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March 28, 2015

Female Suspect Killed in Capitol Incident, Injured Officer Airlifted (Updated)

(Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)

(Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)

Updated Oct. 4, 10:51 a.m. | A female suspect was killed by police after a car chase from the White House to the Capitol, law enforcement officials confirmed Thursday evening.

A Capitol Police officer was injured in a crash with the suspect’s car and airlifted to an area hospital. Bryan Carter, a 23-year veteran of force, was treated and released from MedStarWashington Hospital Center, by 9:30 p.m. Thursday. A Secret Service agent was also injured, officials reported, but no details on that agent’s condition were given.

A child who was in the suspect’s car was not harmed, but was taken to the hospital, officials said at a news conference Thursday evening. The one-year-old female child rescued from the suspect’s vehicle by a Capitol Police officer sustained no injuries. She was examined, then released from a local hospital and placed in protective custody.

A car chase that started at the White House and ended on Capitol Hill in front of the Hart Senate Office building with Capitol Hill police exchanging gun fire. Here Police evacuate a small child that was in one of the cars involved in the high speed chase into the Hart building to the medical facility on Thursday, Oct. 3, 2013. (Photo By Douglas Graham/CQ Roll Call)

A car chase that started at the White House ended on Capitol Hill in front of the Hart Senate Office building with Capitol Hill police discharging their guns. Here police evacuate a small child who was in one of the cars involved in the high speed chase into the Hart building to the medical facility. (Photo By Douglas Graham/CQ Roll Call)

Four road closures remained in effect overnight as the investigation continued on the northern side of Capitol Hill. Roads were reopened in time for morning traffic.

The Metropolitan Police Department is leading the effort, with support from the Capitol Police, Secret Service, and the FBI.

“Based on preliminary findings, this was an isolated incident with no nexus to terrorism,” the Capitol Police said in a Thursday night statement. “The response to this incident was swift and our established security procedures worked. We would like to commend the men and women from the [Capitol Police] for their bravery.”

Metropolitan Police Chief Cathy Lanier told reporters that shots were fired at two separate locations outside the Capitol Thursday, as police attempted to stop the woman, who Lanier said tried to breach security at both the White House and on the Capitol grounds. Police officers fired on the suspect’s car near Garfield Circle, but the fatal shots appear to have been delivered when after the car crashed on the 100 block of Maryland Avenue NE. The car chase started at 15th and E streets outside the White House, Lanier confirmed.

Lanier said it was important to note that security measures at both the White House and the Capitol “worked.” Amid questions about whether the suspect’s actions were accidental in nature, Lanier said she couldn’t say for certain but was “pretty confident this is not an accident.”

Law enforcement officials declined to give any details about the suspect’s identity, and Lanier noted they were still investigating the incident and would have to notify the woman’s next of kin before releasing her name. Some news outlets reported that the car the woman was driving had Connecticut license plates.

Senate Sergeant-at-Arms Terrance Gainer earlier confirmed that the Capitol Police officer did not appear to have life-threatening injuries. The D.C. Metropolitan Police Department has the lead on the investigation, in cooperation with the Capitol Police, the Secret Service and the Park Police.

Gainer told CQ Roll Call that “the woman did have a child in the car. Child was not injured. I don’t know the age. The child has been taken to a local hospital.”

Gainer said there is no profile on the female suspect yet.

“The great news is, it’s not terrorism-related and what caused the woman to do whatever she did down at the White House, I’m not sure. Why the Secret Service ultimately chased her, I mean they were trying to make an arrest and she circled the Peace and Garfield Circles a couple times, and then headed up Constitution. That’s east-bound on Constitution where ultimately there was shots fired from … we’re trying to figure that out, but the Capitol Police, uniformed Secret Service. She was hit. She’s been taken to the hospital,” Gainer said.

Asked if there was any evidence the woman was trying to get into the Capitol, Gainer said, “I don’t know that. She couldn’t get into the Capitol because there’s barricades up.”

The Capitol officer who was injured crashed into a barricade while joining the pursuit.

“On something like this, we begin the lockdown, determine what’s going on, pop the barriers. We gave directions to pop the barriers. The officers down there kept the barriers down for some period of time to let the cars through,” Gainer said.

The injured Capitol Police officer was coming from the north on Louisiana Avenue, Gainer said, and made a left-hand turn to go east on Constitution Avenue. “Just as he came around the corner the barrier was popped,” Gainer said. “All that stuff happens very quick.”

U.S. Capitol Police inspect a police car after a shooting and subsequent police car crash on Constitution Avenue and 1st. Street, NW. The officer was injured in the car crash. (Photo By Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)

U.S. Capitol Police inspect a police car after a shooting and subsequent police car crash on Constitution Avenue and 1st. Street, NW. The officer was injured in the car crash. (Photo By Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)

The officer’s car clipped the barricade and sustained a lot of damage, Gainer said.

  • MacDaddyWatch

    What color was the woman?

    • ajr86

      If the woman was white the liberal editors at roll call would make sure you knew that.

      • blue quasar


    • Tow’Lish Scoute

      Apparently on the dark side of cafe mocha.

      • bethdonovan

        Her little girl is African American, I would assume she is, too.

        • C T

          Hmm, distraught woman not able to get into the White House and has a one-year-old child with her and no ID. Love child of someone who lives there?

  • MHMD

    No God But Allah , O mankind! Say No God But Allah, Achieve Eternal Salvation )))

    ” Laa ilaaha illallah ” (There is none worthy of worship except Allah.)

    ( I bear witness that there is none worthy of worship except Allah and I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant and messenger )

    ( Introduction to Islam.

    • Tow’Lish Scoute

      Get bent old Chap.

    • Maxwell Jump

      Islam? Never heard of it. Can it be made with bacon?

      • WardOffMonkey

        Allah, the creator and protector of all that is evil in this world.

        • Maxwell Jump

          Yup, exactly!

  • rbeccah

    Disappointed Julia?

  • Tow’Lish Scoute

    This is beginning to sound like a gun happy over reaction to an explainable or even innocent situation.

  • kgelner

    I’m pretty sure you’ll see this is why you make sure your car doesn’t have engine issues that can cause a backfire when driving anywhere in DC…

  • Beto_Ochoa

    Where is the character assassination propaganda? It’s late. Perhaps this was just some poor soul who got lost and freaked out when they pointed guns at her.

  • Dan Hossley

    I though police were only suppose to use deadly force when their lives were in immediate danger, not when someone refuses to obey them.

    • Raptor Jesus

      What planet are you from?

      That’s not how we do it here on earth.

    • dwpittelli

      Would you really expect the rules to be no stricter at the White House than in an ordinary bedroom community? To deal with (apparent) attacks by airplane, they have missiles on the roof! Some of this may be excessive. (And I take no position on the performance of the various policing agencies today.) But there is no way, politically or practically, to expect security for the President and around the Capitol to be no more aggressive than it is for everyone else. If you wish for that, your Chinese wish will be granted with a new level of police state imposed on every neighborhood.

      • Dan Hossley

        She wasn’t anywhere near the WH when they killed her. She posed absolutely no threat to the President or Congress.

        The police don’t get to kill people because they are scared or worried.

        • Diggsc

          She probably said something bad about Obama. The police are allowed to use deadly force if they can’t blame it on racism.

  • blueshifter

    irl gta v

  • Grizzled_Stranger

    From all appearances we have one dead tourist, one orphaned child, and a pack of trigger happy 007’s running around loose. How utterly wonderful.

    • beeman17

      It’s called “The Palace Guards”.

    • Aurelian

      Really? She rams the Secret Service police cars after being told to leave the vehicle, engages in a high speed pursuit and uses her car as a weapon and its the cops fault? You sound like Albert Einstein Jr.

    • Ziv Bnd

      Darwin played a role here. It looks like mental illness played a role, but sometimes mental illness will get you culled. I am not a blind supporter of the law in all cases, but she rammed a security gate and clipped a police officer as she was evading arrest.


    Did she drink tea? There must be some Tea Party connection.

  • edsheppa

    What is this “the suspect” stuff? What is this women “suspected” of? Is it only “suspected” that she ran into the WH barricades? Why isn’t she just called “the woman” or “the driver?”

  • Deserttrek

    shooting an unarmed person is murder. she wax not choking raping or hurting another person at the time of the shooting. so say the news reports.

    • dwpittelli

      A car is a deadly weapon, more deadly than most everything that can be bought in a gun store. That said, I make no claim in this case as to how dangerous her driving was, what she was doing when shot, or whether her “motivation” was violent or simple panic.

      • Deserttrek

        clarity when needed makes good sense and yes cars have been used as weapons. trigger happy cops can be an issue but …. and like you say no assumptions in this case
        thanks for helping me to re focus
        thank you

  • Aristotle120

    it seems she was shot dead AFTER her car had come to a halt. The cops are out of control.

  • elHombre

    ‘Lanier said it was important to note that security measures at both the White House and the Capitol “worked.”’

    Hallelujah! The security measures worked against an unarmed woman an a 1 year-old child.

    If this woman was black, I demand to know if there were any “white/Hispanic officers involved!

    • Guy Cocoa

      From the race of the child it appears the woman was black.

  • owenmagoo

    She will be spun as the female trayvon.

    • Deep_Lurker

      No, because she was killed by government police. Liberals won’t care because it’s the government police, and conservatives won’t care because it’s the government police. The only outrage will come from “crazy extremist” libertarian types like me.

  • GlowballWarming

    She was so pissed . . . Spent ten hours on an ObamaCare website. Which kept crashing, and then she finally got through and saw the prices!

    She thought it would be free, like her ObamaPhone!

  • Laka

    This is simply horriffic. That baby watched its mother get shot and die. For no reason at all. Just beyond horrible.

  • Diggsc

    Why didn’t Obama just use a drone on her

  • submandave

    The complete lack of clear information about this incident leads me to suspect the police overreacted and they are now in panic CYA mode to try and control the message so it appears the shooting was justified. My guess is that noone knew or suspected the child was there before they opened fire and, considering predictable police shooting skills, they are just lucky they didn’t kill her, too.

  • gastorgrab

    “The officer’s car clipped the barricade and sustained a lot of damage, Gainer said.”


    Hmmmm….. The police car only “clipped” the barricade and sustained major damage, but the suspect “rammed” the barricade with little to no damage to her modern ‘mostly plastic’ car. Just backing another car into a modern bumper these days can lead to $1,000 in damage to the front end.

    The bumpers are mostly foam and a thin plastic skin. Ramming anything with an unmodified modern car should have left the front fascia flapping in the wind as the woman tried to escape the scene.

    Why is the media trying to lead us all to a particular conclusion?

  • Liberalism is Nonsense

    Liberty empowers us to choose our goals, the efforts we undertake, and how to adjust our ways when confronted with that we couldn’t foresee.

  • sysadminpgh

    How many smart phones, cameras were taken? Not a single shot to the tires… The cops were right at the windows so they saw she was unarmed. They must feel sooooo big shooting an unarmed SICK woman at point-blank range! Her family has hired a big name attorney so atleast this will not fade away. What’s ANOTHER scandal?

  • Liberalism is Nonsense

    In fact, today’s notions of democratic socialism in Europe are mostly the result of French conceptions of human social relations introduced by Saint-Simon over ten generations ago.

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