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February 14, 2016

Issa Offers White House a Deal on Simas

(Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

(Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

House Oversight and Government Reform Chairman Darrell Issa is offering to allow top White House political adviser David Simas to testify via deposition instead of in a congressional hearing.

With Issa planning a vote Friday to reject the administration’s claim of absolute immunity from congressional subpoena for Simas if he again fails to show up to honor the subpoena, Issa’s latest offer loosely tracks previous subpoena fights between House Democrats and the George W. Bush administration.

“The Committee would be willing to postpone tomorrow’s proceeding if the White House makes the same commitments to cooperate as the Bush Administration did previously,” Issa said in a letter  Thursday to White House Counsel W. Neil Eggleston.

In addition to the deposition, the White House must also commit to releasing internal documents Issa has sought about the creation of the political strategy office Simas has headed since January, and to answering subsequent questions in writing, Issa wrote. Issa said his offer must be accepted Thursday.

Issa’s letter came after Eggleston wrote him earlier Thursday, complaining that Issa had failed to make any specific allegation of wrongdoing, reasserting the White House’s claim of immunity and offering to cooperate further on providing information about the office — but not Simas.

Eggleston also noted that previous investigative efforts did not require enforcement of subpoenas of the president’s top advisers to testify at a public hearing.

That triggered Issa’s latest offer.

  • papal

    The Affirmative Action Presidency believes it is immune form everything.

  • Viet.Vet 2

    I guess Issa who is about 0 for 10 so far thinks everyone beside him is stuck on stupid that they would agree to a deposition from the king of conspiracy theorist from someone who could offer nothing tangible to this continuous witch hunt. The white house should continue to laugh in the face of the conspiracy hustler.

  • fourCatssoon

    Issa is the one who should have been sent to Jail for his earlier crimes, instead he becomes a Rep and make himself a billionaire all on funds that you and I get stuck funding. This man is a compete example of what is wrong with Congress. Crooked earlier life, goes to Congress makes himself a billionaire – this is not representative democracy. This man in my opinion is mentally ill!

  • fourCatssoon

    basic Heritage group comments of misdirection and lies. These clowns are well paid for their effort of misdirection and lies!

  • Charles Freeman

    Are you making a childishly laughable yet totally racist reference to a TWICE elected president who won the popular AND electoral votes BOTH TIMES or his predecessor who was appointed by the Supreme Court in 2000? Please clarify. God bless.

  • dcc2379

    It is ridiculous that Congress thinks the most transparent administration in history should have to answer to anyone. Nixon never allowed anyone in his administration to testify, which is why Watergate never came to light. If there is oversight, it is really because of conspiracy theorist. Why investigate or inquire about anything? Democrats never investigated Bush or accused him if being Hitler, being owned by the Saudis, or incompetent, so Democrats want what they’ve done in the past. Since there is nothing to hide, why share the truth?

  • dcc2379

    All you do is throw out personal attacks to decry personal attacks. Then you make laughable claim that Supreme Court appointed Bush. Gore did NOT want the entire state of Florida to have a recount; instead of the oft repeated lie of every vote counts, Gore only wanted the county he thought he had the best shot of winning recounted.

  • Buddy Rogers

    There should be a Statute of Limitations On Your Stupidity.
    The country is burning down all around you and all you want to do is throw up straw-men that are absolutely IRRELEVANT.

  • SharinIt

    “Most transparent run government in American History” and did he sell the American people a Bridge to nowhere.

  • alex


  • Buddy Rogers

    Are you claiming that there were not enough of a percentage of Liberals and Low Information Voters who voted for this man for POTUS based solely on his skin color to swing the 2008 election in his favor?
    Nationally syndicated radio morning man and RINO Don Imus was on the air daily saying “How bad could it be if we elcted a BLACK man to be the face of this country?” for two years in the run-up to the 2008 election and you think his thought process was an anomily?

  • Charles Freeman

    Barack Hussein Obama ran for POTUS twice against the duly nominated Republican candidate and twice, he received the majority of the popular vote and the overwhelming majority portion of the Electoral College.


  • Buddy Rogers

    Do you not have the capacity to comprehend what my question was and give a direct answer?

  • Charles Freeman

    Do YOU not have the capacity to comprehend that I don’t give a s**t about what your “question” was? Obama won, TWICE, and that’s all that matters. Don’t like that he’s POTUS-move. Otherwise, deal with it.

  • Buddy Rogers

    You know what?

    YOU are a fat-head, a scumbag, and a racist.
    YOU are dishonest to boot.
    Get lost. You’re not worth the time of day to have a REAL discussion with

  • Charles Freeman

    Congratulations on living down to my already low impression of you via your original post. Please say hello to your sister/wife for me. God bless.

  • Buddy Rogers

    Likewise, you can be assured.

    I’m sorry I raised my expectation for someone who is obviously stuck on stupid with a double digit IQ

  • Charles Freeman


  • Buddy Rogers

    So you are tired and lazy in ADDITION to plum stupid?

  • Jack Kelly

    Your extensive use of “bold” print is awesome! I’ll bet Mom and Dad are proud of your command of the ole keyboards.

    Other than that you come across as autistic.

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