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March 29, 2015

Reid Predicts Veterans’ Health Bill Will Fall, Fears Gridlock on Border Supplemental (Video)

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid on Monday predicted Congress would fail to pass a fix for the veterans’ health crisis  — and worried the same could happen with the border supplemental to address the child migrant crisis.

“We had a big show here, not long ago, where we provided $35 billion to help veterans. We’ve spent trillions of dollars in two wars, unpaid-for by the way. That’s what President [George W.] Bush wanted, and that’s what he got,” the Nevada Democrat said in a floor speech.

“But now, when we’re being asked to spend a few dollars to take care of these people who have come back in need as our veterans … it looks to me like they’re going to come back with nothing,” Reid said, blaming the GOP for penny-pinching. “The conference is not being completed. Why? Because they have to spend some money on these people who they were glad to spend the money to take them to war, but now they’re back they’re missing limbs, they’ve got lots of post-traumatic stress problems … no money there.”

Reid said he’s afraid that’s where the border bill is headed, too. “I’m afraid we’re headed to the place where unless the Republicans get to deport all these DREAMers … or just give these kids no hearings at all and just ship them back. I just think it’s not fair.”

Reid blasted both Texas senators for their proposals related to the immigration crisis, criticizing a bipartisan plan to roll back a 2008 law spearheaded by Senate Minority Whip John Cornyn and Texas Democratic Rep. Henry Cuellar, and a proposal from Sen. Ted Cruz that would require Obama end the deferred action program for undocumented immigrants who came to the United States as children before 2007.

“We need to get resources to our border patrol agents and others who are caring for these children in central America. We need judges to hear these kids’ cases and decide whether they need protection or need to be sent back home,” Reid said. “The world is watching how this great democracy of ours responds to this crisis.”

Reid said it’s Congress’s job to provide the money.

“If they don’t get their resources, they are going to be out of money, and then what are we going to do?” he asked.

  • m141934a

    Por lo tanto, vamos a ver si lo entiendo. La frontera es segura … así que, ¿cómo estos niños cruzan la frontera? ¿Se sobornan la seguridad fronteriza? No fue la seguridad fronteriza fuera de servicio? ¿Quién te tratando de niño, Reid.

    • Layla

      This is the best reason I know to tell you why Americans will never give these people amnesty. ENGLISH ONLY. Americans have had enough.

  • DrGeneNelson

    The so-called border supplemental deserves to be tied up in gridlock, as it is legislation designed in large part by Democrats to preserve the status quo. (They continue to covet “unregistered Democrats.”) Over half of the money is dedicated to pay the expenses of those (mostly NOT children) who have recently crossed the U.S.-Mexico border. Then there is money for judges to likely rubber-stamp the (phony) asylum claims of the latest group of economic migrants. A token amount, around $100 million is allegedly to deter future illegal alien migration. A far better approach would be to forcibly repatriate these illegals, as was done three times during the 20th Century – In the depths of the Great Depression, after WWII, and after the Korean War. Enforce U.S. immigration laws on the books!

  • Packard27

    End the entire VA hospital system. It is beyond repair and little more than a federally protected jobs program for affirmative action hires and professional ne’er do wells.

    End it now and then give the veterans a government paid blue cross/blue shield card (or HMO equivalent).

  • Yonatan YONATAN

    Mr. Reid,
    When will you finally do something about the more than three million STILL unemployed workers STILL without an unemployment extension since late last December? Over these past seven months of waiting patiently for the senate & government to do the correct and moral thing, to pass the bill, these families have been falling deeper and deeper into financial ruin and poverty. The longer these benefits are withheld, more & more might never be able to recover from. These families are in a desperate situation. Why can we give billions in foreign aid, and even more in military aid, but refuse to take care of our own people here at home. We send our sons & daughters off to war, but will not take care of their unemployed loved ones at home.


    It’s amazing what can be done when the democrats REALLY want something done. What about the more than three million STILL unemployed families who are STILL without an unemployment extension since late last December? Have they forgotten about this group already? These families have been falling deeper and deeper into financial ruin over the past seven months, while both political parties played their party politics. Why is it that other countries receive financial aid, but NOT our own citizens here? Look what a disgrace the VA has been to out veterans? Who are you working for? Yourselves?

    • Layla

      Yonatan, your last sentence is absolutely correct.

  • Layla

    MESSAGE TO HARRY REID AND OTHERS: You should not have brought this country to this place in the first place. You were elected, PAID AND TRUSTED not to allow these things to happen.

    You need to be sent home, permanently.

  • Pamela Cameron

    While the members of Congress point fingers at each other and play the Blame Game, the Veteran’s are still being denied medical care that is resulting in people dying. What is wrong with people who put a dollar sign in front of the so called medical care provided to the very people who fought to protect this country? When we consider that the VAOIG has substantiated many cases of delayed and denied medical care to veterans that resulted in the deaths of people is there any wonder the Great Debate rages on. These events need to stop and the people who are tasked with providing medical treatment to the Nations Veterans need to start ensuring these veterans are provided Timely, Compassionate, and Professional medical care that will be more than a pat on the back and a hand shake with the words “Thank you for your service.” It would be interesting to know just how many Congressmen/women have served in the military or are married to someone who served in the military. When these Congressmen and women decide to send National Guard men /women to the border do they really think that their actions should be followed with a “No Vote” on the bill that will provide the soldiers or service men/women with proper medical care when they are injured on the job. Let Governor Perry and Senator Cruz go sit on patrol eating MRE’s, sleeping on the ground, wearing the same clothes for a week while being paid less than minimum wage, and after being snake bit receive “No” medical care for their service. Oh! I am sorry, one would first need to have a desire to serve someone other than themselves before they would consider performing a job that consisted of protecting the Nation, these two individuals have proven they can and will only think of themselves and what is good for their needs. Of course Senator Cruz only thinks of how important it is to hold the Country “Hostage” while reading Green Eggs and Ham to highly over paid adults while refusing to carry out the mission requirements of his job. Should anyone expect anything less from a gaggle of people who obviously lack any sense of direction or desire to provide medical care to those who protect them while they sleep at night. Boy’s and Girl’s you may want to think about who has your Six? Who is watching your back, and are you watching theirs as you just might want to give them some consideration.

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