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December 21, 2014

Unemployment Extension Vote Likely Delayed Until Next Week (Updated)

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Updated 7:53 p.m. | With a squeezed calendar, the Senate will likely not hold a final vote passing a bill reviving emergency unemployment insurance benefits until next week.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said he plans to turn to the bipartisan unemployment extension compromise as quickly as possible under Senate rules, but there’s business to tend to first — namely an aid package for Ukraine and several pending judicial nominations.

“We’ll finish the judges in 24 hours. Under the new rules, we can do that fairly quickly,” the Nevada Democrat said. “I’m going to start unemployment right on the tail of Ukraine.”

Later in the day, Reid set up votes Wednesday on several nominations and Thursday on the Ukraine legislation. If senators follow the normal schedule and depart for the weekend Thursday afternoon, the bulk of the debate won’t happen until next week.

Reid and other Democrats agreed to jettison an International Monetary Fund overhaul package opposed by many Republicans as part of the Ukraine aid bill. The nomination votes are ahead of the unemployment insurance benefits in the queue because Reid moved to cut off debate on those before senators departed for their most recent recess.

“We’re going to do judges today and tomorrow, and then we’ll do unemployment and we’ll see what the House is going to do on SGR,” Reid said. “We kind of have to wait for them before we go charging forward.”

The sustainable growth rate, or SGR, is the Medicare payment formula for doctors. Without a patch or a more permanent fix, doctors would once again face draconian cuts next month, cuts that no one really ever expects to take effect.

Finance Chairman Ron Wyden, D-Ore., went so far as to call the current SGR system “Medicare make-believe” speaking with reporters Monday.

Reid says he prefers a long-term solution that Wyden’s working on, but he signaled the door is open to another short-term patch.

  • aaaa aa

    Other more important matters?????Ukraine and the doctors pay are more important than the over 2 million unemployed AMERICANS? Two families in my neighborhood desperately need this extension,yet they have the NERVE to say it will be postponed til next week.What is it with this issue that they always say next week.Sort of like wimpy telling popeye gladly pay you next week for a hamburger today.They are all heartless idiots who care more about others countries issues than this countries issues.Why not jettison the unemployment?Because they would rather make it a political stage to point fingers at the other side.Bunch of babies all of them,both sides

    • blfdjlj

      Well, the agenda is full, and senators need to go home during weekends to see their voters and not be viewed as out of touch. They can’t do everything, cloture votes, debate, and other procedural matters take up time.

      • Jennifer Lynn


      • Tamara Stage

        Visit all they want leaving millions of Americans in this kind of hardship… they are out of touch!!

  • aaaa aa

    Why not postpone til say,hmmmm,July of 2036 maybe of 2046.Either pass it or forget about it.Sure seems both sides are forgetting about all the AMERICANS that need this extension,playing them just like pawns for their own goals,totally sickening to see them act this way.They all need to be voted out come election time,no more dinosaurs need apply

  • aaaa aa

    Squeezed calendar????? How about working past lunch any day of the week.The rest of the country does.Might have to work into the weekend? Join the rest off us you overpaid loosers.

    • Tim


      • Tim


      • ks

        given them money my fingers and hands bled to make when was steady worken an payen taxes,,real cute, unfrickenbelievable

    • FedUpInNJ

      How about not talking about giving 150 million dollars to the Ukraine for 2 days straight! Shameless + cruel

    • Robert Leonard

      It seems more obvious today that the Dems are hoping all this EUB legislation fades away. It’s been 3 months since benefits expired. Neither party has done the American people right. Time to step up and let our voices be heard.

  • Sultan Qiyamah

    Didn’t they say this last week? What did they do this week? These are the people we vote for to run our Country? I think America is in trouble. We need to stop staying “God bless America” and start saying “God have mercy on America”

    • Robin B Langley

      No they did not say that last week because they were on vacation again last week. They said that the week before AND said that they might hae to work this weekend to be able to vote on the extension! But now we are hearing that they are leaving on Thursday for the weekend!

  • Jerryb53

    It’s time to Tar and Feather these people posing as Americans, then string them up from the Highest lamp Post.

  • Don’tbesomean

    Unbelievable!! They need to just say one way or another. Either get this done, or be done with it. Stop playing with people’s emotions already!! This is sickening!!

    • Janet L Brown


    • Marsha Kabel

      agreed….This is torture for those of us that have no income source

  • Rosalind Watkins

    Can I say… I don’t give a blimp about the Ukraine? Can I just say that and have it be ok? Voters… remember this come election time… send them ALL packing.

    • MrConservative

      I could not agree with you more, and like it was not bad enough when they didn’t give our EUC vote a second thought, but Voted their self a raise and then took a week off.

      • FedUpInNJ

        I def won’t forget that!

      • Mike Z

        I noticed they didn’t have ANY problem finding funding to pay for their pay raises. I also noticed that NOT 1 of them complained about voting on their own raises being unethical, immoral, and not to mention a conflict of interest.

    • mikmor

      I agree. The U.s. Invaded Iraq, occupied it for years, hung it’s leader, then told the world that we were not leaving. Talk about a great example to set. Obama did the right thing getting out of there, and has been trying to concentrate on domestic problems that a multi- trillion dollar war did to the economy. (Not to mention tax cuts at the same time, and a continual hemoraging of manufacturing.)
      Obama Drew the line in the sand, and will support Ukraine REASONABLY. It’s all anyone can do.

    • blfdjlj

      Don’t care about Ukraine? That’s idiotic. Russia has invaded a sovereign nation, breaking an international taboo, and you don’t care? You will be made to care. Without American leadership in the world, bullies like Russia or China will take over .

      • Jennifer Lynn

        Wow, there you go again. We should come first and then worry about other countries.

        • blfdjlj

          Sure, let’s just have Russia controlling everything. Why don’t they take Alaska while they’re at it.

      • Shawn Fox

        Don’t be fooled. The United States is the real bully in this world.

      • Rosalind Watkins

        nope. I don’t care… I’m sorry if that upsets you to the point of insult… you’ll be aight.

      • FedUpInNJ

        And that directly afftects the USA how? Ukrainian people just voted 99% WANT to be socialist. We have no business getting involved with money, troops or arms. THIS IS NOT OUR WAR TO FIGHT!

        • blfdjlj

          Ukrainians voted to be socialist? You’re clearly clueless. And no one was calling for sending troops there.

      • jackiefr

        The truth of the matter is that is how we who do not have a dime feel. The second truth is that both these issues can be resolved today, putting The American issues first and then Ukraine. Thats the truth. You must have a job and I am glad for you, so you will not understand how it feels until you are in our shoes. You know us the lazy people who won;t work if given incentives. Are you kidding me. How insulting is that to hear the OVERPAID REPRESENTATIVES IN THE HOUSE think about is.

    • Louisiana

      I will not forget…..How dare you to put off the American families….Put Ukraine….off till NEXT WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Jennifer Lynn

        I agree. Take care of our own people. We should come first!!!

    • Rosalind Watkins

      For AMERICANS who have and are losing their homes, can’t feed their families, can’t afford heat, water, gas, phone, can’t buy medicine… are living in their cars… no, they don’t care about the Ukraine….

      Misdirection… that’s what we’re about… let’s look over here so you don’t see the state of OUR country and it’s citizens. People starving and unsure how they will live tomorrow do not care about the Ukraine. Oh and newsflash… they don’t care who’s fault it is anymore. There’s enough blame to go around. When you’re suffering, you don’t want apologies or accountability… you want resolution.

      The misdirection will say these people are chronically out of work. When the fact of the matter is that they’ve worked all their lives, paid taxes, and contributed to a system that has decided to toss them aside. They’re scared; they’re angry and they’re looking for support from a country that claims to be the best in the world. When you have to sell everything in your home including your wedding rings to eat… something is wrong with the country in which you live.

  • Sue Poe

    Its already been 3 months. Can’t thy just get it moving so we aren’t held in limbo? I worked 28 years at the same company. I have been looking for work over a year now. I can’t even buy gas unless this extension goes thru. Owe my family for money I have borrowed to keep the light on and food in the house. I want to work and apply everywhere I can.

  • Plep

    Harry wants to get everything off the table so there is nothing semi-important to attach a UI bill to and he can keep this issue for the elections. He could have done this half a dozen times already and he knows Boehner won’t pass a clean bill. F all those guys!

    • Danetta

      Boeher is not going to pass any bills. Wake up people…they don’t need our votes, they have the Koch Brothers to buy whichever office they need to be in.
      The Koch brothers are running things….not the people!

      • cocerned

        Who the heck are the Koch brother

  • Jan Cox

    Sorry! Ukraine will just have surrender to Russia, we have American citizens in great need.

    • kiontra

      Should have been the response of the United states government!

  • MrConservative

    I can’t even describe in words how I feel about myself and fellow working Americans being put behind those from another country. Our own congress is kicking us while we are down. All I have to say is they are truly PATHETIC!!!

  • 14590

    I would like to know why Ukraine is taking presidence over the American people!!!! This is so frustrating…where is that funding coming from…they haven’t been debating that since December!!

    • kiontra

      Exactly! What would be the excuse if this crimea situation never occurred? ?

      • Depends

        dems had to stall till doc fix deadline

  • Daniel

    What a complete joke. All the taxes that I’ve paid during my life time and for what.

  • Sara

    This is ridiculous! Let us who are looking every day for a job come out to Washington, make your salary, and we’ll be sure to get the job done by skipping lunch…working long hours…weekends etc. You do know that NEXT WEEK will keep coming up until they’re due for another recess. They don’t care about us or our situations. Now that the nice weather is approaching they’ll be sitting on their yachts while were starving ourselves just so our children can eat. Most of us didn’t put ourselves in this situation….our job was taken from us….something none of us had/have control over so for all of you people who say the unemployed are lazy….GET OVER YOURSELF! Before you come knocking on our fence you best have the balls to jump it! We went to work everyday just like you and don’t you forget it!

  • MrConservative

    I can’t even describe in words how I feel about myself and fellow working Americans being put behind those from another country. Our own congress is kicking us while we are down.

    • Ninja0980

      We’ve been doing this for the past 40 years… we’ll help out the poor in other countries and spend billion on space programs, but won’t do anything to help out people in this country.

    • Tim

      this all started with busch,chenny and Rumsfeld.they need to be tried for war crimes on Iraq,and for having our soldiers killed they need to be hung till dead………that’s why our economy and unemployment is so high.koch brothers are in it to…..

      • Tim


        • Mike Z

          Tim, USA = U Stand ALONE

          • John Bellino

            Well put Mike!

    • Janet L Brown

      I couldn’t agree more. I’ve always had a lot of faith our Congress would assist us so we are able to get back on track, taking part in the income generating process once again. Never say die? Weary…..

  • Kdie

    NEXT WEEK!!! DAMN these people. Both parties are freaken out of their minds. How can we be aiding other countries before helping ourselves. WHAT IS THE PRESIDENT DOING ???

  • Mary Klymkiw

    Everyone comes first before the citizens of this country, who are footing the bills to pay everyone and anyone else!

  • Depends

    This is all good news. It has a 99% chance of passing.

  • Disgusted

    “a squeezed calendar”
    Are you f’ing kidding me???
    “there’s business to tend to first — namely an aid package for Ukraine”
    There it is. Anything to keep from helping American people in dire need.
    Just do everything else first. I’m sure the long term unemployed can wait……
    God d*** shame is what it is.

  • Depends

    It will be a trade off just like the 2010 extension that waited 8 weeks. They did the same thing. Repubs got doc fix dems got EUI.

  • Ninja0980

    Here’s the main think folks, whether they have a D or an R next to their name, at the end of the day, most of them don’t give a darn about you.
    This is simply more proof of that.

  • Suzette Bowers


    • Depends

      The only way to get EUI passed is to hook it to the doc fix. Reid has to stall till the repubs turn in the bill.

  • FedUpInNJ

    By next week I will have lost my home and pray I don’t commit suicide. I’ve lost everything and if this isn’t an option I will be homeless and angry. I’ve had it with the Ukraine, ACA, nominations, appointments, hearing about trips to Costa Rica and Crimea but above all SICK of our DO NOTHING representatives. If I survive, I will vote INDEPENDENT straight down the line! 3 million people are affected with this DAILY and all politicians do is lie, give excuses and false hope of help! thats when they even bother to come to work at all! People need to call Harry Reid’s office and DEMAND a vote! Its OUR RIGHT to have a vote! 202-224-3542 Its time politicians either put up or shut up, people can’t take any more.

    • Nolan Rey

      Hang in there, don’t do anything crazy… I am a 43 yo male and had to go on welfare, I know how you feel. I was at the same point you are at right now, I had to swallow my pride and sign up for welfare just so I wouldn’t jus shrivel up and die.. But to be honest with you, calling and emailing the politicians obviously doesn’t work.. They get literally hundreds of thousands of calls, emails, letters… And they also have the ability to ignore all of it….. (thats why the bill isn’t signed after all these months). If calling the politicians worked, then we would have gotten benefits by mid January.

      • Johnny Medina

        if you want to blame anyone, blame REPUBLICANS for filibustering every DAMN thing…..the UI bill was filibustered when they voted and they were 2 votes shy of getting it past the filibuster in the senate. REPUBS filibuster EVERYTHING…..nothing passes the senate anymore without 60 votes when it should only take 51…..if you are not rich and vote republican, you vote against your own self interest. Everyone likes to jump on the backs of the unemployed until THEY become unemployed. Everyone jumps on the back of the sick until THEY become sick. Republicans dont have empathy for anyone. NOW they talk about it not going far enough to help the unemployed find work but they dont want to spend any money. Every single thing they authorize speding for they try and pay for now, which sounds good until they start trying to take from the poor to give to the poor. We’ll cut food stamps to give money for job training instead of taking from those who HAVE the money and are the REASON so many are out of work.

      • Robin B Langley

        I am a 59 year old widow who lost her job (through no fault of my own) with no children at home. I lost the EUI in December along with many others. I hear about people losing homes, and vehicles and children going without. I also hear the people who say the EUI is welfare. They couldn’t be further from the truth if they were from Mars. I have been on food stamps and have had help from a community agency once for my electric bill. That is all that I am allowed to get. I cannot go one welfare, Medicaide, Medicare etc BECAUSE I do not have any children at home. So how can EUI be considered welfare? In addidition the “E” does not stand for Extended as many have said it is called EMERGENCY. What part of emergency do they not get? When I read statements for the Congress that says we are putting off “emergency unemplyment” it makes me woder if they ever learned the definition of emergency. Emergency is not “we’ll put this on the back burner,” “we’ll vor for this when we get back from our break”, or even . Well stay all weekend until we get this voted on. Oh I forgot we are leaving on Thursday the emergency will have to wait.” If they called an ambulance for an emergency, do you think they would wait for them to come back from vacation, just to put it on the back burner?

    • Mike Z

      FedUp PLEASE don’t do anything to hurt yourself, or commit suicide. My youngest brother committed suicide 15 years ago. It’s a permanent solution to a temporary problem. All it does is leave pain in it’s wake for those that you leave behind. I would be MORE than happy to talk with you if you would like to talk. You are not alone.

      As far as politicians putting up or shutting up, I’ll take them putting up cuz God knows we’ll NEVER get them to shut up…

  • JohnnyThanatos

    They don’t see us every day. They live in a world of shiny sedans, international politics, and lobbyists bearing gifts. That is who they see everyday. We can’t offer them luxury vacations or posh jobs after they leave office in exchange for the “right” votes on certain issues. The people they actually see every day can. We have nothing to offer, so why should they hurry on our account when there are judges to be confirmed and aid to foreign countries to be given? How many people at the end of their rope will lose their apartments, houses, utilities this week? This will get remembered at the ballot box.

  • Nicole

    Screw them. They don’t care. It’s all BS!!! I’m so sick of worrying about everything. My life is miserable. I will die young because of all the stress. I had 2 interviews yesterday. We shall see. I’m sick of kissing a$$ to be let down once again. I’ve became a witch over all this.

  • Gary E

    are you DUCKING kidding me? vote all these guys OUT.

  • DerekJR321

    Why would an aid package to Ukraine come before UNITED STATES unemployed??? I can’t wait to hear how we give a foreign nation millions of dollars, but we can’t afford to help our own in need.

    • Nolan Rey

      Ukraine is getting “Billions” not “Millions”…

  • Depends

    Go back and read the story of the July 2010 extension. It lasted 8 weeks and repubs refused to extend. Then Ried hooked it to the doc fix and repubs had no other choice and extended UI. same will happen again.

    • Nolan Rey

      I hope so.. because the crime rate is about to rise..

    • Janet L Brown

      I hope you’re right. Keep up the fight people. Make sure you and all your friends are signing the petitions!! We can get this done.

      • Depends

        Harry is no fool. I dont like him but he can play better than John Boozer

  • George Rodriguez

    Whats Bohners home address? when im homeless thats where im parking my box and shopping cart

    • kiontra

      I’ll be your neighbor!!

      • Nolan Rey

        Yea, me too.. He won’t mind if we use his grill and swimming pool.

        • mikmor

          Im claiming the empty beer cans!

    • Mark Santos

      I say burn Bohners house down to the ground!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gary

    When are we going to get back to taking care of the people who take care of everyone else… the LITTLE people. STOP the recess over and over and get back to work that’ s what we all want to do Work !! We need action on EUC NOW !

  • Depends

    Harry just sent out a tweet. They will do EUI on Thursday.

    • Nolan Rey

      Its about mthrfking time

  • Nolan Rey

    Why isn’t the media specifically covering the blatant mistreatment and suffering of the unemployed citizens? Instead we have to watch and read about what Kim Kardachian is wearing.. I might have spelled her name wrong but I don’t care about that. This is the same America that we were forced to “pledge allegiance” to while we were in school… but when we need our country the most, the government turns it back on us like we don’t exist and send Billions of dollars to Ukraine? I worked for over 24 years then lost my job though no fault of my own, now I feel I am being punished with poverty.. As a country we don’t manufacture many things anymore as jobs vanish to overseas markets. When was the last time you used an American made cell phone? Or an American made TV?? or tablet or cable box?? Bicycle??? Anything?? Every year we have hundreds of thousands of college graduates looking for employment while no jobs are being created. Where the hell are all the jobs supposed to come from?? The Unemployed are being punished because our government would rather fight between parties, stall on signing bills, and point fingers at each other. They don’t speak of making the US an industrial power again.. After all, we started the industrial revolution.. but what happened?? Everybody says “Call or email your Senator or Congress person”.. Obviously that doesn’t work as you can see how many times they threw the bill on the “back burner”. Billions to the Ukraine??? Its Pure BS!!! Maybe if we move to Ukraine, we will be ok because the US will help us then….

    • Beena M

      u know its right am also trying to get this news thru media and there is not even hint what the this republican govt doing…to the unemployed ppl? when someone in media go thru such situation they will learn….

    • Shawn

      Well said. Could not agree more.

    • Nolan Rey

      We actually have the nerve to be happy when we see something that says “Made In the US”… While in the back of our minds we all know that seeing the “Made in US” logo is extremely rare.. At the same time we ALL have tons of gadgets we use everyday and only a tiny fraction of them are made here.. (maybe none of them). We need those manufacturing jobs here.

    • mikmor

      Excellent question. My take is simple. We as a society still have deep superstitions. I.E. – If someone get’s very sick, most people think they must have done something ‘Wrong” to be that way. It may be just a fleeting thought, but it still underlies society. The logic is simple-” If you get sick, or lose a job, you must have done something wrong, therefore I do not have to Help you.”
      When the sick person asks for help he gets it because we are a compassionate society- BUT- that is changing. It’s becoming more of a ‘Pay to play” society. If you can not afford to ‘Play” you must have done something wrong, therefore do not ask me for help. The far right political philosophies embrace this lunacy wholeheartedly. They are always talking about going back to 1775- that time before women’s, workers, children, rights. No regulations on much of anything. No healthcare and slave ownership. I know people personally who want to “take back thier country” to this state. And the tea-party is the first attempt at doing so even in the face of the more evolved GOP.

    • ks

      where is the media coverage and when u see it it hows it being put down and no chance,i thnk they got quite a few things on their payroll,news media apperantly?

  • Thomas Burt

    These are the assholes we vote in – time for changes! Apparently they don’t know the meaning of the word “emergency” as they keep putting it off for months! They do not care if the American people cannot pay their rent, bills, or buy food for their family. Where does our President stand on this.. where the hell is he???

    • Nolan Rey

      I thought Obama was on our side with this unemployment bill… He said a few words about it, then he moved on. He’ll help the Ukraine though.

      • Depends

        It has to go this way. otherwise it would not pass the house.

      • mikmor

        He has done what he can. He put the dept. of labor on the offence the other day to fix the implementation problems the republicans claim they are so worried about. He pulled in ceo’s of big corps to try and get them to hire more long term un-employed, and older people. Im sure he’s doing a few things behind the scene, but truth be told, everyone is being held hostage by an ALCOHOLIC.

    • Mike Z

      On vacation as always…

    • Robin B Langley

      He is off again somewhere at another meeting while Michelle and the girls are on vacation in China. Seems we pay more for the vations of the President and Congress than we pay for anything else! didn’t we just pay for Michelle and the girls to go to France, and Africa and several other countries? Are the girls even going to school? Why can they be absent from school when or kids can’t?

  • JDF

    I am so tired of being rated as a second class citizen by these politicians. Why do we feel the need to give money to countries that could care less about us but ignore our own people? These politicians do not understand that most Americans do not have large savings accounts or unlimited access to financial aid. We need this exstention just to take care of necessities. Shelter,food,transportation…I guess that does not matter.

  • Beena M

    the most ridiculous excuse…the govt cant track who is unemployed and who has been employed since december? whats the purpose of having a labor dept? create more jobs back in america…its not fair for ppl who live in this country to live in poverty level….i am speechless..its not fair to us…

  • love what you do

    I have long been a Republican and believed in it core values and I will tell you, I am embarrassed and ashamed to admit we are associated by party. we have extended the long term in the past. perhaps he doesn’t know this, perhaps he just say what he is told to say. I know people whom need the extension to make it. I wonder What Mr. Speaker Boehner would say or do if the 2,000,000+ people would show up at his home or to DC and the 2,000,000+ were able to capture his attention? But the politicians don’t worry about that as they know, there is no middle class any longer. They know the people that need to be heard can not afford the means to be so. The condition we are leaving this country in for our children and grand children is shameful. and for what? GREED! Shame on Mr. Speaker. This was Bipartisan at work, whether you like it or not both sides gave. Shame on you, poor sport and there is no room in our government for poor sportsmanship.

    Stay strong stay vigilant my fellow Americans you are not alone and if ever you can help this country get back to common sense please do so, the future depends on us.


    • Nolan Rey

      Stop all foreign aid…. PERIOD.

    • Tina

      They know that we will not be showing up on their door step because they have all of our money! Yes I am one of the ones waiting for this. They told me to go back to school and get a degree so I could get a more stable job. They tell me that I will get my UI while I’m in school. So I do this, and now what do I get? I’m on my last semester, and on the deans list, so it wasn’t like I just squeaked through. I worked my but off for this degree. While I am luckier than most, my house is paid for, but I still have to pay the food bill and utilities without any money. I tried to get help but was told my assets were too high and that maybe I should sell my house for the money. These government people have completely lost their minds!!! I will not be voting for any of them that currently hold office. when they come around and ask for my vote, I’m going to ask them where was theirs when I needed it!

      • Chicken

        Damn be very blessed you atleast have a paid for roof… That is MAJOR

  • Lisa

    Well like I said earlier we can support Ukraine and supply all these other countries with food medicine and money but we can’t help our own damn people ! this is a disgrace in the government just sucks

  • Tam Hawkins

    you have got to be kidding. this is utterly BS. they will be on vacation again before they revote.

  • MarineOutOfWork

    wow…..Ukranine before this former Marine?…THANKS FOR NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shurenough

    Too bad Americans come after the Ukrainians in the eyes of the Senate…let them go there and serve the Ukrainians while we elect someone who cares about us! Oh, and if their schedule is so packed, maybe they should forgo some of those recesses!

  • Jackie

    Single mom of 3! No food stamps, no child support(father was killed by drunk driver), no daycare help.. First time I’ve ever been unemployed! An now this.. This Monday coming my electricity will be off and my car will be repoed! I have until end of march to get out of my condo.. It’s sad to say but I will taking my family to the promise land if these a holes can’t fix this by end of march!

    • Nolan Rey

      Right now the Promised Land seems to be Ukraine…

    • Guest

      Taking your kids to the promise land? That is nuts to kill yourself and your family off. You need to contact your local healthcare community center for counseling.

      • Sebastian Klay

        they’re just talking nuts because they are nuts. they would never say anything like that other than on a blog. you tell the authorities or a worker that and poof their goes your little family. its an act

    • ex-Republican

      Hold on my dear I have just said a very special prayer for you and for your 3 beautiful children, Hold on tight and go give them a big hug and big kiss, help is on the way…Be Strong…we are being tested we will emerge stronger then ever before.

    • Chicken

      If you are a mother with children then just go on welfare.

      • Chicken

        Also for the record there is NOTHING wrong with you getting it because of this situation.

      • Jackie

        No I made these children and I will Pay to raise them! It’s just unreal how they can play with peoples lives while they take breaks an worry about other COUNTRIES

        • Chicken

          The bullshit of the government is not your children’s fault. They deserve to live a healthy and full life… Welfare is that scary word people in true need are afraid of… Think of the welfare of those children at this stressful time. It is a tool you specifically can use at this time… It is also possible for it to be a temporary one.

    • ex-Republican

      ps… We all love you with everything we have inside of us…

    • Tamara Stage

      I am so sorry for what your going through. Heart breaking to hear your story, I wish that EUC would pass to help you. Even if it passes the Senate Boehner is not going to have a vote on it in the house, so even if there is a shine of light that it does pass, clouds will cover it again when the bill goes to the house.

      • Jackie

        It’s unreal!! I don’t understand how the can just turn their back!!

  • NYstandard


  • kel

    Does anybody see how close all of this is to the deadline of obama care MArch 31 is Mon . 2 million people outta work 2 million people no paycheck that equals 2 million that don’t have money and cant sign up for health insurance.

    • Rick

      Yeah, someone mentioned that the other day. He said he couldn’t even think about Obama Care, or any future tax penalties, because he’s gotta worry about just not being evicted and eating. This whole thing seems crazy. I hope the government will forgo penalizing people were unemployment and didn’t have the money to pay for healthcare.

    • Chicken

      You can still sign up and not get charged because of having no income

  • NYstandard


  • NYstandard


  • Mike D

    What a freaking Joke lets screw all the Americans Drowning because the BS that has come from the Senate in the past 4 Months The Ukraine is more important then my kids starving and me losing everything what a Crock of Crap. All of you should be Voted out of office if you think the Ukraine is more important. Oh that’s right a lot of the Senator’s have investments there. God forbid they lose the money so lets send Billions of Dollars so they don’t lose there investments!

  • Chicken

    Other countries ARE NOT more important…. PERIOD!

    • Nolan Rey

      We the people, pledged allegiance to our country… Our country, pledges allegiance to the people of other countries… Go figure..

  • Shawn

    Sounds good. Send money overseas they don’t have -check. U.S. government spend over 700 billion dollars on defense and international security assistance in last three years- check. We can war with a country for years. Our mighty troops fighting against people wearing sandals and using slingshots and AK-47s. Yet so many american lives are lost. WTH?Welfare for illegals and their children-check. God Bless America-uncheck.

  • Rick

    Lets do the Ukraine first… lol
    What a freaking joke.

  • Depends

    Democrats in Congress have attempted to extend benefits for the jobless and have been blocked by Republicans, but the last politically feasible opportunity for Congress to act on fiscal matters will be a decision on the “doc fix,” an improvement to a flawed payment formulator for Medicare providers, NBC News said Tuesday.

    It is the last financial decision Congress is likely to make for months, and Democrats intend to work unemployment benefits into the discussion over the Medicare payments, which expire Mar. 31.

    “We understand that there are ve

    Read more:

  • Robin Collins

    What a joke nothing but excuses these clowns need to be voted out they are going to stall so long it will be to late

  • Chicken

    What has Ukraine done for us?

    • Jackie

      Nada they don’t give a crap about US

    • Nolan Rey

      Not a god damned thing..

    • Jennifer Lynn

      Nothing and even if we do help them we will never receive anything back from them.

  • mackenzie layden

    Don’t want to toot my own horn but I said that the democrats were just using the unemployment extension in the news to make the GOP look bad for the midterm elections from the very beginning. Harry Reid knows that anything less than what the republicans demand will never pass. So Harry Reid can get on his soapbox and cry that the GOP isn’t for the average joe. If you followed this from the very beginning the Democrats are to blame just as much as the GOP. So in a few years Harry Reid will be dead of just being too damn old and John Boehner hopefully being will be in the latter stages of skin cancer and then I will feel good and hopefully have a job. Ahhhhhh life is good.

    • Depends

      Harry did the same move in 2010. It is the only way to get EUI past the house.

      • Sebastian Klay

        that was a dim house in 2010

        • Depends

          How is your vette? did you drive it yet this year?

          • Sebastian Klay


          • Depends

            didn’t you have a vette?

          • Sebastian Klay


          • Depends

            anyway, you are a funny dude. have fun

    • mikmor

      The only thing the Dems have screwed up on this issue is not attaching it to the budget last dec. They wrongly thought they could push it alone. This gave this ‘Nu republiclan’ a lone bird to shoot at. They want waaayyy too much for it, and if the dems dont give, what’s a few million Americans under the bus? Workers they dont really give a flying FK about anyway? The real culprits here are the GD tea baggers holding the old gop literally hostage. Most old guard Republicans have no balls to tell them to crawl back under the stone they came out from under.

  • mikmor

    These republicans preach against socialism, then offer nothing-Zilch. If this is the future of this nu-republican philosophy, i’ll gladly vote socialistic. Ive seen enough of these greedy Drunken cruds doing nothing but obstructing progress.

  • Depends

    Wow!!! I must be reading this in a different language. I view this as being good news for 2.1 million people. But from reading all the post you would think EUI was dead .

    • Chicken

      People are tired of games… This is serious…

      • Depends

        yes it is and the only way to pass it is the doc fix. The same as Harry did in 2010.

        • Sebastian Klay

          the house will never go along with it. harry won’t even try it.

      • Depends

        would you rather have a 50 50 chance to pass or die or a 100% chance to pass?

    • mikmor

      There are people living day to day and cant afford to sit back and sip tea with these criminals. This crap has been going on for three months and all that is happening are political games and vacations. These “leaders” are literally playing with millions of people’s lives. Giving people hope one minute while having that hope shattered by an ALCOHOLIC and his dogmatic philosophy.

      • Depends

        It had to be drawn out till the Repubs needed a bill to pass. That bill is the Medacare doc fix. If it is not done by Monday night, 50 million old people will be without coverage. Most of them vote Republican. The plane on Reids part is genius.

      • Sebastian Klay

        whats a few more days….its doa in the house anyway. its been 3 months…move on

  • Joe Medlin

    and Reid has one of the highest unemployed numbers in the country and he cares nothing of them. Ukraine is more important. My God vote all the incumbents out. Your grandmother would be better than these. And Boehner sticks his nose in the air? Shame !

  • A Hoard

    I am absolutely freaking LIVID! Are they kidding??!! Do they NOT see the irony in forging forward to help another country but people right here in good old USA get the shaft for yet another week??!! Not only another week, but it’s still a MAYBE! I’m sorry but I give less then two good dams for another country’s issues. There are soldiers, parents, children, going hungry HERE, but wait! Let’s talk about the Ukraine FIRST. Or, maybe next week, Zimbabwe will need help, or freaking PLUTO.

    • mikmor

      Alcoholics have no morals. That is fact, and that is what we are dealing with. An Alcoholic man affecting Millions of people’s lives.

  • Forums4Justice

    Despite Republicans @SenDeanHeller @SenatorCollins @robportman @lisamurkowski @SenatorKirk striking a deal on jobless aid, there must still be a fly in the ointment

    • Forums4Justice

      the House is unwilling to deal with the bill as it now exists

  • A. Pat

    And one more thing, they needed a freaking WEEK OFF for St Patrick’s DAY? Hmmmmmm…that math doesn’t appear to work. And if I’m not mistaken schools, banks, etc were open, right??!! Things that make you go ‘HMMMMM”,

  • MicheleandMarty Zimmerman

    Why does anything involving the Ukraine trump the people of this country? Do you know how many are going without right now and need that unemployment? Say what you will about the economy picking up but I’m not buying into it. When is our government going to start caring about the people of this country first? Unbelievable!!!!

  • Forums4Justice

    It would behoove the unemployed to take a strong stand against illegal immigration … Eight million illegal immigrants, including visa overstays, are working in, non-agriculture, American jobs, by using false, or stolen SS numbers. Only 7% of the over 7 million employers are using E-Verify. E-Verify has a 99.71% accuracy rate (per recent Congressional testimony) … only 0.043% of employers (3,000) were audited for I-9 compliance in 2012. With each passing day, more illegal immigrants are on the way, taking our work. Using SS mismatches, DHS knows where these illegal immigrants are working. Enforce our existing laws against illegal immigration.

    Illegal immigration is on the increase

  • John Segura

    Cant believe they’re postponing this again so many people i know have already lost their cars homes its really sad how although they may or may not vote on it next week the damage is already done ive literally been surviving off of money making websites that pay you for completing tasks heres the link

  • Larry king

    So in other words, Urkraine comes before the Americans. Very nice!!! How long do you think we can take putting us off? I guess until we no longer can make a comment because we won’t have internet. This is the most pathetic thing I have ever seen. And the sad part of it is that there probably will not be an extension at all. You people in office are so clueless to what is happening. I am so sick of all of this, IF YOU ARE NOT GOING TO EXTEND THE BENEFITS, JUST SAY IT SO WE CAN MOVE ON!!! QUIT PLAYING GAMES!!!

  • MarineOutOfWork

    If Reed is in fact going to attach the EU bill to the Ukraine aid bill it a brilliant move to make the Rebubs move forward now!

    • mikmor

      Where did you hear that?

      • Sebastian Klay

        more made up liberal bs. you weenie are getting delusional.
        mikmor is getting wet hearing that…I bet he’s just about off the deep end.

        • Depends

          You know what Marcus. Have fun, You are enjoying yourself so have at it.

        • Depends

          When you get done i have some other people for you to bother. If you dont mind. You are very good at it.

          • Sebastian Klay

            me and others will be around…no worries

          • Depends

            There is some old bitccch named Flycatcher. I would owe u if you nail her.

    • Depends

      he will attach to doc fix

  • Larry king

    And one more thing Harry, I thought you said that congress would work over the weekend to get this done? You can’t keep putting us off! That is BS!! Don’t stop working till a decision is made!!! Quit f##cking with our heads! I really am about ready to snap! we have been listening to the same sh%t for months!! DO SOMETHING!! How long can we hold off on our bills? We are loosing everything why you guys are playing games.

  • mikmor

    Welcome to Nu-Amerika everyone.

  • Carol Findlay

    They’ve been doing this for three months–”next few days,” “tomorrow,” “Monday,” “next week,” “end of the week,” on and on and on and on. Meanwhile, we’re losing what little we have. So these heartless parasites yank the food out of our mouths and send it to the Ukraine.

    This is NOT the Ukraine.
    No Ukrainians in the Ukraine voted for ANY American politicians.
    But they got first spot on the agenda. Whuh???
    Then a bunch of other stuff that is worth more than Americans in crisis.
    EUC shoved off again and again and again, they are NEVER going to get to it.
    We keep getting rolled back to the bottom of the list, because we’re not all homeless yet, so there’s plenty of time.

    What kind of idiot goes next door to pay the neighbor’s electric bill when their own lights are getting cut off??

    If you can’t take care of your own house, you don’t go sending all your money and food to the neighbors. Is this not common sense???

    I’m a veteran. The age-old tradition of scraping off our own veterans and leaving them behind is alive and well in america, I see. I served this country. Do I have to move to the Ukraine in order to get help from my own government??

    Why is it we can afford to mind everybody else’s business in the world, but can’t afford to take care of our own?

    Welfare is NOT unemployment. Unemployment is NOT welfare. We’re not the lazy ones. Politicians that never show up for work, go on one vacationholidayretreatrecesshiatus after another, and haven’t worked a whole week all year long are the lazy parasites destroying this country from the inside out. WE had to have 1) a work history and 2) maintained a log of workshops and job search efforts in order to get unemployment and stay on it. That’s NOT welfare. If you don’t know the difference between the two, you have no business whatsoever voting on anything at any time, anywhere, ever.

    If you are a politician who votes on any one issue based on another, totally unrelated issue (ObamaCare, the tantrums live on and on and on) or based on the color of the president, your vote should be cast out for bias. Period.

    EUC is NOT ObamaCare.
    EUC is NOT welfare.
    The president is not always going to be white or male. Get over it.

    We’re sick and tired of being continually shoved to the back of the pile. We are Americans in America. Get on this.

  • SaddenAmerianCitizen

    Interesting I said the same thing to the water / sewer company and the electrical company, ” it will be next week” funny thing is the water got shut off yesterday and the electrical is schedule for the 1st of April. Must be nice to make choices with no responsibility or credibility. Single father 4 young boys worked over 15 years in management has to drive my boys over to families houses to take showers. So next week don’t work for us little people like it does for law makers.

    Sadden American Citizen of 40 years……….

  • Irritated

    Why are American unemployed workers less important than Ukraine??? No wonder why no one has any faith in our government!! I’m desperately awaiting this extension, along with millions of other AMERICANS. My family is barely surviving on one income to provide the basics. Since I lost my job I also lost my insurance so now I can’t even afford my prescriptions that I need. I’ve been trying so hard to find another job but keep coming to a dead end. There are just too many people applying for the same job. Something needs to be done NOW!! Here’s a thought? How about the American government concentrate on the American people first, before foreign countries??? I’m so disgusted!!!

  • Louisiana

    How dare you worry about Ukraine….than the American families….Come election time…..Just wait……..Shame on you…….Put the unemployment 1st….then the Ukraine…..till next week!!!

  • Danetta

    Why are you putting this fight on hold when you know it’s an uphill battle with the house. You are just keeping people in limbo and their economic problems are really becoming drastic. By the time you bring this too a vote…it will be May! Give these people some relief and stop messing with their lives!!!!!

  • Guest

    wow. like what the hell am I am going to do wit no job and no income and bills on top of bills

    • Bev Hardin

      sent them to the congress sign them from Ukraine

  • CoLa BOo Collins

    isn’t this country suppose to be “for the people”!! well your people is in poverty and your nonchalant attitudes shows us people who and what you’re really for. there is an old saying “you cant love someone else if you cant love yourself. it makes me realize why another country would be put before your own. who’s really “your” people???

  • Kathleen Gnudi

    There is nothing more important now. People are trying to hold on so these excuses as “oh we can’t pass this because it’s too late” or this would be difficult is just more excusses. REALLY, too late for whom? Every day we are stuggling just to get through the day. Shame on you all! A task without a date is just an idea. Mr President, put a date on this, no excusses. We need that extension… NOW. NO MORE RECESSES… NO MORE BS… NO ONE SHOULD BE ABLE TO LEAVE THAT ROOM UNTIL THEY ALL AGREE ON THIS EXTENSION AND HOW TO PAY FOR IT. By Friday they will be dying to get out and magically will agree on a plan. Congress has a job… they get paid an exhuberant amount to do their job… NOW DO IT!!!!!!!

  • Gregg H

    Bend over americans! Congress is driving

  • Gregg H

    I can see it now- its November and they’re still trying, but its them , not us, vote for me!

  • biggin

    F The Ukraine….

  • Gregg H

    To bad the only people looking at these posts are the ones this hurts the most. Congress is’nt looking here

  • Gregg H

    HELP WANTED. Reply to. Hopeless in Seattle

  • Tammy Starner

    I am disgusted. Embarrassed. Ashamed. What the F? How are they paying for that aid, what other things are they attaching to it, who is getting credit for it the Democrats or the Republicans? They said they were going to work into the weekend to get this accomplished this week. I will never vote for another man
    in the Senate or Congress. We need to replace them all with intelligent, capable women who could actually make decisions and get something done in less than 3 months. I am so disillusioned.

    • ex-Republican

      Tammy, you should consider voting for Democrats, the Republicans would prefer that you do not vote…Gut feeling I predict a landslide election, do not worry, I will be leading the charge….

      • Tammy Starner

        I don’t usually discuss how I vote, but I did vote for the president. Oregon has two democrats in the senate who I voted for… it isn’t working. They are not able to get anything done, they are also guilty of trying to control the outcome for political benefit. They want the credit, want to make the republicans look bad. The republicans want to get the credit and make the democrats look bad. It isn’t working, no one is putting American citizens first. It has passed since 2008!

  • Mike Z

    Senate, Congress, and politicians are turds with legs with VERY few exceptions

  • Gregg H

    We’re too poor to get bailed out. If we didn’t need it, we would get it. Boehner doesn’t realize that republicans are unemployed too!

  • Crystal Reed

    This is the most important!!! Americans are suffering and the “House of Representatives” don’t give a hoot!! They get paid every month! Why is “Obama” really the President?!! He need to step up and get this show on the road!!

  • Crystal Reed

    Senator Reid seems confused!! He talks as if his Party runs him instead of him running the Party!! Money is desperately needed!!

  • tiana moran

    Why do they keep giving people false hope. The weeks and months keep passing by, while people are struggling and have lost everything. Hard working people…….this is just plain cruel! Help americans right here in america and give us back this much needed lifeline. Millions of honest hardworking american citizens have been left to suffer, while we send money abroad to help non america citizens. This is disgustng and so very hurtful for mllions of americans…..we have lost everything while they continue to give false hope…..why…..shame on the american congress!!! Left american citizens out in the cold! They will answer for this when the time comes!!

  • Michael Jakubik

    Ukraine FU fight your own battles. It is time to put americans 1st and take care of us before anyone else. We are losing everything we worked for because we are worried about everyone else.

  • richard wimer pa.

    thanks again no vote on euc ext.

  • sherry

    Really…….Its always next week and the next week…..We are about to lose everything…..I will remember this come election time….What about the American people….

  • Vicki-Ann Bush

    An aide package for the Ukrain? So now we not only get slapped in the face, but we’re hog tied and violated as well. Thank you congress, whitehouse and every other ogar we have mistakingly elected to lead us. I couldn’t believe I was actually reading these words … “But there’s business to attend to first, namely an aide package for the Ukrain.” If this has not been enough to prove to every American come voting year, that it’s time to get BOTH parties out of office, then there is no hope. Because we will just keep making the same mistakes over and over again.

  • Marsha Kabel

    BULL…..all of it…They are not hungry, we are!

  • Leah

    You said that righ Rosalind, we have are own problems right here in the US, and we need to handle those before going to aid a foreign country where is Congress’s priorties? How do they sleep at night, and to think this is what America has come to.

  • Judy Avance Keene

    Why do others come before us , get it Ukraine needs help but so do we

  • Treece

    REALLYYYYYYYYYYYYYY????? The Ukraine…….who does this?????? What a stab in the backs of the American people!!!

  • Treece

    We can come up with a Ukraine package and the money to pay for it, overnight. But its taking more than 3 months, now, to help the unemployed. Something stinks!

    • Tamara Stage

      They don’t care about the American people!!! End of issue. Their to concerned about how the country looks to others around the world. To bad that most think we are a joke…

  • Rio

    Un_F’n BELIEVABLE! While Millions (not a few) MILLIONS of Americans are without help, without any support from our own government… the Ukraine and the nominations of judges comes first??? What are we doing? What are we paying taxes in this country for? I am totally down on this America–saddened by the lack of care for Americans.

  • debbiy

    What the hell!!!Ukraine pkg what about all of the american people??put use off again that is so wrong.

  • DisgustedInMichigan

    Why do I NOT BELIEVE This!!!! Evetytjhing for the rest of the world before your own people???? Mean while back in the frozen Great Lakes Region we are still FREEZING & STARVING!! Sure….what really is one more week in any of you politickers LIFE??? Nothing you have your job an psy check!! This is not complicated to get going! I really don’t vwant to hear any more finger pointing at the Republican s…Democrats are just as guilty &:I can not wait to VOTE!!!

  • DisgustedInMichigan

    Dear Mr. Reid & Mr Boehner, Before you wrap up 10 hr. Work week could I impose on you to loan me few hundred bucks to keep my phone service & internet & few gallons of fuel oil for the house & oh yeah….might have a job iinterview so some gas money or cab fare be nice to… about we just call itbva gaurantte loan against future taxes?? Does anyone read these blogs? Do any politicians really REALLY TRULY UNDERSTAND THE URGENCY??

  • DisgustedInMichigan

    I’m thinking the UNEMOP!LOYED OF America are sounding like desperate beggars . Are you feeling to much pressure to think straight ? Are you feeling stressed? Feeling strapped? Deprived? I’m thinking Washington is enjoying this whole thing.

  • subtxt

    Of course the Ukraine aid package takes priority, I’m sure that there are some very specific contractors that will make ridiculous amounts of government money tied to the passing of that bill. Now they are saying the issue is that this unemployment extension has gone undecided for so long that they cant possibly retroactively pay everyone accurately. The indifference and greed that is our government sickens me.

    • DisgustedInMichigan

      And as I suggested earlier….they need to compromise on the -retroactive- & just start with restoiring EUC effective immediately going forward for 6 mths. AS much as I would appreciate the wind fall will also blow my claim .it doesn’t make sense to implement for a program to be right back in same discussion within 2 months Compromise now for the long haul its better then nothing!!

  • Bev Hardin

    Do you really think they care about the people who are unemployed? They just putting use on the back burner

  • what ever idiot

    I want my tax money to help the USA. I have neighbors that are hard working people and are having trouble with jobs..It’s our money and charity starts at home!!
    Also these people are not asking for charity, its just a saying. But start helping our selfs with OUR money first.

  • Clyde4

    I can’t believe that contributing to the Ukraine takes priority over American Citizens who are unemployed through no fault of our own. Without an income. We can’t even buy toilet paper; I;m not going to even mention the obvious things. But I have a Masters degree and had to survive this brutal winter living from pillow to post. I just want to kill myself.

  • Clyde4

    I’ve never suffered like this before. Now I know how homeless people feel. It seems as though hell has a place for the republican senators who are shining at the expense of starving law abiding citizens. Hell yes I’m bitter.

  • Clyde4

    Bohneir is going to bust hell wide open when he gets there!!

    • Keith Coleman

      yep I’m sure they’re expecting him…..He’s bad news

  • amy

    I wonder what the excuse will be next week–that they just couldn’t fit it in…… When I had a job; time management was a huge portion of my prioritization…..I am wondering how the Americans NEEDING the unemployment payments are NOT priority….. wow–truly unbelievable!

  • janie

    and this is why i hate this country! i dont care if the people that are unemployed are lazy and dont want to look for work or are freeloaders and what not, i prefer to help our country out b4 we help other countries! our country is too busy helping other countries. who helps the united states? when everyone here has what they need whether they dont try or do try to make their lives better, then we can help other countries!

  • Charles Taylor

    Wake up working class America. They do not care about you, no not one. You do not count for anything.

  • John Bellino

    Guess the plight of the long term unemployed is not that critical to our leaders. I have no problem with helping those who need help. But we need to take care of our own first. Judicial nominations I think can wait…….

  • Scott Jelonek

    this is becoming more and more a joke. how much longer do they want us to hold outwe are slipping away each week this was an issue long before ukraine was. take care of americans first then everyone else. no country helps us why should we help them why cause the president and our other leadrers have there own interests in ukraine we should suffer longer. am i mistake dident so called president say in his state of the union address say he would not wait for congress to act i think he forgot that statement right after he said so no surprise another president that is a liar

  • Christina

    The Ukraine is NOT more important than the Americans, who need this extension!!

  • Tami Snyder

    I guess I can’ t say certain things about our government so I’ll adjust my attitude, we the Americans are sick of being put at the end of the line. Let these other countries fend for themselves, take care of Home senators. We deserve our unemployment benefits that we worked hard for, and its not a hand out it’ s owed to us!!!

  • Freshlee 5nipes

    It is a shame. I has been three long months of negotiations and there is still political posturing taking place. Why do so few deny the needs of so many?
    Here’s a mix that I put together to describe some of the feelings that
    one can experience while waiting on the vote to take place. Check it
    out, hopefully this helps get you through the anticipation of the
    upcoming vote.

    One Love-God Willing


  • Melissa

    OMG – the members of Congress have to be the most arrogant and blind idiots in this country – how can they let the 2 million plus Americans who through no fault of their own were laid off from jobs and now the Government has abandoned them but can vote on a pay rise and to give more money to the Ukraine – but don’t give a damn about people who have or are just about to lose everything!!!
    Before the last recess they promised to vote on an extension but once again they openly lie to us again. So much for caring about your own country first!!! What a bunch of a$$holes – we are being treated like nobody cares!!! Vote the uncaring idiots out in November!!!


    Those individuals who think like many of the Republican senators, that the unemployed are “lazy”, and “unwilling to work”, are sorely mistaken and delusional. No one in their right mind, would prefer unemployment to working, and making a better wage. For those misinformed with jobs, No one gets rich off of weekly unemployment benefits. The amount you receive can “barely” pay your minimum living expenses. Often it doesn’t, and you end up able to pay some bills, and not others. None of us are dining out on Steak and Lobster every night. This is a misconception and a means to discredit those unfortunate enough to have been laid off from their job. It’s always much easier to point your finger and blame the victim, instead of those in power that are making these laws and decisions. If you recall back, several years ago, it wasn’t the “unemployed” that caused the economic meltdown around the world. This was the directly caused by greedy bankers and CEO’s, who used tax payer’s money, as if it were their own to spend and invest as they chose. It wasn’t the “unemployed” that chose to Bail out the Banking and Airline industries, and the Automobile Industries. In case you’ve forgotten, this was done by our government officials, our so called “public servants”. Furthermore, it wasn’t the “unemployed who gives millions of tax payer’s dollars to foreign Aid, and to finance the rampant corporate welfare in this great country. So to those who are misinformed or delusional, you must re-direct your blame to the correct party. My question to the Republicans, is how do you justify all of the above, yet refuse to help the common man and woman, who has found themselves in a stagnant economy and unable to find employment? Why isn’t there a big drawn out debate about corporate welfare, foreign aid, banking bailouts, as there has now been with helping the unemployed with passing an extension bill? Do we live in two Americas? One for the one percent, and the other for the remaining ninety nine percent? You need to pass the extension bill immediately for the sake of these two plus million families in need. I can assure you that in the 2016 election, we two million voters will Not forget how we were treated .

  • Steven Manson

    O nice! US Government making sure Ukraine has money before unemployed Americans! Beginning to regret serving my country…..

  • kevin greer

    Don’t you love how our government has always put other countries ahead of it’s own citizens…….it’s time for the citizens of the united states to say we have had enough……..doesn’t our government realize poor governing practises are the reasons behind the united states of america forming to start with………how soon we forget……

  • Based_Knowledge

    To be honest I think all of us discouraged Americans should create petitions to impeach Boehner and sign and share each of them. It may seem kind of drastic, but hey if all 2 million long term unemployed make a petition to impeach Boehner and we all sign each of them or at least a majority of them it could force the presidents hand or whoever to take action and really get rid of him. I will sign any and all petitions to have Boehner removed immediately and to pass the EU benefits bill as well. If you think about it it could very well show some promising results. It only takes about 5 minutes to sign up and create your own Petition FYI.

    There are currently 2 petitions on to impeach Boehner. Please sign and share! Thanks!

    • Mike Z

      Done! Signed both. Boehner GTFO NOW!!

  • Keith Coleman

    Stop complaining and do something about it….I just saw where someone Just wrote to sign the petition to get rid of Boehner…I just signed…..and with enough the president has to look at it….and it take off from there.I’m just saying we have to get to the root of some of these road blocks.

  • skiyes69

    VOTE these bastards out in 2014!!! VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!!!

  • Raz Matazz

    If the US government stopped adding new debt, and then paid off a $1 billion of existing debt per year, it would be debt free in 17,000 years

  • lee luke

    Its not going to pass. They have said FU to those of us out of work and money

  • lee luke

    By the way Rosalind I agree with you and blimp the Ukraine I woudn’t feel that way if my country helped IN MY TIME OF NEED

  • In ohio

    The first family are all out of the country, call it what you will it smells the first lady, and the daughters got a nice vacation. The President meets with the Pope, wonder if the Holy Father knows of the heartless acts of our political leaders. The Senate and the House consider Ukraine more important that Americans, we can just wait and wonder where a job, a meal, heat and any other basic need is going to come along. They got raises a week off, to tan in the Speakers case and God knows what else but they had not a worry. But I guess we elected them and gave the Republicans power. I live in Ohio, the state that the speaker is from he should know there are no jobs here. And by the time they debate on how to or where to create them where will we be? A new era of homeless.

  • jimv8673

    With a squeezed calendar,?? far too filled with sending billions anywhere but to their own people, and taking vacations every other day, plus the time they waste just wandering around on the senate floor socializing, im sure they could figure out a way to postpone, once again, something that at this point really dont matter anyway. But hey ! it never did really matter to them, they eat sleep, and exist solely for themselves, with no heart or concern for the ones that have lost everything due to their idiotic ramblings. Get used to it folks, you are the lost and uncared for in this country. I would much rather be Ukranian or anything but a US citizen right now, this country brings tears of shame to millions, that have given their all for many years.

  • Chet Starling

    I hope all of you are continuing to claim state benefits regardless of EUC program and be counted “looking for work” rather than “not looking for work”
    Your state must file your weekly claim regardless of eligibility this is how the % #’s work. All 2.2 million people need to file today or Friday to display the true unemployment rate and never quit claiming benefits even if EUC is denied this is immediate and will show congress the real problem.
    Good luck and continue to search for work regardless and report it so GOP and States can’t pull this “unworkable” non sense in the future, it’s really up to citizens to keep filing their claims and be counted first and foremost, then jobs can be addressed. makes no sense to work backwards as Boehner proposes.

  • Chicken

    It just passed in the Senate!

    • Keith Coleman

      Really ?? you’re joking right ? It passed r you sure ?

      • Chicken

        Yes they voted on it today… Now it goes to The House

        • Keith Coleman

          Okay thanks man !!

        • Keith Coleman

          Thanks again man….good looking out….you’re alright !!

      • Chicken

        Actually it was a vote to debate it tomorrow but they got the 65 votes needed…

        • Keith Coleman

          Yes when you presented the news … I quickly went to check into it and thats exactly what I read just a debate….but looks good….buts thats about all we can say at this point…you know them….

    • Keith Coleman

      Are you sure you heard that correctly ??

  • FedUpInNJ

    If Boehner blocks this there will be riots and blood in the streets. He is ruining the Republican party all by himself.

    • Bev Hardin

      He will. They acting like two years olds.

  • Mark Santos

    Number of Claimants Potentially Eligible for EUC During the First
    5 Months of CY 2014 Including Claimants Cut off of EUC Due to the
    12/28/2013 Expiration of the Program


    Alaska 15,100

    Alabama 27,100

    Arkansas 21,100

    Arizona 32,100

    California 514,300

    Colorado 41,400

    Connecticut 48,100

    District of Columbia 9,100

    Delaware 6,400

    Florida 132,300

    Georgia 98,500

    Hawaii 7,000

    Iowa 19,100

    Idaho 9,100

    Illinois 153,400

    Indiana 39,200

    Kansas 17,100

    Kentucky 31,200

    Louisiana 16,000

    Massachusetts 80,200

    Maryland 47,200

    Maine 9,000

    Michigan 106,200

    Minnesota 36,100

    Missouri 49,300

    Mississippi 22,100

    Montana 8,200

    North Carolina –

    North Dakota 5,500

    Nebraska 8,000

    New Hampshire 3,800

    New Jersey 144,300

    New Mexico 14,100

    Nevada 34,100

    New York 228,700

    Ohio 75,200

    Oklahoma 16,100

    Oregon 43,200

    Pennsylvania 158,400

    Puerto Rico 41,100

    Rhode Island 12,000

    South Carolina 29,100

    South Dakota 900

    Tennessee 41,100

    Texas 164,400

    Utah 11,100

    Virginia 33,300

    Virgin Islands 2,300

    Vermont 2,500

    Washington 57,500

    Wisconsin 55,100

    West Virginia 14,100

    Wyoming 3,500

    National Total 2,795,300

  • Shizue Leigh Hicks

    Will someone tell John Boehner to put down the bottle and get to work? There are, by last count, 3.8 million long-term unemployed according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The figures for March will be coming out April 4:

    Why do we keep hearing Harry Reid repeating “2.2 million”? According to our own government, at the end of February, there were 3.8 million long-term unemployed. That’s the population of Oklahoma.

    Someone should inform the Speaker that each time he delays the reinstatement of the UI Extension, he’s kicking the entire state of Oklahoma in the teeth.

    That 3.8 million represents adults who have worked and have been out of work more than 27 weeks.

    How many times have I seen the desperate messages from mothers and fathers with their stories about how John Boehner has damaged and destroyed their lives? TOO MANY! From what I’ve read there are plenty of children affected by John Boehner and his arrogance and stupidity.

    John Boehner makes me ashamed to be an American, but proud to not be a Republican. “Republican,” thanks to John Boehner has turned into the filthiest word in the English language.

  • Shizue Leigh Hicks


  • Liberalism Is Nonsense

    Despite Hussein Obama’s vicious threats, he hasn’t been able to panic financial markets. Here’s why:

  • Tammy Starner

    I have a friend who works in HR for a major university hospital who is hiring an entry level administrative assistant in Portland, Oregon. She had well over 200 applications before she stopped accepting them. She had applicants with master’s degrees, 25 plus years of experience, and hired one person. The Congress & Senate are saying that there is 3 applicants for every job opening…
    Please, let’s be realistic. In Oregon almost every opening is receiving well over 200 applications for every open job. I just think it should be known what is really
    going on in the job market. Applicants are not lazy.

    • BC Shelby

      …I know, I live in Portland and it has been brutal since I was laid off this time last year. I’ve been doing everything I can including going to workshops at the local WorkSource office to hopefully better my chances. Hanging on by the fingernails and don’t know how much longer I can last. I was shorted benefits on the first tier of EUC when the programme was allowed to expire in December (there is still a positive balance showing in my UI account but it is currently in limbo).

      I have been continuing to file my weekly reports in hopes the extension is passed so there will be no question that I have been continuing to comply with the programme’s requirements.

      I agree, it’s business which is lazy for I read in several reports many companies are sitting on sizable financial reserves but reluctant to open up hiring and instead continue to overwork the existing employees to squeeze out the maximum profit.

      Giving them even more breaks will do nothing to stimulate job growth.

  • jackiefr

    Screw Ukraine!! What is wrong with you people? Are you kidding me? Screw them. I am sorry for this language but this one has simply made me snap. How dare these morons that are suppose to work for us . Yes work for us. Everyone of them need to be voted out of those chairs and I plan on doing my part to see that they are. As best to my ability. I only wish they all read these posts but I am sure you have better things to do. How dare you arrogant bunch of idiots. We DO NOT CARE ABOUT UKRAINE. Or any of the other countries our money seems to always go to. Worry about your own just this once. They literally make me sick.

  • Icare

    Say it isn’t so…. return this country to the real People!!!

  • Donald L Campbell

    I think this Government needs to get it Priorities Straight in this country, they need to Care for their Own, not other Countries, I could care less about all these other votes. All I know is if the Senate and House don’t advance this bill, I’m Voting for some one out of my Party. I’m registered Republican, but it seems to be sure to change.

    • Bev Hardin

      It’s the republicans who stopping it. Dear Johnny.

      • Donald L Campbell

        The Name Don is on, and the Dems need to agree on the Keystone Pipe line

        • Bev Hardin

          Yes they do. They both need to start working together and start helping the people who have worked and lost their jobs.

          • Donald L Campbell

            The faster they start to age on the real issues in the United states, and start working together things in this country will start to be better. I could care less, about helping the Ukraine, and voting on Justices, and on stupid health care bills. They need to pass this Unemployment Bill Now, so the People that are hurting can get out of the Bind that We are in. I’m losing my House, I have already Drained my Bank account, I Can’t Pay my Car Insurance, my Phone Bill, Water Bill, Electric Bill, Property Taxes, or my Home Owner Insurance. I am on Welfare, Food Stamps, and Medical. Where or what else do I need to say or do, for these Idiots that We put in Office need to Hear before We lose every thing that We have Worked Our Whole Lives For?.

          • Bev Hardin

            Send your bills to the white house and sign them from Ukraine. Sorry to hear all your lost. They should have had something in the budget in Dec. but they was in a rush to get home.

          • Donald L Campbell

            Yea a lot good that would do, when our senate and house don’t even care….

          • Joan

            call John Boehner at 1-202 225-0600

  • jimv8673

    Sure, an aid package for the ukraine is always more important than helping citizens of the USA. I wish there was a season on politicians, just like deer, with no limit on how many you could take.

  • Cheryl Thomas

    I wonder how the Ukraine people view America now that they see how much our country will extend itself out for them, over us. Would they do the same for us? One thing I do know that is that the rest of the world can see that even in America you can feel and be treated like a third world country. It’s true, you just don’t see someone with a commercial asking for money to be sent to help these poor people.
    America has changed, protest have changed, we have to do better.

  • cocerned

    The Republica ns are really showing their true Colors now! you know they’re only for the rich well let’s not forget this make sure you are registered to vote for the elections this coming November

    • Bev Hardin

      now since the senate pass the bill yes

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