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April 1, 2015

Senate Democrats Call for Quick Action on Highway Patch

Whitehouse says it would be politically detrimental for Republicans if the highway program should cease. (Douglas Graham/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

Whitehouse says it would be politically detrimental for Republicans if the highway program should cease. (Douglas Graham/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

A trio of Democratic senators called for quick action this month on agreeing to keep funds flowing to transportation projects through the end of the year as bipartisan, bicameral negotiations continue on finding a way to pay for the patch.

“We have to. It is a necessity for the economy of this country, for our infrastructure and for everything else, to come to an agreement before the trust fund runs out,” Sen. Charles E. Schumer, the No. 3 Senate Democrat, said on a conference call.

“Our purpose today is to urge both sides to come together, to put down any partisan objection, to come to a compromise and get this done in the short term and then we can try to work on a longer term plan later,” the New York Democrat said. “To let the [highway] trust fund run out at time when we need jobs, we need the economy going, would be a disgrace.”

Congress has to come up with about $10 billion to plug the shortfall needed to fund transportation projects through the end of the year, given that the highway trust fund — the collection of gas tax receipts doled out to states to pay for surface transportation projects — is expected to run out of money this month.

And funding for transportation programs would shrink after Sept. 30, the end of the fiscal year. A short-term fix would give Congress a chance to work out a multi-year transportation authorization with a new funding mechanism or a bill that doesn’t provide as much aid.

Schumer and Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, D-R.I., who was also on the call, said it would be politically detrimental for Republicans if the highway program should cease. They added that only a small minority of conservatives, mostly in the House, who want to devolve the program back to the states.

“We are hoping that our Republican colleagues who understand that the federal government has to play an important role in highways and who actually understand that a highway shutdown would have a similar effect on their party as a government shutdown, resist their calls to close it,” Schumer said.

There are about 700,000 constructions jobs that would be affected if Congress fails to act.

The conference call — which also included Sen. Mark Warner and former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell, of transportation advocates Building America’s Future — comes as Senate Finance Chairman Ron Wyden, D-Ore., and House Ways and Means Chairman Dave Camp, R-Mich., held talks on a short-term patch over the Independence Day recess.

Schumer said he’s been in touch with Wyden and that he and Camp have had “have had good conversations. I think there is real desire on both sides not to let the trust fund run out.”

“What you have to do is find things that can fill the gap…that can pay for that that both side can accept,” Schumer said. “One side might say ‘do it all with revenues,’ one side might say ‘do it all with spending cuts.’ Obviously there has got to be a compromise. … Signs are looking good that we can come to that compromise.”

Schumer said he believes that once an agreement is reached between chambers and parties that Congress could move quickly to approve it.

Asked if using offsets for transportation that some Democrats have pushed to be used for an unemployment extension was under consideration, Schumer said, “I think we are looking at everything.”

But he stressed that no decision had been made yet on the offset.

“As to what specific proposal would meet both side’s OK … we are not there yet, but there is an agreement that we should try to get this done before Aug. 1,” Schumer said.

An unemployment extension remains a priority for Democrats and offsets have been used in a pending Senate bill in order to win Republican support. But it’s unclear the bill will be considered any time soon after the Senate passed a similar bill in April. The Republican-run House ignored the measure, saying it doesn’t help create jobs.

  • Wayne Heddinger

    One mode of thinking is that EUC without retroactive payment
    is better than no EUC at all. Some, however, are not satisfied. According to the
    National Employment Law Project, it is apparently politically impossible to
    include fully retroactive provisions in the design of an unemployment benefit
    extension plan and this exclusion is tragic. Without retroactive payments, many
    will be left at the bottom of a mountain of debt that is virtually impossible
    to climb and this will have long term impacts that include reduced tax revenue
    for the government.

    Today we (the long term unemployed) have started a campaign
    to contact every Senate and House member to persuade them to vote NO on your
    new unemployment bill unless it includes retro pay. Otherwise it is a useless bill.



    VOTE NO !

    Call LeBionno – 202-225-6572

    Call Kildee – 202-225-3611

    Call Reid – 202-224-3542

    Call Heller – 202-224-6244

    Call Reed – 202-224-4642

    Call Levin – 888-810-3880

    Call Pelosi – 202-225-4965

    Call The White House – 202-456-1111

    • Thomas Viveiros

      Nice advertisement for all you DemocRATs . I thought Hussein OwebaMaonomics 101 was working so well . Why do you need “extended unemployment benefits” when the stock markets are sky rocketing and the fake unemployment figures keep going lower lol . Let me give you a clue . Micky D’s , BK and KFC are hiring .

      • Wayne Heddinger

        because none of those so called job creators that republicans keep giving away tax cuts to are actually creating jobs !…the unemployment figures do not count those people who run out of unemployment benefits…those people no longer can file so they no longer get counted…the real unemployment number is close to 10 million….so please get a clue !

        • Thomas Viveiros

          I see you are on your very calloused knees for your no good lazyboy smelly muzzie master Hussein OwebaMao so if there is one who’s suffering I’m overjoyed for you. On Big Bully Bush’s tax cuts . Once enacted the IRS immediately reported huge increases in tax intake of tax return amounts breaking all time records year after year . How come Your muzzie Master didn’t revoke the Bush tax cuts when they had a chance ? After 5.5 years in office when does your no good lazyboy smelly muzzie master take responsibility for this great economic recovery you DemocRATs keep spewing about ? lol .

          • Wayne Heddinger

            go away right wing tool !

  • Thomas Viveiros

    if Sheldon Outhouse D/Dummy from Rhode / Rouges Island is a part of this fraud then expect this to have a lot of fraud included in the bill . This is how road/bridge work is done in the state with the worse roads and bridges nationwide operates ,

  • Bo Tye

    Sympathy for altruism should not impel us to accept collectivist demands that we cast aside morality and liberty to chase their illusions.

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