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February 7, 2016
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White House Not Reacting Yet to Boehner Lawsuit Plan

The White House told CQ Roll Call there is no immediate reaction to Daniel Newhauser’s scoop that Speaker John A. Boehner is planning a lawsuit against the Obama administration for failing to enforce the law.

We’ll update if that changes.

Obama’s strategy of acting on his own via his pen and phone has infuriated Republicans and has brought criticism from some legal scholars.

Boehner has repeatedly blamed Obama’s executive actions on health care and other issues for making his conference lose faith in the president’s willingness to enforce a new immigration law.

Republicans have been eyeing a lawsuit for months.


    John Boehner and the rest of his republican party should be charged with the crime against the poor and unemployed in this country, and their intentional actions that destined the three million unemployed families into financial ruin and into object poverty. The Republican and Democratic parties have both FAILED the three million workers, and their families, without unemployment benefits since late last December. Over the past six months, these families have continued falling into financial ruin, while waiting for the extension to pass in the senate. The republicans have made every attempt to delay the senate vote, in order to render it too late to pass. The senate democrats and the president have done little to push through the extension vote, and have actually made the delay further possible to implement. When our government can give billions to the Ukraine people it has failed to give these American families the same courtesy. We can send our children to war, but not expect help for the families they leave behind. Shame on these two parties for lacking compassion, and common decency.

  • Leonard

    The dems did their job on passing unemployment, our president promised the american people he will sign any unemployment clause before him but only if rectro,the house speaker wont bring ui to house floor unless the pipeline gets approved or if Obama give the very wealthy a tax break of $60billion yearly,it only take $30billion to pay ui for 3.4million obama is saying that $60billion would pay for the unemployed so he will give them a $30billion.please watch cspan monday at 7am.


    There are still three million unemployed workers STILL without an extension of benefits. since late last December. The republican senate intentionally delayed and postponed voting on the bill to render it too late for passing. This has caused these millions of families to fall into financial ruin and deep poverty. While the republicans fought for the Koch Brother’s Oil Pipeline to be passed, they outright refused to help these struggling unemployed families. Now both political parties have walked away from the problem, leaving these families without assistance . and without hope. Meanwhile the government passed an aid bill for the Ukraine worth Billions of tax payer dollars. How is this possible to go on? These families need help now. Six months have passed with no action.

  • Yonatan YONATAN

    It’s been six months now that the three million unemployed families have been without an unemployment extension. Both political parties have walked away from the issue, leaving behind millions of families in financial ruin, and deep debt. While our government sends billions of dollars to the Ukraine, and even more for the defense of Europe, these millions of families are left to struggle and suffer on their own. Clearly our politicians care more for those around the world, than for the American families struggling here in our own country. Our so called “public servants” only serve themselves

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