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November 25, 2015

Senators Slam ‘E-Cigs’ at the Golden Globes

Majority Whip Richard J. Durbin of Illinois and three of his Democratic colleagues are criticizing the Golden Globe Awards for showing celebrities using electronic cigarettes on TV.

Durbin, along with Sherrod Brown of Ohio, Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut and Edward J. Markey of Massachusetts, sent a letter Tuesday to NBCUniversal and the Hollywood Foreign Press Association expressing concern about the potential that showing the e-cigs at the awards show will “glamorize smoking.”

The senators ask the two groups to take action to prevent similar appearances by e-cigs at future shows.

The letter to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and NBCUniversal, which broadcasts the Golden Globes on NBC, appears below:

Dear Mr. Kingma/Mr. Burke:

We write to express concern regarding the prominent display of electronic cigarettes at Sunday night’s Golden Globe Awards.

Each year, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association recognizes excellence in film and television at the Golden Globe Awards. Throughout the country and the world, people tune in to watch fashionable actors on the red carpet, enjoy the show, and root for their favorite films and actors. Unfortunately, this year, many young viewers saw notable displays of e-cigarette use throughout the awards show, including the opening monologue and repeated shots of celebrities smoking e-cigarettes. In light of studies showing that exposure to on-screen smoking is a major contributor to smoking initiation among youth, we are troubled that these images glamorize smoking and serve as celebrity endorsements that could encourage young fans to begin smoking traditional cigarettes or e-cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes, also called e-cigarettes, are battery-operated devices that simulate traditional tobacco cigarettes. E-cigarettes contain cartridges filled with flavors, chemicals, and the highly addictive substance, nicotine, which are vaporized and inhaled by the user. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), e-cigarette use is growing rapidly. Between 2010 and 2011, the number of U.S. adults who have tried e-cigarettes doubled.  Further, a CDC study released in September 2013 found that in just one year, from 2011 to 2012, the percentage of high school students who have ever used e-cigarettes more than doubled from 4.7 percent to 10 percent.

In spite of the growing popularity of e-cigarettes and limited research on their long-term health effects and risk for increasing use of traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes are currently not required to be submitted to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for evaluation or approval. In 2009, FDA conducted a limited analysis of a sample of e-cigarettes. The analysis found significant quality control issues such as the presence of carcinogens and toxic chemicals, variation in the dose of nicotine in each inhalation, and the presence of nicotine in products claiming to be nicotine-free.  The study raises concerns regarding the safety of these products, the levels of nicotine and other potentially harmful chemicals, and the marketing of e-cigarettes to children and teens.

Unlike traditional tobacco products, e-cigarettes can be legally sold to children and are currently not subject to federal age verification laws. E-cigarettes marketed to appeal to kids in candy and fruit flavors, like bubblegum and strawberry, are readily available to youth in shopping malls and online. These products risk addicting children to nicotine, which could be a pathway to cigarettes and other tobacco products.

The Golden Globes celebrates entertainers who are an influence on young fans. We ask the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and NBC Universal to take actions to ensure that future broadcasts of the Golden Globes do not intentionally feature images of e-cigarettes. Such action would help to avoid the glamorization of smoking and protect the health of young fans.

  • ObamaClaus

    Liberals aren’t happy unless they have something to whine about.

    • Bruce Gregory

      They won’t be happy until the government (the tobacco pimps) figure out how to tax it. With all the talk of evil tobacco, why hasn’t the government banned it? The an$wer is green.

      • claspur

        I’ve said this for years-that smokers need to organize, and sue the FDA for not banning this so-called deadly product. Exactly in the same way They went after Big Tobacco in the ’90s.
        It causes cancer, just like Sacarin did in the ’60s before They banned that. *They also say, ‘Regulate’-preferably over ‘Tax’.(it)

        • Googlie-mooglie

          If the gubmint proved the tobacco companies knew it was deadly years aho and THEY failed to ban it then they are just as guilty.

      • Robadude32

        I think I can say for certain we won’t be happy until we get rid of the lot of them.

      • Conserv8iveWoman

        Taxes – the only “green” policy liberals truly stand behind and do not compromise on?

    • greenthumb07

      Correction…Politicians aren’t happy unless they have something to whine about.

    • GiantClam

      They’re not happy unless they’re meddling in our daily lives, and controlling every thing we do. Liberalism is a mental disorder. DEMS SUCK!.

    • MrSmarty

      Liberals aren’t happy unless they are controlling others.

    • Conserv8iveWoman

      Liberals, for being Pro-Choice, seem to not allow anyone to choose anything outside of a woman having an abortion. It’s my body I should be free to do with it what I want – right? Hand me my cigarette!!

  • Jim Coles

    Needs a two word reply: “Pound sand.”

    • Dave Hunter

      Hey, NYC banned them already. Next up? A national ban…

  • okaayfine

    OMG. What a freaking bunch of whiny cry babies. For gawds sake you filthy democrats. Stay the heck outta peoples’ business. Good grief!!

    • eDave

      Hold up man. As a democrat, I agree with you 100%. Well, not the filthy part.

      • okaayfine


      • neo rambo

        well dave im not sure that you agree with us because im prety sure that you voted for the halfrcan american in the WH and if you did you support the dems and all the controls they want to put on the folks and the freedoms they want to take from us

        • desurt trippur

          Oh, and your Chimp-in-Chief and his oil tycoon cronies didn’t take any freedoms from us during his 8 years of tyranny? Get real.

        • eDave

          I am disconcerted as anyone with the privacy violations. It’s just a continuation/expansion of the PA as far as I can tell and both sides are complicit. You are most likely upset because it’s Obama this time. I would venture to guess that if your guy was in office, most of this would still be in affect and you would be in full support, or not, like me now. Not trying to judge you or condescend. It’s just the nature of politics. Appreciate the response Neo.

  • Douglas Mazzuca

    These politicians are out of control and stupid to boot. E-cigarettes are taboo but killing, maiming, adultery, easy frequent irresponsible youth sex, cultural depravity brandishing guns irresponsibly, vulgarity, terror on TV and film etc. is just plain OK.

    • Al-gore

      Totally agree Douglas, but you left out their total destruction of the U.S government.


      If you like your E-Cigs, you can keep your E-Cigs. Period.

      • otay

        “Glamorize smoking?” The people in Hollywood are disgusting not glamorous.

        • Kathleen3

          As are 99.9% of elected officials.

          • Sanger

            Correction, 99.9999999999999%.

        • John (magnum)

          I have used an e-cig for 9 months now after smoking for 40 years.

          Eff Durbin, he is just another controlling left wing IDIOT !

          • Rauchy

            I’ve smoked for 5 years, but got myself an e-cig on Black Friday to help ween myself off tobacco. So far it’s working. I haven’t smoked real tobacco since Dec 1st and last week I even stopped vaping the e-cig too. So far, so good. The urge to vape on the e-cig is just about completely gone too and I’m feeling pretty good about the whole thing. If the e-cig helped me quit in only about a month, it’s a God-send for sure.

      • StuCozza

        If you like your period, you can keep your period. Period. :)

    • bridget

      they get too many kickbacks from the tobacco companies.
      they no more want people to quit smoking than santa claus does.

      • Terry

        Don’t forget the massive taxes per pack of cigs “for the children”. (kinda like electric cars are wrecking gas tax income- except they aren’t because there aren’t enough people who will buy an EV.)

        • bridget

          that’s it. sad that we are so ignorant as a whole that they are so blatant about their own hypocrisy and greed and very few even picked this up.

    • Ted Kennedy’s SEARCH+RESCUE

      Yes O.K. Because that’s been the plan all along.
      45 Communist Goals for the USA –

    • saberzedge

      Mr. D. Durbin,
      Google this: “smoking pot with e cigarette” & see what the celebs are really doing with their “E-Cigs” in public and on TV and there might not be such and outrage on your part.

      • Lo

        I made a pipe out of an apple once I guess any celeb eating one of those is in trouble.

      • Guest

        Only an idiot (or a newspaper looking for a controversy) would go through all that trouble. There are vaporizers that are made for marijuana extracts. These vaporizers are just as easily purchased as e-cigs are for nicotine.

    • sardiverdave

      Until you mentioned TV, I thought you were talking about the Senate there.

    • smartestmanever

      Wow you lefty Hollywood who claim to be such free thinkers and nonconformists she like giving your money to people who tell you what to do like your mommy would.

    • John J Coltrain

      They’re just setting the stage to tax these E-cigs somehow I’m sure.

  • JebusKhrist

    These senators are clearly busy-bodies with nothing better to do. They all need an extremely hard slap to the face and genitals.

    • Indomitus

      They don’t HAVE any genitals!

    • Smokeygrl

      Well you know, they saved us from the evil incandescent light bulb, now they can move on to even more important things like saving us from non-burning, non-tobacco e-cigarettes, because we don’t know what we are doing..bunch of a$$w!pes

      • despicablelowlifes

        The Democrats are V.I.K.I. from the movie I, Robot……they are here to save us, from ourselves.

  • Slugger_McBuster

    Glad to see these slime-coated leftist absolutist c0(ksuckers have their priorities in order.

  • Clover11111

    Next, they will try to ban selling them through the FDA. They must not know that Julia Louis-Dreyfus is an heir to the Dreyfus billions and whose investment savvy has kept many Americans from going broke. Durbin is up for his seat, will people in IL finally get smart? Likely not.

  • LosttsoL

    They want pot legalized, but get mad about e-cigs? Combusting marijuana is far worse for your health than vaporizing nicotine juice.

    • Al-gore

      Yes, and your teen daughter can get an abortion, endorsed by the school counselor, and without your permission. Maybe showing all the celebrities glamorizes self-mutilation with all thier plastic surgeries too.

      • okwhateveryeah

        Basically the more disgusting an action the quicker the government will line up behind it. Obama smokes a real cig, eh, not a big deal, Julia smokes an ecig, well boys and girls we better ban together and write a letter or America is going down the toilet. As long as we are allowed to kill babies at will we should be ok. After all, we don’t want anyone to be punished with a baby, as our glorious leader put it.

    • claspur

      Pot has many more carcinogens in it than tobacco does too.
      Ask Bob Marl… oh-wait…. he’s dead from smoking the ghanja.

      • DAMION

        show me a link to the number of carcinogens Einstein, oh wait you can’t. BTW Marley died of cancer started in his foot from an infection…’re a fool a low info fool

        • claspur

          Next time you-Damion, Lo and eDave-here are out of Pot, think of what I told you while scrapeing your bowls for a ‘hit or two…. and when that’s all gone, go-ahead and scrape a lung, you fools.

          • John J Coltrain

            lol scraping bowls…

          • claspur

            Been there did that with my buds, back in the day, JJ. lol

      • eDave

        “he’s dead from smoking the ghanja”

        Are you for real? No one has ever died from “ghanja”. Wanna know why? Because your false claim about he carcinogens is an outright lie. You are stupid and you are not a good person, regardless of what you think of yourself. You simply cannot be real. Lord, I hope you are not.

      • Lo

        Too bad you don’t smoke pot claspur. It might give you an excuse for that incorrect/moronic statement.

    • Butthog

      There is strong evidence that THC itself has anti-tumeric/anti-cancer properties.There is more tar in pot SMOKE, but there are other ways in ingest Marijuana that aren’t detrimental like smoking inherently is like edibles or vaporization)Studies have shown people that smoke pot on top of using tobacco live longer than those that solely smokeTobacco/use nicotine (a drug/chemical which has very strong evidence showing that it inherently causes detrimental health effects to the heart and other organs in long term use)

      • Eugene Pariah

        Overall, a pretty good post …but with regard to your use of the phrase “anti-tumeric,” you may want to go with “anti-tumor” next time. The word “tumeric” is singularly reserved for the spice (or herb).

  • Harry Seaward

    Celebrities are our greatest asset. They should be listened to and revered. Thy know everything. Just ask one of them.

    • despicablelowlifes

      Yes, I just heard a b-actor say that belly button lint causes global warming, so now I make sure to flush all mine down the toilet.

  • Grant Guthrie

    Big Government is attacking E-Cigs?! If anything they should be applauding the presentation of these electronic devices! They know absolutely nothing as to the nature of E-Cigarettes. They vaporize a naturally occurring glycerin…taken from plants matter. Vegetable Glycerin or “VG” is one of the common used compounds, along with Propylene Glycol or “PG”, another naturally occurring compound. These compounds are then “vaped” by the user, creating no smoke or tar. These are not even known carcinogens. 1000% better than traditional smoking. It’s not even really smoking anymore, it’s vaping. Also, not all e-liquids used in E-Cigs have nicotine. Nicotine percentage is an option for the user when he buys his e-juices. Another quick fact is that Nicotine isolated from the tobacco plant is not as harmful as when smoked. It still carries its problems with pregnant women, but that essentially it. Nicotine when in e-juices is absolutely 100% safe when vaped by the common man. Vaping is the future, nobody will be smoking anymore.

    • Jacques

      Thanks to E-cigs I haven’t had a real cigarette since July 4th, 2013. I can now breathe well and even chase my 6 year old around the neighborhood. I haven’t felt this good in almost 30 years (how long I smoked) and my doctor says my numbers are the best he’s seen from me, ever. My heart rate and blood pressure are now both within the norm and both were off the charts a year ago. I no longer get headaches like before. So as far as I’m concerned, they need to shut their pie holes.

      • Battlespeed

        Amen, Jacques. My story is almost identical to yours, and I know many, many others as well. SHUT THEIR PIE HOLES!!

        • clevonlittle

          end of June 2012 , all the difference in the world .

      • GunTotingLib

        But you are still a drug addict

        • Toni A. Karas

          Do you drink coffee, soda, tea??? Do you enjoy your caffeine? Then you are a drug addict!

          • GiantClam

            That’s right, Nicotine is in the same class as caffeine. Nicotine is not the problem….it’s the tar and CO and all the other carcinogens in cigarettes.

          • Conserv8iveWoman

            My personal favorite is “second helpings”… I go to Frisch’s and Golden Corral and watch the addicts graze repeatedly.

        • Jacques

          Forgive me for not fulfilling your own shining example of perfection. And yes, that’s sarcasm in case your education was obtained from the liberal ivory tower types in the public school system. Using your very own standards (judging without knowing a single thing about a person other than a post or two), you’re apparently a foulmouthed cretin (from the F-bombs I saw on the first page of your comments). But then, who am I to judge?

        • Lo

          Obama sold drugs and that’s okay, Why can’t I have my e-cigs.

          • GunTotingLib

            If you are an adult you can. But don’t fool yourself, it is nothing more than an electronic delivery system for a highly addictive recreational drug and you are a drug addict.

          • MrSmarty

            This issue is none of the politicians business and it’s none of your business. You are a typical control freak and so are these three particularly nasty politicians. I don’t want to imagine what your addictions are and you are a liar if you deny having some.

          • Brad Parker

            Stop trying to conflate addiction with dependency. Cigarette smoke is highly addictive due to the effects of MAOIs on the brain’s reward pathways in conjunction with the nicotine. Remove the smoke, and you have nicotine, which is about as addictive as caffeine with the same level of harm. Which is practically none.

          • Toni A. Karas

            Again – do you intake caffeine?? A highly addictive recreational drug as well. Therefore, you are a drug addict! While vapers don’t fool themselves, they realize there is a safer alternative and vapers know what are in their vape – rest assured not all have nicotine in them, but I am sure you will still consider it a drug addiction. By the way, do you eat tomatoes, potatoes, or even eggplant? You MUST be a drug addict if you do.

          • GregoryKyle

            Because Obama is president and he knows better than you what is good for you. All liberals do….just ask them.

        • Morris65

          I quit a 40+ year, 1-2 pack a day (1 pack in the final years….all I could afford) Camel (non-filter) habit with my first vape (inhalation). In 2 years I had reduced and finally eliminated the nicotine (I make my own e-liquid…much cheaper that way). It occurred to me that the reason patches and Chantix are ineffective in many cases is that from the beginning of civilization, and probably before, some people just enjoy smoking! Add to that the fact that you’re exhaling nothing but water vapor (not even a bit of CO2 other than what we all exhale naturally…a great relief for the global warmongers), your pleasure bothers no one, with the possible exception of the extremely neurotic.

        • Conserv8iveWoman

          Better a tobacco addict than a pot head? If Hollywood wants to end addictions let them start with the rampant addiction to Botox and Collagen injections!! :)

        • Paula Proctor

          I laugh in your face Gun totter. I use e-cigs that have NO nicotine. I ENJOY them. I did smoke for 40 years until I picked up an e-cig. They are what ever the user uses them for.
          But I bet you still crave your coffee/chocolate/wine/cocktail/ What ever you lean on. Are you an addict?

      • MrsSpooky

        I quit smoking when I switched to e-cigs myself. I feel better, friends tell me my skin looks better and I’m not winded as much. They’re just ticked off at the loss of tax revenue and possible loss of big tobacco money.

      • GiantClam

        Same here….e-cigs are the only way I was able to stop smoking. FuKK all dems!

    • JallopyMacfurry

      I’ve read that nicotine is good for the memory as well…

      • despicablelowlifes

        and lowers cholesterol

        • GiantClam

          And feels real nice in the blood stream. I’d rather have my nic from an ecig than from deadly cigarettes.

      • Morris65

        I think he forgot that!

    • William Burke

      Propylene Glycol = antifreeze.

      • Dewayne Huntsinger

        You’re mixing it up with “Ethylene Glycol” which is used as automotive anti-freeze and is toxic. Propylene Glycol has similar anti-freeze properties but is non-toxic, especially in the miniscule amounts used in e-cigs.

        • William Burke

          Quite so! Thanks for the correction. I must be getting old. No, I AM getting old.

        • Paula Proctor

          Dewayne, go here and get educated before you spew incorrectly ;)

          • Dewayne Huntsinger

            Um, did you read my post? I was telling him that PG was perfectly safe. I’d like to know what I “spewed” that was inaccurate.

          • Paula Proctor

            Dewayne, my mistake misreading your comment.

      • Toni A. Karas

        Wrong, congratulations you have failed in getting your facts correct – please refrain from posting nonsense and do your proper research!

  • Joanne james

    Just a small cause my fine Liberal Senators are trying to seem tough on…its unfortunate but better this than limiting Voting or reproduction rights. Or pandering to Corporations that pay No taxes or a living wage.

  • Al-gore

    Just another thing do distract from all their own failures as legislators in our once great Republic. It’s also something new for big taxes!!!!

  • Uli Kunkel

    Democrat problems.

  • RobL_v2

    The President smokes, Senators support pot, the support banning lightbulbs.
    What’s up with e-cigs, might help people to quit smoking and then people might feel they dont need to sign up for Obamacare??

    All I want is limited Limited LIMITED government! Let me decide how to lead my life, how to raise my family, how to spend the money I work my but off to earn. Thats why we elect people to REPRESENT US in government and why they take an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution.

    Throw the bums out including the president if they do anything less! If you dont the bums will be throwing you out.

    Remember if your government fears you, you have liberty. If you fear the government, you have tyranny!

    • Art O’Connell

      Its all about tobacco lobby money. you dont actually think they really want people to quit?

  • It’s almost over

    Those senators must have gotten a call from Big tobacco.

  • Pot Vapor vs. Beer

    Congress is full of hypocrites who drink alcohol… they should be ashamed of themselves for endorsing the cancer-causing substance ethanol and taking money from their lobby group instead of water vapor that harms no-one..

  • Guest

    Durbin the turd should shut up and mind his our buisness.

  • bd1143bc

    Durbin the turd and his colleagues should shut up and mind their own business.

  • timpiker

    Further proof it never was just a health issue. Its all about taking away my rights….and we the people let them do it to us every damn day.

  • Ihate_mywife

    IDIOTS! All of them! Vote them all out! Obviously they have too much time their hands.

  • Angie Wooten

    They only care about the lost tax revenue, they only hide behind concern for children.

  • Smokeygrl

    Wish he would do something useful, like GO AWAY.

  • JallopyMacfurry

    Stupid leftists want to ban water vapor. That which has helped countless people quit actual smoking. Man I hate the Left.

  • NE_Heights_Elitist

    An economy in shambles, millions out of work, and an award show is a problem? God it must be great to be Obamatrash.

  • jnsesq

    Why not ban unregulated carbon dioxide exhalations from humans? Liberal Statist morons.

    • Morris65

      Next dem mantra:
      “An aborted citizen is a non-polluting citizen!”

  • Ken Martin

    Durbin and the rest should mind their own damn business. The commie bastards have screwed the American people out of enough freedoms.

  • Jorja1234

    Well, on the bright side, if they are meddling in something like this, they can’t continue ignoring the economy, wrecking foreign policy, and trampling on the Constitution.

  • E. Newton

    They are power-mad morons. They want control over every conceivable aspect of your life and they will stop at nothing until control is in their sweaty little hands.

  • despicablelowlifes

    Politicians hate E-cigs because it costs them revenue. They want people buying real cigarettes and paying these political pigs’ exhorbinant tobacco tax. They don’t give a crap about the people, just the money in our pockets and our votes.

    • Art O’Connell

      Nothing to do with tax proceeds. you give them far too much credit, this is about campaign contributions from tobacco lobby and NOTHING more.

      • despicablelowlifes

        that too, basically it all about money and votes.

    • Lo

      Its begs the questions, How do you make up for vice tax revenue when society finds an alternative? You’d think if the purpose of the vice tax was to decrease usage and eventually eliminate the vice there would be SOME kind of exit plan.

    • Sun Tzo

      I am just hoping my local vape shop are the only people in the biz that want this regulated. Do yourself a favor and learn to make ejuice at home. I pay about 6 dollars to make 120 ml of my favorite flavor. If you can learn how to build an atomizer. Buy a rebuild able or go to youtube and learn how to make protank coils. Really easy and you be shocked at the savings. All American chems instead of the stuff from china. Cost me about 2 dollars a week for 2 people.

      • Morris65

        Agreed concerning chemicals (I buy my e-juice materials locally/Virginia) but you might want to google “FastTech” for vaping supplies/cartomizers/cores, cigs, etc. I’ve been through a long, and somewhat expensive learning curve and wound up paying as little as 20 cents on the dollar for decent vaping equiptment. You do have to wait a while (2 to 3 weeks on the average) but they’re the most reliable seller/co-op I’ve found (Yes….they’re in China). Also, shipping is free (but for an extra buck or two it can be expedited). Sure, I try to by American whenever I can but trying to lead a comfortable life without hitting the “rainy day funds” sometimes makes it difficult to pay 2 to 5 times as much to support someone else’s comfort.

  • William

    Commie/Lib/Progressives are the bane of Western civilation.

  • Bo Jiden

    Well, thank heavens the senate has solved all the REAL problems. Now they can focus on this critical issue.

    I think smoking’s for idiots, but I’m offended these busybody senate dorks really bother to take the time to intrude on people’s private lives. Hey Durbin, the economy still sucks. Why don’tcha start with that little problem? China’s gonna own our grandkids. Is the national debt any kind of concern for ya?

  • LenInFlux

    Dear Senators – Using Electronic Cigarettes does not “glamorize smoking” because E-Cigs do not produce smoke. E-Cigs produce vapor…….you are comparing apples to oranges. Please educate yourself before going on your next diatribe.


    • Tiza

      It just turns out that they are stupid and more stupid and ignorant in this regard. So sad!

  • Andy

    Meanwhile the Democrats promote legalizing Marijuana which has been proven yet ignored that it more than 20 times harmful than tobacco ….. Smoke a joint and you may as well smoke 5 cigarettes ,but pot now considered cool again and taxable….and lets not forget mellows people down to dumbness …..

    • Tiza

      Just tell them this in CA, or wherever you are, you are going to get more serious cancer from Fukushima that isn’t being talked about. So go and blow real cigarettes like crazy, and I know it ain’t posh. Just go and smoke like a crazy person because the Fuku is getting us now, and if you don’t know this, go and research. You’ll see. Smoke, smoke and more smoke. At least you’ll enjoy your cig. I know that if I still smoked, I would enjoy it now. But when BO took office and the cigs changed, they made me sick.

  • stevenskane

    Are these distinguished senators being paid by the tobacco lobby? My wife has switched to ecigarettes and has had a big improvement in her health. The atmosphere has greatly improved for me, too. It is true that not a lot of research has been done on the effects, but it cannot be doubted that ecigs are a big improvement over tobacco. It is extremely hard to quit smoking and many simply cannot do it. Why try to ban something that could be beneficial for many? Also, I have not been in any store which sells ecigs to kids. These government-obsessed politicians want to regulate every aspect of our lives so that we will have no freedom left. I say, lets regulate them right out of office!


    All they care about is the tax revenue that e-cigarettes cut into. Maybe people watching their favorite stars using e-cigarettes might stop smoking and use the product

  • Vidkun Lauritz Jonssøn

    There’s nothing scarier to a Dem than freedom.

  • Jay DeLorenzis

    This just shows us how stupid the Democrats are. There is no second-hand smoke which was one argument for eliminating people from smoking indoors. They are going to continue to fight against E-cigs, because it a completely political issue and they will not let this go. Unreal.

  • Art O’Connell

    I guess big E doesnt send contributions the way big tobacco does.

  • Tiza

    The e-cigs have no more risk that them drinking a glass of wine. Or whatever. Those people are totally nuts!

  • bridget

    and the general consensus…they are in the pockets of the tobacco companies.

    don’t smoke, but if you do, let’s make sure to tax the heck out of you. quit smoking but don’t use e cigarettes with harmless vapors to quit.

    what a complete crock. it’s sickening so many believe these horrible wretched people.

  • disqus_ekwRilfSuY

    the only regret is they have not donated to their reelection efforts yet…

  • Bdad

    Can we please have even more control from the government? Please? Lets make sure that no one can ever see anything someone else doesn’t like. It’s not censorship it’s controlling information for your own protection.

  • Iris D. Lynch

    Better the kids smoke e cigarettes rather than pot.

  • White Powder Ma

    Durbin should crawl back under his rock and shut-up.

  • The_Exile

    F-ning Nazis

  • LanternRogue

    I’m not knocking e-cigs, but the compaint is valid. In the 1920’s Edward Bernays used models to promote smoking for wormen. In that period women smoking was taboo.

    • ali_Shabazz_Kingfish_Stevens

      Who “modeled” abortions for Liberal women?

      • LanternRogue

        Since we’re off topic, you should check out the documentary on youtube ‘Century of the Self’. It’s about Bernays, a guy whose methods are still in use today. He invented public relations.

    • Jack

      What;s your point? Cigarettes are legal products and frankly the advertising ban is juvenile and silly.,,,,,but to be expected from leftist nanny-staters.

      • LanternRogue

        The e-cigs were a PR stunt is my point.

        • It’s almost over

          In what way? PR? For who?

          • LanternRogue

            e-cigs of course. Look, I’m not down on them and in fact have contemplated trying them. What I’m getting at is people are being marketed to all the time without realizing it. Consider product placement in tv shows and movies.

          • It’s almost over

            Do you also have a problem with these same people having sex, killing, and drinking alcohol on tv and movies?

            I’m upset with the fact that Democratic Senators are upset with Hollywood using ecigs! Yet they’re legalizing pot!

            Our government sucks..and on both sides of the isles!

          • LanternRogue

            I don’t watch tv, but yes there is alot of violence and killing. The main reason I don’t watch is the marketing. And not only are products and goods being marekted, but also in many cases a mindset. Take for instance the media pushing wmd’s in Iraq.
            I’m for legalizing weed simply for the fact putting nonviolent offenders in prison has helped to turn the US into the #1 prison population. You have to realize the private prison industry lobbies to keep weed illegal, the more people that are locked up the more profit the prisons make.
            As far as politicians go; follow the money.

    • Dewreck

      No the complaint is not valid, don’t you think senators have anything better to do?

      • LanternRogue

        They pointed out a PR stunt, I have no problem with that.

        • Dewreck

          Really, what business is it of theirs?

          • LanternRogue

            Why not? It’s not like they’re writing a bill to make them illegal. I’m not going to rehash what I have already posted.

          • Dewreck

            You don’t think they will try to do just that?

          • LanternRogue

            No, it would be more like a tax scheme, if anything.

  • Bill

    New and substantial taxes on ecigs before long, methinks.

  • ActualVeteranofWar

    I can not wait until these imbeciles are made to GO AWAY! ” Oh, won’t someone PLEASE think of the children?!”

    pathetic pansies.

  • top secret

    We PAY these guys? This is WHATTF they concern themselves ?

  • Johnat8500

    Wonder if we can get e cigars since that’s what I smoke.

  • ActualVeteranofWar

    If the 4 stooges who wrote this letter actually stood up to a real
    issue, like I dont know…maybe.. the rampant pedophilia in Hollywood?
    Nah… why ACTUALLY save children when we can sign off on a non-issue like this
    latest joke.

  • Jayxavier

    Are they aware that their approval rate is in the low 10s…..WGAFF what the senators think.

    • ActualVeteranofWar

      They do. And they make the laws brother. Thats why we should give a flying fug.

  • Mark S

    But if they were smoking joints that would be just fine.

    Welcome to the wacky United States.

  • The Duck

    To all that say it is only water vapor it is not it also contains nicotine. When you get a chance sometime look up Nicotine and learn a little about it.

    • dusty keele

      The liquid used in e-cigarettes sometimes contains nicotine, but it is
      available also without nicotine. In fact, I strongly suspect that the
      e-cig that Julia Louis-Dreyfuss was using at the Golden Globes was
      nicotine-free. It was a PROP in a SKIT. Furthermore, there is NO
      second-hand aspect to e-cigs. Nicotine, is it is being used in a e-cig,
      is immediately absorbed by the mucous membranes in the mouth. Those who
      vape need not even inhale the vapor for that to occur. Whatever vapor is
      exhaled contains extremely tiny amounts of nicotine, if any. Do your
      research on what vaping is and you will find that it is a safer
      alternative to burning tobacco with NO second-hand issues.

  • Jack

    Typical of elitist, nanny-state senators. Even more typical of meddling, repulsive, controlling, suffocating, mothering, intrusive, arrogant, superior RAT senators.

  • Coyote12

    Yes Hollywood should only endorse gun violence, abortion and drug abuse. Water vapor producing e cigarettes. How horrible.

  • Michael Davis

    It’s amusing to see all the drudge-ites going where they are told to post Faux News dribble and fake-neocon nonsense.

    • Jack

      So this is how you amuse yourself? You’ve probably never been with a woman….

      • Michael Davis

        You probably do not know what the words “critical thinking” and “due diligence” mean.

        • Jack

          I know what they mean, and, unlike you, I actually practice them. Now, get off of the library computer. Some other cheap ‘tard wants to mooch it.

          • Michael Davis

            Thanks for proving my point! Enjoy your head in the sand :)

    • It’s almost over

      Explain this one: why are democrats legalizing pot but are upset about e-cigs?

      • Michael Davis

        Its not “democrats” it’s a couple of senators. Stop playing the team mentality and then the country can move forward.

        • Michael is a libtard

          Stop playing the team mentality? What is using terms like “Faux News” (which is so original and witty) and fake “neocon nonsense”? Libtards – you know a lot about them because they always criticize the qualities that they have (racist, sexist, bigoted, phobic of others that don’t share their beliefs, full of hate, want to squash opposing opinions, etc, etc, etc)

          • Michael Davis

            Wait, I thought Fox was “fair and balanced” and not politically affiliated??

          • Michael is a libtard


          • Michael is a libtard

            Libtard, this will blow your clichéd mind, but I don’t like or watch fox news. But Fox News is just as legitimate if not more than CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC, and PBS.

          • It’s almost over

            Same for me. I don’t watch news any longer but if I must its FOX.

            I did hear that Dems are now going after alternative news sites. I guess telling the truth isn’t in their game plan! Information to the people is deadly to the government.

        • It’s almost over

          Thanks for answering the question. Just a couple of Senators no big deal.

          Why worry about the tea party then. They’re just a few old people waving flags. Nothing could come of this movement!

          Typical liberal. Never answers the question but always pointing fingers at thus to answer their questions!

  • PollyWannaCrakka

    Aren’t they harmless?

    • Jack

      The e-cigs? Yes

      The “senators”? No.

  • abe

    why…because they cant get the tax money from E-cigs like they can the others.

    • Jack

      Don’t worry. I’m sure their communist “staffers” are preparing legislation….

    • mbg41

      That is a great point Abe. If more people use e-cigs there goes the tax base.

  • Jim Rall

    Durbin the Socialist… figures… he loves to control people. I bet every time a law is passed that limits freedom or Rights he runs to the boys room and yanks his wagon train like a March Hare.

  • Jack

    Only a scumbag statist like Blumenthal would show his face in public after lying about his military service.

    • Jim Rall

      I know.. as a vet I’m offended by him… so if I’m offended how come the left doesn’t support my feelings?

      • Jack

        The left doesn’t give a crap about vets. It’s obvious in the way they treat active duty members as well as vets. Looks at how FUBARaq is peeing on the graves of our troops who died in Iraq for proof.

  • pacoug

    How easily we miss the point. This whole letter is the tip of the screwdriver prying open the new e-cig market for regulation and taxation. Some faceless bureaucrat in Washington aims to get a cabin cruiser out of this deal. It’s the mafia: nice little business you got here. Be a shame if anything was to happen to it.

    • porkcfish

      Bingo! You hit the nail on the head. Smoking has long been a taboo for various reasons (I’d argue because it is associated with the poor) but government isn’t making money off this. Note that every table at the Globes has a bottle of Moët upon it. No one bitched about that. Harvey Weinstein is fat. No one bitched about that.

      Righteous indignation has been the demise of this country since the 1980s when everyone decided to be offended on everyone else’s behalf instead of doing some real work like flipping a hamburger or making a table.

  • 49_percent_no_koolaid

    Studies show that being control freak Democrats is hazardous to the health of all Americans – they all need to be banned.

  • NoMoreMrNiceGuy

    Wahahahahhahah nanny state Wahahahhahahahha Change your diapers.

  • unionsruinus

    No surprise as Durbin is the modern day Joe McCarthy with his now famous letter to ALEC members, “are you now or have you ever been a member of the American Legislative Exchange Council?” Durbin the tyrant

  • toughteri

    Durban is an idiot, as are the rest. E-cigs are the way to go, certainly over becoming addicted to weed or heroin – as they may be.

  • potusWORTHLESS

    YO DICK…is this what libs hired you for? YOU ARE PATHETIC…your days are also numbered!

  • mbg41

    More Democrat intrusion into your life.

  • SoTxJoe

    E-cigs cause about as much damage as the phony global warming, which is none.

  • E. Newton

    Would these cockroaches that we refer to as Senators, object if instead of these E-cigs, the awards featured Muslim suicide bombers engaging in gay sex acts while smoking pot? No, they would applaud the diversity in front of them.

    • Kevin Stowell

      True dat.

  • jesthefaxman

    Who was smoking? Besides Elaine of course

  • GunTotingLib

    Kids should not be allowed to become addicted to the recuperation; drug nicotine. adults should be able to as they please as long as it harms no one else.

    • dusty keele

      While I agree that kids should not be allowed to become addicted to nicotine, let’s not forget that caffeine is also an addictive drug and no one seems to have a problem with young people drinking coffee. Slippery slope.

  • Richard_Wiggler

    guess if you could get high and vote democrat smoking Nicotine
    they wouldn’t have a problem with it.

  • Sonick NineZeronine

    LOL yeah they are worried about glamorization of smoking. It has NOTHING AT ALL to do with a decrease in tax revenue. NOTHING at all. Our government in the US just BLOWS CHUNKS. We need NEW leadership and MUCH more representation. What does Durbin know about a Southern Illinois farmer ? NOTHING. That’s taxation without representation. Fly your American flag upside down, we are in distress.

  • Mark Smith

    Mad because it might hurt their tobacco lobby payola.

    • Tom R


    • Donna776477

      Good catch! Follow the money!

  • Dewreck

    An E-cig is a superior nicotine delivery system in every way, and it probably won’t kill you.

  • Isle of Palms. John

    Durbin doesn’t like anything that he hasn’t figured out how to regulate or tax. This is the genius who gave us the costly Conflict Materials law that are decimating poor African countries. He and the voters of Illinois are idiots for continuing to elect this bozo.

    • Tom R

      You know the fix is in, in gangsta land.

  • SandyLester

    E cigs – he means vapor cigs

  • briscuit

    Just mad they can’t take that away too. They want to control your every cellular action. The horn from the original Time Machine is blowing peeps See the movie if confused

    • Tom R

      Give them time .
      these three are all liberals, aren’t they?

  • The Duke

    These Liberal politicians just hate freedom, plain and simple. Maybe they haven’t got a cut of the money either. Sleazebags.

  • MrsSpooky

    I laughed at this letter while puffing on my e-cig. For the record, nicotine-laden fluid used in these are not knowingly sold to minors. I’ve seen people who couldn’t prove they are of age turned away from purchasing e-cigs at the store. Typical politician hysteria.

  • Elaine Farrell

    E Cigs are saving 1,000’s of lives, of long term smokers who switched. These disgusting congress creeps need to mind their own business & only “demand” what their constituents ask the to…. No one asked for these Nazi’s on the loose!

    • MikeDH

      I switched to e cigs 2 years ago. I am healthier and happier for it. The difference in my endurance, stamina, and activity levels is astounding since I stopped smoking poison. My doctor has even stated that while he would never recommend e cigs to anyone who doesn’t already smoke, nicotine alone is virtually no different than caffeine. So I agree with your “life saving” comment.

    • Billy the worm

      This is a panic run by big tobacco against ecigs with the help of some bought off senators

  • disqus_ZoTkgnnndJ

    For goodness sake, don’t these senators have anything useful to do? Why do they think it is their place to insert themselves into virtually every aspect of life? First, they had to butt into MLB, now they have to try to control the Golden Globes. Don’t kids today have parents to teach them not to smoke?

  • jumper297

    I see these windbags are tackling the tough issues facing Americans…. Seriously, anybody who votes for an incumbent is out of their minds, regardless of party.

  • cal_culus

    But but but…. the movies glamorize pot smoking, drugs, and homosexuality. Oh, and I forgot the most common, violence. Pick your poison, hypocrites.

    • Elaine Farrell

      Don’ forget cooking & using crack,,, promoting psycho drugs like Molly & LSD are making big strides, thanks to Hollywood.

  • johnny patrick

    4 senators who are ‘glamorizing’ wasting taxpayer money while feigning ‘serving’ our country or their own constituents. What a laff.

  • J_Biggs

    It is none of their F-ing business.

  • StevenNewsom

    E-Cigs aren’t smoking, it is little different than an asthma inhaler.

    • J_Biggs

      but, but, but….. it still looks like they’re smoking…… What about the children????????

  • Kathleen3

    Perhaps Durbin, Blumenthal, and Brown should be made to understand the majority of Americans’ distaste for their socialistic policies, their arrogance, rudeness, and blatant violation of their oath of office and our Constitution.

    Smoking an E-cigarette pales in comparison to these three allowing our Constitution to go up in smoke as the result of their dereliction of duty and corruption.

  • JhoffaX

    OMG, SHUT UP.. The entire country is burning down around us and you morons are worried about E-Cigs?

    That’s just STUPID ENOUGH to be our government at “work”

    • Andrew Arnold

      Some people can walk AND chew gum at the SAME time…

      • JhoffaX

        None of them are in our Congress..

      • Robadude32

        Very few politicians can.

  • mike cumpston

    e-cigs are no more pleasant than sucking on a wooden dowell. Still, the puritans dislike them because they are afraid somebody might enjoy them. If they “glamorize” smoking that’s still better than the media penchant for glamorizing democrats.

    • MikeDH

      Mine is pleasant. Tastes good too. I use a Joye E-go C and a custom blend of mint and coconut flavored juice.

  • Stephen Kyle Tapp

    What a quartet of fascist pigs!

  • MikeDH

    E cigs harm no one. Dems can’t be satisfied until they micromanage everything. How can people who claim to be more inclined toward “choice” and free expression seriously vote for these Nazis?

    • Lo

      Sorry MikeDH I have to correct you. E-cigs seem to have a harmful effect on revenue for both Gov and big tobacco. :P

      • MikeDH

        Well, I guess there is that. I suppose I won’t sleep so well tonight, after all.

  • Lo

    The government doesn’t like a smoking alterative I wonder why.

    • MikeDH

      I know, right? After all the years of lecturing us about finding ways to quit smoking tobacco and the dangers of second-hand smoke, we finally have a viable alternative that is virtually harmless – but they haven’t figured a way to tax it so they attack it.

  • mwmichaels

    Would have been ok if they were smoking weed, though. What trash are these guys. The good news is we only have a couple more years to deal with Sherrie (not a typo). His defeat is a given. I will be working tirelessly for anyone running against him. Tirelessly.

  • Billy the worm

    Guess who still works for the tobacco companys?

  • David

    Mind your OWN F’ing business, Senators. Why are Democrats so darn INTOLERANT? Unless it comes to MARIJUANA, OF COURSE. HYPOCRITES!

  • RichPorardo

    If they were “salami smoking”, these Libretards wouldn’t mind at all.

  • jamesben

    Who died and put THESE communist p ricks in charge of the U.S.A.? HEY COMMIES – p iss off.

    • okaayfine

      No one died.. The damm low info voters put em in charge.Damm free loaders

  • Mark Power

    Dems are going full fascist. They are evil.

  • Mike Harmon

    I see. Glamorizing sex and violence on film and TV is not a problem, but e-cigs are a threat? Dweebs.

  • dylan214u

    Nothing said about the out of control drinking and its effect on the stage???

  • bookish1

    Gee willikers, Mr. Senator, Sir, this is a really big issue.

  • abcnewscansuckit

    They would be OK with it if they were smoking each other’s poles though. Stupid ‘Rats should all die. God I hate them and their meddling!

  • Andrew Arnold

    Hah ha, I used the short version of Senate Majority leader Durbin’s first name in a post and upon posting was notified that my comment was awaiting moderation. Mr. Durbin will be saddened to know that Roll Call considers his first name to be obscene.

    • JWales

      just say DickDurbin

      • Andrew Arnold

        I think you missed the point.

        • JWales


  • Matt Miller

    What’s disgusting is how quick these politicians listen to their tabaccoo purse strings. Increase regular cigarette use is a blatant lie.

  • Bob the bugman

    Ban Kool-Aid commercials before “the children” develop a drinking problem. and become democrats!

  • azgirl

    I wish you hadn’t posted that video. Now I’m going to have to start smoking e-cigs.

  • Sanger

    It’s simply this: THEY HAVE NO MEANS TO TAX IT!

    Expect some serious regulation. Before that though, expect a SERIOUS DEMONIZATION.

    Have fun America!

  • TPHobbit

    OMG… Are these “Senators” really that stupid… They have saddled us with 17++ Trillion dollars of debt and they are worried about someone smoking a $^#*$& e-cigarette … What is even more pathetic is that someone actually voted for these idiots…

  • Carl Castle

    Nothing short of a full fledged INQUISITION from the usual power-punks in Whasington…By god they hate LIBERTY!!!!

  • AsleepNoMore

    Sure. Let them exhibit homosexuality. Let them twerk. Let them endorse political candidates (especially the incumbent president). But smoke mock cigarettes? Oh noooooooooooooo.

  • Bob the bugman

    Good thing the G Globes weren’t hosted in Colorado, ain’t it Senator?

  • J_Biggs

    The Democrat party is the face of modern fascism.

  • Judy Reinhardt

    Guys, do your job and leave us alone. You do not belong in our personal lives.

  • Kevin H

    E-cigarettes are the best thing that ever happened to me. The base chemicals propylene-glycol and natural vegetable-glycerin are harmless. For god sakes the FDA already approved these chems for consumption in other products. Prop-glycol can be found in ice cream and is a common base in vapor-therapy meds for asthema patients. The nicotene and the flavorings are the only thing questionable, but e-cigs are far healthier than regular ones. This is about tax dollars and the tobacco lobby. Cigarettes have been nearly outlawed and socially shunned for years and when a reasonable solution presents itself we get negativity and possible restrictions. I just can’t understand this.

    • Brett Delong

      Taxes. The Dems would rather have you paying taxes while you poison yourself on real cigs.

      • Kevin H

        I think it is funny that cigarettes were proven to be unhealthy and then vilified for so many years (which led to more taxes) and now that a safer alternative exists that is proven to help people quit, we get more vilification which will ultimately lead to more taxes.

    • JWales

      the Dems want you to smoke pot…so you’ll be so stoned you won’t notice how much they’ve f-ed up your life

      • Dennis

        ain’t that a hoot…great comment!


        You got that right ………..At least someone sees what is happening……..

  • PolarVortexed

    Nothing is legal in Durbin’s home state of Illinois. That’s why crime rates are so low there.

  • caveman1313

    translation: stop promoting ecigs until we get legislation in place to tax them

  • Sum1Lszfalt

    What’s the matter Taxacrats, can’t extort any money out of the e-cig makers?

  • RobUofIllinoisU/C

    Durbin, mind your own damn business you POS. You already ruined my state along with Rahm & Barry Soetoro. And now if we toss a cig out the window it’s a $1500 fine 1st offense, $2500 the second time, and $25000 & a felony charge the 3rd time with prison? I believe people are getting fed up with these radical communists telling us what we can & cannot do & are going to go after politicians physically in the future.

  • Eugene Pariah

    Dear liberal, nanny-state senators,

    In contrast to the complete absence of noxious and obnoxious components in E-cig water vapor, there are huge quantities of them to found in the smoke wafting out each and everyone of your a$$es

  • JWales

    yeah, cause ecigs are so much a bigger problem than the destruction of our healthcare system by the Dems, the raping of the working citizen so that the Dems can buy votes from deadbeats, pushing phony climate change as a tax scam by Dems, huge subsidies to phony green companies owned by Dem cronies, etc, etc,…

    • Kevin H

      If they ever come up with a “solution” to climate change it will be considered a crisis to tax revenue and will be outlawed, restricted, and not promoted

  • Brett Delong

    The real reason they object is there are no taxes on e-cigs.

  • JWales

    Dems to ecig…where’s our cut?

  • thesafesurfer

    These Senators focus on e-cigarettes when 21 million Americans are unemployed or underemployed. Durbin, Brown, Blumenthal, and Markey should be ashamed of themselves. What a group of four incompetent charlatans.

  • jmlsmb

    Oh my God, these busy body nannies are so annoying! Quit trying to take away our freedom you bunch of control freaks. Don’t you have anything else to worry about as an elected official?

  • cmexpat

    I wonder how much money they get from the big tabacco companies? Probably alot. The tabacco companies see E-cigs a a major threat and thats why any politician that is against people being able to smoke these clean alternatives to the carcinogenic cigarette, have tobacco lobbyists as their golfing buddies I would wager.

  • shinny_head

    So you cannot fund the federal government by passing proper legislation but you do have time watch useless TV and then complain about what the camera shows you.
    It must be time for you guys to go home and sit in your rocking chair.

  • lcky9

    ok everyone should start chewing tobacco.. see what they say when they have to install spittoons.. lol.. but at least there isn’t ANY kind of smoke fake or not…

  • firetheliberals

    Please stop with dam $ children already. How about parents turn off the tv and not watch moronic awards shows.

  • DidSomebodyFart

    Sens. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., and Brian Schatz, D-Hawaii are signing a petition to have the networks run more global warming stories by the networks and now these Bozos want to tell what should or should not be seen. There names are: Majority Whip Richard J. Durbin of Illinois and three of his Democratic colleagues. More of the DEMOCRAT AGENDA. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

    • Robadude32

      We miss uncle Fester!!!


    Just shows Americans just how ignorant the majority of the Democrats are they can’t do the job that they were sent to do so they look to find trivial issues to voice them opinions on. What DINO’s these clowns are, they belong in a non-paid political position.

  • Roxy7

    There are 20 mil unemployed Americans, record debt and deficits, millions losing their health insurance thanks to Obamacare. Yet these ignorant Senators are wasting time talking about adults and e-cigarettes. And these Senators wonder why taxpayers have utter contempt for them.

  • firetheliberals

    You e-cig users, new flavor, alchol infused nicotine for ecigs. Made with moonshine just to piss them all off a little more..

  • igottabefree

    Is there any liberty-loving behavior that these liberal ticks won’t attempt to outlaw, regulate, tax or silence? They never cease their incessant burrowing under the skin of the body politic so they can suck out the life blood of our freedoms.

    • G_twenty_six

      Smoking pot is ok by them.

  • NYHC

    Democrats are becoming fanatical tyrants more and more each day!

    • veeper

      they have come to believe that their personal opinion on any thing and every thing is a government matter…….

  • AZfederalist

    Some people just can’t stand to see others enjoying themselves. The good thing is that the people these statists are slamming are the very people who helped put them in office.

  • Steven Kaufman

    They are not taxed like tobacco so of course the big gov parasite wants to get its cut and protect its crony tobacco companies from competition. Seriously, let’s get rid of the entire federal gov, 600 psychopathic parasites controlling us all. If any of you think we wouldn’t be better off without them you’re still living in your parents’ basement.

  • RandomJerk

    Memo to these Senators: It’s none of your damn business, unlike the deficit.

  • teets

    they shouldve been making out with members of their own sex between puffs….that wouldve won them a golden globe

  • Ya Dont Say?

    Pot is legal in Colorado…and the want to go after water-vapor?

  • g55rumpy

    smoke a Lucky and do a better job

  • Animosity Reigns.

    Says the man who gets paid A LOT by Marlboro

  • Ron Stone

    We have thug cops getting off after beating a homeless man to death, and these “progressive” Senators devote their efforts to making sure e-cigarettes aren’t “glamorized” at the Golden Globes.

  • The Boogeyman

    Why don’t those jerks in the government mind their own business?

  • MovingToNevada

    What. A. Lie. eCigs do NOT lead to cigarette smoking, as shown by the stats that smoking is almost at an all time low. And that so-called FDA study basically showed trace amounts of so-called toxic substances. Meaning, they were well below the thresholds considered significant.

  • William Burke

    What were lawmakers doing watching the Golden Globes? Don’t they have some more destruction to wreak?

  • Mr.Doctor

    They want you to stop smoking, but they want you to take prescription drugs to do it. “Between 2010 and 2011, the number of U.S. adults who have tried e-cigarettes doubled.” That’s good, right. How many of those people used to smoke real cigarettes?

    • circadia

      It is indeed a good thing. The vast majority of ecig users are current and former smokers.

  • norton the original

    Ban Hollywood and politicians

  • Zakk Osborne

    Thanks dad.

  • U.S. Grant

    Nice to see they can write a fairly reasoned letter against citizens minding their own business but refuse to say anything about IRS targeting, FBI changing their mission statement to national security from law enforcement, 20 million illegal aliens, 17.2 trillion in debt, etc.

  • Ultraworld

    Doesn’t Durbin have a budget to work on?

  • nick

    These peopel ae not liberals. THEY ARE AUTHORITARIANS! They are the scum of the earth. They are control freaks and need to be ousted out of office ASAP!

  • CB Myers

    For the love of God….don’t these Senators have better things to do? Why do liberals think they can force their world view onto others? I don’t care for celebs and I don’t smoke, but I’m sick of whiny liberals.

  • Scottland559

    They shouldn’t have named them ‘E-cigs’ . They should have called them Electric Fun Pleasure Stix or something.

    • Scott M.

      Ha-ha! Good one.
      Electric fun pleasure stick, please…

  • jojo

    Why don’t these old nannies just SHUT UP!

  • Scott M.

    Our government took billions in payoffs from all the tobacco companies. They were supposed to use this money to help people quit the nicotine addiction from smoking cigarettes. Nicotine is VERY hard to quit. Where is the help? Where are the medical studies funded by the payoff on how to get people off the nicotine?
    Nothing but shaming ads and scare tactics. Apparently they DO want the high taxes people have to pay to buy cigarettes. Sad, really.

  • Dennis

    E-cigs… no more cough…breath deep again…no congestion…no head ache..
    sold with or without nicotine.. Richard J. Durbin of Illinois and three of his Democratic colleagues are criticizing e-cigs simply because there are no taxes “for the children” imposed on them (yet)..
    Remember the gooberment cares for you and knows what is best from cradle to grave…
    side note study finds nicotine improves memory and helps folks suffering from memory issues.
    ck out Johnson creek smoke juice products made in the USA..7 simple ingredients.. Relax take a vape and think of the good things…that’s all folks!

  • Brady DeAngelo

    These are the same politicians that support the tabaco lobyists. Ecigs are hurting the cigarette companies. Thats what it comes down to.

    • antiobamunist

      Actually, E Cigs are hurting the outrageous Taxes the Politicos were hoping to get from Cigarette Sales, which ironically are mostly paid by the Poor.


    Hmmmmmm But the pot growing and smoking is ok?………….Get it in your heads people they want everyone so drugged up that they don’t care what is being done to them………..


    And they are sheep…………….Wake up people………..

  • Splatterdbastard

    All the problems these idiots in Congress cause and THEY wanna gripe about e-cigs? Sheesh.

  • circadia

    Shorter Durbin: “Hey! People are not smoking and they’re not miserable! We must stop them! Because, um, the children. Or something.”

    • OwebammaLies

      Maybe the morons could suggest making smoking pot mandatory …. after all, they are really only worried about losing the tax revenue of those who quit smoking cigarettes.

      They really ARE as stupid as they appear to be.

  • Rosewould

    In case you didn’t notice, they’re all Democrats.

  • SoCalJeanne

    They just haven’t figured out a way to TAX them yet, bloodsucking vampires.

    • Dewayne Huntsinger

      It will be tough for them to do it. The ingredients to make e-liquid for them are very cheap and easy to come by and have many other uses. you can get most of what you need at any Walmart.

      The Mechanisms themselves are very simple, many people that use them have built them from scratch using off the shelf components.

  • TheBruce

    What a bunch of tripe. Ninety percent of the folks you see puffing E-cigs are actually trying to quit smoking actual cigarettes. They fear that, as more folks quit smoking cigarettes, the (crack) tax revenue going to their districts gets smaller and smaller.

  • CarbonaNotGlue

    I never did like Durbin, now I like him even less .. I can’t believe he is still around, he was in Congress in the 1980s.

  • CarbonaNotGlue

    I only let my kids smoke candy cigarettes .. like Durbin got to do when he was a kid.

  • OwebammaLies

    Oh that’s brilliant ……. Senators feigning outrage over e cigs while pushing back door amnesty through, saying jack squat about YoMammaDontCare, and Americans losing their jobs, their $$, and their healthcare.

    I detest every one of these rat b@sstards.

  • antiobamunist

    The Country is going to he!!, the Constitution is ignored, Obama is acting like a Tyrannical King without any pushback from our Elected Representatives, five times as many people are dropping out of the Workforce than are getting Jobs and these three Morons are upset over Electronic Cigarettes?
    Perhaps they would be happier if the Elites at the Globes were smoking some Obama endorsed Choom.
    These guys are Dumber than a Box of Barbara Boxers, and that’s saying something

  • Meximus

    it’s not smoking it’s vaporizing. It’s like smoking on a fog machine. Just another example of how out of touch and irrelevant the legislature has become. I’d rather have robots or computer software run the country rather than these idiots.

    • John Michael Taylor

      These two idiots hardly represent the entire legislative branch of the government. Well, maybe they do, but I’d rather have a separation of powers split between many idiots, than a computer application programmed by a handful of idiots, under the direction of a smaller number of executive branch idiots.

      • Meximus

        haha true, but the only problem with your statement is that idiots would be programming the software. Typically, software programmers are pretty smart, I’ve known quite a few.

  • dumocratsuck

    The only isuue they have is that e-cigs don’t numb the senses like legalized marijuana so that the young ems can dutifully pull the switch for Dems. Load them with THC and watch them change their tune.

  • cornelius powers

    Coming from the homosexual and abortion crowd, this is funny. Lets glamorize fudge packers and baby killers instead.

    • EinRand

      Gays don’t reproduce, so you can’t blame abortion on us, only adoption. Only statist regimes need scapegoats.

  • Troy

    Proof that democrats value a false image over actual substance. Biggest morons EVER!!!

  • vutsrq

    When will the cowardly liberal/progressive, moonbat democrats target the muslims and their hookahs?

  • TonyMountain

    Every time something is flavored is is said to be “marketed towards children.” Funny, I’m nearly 40 and yet I also like things that taste good.

  • vutsrq

    Maybe the dims know that water vapor is a green house gas and believe that E-Cigs , if allowed, wil accelerate global warming and we’ll all be dead in five years instead of ten.

  • The_Truth_Wins

    Get out of our lives for once, would you?

  • WhateverDunce

    Ok, Marijuana should be legal but e-cigs are supposed to be bad for you?

  • EinRand

    E-Cigs produce no ‘smoke’. Chewing tobacco is much safer than traditional cigarettes, Marijuana is not a ‘gate-way’ drug, and it was Government interference in the ‘Free’ market that has ever caused any deformations. The Statists will have to begin censoring the net, as the number of people opening their eyes to the EVIL of government reaches a tipping point.

  • Steven Peterson

    How embarrassing that our national leaders feel the need to act as mommy and daddy for the USA.

  • Richard Vandiamondsworth


  • FloatingIdeas

    The ‘double the use’ increase in E cigarettes is because people are trying to quit smoking and this is a positive alternative. There is no danger of secondhand smoke which kills a large amount of people every year, and yes there is nicotine added to Ecigs but if you look on the side of a pack of regular cigarettes and read the ingredients, including tar and many cancer inducing substances, versus Ecigs that are much cleaner.

    So marijuana is legal, although there is ‘now’ a push to stop people from driving while high, which for some odd reason, is a growing concern since it was legalized. Fatigue and texting kills nearly as many people as drunk driving, and now you have legalized marijuana which slows a person’s reflexes, causes sleepiness, and moments of ‘head bobbing’ when Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody plays on the stereo, as demonstrated in Wayne’s World.

    With all of the controversies in the US, the diplomatic catastrophes in the Middle East, and an administration that spends more time playing gold and going on multi-million dollar vacations while the government is on constant threat of shutdown due to ‘lack of funds,’ you’d think these people would have much better things to worry about.

  • Chad Dean Candland

    E-cigs helped me quit smoking. I used them for two weeks after quitting, then quit altogether. These senators need to focus on their own jobs and stop wasting time on pointless awards shows.

  • Book of Keys

    The only reason why they really are against it is because they are having trouble figuring out how to tax it. Understand this, the government really does not want people to stop smoking or find a safer alternative, they just want to tax the hell out of tobacco because they think they can get so much more tax money to fill their crooked pockets. They are able to get away with it by saying that it’s unhealthy (they aren’t doctors and really have no right to make that call). Now they are upset since something new has came out that is much safer (but the technology isn’t completely perfected yet) and they have no clue how to tax it.

    Always remember that the government never ever cared about your health, they just want your money and they hide behind the medical community to pass laws to take more of your money and claiming that it’s for your own good.

  • Go Blue

    Sorry all … one of those Einsteins is mine from Ohio

  • okwhateveryeah

    Oh yes thank you government I don’t smoke but I almost started because I saw a celebrity do it. I’ll just take other people’s money and waste it, lie to them, not follow laws I don’t like, tell people there are jobs out there, and keep saying the recovery is just around the corner, because that’s what you do. I’m so glad YOU are setting the tone for us.

  • Sally

    glad to see these democrat senators are involved in something important *eyeroll*

  • wabbott

    Why are Democrats so bent on trying to control everyone? Pressuring media to conform to their wishes (in the public interest, of course!) Sounds like crap that you would expect in the former Soviet Union: “The party respectfully requests that jou cease broadcasting things vee don’t like”

  • wilson

    Big tobacco is behind outlawing E cigarettes.Along with big government due to tax loses.

  • clayusmcret

    Durbin could be heard in his best Joan Crawford voice saying, “No water vapors!”

  • socraticsilliness

    We must ban them because they glamorize? huh? And now, they are fudging the tests to see danger in vaporizers-just like the whole 2nd hand smoke of cigs were killing 50,000 people a year. We now know that was a big fraud.

  • KrustyLovesYou

    Stupid neutered tards. I know so many long term CIG smokers who have been able to quit utilizing ecigs, myself included.

  • BikerBen

    Just a few democrats finding something else to whine about. They can never stop whining.

  • FrankHerbert

    Durbin is just upset that e-cigs are biting into Illinois and Chicago’s exorbitant taxes on tobacco. ONE pack in the city is almost 12 dollars, around 8 or 9 of it being TAXES.

    this is ALL ABOUT THE MONEY. make no mistake about it

  • disqus_nvXvxmz2fY

    Mind your own business and life would be much better!!

  • William Wilson

    Now everyone knows what I have to deal with being from Illinois :( Why do we take the most mentally incompetent people and put them in leadership?

    • annabel

      I feel your pain. Ed Malarkey is my senator from Massachusetts.

  • merkinmuffy

    What business is it of theirs???

  • robert gould

    I am no fan of smoking and smokers but I despise the government poking their noses into peoples private business

  • Cogito

    Leftist politicians all deserve Golden Globes…they are nothing but play actors.

  • Cogito

    It can only mean that E-Cigs refused to contribute to Dickie “Turban” Durbin’s campaign fund. I wonder how he feels about Muscatel?

  • annabel

    Seriously? Iran is dancing in the streets today over the United States’ “surrender”, the economy is in the toilet, and they’re worried about E-Cigs? Does anyone else want to smack them upside their heads?

  • Hopsaregood

    The economy is in the toilet with the O’Burbler getting ready to flush, Iran is laughing at us, Israel finally accepts the fact that they are on their own and Dreary Harry and Crazy Nancy are making whoopee and E-Cigs are these clowns big concern??? Who in hell voted them into office? Why?

  • Mickey_Rat15

    It is a form of puritanism driving this. They have determined that smoking is the greatest of evils, so even simulated smoking is intolerable.

  • Ronald G Miner Jr

    Ready to play cowboys and liberals?

  • OldTimerUSNCB

    How about if Durbin goes back to his home town of Chicago Congo and take care of the killing going on everyday and leave Tax payers alone. E-Cigs are not any worse on Hunan’s than the Socialist Demacrate Party.

  • Bourbeau

    This is rich. The door is being kicked open for legalizing marijuana usage in state after state and these morons are stewing over e-cigs. This is nothing but a head fake my the government thieves. First to come is their moral outrage – how dare you allow this? Then comes how can we regulate these harmful products? And then comes the regulation nutcracker – we’ll tax it into oblivion. Of course you will; it’s another DC money grab – just like gasoline, just like cigarettes, just like alcohol; and just like your cell phone – anything we enjoy that they don’t agree with, they’ll grab as much money from us to fuel their bureaucracy.

  • binthere222

    We wouldn’t be having this discussion if tobacco farmers were democrats. Pot farmers (dems) get a free pass.

  • Eco Az

    Durbin doesn’t have enough real business to keep him busy these days?

  • rennyangel2

    Cretinous maroons. I am surprised they do not want to go back and scrub out all cig. smoking in films since the 1800s. And don’t these Dems. enjoy tobacco taxes that lie heavily on the industry?

    • kauboy

      Actually, the e-cig market doesn’t contribute as much to the tobacco excise tax since they don’t use tobacco. Once they get their inevitable “nicotine excise tax” in place, they’ll be fine with it.

  • Leon Davis

    Those were “E-cigs” all right, but were they tobacco E-cigs? Or were they smoking herb? Remember, tobacco is evil while pot is wonderful. There’s a huge difference. With tobacco, you roll dried plant leaves is a tube of paper and set fire to one end and draw the smoke into your lungs. That’s bad. But with marijuana, you roll dried plants in a tube of paper and set fire to one end and draw the smoke into your lungs. That’s good. See the difference?

  • The_MaD_HaCkER

    I am so glad that ALL the MAJOR SERIOUS troubles in the country have been dealt with so they have lots of time (That we are paying how much for?) to play with petty crap like this.

  • EllisWyatt

    Get out of my face, Nazis. The Authoritarian Reflex is rearing its head in the age of Progressivism. As it always, always has.

    • NoBS

      Show me a Progressive government that did not become an Autocratic Regime.
      The one thing that an Authoritarian and Fascist government have in common is they become a Dictatorship, through out the history of man…. always!

      • EllisWyatt

        You, like the Founders, have done your homework. Those with a masochistic drive to be governed have not and will reap what they sow.

  • The_MaD_HaCkER

    It is fascinating how maragawanga is becoming legal. People are turning it into hash oil and E-Cigs are becoming (COOL). Just a thought.

  • Wills510

    Must these liberals get involved in every waking moment of our lives? They’re E-cigarettes and they release only water vapor, you know, like when you shower? The country is going down the tubes and all they worry about is this?

  • EnoughAlreadyNJ

    So, the Senators would have been ok if Julia was smoking a joint, while wearing a “I love ObamaCare” button right? Schmucks.
    I use e-cigs, haven’t had a real cigarette in a year, feel great, my doctor won’t condone but will condone my overall better health. Leave us ALONE !!

  • EnoughAlreadyNJ

    NJ gov’t couldn’t wait to pass legislation that e-cigs are exactly the same as real cigarettes and our man, the so called conservative couldn’t wait to sign off on as well. Pleeeaasssee, what a load. So NJ has Obama care, illegals, gay marriage, legal weed all since Christie has been in office. Pay attention America – don’t push Christie along, worse than McCain !!!

  • Commentary Cat

    What would be better is these senators being thrown out of office and denied the posh retirement, one that you and would never in a million years be able to receive.

  • MNHawk

    When did the blue hairs become Democrat pieces of garbage?

  • Huskerbob

    I see the bed wetters are active in the district of corruption, as usual.

  • kauboy

    So, the old glam of Hollywood showed us constant images of famous celebrities puffing away, on film and in public. They trashed their lungs out of ignorance to the threat, but it looked good on camera!
    Now, a drastically safer alternative is becoming popular, but because it doesn’t contribute to the tobacco excise tax, it must be chided as “glamorizing smoking” by those with a superiority complex.

    I welcome the e-cig movement and I’ve never smoked a day in my life.
    I’ve convinced three folks at work to switch to them, and they love them. With all the different pleasing scents that the vapor puts off, I actually like being around them when they do it. And their kids will enjoy being around them for many more years now that they aren’t killing themselves.

    No carcinogens.
    No tar.
    No “second-hand smoke”.
    Just water vapor.
    How is this alternative not being raved about by every leading medical doctor in the country?

  • staff office

    How much $$$$ dose he get from the tobacco lobby?

  • Craig Hobson

    These idiots have cities that are are literally burning to the ground and they’re worried about e-cigs, par for the course.

  • Joe Black

    Not hard to believe that Senators have time to spare for this nonsense. When you can’t do the job voters put you in office to do, you try to distract us from the real issues by spending time on meaningless ones. These Senators are complete toolbags and should all be fired.

  • dsen

    They’re just worried that if too many people quit smoking there goes all that tax revenue.

  • akabillybob

    At voting time, remember to give yourself the most wonderful present EVER, vote out all incumbents!

  • SalMoanella

    The nanny staters speaking for their masters…

  • Joshua B.

    Phony outrage about health. The democrats are upset because the tax dollars are 1/20th for an e cig than a real cig. They are losing out on the ability to steal from the people.

  • BD BOY


  • neo rambo

    when and where do these folks stop? is it mind control and control of all that we do that is the dems final destination

  • Drosack

    Yeah, but don’t worry yourselves about the border. Stupid bastards and bastardettes.

  • zonable

    This is your big priority Mr. Durbin? Illinois is circling the drain, murder in the streets, anarchy in Chicago, and you’re concerned about E-butts at the Globes? Get a freakin’ life, will ya?

  • ra44mr2

    Wow….they really need to find some senators that will do their jobs. This is pathetic to worry about this instead of you know..the ECONOMY.

  • JoanieBaloney

    Why doesn’t the headlines read “DEMOCRAT Senators…..:.
    Surpising that half the country still vote for these Democrats and their ignorant, do-nothing leadership

  • Charlie hook

    If these losers are so worried about smoking, why not pass a law and make it illegal. Then ask them how they are going to make up the billions is taxes they just voted to lose.

  • leebee

    They know what is best for us…let us bow down to these false idols

  • IdgaradLyracant

    They’re just pissed because there isn’t a tobaccoo tax on them.

  • Herb

    yeah, they the senators don’t wan’t anything to cut into their tobacco profits and pay offs

  • Phil D

    Really? This just show how IGNORANT our so called “leaders” are!

  • Gordon Freeman

    Meanwhile we have banksters looting the nation, a president who is trying to be dictator. Taxes out of control. Radiation in the pacific ocean….etc And this idiot is freaking out about ecigs. Whatever.

  • oldspeak rules

    If these fascists aren’t controlling something, they’re lost. They’re addicts.

  • Reggie1971

    Whenever someone asks me why I am proudly NOT a Democrat I will show them this letter that four brain dead statist idiots wrote.

  • WI Native

    Durbin f*ck off. Just go away a$$hole.

  • Blu Clw

    Nice, kinda reminds me of the Limbaugh phony soldier letter all over again.

    Don’t like something in the media, then just LEAN on them with a little of that Senatorial stationary!

    NBC and HFP should demand more Senators sign on so as to increase its value before they auction the letter.

  • Michael Darwin

    The Senators are pissed because it is not tobacco and they cannot tax it as they do tobacco and make the same money. F***ing jerkoffs

  • AHAisDOA

    Meanwhile they are pounding the Jack & Cokes. f’n hypocrites.

  • Xanadu2

    Yet, Durbin and all the other sanctimonious liberal “progressives” hypocrites have no problem with the celebrities at the Golden Globe’s getting smashed on TV on thousands of bottles of free Champagne and then in some cases getting on stage to accept their “award” rambling on in a drunken stupor! Let me guess why…most liberal progressives are are a bunch of enthusiastic boozers!

  • Linda

    Goes to show how Hollywood is just an extension of the federal program.

  • Francine Bowman

    6 people in my extended family have quit smoking cigarettes because of e-cigs. This is all about big tobacco companies and politicians losing money.

  • frigu

    I’m sure if she lit up a joint these three wise men would have had no problem with it and joined in on the liberal laugh fest it caused. However, if an E- cigarette caused little Dicky Durban, Ramrod Brown and the other misguided liberal nitwit from Connecticut, Dicky Bumenthal this much grief, I’m only sorry she did not light up a Camel cigarette.

  • ktrainer2

    Too many congress people with to much time on their hands. Bigger fish to fry, Hello?

  • docdave88

    It’s good to know that Democrats have a fine sense of what is important. Heaven forbid that they should actually do the job that they took an oath to do.

    • alpha2actual

      Dealing with the recession and unemployment is Hard really Hard too many numbers and the Math is really Hard. Idiots.

      • docdave88


        It’s amazing the things we remember from Barbie commercials, isn’t it?

        y’all have a nice night now, y’hear

  • Bob

    So these idiots promote legalizing marijuana but freak out seeing an e-cig? Give me a break.

    • sh

      And your 14 year old daughter can get the morning after pill without your consent, even though in many states the age of consent is 16.

      You just can’t fix stupid with these people.

  • TXduck

    The commie Senators need to mind their own business. It’s not their job to be the e-cig police. They should focus on cutting spending, cutting government foreign aid and putting Americans back to work.

  • nvrat

    You would think Durbin would have much more important things to do rather than watch The Globe Awards and complain about Electronic Cigarettes. Why don`t the people of IL dump this idiot and do the country a favor.


    More lies from the Anti’s

  • Tommy

    Could it be anymore obviously how much these people desire controlling any and all of people’s lives. And, sadly there are millions who want to be controlled so they don’t have to accept personal responsibility for anything.

  • manapp99

    E cigs make so much more sense than cigarettes that they should promote them and ban cigs. The world would be a better place.

  • longrider

    “Majority Whip Richard J. Durbin of Illinois and three of his Democratic colleagues are criticizing the Golden Globe Awards for showing celebrities using electronic cigarettes on TV”.

    Holy Cow, bout time they are getting down to some serious problem solving. What the he11 would we do without them?

  • Jason Harlow

    Only in America do we demonize a cigarette, yet encourage abortion. The Dems really do have their priorities backwards.

  • agsb

    politicians are the ones who seem to be smoking something!

  • wozerd

    You will notice the political party these Senators associate themselves with.
    Robert A. Heinlein once said: “The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire”.
    — And while these senators claim this is “for the chirrun”, and pass laws restricting the use of cigarettes by adults, they haven’t outlawed the sale or possession of cigarettes– have they? Why?? Could it be the $4-12.00 state and federal taxes collected on each pack? Maybe??? Ya-think??
    So “E” cigs come out– some use them to quit, some use them to save money or as an alternative to the tar and other harmful chemicals in cigarettes. And some use them to avoid the restrictions (smoking in a public place) which drives the “control freaks” crazy! (if you’ve ever “imbibed” with a “E” cig in a restaurant or other public place and been exposed to the wrath of one of these control freaks– you know what I mean).
    So, if you read this– be aware, (in my opinion) this has nothing to do with the “chirrun”, this has to do with control– and the loss of tax revenue– nothing more! If you are OK with that– then by all means, keep these greedy, control freaks in power!

    • ChocoCatSF

      ‘control freaks’

      do you know one, or are they……………….

      people you made up?

  • James Curry

    Leave it to a Dummycrat, in this case four, to once again trample on the RIGHTS of law abiding citizens! Just look at what has happened to this once great country over the past 50 or 60 years and that will tell you all you need to know! Ninety percent of all the bad things have occurred because of people like Durbin, Blumenthal, Brown and Markey and others just like them!

  • OB2010

    What would you expect from the Hollywood set? Many are alcoholics or drug addicts. I high percentage are smokers.

  • Wyrdless

    “”. E-cigarettes marketed to appeal to kids in candy and fruit flavors, like bubblegum and strawberry””

    Our anti-freedom congress has already banned cloves and flavored cigarettes. Now they are coming after e-cigs and menthol.

    Thank goodness e-cigs and juice are so small. It will be impossible for the feds to stop them from being imported if they try to ban it.

  • Wishsong

    Wonder how much Big Tobacco paid for that letter?

  • Conserv8iveWoman

    SMOKING a cigarette is “EVIL” to these people – yet these same groups probably support SMOKING marijuana (or at least are quiet). Smoking is smoking. Both damage the lungs and the smell of marijuana clings to the clothes worse than any tobacco products ever did. Where is the American Lung Association with anti-marijuana commercials? Where are the mandatory government warning labels against the hazards of smoking – either pot or cigarettes?

  • 972

    ….yet the feds are taking no action to enforce existing laws applicable to marijuana smoking. They are trying to tax and legislate tobacco smoke out of existence, but are perfect content to permit states to legalize marijuana smoking – unfiltered, arguably addictive and with hallucinogenic side effects. Double standard much?

  • Tim

    Democrats, as always, desperately trying to control every aspect of your life. This is not the purpose of the US Government.
    Wake up people!!!

  • anon

    the war on smoking is so bad , that we cant even look like we are smoking now

    • Wyrdless

      Fortunately, there is no effective way to stop people from using e-cigs anywhere they want even if they try to pass a bunch of dumb laws

  • sh

    Yeah, we get it.

    Smokers: bad

    Gun owners: bad

    Anti-abortion: bad

    Bible thumpers: bad

    Gays running around spreading the virus: untouchable, let alone mention

  • Quiet Desperation

    It’s tobacco money in their pockets. I know three people at work who quit smoking thanks to e-cigs. Follow the money.

    • sh

      Tobacco growers have seen the writing on the wall and for years have been advocating for the legal growing of industrial hemp. It was the biggest cash crop in several southern states up to WWII and can be used for food, fiber, and fuel.

      But the feds need to get on-board.

  • Tim

    These politicians should be reprimanded and put in their place. This is America. Writing such a letter is a disgrace.
    With over 100 million people out of work. Because of their government interference.

  • Xanadu2

    Yet, Durbin and all the other sanctimonious liberal “progressives” hypocrites have no problem with the celebrities at the Golden Globe’s getting smashed on TV on thousands of bottles of free Champagne and then in some cases getting on stage to accept their “award” rambling on in a drunken stupor! Let me guess why…most liberal progressives are are a bunch of enthusiastic boozers!…

  • Major Remington

    They’re just priming the tax pump, that’s all. I’ve often wondered who they would tax once the taxed the smokers into oblivion. Politicians are just as addicted to the tax revenue that tobacco creates as the smokers are to the tobacco itself.

  • Rocky

    More control and suppression. Durbin is another loser that didn’t get to join in any reindeer games as a youth.

  • MIchael Erway

    Them thar Senators sure gotta bead on the important issues don’t they?

  • Tim

    They need you smoking real cigarettes. Too many people are quitting due to the e-cig. This is a major loss in tax revenue. Which is needed to fund Obamadon’tCare.

  • dgfbt

    HEY DICKY GET A LIFE! Stop telling folks how to live and maybe you could live a bit better…

  • Testicules

    It is important that The American People do not become accustomed to the belief that there could be some small thing in their life that is not strictly controlled and dictated by the government…

  • scp2

    There needs to be some sort of position in the Senate whose sole job is to slap senators upside the head and tell them not to be a dumba$$.

  • Anonymous Coward

    Liberals seem to hate freedom and want to regulate every part of our lives that they can possibly justify.

  • John

    Trillions in debt and we are getting excited about e-cigs?

    This is why I refused to join the Dems after leaving the GOP. I cannot stand the “DC knows best” viewpoint.

  • fractalsphere

    Hey, if e-cigs, and by extension cigarettes are SO HARMFUL and SO TERRIBLE to society, why are they still legally sold and profited on by the government in the form of the heavy taxes imposed on cigarette sales? Just ban them from the market and those problems go away, right? Right?

  • Remove From List

    e-cigs are horrible and harmful – I started using one and the next thing you know I had quit smoking cigarettes .. and then quit the e-cigs – I was never a quitter but now I have become a quitter a low life quitter .. oh the humanity of it all

  • Tom Stright

    Durbin is an uneducated idiot…

  • JHenry

    Gubmint jacka$$eS. I quit smoking six months ago. I would have quit over a decade ago if there hadn’t been so much government sponsored persecution. Quitting was easy. I just stopped smoking. No toys, gimmicks or drugs required.

  • Socialist_DogEater

    Interesting…processed, filtered, tested, and highly regulated cigarettes are the second coming of Satan because of all the ill-health effects.

    However, the marijuana that Mr/Mrs. Hippie grows over his/her septic tank, then picks and bags with the same hand he or she blows their nose into, and is used with no testing, filtering, or regulation is the second coming of the Messiah for it’s health benefits.

    These same senators now condemning e-cigarettes will defend marijuana with their last breath!

    Liberal logic at it’s finest….

  • tim_lebsack

    Four more reasons to vote LP.

    • Felicia_The_Talking_Goat

      Smoking that medicinal marijuana again? That kinda logic is why we have the incompetent Marxist currently in the White House!

      • tim_lebsack

        Would this make you happy?

        After one year from the ratification of this article the manufacture, sale, or transportation of marijuana within, the importation thereof into, or the exportation thereof from the United States and all the territory subject to the jurisdiction thereof for recreational purposes is hereby prohibited.

  • Glen Saunders

    Fake begets fake and nothing could be more fake then their supposed outrage. Did they put their letter together over a Cuban cigar and a snifter of brandy? I’m sure America deserves better then their false representation of a supposed crime.

  • Geheimish Verbotten

    What a crock. Please, voters, throw these idiots out of office before it is too late. They don’t know what a e-cigarette is. First, what evidence do they have that the e-cigarette has “dangerous chemicals” in it. Mine doesn’t. It has 80% VEGETABLE GLYCERIN. That compound comes from food. Senator, is it dangerous to eat food, like vegetables? Idiot!!!! The other 20% is “polypropylene glycerol”. That is a FDA approved food additive. The user can determine the amount of “nicotine” that is in the e-cigarette. I would like these idiots from the Senate to show concrete evidence how dangerous the pure “nicotine” is using truthful and accurate testing methods. You idiot Senators need to go back to your country clubs and keep staying drunk like you usually do.

  • Bitter Cold

    Although liberty can accompany democratic processes, attempts to wield absolute power in the name of fleeting majorities are illegitimate.

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