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February 8, 2016

Obama ‘Happy to Consider’ Sending National Guard to Border to Get Votes for Immigration Supplemental

President Barack Obama said Wednesday in Texas he’d be “happy to consider” sending the National Guard to the border if that’s what it takes to get the votes from the Texas delegation for his $3.7 billion immigration supplemental.

In a private meeting, Texas Gov. Rick Perry repeatedly urged the president to deploy the National Guard to the border on his own, Obama said. Obama said he would be “happy to consider” doing so if that’s the price of getting the Texas delegation’s support for the emergency spending bill.

Perry suggested Obama should just go ahead and act on his own, the president said.

“I had to remind him I’m getting sued,” Obama said, alluding to Speaker John A. Boehner’s plan to take him to court for his executive actions.

Obama said the National Guard would be a “temporary solution” while saying that Congress could act immediately to solve the problem more permanently by approving his bill. He said they would do so if they put solving the problem above politics.

He said it would pay for many of the things Perry and others are seeking and urged the governor to urge the Texas delegation to get behind it.

“If the Texas delegation is prepared to move, we can get this done next week,” Obama said.

Obama also said that he did not philosophically object to any of Perry’s other suggestions for securing the border and dealing with the crisis, but noted it would take money from Congress.

He dismissed bipartisan criticism of his decision not to visit the border while in Texas.

“This isn’t theater,” Obama said when asked about not going to the border. “I’m not interested in photo ops. I’m interested in solving a problem.”

He also asserted that a comprehensive immigration bill would have prevented the border crisis in the first place, and said that it would have freed up resources now spent trying to “chase” immigrants here illegally for five or 10 years or more.

  • Layla

    The clock is ticking. I am doubtful of the ability of this President to successfully complete ANY mission. I think he is proving his incompetence.

    And as long as that clock is ticking, both sides are going to lose many seats. Count on it.

  • Steve Dietrich

    Making fun of and laughing at Texas and the American people. Either give him his way to admit millions of illegals so they can vote Democrat or he will not oder the border closed. I do believe at this point that he has clearly violated his oath of office and his Constitutional responsibility to protect Americans.

  • Mainstreeter

    Now we will see if the obstructionists, intransigent, anti-anything that appears to give credit to Obama Republicans in congress can get out of the way of their own duplicity rhetoric and effective legislation sabotage. Watch them stumble over themselves trying to talk deportation yet fail to change Bush’s law that handicapped speedy deportation and fail to provide the funds to do the jobs. I wonder how long the American voters in red states will be blind to Republicans BS. Maybe in November they will see the light at last.

  • jack

    Send the Guards if that will help get these peole out of the country. Give the GOP something to work with.

  • bobbi stinson

    you hit the nail on the head. I live in Lawrenceville Virginia and they were going to send 500 illegals here to be housed in an old college. We found out in time and attended meetings to end this madness. They did not come. Do you know the ages of those who were to come. 14 to 17. These are gang members not small children like Obama wants you to believe. these illegals are not far from the right to vote. Obama’s goal. They told us that there would be security and when they left the complex they would be supervised. Yeah right. They would rob, rape and take our jobs. They would enter our schools not being able to speak a work of English. Yeah tax dollars at work. What Obama’s plan is that all these kids teens entering the US would be taken to small cities all over the US. That way they would be hidden until becoming adults and becoming Democrats. The votes they need to stay in power. But what the idiot doesn’t realize or care is that they will become a burden to society …most will be in prison ….not voting. Most of them are involved with the cartel…drugs. America has to stand up and fight against the tyrant Obama. don’t let them enter your city because they will not leave. your teens won’t have job…your children will have bad education. Band and the arts will disappear to cover the price of teaching them English. Wake up America…do as we did in Lawrenceville, Virginia…DON’T LET THEM COME!

  • elizabeth goenaga

    I agree with you deport them

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