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March 28, 2015

Ted Cruz Pulls an All-Nighter to Defund Obamacare

Sen. Ted Cruz and his colleagues continued making floor speeches through the night, showing no sign of letting up as the sun rose over the Capitol on Wednesday.

The Texas Republican got no shortage of help in the overnight hours, especially from Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah.

At one point, Lee delivered an impromptu constitutional law seminar (in the form of a question, at least nominally), discussing the history of the Commerce Clause, including the decision in Wickard v. Filburn, in which a farmer produced more wheat than was allowed by federal law.

That case has long been criticized by conservatives for representing a time when, in their view, the Supreme Court took an overly expansive view of the federal government’s role.

Cruz aides were praising Lee for providing a much-needed assist to the effort, which kicked off at 2:41 p.m. Tuesday.

Cruz has controlled the floor longer than the senators involved in some of the chamber’s most memorable long speeches, including the effort earlier this year by Kentucky Republican Rand Paul.

Cruz and his Senate supporters are speaking to encourage fellow Republicans to oppose a bid by Majority Leader Harry Reid to strike out language in the stopgap spending measure the House passed last week that would defund Obamacare.

Senate Republicans are opposed to implementing the 2010 health care overhaul law, but many disagree with the tactic favored by Cruz and Lee, which would require GOP senators to vote against limiting debate on the House-passed continuing resolution that they support.

In any event, under Senate rules, the cloture vote that Reid set up Monday will trump Cruz at noon, with the vote coming automatically at 1 p.m.

  • mikekelley10

    It’s shocking to see someone in the “world’s greatest deliberative body” actually stand up for the taxpayer. The “go-along” RINO’s must be really mad at this guy.

  • TheDarkHelmet

    Anybody who bashes Wickard v. Filburn is okay in my book. One of the worst Supreme Court rulings ever. Kudos to Cruz and Lee. This fillibuster won’t stop Obamacare, but it’s going to shine a spotlight on some ugly warts.

    • Charles Wolf

      Ha HA HA HA,,, Wickard v. Filburn ROFFLMFAO.
      I can see it now,,,
      The Million Farmer March on Washington
      in support of the Cruz version of the USC.
      Ted got so excited during that part,
      he dropped a couple of pellets in his Vitter-rag.

      Hay Krooznut, you’re about 3/4 of a century late.

  • LouAnnWatson

    wow, ted cruz is approaching the length of some of obama’s speeches…

  • monsterdog

    God, how I wish Cruz or Lee represented me.

  • Bassgeye

    Stand up and be heard! #MakeDCListen #HR2131

  • Charles Wolf

    Ted Cruz Pulls an All-Nighter
    Cruzie Speaks.
    America Sleeps.
    (…except RW Tweakers, they stay up all night)

  • Charles Wolf

    Reid says Cruzathon was interesting
    but he (Cruz) said nothing new and
    his stunt is a “…big waste of time.”

    That may be an understatement, but it’s correct.

  • Alexis

    America has a new Patrick Henry – reincarnated in Ted Cruz!!; “Give me liberty or give me death”.

    Finally – a ‘Mind Energy’ has broken thru a ‘first tier’ of The Hell of Vergil’s escort of Dante thru the dense darkness of America’s Inferno: It’s present-state Collective Consciousness.

    ‘Tiny’ as it is, it is the first breakthrough of America’s predominant Collective Consciousness since ‘it began going intro remission’ – with the Civil War.
    It is only a first step – but, it is the ‘biggest step – psycho-dynamically – to have pierced those energies since this country entered the beta curve of its ‘self-destruct energy state’ – at the point of the Civil War, when ‘the energy dynamics of the psycho-social requirements of the Abolition, culminated in 1883, in a ‘War of Minds’ that has battled on ‘sub-rosa’ ever since, as the psycho-social dynamic of this country’s Constant War against Itself.

    The ‘spiritual’ precepts – that is to say, the ‘higher-energy-level’ Thought Product which is an Energy-State, that is an infinite realm of Consciousness from which all ‘Mind Product’ is produced – whether Positive or Negative – is not ‘religious’ per ‘Formal religion’ is the infrastructure of ‘Mind-Programming’ -designed to ‘control the subconscious mind of the masses’ to perform like automatons, as ‘demanded’ within the socio-economic structures of those who ‘control them’. – as are all ‘Social Belief Systems’.

    The Constitution is not ‘just words’ – ‘words’ mean nothing absent of the Force-Crib of Their Energy Origin that is their Life-line – from their ‘original thought dynamic’ to its conclusion – somewhere in the vast arena of ‘relativity’ – which we know nothing about only ‘evolutinary step by evolutonary step of our Mind’s Consciousness-State level of inverse Intellgence of Causative Energy-Dynamics – but which is ‘the entire Cosmogony of our exisence’. Science has been trying to figure that out since forever.

    The further the country has moved from that ‘Consciousness-State of an Energy-level that ‘produced those Thoughts’ – on which this country was founded, the closer the U.S. has come to extinguishing ‘Itself’. “A BOUDICA POINT OF VIEW: Take No Prisoners”



    “HOW JOHN ROBERTS RESET ‘OBAMACARE TO PUTINCARE’”/ What Really Happened in Benghazi – and Why”

    “Obama’s ‘Big Schizophrenic Lie Technique’ reverses Hitler’s ‘Big Lie’ to a ‘Big Truth’ so colossal that no one believes he isn’t lying”

  • richard40

    I had alwasy like Cruz, from when I first heard him speaking when he originally ran in the senate primary, now I really like him. I hope either Rand Paul or Cruz wins the repub prez nomination in 2016.

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