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February 12, 2016
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Boehner to Obama: Stop the Lectures

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Speaker John A. Boehner has a message for President Barack Obama: Stop with the lectures already.

Boehner didn’t take kindly to Obama’s ripping into Republicans Monday, as he gave a speech on student loans ahead of a vote in the Senate on a relief plan tied to a new minimum tax for income more than $1 million.

A day later, Obama signed the bipartisan Water Resources Reform and Development Act into law in a signing ceremony.

Boehner called the WRRDA bill a “common-sense jobs bill” without earmarks in a statement.

“This bill is also a good example of what can happen when Washington Democrats decide to work together with Republicans,” Boehner said in a statement. “Everyone agrees there is too much gridlock in this town but that makes it even more important to recognize when something real does get done – and why and how.

“This bill was passed by elected representatives who found common ground.  The process can work, but it requires exactly the opposite approach from what the President did yesterday on student loans. Hectoring, lecturing, and eviscerating rhetorical straw men doesn’t get results – hard work does.”

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  • David

    The only thing Boehner is interested in is getting the Boehner/Koch Keystone XL Pipeline approved so the brothers will line his pockets with dirty cash. They are becoming more unhappy with Boehner all the time. Soon the brothers will be looking for a new front man to do their dirty work. Then Boehner’s only job will be to try to make Obama look bad. What a country this has turned out to be. Crooked politicans are running this country in to the ground as quickly as they can.


    The Obama AND DEMOCRAT PARTY don’t want to approve the Keystone pipe line so Warren Buffet BIG SUPPORTER CONTRIBUTOR TO OBAMA election, can line his pocket using his railroad cars transporting the oil to the Texas refineries. What a country this has to be, CROOKED DEMOCRAT politicians are running this country to the ground as quickly as they can.

  • David

    Biff, It sounds like you should be gathering a posse and getting the hanging rope ready for this offense, While you are at it why don’t you just clear out all these crooked politicans, be they democrats or republicans. Have them take that “death before dishonor” oath and see how congress would work then. Either we would have no politicans or the few that would serve the interest of the people and not their wallets. I am happy to see that you can conduct yourself in a more civil manner, I had a feeling you were capable.


    George Bush Jr. once said “If the American People knew what we do here in government(Democrats and Republicans), they’d hang every last one of us. Fortunately for us, the American People are just stupid, ignorant sheeples. They believe what we tell them and they do what we tell them.
    Remember that the entire basis of the Constitution had been torpedoed, the people who are running US national policy are agents of an elite shadow group the CFR. No question about it.

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