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May 24, 2015

Reid: ‘There’s Not Going to Be a Grand Bargain’

(Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call)

(Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call)

Majority Leader Harry Reid said Thursday that he expected little more from the formal House-Senate budget conference than some relief from automatic spending cuts under sequestration.

The Nevada Democrat called the suggestion of a “grand bargain” including an overhaul of entitlement programs “happy talk.”

“I hope that we can do some stuff to get rid of sequestration and go on to do some sensible budgets — budgeteering. I’ve got a wonderful leader of my Budget Committee, Patty Murray from the state of Washington, and I feel pretty comfortable that she’ll do a good job for us, but … I hope there would be a grand bargain, but I don’t see that happening,” Reid said on Nevada radio station KNPR.

Murray and House Budget Chairman Paul D. Ryan, R-Wis., are set to convene the first formal meeting of the budget conference committee on Oct. 30.

“On sequestration, we’ve done one year of sequestration. It has been brutal,” Reid said, citing billions of dollars in cuts to the National Institutes of Health.

Reid’s comments underscore the ongoing disagreement between the parties about new revenue as part of a larger deal.

“The only people who feel there shouldn’t be more coming in to the federal government from the rich people are the Republicans in the Congress,” Reid said. “Everybody else, including the rich people, are willing to pay more. They want to pay more.”

Reid rebuked the Nevada Public Radio host when he was asked what Republicans would have to concede to get Medicare and Social Security cuts on the table.

“You keep talking about Medicare and Social Security. Get something else in your brain. Stop talking about that. That is not going to happen this time. There is not going to be a grand bargain,” Reid said. “What we need to do is have Murray and her counterpart in the House, Ryan, work together to come up with something to get out of this senseless sequestration and start the budgeting process so that we can do normal appropriation bills.”

Reid said Republicans would have to agree to more tax revenue to get anywhere near a bigger deal.

“They have their mind set on doing nothing, nothing more on revenue, and until they get off that kick, there’s not going to be a grand bargain on — there’s not going to be a small bargain,” Reid said. “We’re just going to have to do something to work our way through sequestration.”

Also, 30 of the 34 Republicans on the Armed Services panel have written a letter pushing the budget conference committee to ditch defense cuts.

  • Glenda Ray

    Should say the world’s greatest debilitative body.

  • Scott S

    “the world’s greatest deliberative body”???…I think you need to change that!…THIS ‘deliberative body’ is a JOKE! And Harry Reid is a PERFECT example!

    • joannes

      Yeah…that word ‘deliberative’ would imply that everyone gets a voice and that all ideas and opinions would be listened to AND considered…OH….and even that there MIGHT be compromise. I read little Harry’s words and what I hear is that he has already decided against compromise, YET AGAIN! He’s going into this with the notion still of ‘It’s my way or hit the highway’….so there’s nothing deliberative about the body, other than they have deliberated and decided to play their same ole game.

      • Barry_D


  • Gyst53

    Tell me about it…
    Read all of the president’s Executive Orders to see his “Official Agenda”

    Scary stuff when you read some of the details….Like changing the Uniform Code Of Military Justice and peacetime Marshal Law!
    Obama Executive Orders to Date…

    • greggy44

      File Not Found

    • markpkessinger

      President Obama has issued fewer executive orders than any president in the last 100 years.

      • Gyst53

        Be careful of statistics…

        The foundation of Fascism is the conception of the State,
        its character, its duty, and its aim. Fascism conceives of the State as an absolute, in comparison with which all individuals or groups are relative, only to be conceived of in their relation to the State. The conception of the Liberal State is not that of a directing force, guiding the play and development, both material and spiritual, of a collective body, but merely a force limited to the function of recording results: on the other hand, the Fascist State is itself conscious and has itself a will and a personality — thus it may be called the “ethic” State….

        …The Fascist State organizes the nation, but leaves a
        sufficient margin of liberty to the individual; the latter is deprived of all useless and possibly harmful freedom, but retains what is essential; the deciding power in this question cannot be the individual, but the State alone….

        Benito Mussolini – 1932

  • walter12

    Reid is not only an arch leftist and lapdog of this monster and demon Obama, he must now also be wacko, nuts, insane, looney, crazy.

    • MNJAM

      Possibly the only human being in the Senate.

    • dectra

      “Arch Leftist”

      Did you get that from the Batman movie, Walter?

      Do you really find your commentary helpful, or even civil?

      • Turning Leaves

        Taking his cue from Majority Leader Reid.

      • cubanbob

        I would like to know how Mafia Las Vegas Senator Reid managed to become a multimillionaire when he has spent almost all of his “working” career in government “service”.

    • chesed1

      It may be the other way around, according to an article I read just recently.

  • ID-2

    Reid is such a nice, rich dude. Oh wait, he can hide his money in offshore accounts which most “rich” people in this country cannot. Nor do they have access to a guaranteed pension and million dollar health benefits.

    • chesed1

      Time to tax the off shore, and with all of NSA’s abilities they shore know, so IRS can get the information too. Time to close that little portal of reward for those who can afford to hide their $.

  • JP2012

    Screw you Harry, I don’t want to pay more…not another dime until the 40+% that pay nothing begin to pay.

    • strongmind

      I would be satisfied if all those receiving a government check pay 10% just so they know the money isn’t free and what the rest of us feel like when we have to pay so much to keep them and bigger gov’ment afloat.

  • Karl Quick

    “I will NOT negotiate!” …all over again. Reid and the Democrats are firmly convinced that there is NO reality beyond what is in their minds.
    The debt in the nation is growing faster than the savings, wealth, population, economy, jobs, etc. But supposedly, we simply need to give them more money to magically turn into more and more handouts.
    And if we can’t make everybody happy by consuming the entire pie, we’ll borrow more pie from the future…. he learned about infinity in grammar school and he figures we can borrow indefinitely from the future since it never ends! :-(

    • dectra


      If someone has a gun to the head of the American Economy, and you know if you negotiate, they’ll only demand more quixotic things, why would you negotiate?

      • Turning Leaves

        If someone is holding a gun on you they’re generally looking to take your money. Reid is looking to take your money in taxes. If anyone is holding a gun to the head of the American Economy, it’s Harry Reid.

      • Peakview

        Always the violent memes from the leftists. Do you think Obama was holding a gun to the head in 2006 when he was adamant that raising the debt ceiling was bad? Of course not. He was principled! Lol
        Amazing that so many lefties buy into the default nonsense. The White House would hve to choose to default. there would always be enough income to pay the debt. Obama and Reid could have ended this before any shutdown by taking the “compromise” of ending the medical device tax – something most all of the Democrats in Congress want to do. Why didn’t they take that “compromise”? Who was being unreasonable again?

      • cubanbob

        You are right. No negotiations. Let the sequester continue.

      • Karl Quick

        So, you agree, it is amazing the Republicans offered so many outs for the Democrats when Harry and BO put the gun to the head of the American economy? …right!
        FACT: the 2nd CR passed by the House (1st or 2nd day of shutdown) offered 100% of funding with no more than a 1 year delay in the enforcement (i.e. you would still see ACA implemented and policies available) and elimination of special benefits for congressional staff. HARRY rejected the offer out of hand!
        He could have very easily responded offering just the 1 year delay we’re probably going to get anyway…. and have ended the shutdown after only TWO days.
        Harry’s intransigence, coupled with the debacle, has made the House Republicans look like geniuses in retrospect.

      • chesed1

        Not sure WHO you think has the gun to the head, me it is Ob. & Reid.

  • artmanncpa

    Raise taxes with the Growth we are experiencing………..NO WAY!!!
    Pure lunacy from a senile old bitter has been.

  • Bruce

    Harry Reid is clearly out of touch with many Americans…..I for one have NO desire to pay more in taxes and would like to see Government downsized rather than expanded.

    • dectra


      Where exactly do you plan to ‘downsize’?

      The Federal Government is now at the smallest level in 50 YEARS; under LBJ we had 4.6 million Federal Employees. Today we have 2.1 Million employees, Federal hiring declined last year, with new government hires dropping to fewer than 90,000 in fiscal 2012.

      So, WHERE exactly do YOU propose we cut? Let me guess: you’d gut the IRS (and then complain we don’t have enough money to secure the border), Cut the EPA (and then complain about toxic waste water coming from your taps)

      • Harry_Voyager

        We just added 300,000,000,000 USD to the debt, since the listing of the debt ceiling. The entire US budget was ~40B USD in 1950, which, adjusting for inflation was about 300B. We litterally just borrowed the cost of an entire Federal Government in what, two weeks?

        If we are at the smallest we’ve been in 50 years, where is the money going?

      • Peakview

        This is what lefties like to do: pull out details about some aspect of an issue and ignore the big picture. First, how do you ignore the total spending? Three trillion and it isnt enough. Jeez. Might there be something else going on? Yes there is. Contractors. Direct employees have been replaced with contractors. One reason is just so statists of both parties can make the argument you just did that there are less “employees”. More importantly, there is way more opportunity for graft and corruption using contractors.
        This meme that we are already down to the bone is hilarious. How can any sentient being take Reid and Pelosi seriously when they utter this drivel. They don’t believe it (at least I hope they don’t). They are just playing to their base.

        • kaymad

          Actually, contractors don’t get those nice gold plated government benefits. So they could save the government money as long as they use the bidding process properly. Unfortunately many in congress and other departments muck even that up.

      • Pam48

        When LBJ was president, federal workers did not get the type of wages they receive now because of the benefits and ability to retire earlier. Now federal workers are getting private sector wages and the cushy benefits. Remuneration per worker is much higher. So even if there are fewer workers (which is difficult to believe), the debt for their wages our grandchildren will incur due to borrowing will leave them dependent on the taxes extracted from a shrinking middle and upper class. What can’t go on, won’t. Eventually the goose laying the golden egg gets put in the stew pot.

        • chesed1

          Feeling the water warming already!

      • cubanbob

        Welfare. Taxes are for services, not charity. And your employment figures are suspect since most of those on the government payroll back in the 60’s that were reduced were in the military. Take the military out of the equation and the federal civilian workforce has expanded.

      • MarkJ

        Gee dectra, you’re acting as if chopping down to size loose cannon, hubristic bureaucracies staffed with fanatic administrators and their own personal paramilitary units is a BAD THING.


      • JustDon

        Where did you get your numbers?

        The only reason I ask is that the U.S. Office of Personnel Management disagrees with them. Are you saying you have better numbers than they do? If so… how?

        According to the OPM, there has been a very slight decrease in total federal employment since the 1960s – but almost all of that has come from reductions in the size of the military. (Interesting as well that you would cherry-pick the Johnson administration, which was clearly an outlier in terms of over-employment of federal workers.)

  • RobMonty

    There is a specific account at the US Treasury called Gifts to the United States, which was established in 1843 for citizens who want to contribute to the federal government. If Sen. Reid is correct and there is a large number of taxpayers who “want to pay more”, then why doesn’t he simply ask them to offer gift contributions to the government instead of fighting to force those of us who fund the federal government (roughly half of us) to pony up more of what we’ve earned for ourselves? I seriously doubt his claim is credible in the slightest, which he must know, because the IRS isn’t swamped with checks from taxpayers clamoring to pay more than what they already pay in taxes.

    • disqus_LCueQldq7g

      For the same reason that, for my rental units, I take the same tax breaks that other landlords do, EVEN THOUGH I think those breaks could be pared back a bit.

      • fictitious

        So, you are proving his point. You don’t WANT to pay more.

        • disqus_LCueQldq7g

          Nothing of the kind … no trouble paying more if all pay more …

          • goodspkr

            I guess misery demands company.

          • Peakview

            Why do you need to be coerced into doing what you think is right? If you think the government will use your money better than you will then write the check. This “everyone has to do it” excuse is, well, acting like children. Be a leader. Write the check. Be James Smithson for the modern age.

          • Fen

            Ried’s lying and so are you. There’s a box on your tax return that allows you to pay more than you owe. If people really “want to pay more”, nothing is stopping them.

          • cubanbob

            So you have no principles or convictions.

          • Bill Gryan

            That’s called being a “liberal.”

          • cubanbob

            Yes sir! Liberal with your your money and mine. Funny thing about him: he’s the kind of cheapskate who won’t volunteer to pay a dime to charity so he needs to be compelled to pay taxes for charity.

          • monsterdog

            If you want to pay more, nothing is stopping you. That’s the point. The other point is that you, like Reid, want to force OTHER people to pay more. I already give up 40% or more of what I make to various levels of government in various forms. You think I should pay more. I think I’m paying enough, and infinitely more than nearly half the population. Who is trying to force something on who here?

            Reid bleats about the sequester being “brutal”. Well, if the government wasn’t in education and healthcare and saving spotted owls where it doesn’t constitutionally belong, they wouldn’t need so much money. Further, I have not detected in my own life, nor have I heard the faintest rumblings among my acquaintances and friends of any complaint about needed services not being freely accessible. That’s because the feds are redundant in the extreme in most cases. We already have a full educational apparatus in each state. Why do we need a one-size-fits-all extra layer of federal crap? Same for health. Same for environment, except that the feds in that area seem to try to do nothing but cause people problems. We have 100 alphabet-soup agencies plus Homeland Security “protecting” us. The FBI and CIA used to do 95% of that themselves. Why all the extra expenditure? Because congresscritters love them some pork, especially when they can claim it’s “for the children” (education is great for that one, too).

            You pay more. I’ll shut down the government (ACTUALLY shut it down, not the play-acting we just witnessed where nobody lost any pay and they got to keep their unemployment too) before I’ll agree to a single dollar of more taxes. Never in the history of economics has raised taxes not been followed by increased spending…in ANY country. Of course, government types have never in history actually cut spending without a gun to their heads. So when Reid or Obama claim it’s unfair to have a gun to their heads…well..that’s the only thing their ideological forebears have been shown to actually understand.

          • chesed1

            You ears may hurt from the applause and whistle! Nailed it you did.

            If Reid wants more taxes it he can get it from all the off shore accounts but my budget is shot to He double hockey sticks by health insurance/care, and taxes. Enough cut the spending!

          • William Neff

            Please give me a break down of what taxes you pay and what percentage of your income that is.

          • stopspending4

            No,you are trying to pick and choose who pays more. The “rich” should pay more yet there are almost 50% who pay nothing. If YOU wanted to pay more, as you said, you would not take the tax credits that you take. Be real. You can not say you want to pay more then tell us you choose not to. Your desire to pay more has nothing to do with what others pay – either you want to pay more or you do not. I can agree that the system should be revised but that is not what Reid/dems are proposing. The Reps proposed tax reform and have been ridiculed by dems. Walk the talk or shut up.

  • AwakenNow

    Harry Reid – Heck NO! NO MORE TAXES. Stop the fraud and waste of our tax dollars.

  • Guerroro_viejo

    LMAO! Ask Dhingy Harry’s accountant how much he paid in taxes last year.

    • dectra

      Way to stay on topic, Guerrorro.

      Perhaps you should re-read the article, and come back when you’ve got something of substance to present.

      • cubanbob

        Take you own advice and don’t forget to send in your surcharge tax check.

      • joannes

        I fail to see where it’s off topic! Harry said lots of rich people WANT to pay more taxes. As a good Mormon, he should be one of the crowd. I’ll bet if his taxes were checked, any extras he gives to charity goes to his church. I believe the feds should be out of the equation on all sorts of things that money gets spent on in the social realm and it should be as it once was, that we donate locally through our churches or local agencies and help those close to us in our own communities in a VOLUNTARY manner. I see nothing wrong with wondering if little Harry walks the talk that spills from his mouth.

  • Geo Velo

    The Treasury takes checks every day of the work week….cashes them too. Perhaps Reid can give out the addresses so that all those folks wanting to pay more can send in their extra money.

  • bobvedari

    “The only people who feel there shouldn’t be more coming in to the federal government from the rich people are the Republicans in the Congress,” Reid said. “Everybody else, including the rich people, are willing to pay more. They want to pay more.”

    Get this through your pinhole size brain Harry Reid. I am not rich and I don’t want to pay more taxes. I don’t want rich people other than liberals who are so free with other people’s money to pay more taxes. You clean up the rolls of parasites and then come and talk to me. But you won’t do it, Harry, because (a) you’re an irritant and (b) the parasites almost all vote for you. So not only are you a barnacle that feeds on parasites, but you have a conflict of interest, which would make you a criminal if you were in the private sector. But since you’re a politician, it makes you EVIL. You are a mean, small, little boy, Harry, and you deserve to be publicly rebuked by adults in your party. Just kidding: there are no adults in your party.

    • Evan Grantham-Brown

      “Just kidding: there are no adults in your party.”

      This from a Republican? Oh, I suppose there are a few adults in your party. They’re cowering under the table while their psychotic teenagers set the country on fire.

      • bobvedari

        Not a Republican. Registered Independent since the 70s. And yes – there are a few adults in the R party, and no, Cruz isn’t one of them. But there isn’t a single adult in the Democrat party. Every one of them is a tax and spend parasite loving socialist. Messiahcare is 100% Democrat and is the worst legislative abomination I’ve seen in my lifetime (Japanese Internment – by a Democrat, BTW and slavery being worse, but before I was born). But Messiahcare would not be the law of the land were it not for the lying, cheating, fascist Democrats. I stand by what I said.

        • dectra

          Nice bit of chidish name calling there, bob.

          Glad to see my former party has sunk to new lows….by they way, you forgot to call him a Marxist Kenyan Usurper…..Limbaugh is gonna’ drum you out of the GOP for not kowtowing the party line.

          • sez-who

            Dectra – hadn’t you better have a little chat with Evan Grantham-Brown above?

          • MarkJ

            Rush Limbaugh laughs at you from his mountain power.

          • kaymad

            What’s with the obsession over a talk show host? Does free speech really drive you that crazy? To bad government doesn’t have more control over stuff like that, right?

          • stopspending4

            I despise the name calling so I will put some facts behind the names Bob used since you seem to be selectively uninformed.
            Lying – “you can keep your health care. benghazi was caused by a video, I will stop the war, etc
            Cheating – IRS targeted Tea Party and Dems allowed or helped them. Adminstration knew about it and took no action. Fast and Furious – gun running did not happen until they were caught lieing and then had to retract the lie.
            Fascist- centralization of power by a dictator – this is exactly what O did when changes the Obamacare law, refusing to enforce immigration laws, deciding sanctuary cities are OK but enforcement by Texas Arizona, etc is not OK. Executive rule when congress would not approve cap and trade. Fast and Furious is OK because the gov did it.
            If you need more back up for those few names used,let me know. The poster never called Obama a Marxist or Kenyan. Obama being born in another country is the least of his problems.

        • muslimmustgo

          Ted was doing what the PEOPLE put him into office to do!!!Fighting against the tyrannical,oppressive obama communist welfare state!!

        • whipmeco

          Except that it was patterned from the template of Romneycare in Massachusetts. So that can’t be 100% Obamacare. Thanks for playing though.

      • bobvedari

        Also – the only psychotics that burn things are Leftists. The thugs in unions and gangs (parasites all) and the OWS crowd (more parasites) – all burn things when they don’t get their way. And for more on Leftist “adulthood” check out

        So – please – when your side grows up, let me know.

    • strongmind

      great response! I am saving it for inspiration. Thank you.

  • Jon Galt

    F U Harry Reid…

    • dectra

      Another uncivil comment by the GOP

      • sez-who

        I look forward to your apology for all the uncivility that comes from the Democrats.

      • toddm123

        Kinda tame compared to most of the responses I read/hear from Democrats. Look at MSNBC and you’ll get worse than that any day.

  • rr_nyc

    Compromise? Why do that? Just blame Republicans for being stuborn.

  • strongmind

    say Harry, could you remind us again what was it that all my hard-earned tax dollars accomplished under previous democratic administrations?

  • Redeye80

    Harry Reid, you have no clue. Some village is missing their idiot.

    I am not rich but not poor and I have NO desire to pay more taxes.

  • ojfl

    So they already raised taxes in Obamacare, they raised taxes again this year and they are still coming back for more. Now I am not sure I know that many people who are willing to pay more taxes. I am not.

  • Mr. Fever Head

    The grandest bargain of all would be a Senate day off to attend Harry’s funeral.

    • dectra

      And yet another hateful response by the GOP.

      And you wonder why folks are leaving the party, fever head….

      I’ll tell you why: You profess to be Christians and Compassionate, when in fact you are (in practice) neither.

      You practice hate and hypocrisy at every turn.

      • ojfl

        Mr. Fever’s response was objectionable but you should get down from your high horse and stop blaming a party for Mr. Fever’s actions. If you have not seen Democrats saying the same thing you have not visited many sites dectra. It is not the parties, it is the individuals.

        • Mr. Fever Head

          No really. I’d rejoice to see him impaled on a yew pole in front of the capital mall. How objectionable could that be?

          • ojfl

            I think most of us would settle for him being defeated at the ballot box or losing the majority Mr. Fever .

      • sez-who

        Wishing Harry’s absence from the political scene shows compassion towards the citizens of the US and the nation as a whole. He doesn’t necessarily have to die, just make himself scarce. The deathwish probably originates from an attempt to use the New Civility as espoused by the left.

      • joannes

        I don’t like name calling on either side, but the liberals, BY FAR, are the most hateful and vile in the name calling. And I am not a Republican either. Left that party back in 2008. I just want a government that operates according to the US Constitution for a change and leaves the people alone and the States alone! OH…and as for the Christian comment….you guys really like to imply that just because someone is a Christian, they should no longer have an opinion or a feeling. Sorry fella….what we want is that someone out there pay attention to what is right and moral and ethical to be doing. We are very compassionate, but we are certainly allowed to have opinions and feelings and to be just as human as the next guy!

      • Mr. Fever Head

        You have no clue what I profess so you have no basis to call me a hypocrite. Nice try pud knocker.

  • DC Packer Backer

    Reid and his Democrat counterparts haven’t produced a budget in five years so what normal appropriation bills is Reid talking about. What a disgrace.

    • joannes

      Yes, just one of the MANY, MANY laws that have been broken by this Administration in order to hide from the American people exactly WHERE all the money is actually going. Don’t you suppose that, with a little checking, we would find that the millions paid for the company that botched up the website, was totally overpaid and somehow was a ‘pay back’ to someone high up in that company for donations to someone’s political campaign? Or someone’s relatives?? They are so damned crooked…on both sides….and they think WE are too stupid to see what they are doing. It makes me want to refuse to pay anymore taxes until they work off a legitimate budget! I think there should be a tax revolt myself!

  • Andre Leonard

    Our geriatric majority senate leader will never make sense. He’s too old.

    Sequester is the best thing to happen for taxpayers saddled with a $17 trillion debt.

    Sequester does what our geriatric Harry Reid cannot do, cut spending…..

  • foreverflag

    Everybody should love to pay more taxes to the biggest tax cheats in Congress.
    What a joke this government is becoming

    • Beaux Weevil

      Agree, but don’t you mean “has become”?

  • monsterdog

    ““The only people who feel there shouldn’t be more coming in to the federal government from the rich people are the Republicans in the Congress,” Reid said. “Everybody else, including the rich people, are willing to pay more. They want to pay more.””

    I’m not a Repub in congress. I’m not even a Repub anymore. And I most assuredly DON’T want to pay more, nor am I as anxious as many congresscritters seem to be to ensure that I and everybody else DO pay more. There is no universe in which you speak for me, Harry. You don’t do anything for me, you don’t share my priorities in the least, and I’m starting to wonder if you’re even a very smart man. I used to think you must be or you wouldn’t have gotten to congress, but…

    So your people are going to do a “good job” on the budget, eh? I presume that means you’re finally going to do your jobs and balance it. Good for you.

  • vb_guy

    correction: anyone not currently paying taxes would have no problem with other people paying more taxes ….

    reid is a vile, hate-filled, vindictive, little-man … thanks Neveda!

  • cubanbob

    Let’s get rid of the secret vote. Vote Republican and you pay the current tax rate applicable to you. Vote Democrat and you the same plus a surcharge. Vote Libertarian you get a discount. Vote Green or for another further left party and you pay an even larger surcharge. People should put their money where their mouth is.

  • Chris Of Rights

    I question the photo being used. There’s no evidence that the Senate Majority Leader can read.

  • MarkJ

    Something tells me Harry Reid got his glasses knocked off and his lunch money stolen a lot when he was in grade school….and now he’s revenging himself on the rest of us.

    What an insufferable jerk.

  • bittman

    In the meantime, our national debt continues to grow. If you are interesting to see the growth in debt, deficit, and revenue during the presidencies of Reagan, both Bushes, Clinton, and Obama, here is a nice chart using data from the Congressional Budget Office:

    The CBO has said our national debt is not sustainable and we will eventually default–the only question is WHEN and WHICH LIABILITY will cause it. It will probably be the entitlements or, if the interest rate increases for our national debt, it could be that.

  • NotFromHavana

    As usual, Reid is pandering to his political base instead of trying to get ahead of our problems. Jacking up rates will have exactly the wrong effect on our anemic growth and employment. Doing so would soon lead to less revenue, not more. The rich would just raise prices and funnel money otherwise invested in businesses and jobs to pay the taxes. The exact people that vote for Dems would get hit the hardest. Until we get honest people of good will in charge of the Senate, we will continue to decline.

  • kaymad

    We’ve had divided government plenty of times, notably under Reagan, Clinton and even Bush. Democrats absolutely won’t come to the table and even if they did, does anyone really trust Obama not to go back on an agreement they could get out of him? Bob Woodward chronicled how Obama would make a deal only to walk away from it the next day. The man isn’t trustworthy.

  • bdelsol

    And there you have it. it’s clear which side refuses to negotiate, who refuses to address the looming entitlement bankruptcy, who refuses to put forward any serious ideas to reduce our crushing deficit, who refuses to offer an annual budget as the law demands. as geithner so irresponsibly said with a smirk, “we don’t have a plan. we just know we don’t like yours”. i am under no illusion that republicans have all the answers. but at least they acknowledge the problem and offer sound solutions. until democrats get serious about our problems, and offer their own solutions, we will get nowhere. and the consequences are on them.

  • higgy01

    I think Reid is on the same stuff the space cadet Pelosi uses. Even all those nitwit Hollywood millionaires that said they would welcome a tax increase did not volunteer to give some of their ill gotten gains to the U.S. Treasury. Dingy Harry creates his own imaginary people in his own imaginary country like any good user.

  • JohnnyL53

    Hmmmmmmm. $ 3.8 Trillion budget for FY2013. $85 Billion in sequestration cuts. This is “brutal”. It’s barely more than a rounding error. Even with the cuts spending is still going to go up. Harry ought to get his head out of his butt and just start with the amount after sequestration that he is allowed to spend and continue from there. Of course he wants sequestration removed as it puts somewhat of a lid on spending for the next 9 years. Without sequestration, any promises to cut future budgets is just fantasy which he knows.

  • higgy01

    We have done 6 months of sequestration and no one has been hurt. Reid, like his sociopathic buddy in the WH has brown eyes.

  • JustDon

    “They want to pay more.”

    No. No, they don’t. How do we know?

    Because if they *wanted* to pay more, they could. our tax system allows for people to pay additional taxes beyond what is required.

  • Dencal26

    We don’t need higher taxes. We need less spending

  • paulhogue

    What would it be like if the Senate Majority Leader actually did their job?

  • Alohajonny

    So it is all the Repubs fault right???

  • Roger Gunter

    when harry reid mentions the rich he has the republicans in the same sentence,but the truth of the matter is there are more rich democrats than repubs. harry reid has a convoy of lawyers protecting his money and paying little or nothing to our govt.

    • 34nelson

      Harry’s latest comment about rich folks are happy & willing to pay more taxes as well as Americans in general.. Harry get you liberal rich congressmen to give back their salaries & talk all their friends to pay more taxes so they buy more votes. Stonewall Harry..His title is Senate Majority Leader…I see no leadership out of this mean spirited man

  • Mike

    Like many of you have said, in so many words, Reid has already made up his mind on all budget issues. For the good of the U.S. people he is not open to new ideas, any form of compromise, and presumes to force his will on all fellow Democrats in the Senate. This is the worst kind of partisanship there is, and by the Majority “Leader” of the Senate. Wow! How about this? Rather than stonewall the Republican party, he should prove his position with facts and documented information that support his beliefs. Let the truth set us all free regardless of party philosophy – tell us why your way is better than their way, and why? If it turns out that it is not, then admit your ignorance, do what is best for the people you represent, and vote accordingly! Get your ego and your Party out of the way and DO WHAT IS BEST FOR THE U.S. PEOPLE!

  • Ranger211

    Give ‘em hell, Harry. Don’t give the faux patriots a chance to put on fresh undies after they soiled themselves trying to constipate the entire country, or the President ANOTHER chance to wash their linens AGAIN for them.

  • Ken V

    Maybe we’ll get lucky and Harry Reid will have a heart attack and die. I’m sure his father Satan would welcome home

  • Guest

    Taxes went up in January and Sequestration followed shortly thereafter. That’s the Grand Bargain. Live with it.

  • wolverineconservative

    Harry – out here in flyover country, we do not want to send more money to Washington. Not one penny more until there is a serious effort to reduce waste fraud and abuse. The only ones delusional enough to want more money to be invested (wasted) by politicians are you psychotic liberals.

  • Mary Crawford


  • bscook111

    Reid is despicable.

  • valwayne

    Sen Reid is the slime that told CNN during the Shutdown that he would let Little Children with Cancer DIE before he would pass a bill authorizing their care. Obama and Reid on the two most dishonest, dispicable, partisan, divisive, inept, incmpetent, and damaging failed leaders our nation has ever seen. Their will be NO Deal because Nobody can trust LIARS and Betrayers like Obama and Reid. Ever the Saudies NO longer Trust Obama, and the Israelis never have. Keep in mind that Obama cut the burial benefits for our honored war DEAD to make political points during the shutdown. Nobody can deal with a man that dishonest and that dispicable.

  • underwearbomber

    Gee good thing Nevadans voted sensible, centrist Harry Reid back in in 2010 and not that Sharron Angle whom Crazy Harry managed to label ‘crazy.’

  • richard40

    So he wont do anything with entitlements, but wants to break the sequester so he can spend as much as he wants, and get a tax hike t suck even more from the private sector. Its basically back to tax, spend, and borrow. If repubs cave into this, they are worthless as a party.

  • Charles Hensel

    Here is a reality check for Mr. Reid; no new taxes, no comprehensive
    Immigration reform without border security first, no expanded government
    welfare programs. The sequester is the republicans leverage, and if I had my way, the conservatives would play golf for the next three years until we get a real president. The idea that Americans want to pay more taxes is the alternate reality Mr. Reid lives in. If so, how about we extend income taxes to the 50% of Americans that don’t pay any today. I bet they sure want to pay more taxes.

  • Charles Hensel

    Here is a reality check for Mr. Reid; no new taxes, no comprehensive
    Immigration reform without border security first, no expanded government
    welfare programs. The sequester is the republicans leverage, and if I had my way, the conservatives would play golf for the next three years until we get a real president. The idea that Americans want to pay more taxes is the alternate reality Mr. Reid lives in. Americans all want to pay more taxes, but congress sure does not want to pay for their own participation in Obamacare. How about we extend income taxes to the 50% of Americans that don’t pay any today. I bet they sure want to pay more taxes.

  • Charles Hensel

    Here is a reality check for Mr. Reid; no new taxes, no comprehensive
    Immigration reform without border security first, no expanded government
    welfare programs. The sequester is the republicans leverage, and if I had my way, the conservatives would play golf for the next three years until we get a real president. The idea that American want to pay more taxes is the alternate reality Mr. Reid lives in. If he is so interested in paying more taxes, how about signing on to Obamacare and feeling the pain. Why don’t we extend income taxes to the 50% of Americans that don’t pay any today. I bet they sure want to pay more taxes.

  • gmonsen

    The Tea Party broadly is taking over the GOP. Obamacare represents a 10-15% tax across the board on all Americans. The GOP needs to stand firm on the debt ceiling in February.

  • Laurie Moore

    Good for harry! If ONLY he can keep to his word better than he the three times about ‘Filibuster’ Governing.

  • arlette29

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