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February 13, 2016

Obama Gives Boehner One More Chance to Pass Immigration (Updated) (Video)

Immigration reform advocates march to the Capitol then on to the White House on May 1, calling on Congress and President Obama to stop deportations that separate families

Immigration advocates march to the Capitol then on to the White House on May 1, calling on Congress and President Obama to stop deportations that separate families. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call)

Updated 8:20 a.m. May 28 | President Barack Obama won’t act to reduce deportations on his own until the end of the summer — giving Speaker John A. Boehner one more chance to vote on an immigration overhaul.

Two administration officials confirmed that the president has directed Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson to hold off on releasing the results of his review of immigration policy in the meantime.

The hope in the White House is that once Republican primary season largely wraps up on June 10, Boehner will have the political space to get something done.

UPDATE: The gesture didn’t elicit a positive reaction from the Ohio Republican.

“Enforcing the law as written isn’t a ‘concession’ – it is the President’s solemn responsibility,” said Boehner spokesman Michael Steel. “Now isn’t the time to be playing politics with immigration enforcement or our national security.”

A White House official said the president’s priority is enacting a law.

“The president’s priority is to enact a permanent solution for people currently living in the shadows and that can only come with immigration reform,” a White House official said. “Legislation should also continue to strengthen our border security, modernize the legal immigration system, and hold employers accountable. He believes there’s a window for the House to get immigration reform done this summer, and he asked the Secretary to continue working on his review until that window has passed. There’s a bipartisan consensus. It’s time for them to act and the President didn’t want the discussion of the Secretary’s review to interfere with the possibility of action in the House.”

A DHS official sent this statement:

While the review is ongoing, the President believes there is an opportunity for Congressional action this summer and has asked Secretary Johnson to hold on releasing any results from his review while this window for Congressional action remains open. Secretary Johnson continues to conduct the review, including meeting with stakeholders and his workforce to inform any final decisions.

Boehner has repeatedly said that nothing will happen on immigration unless the president convinces his members that he will enforce the law.

Separately, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., last week set a deadline of the August recess for passing immigration legislation, and offered to make 2017 the effective date so that Republicans could not use Obama’s enforcement of the law as an excuse not to pass it.

The overall strategy for the Democrats amounts to this — give Boehner every possibility to act — and ensure Republicans take the full blame if he doesn’t.

  • Derfallbright

    There is a need for some reform in our immigration policies, but since the President has already established that written rules or laws mean nothing to him no one would be willing to do anything knowing that he has proven that he will not follow the rules.

  • Steven Dennis

    Curious what you think about Harry Reid’s offer of a 2017 enforcement date?

  • BillAlphonso

    No president – Democrat or Republican is going to do anything about illegal immigration or visa overstays. Let’s just be realistic.

  • Derfallbright

    I have to be honest when Harry Reid talks, all my brain hears is bla, bla, bla, . As I recall there were some phase in issues for some of the ID requirements and the use of the new E-verify system.

    I’m trying to remember what I have read about previous proposals to try and guess what Harry may have been talking about.

    It is critical that all states fully comply with the ‘real ID act’ that was passed more than 10 years ago. The DOJ keeps giving extensions to states who say they are not able to comply. As a reminder that is the requirement that you show original copies of birth certificates, marriage documents and social security card to the drivers bureau and they put a gold star on your ID. As originally passed you should not be able to get in a Federal Bldg. or on an airplane without that gold star on your ID. The same people fighting voter ID are still foot dragging on this.

    Under the new E-verify system it would dip into the state ID photo files and confirm to an employer during the I-9 process that it was not a phony ID that many illegals or criminals can buy on the internet. It also verified that the age, sex and race matched the information associated with that SS#. (today’s system only confirms the SS number is valid .for ‘someone’.)

    Once you can control employment ID, then and only then do you have any reason to move forward with anything else. Border control is important, but ID control is even more important. There are still lots of holds in enforcement of employment laws.

    Europe is having exactly this problem within the Euro zone of people from poor Eastern countries moving to wealthy countries for better social support programs.

  • Hugh Janus

    Move the BLM/FBI d|ckheads from Bundy Ranch to the F’ing border and that will make a nice first step towards immigration reform.

  • Raylusk

    Better yet imprison Bundy for not paying his legally owed grazing fees. By the way under Obama the border is now more secure then ever before and there are more Border Security Agents then ever before. But don’t let facts get in the way of your delusions.

  • Jazzy

    Why does GOP want immigration? For decades they have been against immigration.. THE REASON? Citizens will spend more time in privatized prisons, more time filling the unemployment gap with low wage jobs = more tax dollars. Furthermore, GOP wants to turn these immigrants into party voters.

    Smart people… But then again, it takes a blind man to lead the blind. GOP followers, learn Spanish.

    Renew UI. GOP AND OBAMA admin are killing Americans by the week, on our own soil. 3 million people were shoved off the static board to show unemployment is improving. Vets, american soldiers who fought for the country are being shoved off the statics board by the VA administration, their deaths not being reported!

  • Raylusk

    In other words this not trusting Obama is just a smoke screen to do nothing. The offer was to pass immigration reform now but not have any of it take effect until after Obama left office. By not taking this offer republicans have proved that there unwillingness to act has nothing to do with not trusting Obama and they are just using that as an excuse.

  • gthog61

    We must have cheap labor now!

  • JohnnyAngel Advocacy Group

    Let Obama move this issue…alone !! Polls repeatedly show backlash against more illegal lawbreakers going to the front of the citizen line. No brainer. Boehner should table this until after election .

  • Okeydoker

    Hey obongo, go ahead and pull your fascist dictator crap! Then the GOP will wipe all you democrat traitors out of office in November.

  • Layla

    Obama and the GOP? Really????? Sorry, but the entire US Congress gets credit for this one, for not enforcing laws on the books for years, for being in bed with the US Chamber and bending over every time they ask, and finally you get the credit for nearly 100 MILLION Americans who will likely never work again thanks to policies put forth by this President, this Congress.

    Thanks for NOT keeping your Constitutional Oaths of Office. Pink slips coming for many, I hope.

  • EWeatherwax

    No, it is recognition of the way democrats behave. Remember the Reagan amnesty? That passed with the promise that if the conservatives went along with it, strict border control would follow. They reneged on that promise. It doesn’t matter when the law goes into effect–what matters is that the law is effective and comprehensive. This ‘delay the implementation’ plan is purely a political stunt to enable the democrats to claim the republicans are being unreasonable. As always, pure politics from this admin.
    You want immigration reform? Then agree to enforce the current laws, pass tighter ID employment laws, commit to border security and deportation of illegals. If all of that were in the law, I believe the right would be very open to making legal immigration easier. Of course, no-one is open to anything when we have a president who decides which laws he wants to enforce and blows off all the others. Why would the congress want to pass anything at all when the president is just going to ignore any law he doesn’t like?

  • EWeatherwax

    They should imprison Sharpton, too. He owes over a million in back taxes, yet he gets invited to White House lunches. I wonder why Bundy isn’t using his white privilege.

  • Mantlebuck

    So if Boehner does not act, Obama is going to open the flood gates. What an amazing President he has been. Historians will talk about this disaster of eight years for centuries.

  • noproblems

    we have record numbers of unemployed and underemployed American citizens but establishment democrats and republicans want to legalize more foreign workers so that corporations make higher profits?

    let the revolution begin

  • SteveGilmore

    Enforce the current laws until they are rewritten by Congress and not the White House.

  • Steven Dennis

    No longer at “record” unemployment.

  • Steven Dennis

    Politically it’s an interesting offer from the Democrats, who see immigration as a wedge issue in their favor.

  • noproblems

    only the ignorant or 0bama drones would look at the U3 numbers

    get a clue; and do yourself a favor and look at the U6 numbers

    maybe you have no idea what I am referring to?

  • Derfallbright

    I have no reason to believe there is political support for any major move toward significant immigration reform prior to the mid term election.

    There are pro’s and con’s associated with this issue and people are playing political games on all sides of this issue.

    I agree with some of the comments I have seen made by others that have made comments here. Many people still feel the Democrats did not live up to the agreement that was reached during the Regan Administration. It somewhat boils down to being similar to the kid that promises to eat his spinach if he can just have his desert first…then backing out of the agreement to eat his spinach.

    Immigration reform is hard because someone is going to need to say no to somebody.

    We need bright college graduates in engineering and sciences we do not need unskilled families who in one way or another are going to ‘take’ more form society than they contribute. We have enough native Americans to fill that roll, we don’t need to import people to do that. (some will see that statement as racist, others will see it as a simple realistic fact.

    The state department spends millions doing investigations of people to get them in line for immigration…..but other people jump the line and have often been rewarded for it.

    There are a few steps that can be taken now to start to correct some of the drivers of the immigration problem.

    1. Pass a law stopping the granting of automatic citizenship to children who are born here to parents who were not themselves US citizens. The child will remain a citizen of what ever country their parent (s) are from. If the parent becomes an American citizen, then the child can automatically become an American citizen. At 18 or 21 the child can get in line with other people from his home country to apply for a green card.

    2. It will probably take two years for all states that are not yet in compliance with the ‘real ID act’ to come into full compliance. Start the use of the new E-verify system as soon as possiblde for all new employment and government welfare programs. If you live in a state that is not in compliance, you can always get a US passport and use that to meet the ID requirements. The law on valid ID is clear…..people who live in states that will not bring themselves into compliance will need to recognize they are creating hardships for their citizens. Without verified ID, no immigration reform policy can take place, period.

    3. Establish a presidential commission to recommend reforms to immigration policy. (similar to the military base closure commission) Congress will never politically be able to do it on their own. This commission should include some regular citizens picked similarly to the way people get picked for jury duty. It may be logical to have a few non voting ‘illegals’ at the table as well, or at least make sure the commission hears directly their point of view.

    This is a starting point.

  • Derfallbright

    I agree…it looks more like a political stunt than a serious proposal.

  • ihatediscus2


  • Santiago Alemedia

    Repubs should give a little something on immigration, but only if they get an “enforcement-first” clause that cancels any amnesty if enforcement doesn’t first take effect.

    It’s obvious that this president is only going to enforce the laws he likes. Will of the people be damned, constitution be also.

    If you are a rich and crooked banker, financier, illegal immigrant, you have nothing to fear from this president and his agencies.

  • nevkid

    You might think it’s a political issue but the strange thing is it effects the US people. I don’t care about the re-election of someone that thinks their election is more important then solving a problem. If that is how a candidate feels, I will vote for someone that puts the people above themselves and tries to solve problems.

  • sapsd

    I see that you are supporting your statement without proper evidence. you said, “we do not need unskilled families who in one way or another are going to ‘take’ more form society than they” .. there is no proof on this on contrary, there are several reports which supports immigrants give more to than take from society.. please google for it..

  • Layla

    Why don’t you prove your sources. Not buying it.

  • Layla

    If you want to become an American citizen, APPLY LEGALLY. Who OR WHAT is stopping you?

  • Derfallbright

    Unfortunately when you go to the internet you can find information that will support any position on just about any subject you can think of. Immigrants have made made great contributions to the richness of the fabric of our country, but this discussion is not about touchy freely kinds of things, it’s about who do we officially want to recruit to become future citizens of this country.

    Illegal immigration of people seeking a better life will continue to be with us to some degree or another for years to come. No one is going to be willing to build a triple electrified fence with land mines in the middle. Absent that you are not going to be able to stop ordinary border jumpers who are looking for a better life because the only consiquence they face now is being sent home. You need to see some of the poverty that is in the countries the people are escaping from to fully grasp why people want to come here. (to say nothing about the freedom) There is nothing wrong with their logic of breaking our laws to come here. I would hope I would have the courage to do the same thing.

    My point is if we are going to recruit people to become citizens we should be looking for princes and princesses not frogs and frog kissers.

  • Derfallbright

    Those are great thoughts, but in the DNA of politicians is to first get reelected…everything else comes second.

    Look no further than Marco Rubio…..he has gotten the crap beat out of him just because he wanted to move along the discussion about immigration.

    People are dogmatic on their positions, they have no interest in hearing opinions that differ from their own.

    Politicans are like your spouse, your are never going to agree with everything they say….the question is ‘on the whole’ do you agree enough that you want them to stick around a little longer, or do you want a divorce?

  • ggm281

    I’ll weigh in. No start date matters at all. It is about getting amnesty (which is 5 years late already) for those here illegally and a slight increase in H1B visas for a tech industry that enjoys having workers whose visa is tied to their continued employment with a company. Pseudo-slavery makes workers compliant (if bitter).
    Nothing will be done to halt continued massive illegal immigration regardless of who is in the WH. Each amnesty is preceded by a massive rush to the border so there are already millions who are illegally present before the ink is dry on the bill because they were ineligible under the terms of the legislation. Within 9 months of the mass amnesty, the “activists” are in the 9th Circuit Court getting all enforcement mechanisms set aside to “protect families from separation” thus leaving us with yet another “broken immigration system” that requires another (and even larger) amnesty a decade later.

    Until the US treats illegal immigration with the same rigidity those crazy human rights abusers Canada does, it will never stop. And we don’t have a growing labor market for uneducated workers. Those jobs filled by immigrants are leaving Millennials with only high school out of the market entirely. If they cannot land an entry job, they will never be able to establish a work history. Look at a BLS report on employment and tell me why amnesty is such a priority. It is craven politics and nothing more.

  • Steven Dennis

    Neither U3 nor U6 are at record levels.

  • ggm281

    That is because those reports are based on legal immigrants. For some reason many in the US assume the only foreign born in the US are those who illegally entered through the Mexican border. But we grant green cards to 1.2 million people every single year from all over the world. And it is those immigrants who live in the open with traceable records that are the subject of these white papers. And if you believe that the guy with 4.6 children who (with 3 other guys) mows your lawn for $20 a week is adding more to the economy than taking from it, you need to take a financial literacy class (or 10).

  • Steven Dennis

    That is an argument some make, but not Boehner or GOP leaders. They say it’s only about being able to trust Obama to enforce the law.

  • ggm281

    No just at record low labor participation. YEA! It is particularly bad for adults under 30 with only high school. So no, mass amnesty doesn’t make sense for economic reasons. But it makes a heck of a political football distracting from far more significant problems.

  • semby

    Presidential bullying……………..have you had enough from the community organizer?

  • noproblems

    are you looking the percentage or total number?
    how about the labor participation rate?
    and in any event, do you really think we have a labor shortage?
    maybe you got yours so you don’t care?

  • brunsk42

    If obama was serious he wouldn’t still be letting thousands of illegals into this country every day, then claim it’s impossible to track them down so they can stay.

  • Steven Dennis

    No, I’m just saying that you are wrong about “record unemployment.” Unemployment was higher a year ago, two years ago, three years ago…

  • Steven Dennis

    Labor force participation is indeed in the tank.

  • gfstiel

    This just gives Obama three years to stuff as many illegals into the country as he can. This is nothing but a rouse.

  • noproblems

    congratulations, you managed not to make a point and be incorrect at he same time
    there are more people not participating in the labor force than ever before

  • denner OP4444

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  • HelpSaveMaryland

    The American People are giving Obama one last chance to prove, at least on the issue of immigration, that he is not a lawless, lying politician.

  • HelpSaveMaryland

    Lets stop worrying about getting Amnesty for 20 million illegal aliens. Instead, we need to start providing timely and comprehensive healthcare to our Nation’s Veterans. It’s yet another national disgrace by this Administration

  • John DiPaolo

    Over the last few years Obama’s already all but eliminated deportations from the interior.

    According to a recent LA Times article: “The chances of of a run of the mill immigrant living in the country illegally being deported are virtually non-existent.”

    Further cuts in deportations would have to come from “higher priority” offenders such as repeat illegal border crossers, or offenders that violate other non-immigration related laws.

  • John DiPaolo

    Headline should be:

    Obama holds off on further ignoring our immigration laws to give Boehner one last chance to pass more laws for Obama to ignore.

  • Noctis Wolf

    Sic Semper Tyrannis. As went King George the Third, Hitler, and Stalin (eventually to the first and third) so shall too Emperor Barack Hussein Obama the First.

    Americans don’t take kindly to dictators. He better watch out, else he’ll have a full blown explosive Revolution on his hands if he dares to create Law like this unilaterally.

  • Noctis Wolf

    We must keep millions of Americans unemployed now!

    Your’e the Jack@$$

  • Miguel Oroozco

    Politicians are stopping the process. These people that helps will be working way beyond their 65 years of age without a possibility of retiring someday in the future even though, they are paying social security taxes that they will never be able to use it.

  • Linda Simmons

    As a African American I hope black voters see that Obama don’t care nothing about you but everything about Hispanics voters who are getting more of the jobs (new jobs)- Why are we as blacks still voting for this man and the democraps- He needs to be Impeached Now. Everything is about the gays and Hispanics. Listen up is it because he is rumored to be bisexual and from a gay past(possible present)-I happens all that time-just because people are married means nothing these days(may be a front )– Blacks should not vote for any democrats or Hispanics this midterm election. The Hispanic caucus care nothing for blacks. Obama meets with them anytime yet IGNORES THE BLACK CAUCUS. THEY SHOULD BE LEADING THE IMPEACH OBAMA MOVEMENT–BECAUSE OBAMA’s agenda is clear- Take over healthcare /all gays get married he says that is their right- Obama does not serve the majority of the people but the radicals, gay and lesbians- illegals that steal benefits from the country yet pay no taxes– Obama want to continue to DESTROY the country. And Obama is well versed in ISLAM and may be a Muslim that does not support Israel. He is anti Religion and wants to take away our guns so the government can become a POlice state like in Russia. He want change we do not believe in. Sarah Palin tried to tell it when she ran for VP but John McCain would not allow her to talk about the people Obama runs with. We can take our country back-call and email your congressman/woman and say to IMPEACH NOW. WE CAN DO IT AND WE CAN WIN BECAUSE WE ARE RIGHT. GOD IS ON OUR SIDE- PRAY AND VOTE AND EMAIL AMERICAN. OBAMA CANNOT FIGHT GOD AND WIN.

  • Linda Simmons

    Obama is a passive aggressive personality-You cannot believe anything that comes out of his mouth. He lies (ver easily I might add) and cannot be trusted at his word. Any immigration reform he will change with an executive order or the like-he will never follow the rules or do the right thing. It is not in him to do so. Many examples of this we have already seen with Bengahzi, IRS scandal, etc. Immigration does not need reform- we need a bigger and wider fence and more deportations but (jail them first 60 days and fine them before they can get out of prision then deport ) and they should never be eligible to become a citizen. An no automatic citizenship for kids born here. The should be called US born illegals. All 80 people shot in Chicago and President OBAMA DID NOT SAY A DA$$## THING AND SENT NO MONEY THERE FOR JOBS TO STOP THE VIOLENCE. NOT A DA&^^ WORD BUT 3.7 MILLION HE WANTS FOR ILLEGALS–TIME TO WAKE UP BLACK PEOPLE-WHITE AMERICA ALREADY KNOWS THAT OBAMA IS A FRAUD.

  • Linda Simmons

    I think he should be given no more changes. He is like a lying cheating boyfriend , he will NEVER CHANGE- don’t even think it. He is unable to do the right thing -he has a deep hate for our values, our constitution economic system. He cannot be trusted to do right on any level. The truth is the truth. He became President to DESTROY AMERICA -when people can understand that its is like saying Hitler should give a slumber party-THERE IS REAL EVIL IN THIS WORLD AND NOT JUST ON FOREIGN SOIL. RIGHT HERE IN THE USA ARE TRAITORS AND HATERS OF THE USA. AND THERE ARE MANY IN THE WHITE HOUSE. BELIEVE IT.

  • Linda Simmons

    In FLorida and especially Miami, FL it is number one IN THE USA for MEDICARE FRAUD- FLORIDA IS NUMBER ONE FOR IDENTITY THEFT– FLORIDA IS NUMBER TWO FOR INSURANCE FRAUD- and why do you think- THe influx of Hispanics has something to do with it. Now go to google and check out those stats ………………

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