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March 27, 2015

Senate Filibusters Bipartisan Sportsmen’s Bill

(Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

(Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

The bipartisan sportsmen’s bill championed by endangered Sen. Kay Hagan became another election year casualty today with a majority of the Senate refusing to end debate.

The North Carolina Democrat’s measure, which would expand hunting and fishing access on federal land, was falling well short of the 60 votes to invoke cloture and end debate on the measure, as a number of Democrats joined Republicans to rebuff Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid after he moved to block amendments. Just 41 voted in support of cloture and 56 opposed.

Despite having broad bipartisan support, Republicans turned their nose up at the package after the Nevada Democrat filled the amendment tree yesterday, blocking the ability to get votes on their amendments.

Reid had urged Republicans to give him a reasonable list of amendments to approve that would lead to passage of the bill. He was concerned Republicans were more interested in scoring political points than in legislating. A slew of politically charged gun rights amendments had been filed to the proposal.

The scenario has played out increasingly in recent months as both parties seek to position themselves ahead of the November midterms.

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    Harry Reid, Nevada Democrat, filled the amendment tree and effectively killed the bill.
    Just like he has done so often all while blaming republicans.

    • ShadrachSmith

      And the news anchor quotes Reid, nods, and smiles approvingly.

    • Bob Viering

      And that is different from Boehner refusing to bring up bills that had passed with broad bipartisan support in the Senate? Republicans are playing the game just as much. In truth, they proposed amendments that had no chance of passing to score political points and cared nothing about actually passing a bill.

      • ojfl

        No they are not. You can google it and you will see that is certainly not the case.

  • Finetime71

    Reid didn’t blame the Republicans about the vote, he just informed the public that Republicans refused to give him a “reasonable list of amendments to approve that would lead to passage of the bill.” Reid was avoiding the Senate Republican’s usual modus operandi of putting up a laundry list of poison pill amendments, then voting against the bill anyway and going to the press whinning about Democrats not passing a bill.

    Besides, the US House would have voted against the bill even if it had passed the Senate. Remember the VA bill?

    • electricjack

      The VA Bill was a collection of rubble adde to it such as no firing of mid level liars…

      • Finetime71

        So, but the Republican House is holding up the bill because they want cuts in food stamps as an offset, not about changing HR policies.

  • Yonatan YONATAN

    We treat the poor and disadvantaged like an incurable disease Our so called “public servants”, now only “serve” themselves , or big corporations, and special interest groups with deep pockets. Since late last December, there have been three million unemployed families without an extension of unemployment benefits, .because Senator John Boehner, and his republican cronies, have refused to pass the bill in the senate. They were more interested in fighting to get the Koch Brother’s oil pipeline passed at all cost. Even if it meant at the cost of the poor and needy. Our country has recently approved billions of dollars for the Ukraine, and billions more on the defense of Europe. We’re asked to send our sons & daughters off to war, but not take care of their unemployed families back here at home. There are now three million unemployed families in financial ruin, many living on the streets, because of the party politics that are going on in Washington.

    • mabramso

      1. Most people who are unemployed want a full-time job, rather than scant benefits from the government. And the extension of those benefits is not a right. In North Carolina, where the state voted to end the extension last summer, 6 months earlier than the rest of the country, their unemployment rate suddenly fell considerably faster than the rest of the country, and their labor participation rate spiked. That is better than a meager payout. If we care about people who are unemployed, we need to do more to make the country more economically healthy, but I see no signs of that happening, except in some states, like North Dakota.

      2. No one is asked to send their sons and daughters off to war. There is no draft. Those who sign up know the risk.

      3. Yes, the gridlock in Washington is sad. But both sides are guilty. And nothing will change until possibly after the November elections.

  • ojfl

    Those Republican obstructionists, wait, what?!?!?! Senator Reid blocks everything? Never mind…

    • Finetime71

      How could Reid “block” something when the bill was voted upon? The bill failed because Republicans refused put up any amendments, then voted against it because they didn’t have any amendments. Some Democrats didn’t like more public use on federal lands.

      • ojfl

        They did not refuse to put up amendments Finetime. Senator Reid refused to accept any Republican amendments he thought contentious and against his orthodoxy.

  • Andy Rojes

    Since liberty offers only the opportunities and risks of developing one’s talents, it puts people under a pressure that is often resented.

  • Board Room

    If our decision making is to be free of external interference, boundaries must be set to establish limits inside which the agents and dictates of the state cannot meddle.

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