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February 6, 2016

Obama Wants ‘Immediate’ Cease-Fire in Gaza

President Barack Obama called for an “immediate” cease-fire in Gaza Monday, after an invasion and air assault by Israel in response to rocked attacks by Hamas left hundreds dead.

The president noted that Secretary of State John Kerry is headed to the region.

“I’ve instructed him to push for an immediate cessation of hostilities,” he said. “We don’t want to see any more civilians getting killed.”

He reaffirmed that Israel has a right to defend itself against rocket attacks, and said Israel’s attacks have already damaged “Hamas’s terrorist infrastructure in Gaza,” but said the United States is concerned about civilian deaths in Gaza, as well as Israeli casualties.

Previous efforts at a cease-fire failed after Hamas continued to fire rockets at Israel — nearly 2,000 since the recent hostilities began, according to Israel.

  • Packard27

    Mr. President,

    The Palestinians living in Gaza started this war. Why don’t you give the pain, suffering, and human violence an opportunity to set into the civilian population?

    Much like both Germany and Japan in 1945, there are oftentimes valuable lessons to be learned (by those who survive) from utter and complete defeat. Give war a chance. In the long run, the Arab world might actually benefit.

  • Linda Simmons

    Is Obama on Israel’s side or Hamas-Hamas started shooting at them and built tunnels to go over to Israel to kill them. Israel has a right to defend themselves by any means necessary. If innocent people in Palestine are being killed Hamas knows it and must not care or he would stop shooting at Israel. How can Obama ask for a cease fire when the Palestinians started shooting first– Why not talk to them FIRST NOT ISRAEL. Is the president a Muslim-that part is ok, I don’t care but if he is biased then ALL SHOULD CARE. PRAY FOR ISRAEL, ANDSUPPORT ISRAEL BECAUSE THE USA HAS ALWAYS STOOD WITH THEM until NOW !!!

  • BMarie

    Hamas is dedicated to the eradication of Israel and the Palestinians overwhelmingly voted to include Hamas in their government, so they must feel the same way. Hamas deliberately locates it’s rocket launchers in civilian areas so when Israel retaliates civilians will be killed and the whole world will scream about Israel killing innocent civilians. And the whole world predictably obliges. Hamas obviously does not care if civilians are killed, including their own people and the Palestinians have tolerated or even encouraged Hamas. The Israelis have arrested an individual for killing that Palestinian teenager but there has been no mention of Palestine arresting anyone for killing the 3 Israeli teenagers and there probably never will be. I actually read an article in a popular news magazine that says Israel has over-reacted to the “harmless” rockets that Hamas has fired on them. I would bet that if the writer lived in an area that was under constant rocket attack he would not be quite so blase’ about the matter. The Israelis have been living under constant threat for decades and personally, I think they have been quite restrained in their responses. They ought to continue this campaign until they have eradicated Hamas.

  • Organix

    In related news – a brief introduction to the Soviet-style propaganda campaign used to impose Obamacare:

  • Chester Fields

    In a related video liar-in-chief Hussein Obama lies to the face of the American people about keeping their insurance and their doctor:

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