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May 24, 2015

Democrats Up in 2014 Vent Their Obamacare Anger in White House Meeting (Updated)

Sen. Mark Udall (CQ Roll Call File Photo)

Sen. Mark Udall said he let the president know how upset he is about the troubled rollout of the health care law at a White House meeting Wednesday. (CQ Roll Call File Photo)

Updated 3:50 p.m. | President Barack Obama heard an earful at the White House Wednesday from Senate Democrats running for re-election next year who are fuming about the Affordable Care Act’s rocky rollout.

During a two-hour meeting that was not on the president’s public schedule, the president met with 15 Senate Democrats facing the voters next year, as well as Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Chairman Michael Bennet, D-Colo.

Sen. Mark Begich of Alaska issued a release after the meeting torching the administration.

“It is simply unacceptable for Alaskans to bear the brunt of the Administration’s mismanagement of the implementation of the Affordable Care Act and that is the message U.S. Senator Mark Begich delivered to President Obama today,” his office said in a statement blasted to reporters.

The release went on to say that Begich complained about “an unworkable website, technical glitches and inaccurate information about peoples’ individual situations. Begich demanded the administration fix the problems immediately so Alaskans, including the 55,000 eligible for subsidies to lower monthly premiums, can realize the many benefits due to them as a result of the health reform law.

“Alaskans should be appreciating the critical benefits of the Affordable Care Act but there is an understandable crisis in confidence because the administration has yet to get it off the ground,” Begich said.

Sen. Mark Udall of Colorado said he let the president know just how upset he is about the troubled health care law. He sent out a release saying that he had pressed the administration to extend the enrollment period due to the problems with, ensure that the data on the website is secure and make other modifications.

“The rollout of has not been smooth — to say the least — and I shared the concerns of Coloradans directly with the president,” Udall said in the statement. “Consumers should have the time they need to shop for a plan and enroll after the widespread problems with the website are fixed. I urged the president again to extend the enrollment period to give consumers enough time to make an informed decision about their family’s health insurance options. I also told the president that, for the Affordable Care Act to succeed, consumers need to be confident their personal information is secure. We need to do everything in our power to protect the online marketplace from hackers and cyberattacks.”

A White House official released a readout of the meeting “to discuss the progress that’s been made” and “hear their input on existing challenges” with the law.

“The President emphasized that he shared the Senators’ commitment to ensuring that Americans who want to enroll in health insurance through the Marketplaces are able to do so in time for insurance to start as early as January 1st, and throughout the open enrollment period which goes through March 31,” the official said. “He also discussed ongoing efforts to ramp up communication and education outreach to consumers who have received or might receive letters about how their individual market plans might be affected. In addition, the President also reiterated that the Administration is working to protect the privacy and security of consumers and to ensure that online Marketplace applications are protected by stringent security standards, with ongoing testing to help safeguard personal information.”

Udall also sent letters to Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and to Marilyn Tavenner, who oversees the agency charged with implementing the law, outlining his concerns.

In addition to Bennet, Udall and Begich, attendees included the other Senate Democrats up in 2014: Cory Booker of New Jersey, Chris Coons of Delaware, Richard J. Durbin of Illinois, Al Franken of Minnesota, Kay Hagan of North Carolina, Mary L. Landrieu of Louisiana, Jeff Merkley of Oregon, Mark Pryor of Arkansas, Jack Reed of Rhode Island, Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire, Brian Schatz of Hawaii, Tom Udall of New Mexico and Mark Warner of Virginia. Ed Markey of Massachusetts, who is also up in 2014, did not attend because he was chairing a hearing on USAID and Peace Corps nominations.

After the meeting, the president’s trip to Texas was delayed about an hour. He is scheduled to give a speech on Obamacare and attend two high-dollar fund-raisers for the DSCC. Bennet boarded Marine One with him on the South Lawn and will make the trip.

The White House meeting came as Senate Democrats have grown increasingly concerned about the rollout, with Sen. Barbara A. Mikulski, D-Md., saying Tuesday that the early problems had created a “crisis of confidence.”

  • scientist5

    Yes, and these same STUPID Senators voted in lock-step for the ObamaCare bill. They even went out and told the citizens of their state how wonderful it was going to be. Even though, anyone with a grain of commonsense knew otherwise. Of course, why would the typical uninformed voter want to elect anyone with commonsense?

    • Gomez – Impeach Obama

      Or that knew it was two words.

    • Gary Kunkel

      They voted for it 40 TIMES and prolonged a government shutdown to defend it. They write legislation. It’s their responsibility to fix it. They’d better get on this real soon.

      • Stephen Daugherty

        Prolonged a government shutdown? Or was that the people who started it in the first place, and ultimately got nothing?

        You folks are so steeped in your lies you can’t even take responsibility for your own actions.

        • Gary Kunkel

          Let’s be clear here. The House passed a bill the Democrats didn’t like.
          This resulted in the shutdown. The House then passed numerous bills to
          allow the government open or to fund individual agencies. The Democrats
          rejected each and every one until they calls for a delay in the program
          were removed – a delay that not only was responsible and humane – a
          delay that Democrats and the president KNEW was necessary but pursued it
          only when it worked to their advantage. How absolutely vile.

          hey, you guys won the battle. The Democratic party proved to be
          extremely adept at playing political games with the American people.
          They won Obamacare. American families lost. Congratulations.

          • Stephen Daugherty

            You’re being clear as mud: the House altered a pre-existing deal by inserting a provision, which, on its own, had been rejected about forty times before. Unless you’re meaning to argue that Republicans in the house are too stupid or naive to expect the same thing to happen again, or suffering from some sort of amnesia regarding the results of all those votes before, then it’s absolutely damn clear that the Republicans picked the fight.

            As for the battle? To do what, precisely? To reopen the donut hole further? To give Insurance companies back the subsidies they are bribed with to market Medicare Advantage plans?

            Oh, let us tell all the people with Pre-existing conditions that insurance companies can kick them off! Back to lifetime caps! Back to insurance companies being able to increase their prices arbitrarily, and devote more money to padding their bank accounts!

            Oh, and yes, nobody has to buy healthcare insurance, but people can sure as hell go bankrupt on medical bills can’t they, and visit the emergency rooms at great cost! Oh, lets toss people off of medicaid, force them to buy insurance at full price…

            Do you EVER stop to consider just what you’re fighting on the side of, or is it good enough that you’re fighting liberals, and nothing else matters?

          • Gary Kunkel

            First of all, I have absolutely no problem with the objectives of Obamacare – none whatsoever. However, the means employed in this legislation have proven to be far more harmful than good.

            This legislation has resulted in millions losing their insurance … MILLIONS. Unless ever becomes functional, they’ll be left with nothing – those with and without pre-existing conditions. Many who have shopped for insurance plans have found extremely costly alternatives – which they can’t afford to use even with subsidies.

            The Democrats love to deny it but people have lost jobs or had their hours reduced because of ACA compliance issues. Too bad for those families.

            And given all of this, the Democrats have refused to take a step back and ask, “Do you think we’re doing this right? Is Obamacare the only way to solve our health care coverage problems? Maybe, just maybe we need to start over again.”

            You know you’re right. Republicans were too stupid to think that would ever happen.

          • Stephen Daugherty

            1) And it’s given healthcare to millions more, save many on their healthcare as well.
            2) I think they’ll do their best to make it functional. They know what’s at stake.
            3) I think more people have lost jobs on account of corporate executive being greedy bastards willing to kill thousands of jobs in order to raise the value of their stock, than on account of Obamacare. Hell, there’s actually documentary evidence that all the BS the Republicans have done has killed about 2.1 million jobs that otherwise would have been there. I tell you what’s really going to happen: as the economy improves, those jokers are going to realize that added costs or not, they can’t run the business all by themselves.
            4) There is no starting over. The old system is dead. We revise things from how they currently are. Besides, start over in favor of what exactly? There don’t seem to be a lot of constructive suggestions coming from your side. I mean, when’s the last time the opponents of Obamacare on the Right actually offered a decent replacement?
            It gets worse because of this one basic fact: Democrats basically incorporated their market-based ideas. So with all this hysteria in their party against Obamacare, they can’t promote anything like it! So, politics closes off their conservatively consistent path of action.
            As for the Senators venting their frustrations? Many of these people are the same ones who insisted that Democrats go for the Mandate instead of the public option. What they need to do is grow a pair of whatever their relevant gonads are, and realize that they’re not helping their political situation any by panicking. If Republicans hadn’t been pushing their hardline-repeal attitude, we could have gotten revisions that would have improved the outcome, but instead the main changes to the law have been negative ones forced by the court decision that allowed Republican Governors and Legislatures to sabotage the Obamacare rollout.

        • papal

          Stephen it seems you have a zero understanding of strategy and tactics. What the repubs got was the dems defending an unpopular bill that has turn into a fiasco.
          1. First Cruz and company come out demanding that the repubs stop Obamacare. Dems come out saying it is not going to happen and that they will stop the onslaught on Obamacare
          2. Repubs offer a second option of a one year delay. By now the dems are pretty cockey that they have the repubs back on their heels and the dems say no.
          3. The repubs submit it appears with an extension on debt.
          4. Dems do not have time to savor their (appears to be) victory because they scrambling around defending the Obamacare fiasco and a bunch are calling on special meeting with the president about their future in congress.
          5. The dems only oppurtunity to avoid the fiasco was to accept the repubs second offer. They didn’t and now find themselves painted into a corner.
          6. Now nobody is talking about the shutdown except Obama in his many excuses.
          7. Now the news is full of the Obamacare fiasco, the concerned dems losing their jobs over Obamacare, and the Obama lie “you can keep your insurance, period”.
          And Stephen thinks the repubs “ultimately got nothing”

          • Stephen Daugherty

            Typically, I would not praise bad luck for opponents as good tactics. If the Obama Administration gets it working better, then the brilliant tactic you’re describing goes away.

            As it is, they struck their blow right in the middle of the shutdown and crisis. One message muddled the other.

          • papal

            Luck had nothing to do with it. The repubs had a headsup and wanted to make sure the dems doubled down on Obamacare. I would guess that the repubs are working on their big battle in Feb and the dems are scrambling about trying to figure out what to do about Obamacare

          • Stephen Daugherty

            1) So they threatened a potentially devastating default to do that? Nothing about the Tea Party, who instigated all this, indicates to me that they have that kind of cunning.

            2) Did you notice how badly it devastated the Republicans in the polls?

            3) You didn’t hear all the Republicans, especially those in the senate, saying it was all a bad idea?

            4) How would they find out that it was going to be a problem? If they didn’t know, they can’t use knowledge they didn’t have to strategize in advance.

            5) Obamacare polls haven’t budged. If this was really a masterstroke and not masturbation, there would have been some shift in opinion.

          • papal

            1. You act as though a default would be the end of the world, it was political drama. The Tea Party deserves much more credit than you give them and what really makes you an expert on the Tea Party?
            2. Nobody is talking about the shutdown now, they are talking about Obamacare
            3. I don’t pay too much attention to they senate, since the 17th admendment they have become detached from the states they are suppose to represent.
            4. Just because you don’t pay attention doesn’t mean they don’t. I’m sure the administration knew but were not concerned and figure the media wouldn’t do anything about it.
            5. opinion has been shifting, maybe not in your bubble but here in flyover country the fly over country senate dems are worried

          • Stephen Daugherty

            1) Yes. I act as if it would have profound impact. I remember Republicans thinking in 2008 that letting the banks get taught a lesson by their failures was seen as a good idea. Then deeper panic set in, and the Republicans soon saw the light on backstopping the marketplace.

            The Tea Party Republicans have never really demonstrated real savvy when it comes to judging what the effect of certain political actions and comments are. More to the point, they seem to disdain hiding what they’re really after. They want you to know, so that when they succeed, you’ll know they beat you.

            They don’t have to be politically savvy to get opportunistic about the problems.

            2) I think you should read more about what the Tea Partiers are actually saying. I’m confident of two things: that the Obama Administration will do its best to get the website working, and that the Tea Party Republicans, having once again failed to see how damaging these debacles are to their brand and the GOP’s, will attempt to push another damaging crisis.

            3) Wow. First, if you know your constitution, whether or not you agree with the popular election of Senators, that popular election is Constitutional, and because of how Congress is set up in the original body of the document, it’s necessary for passing laws, confirming appointments, and Treaty ratifications. Ignoring the senate is blatant political stupidity.

            4) Really? Your fictional version of the current Administration is a lot more trusting of the cooperativeness of the media than this one. You have no proof that the Congressman knew in advance. All you have is this prejudice that the media’s in the tank for them.

            5) Actually, there has been little to no shift in the polls about Obamacare. As for flyovers? I live in a flyover state. What’s with all these assumptions you’re making? It seems nowadays that folks on the right just take their own rhetoric at face value, which is always a dangerous thing to do, since polished talking points are often short on the facts. Those non-coastal Democrats are worried, but they’ve always been worried.

    • Bill Gryan

      Exactly. You break it, you buy it.

  • papal

    Ot all could have been avoided had the dems taken the repubs second offer to delay a year. They could have held off the embarassment of the rollout fiasco. I think the repub had a heads up and that is why they pushed defunding knowing it would get the dems all worked up. Then the repubs offer a one year delay but by then the dems were in a fever. Now Barry is on the campaign trail again preaching to Obamaheads who are the only ones buying the lie. Period.

  • NorCalFoothillRich

    So they all voted for it, but now, like cockroaches when the light is turned on, they’re scurrying for cover because they’re up for re-election in 2014. Actions have consequences!

    • scientist5

      However, the uninformed electorate will vote incumbent without giving the issue a single thought. We are mired down with a bunch of dead heads who keep getting elected over and over and over. Why? A stupid electorate who do not take time to think.

      • bomber

        You mean like how they keep voting the do-nothing repubs into office? Like that?

        • dave7777

          We need guys like you to give us a laugh or two. Can you get some new material?

          • Duey Miller

            Nothing funny about having 536 loons making laws.

        • rosetta_stoned

          You mean like how they keep voting the do-nothing repubs into office?

          Um, doing nothing is looking pretty good right now compared to the steaming pile you leftists passed into law.

        • Mad Hatter

          I would rather have them do nothing, instead of passing a junk law like the Un Affordable Care Act.

        • JamesJ

          Pathetic…like your messiah

        • C. Edmund Wright

          Govt works best when it does nothing…..except undo what it did in the past…..

          • Stephen Daugherty

            Government does best when it looks at what it’s doing, rather than blindly applying assumptions.

          • C. Edmund Wright

            your infantile naivete and trust in cubicle dwelling bureau-rats is cute….stupid….but kind of charming in a kindergarten utopian kind of blithering ignorance…

          • Stephen Daugherty

            Oh, I don’t have that trust you’re talking about, just the sense that objectively speaking, it’s colossally stupid to believe that all solutions lie in repeatedly hitting the undo button.

          • C. Edmund Wright

            yes you do, but you don’t realize it. Everything great in our life is because govt hit the UNDO button and allowed others to produce it…or better yet, it’s an area where the government never hit the DO button in the first place. Let me translate for you: the GOVT UN DO button is what we call LIBERTY.

          • Stephen Daugherty

            What you got there is snake-oil. If you rely on that bumpersticker as your solution to all problems, if you don’t even bother to look at the actual problem to determine its solution, you’re going to screw up an awful lot.

        • Captain America’s Wife

          Republicans have to spend most of their time cleaning up demoncrats’ messes.

        • scientist5

          Well, you might be right, but the do nothings are not destroying America – the Democrats are busily dismantling our Democracy.

  • Peter Wilson

    So when will these 15 Senators ask for the REPEAL of Obamacare ? its far to failed and disastrous to delay.

  • rmccormack

    But inquiring minds want to know – how did these all-knowing Solons actually vote when it came time to jam the Unaffordable Care Act down our throats?

  • Im_Rick_James

    They broke it. They bought it. And we are going to crucify them with it.

  • TheresaAK

    Screw you Mark Begich….you lying sack of obama

  • Tin

    They should have read the bill before passing it

    • DVPFLA

      The knew what was in the bill. They just knew if the middle class found out what was in the bill, they were in big trouble. Wow look who is in big trouble now that those chickens are coming home to roost.

  • alwaysthink

    These Senators should be talking to their state Governors and Insurance Commissioners about why so many states are creating many of the problems.

    In CA the state has cooperated with CoveredCA and we have over 100,000 licensed Insurance Agents who are helping everyone in the Individual and Small Business market make good decisions on health insurance for 2014 among all the private plans both inside and outside the Marketplace established by the ACA.

    Why hasn’t every state made sure their Insurance Agents are enrolled to help?

    • Look_A_Squirrel

      ObamaKKKare does not permit insurance agents to act as navigators- only former Acorn members and felons can be navigators.

      Your state exchange comment shows you’re not paying attention, Vermont has a state exchange – it doesn’t work and the governor extended everyone’s cancelled healthcare by 90 days. Alaska has a state exchange. 3 people signed up but they found the subsidy calculations are wrong so the site has been taken down and those 3 are in limbo. Oregon has a state system – not one person has signed up. California has a state system and healthcare that has been sold state wide can now onlly be sold county wide reducing the number of plans drastically and resulting in huge premium and deductible increases.

      ObamaKKKare is a travesty that must be repealed.

    • Guest

      “alwaysthink” is an inappropriate handle for you. If we could get you and your ilk to think just a little tiny bit, that would be great.

  • bomber

    Lost in the fine print…Congress refused to fully fund roll out. Guess which ones in Congress?

    • papal

      I guess if you want to find blame elsewhere you just do it. The big problem with Obamacare was all the regulations that the HHS was later to write or “shall be determined” thru out the bill. A lot of them were hidden until after the 2012 elections so the software written prior might not work with the newly determined regulations as we are not finding out. I wonder why they were holding all those regulations back until after the elections. The problem with Obamacare is the substandard leadership in the Oval Office.

      • Look_A_Squirrel

        The bill was as ill concieved as slavery. It should never have been passed in any form.

        The government does not do anything better than the free market – not better, not less expensively, not with better delivery – and dems know it.

        • papal

          If history serves me correct wasn’t the dems the ones who trying to keep slavery. The repubs abolished it so the dems started a new plantation called welfare.

    • rosetta_stoned

      Not a chance, boy.

      This is all yours. Own it for once.

    • Captain America’s Wife

      Forget about it! Obama’s name is written all over this law…literally.

  • bomber

    Gosh, I guess none of the people posting here like the ACA? I’m so shocked!

  • sigh

    I can’t wait til they face their real bosses back home. Never forget what these people did. Ostracize them from your communities and businesses. Thug traitors, the lot of them.


    These democrat senators need to remember Obama already got what he wanted from them. They also need to remember Mr. Obama does not negotiate. We all can remember Obama told Republicans he does not negotiate. They are screwed. The American middle class is so screwed.

  • newguy40

    What was Kenndey’s quote?
    “Victory has a thousand fathers but defeat is an orphan.”
    I guess none of the dems want to be a “father”, eh?

    • Look_A_Squirrel

      JFK – not Teddy.

  • OldmanRick

    Gosh darn, those unintended consequences for not reading the bill before it became law just might bite the dims, who bet their all on a pile of digested bull fodder, in their respective posteriors.

    • Brightmeadows

      It wouldn’t have made a difference if they’d read the bill. Most of the damage has come from “rules” promulgated after the bill was passed.

      • Look_A_Squirrel

        The “rules” are disastrous but the original 2,000 page bill was a direct shot to the brain. The rules are just jumping on the non-beating heart.

      • C. Edmund Wright

        And reading the bill would have made that imminently obvious…

  • rosetta_stoned

    It’s now quite obvious Sens. Begich and Udall are racists. There can be no other reason for their outrage over the ACA.

    • Look_A_Squirrel

      Don’t forget obstructionist, radical, terrorist, ransom holders and negotiating with a gun to the head.

      It’s amazing how Obama and the dems project their behavior on others and the media still hasn’t picked that up.

  • dmfarooq

    The GOP House majority have attempted 44th time in last three years to repeal and defund Affordable Healthcare Act . ( ACA ) , for a reason ! The GOP in congress failed every time . A number of Dem Senators driven by their politics at home at this time to seems to be concerned . Nevertheless , they only live who dare ! President Obama has his legacy at risk , with Affordable Healthcare . There are millions of people under Affordable Health care Law who : a ) would not be denied insurance for any preexisting health conditions , b) children under 26 would be included on parents insurance and c ) Medicaid for those under disadvantaged economic circumstances . d ) The residual effects on economy , job creation programs and deficit reduction etc. The Republican party rank and file knows this for fact . If and when Affordable Healthcare becomes part of most of U. S. families survival and dependability kit 24 / 7 . The million of, beneficiaries of Obama care would appreciate it at some time in future .The party would be over ! ,The GOP in Congress do not wish to take any chances with full blown implementation , and see Affordable Healthcare Act. to be implemented and in full operation . The ACA would be too risky a bet for Republicans ‘ , eventually survival as a political force in future would be at stake . The GOP advantage of 149 Seats in the House led by gerrymandering , and successes in voter suppression efforts for impacting election results in many States ,combined would be completely wiped out with the Affordable Healthcare revolution in support of President Obama and Dems . Notably , in the aftermath of worst economic recession in decades , financial melt down , and low economic growth with high unemployment rate of 7.2 per cent . The GOP in Congress and right wing conservative opponents should be honest and particularly serious about issues and concerns of most adverse affects on beneficiaries of Affordable Health care Law with America . That is the path for success and prosperity of all the people , and politics on Health care in these United States.

    • Look_A_Squirrel

      Your rant is delusional. The Black Caucus keeps its seats thanks to gerrymandering so democrats benefit just as much from the practice.

      Medicaid – the government’s product – is the worst healthcare imaginable with outcomes documented to be no better than no care at all, is rife with fraud and waste of money the taxpayer could have spent more productively if had not been confiscated.

      ObamaKKKare has resulted in less choice at higher prices and more people losing their healthcare than at any time in the history of healthcare.

      ObamaKKKare has killed jobs, hurt the economy and is the biggest tax increase and income redistribution program ever. It has no place in a free economy. But if you want it, Cuba is not too far for you to travel.

      • richard40

        You are correct on gerrymandering. The repubs actually benefit because dem votes tend to be totally concentrated in a handful of urban dem counties, so if you just draw natural non-gerrymandered districts you tend to get a few 90% dem ones, and a lot of 60% repub ones. I fact the only way dems can alter that is if they do the gerrymandering in their favor. When they lost big at the state level in 2010, the dems lost their change to do the gerymandering, and the honestly drawn districts helped the repubs to win.

  • Neo

    CMS’s chief technology officer is “retiring” before is scheduled to be back up … or just up … whatever

  • jb books

    These individuals are culpable for this disaster and they well know it. I find their faux indignation unpersuasive, entirely self-serving and disengenuous at best..

  • preph

    We do not have a crisis of confidence. We had a crisis or incompetence that has morphed into just a lack of trust. The dishonesty engaged in by the President and the Dem Senators has come home to roost.

    • Brightmeadows

      The Democratic Senators who are supporting Obama … continuing to lie to maintain his lie… are no better than the academics in Germany who supported Adolf Hitler.

  • Duey Miller

    Can we really have people in office this stupid? It is scary that they voted to pass a law that takes away insurance because it fits their niche needs. And everyone makes everyone have insurance that is one size fits all. I would be worried if I voted for such nonsense no matter what state I was from.

    • C. Edmund Wright

      To answer your question, just look up recent quotes from Debbie Seargent Schultz and Kathleeeeeen Seleius.

    • MikeyDe

      If democrats are only stupid, that is an accident of birth, everyone can’t be smart. The problem is they are people who have no integrity. They are evil liars. They mean to destroy the achievers in this society.

    • richard40

      The dems that voted for them were stupid, but these dem politicians knew exactly what they were doing. The senate repubs told them in 2010 that the “you can keep it” line was a lie, and proposed legislation to fix the bill and make the lie a true promise. Senate dems voted it down by party line vote, and accused the rpeubs of spreading lies and trying to kill the bill.

  • Brightmeadows

    President Obama is one of the People of the Lie. He lies to maintain his self-image and he doesn’t care one iota about the damage to everyone he leaves in his wake. He’s an evil person and should be impeached.

  • Look_A_Squirrel

    These people own ObamaKKKare. They pushed it on the country in the middle of the night through subterfuge. They voted down a law that a republican Senator proposed to guarantee people could keep their coverage when it became obvious on September 29, 2010 that the president was lying. They refused to entertain any republican input and closed down the government rather than listen.

    It’s a lousy law and a lousy substitute for the free market and free choice.

    These dems got what they wanted. Let them run on their records.

  • ata777

    Democrats, who voted for this crap sandwich–without bothering to read it, no less– are angry at the rollout of their crap sandwich, not because it hurts millions of Americans, but because it hurts their chances of getting reelected. Oh, the humanity!!

    • Brightmeadows

      That is the shame. They’re more … People of the Lie. They only care about themselves… getting re-elected, having “power” to wield and hurt regular Americans who just want to be left alone. Lie. Lie. Lie. Unfortunately, McConnell, Cantor, McCain and Boehner are no better.

    • richard40

      Dont let them off with the they didn’t know line. They never bothered to read the bill before passing it, but they knew what would happen with the cancelations, and knew obamas promise was a lie, because the senate repubs told them in 2010, and introduced a bill to fix it, which dems voted down by party line vote, and lumped in with their “you voted 40 times to kill this” attack line.

  • Carabec

    Blah, blah, blah! What difference does it make now anyway? More meaningless blather.

    • richard40

      Its meaningless blather unless this country finally wakes up and throws all these dem ***** out of the senate, and get us a repub prez in 2016. Then and only then may something different happen.

      • Carabec

        We had a wake up call even before Obama was elected. We did not heed it. I hope in 2014 more Conservatives are elected to both Houses of Congress. It remains to be seen what 2016 holds. Although Romney was not a dream choice, at least he loves this country and it’s Constitution. Still many Republicans stayed home and did not vote. It is time for the Old Guard to surrender to Younger, Stronger Conservatives. Only time will tell.

  • Rick Turner

    It is clearer each day why no Republicans voted for this. The worst is yet to come.

  • D.b. Wells

    And once these Democrats are re-elected they will go right back to voting to make America an authoritarian socialist state.

  • gregoryvii

    When a Democrat starts talking like a Republican, you know that election time is drawing near.

  • lyingmedia

    In other words; our completely dependent base don’t know what kind of freebies we have secured for them because the website is FUBAR. And without buying votes with other people’s money we can’t win.

    • april showers

      You nailed it!

  • C. Edmund Wright

    These people are choking on their crap sandwich, and they haven’t even gotten to the real meat of the matter. Wait til the website if fixed and people can really tell how awful this bill is. Own it Dems. This is YOUR BABY.

    • richard40

      Yes, and wait till the employer mandate kicks in next year, and we get an even larger round of cancellations, and people getting cutback to part time. Of course the dems will blame all this on the evil capitalist employers and market failure, when in reality it will all be forced by obamacare mandates.

  • Diggsc

    And yet, they all stood in line to kiss Obama’s ring.

  • danaellen

    And these idiots refused to defund it! And no matter how bad this law is the stupid electorate will vote for Hillary just to see the first vagina in the White House. the stupidity of liberalism knows no limits!

    • richard40

      The dems not only refused to defund, but also refused the much more reasonable 1 yr delay proposal in the 2nd house compromise CR before the shutdown. They also refused a repub proposal in 2010 to make obamas “If you like it you can keep it” lie into the truth. Repubs have repeatedly tried to not just kill this bad law, but were willing to compromise to mitigate the worst effects of it. For their concern for the nation, they were called liars, terrorists, racists, etc, and falsely blamed for a shutdown they did not cause.

  • JamesB

    This is the operative paragraph:

    “The President emphasized that he shared the Senators’ commitment to
    ensuring that Americans who want to enroll in health insurance through
    the Marketplaces are able to do so in time for insurance to start as
    early as January 1st, and throughout the open enrollment
    period which goes through March 31,” the official said. “He also
    discussed ongoing efforts to ramp up communication and education
    outreach to consumers who have received or might receive letters about
    how their individual market plans might be affected. In addition, the
    President also reiterated that the Administration is working to protect
    the privacy and security of consumers and to ensure that online
    Marketplace applications are protected by stringent security standards,
    with ongoing testing to help safeguard personal information.”

    1. The President wants the website up.
    2. The President supports communicating/educating consumers whose plans have been canceled.
    3. The President is working to protect the privacy and security of consumers using the website.

    That second one is simply hilarious, because there’s still no admission of fault. They didn’t lie to people about being able to keep their plan, those people just haven’t been communicated to / educated enough yet.

    • richard40

      Yes, and knowing that obama has the SW fixes being done by the same people that screwed it up in the first place, items 1 and 3 are not very likely to happen either.

  • danaellen

    Nobody read the law and the people voted for the Dems in 2012 knowing nobody read it.

    So many Americans are so stupid thinking freebies and liberty will gush forth
    forever. Wait until the hammer slams them! Oh wait, they will still vote for that Benghazi killer because so many morons only care about their birth control and

  • Winston Smith

    Remember that Sen. Udall cast the deciding vote that encacted ObamaCare. He subsequently praised it on many occasions. Do you suppose he is now having re-election remorse?

  • ZigZ

    At the meeting Obama sought to reinsure Senators by telling them, “If you like your job, you can keep your job period.”

  • iconoclast

    Obamacare belongs to Democrats and Democrats alone. No Republican voted for this insane attempt to take over nearly 1/5th of the US economy. No Republican voted to deny Americans the right to keep their insurance or doctors. No Republican repeatedly lied to America about reducing cost, keeping insurance, or keeping their doctors.

    And Democrats were willing to shut down the US government rather than apply Obamacare to themselves. That tells Americans just who are the grifters in this story–Democrats.

  • MikeyDe

    So all these fools who passed legislation without reading it are now running scared. They made history by getting a black president elected, great, except for the fact that he is an incompetent liar. Utterly lacking in any integrity. As Pelosi said they made history, so did Hitler.

  • FlyFree

    Udall’s an Obama sycophant and needs to be kicked out of office in 2014.

  • Kevin O’Kelley


    Ladies and Gentleman: Maybe next time you should actually READ the bill before you vote for it. Maybe next time you should actually LISTEN to the warnings of independent experts and your constituents before you vote for it. Maybe next time you should THINK about the ramifications of the law before you vote for it.

    We don’t send you to Washington to be mindless puppets.

    • Stephen Daugherty

      I wonder if you can actually lay out the provisions of the bill from memory, given all you think is wrong with it.

      • richard40

        I’m not sure anybody fully comprehends that monstrosity. But in 2010 senate repubs warned about the forced cancellations, and Obamas lie, and proposed a bill to stop them, and these same dems killed it. They now dare to act surprised when the cancellations the repubs warned them about have happened.

        • Stephen Daugherty

          So, rather than discuss policies based on what you know, you’re doing what, railing against what your ignorance lets you imagine to be true? And then you go right back to this one issue. But did you examine it in detail, with a sense of what the consequences of letting those insufficient policies continue? Is the possibility that many of the people who lost their policies could get better ones on the marketplace even discussed, or the economic impacts of people getting sick with this junk insurance?

          It is a POLITICAL, RHETORICAL tactic to complain about the complexity of the law. If you haven’t bothered to do better than repeating some BS that a politician or pundit said, then you really don’t have much of a leg to stand on.

          • richard40

            We already know for a fact, from interviews with actual people, that quite a few people could not get better policies through the exchanges. But there is an easy way for you to prove the exchanges are better, make them voluntary. End the mandated cancellations, make Obamas lying promise a true one, so if people like it they actually can keep it. Let anybody who wants to get the supposedly better deal on the exchanges, while those that think their present policy is better can keep it. Since the exchanges are heavily subsidized, presumably it would be a better deal for some, so make it voluntary. The fact that the dems refuse to consider that option, and rejected the repub senate proposal to do it in 2010, indicates that it is a lie, and most people will indeed be worse off, as they are mostly telling us now.

          • Stephen Daugherty

            Race to the bottom. A lot of the point of those requirements is to make sure that some fundamental things in healthcare are covered, so you don’t have whole bunches of people showing up at hospitals, presumably with insurance, but who aren’t covered for the operation or healthcare emergency in question.

            Remember that the central theory behind mandated insurance being the answer to the inflation of healthcare costs is that once you remove the problem of the free riders, the hospitals will have less reason to charge so much in order to cover the indigent. If you simply allow any bloody policy, you defeat the purpose.

            The Obama Administration is playing around with the idea of further subsidizing those who get knocked off their existing policies because of the private company’s cancellation of it, so they can afford the better policies. Of course, that’ll cost the taxpayers more, but then those people will really be covered, not simply covered in name only. Put another way, they’ll have reason to be satisfied with their policies

  • Judy Reinhardt

    In years past in the south we had what were called ‘yellow dog democrats’ who backed all of the democratic positions except for defense issues which they knew would be job killers for them. i guess the NEW yellow dog democrats will try the same idea except this time they will try to say they were for it before they were against it.

  • JohnYuma

    A more appropriate headline would be
    “Democrat mobsters who shoved #Obamacare down our throats now pretending they were innocent bystanders in order to get reelected in 2014.”

  • Chance Boudreaux

    You passed it, CHOKE ON IT!

  • mjhawkeye

    The DemocRats didn’t gather to vent their anger. What they did was to have a meeting to figure out how to cover their collective butts. They could care less about the people.

    • richard40

      Exactly. They know they all got caught in their lies, and the voters are about to make them pay for it. So they met to come up with a more beleivable lie, that would cover their buts from the last one.

  • FranciscoM

    Udall… You voted for it… You OWN IT…..
    Why don’t you just admit that our dear leader LIED and you fell for it?

    • richard40

      They not only voted for the ACA, but when senate repubs proposed a change in 2010 that would have made obamas false “If you like it you can keep it” claim real, these same dems shot that down too, by party line vote. So when they act surprised, and claim they had no warning, and also fell for obamas lies, they are lying as well.

  • TheOldMan

    Any pol who voted in favor of the PPACA has nothing to complain about. People who live in the reality-based world (those who remember the poem “The Gods of the Copybook Headings”) and who understand simple mathematics knew that this would occur. So I say to those pols, “Be proud of your vote for the PPACA!”

  • MrSottobanco

    Under the bus %*#^ers.

  • joeschmo8675309

    Maybe he should have read the ACA. Obviously he still hasn’t read it if he is surprised by anything going on. Either he is incompetent or has failed to do his job which is to read a bill that has a huge impact on his constituent’s lives. Period.

    • richard40

      Obama was not surprised by the cancellations, since his own policy staff told him before 2010 that his “If you like it you can keep it” line was not true. He might have been surprised by the failing website, since competance at doing anything real, instead of just lying to claim he did it, was never his strong suit.

      • joeschmo8675309

        I agree with Obama. The Senators shouldn’t be surprised by anything regarding the ACA. They had 3 years to read it.

  • joeschmo8675309

    The Repubs voted how many times to repeal the ACA and democrats voted against repeal how many times when they still haven’t read what is in it?

    • richard40

      Not only that, the repubs also compromised on repeal, and were willing to vote for fixes that would have kept the law, but mitigated the adverse impact, like the 1 yr delay the dems shutdown the gov to avoid, and the proposal in 2010 to make obamas “If you like it you can keep it” real, instead of a contemptable lie. These same dems, that are trying to cover their buts now, shot down all those sensible fixes in party line votes, calling the repubs liers when they did it, when all the while they were the real iars, and for the 1 yr delay compromise they shut down the gov to kill it.

      • Carabec

        Now my hope is that there is no delay. Let ObamaCare fall under its own weight. A delay would only help Obama by putting off the Truth of this theft of Rights and Liberties from the Citizens of The USA.

        • richard40

          I agree. We offered them a chance for a delay with the pre shutdown compromise CR. For trying to fix a serious problem, we were called terrorists, hostage takers, etc. Then the dems shutdown the gov to avoid that very sensible compromise, and blamed repubs for the shutdown. At this stage, the dems made this bed, they insisted on it, and they should pay the full penalty for its failure in 2014.

  • Bob Marley

    Bye bye Senate.

  • Dennis Sinclair

    The dems knew exactly what thye were doing when they passed OBummerCare. They had the middle class in their sights and acted to detroy it by making formerly free citizens pay more for less via the one-size-fits-all health care scheme. End of story. .

  • Richard Tebaldi

    Obama does a lot of apologizing, doesn’t he? He’s apologizing for his and his “band of merry men” who steal from “those who have” and give to “those who don’t deserve!” He doesn’t apologize for himself or his minions. He just “apologizes”. That’s easy because this administration doesn’t take responsibility for their actions. What good is an apology without taking responsibility? At this point, with all the screw ups from this administration, taking responsibility is admitting they can’t do the job at a reasonable cost and stepping down. Billions of our dollars are being spent and the American taxpayer is footing the bill for GARBAGE. The incompetence and arrogance of this administration is abominable. This is not my America!

    • Stephen Daugherty

      So quick to abandon your country, aren’t you?
      I’ve seen him take a lot more responsibility than that jackass that preceded him into office. People like you did a whole lot of support for him, even as he ran this country into the ground.
      It makes me sick to see the folks who didn’t stop the deficit when it was beginning, who didn’t hold Bush accountable for the way he screwed up the wars or getting Bin Laden, who didn’t go this ballistic about the Medicare drug benefit rollout debacle, all of a sudden talking about accountability. Come back to me when your folks start taking responsibility.

      • Nate Whilk

        You are a disgusting liar. JUST LIKE OBAMA.

        As for the deficit, Obama has added more to the national debt in 4 years than Bush did in 8. And you talk about US not taking responsibility? Go to hell.

        When Obama was a senator, he called Bush’s raising of the debt limit a “failure of leadership”. But now NOT raising the debt limit is practically treason. GO TO HELL.

        And whatever the problems were with the Medicare drug benefit, it did not TAKE AWAY anything people were getting and it did not TAKE OVER 1/6 OF THE ECONOMY.


        • Stephen Daugherty

          Why don’t you go first? The very people now complaining up on Capitol Hill about the deficit are the people who set both the foreign and domestic policies at the start of the last decade that made them inevitable. I’ve seen the OMB numbers, the drops in revenue, the steady, sizable increases in the deficit, even before we had either Obama in charge, or Democrats able to set a budget. We’re talking several percent a year, from 2001 to 2007. You do realize that budgets are set about a year ahead, so that’s all the Republican’s doing. Tax cuts, Medicare drug benefit, and two big wars, and more than a doubling of the defense budget. Why the greater debt now? The fall in revenues caused by the economic crisis. We got knocked back down to FY2000 levels. The other side is the stuff we had to do in order to keep the banks from cratering.

          Your policies. But you people are too wrapped up in your own little world to see that it wasn’t overspending liberals doing this, but Republicans and Conservatives doing exactly like their politics told them they should be doing.

          As for the drug benefit, its a social program PAYING for billions of dollars worth of drugs, only rather than pay for it, Republican did more tax cuts. Pay more, take in less. A third grader can do the math. If they’re willing. If they’re not so lockstepped that they just overlook it.

          And did we take over a sixth of the economy? Are the hospitals all nationalized? Are the insurance companies out of business? It’s a fricking lie, and you’ve accepted it hook, line, and sinker. And it’s not merely somebody saying something that’s insufficiently true, it’s somebody saying something that’s false overall.

          You have no business calling me a coward. I know and understand what my government’s been doing, you’ve refused to face it at all, and that’s why you’re so short on decent leaders.

          • Nate Whilk

            So Bush us supposedly made things bad? OBAMA took this supposedly bad situation AND MADE IT WORSE.

            You can’t admit that. THAT MAKES YOU A COWARD AND A LIAR.


          • Stephen Daugherty

            Pardon me, but I don’t think my courage is defined by whether or not I agree with people who did not bother to keep up with what the major items in the United States Federal budget were. You can jerry-rig your keyboards’ capslock with a two-by-four if you want, so that all your words are in CAPITAL LETTERS, but it won’t lead me to agree with something you don’t have the numbers to prove. I could call you names, but when it comes down to it, you will either see sense, or you won’t, and if you won’t you’ll suffer for it.

      • Carabec

        What color is the sky in your world?

        • Stephen Daugherty

          Blue. And in this world, when somebody tells me they’re going to get somebody dead or alive, I expect it to take less than a decade and a change in administration for it to happen. You folks just let yourself get lied to over and over again, because they have you in this perfect little mix of narrowly partisan media sources (Sanitized for your protection), paranoia about the government, and nostalgia for policies and periods that most Americans have no living memory of, not the least of which any memory of their negative sides.

          • Carabec

            SD, No paranoia here! I base my opinions on personal observation, experience and research of all sides of the question.

          • Stephen Daugherty

            What a coincidence, so do I. At least I believe so! But usually I think it’s better if you try and support that argument you’re not being paranoid with some foundation for that fear. I don’t get that from Republicans, just a lot of revisionism that’s meant to avoid the facts discrediting the arguments they’re making.

    • richard40

      His so called apoligies are also the phony “I’m sorry you misunderstood me” type, instead of the real “I’m sorry I lied, and I’m sorry that so many of you have been getting screwed by my policy errors”.

  • Stephen Daugherty

    What is it about Republicans these days? Just read what they write, it’s like listening to a bunch of hack politicians. It’s become a substitute for actual thought and observation. They’re just campaigners for a political cause.

    • richard40

      You are saying that when the dem president spent 5 yrs lying through his teeth with “you can keep your plan, and your doctor, period” and all the dems backed his lie, and they all knew it was a lie. Who are the real hacks.

      • Stephen Daugherty

        Most Americans kept their plans, kept their doctors. Meanwhile, the Republicans have spent the last five years treating Obamacare as the second coming of Britain’s National Health Service, rather than admitting that it’s Romneycare, and before that the Heritage Foundation’s alternative to HillaryCare. So, if Obama has to pay the price for not preparing people for the fact that some would not be able to keep their policies, then what prices are the Republicans paying for their lies?

        • richard40

          “Most Americans kept their plans, kept their doctors”
          Tell that to the 15 million americans who just found out otherwise. And that is only the small individual market, wait till the employer mandates kick in next year, and those cancellations rise 10 fold, and over 50% of americans get their plans cancelled.

        • Nate Whilk

          Prove that it’s “Romneycare” or something else. And even if it is, so what? That’s doesn’t prove it’s good for the entire country. That doesn’t absolve Democrats’ responsibility for this.

          “So, if Obama has to pay the price for not preparing people for the fact that some would not be able to keep their policies, then what prices are the Republicans paying for their lies?”

          “not preparing people”? Is that your Newspeak for LYING? Obama and the rest of you leftists shoved THIS down everybody’s throat. YOU are responsible, nobody else. You and Obama can take your weaseling and your cowardly, totally dishonest attempt to shift responsibility and GO TO HELL.

          • Stephen Daugherty

            Mandated insurance with premium supports and increases in Medicaid for those in poverty. I mean, why would Romney be trying to make a distinction between his state level program, and taking it national, if they weren’t so similar as to require that distinction to tell them apart.

            As for shoving things down people’s throat, how about all those red-faced hecklers who were shouting down everybody in the Town Halls? How about two debt crises, a threatened government shutdown and a real one? We at least had two majorities, handed to us by the voters, along with the White House. We didn’t try to force the majority to defy their voters.

            People like you are being manipulated by even worse liars, and everybody else that sees it looks at your people and they don’t buy what you’re selling. You call Obama a liar, fine. He didn’t tell the whole truth. But the Republicans have sold America a bill of goods on far more levels, and if Obama and the Democrats are going to suffer for what they’ve done, the Republicans will, too. Folks on the left will face the consequences. Question is, can folks like you every be nailed down into facing the consequences of your side’s lies?

        • Carabec

          “Most Americans kept their plan”! On what do you base that statement? ObamaCare has not been fully implemented at this time. It was passed by Democrats only. Forced on the Citizens of The USA. It is Obama and the Democrats who own this FIASCO hook, line and sinker!

          • Stephen Daugherty

            How many people got these letters, as opposed to how many are in the population of insured Americans.

            As for the rest, it wasn’t a spontaneous outbreak of principle, it was a deliberate political strategy, so you would do well to stop making out like Republicans were victims of Democrat’s not trying to negotiate with them. In fact, if Democrats had been able to convince some Democrats, principally the centrists and conservatives in the party to let the bill be passed on a party line, rammed down the people’s throat, it would have actually gone much quicker. Instead we negotiated with Republicans, let the mandate become the centerpiece in order to appeal to them. The copying of Romneycare was not an accident, it was a deliberate attempt to meet the Republicans halfway with a plan that could past muster with conservatives. Only your people moved the goalposts on us, and then proceeded to follow Mitch McConnell’s strategy of trying to force a one term Obama Presidency by blocking everything.

            If you had wanted to negotiate in good faith, you could have. Instead, you’ve fought tooth and nail to try and force your will beyond your public support’s ability to empower you. You’ve tried to act the tyrants, and you’ve put our recovery, even stability as an economy at risk to do so. We may own Obamacare, but we’re wiling to make the improvements to make it work. I’m not so sure Republicans really want to make the economy work more than they want to force their politics on everybody else, and the lies they’ve told in order to secure what power they have now are something they own, or would own if they had the guts and the nuts to do so.

          • Carabec

            You use the words you and you’ve often. Actually I was not consulted and had no vote. As for lies no one in DC is as accomplished as The Occupior of The Oval Office! At this time I remain a registered Republican only to vote in Primary Electons in my state.

          • Stephen Daugherty

            Too many people mistake the techniques of propaganda for the techniques of proper argumentation. As I am unconvinced that he is lying to the degree you claim, I am not interested in your pronouncements on that count without something to back it. And while I’m at it, if you’re a primary voter you’re very much involved in how the elections are shaping up, especially with gerrymandering often making the Republican the default winner. I don’t know which district you live in, so I can’t say for sure that the person you get nominated goes on to make a difference, but for millions who do vote in primaries, that is the consequence.

            And here’s just one more thought, just for the hell of it: the more you buy into their stories, their media bias, their sense of grievance, the more you still help fuel their stupidity. Only when you broaden your sense of the world, will you realize that there’s a cost for getting your information from the very people who you’re dissatisfied with as leaders. It makes it significantly harder to repair the politics when you are lead to distrust all other alternatives.

          • Carabec

            My, my how you do go on! As for The Occupiors lies, all you need do is use your eyes and ears!

            I live in Maryland, therefore as a Republican I have no representation.

            Our conversation will end here. Yor reasoning is too convoluted and somewhat insulting.

        • richard40

          Now the old, its only 5% dodge. Except of course the employer mandates have not taken effect yet, and when they do you can expect a similar wave of cancellations, but this time it will be over 50% of the market, not just the 5% we just saw.
          As for Romneycare (which was really MA dem legislature care, since they made lots of changes Romney opposed), I don’t particularly care what a leftie state does. But inflicting MA on the whole rest of the nation, no thanks.
          Not sure what repubs have lied about, run that one by me again. Some similar ideas might have been proposed in the past by some repub outfits (normally as an alternative to an even more far left dem proposal), but Obama passed this mess, solely with dem support, the details of it are his idea, and he and his fellow dems should be held responsible for its failure. Isn’t it typical of you guys that for any failure, you never admit your mistake, but look yet again to blame somebody else.

          • Stephen Daugherty

            The fifty percent figure has been rated Pants On Fire by Politifact.


            He’s exaggerated both the number of people whose coverage will change by more than two times. My word choice of “change” is also important, because very few of those people will actually lose insurance altogether. You have the studies own author saying that Beck misread it, whether or not you buy Conover’s conclusions.

            You’re so wrapped up in the politics, you don’t know an unreliable source when you see one. He’s lied about the basic character of healthcare, and you’re associating a Heritage Foundation plan with the left. That’s the funniest thing about it. It’s like a starving runner’s body eating its own muscle.

          • richard40

            Your link itself said the figure was 25%, still pretty bad, and that was only by assuming that major changes in a health plan, which might be unwelcome, is not quite as bad as a cancellation.. So your 5% is only off by 5, not 10, how very comforting. In the end we will see. The employer mandate will start next year, right in the middle of the election. If cancellations and unwelcome changes turn out to be low, Obamacare might still be accepted, despite all the people howling about cancellations and unwelcome changes now. But knowing the highly unpleasant surprises we have already witnessed, I suspect the worst will happen, and people will blame a lot of dems for it.

          • Stephen Daugherty

            Except you and your source were claiming something much, much more devastating, and you’re only talking about the horror stories, not any story about a reduction in costs, which would affect millions.

            You suspect the worst will happen, but your estimation on what the worst could be has already been off. Why? Because you want to believe the worst. Me, I take as a possibility, not a guarantee.

          • richard40

            Actually if your source is correct, and the real figure is 25%, then you were wrong by a factor of 5, while I was wrong by a factor of only 2. And remember this is your own source we are using here, not mine, and your own source says your 5% statement is off by a factor of 5. So who is the real person here publishing incredible claims.

    • Nate Whilk

      What is it about leftists these days? Just read what they write; it’s like listening to a bunch of lies and name-calling. They’re just campaigners for an ideological cause most Americans do not want.

      • Stephen Daugherty

        Repeating my words, are you? I’ve seen this trick before. Problem is, my style of argumentation isn’t interchangeable with yours. Look, just read the style of argument, the generalizations, the same bloody assumptions made every time. You talk alike.

        As for being campaigners for a cause most Americans don’t want? If Republicans are successful, which I doubt, what they’ll find is that when prices start going back up, and the insurance companies start dumping people again, nobody’s going to be grateful, anymore than folks were grateful for the consequences of undoing the new deal protections that kept our banks and our economy stable for so long. Your thinking is, “Oh, these people are just going to have to learn their lesson!”

        But what’s really going to happen is that they’re going to decide, like in many case already, that the lesson to be learned is that if you want to avoid economic pain and social decay, you don’t elect Republicans, because they are willing to see whole swaths of people ruined to make their political points.

  • richard40

    These senate dems are all trying to distance themselves from the obamacare debacle, to keep from being deservedly punished on election day. But we have your number. We remember you voted with Reid/Obama to shutdown the gov rather than have the 1 yr delay you now claim to favor. And we remember when you shot down the senate repub proposal in 2010, that would have made obamas statement “if you like it you can keep it”, into a real promise, instead of a contemptable lie, and avoided all the cancellations. These dems all act like nobody has heard of videotapes and the internet, and we cant learn the truth.

  • Richard Tebaldi

    Pray tell, what did he take “responsibility” for AND correct his errors? It’s easy to mouth the words like he does then do ignore the issue in hopes it’l go away. Hope you enjoy your health care bill, and the bills that’ll come with it adding 12 million ILLEGAL aliens! And being dumb enough to fine somebody that can’t afford insurance. And the 46 million dollar taxpayer burden for a website that won’t work? How much more is it going to cost to fix? On top of hiring a crap load of “enforcers” to dictate what you will and will not buy for insurance. And the deficit he was going to reduce 6 years ago? And bowing to foreign chiefs of State? Yeah, if you did your homework on his “leadership” abilities and his “qualifications” you must be an “Obumer taker”

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