterates, the unemployed, the criminals, the dead enders.
        We are absorbing Mexico’s trash.

    • Tom Smith

      In The Year 2525, who will know if man will be alive….
      Let’s stop this in 2014, so we don’t have to deal with more hordes in 2025.
      Deport, deport, deport.
      Yes We Can.

      • freedom man

        no u can’t belev me u can’t to late they have usa born citizen to late my freind if u name adolf hitler maybe u name is ?

  • freedom man

    time click is our side

  • Chin Kim Chong

    A greet opportunity for the GOP to show that they can propose good legislation


    We need Americans working and not illegals..time to take this country back from rich elites who want to force Americans to work as slaves…

  • Rick Caird

    Boehner should hold off doing anything about immigration until the Senate starts doing something about the House’s bills like change to ObamaCare.

  • jr

    When your political opponents are encouraged, you are doing something wrong, Boehner. Looks like I’ll stay home in November.

  • SaraB55

    Boehner must have a political death wish.

  • elHombre

    Given enough time, I’m sure the rest of us will see the upside of amnesty, etc. Flooding the market with cheap labor? Driving up the illiteracy rate? The United States of Mexico? What?

    C’mon, John, give us a hint. More votes for Dems? Maybe that’s it!

  • bittman

    Of course, Reid and Schumer are happy because they know if the House Republicans do this, they will lose many of their Independent and base voters. But, hey, they get to keep the money from the Chamber of Commerce even if they lose in the upcoming elections.

  • camdenme2

    Boehner’s speakership is on the line. A move by him for AMNESTY will result in his downfall !!!

  • Goldenah

    Even the readers of the NYTimes (usually the most sympathetic to illegals) don’t want anything to do with the Senate amnesty bill. I’m surprised at how much liberals / progs want the law enforced and people deported. Not even a potential Dream Act moves them.

  • gthog61

    If reid and schumer are “excited” then it is 180 degrees in the wrong direction.
    WHy even bother to elect Republicans? They just look for ways to crumble.

    • Tom Smith

      When Reid and Schumer get excited,
      it’s a signal for John Boehner
      to bend over, drop his pants, and take it up the derriere.

  • Tom Smith

    So Boehner passes a path to legalization for the 12 million invaders in the USA.
    Ad then what about the additional 4 million invaders expected to “arrive” in the next 10 years?
    You think Obama or whoever is going to deport them?
    This isn’t “reform”, it’s institutionalizing the issue, surrendering to open borders.

  • Santiago Alemedia

    This is worse than NAFTA for American and Legal Resident workers: Dumping an extra 11 million newly legalized job seekers into a market that already has three applicants for every job! Then, on top of that, allowing businesses to import up to 200,000 new workers every month! This may be a big help for international corporations doing business in the U.S. but taxpayers, U.S. workers will suffer again.

    And just what does an amnesty for illegals say to our naturalized citizens and rule of law?

    We’re told that U.S. can’t deport 11 million illegals, well, yes we can! But we won’t have to if we start enforcing existing law penalizing employers who hire illegals and having a solid employee-verification system. Also, it would help if we added one new law making it a crime to be in the U.S. illegally. Currently, that is only an administrative infraction.

  • Boston You

    In this YouTube video we find a typical example of the foreign ideology espoused by today’s liberal democrats:

  • Michael Nunez

    Well, if Chris Dorner, Lakim Faust, Ed Schultz, Troy Gilmore Jr., John Muhammed, Hussein Obama, Lee Boyd Malvo, Demetrius Glenn, Allan Brauer, John Van Allen, and Aaron Alexis are any indication, it’s pretty obvious that today’s liberals are becoming increasingly unhinged, violent, and aggressive.

  • Hitched

    There’s no serious difference between today’s liberals and their socialist, marxist, and communist ancestors.

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